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  • animated-favorites
    12.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Favorite English Voice Actors

    Max Mittelman

    SAITAMA from One Punch Man (2015-2019)
    KOUSEI ARIMA from Your Lie in April (2014-2015)
    MERUEM from Hunter x Hunter (2011-2014)
    RYUJI SAKAMOTO from Persona 5 (2016)
    KING from Seven Deadly Sins (2014-2020)
    PLAGG from Miraculous: The Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015 - )
    ATSUSHI NAKAJIMA from Bungo Stray Dogs (2016)
    SABITO from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (2019 - )
    SHIROU KOTOMINE from Fate/Apocrypha (2017)
    YUNAN from Magi (2012-2017)
    INAHO KAIZUKA from Aldnoah.Zero (2014-2015)
    #favorite english voice actors #voice acting#max mittelman#saitama #one punch man #opm#kousei arima #your lie in april #shigatsu wa kimi no uso #meruem#hxh #hunter x hunter #ryuji sakamoto#persona 5 #seven deadly sins #plagg#miraculous#miraculous ladybug #bungo stray dogs #atsushi nakajima#sabito#demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #shirou kotomine#fate/apocrypha#yunan#magi #magi the labyrinth of magic #magi the kingdom of magic #magi the adventures of sinbad
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  • cyber-phobia
    12.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago
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  • princess-who-resembles-god
    12.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Mishima was that mf who the teacher would idolize because he was quiet even though he hated said teacher.

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  • ytjeremiahtheanimeboy
    12.05.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    Watch "THAT BOSS USING A SHIELD? | Persona 5 Strikers | #16" on YouTube

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  • setakendirart
    12.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I did a style challenge with my OC Alexis! This was a lot of fun to do and I might do something similar again!

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  • princekirijo
    12.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #asks#latenitewaffles#persona 5#persona 3#ken amada #too lazy to tag #but like yeah there's so many #and like different flavors of it too #you have goro who hates his dad so much he came up with the most elaborate scheme to take him down and almost pulled it off #you have ken who is so bent on getting revenge for his mom he nearly kills someone #and then there's haru who was abused so badly by her father and still mourns his death #there's so much #its nice though in a way cause it makes them relatable? #ive always found comfort in Yukari's relationship with her mom at least #could be wrong but i think she's the only one who has an actively shitty mom in p3 to p5 #i know there's stuff in p2 but please don't spoil that
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  • thenegav
    12.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ily #also I thought yours was aegis from persona 3 until. Now
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  • zahrart17
    12.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    ..for now

    Yeee, I’m back from finishing basically 15 assignments in a week. I still have 5 more to go but I’m taking a break. Please xD. Right now I’m doing fanarts before I basically going gaster move tm cause exams.

    Again, I’ll always post on Wednesday and Saturday at 7pm (GMT+7) Either on my main or my side blogs. Except for art chain, rp art and etc :>

    Anyway, have a nice and happy eid for those who are celebrating! <3

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  • thal-chandra
    12.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Twitter is making SMP Sona, and I took the opportunity :D

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  • shyneja
    12.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Vi svelo un segreto: La persona giusta non arriverà mai nella vostra vita se non lasciate andare la persona sbagliata.

    Poeta Abusivo

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  • pop-shocks
    12.05.2021 - 3 hours ago


    hi give me your thoughts persona mutuals  😌 i left the askbox link for a reason. honest opinions only. even IF they are wrong 

    #a bit of clarification #hifumi isnt the most underrated character shes just my favorite underrated character #akechi isnt the coolest designed hes just the best designed #almost all of his outfits have a lot of attention and meaning put into them #i have not played p2 but ive heard jun is gay fucked up and emo looking so i love him #and i hate old games so id rather die than play persona 1 #also teddie is like. specifically human teddie. hes bearable (hehehe) when hes in the midnight channel but outside i just want to beat him #koromaru is my favorite p3 character but i dont think that would slide
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  • mypunkpansexualtwin
    12.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Wingman Wednesday, Chapter 3: What Happens (To Ryuji) In Hawaii...

    I waited for it to be wednesday for a whole three hours before posting this time! Aren't y'all proud of my restraint? No? Fair enough. Second shortest chapter in the work, but this is where the shenanigans really start kicking in. Once again, AO3 link is in the reblogs.

    (First Chapter) / (Previous Chapter)

    This was not Ryuji’s idea of a good time. Okay, so the whole operation was definitely his idea, and he was enjoying the, uh, sights that Hawaii had to offer, there was no denying that. But he’d been hoping to do more than look and repeatedly get shot down before getting two words out to all these girls. They were down a man now that Mishima was off playing shogi, although Ryuji didn’t know if he’d call that a hit to their chances or a boost. On the one hand, even a guy as straight as himself could see that Akira had been objectively correct when he’d called the guy “unfairly cute.” On the other hand, the guy also embodied the words nervous breakdown when he tried to talk to girls, which wasn’t exactly appealing even if you were into the shy type. Whatever. If there was one thing the brawn of the Phantom Thieves knew, it was how to roll with the punches. Either way, they didn’t have their third, but Akira was at least in a better mood after chatting with Hifumi Goddamn Togo like it was no big deal. That meant he was putting in a little more effort rather than just heckling him and Mishima from the sidelines. So that was something.
    It was progress, even. Not as much progress as they could have been making, though, he knew that for a fact. Ryuji had seen the leader of the Phantom Thieves really bust out the charm on a couple of rare occasions, not just in the Metaverse either, and it was somethin’ to behold. Like he’d taken Joker’s cool, collected charisma and ramped it up to eleven. He’d practically been a whole other person that time in Shinjuku, where he’d stepped in and taken the metaphorical bullet for Ryuji and gotten dragged off--emphasis on drag--by those two guys to be their protege-slash-dress-mannequin. He couldn’t remember if he’d thanked Akira properly beyond not telling the other thieves or grabbing him and running when the two had turned up at the previous week’s beach trip. He was pretty sure he had a few times, but made a mental note to do it again at some point just to make sure. At least he didn’t have to worry about them--or any more of Aki’s grumbling about ‘creative differences’--all the way out here. Probably.
    Even with Akira’s improved mood, he still didn’t seem to be trying as hard as he could have been, or even enjoying himself for that matter. Ryuji had even been making a point of keeping his leader’s type in mind when approaching girls; bubbly, light hair and dark eyes, athletic, freckles, the whole shebang. There wasn’t much he could do about all the personality stuff from a first impression though, but he was still trying. In fact, he’d been giving it everything he had with every girl who even remotely hit the mark for the guy’s tastes, but it still didn’t seem to be enough. His best friend was still obviously just sort of tolerating the plan rather than really taking part, and starting to get annoyed again as they kept chatting up girls. Girls. That was probably the issue right there, right? Ryuji knew he’d made the offer to branch out for Mishima, and he’d meant it when he did, but he’d been undeniably relieved when the admin said not to worry about it. And sure, Aki had waved it off too ‘cause they couldn’t afford that kind of an attempt going badly, but… Akira wasn’t having fun, which was the entire point of the whole stupid plan. He’d definitely put up a fuss or something if he knew what Ryuji was thinking, so he needed to ditch Aki, just for a few minutes.
    Because as daunting as the prospect was, especially on his own, it was time to change tactics.
    “Hey Ryuji, can we sit down? I need a break and I wanna check in on Mishima.” Akira held his phone up and waggled it for emphasis. Talk about perfect timing.
    “You go ahead, dude. I’m gonna keep walkin’ around, see if I can find anyone we haven’t talked to yet, y’know?” Ryuji answered with a crooked smile. Just gotta act natural, no I’m Scheming Something voice here, no sir. Akira’s eyes flicked pointedly down to his right-hand man’s bad leg, then back up to meet his eyes with a raised eyebrow. Ryuji waved him off while ignoring the weird mix of annoyance and warmth that usually kicked around in his chest when their leader worried about him like that. Really, it happened with everyone on the team, but it was always the strongest when it came from him. He had bigger stuff to worry about, right? “Man, I’m fine. Trainin’s been payin’ off and I ain’t gonna push myself anyways. Claim us a good spot, yeah? I’ll bring us some drinks when I get back.” Akira’s expression twitched into something bordering on skeptical before he finally nodded and strolled off to a miraculously unclaimed shady spot under a palm tree, then flattened out a towel and plopped down onto it with a quiet huff.
    While his leader was busy texting Mishima, Ryuji turned to the volleyball nets they’d passed three or four times at that point, scanning for the guy he’d noticed about a half hour earlier. Unfortunately fate apparently had a personal grudge against Ryuji; not only was the guy not there, nobody was there anymore, so no chances of trying his plan with a next-best-thing, either. Dammit. He let out an irritated sigh, then kicked at the sand in front of him for good measure before racking his brain for the last place he saw to buy a drink. Not ready to give up just yet and certain there had to be at least one likely guy at the beach, he turned to leave--
    --Only to bounce off of what had to be a walking wall of muscle. Ryuji was no slouch himself, all that time at the gym really was paying off for sure, but he still stumbled back after colliding with the mystery beachgoer. He managed to sputter an apology while the stranger reached out a hand to steady him, and when he got a better look at who he’d crashed into, he wondered if fate was finally cutting him a break. Not only was it the guy he’d been planning to hit up for Akira, now practically dropped in his lap, up close the guy was perfect. Like, objectively-provable-by-science, Goro-Akechi-eat-your-heart-out perfect, even Ryuji could tell. Hell, anyone with eyes could. Shit was finally looking up.
    The guy was tall, probably taller than Yusuke, about their age and built right on the line between ‘fit’ and ‘buff.’ And having seen him in action playing volleyball earlier, that made a double check for athletic. Tanned (or maybe that was just his normal tone?) darker than most of the folks on the beach, but somehow still sporting an explosion of freckles on his face and shoulders, too. Freckles, check. His eyes were dark enough that the sun overhead did almost nothing to illuminate them as they darted between Ryuji and the guy’s friends who were saying something that he didn’t quite catch, but made the guy laugh. Nice smile, like really nice, dang, check. One hand stayed steady on Ryuji’s shoulder while the other combed back a few of the guy’s own blond curls that had fought their way out of the ponytail at the base of his skull. And as Ryuji mentally checked off ‘dark eyes and light hair combo,’ he realized he’d been staring. Whoops. Time to get things back on track.
    “Sorry about that, man. What’s bonkin’?” The guy tilted his head in clear bafflement. Right. Hawaii. English. Shit. “Oh, uh. My bad, you probably don’t speak Japanese.”
    “No, I do. I just don’t think I’ve ever heard that one before.” The guy dropped his hand from Ryuji’s shoulder and leaned back on one foot to look him over. “What’s bonkin’, huh? ‘Sides you bonkin’ into me like that?”
    “Oh! Uh. Yeah, like I said, sorry. I was kinda spacin’ out a little.” Ryuji scratched the back of his neck. Shit, how could he explain this without coming off as weird? Was there, like, different protocol for a dude asking a dude out? And if there was, did that mean he had to try and do something different to wingman Akira?
    “Spacing out? Looked to me more like you were looking for something.” The guy smiled and… actually that smile was suddenly more irritating than nice. Too smug. “Or someone? Thought I noticed you walking by a couple times.” Definitely too smug. Whatever, he didn’t have to like it as long as Akira did. Hopefully this counted as outgoing. And at least this guy bein’ full of himself made it easier to explain the situation.
    “Y-yeah.” Ryuji managed awkwardly as he tried to get his thoughts in order. He really should have tried to think of something to say ahead of time, because he could practically feel the guy’s eyes on him, waiting for an explanation. Before he could get one out, he was hit by an intense pang of self-awareness; between him keeping an eye on the guy every time they’d walked past, staring at him after they’d crashed into each other, and now getting all tongue-tied, the dude probably had really the wrong impression. “Uh, w-wait! Not for me!” Ryuji quickly clarified. “Me ‘n my friend are trying to, uh, meet someone to take us around and see the sights tonight before our class trip is over, y’know? I noticed you earlier cause you’re, like, exactly his type, so I figured I’d, iunno, see about getting your number for him or somethin’? If you’re not interested in dudes, that’s totally fine, I’ll drop it ‘n take a hike.” Ryuji put his hands up defensively, then rolled his shoulders and felt his body trying to fall into fighting stance as he added more sharply, “and if you’ve got a problem with it, you can take it up with me, he don’t know I’m doin’ this so leave him out of it--”
    “Whoah, whoah, easy there, tiger.” The guy raised a hand in the apparently-universal gesture for ‘calm down, dude’, failing to keep in a laugh that just got Ryuji’s hackles up further. “I’m definitely not offended, trust me. Can’t say whether or not I’m actually interested in your buddy without seeing him, though.”
    “Oh, uh, over there.” The phantom thief deflated a little, glad that he wasn’t gonna pick a fight, but maybe just a little disappointed he had no excuse to wipe the irritating smirk off the dude’s face. Not that he would have actually acted on it, even if he did have an excuse. “Curly dark hair, dark blue shorts, sitting on the red towel under the tree over there.” He pointed to where Akira was still lounging and now zoning out as bad as he did at the top of Mementos. God, it was like he was trying to sabotage his bro’s efforts without even realizing. Typical. Still, the interested noise the guy made said that he wasn’t deterred by the patented Kurusu Thousand Yard Stare™, and their illustrious leader probably--hopefully--wasn’t drooling this time, so Ryuji was willing to call that a win.
    “Ooh, cute. He’s got kind of an intense look to him, doesn’t he? Yeah, I think I’d be alright, uh, showing him the sights tonight.” Ryuji had just enough time for a self-satisfied ‘dude, you have no idea what intense looks like on him,’ to flash through his head before the guy turned to his friends and called out something in English, earning a chorus of groans from them before he jogged off. Again, Ryuji felt a powerful pang of annoyance that had him clenching his fists. Deep breaths, inhale, hold, exhale. In, hold, out. Shit, is that what Ryuji sounded like trying to pick up these girls? No wonder he wasn’t having any luck, not to mention why Aki kept side-eyeing him. Whatever. Even in spite of the guy’s obvious eagerness, Ryuji couldn’t help but keep an eye on the two of them just in case things went south. Akira had been right, if things went badly trying to pick up some dude, they really couldn’t afford the scene that’d make. Better to be on hand to step in, just in case.
    So he stayed ready, bum leg or not, to sprint across the sand and back up his bro if the guy decided he had a problem. Watched Hawaii Guy weave his way through the people sprawled out on the beach between them and Akira and then settle down next to him like he was dropping in on an old friend rather than approaching a total stranger to flirt. Tried not to laugh as the esteemed leader of the Phantom Thieves did a triple take as he realized that it was not the blond he was expecting to have right up in his personal space. Shit, if Ryuji got that close--practically effin’ cuddly--with a total stranger to hit on them, he’d get hit on right back. Literally. Prolly slapped straight past their bet deadline and halfway into November.
    He expected Akira to shrug the guy’s arm off, maybe scoot back a little or something, but his friend seemed entirely unfazed by Hawaii Guy all but draping himself across his shoulders like they were already dating. Ryuji felt himself scowling and half considered texting Futaba to see if she could hear what they were saying through Akira’s phone. She’d already bugged it, but that’d be all kindsa weird, right? Yeah, definitely weird, even if he’d love to know why Hawaii Guy had just done a double take to where Ryuji was standing. His face fell and his shoulders sagged as Akira ran a hand through his own hair while he talked. Maybe he had just shot the guy down, pulled the ‘oh no sorry, I’m flattered but my boyfriend is right over there’ maneuver that Ann occasionally used Ryuji for. Maybe he could play it up if his bro gave him the S.O.S. look. He’d roll his shoulders back and talk all tough when he asked ‘is this guy botherin’ you, babe?’ and it’d totally be worth the weeks of shit he’d get from Akira afterwards just for the split second look of flustered shock--an expression he hadn’t gotten out of him yet--on his best friend’s face. That’d be nice.
    Wait, shit, no it wouldn’t. Not only would that be hella awkward since Ryuji sent the guy over in the first place, they had a plan, dammit. The whole point of this was for them to each get some digits and make some memories before they had to go back home, so they were still on a time limit. He was already lucky enough that Hawaii Guy (man, Ryuji really shoulda gotten his name) hadn’t punched his lights out. Pressing their luck to try again with another dude? Unless he could convince Aki to call off the bet and let him try and set him up with the guy he actually liked, which was un-freakin’-likely, that was a bad idea. Still, even if it was a bust, Akira would at least hopefully realize that they were doing this as a team and that Ryuji wanted both of them to be having fun. Maybe then they could try again with some more girls and if it didn’t work out, he could just crash in Akira and Mishima’s room again for the night. He’d see if he could get any more hints about the bet, or just see if he could get a laugh out of his friend with some really off-the-wall guesses. Might be fun to see him sputter if Ryuji suggested the old guy at the airsoft shop. He’d get flustered shock out of Aki yet. Yeah, they could definitely salvage the day.
    He waited to see if Hawaii Guy was gonna get up to leave and braced himself for failure number whatever, but instead the guy just tossed his head back and laughed, leaned on Akira again, and kept talking to him. A couple more minutes of that went by and phones came out; the guy’s first and then Akira’s. Even from where he was standing Ryuji could tell his best friend looked nothing short of stunned. That had to be a good sign, right? Not just anyone besides Ryuji could get the stoic brick that was Akira Kurusu to make a readable expression. Visibly flustered shock, even, the one he’d been curious about lately. Shit, it was actually… kinda cute? Not quite kid-in-a-candy-store cute like back at the buffet. Like, cute cute. Huh. Ryuji blinked a few times and then chalked it up to the distance.
    Another minute passed and… Yeah. Yeah! That annoyingly triumphant look on Hawaii Guy’s face as he jogged back to the volleyball nets had to be ‘I just scored a cutie’s phone number,’ Ryuji’d bet his entire cut from their next Mementos run on it. He couldn’t help but mentally pat himself on the back for a job well done. Even if the guy did seem like an arrogant prick to rival a certain Detective Prince. And this meant that now he was the only one who hadn’t had any kind of luck at all today because even if Mishima hadn’t gotten her number, not just anyone could say they spent an afternoon with Hifumi Togo in a bikini. Nope, he wasn’t gonna dwell on it. This was a victory and he’d learned to take those wherever the hell he could get them.
    “Hey!” A voice startled Ryuji out of his thoughts, and he was more than a little surprised that Hawaii Guy had stopped to chat with him again instead of going straight back to his friends. He didn’t need to be passing English to pick up on the impatient noises they were making behind him, and if it were Ryuji, he definitely wouldn’t be making that many pretty girls wait. “Man, I gotta say you’re a really good friend.” The hell was that supposed to mean? And there was that cocky effin’ tone again, getting under Ryuji’s skin like a pushy cat (or not-a-cat) getting underfoot and tripping him up while he was trying to walk.
    Was it supposed to be some kind of surprise he was a good friend? Like just cause he wasn’t into guys, he couldn’t help Akira out? Instead of saying that, he took a breath and went with, “Uh, thanks? I try, anyways.” Hawaii Guy flashed him a knowing smirk and he reminded himself--again--that Shujin’s two least favorite delinquents really couldn’t afford to make a scene.
    “Like, a really good friend. I don’t know if I’d be setting a guy like that up with someone else, but maybe I’m just greedy like that.” The knowing look on the guy’s face just intensified, but Ryuji was more focused on trying to figure out what the hell that even meant.
    “...You lost me, man.” At least the confusion put out that urge to pick a fight.
    “Nevermind. Anyways, I owe you one.” Ryuji couldn’t help but perk up at that. Those impatient lady friends of his were awfully pretty and what kind of Phantom Thief would he be if he ignored an opportunity so generously handed to him?
    “Yeah? Mind setting me up with one of those girls you’re with? They’re all super cute, ‘specially that brunette.”
    Hawaii Guy laughed again, rich and warm as Leblanc’s coffee, and okay yeah Akira definitely never stood a chance against this guy, did he? “Who, Lucy? You’ve got good taste, bro, and I totally would but, uh… You familiar with the English saying, ‘birds of a feather flock together?’” Ryuji nodded.
    Yeah, right up there with “don’t ‘bro’ me if you don’t know me.”
    As loudly as he may have thought it, Ryuji didn’t actually say that because he actually was familiar with ‘birds of a feather.’ It was one of the few old sayings he did know, admittedly mostly ‘cause of Ann. She’d said it back when Yusuke had just joined the team and they were talking about how they all had the same kind of stories, how kids like them that the world shoved off to the side needed to have each other's backs ‘cause nobody else would.
    “Yeah, but what’s it got to do with--” Hawaii Guy cut him off with a wave, blissfully unaware of the fact that Ryuji was keeping a mental tally of how many times he’d wanted to smack him in the ten minutes they’d talked. God, he knew he had issues with his temper, but it was bizarre how mad this guy made him. Ryuji almost always at least had a real reason to get as pissed as he was, but Hawaii Guy wasn’t even doing anything. Just kinda existing near Ryuji and hitting on Akira. Rather than dwell on that, he looked to where the guy was pointing to see another lady walking up the beach who was incredible. Long dark curls, tall, curvacious, every kind of perfect in the book and then some. On top of that she was wearing a bikini--holy shit, a thong bikini--that had to be illegal with how good it looked hugging her curves like it was in love with them. The guy gently nudged him in the ribs with his elbow and then pointed to his friend who was watching the lady saunter past with the same slack-jawed look that Ryuji was sure he’d had on his face. Ohhhh. Birds of a feather. If Hawaii Guy was into Akira, and she was hanging out with Hawaii Guy, then Ryuji was barking up the wrong tree. “Fair enough. Aight, uh, good luck to her too, I guess.” She’d caught him watching her ogling and grimaced slightly at being caught. Ryuji nodded at the woman now disappearing into the crowd, then flashed Lucy a grin and a thumbs up. A moment of confusion flickered across her features before she looked over, then back to him, then nodded sagely. Who needed English? The really important stuff clearly transcended language barriers.
    Hawaii Guy had disappeared during their little nonverbal exchange, which didn’t bother Ryuji any. Okay, maybe a little, but only because that was rude and he’d wanted to ask where the nearest drink stand was ‘cause he promised to go back with something. Whatever. Guy was out of sight and out of his hair, so he could quit being mad for no reason. He’d grab sodas later after he checked to see what just went down.
    The crowd separating them had thinned a little bit, so making his way back wasn’t any trouble. Akira watched his approach with a wry look, but didn’t actually say anything until he’d dropped down onto the towel with him.
    “That. Was not a soda.” Aki deadpanned, but the tiniest smile tugging at the corner of his mouth told Ryuji he’d done good. Damn straight he was a good friend.
    “Nah, but it was a cure for your thirst.” He quipped back, earning himself a light punch in the shoulder. “Ow, dude! Come on, tell me I wasn’t dead-on with him!”
    Akira scoffed and rolled his eyes, but the hint of smile stayed in place, as did the fond exasperation in his tone. “Yeah, you definitely got lucky. Now let’s go get that drink, I demand a TaP before we find out if you just used up our luck before all three of us got someone’s phone number.”
    “Oh man, don’t even say that! Wait. All three of us?” Realization dawned on Ryuji and his jaw dropped. Akira had been checking in on Mishima. “He did not.”
    The grave nod his leader gave him almost made him laugh because apparently Mr. Walking-Panic-Attack did indeed have some game. “I got Ono’s number and we’re gonna meet up tonight. And Yuuki got Hifumi’s number. She texted me to say thanks and that they’re gonna walk around after another match. So that just leaves you.”
    “Dude, nice! And way to go, Mishima! Let’s get us some drinks and then we’re definitely gonna finish strong!” Ryuji ignored Akira’s yelp as he grabbed him by the wrist and hauled him up off the sand.
    Excited as he was for his friends, he sure as hell wasn’t gonna be the odd man out.
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  • light-shutter
    12.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "Do you ever wonder what camouflage fashion is all about?? Are those people trying to hide or stand out???"

    -Iwai, randomly when shopping

    #its just good #shrugs#persona 5 #persona 5 royal #p5#p5r#persona
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  • menstits
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you know how like when you look at fanart of any anime man people always draw him hotter than he is in canon. that’s not true for the brother from persona 2 like he always looks fucked up no matter what you do to him

    #i think it's the sideburns #i havent even played persona 2 i'm sorry for being mean to this guy i don't know him #🗨️
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  • phantoms-lair
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #Persona#Detective Conan #I think pre shrink Shinichi's might have been Holmes #But because that was all he'd let himself be #Conan has really grown as a person #Ironically
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    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I truely did forget about her-- Day 3- Character I often ignore?? more like character I literally forgot IBVS Week by @onebizarrekai

    #rachel havenshire #rachel havenshire??? idk tbh #IBVS#ibvsweek2021#persona #forgetful forgetful kyt #heheheh my ert
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  • rocketeerie
    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Forget-me-nots and asters

    #persona 5 #persona 5 royal #persona 5 joker #shuake#akeshu#goro akechi#ren amamiya#akira kurusu#akechi#akechi goro #persona 5 crow #phantom thieves #persona 5 fanart #persona fanart #persona 5 art #video games#anime #persona 5 protagonist #persona 5 fandom #myart#fanart#art#illustration#artist#p5#p5r #forget me not #p5r fanart#digital art #persona 5 royal fanart
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    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Anyone remember Kamoshida?

    This was him in high school, feel old yet.

    #persona 5 ruby #suguru kamoshida
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