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  • perfettamentechic
    08.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Auguri in rima by Clory

    Auguri in rima by Clory #8dicembre #auguriinrima #clorydinatale #perfettamentechic

    Et voilà, questa mattinaVi propongo una mia rima.L’ho cercata, l’ho trovataEcco qua, l’ho pubblicata. I miei auguri sono tantiQui ce n’è per tutti quanti. Care amiche, cari amiciBuone feste: siate felici. Autore: Clorinda Di Natale

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    #8 dicembre#Auguri #Clorinda Di Natale #Clory#Festa dell&039;Immacolata #Frase del giorno #Frase per occasione #Pensiero del giorno
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  • theforgottendaydreamer
    08.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    ma io nonー

    #osio sopra >>> new york levati #in realtà boh non credo di essere mai statə a osio ma ok #al massimo posso andare là per rimorchiare le vecchiette EHM ASPETTA NO VOLEVO DIRE UHM- #+90 anni. senza eredi. almeno 30mila € di eredità tutta per me. allora possiamo parlarne <3 faccio tutto quello che vuoi amore #dentro ho circa 80 anni e anche gli stessi problemi fisici quindi... #flashback del medico che ''di solito questo problema insorge nella terza età'' SKS NN HO CPT BN
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  • deathshallbenomore
    08.12.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    DONT RB idk why you would but you never know

    nonostante le mie ottomila mail e la disponibilità a sentire qualsiasi patema ribadita in ogni sede possibile, gli studentelli non rispettano la deadline stabilita (venerdì)

    mando mail di memento, sabato

    tizia mi manda il lavoro domenica

    al che io non rispondo subito perché la domenica pure il signore se la prese di riposo

    rispondo lunedì quindi

    lei risponde oggi (altro giorno festivo) dicendo di non poter fare il lavoro come credeva perché non c’è tempo a sufficienza

    figlia mia il tuo tentativo di low-key guilt-tripping è malriuscito e inefficace sorry not sorry :) signora mia voglio tornare nella torre d’avorio signora mia 

    #@beloveds when I complain about people reblogging random stuff it’s not you no worries :) it’s usually random people #mamma mia che fatica #non per fare la boomer ma. almeno a livello di classe. poi generazionale non lo so. ma la mia classe. seppure popolata da 27 imbecilli #me compresa. era molto più sveglia. avevo una compagna che appena sentiva aria diinterrogazione metteva l'ansia a tutti pur di fare i turni #e avere tutto sotto controllo. UN'ANSIA. ma almeno le cose funzionavano ed eravamo sul pezzo #eh signora mia non ci sono più i giovani di una volta. adesso sono sempre su quel tic-toc ( ;) )
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  • cerentari
    08.12.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Alla mia nazione di Pier Paolo Pasolini

    Alla mia nazione di Pier Paolo Pasolini

    Pasolini ha ancora ragione a distanza di quasi sessant’anni. L’Italia non cambia, casomai peggiora. Non popolo arabo, non popolo balcanico, non popolo antico,ma nazione vivente, ma nazione europea:e cosa sei? Terra di infanti, affamati, corrotti,governanti impiegati di agrari, prefetti codini,avvocatucci unti di brillantina e i piedi sporchi,funzionari liberali carogne come gli zii bigotti,una…

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    #Poesie per l&039;estate
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  • inadeguata
    08.12.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    quando i tuoi amici si premurano per non farti sentire la mancanza di Dy

    #nella prima foto di stava abbassando per mettersi all’altezza di dy
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  • fcblues
    08.12.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    @ Inter media house 🥺 un video, per favore? 🥺

    #questə sono scomparsi dopo averci fatto impazzire #bde ma anche ritornate per favore
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  • sewanotebookpekanbaru
    08.12.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Sewa Chromebook Di Pekanbaru

    Sewa Chromebook Di Pekanbaru

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    #Harga Sewa Laptop Per Bulan #Harga Sewa Laptop Per Hari #Harga Sewa Laptop Per Hari Pekanbaru #Harga Sewa Laptop Perorangan #Harga Sewa Laptop Sehari #Sewa Notebook Laptop Pekanbaru
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  • micsensei
    08.12.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    boss gave us 24 hours of wages as a bonus 😭😭😭

    #the talkies #basically a month of wages for us since its just a 4-8 per week job #need christmas gift ideas for this absolute man of the people
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  • thecybergrind
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    so funny & also tragic to me that the last movie i watched was planes trains and automobiles. i felt so little for that movie that it sucked any film watching energy from my body

    #that & i started playing skyrim again but honestly i think a lot has to do w the movie. #i need to fix that. someone beat me over the head until i watch a movie again doesnt even have to be a good one per se #personal
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  • confusionism
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    ( @fiiingertrap​ ; u have to read till the end to figure out what rng said )


        Every year, the International Organization of Writers recognized a select handful individuals for their exemplary contributions to the fine art of composition. In an effort to represent a wide variety of mediums from novels to poetry, the selection process was heavily-guarded, with mere rumors to its meticulousness circulating among the general public. Upon its completion, whoever was deemed ‘the Best of the Best’ was bestowed with two gifts: first, a modest sum that was easily the envy of anyone with an inkling of writing ability; second, an invitation to a formal gathering that was attended by the most the most respectable names in publishing. 

        Cora Warren? Journalist of the Year.

        Rhys Powell? Proudest Goddamned Plus One Ever.

        He had made sure to make this known in the weeks leading up to the occasion. An (even more) endless shower of kissies, self-written songs proclaiming the endless pride he had in her and her ‘biggest, baddest, most magical-est brain,’ a strong attempt to frame the multi-page work that had attracted the recognition to begin with— the effort was limitless! The actual day of the party was no exception. 

        A super special occasion warranted super special whatsits, so of course Rhys had no issue with having a brand new suit tailored for the evening. The dark shade of green that he’d chosen was unconventional by traditional standards, but it perfectly matched the velvety piece that some high-class designer had offered the Captain. Accessorized with Papa’s watch, the lucky chevron-patterned bracelet, and a shiny pin that matched the sequins sewn onto Cora’s gown, Rhys liked to think that they were looking like the epitome of luxury. The Mighty Cutes were ready to take on this fancy-outfits shindig, a combination amounting to a bajillion-illion bucks.

        Big problem.

        Half of it was… Well, they barely had any time together. 

        After stepping out of their chauffeured car, they’d only exchanged two sentences and half of a silly joke before Cora was pulled away into the world of literary genius. 

        Rhys understood this. Of course he did. It wasn’t the first time that they’d been present at something work-related, and to be a featured guest? Oh yeah, he understood that too. There was no telling how long exactly he’d be willing to wait, but know that it was certainly ‘a pretty long time.’

        The other half of the problem was the event in itself. Despite it being marketed as a ‘party,’ it seemed to be anything but. As it turned out, ‘most respectable’ could be quite synonymous with ‘snooty,’ ‘snobbish,’ a whole mess of other words that Rhys figured would mean different things but with that same, awful kind of energy. 

        Sixty-three minutes. The first ten were spent in that limbo of ‘vibe-checking,’ the period of uncertainty regarding whether or not a place and its people were enjoyable. The next thirty were dedicated to distraction, pulling funny faces from across the room and testing what lengths of commotion could be achieved without anyone else noticing. At some point in between holding bunny ears behind a random Nobel laureate’s head and getting away with arguably the best secret stank face of the night, Rhys had noticed it: the desperation for escape. 

        Cora’s preoccupation with an endless stream of both curious and congratulatory strangers was nothing new, but the key difference was an individual who seemed rather… Persistent. Quick to insert themselves each time she turned the other way, utterly demanding of her attention. And where she would usually be able to fend off such an annoyance, it was more difficult now while surrounded by so many people. Then there was another loud mouth and another and another and—

        What was a Fluff supposed to do? Ignore his Captain’s SOS just because they were supposed to be on their best behavior?

        In the firm belief of there being ‘things that you can’t let slide,’ Rhys spent the next thirty minutes developing— hold on. How long was that again? Twenty, thirty— sorry, math has never been his strong suit. The important fact is that he spent time devising a small plan, and at the very start of its execution, it seemed as though he was gliding across the room.

        “Hey!” he called out, drawing closer to a man with a fanny pack an expensive-looking piece of equipment. “Rhys Powell. Mind if I borrow your camera for a minute?” And when the only response was a confused stare, “My girl’s one of the awardees and I’m a photographer too.” Miming a frame, he pointed his imaginary lens toward that familiar bright shade of red hair. “I, uh— I didn’t get time to set up my personal cam, so I just wanted to see what kinda set-up you got. Cheat sheet, y’know?”

        A few other sparse words exchanged — plus a pinky promise ‘not to mess with a single thing’ — and Rhys zoomed over to where Cora stood. When his voice returned, it hit the air with a firmness that he’d typically only use during work hours.

        “‘Scuse me!” Waving one hand in the air, he waited until heads began turning to him. “Mind if I borrow Ms. Warren for a moment? Getting solo shots.”

        Then they couldn’t have moved quick enough. Handing the camera back to its owner was no complicated feat; the same could not be said for the train at the back of Cora’s gown. With a bunch of its thick fabric carefully secured in both hands, they searched for the nearest set of double-doors and made their way out as inconspicuously as possible. Finally on the other side, and after the sharp click! of the locks settling in place, Rhys leaned down to rest the cloth on the floor. Straightening his posture, he’d been too distracted with glancing down the hall they were in to notice that she’d kicked of her heels and— 


        She had barreled right into him with a force so great that it nearly knocked him off of his feet. Only nearly. By now he knew her too well to not expect anything less than pure, unbridled energy. His arms easily found their way around her.

        “You all right, Cap?” A muffled sound, plus the vibration against his chest, drew out an easy laugh. He squeezed tighter. “You’re all right, Cap. I gotcha.” He swayed them side to side. Five counts, ten counts, he could imagine the classical music that had been blasting in the room they left. Two counts more and he remembered that there was more to all this than simple relief. “Actually, I wanna show you something I found, but, uh—” he pressed a sweet peck against the crown of her head before leaning his cheek against it, “—this is good too.”

    #rp*cw #.as per usual idk if i did this right #.but i did a thing! #.yes the inspo was the elie saab gown + jimmy choo sandals #.link provided #.i can get further into this just lmk #.@ me for spending more time figuring out what 2 write in tags #.than writing this entire thing
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  • wildanasphalbakar
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

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  • barellino
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ma da me non nevica

    #vabbè che domani vado in francia passando per le montagne quindi la neve la prendo di sicuro
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  • findfitness
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    2 Strategies To Convert M4A To MP3 In Home windows Media Player https://citazionicelebri.net/anonymous/2-strategies-to-convert-m4a-to-mp3-in-home-windows-media-player/

    #fitness #Citazioni Celebri – 1 Migliaia di frasi celebri #citazioni ed aforismi catalogate per argo
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  • 333
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    all i want rn is to sit down with friends and watch all of the lotr extended editions with a beer and some takeout 😭

    #not even necessarily for the content of the movies theyre just fun to watch with friends and good vibes #pers
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  • qqchurch
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    lol, that tracks

    #1 post per 450ish reblogs babeyyy
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  • dirtberry
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    whenever yall make a sad personal post and i like it that is me giving u a hug not liking the fact that u are sad or feeling shitty abt yourself. i am not happy abt what u are saying necessarily!!! but i see it and i want u to feel seen and i am sending u love over the internet in the form of a <3 and a notification

    #i always see ppl making posts that are just full of self-loathing and like. i don't agree with that!!! i love u guys!!!! #but ik how it be. and i also know sometimes u make posts just bc u want to be heard #but i always feel shitty liking someone's vent post abt how much they suck or whatever yk #like. i don't want to like it bc i think u are great!!! but i also want to like it so u know someone else sees u #u are not alone in the great tumblr abyss #idk. maybe im the only one who feels bad liking ppls vent posts sometimes lol #pers #ok 2 rb ig lol
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  • sauolasa
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Summit Biden-Putin in videoconferenza: "Forti sanzioni economiche per Mosca, se..."

    Biden ha espresso la profonda preoccupazione degli Stati Uniti e degli alleati europei per la massiccia di presenza di truppe della Russia vicino al confine ucraino e ha chiarito che Usa e alleati risponderanno con "forti sanzioni economiche" in caso di ulteriore escalation militare di Mosca

    #Forti sanzioni economiche per Mosca #se... #Summit Biden-Putin in videoconferenza: News | Euronews
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  • mercurie-and-me
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • visionwebppc1
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

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