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  • gospelhomeng
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    For Your Name is Holy (I Enter The Holy of Holies) - Paul Wilbur

    For Your Name is Holy (I Enter The Holy of Holies) – Paul Wilbur

    For Your Name is Holy (I Enter The Holy of Holies) – Paul Wilbur, mp3 Download, Audio, song, music For Your Name is Holy (I Enter The Holy of Holies) – Paul Wilbur Paul Wilbur come up with strong praise song Title For Your Name is Holy (I Enter The Holy of Holies) , Download Audio song music and lyrics…

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  • the-quiet-void
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Logan Paul vlog is so fucking cringey and I chose not to watch it when it came out bc Logan Paul so enough said but it’s basically just watching a man child have less emotional and social competence than a literal teenage boy

    It’s so clear just how immature and self centered Logan is bc holy shit the amount of times he just yelled at people and catcalled them had me physically repulsed and embarrassed

    Then the way he just insults Wilbur and tries to undermine his place as Tommy’s older brother figure is just 😬

    And then the way he deflects onto Tommy or Wilbur whenever he’s called out for weird or just bad behavior like catcalling or being very impolite towards other people and then immediately calls Tommy awkward or tries to get Wilbur to insult Tommy by baiting him or belittling Wilbur’s looks or his discomfort

    Like Logan specifically mentioned Wilbur’s hair being out from his beanie in an accusatory and disgusted tone and later on the bus Wilbur adjusted his hair to be covered more and I just 😕

    Then the way Logan just repeatedly lies

    Wilbur’s commentary and the George bit and any crimeboys moments were the small saving grace

    However I do think towards the end that Logan was trying to impress specifically Wilbur and also was a lot kinder to Tommy but fumbled and was awkward with everything and ran away and didn’t even say goodbye

    It was very odd and obviously Logan didn’t retain anything he may have learned with them but it’s very interesting to see that switch

    It reminded me a lot of how little kids will try and act super cool and sometimes lie to adults to fit in and how their attention is fleeting like when he yells about the pug or repeatedly says to Wilbur that he loves the arcade in a genuine tone

    #I still really dislike Logan and his entire family and that youtuber group a fucking lot tho #if anything he feels like a sad husk of a man that fills his life with menial things #and hasn’t had to care about being in the real world in a while #tommyinnit#wilbur soot#logan paul#tommyinnit vlog
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  • angelicamyers
    06.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

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  • thinkingaboutirlstreams
    06.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    just watched the vlog twice cuz CONTENT

    its so good

    and i got so much potential meme screenshots that are also my favorite moments of the vlog


    *insert audio*

    “It was at this moment that he knew,

    he fucked up-“

    - - -

    Ranboo? what was going on here-

    - - -

    the three emotions when going high:

    - - -

    My friend when i recite mcyt’s audios/clips word for word:


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  • lostglassguitars
    06.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Me snatching up the new blog and adding it to my comfort videos: You’ve been adopted

    #my posts#tommyinnit#tommy vlog#ranboo #cc!ranboo #cc!tommy #tubbo #cc!tubbo #jack manifold #cc!jack #wilbur soot #cc!wilbur #captainpuffy #cc!puffy #niki nihachu #cc!niki #i don't like logan paul at all though. i would like to clarify that. #fuck logan paul in my opinion #anyways wilbur stuck out his tongue at tommy and my serotonin went through the goddamn roof #love him
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  • ahyes-bsoiso-s-man
    03.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I was watching that logan paul podcast with Tommyinnit and intended on marking down timestamps for my favorite moments, but I ended up writing down full-on essay analysis and "character"-study on how these three interact because holy shit there is a LOT to unpack here

    #sorry its just too interesting for me to just throw away the suitcase dude #tommy being on podcasts is my new fav thing #tommyinnit#tommyinnit myct#dsmp#tommy dsmp#logan paul#tom simons#tommy innit#wilbursoot#crimeboys#ranboo#tubbo#wilbur soot#mcyt
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  • messed-up-gal
    02.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #asks#mcyt#tommyinnit #okay but change my clothes was actually okay? #also i was so ready to put roadtrip immediately in E or F #but id never actually heard the rapping part and its actually so good? #so yeah fuck dreams singing in that song its really bad like worse than mask #but the rapping is So. Good. #okay so to explain the rest of my rankings: #your new boyfriend is my favorite fucking song on the whole list #the lice song is so funny to me #ive watched that clip so many times. i used to sing it super offkey at my sister just to piss her off #blitz is fucking iconic #choke me is like an okay song by itself. but i mostly love it bc of that clip of quackity bothering corpse and corpse actually really likin #it #squid song is cute and i love wilbur but its sooo offkey #life by the sea is... meh? underwhelming #change my clothes dreams autotune is actually tolerable for once #and i love alec benjamin #uhhh yeahand i hate anything logan paul or ksi make like on principle so thats that
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  • thisbicht
    29.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Logan Paul used Tommy's image to clear himself

    Like, was I the only one who noticed this??? No one is talking about it.

    Jake Paul sexually assaulted Justine Paradise (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1iYfSdLORo), and, if y'all don't know, he went to IMPAULSIVE (Logan's podcast) to give some half-asses excuses no one believed in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lksySSc0hY). Logan even blamed Justine on it.

    Both of them got *some* backlash, not much, and surely, not enough, but it was something. Two months later, Tommy is invited to IMPAULSIVE and get a vlog together (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYbEeoXqDeI and https://youtu.be/yLpx_e4ewb4), in which he catcalled women on top of a bus (even though both Tommy and Wilbur were clearly uncomfortable).

    Maybe I'm looking too hard on this, but, to me, it seems like Logan just trying to hide behind this narrative of: "Look, I'm working with a minor were, I'm even catcalling some women with said child! It's not that bad! I'm nice, and so are my brother, because what we are doing isn't that wrong!"

    Tough it backfired because Wilbur pointed that out immediately and Tommy was very awkwardly avoiding this, Paul got defensive, and I think it's pretty strange.

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  • doctor-doctor-gimme-the-news
    27.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Spot the difference games are getting harder and harder

    Ok but seriously, Tommy just zoning out in the back of the Logan Paul video while Wilbur and Logan discuss babysitting duty just about fucking killed me

    Clara got nothin on this space cadet

    #tom simons#tommyinnit#tommyinit mcyt#will gold#wilbur soot#wilbur mcyt #tommy and wilbur #brothers #i will cry #2/4 sbi#sbi#tommy vlog#logan paul#zoned out #he’s just buffering #we’ve all been there #space cadet #Clara the astronaut
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  • hopefully-not-the-ghostbusters
    27.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I think dream would fit really well into David king BUT the ANGST I could make of Wilbur as David,,,

    #my post#mcyt#the enemy #the enemy smp au #sigh I’ll put Dream as David #but where does Wilbur go???? #I’m putting techno as Jordan I think #they just have similar vibes #although techno COULD be kyle #GASP PHIL AS ED TECHNO AS KYLE #OMG OMG IMG!!! #that’s the one #does Kyle live?? I hope he does #I was thinking about drista as Ella #drista is so powerful she could be anyone. but I’m trying to think in terms of who tommy would be trying to get back to since he’s Sam #I could do ghostbur :0!! #yeah Wilbur and ghostbur coexist in this au don’t @ me #I want to put Wilbur as someone with a villain/ corruption arc #but like of the londoners that just is David Paul and Matt #and I’ve cast David and Matt!! #I guess I could put bbh elsewhere but I really want him to be the cult leader #my au #do I really wanna make Wilbur Paul Channing?? #NOO wait now I can’t do Jack Ranboo and Ed Fundy #get it? bcus Ranboo called Fundy a coward?? and Jack did the same to Ed?? #sighhhh #do I have to recast Ranboo? maybe not #Fundy yes. yes I do.
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  • visree
    24.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    we should have a boxing tournament but it’s just wilbur soot getting into fights with people to see if his predictions would be correct

    #logan paul vs wilbur soot is a fight i would pay to see
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  • sourestlemon
    22.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Anyway I want to see Wilbur and Logan Paul debate with one another for hours

    #Wilbur would talk circles around him #Wilbur soot#mcyt#logan Paul #why do i want this? the vlog #that’s why
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  • theseventhreincarnation
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Tommy and Wilbur were so lovely and polite, bless them both. Logan was an ass the whole time and would be immediately called out or embarrassed on camera.

    Wilbur climbing under the seats of the bus! "ITS CALLED CAT CALLING LOGAN" I felt so hard. Logan got so defensive too when they told him to stop. Logan trying to teach Tommy how to catcall and Tommy messing it up every time and acting extremely awkward to keep from doing it. I'm so glad Wilbur was there and just the energy between him and Tommy the whole time was great cause they obviously both knew that Logan was a dick.

    I cackled so delightfully every time Logan was like 'wtf is wrong with this kid' and Wilbur would just kind of 'he's being polite???'

    Just the whole energy of the video. Logan being confused by two decent human beings was so funny to me.

    Stomp on Legos, turtle killing asshole, Logan Paul :D

    #tom simons#Tommyinnit#Wilbursoot #anti logan paul #tommyinnit pos #Wilbur soot pos
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  • samnooksupremacy
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Tom simons vlogs cinematic parallels between Wilbur buying Tommy loads of candy floss after Phil tells him no vs. Wilbur saying “that’s a lot of sugar Tommy” when Logan Paul is getting him to buy loads of candy canes in a sweet shop in London

    #Wilbur bosses up as big bro when dad isn’t there #tommyinnit#tom simons#wilbur soot#logan paul#philza
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  • ribbonkeys
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Wilbur in the entire video

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  • jay-birds-fly
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Babe, wake up, a new meme format just dropped

    #mcyt#mcyt tommyinnit#tommyinnit vlog#mcyt memes#mcyt meme#tom simons #made this meme about school but will drop the ss if people actually want it lol #mcyt tag#mcytmblr#tommyinnit #tom simons vlog #tommy and wilbur #the crime boys were fantastic here #dream smp#dsmp #i do apologize for Logan Paul having to be there /hj #meme#dsmp meme#tommyinnit memes #there were so many golden expressions in this vlog #tommy when Logan Paul: 😯
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  • allywritesforfun
    20.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    {God I Fucking Hate that Kid} Wilbur Soot x Reader

    summary: ew Logan Paul. aka just wilbur complaining about Logan Paul 

    pronouns: not mentioned 

    word count: 1064

    trigger warning: swearing 

    a/n: this is basically my vision of the day that Wilbur comes home from recording with Tommy and Logan because I personally think that Logan went too far with some jokes /srs. almost everything in here is from my perspective and I clearly have no understanding of what went down. 

    regular masterlist wilbur masterlist

    The door slammed shut, you turned, “Jesus fuck! Wil-”

    “I FUCKING HATE THAT KID!” He yelled, sitting down at the kitchen table.

    You walked over to him. He was staring at the center of the table, hands folded in his lap. You could tell by his look that he was trying not to lash out. You gave him his time and stood behind him. Slowly you reached over his shoulder and rested your hand on his heart. It took him some time, but he eventually placed his hand over yours, rubbing it gently. He grabbed it for a second to kiss the back, then returned to it where it was resting.

    “I’m sorry,” He said, a lot calmer this time. “Logan is just-”

    “It’s okay, Wilbur,” You assured him. “I can tell you’ve had a rough day. Wanna talk?”

    Wilbur nodded, standing up. He kept his hand in yours and guided you to the bedroom. He had you sit down against the bed frame, that way he can lay in your lap. He positioned his body perpendicular to yours. His head rested in your lap, his left hand over his belly and right one up holding yours.

    “Talk to me,” You whispered. Your hand threaded through his hair.

    “Why can't Tommy stop chasing clout and meet up with good, uncontroversial people?” Wilbur asked, staring at the celling. “I try so fucking hard to get this kid on the right track, then he just throws it all away and gets with the wrong people.”

    “He’s almost eighteen you know,” You reminded Wilbur. “In a couple months, he might not ask you to go with him. Don’t get too controlling.”

    He shook his head, throwing his left hand in the air, “First James and now Logan. I get what you’re saying, I do. I just can’t help myself.”

    “You see him as a little brother, nothing wrong with that. What did Logan do?”

    “What didn't he do?” Wilbur asked. He brought your hand to his lips before starting his rant. “The first thing he says about me was something like: ‘you’re so tall. I wanna fight you.’ Like, what a great fucking introduction that was.”

    “You could've kicked his ass,” You joked.

    “Damn right I would’ve!” He exclaimed. “If he would've said that later in the day and kept being a little bitch he would be on the fucking ground.”

    You laughed, knowing that Wilbur would never fight anyone. And even if he did fight Logan Paul, he had no chance. Still, you nodded your head in encouragement. 

    “So then we take him on the bus, the two story one. It was so embarrassing y/n. He just had no bus manners at all and encouraged Tommy to do the same. Then Tommy starts his whole ‘how do I get girls bit’, which was funny for a little bit. Logan told him to use some harmless pick up lines on some girls, but then Logan just pushes Tommy aside in his mind and starts straight up cat-calling these girls. I mean, it wasn't like BAD bad, but bad enough. I hid because I couldn't let my rep get ruined like that. I called him out and he just laughed. How could he laugh at a time like that?”

    You sighed, “That’s horrible, but you have to remember that his culture. He’s lived that way his whole life. And don't think I’m saying what he did was okay or justifying it, but it is the truth. He made a platform off of it. But, I’m glad you told him. Did he stop?”

    Wilbur nodded, “It was really awkward afterwards. I think I made him uncomfortable.”

    You shrugged, “That’s just pay back. He made you uncomfortable.”

    “Then we stopped at this candy shop,” Wilbur told you. “He bought the entire candy cane stack and told Tommy to hand them out to people but... Logan only gave some to people in front of the store and his crew. Tommy tried to give more out, but Logan insisted on moving on. It’s all just manipulative y/n. I feel terrible.”

    “If you want, we can go out and do something like that if it makes you feel better,” You offered.

    “Maybe,” Wilbur agreed. “Then, I don't know if this was a joke or not, I’m sure it was, but he told me that I did a horrible job with Tommy. Like, that hit home for me in a way. I just wish he would’ve ran some jokes by me first. It took me really off guard.”

    You rubbed his cheek with your free hand, “Awe, Wil. You’re doing a great job with Tommy, you know that. Don’t let anyone get in your head.”

    He turned his head into your palm, kissing it, “Tommy wanted to go into the Lego store. So we did. Tommy tried making a few jokes but Logan interrupted telling Tommy to grow up and that he shouldn't be excited by Legos anymore. Like what the fuck? That was totally uncalled for, especially when he knows Tommy’s audience is preteens-teens. I really hope that Tommy leaves that out because that’s gonna hurt a lot of people.”

    “But if he leaves it in and people see Logan say that, they’ll turn against him and you’ll get second hand revenge...” You suggested.”Is that mean? That sounds mean. Oh well.”

    “If I had the time, I would be doing Legos every day. They’re therapeutic you know.”

    You scoffed, “Wilbur, you don't have the patience for Legos. You would be spending too long on it just to realize you messed up and need to start over and then I have to hear about how your day was ruined.”

    Wilbur chuckled, “Yeah, maybe you’re right. Just one more thing he did- he left us.”

    “Huh?” You asked. “Like just got up and dipped?”

    Wilbur nodded, “He found a strip club and told his crew to follow him. We were down for the bit but about ten minutes later we called him and texted him and he wasn't picking up. He just straight up left.”

    “What a dick!” You yelled. “So he was using Tommy for clout? That’s life I guess.”

    “You don't use me for clout, do you?” Wilbur looked up at you.

    You furrowed your eyebrows, “I barely use social media? What are you on?”

    He smiled, “Just making sure.” 

    #wilbur #wilbur x reader #wilbur soot x reader #x reader#wilbur oneshot #wilbur soot oneshot #mcyt#mcyt oneshot #mcyt x reader #wilbur imagine #wilbur soot imagine #Logan paul#tommyinnit
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  • donteatdoves
    20.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #tldr logan paul massive tool stop trynna make people be okay with tommy and wilbur hanging out with him #he’s like genuinely a shit human #dove.asks
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  • autumnalsaffron
    20.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I don't know how to feel about Tommy's vlog with Logan Paul.. on one hand I know that the outlandish way Tommy acts is a character and so my mind assumes Logan is playing a character too, but on the other hand Logan's character made a severe and continuous lapse in his judgement and he doesn't seem to have changed that much..

    #also the vibes in the podcast were weirddd #idk it was a kinda funny vlog but most of my joy came from wilbur expressing my feelings for em #*me#mcyt#mcytblr#thoughts#tommyinnit#Logan Paul#wilbursoot#wilbur soot#Tom Simons
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  • goodmorningdeimos
    20.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i’m only three minutes into the new tommyinnit vlog and i already see the whole devil-and-angel-on-each-shoulder dynamic

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