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  • pauls-broken-a-glass65
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Paul McCartney completes a crossword puzzle with Patti Boyd and another extra on a train from Marylebone Station during the filming of 'A Hard Day's Night' in March 1964.

    #pattie!!!!! #my beloved ❤ #cute paul#intellectual boy#the beatles#paul mccartney#pattie boyd#60s #a hard day's night
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  • geo-and-his-babies
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    George during his honeymoon with Pattie Boyd.

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  • joan-deserved-the-silver-hammer
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    beatles tag game

    because i have way too much time on my hands, i created a tag game. it’s been a while since i’ve shared my general opinions on the band here & over time they’ve no doubt changed a bit.

    i’m going to tag my mutuals/blogs i’ve missed seeing on my dash @sgt-revolver @mothernatures-sons @bosie-bosie @ourladylennon @pleasepleasedontbotherme @johns-prince @i-carnt-spel @dustino & of course any one can try it if you’d like to <3

    favorite band member?

    let’s be honest here at this point my blog is dedicated to john lennon & the beatles as a whole takes a backseat. no but honestly that silly rat boy has taken over my life.

    if you were to ever meet your favorite beatle what would you like to do with them & what do you believe they’d think of you?

    when i was younger my grandparents’ house had a back porch that had a beautiful view of a lake surrounded by forest & large hills. tbh i’d like to sit on the porch swing with john & chat while smoking weed.

    the optimist in me likes to hope he’d at least be able to sorta tolerate me but he’d probably think i talk too much.

    your favorite photos of each of the beatles individually as well as your favorite one of all four of them together?





    the beatles

    favorite album?

    abby road.

    favorite solo career?

    george harrion’s.

    favorite solo album?

    all things must pass.

    favorite beatles era/year?

    teddy boy era; the funniest stories come from that time period.

    favorite song?

    this boy.

    favorite solo song?

    (just like) starting over.

    fuck, marry, kiss?

    fuck- paul mccartney

    marry- john lennon

    kiss- ringo starr

    general opinions on the beatles’ wives?

    linda is swag but i’m not as interested in her as some other fans here are. i know next to nothing about paul’s other two wives.

    cynthia is cool. not a fan of yoko; her relationship with john was unhealthy & she’s done things i don’t like.

    pattie is very very gorgeous. also that situation with eric clapton is the most ironic thing in history considering the whole affair with maureen. olivia & george are cute together but i don’t know anything about her.

    i don’t know anything about maureen or barbara.

    general opinions on beatles fanfiction?

    it’s still a little odd to me since they’re real people but we’ve got some really talented writers in this community so you do you i guess.

    general opinions on mclennon?

    i don’t really see it as a ship since i believe... something romantic happened between them. to what capacity- i have no clue.

    general opinions on any other ship?

    i don’t care for any of them whatsoever but i’m not about to be the fun police.

    how & when did you became a fan?

    by july of this year i will have been a fan of the beatles for two years. i grew up with their popular songs like most people my age but i thought they were lame.

    during the summer after my last year of high school i went on a trip to new york city to perform in a 4th of july parade in new jersey with my school’s marching band (we weren’t good enough to do one in nyc lmao). i knew we were going to visit lennon’s imagine memorial so i decided to listen to a beatles album on the way there cause the bus ride was 22 hours & i had the time. for some reason i decided to listen to the yellow submarine soundtrack first cause the album cover was colorful or something. idk i knew nothing about the band & didn’t even know it was a movie. i thought it was weird as fuck & didn’t like it yet i couldn’t stop listening to it.

    what did you think of the band before getting into them?

    before becoming a fan i only knew the songs i wanna hold your hand, she loves you, hey jude, here comes the sun, come together, golden slumbers/carry that weight, yesterday, & let it be.

    as i said, i thought they were lame & didn’t know they grew out of the whole “moptop with matching plain suits” phase of their career. i had no clue drugs were anywhere near them & upon reflection i should’ve.

    i also think it’s a little cute that growing up my favorite christmas song was war is over & least favorite was wonderful christmastime. i also think i should point out that i thought the choir of kids in the background of war is over were singing in a different language. i also thought i was imagining yoko’s voice because no one pointed it out to me so i thought i was hearing things.

    do the beatles “fit in” with your usual music taste or do you normally listen to something completely different?

    i’d say so. my favorite genres of music are psychedelic rock, new wave, indie pop, & riot grrl.

    & lastly- a random opinion on each band member.

    denim was made for john lennon.

    george harrison is terrifying.

    i have this hunch that if i was a teenager in 1950s liverpool i would have probably absolutely hated paul mccartney because i think he’d be annoying to me.

    ringo starr gives me the same energy as a minecraft chicken.

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  • ludmilachaibemachado
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Picture by Justin Villeneuve🌸📸

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  • apparentlyfivebelievers
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    #the happy couples and eric #with no mustache and long hair #maureen starkey#ringo starr#eric clapton#pattie boyd#george harrison#1968 #pattie was so hot tho
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  • rolloroberson
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr in the audience during Bob Dylan's show at the Isle of Wight Festival, 31st August 1969. (Photographs by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

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  • honeyypie
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    Pattie Boyd and Maureen Starkey (1963)
    #the beatles girls #maureen starkey#pattie boyd
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  • graveyardsorbit
    17.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Pattie Boyd, Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan backstage at Isle of Wight

    #I’ve seen the pic of bob and sara before but not this version of the pattie and sara pics so thought I’d share #stumbled across them in a book #bob dylan#sara dylan#pattie boyd #isle of wight #there was also another pic of sara I’ve never seen before so I may post that later
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  • withthebeatlesgirls
    16.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Some interesting things from the ‘ask Pattie’ podcast which you could listen to here

    Pattie believes ‘isn’t it a pity’ is about her, and when asked if she believed ‘ I need you’ was she said she wasn’t sure and could be since they were together at that time but she doesn’t want to assume too much.

    Pattie mentioned how it was a bit annoying for the other wives that yoko was the only one allowed in the studio. I hadn’t thought about this before that the ones might take offense to the fact that they basically were never allowed to hang out at the studio for long but now yoko could.

    Pattie loves Fleetwood Mac and says that Stevie nicks is a very sweet.

    She’s still in contact with Donovan and saw him last summer .

    Pattie said the last time she saw Marianne faithfull was 6 years ago at a party and they basically only talked to each other and were reminiscing on the old days

    She said Mal evans was a big sweet teddy bear of a man.

    #also pattie wasn’t dissing yoko they’ve always gotten along fine #pattie boyd#marianne faithfull#Donovan#Fleetwood Mac #her memory well is not the best #there’s lots of ‘I can’t remember’ lol #that’s to be expected tho tbh #it was fun to hear about some other music she likes #she’s good at remembering feelings but not pin pointing certain events #like The Beach Boys the eagles and Fleetwood Mac
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  • ludmilachaibemachado
    15.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Some pictures of Cynthia Lennon and Pattie Boyd 🌸🌻

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  • ludmilachaibemachado
    14.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Cilla Black, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison, 1966🌸🌼💖

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