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    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just turned nineteen and now all of my friends are calling me old DX

    #rambling#personal #and they call me short too!! #OH MY GOD #IM THE PHILZA MINECRAFT OF MY FRIEND GROUP XD DX #AND I WAS THE DAD IN MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND GROUP OH GOD #is this my fate? #am I now #Philza #?? #tbh I’ll fuckin take it
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    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    tried to draw mumza today

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    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Part 3/6 or 7 Previous Next

    Of course the Urahara Kisuke kinnie has a Secret training ground basement

    More to #shroudstatusnookau

    #shroudstatusnookau#dream smp#mcyt #dream smp fanart #mcytumblr#mcyt fanart#shroud dsmp #c!shroud #shroud the spider #dsmp shroud#wilbur soot #wilbur soot fanart #sam nook #sam nook fanart #philza#philza fanart #dream smp au #dsmp next gen
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  • votederpycausemufins
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    *Evil laughter* so much angst in this chapter! mwahahahaha! No one will be safe in this fic!

    @petrichormeraki is the maker of the hermit tommy au, so remember to look at their stuff.

    They were in the NSMP again it seemed, but this time no one was sure if it was real or not. Everyone looked around, ready to attack anyone unfamiliar, especially Techno, when he saw someone unfamiliar. The person managed to dodge his attacks, but before the piglin hybrid could move towards them, he was being held back. “Let go of me!”

    “Hey, calm down mate.” Phil spoke, trying to keep Techno calm. “It’s looking like we’re in another fake place. You’re attacking the air for some reason. Might telling us why?”

    Techno huffed and stared at the person still standing in front of him, taunting him. They wore a mask that looked like Dream’s or Theseus’, though the smile was instead a frown. That, and the thing was covered in tiny gems, making it look like a gaudy rainbow of gem encrusted whatever. “There’s a Dream knockoff in front of me. Mask with a frown covered in gems, yellow hoodie, sword on their hip.” And when Techno noticed the sword, especially the way the person seemed to reach for it, he really wanted to be let go to defend against whoever this was.

    “I think we should let him go.” Mumbo spoke up. “I saw them earlier. They had been following Xisuma and Evil Xisuma when they showed up when we were fighting the fake Grian. They might be what’s causing this.”

    “Makes sense to me.” EX said. “If this was something put in place by Nightmare, that’s got to be something from him.” And then EX let go of Techno, Phil doing the same. While Doc and Tommy were still holding on, Techno pulled away, pulling out his own weapons to attack. The Nightmare thing seemed not to be happy that Techno was freed, so it immediately started running away, leaving Techno to go after it.

    “So, I guess we just fucking wait here?” Tommy asked. No one had many objections, other than Phil who said he was going to follow Techno, so everyone sat down, though still with weapons at the ready to fight if need be.

    Techno was mostly managing to keep up with the Nightmare thing as it reached a swamp and started jumping over the lily pads. It was breaking a few of them along the way, but Techno was finding other paths that were just as good. In fact, he was slowly catching up.

    The thing reached the shore and drew their weapon, leaving Techno to catch up. He didn’t try getting his own ready in case it left him off balance, so he just had to make sure to stay out of range of the thing. But as he moved to their side, the thing was no longer focusing on Techno himself.

    The moment Techno was back on solid ground, he quickly looked to see what the thing was looking at. Techno had his weapon at the ready in case it was a trick to leave him off guard, but based on what he saw, that wasn’t the case. In the distance, Phil was flying over, trying to catch up, but there was someone much closer that had Techno quickly to his knees. The Blood God.

    The god didn’t speak, not verbally anyhow, but Techno heard them speak in his mind. In the back of his thoughts, Techno recalled that none of this was supposed to be real, but they were pushed back by what was being said. Even chat was quieted by the god’s voice.

    Techno barely noticed how the praise he was given affected him, not until he was suddenly too far gone. A blood rage as he called it. Something he had stopped falling into long ago, after he almost… but here he was again.

    The Nightmare thing was gone, having hidden awake. The Blood God had also left. That just left someone new standing nearby, approaching Techno. They had a weapon drawn, and while it wasn’t aimed at Techno, the sight was enough, so he attacked.

    Phil had caught up to Techno just in time to see someone in red disappear. Techno was on his knees, possibly hurt, so acting as a worried parent, Phil went over to see if the piglin was alright. But the moment he got close enough to see something was wrong was the same moment Techno tried attacking him. “Holy fuck! Shit!”

    Phil mostly managed to dodge the attacks, but enough of them left cuts that started bleeding. Phil tried to cover them with his hands, but it didn’t help, Techno already picking up the scent. “Techno! Calm the fuck down!” Phil tried to get through to Techno, but to no avail, leaving him to try flying to safety. But that just had Techno following after him.

    Not able to take on Techno himself, Phil started flying back to the group. Taking what was essentially a one man pvp army back to the group wasn’t the best idea, but he could fly faster than Techno could run, so the group would at least have a heads up.

    Phil slid as he landed back at the group, having enough momentum that stopping was tough. “Hey! We’ve got a problem! Looks like whatever Techno was seeing messed with him. It’s like his instincts are going haywire.”

    “Where is he now then?” Paul was the first to ask, but got his answer when Doc pointed out Techno coming their way. “Yeah, that looks like bad instincts. Though something else too with the way he’s holding himself.”

    “How the fuck can you tell just like that?” Tommy asked, moving in front of Mumbo and Grum, even at the robot’s attempts to pull him back as well.

    “Paul’s good with mobs.” Doc responded. “He might not be the best and pvp like others, but he’s always been good at pve. I mean, you saw him with the zombie troop.”

    Before more could be said, Techno was close enough that he threw an axe towards the group, Phil’s wing getting his as he used it to protect Xisuma. When he closed his wing again, Xisuma raced from where he stood to attack as best he could, mainly hoping to unarm Techno and take his weapons.

    “What exactly is happening with him?” Xannes was the one to ask, staying out of the fight along with Grum and Mumbo.

    “We fucking said already.” Phil started, pausing to shield against a sword blow. “Techno’s instincts are a mess.”

    “So? He could just not listen to them.”

    “Not how it works!” Paul was the one to answer. “Trying to ignore something like that would take years of suppression which isn’t really healthy.”

    “I mean, he’s sort of right.” Phil spoke up. “Techno had troubles with this in the past, but he’s tried calming it down over the years.”

    “Back before we joined the SMP, Techno hung out in a minigame world.” Wilbur started to explain. “It was made by the Blood God and Techno became an avid follower of theirs.”

    EX’s eyes widened at the explanation at the same time Phil had a realization. “Hey, when I caught up to Techno, someone else was there. Any chance we’re actually dealing with the Blood God here?”

    “Oh definitely not.” Xannes was the one to reply, those not fighting turning to look at him. “Okay so I didn’t know this would happen.”

    “What the fuck did you do mate?”

    “The Blood God wouldn’t happen to be the creator of Bed Wars, would they?”

    “Yeah, they are.” Wilbur replied, which had Xisuma caught off guard.

    “Hang on, how did people come up with the name Blood God?” Xisuma asked, trying to get away from the fight now that he couldn’t pay enough attention. “I never did anything like that.”

    “What do you mean you didn’t?” Wilbur asked as Mumbo facepalmed.

    “Xisuma created Bed Wars. And if Evil knows what the problem is… What did you do?”

    “I just wanted to have a little fun!” Xannes defended himself, though it wasn’t taken well. “A lot of people seemed to like it and they wanted to see the creator. Xisuma was always busy and I looked close enough that I went in his place. No one noticed it wasn’t actually him and they seemed to like it, so I went along with it. And then it may have gotten out of hand.”

    “Okay, but that still doesn’t explain what I saw when I caught up to Techno.” Phil spoke up, getting a good hit on the piglin, knocking him to the ground long enough for everyone to take a quick breather.

    “Yeah, but we already established none of this shit is real.” Tommy countered. “I mean, Techno was seeing things and-”

    “That’s it!” Grum cut Tommy off. “Daddy saw the copy of Nightmare when the fake world was based on what he thought. Techno didn’t know Xannes was the Blood God, so whatever appeared instead was what he thought the Blood God really looked like!”

    “But why would he just show up and leave like that?” Phil asked, watching Techno as he was getting to his feet.

    “Probably because of whatever is going on with this place.” EX replied. “Look, if this is all happening because he saw some fake version of me, what if I try fixing it?”

    “If it’ll probably stop him, I say go for it man.” Doc said, and then yanked Xannes over to Techno.

    It took a bit of convincing, but Xannes was able to calm Techno down. Grum was the first to run over to Techno after he was back to normal, starting to chatter on about what had happened and what he realized. But while Grum was talking to Techno, Paul went over to Xannes. “So, what’s your plan here?”

    “I’m sorry?”

    Paul crossed his arms. “I think it’s a bit too coincidental you’ve fixed so much so far. You had to help send us along to the other world in the first place, which sent us here. Then after you sent us here, then you follow along.”

    EX scowled. “Because I felt something was wrong. I interrogated Theseus and he told me that I had essentially sent you into a trap and I wanted to get you out.”

    “Sure, you say that, but when we all thought that previous world was real, you were the one to point it out as fake.”

    “Yeah, I actually live in Hels. Obviously it was all based around Mumbo’s misconceptions about everything over there.”

    Paul nodded, but then continued. “But now you’ve done it again. Techno was a mess and you were the one to figure out the problem and fix it. Sure, twice can be coincidence, but three is a pattern.”

    “I’m not the one responsible for-” Xannes started to yell, but then the world around them began to fade again, pulling everyone’s attention to that. A few moments passed before it faded back in, but this time it wasn’t to a replication of the NSMP.

    “We’re… back in Hermitcraft?” Doc asked, looking around, finding them in the shopping district.

    “Not quite it seems.” Xisuma piped up. “The grass is still mycelium here, and the shops aren’t quite right.”

    “I’m guessing this is supposed to be a replication of your world?” Paul asked Xannes, who was also looking around.

    “No. The place is too clean for that. And we don’t have mycelium or grass. We’ve got nylium. I mean, it’s in a purple colour like mycelium, though much brighter.”

    Before any more discussion could take place, Mumbo was the next person to speak up. “Guys. We have a problem. Grum is missing.”




    Grian sipped from the cup of tea he had been given by Flora’s mom, Sadie. He had let it cool a little so it didn’t burn his tongue, but he was glad to have something that wasn’t his attempt at making tea from whatever he could grab from Crab Man Carl’s shops.

    “So, Flora, who don’t you tell me about your new friend?” Sadie spoke up, and Grian nearly choked on his tea as he looked over to Flora with a slight panic.

    “His name’s Grian. He’s like a first cousin once removed or something on Grandpa’s part of the family.” Flora lied while barely batting an eye. “Home got rough so he asked for help and Grifter got asked for help.”

    “Ah, that does sound bad if he was asking for help. Though I’m sure his circumstances were better matched for that.”

    “Uh, if you don’t mind me asking.” Grian piped up, setting his tea down. “Why wouldn’t I want to ask for help? I mean, yeah, I’m pretty resilient, so took a few years…” he said, trying to keep with the lie, whatever’s it was.

    “Ah, well here just calling for your… well I’m not sure what he is to you, but Flora’s grandfather may be a god of sorts, but the old admin here didn’t want him interfering with anything he was doing. So he made sure anyone who could have called for him to show up couldn’t.”

    Grian nearly asked what she meant, but then out of the corner of his eye, he saw Flora move her hand to her neck. He hadn’t noticed before because it was fairly faint, but a scar ran along her neck. And looking at her mom, Sadie had a matching scar on her own neck. “That’s… that’s horrible.”

    “Well, things have improved as of late. Nightmare was taken care of by one of Flora’s uncles.”

    “You mean mostly taken care of.” Flora corrected. “Nightmare still managed to come back. It wasn’t til Grifter showed up that he was actually dealt with.”

    “I suppose that’s true.” Sadie agreed, then leaned closer to Grian. “I’m pretty sure Flora is Grifter’s favorite. He’s always doting on her.”

    “Muuum! You can’t just brag about that for me. I want to brag about that when I want to!”

    Sadie chuckled a little while Grian just shifted uncomfortably in his seat. From there, the conversation continued mostly just between Flora and her mom, Grian only able to join here and there. So with not much else to do, he went through the items he had gotten from Grifter. Most of it was easy to give just a quick glance over and move on, but then he looked at the papers that he had been given.

    Grian excused himself, saying he just wanted a moment to himself, and then he pulled out the stack. A sticky note was slapped on top, which Grian pulled off and read. Said note was from Grifter with a brief explanation of the contents. Because of some Listener bs, accessing his own papers was a pain, though he was able to grab a few. But for the most part, the papers were about others, namely his family. Nervously, Grian put the note to the side and picked up the first paper and started reading.

    The first few pages were of his own life and how it continued after he could remember. The last page in that section was full of holes, but it was enough for him to piece together that it was whatever happened to him, Sam and Taurtis. But anything after that was missing or inaccessible as of now.

    The next section was from a world that Grian vaguely remembered the name of, it being where he grew up. SMP Earth. There were some holes surrounding his disappearance, which made sense, he’s not sure anyone could ever figure that out, no matter what kind of magic they had. From there though, it went into his dad looking for him, the kingdom having some troubles as he fell into a bit of a depression, and then suddenly the pages ended, leaving Grian reeling.

    He immediately grabbed at the next pile, which featured papers from all sorts of worlds. Apparently his dad and the rest of his family had started world hopping for a bit looking for him. Checking the times, it would have been a few years after his disappearance, so it was just nice to know that they had still been trying. But while that was happening, something else not as great was happening. Apparently Tommy, void Grian could barely remember his baby brother, Tommy wasn’t being treated the best by the rest of the family. And then he ran away.

    From there, Dad and Tech had settled back at the castle for a bit, Wil kept world hopping, and Tommy and a friend of his named Tubbo had joined a world abbreviated to DSMP. Other than the fact that Tommy had needed to run away, everything seemed fine, but then Wilbur joined Tommy’s world, and the story seemed to start changing.

    Grian had lost track of time, but apparently he had started crying, either for long enough or loud enough that Flora and Sadie came into the room he was hiding in, nearly having to tear the paper that was clenched in his hands. Now Grian knew why his future self had gone searching for other worlds. Half his family was dead, and the other half was responsible.




    “Oh, hello there. I don’t recognize you.” Mumbo spoke, noticing someone. As he got closer, he noticed a mask that matched what Techno had described. “Oh, you’re that thing connected to Nightmare, aren’t you?”

    The person flipped Mumbo off, but he merely smiled, confusing the person. When he took a step closer, the person grabbed their weapon, drawing it.

    “Dear me, you seem to be a bit violent, now don’t you.” Mumbo spoke. “Now, we can’t have that, now can we. You might hurt or damage something that shouldn’t be.”

    The person took another step back, surprised as they ran into something and then whirled around to see what it was, Grumbot standing there, his normally red antenna a dull gray that matched his monotone expression.

    “Now, we really can’t have you wandering around here.” Mumbo spoke, and the person looked back, tensing up as they saw that Mumbo was now wearing a mask that mirrored theirs, but with a smile instead of a frown. “Console, why don’t you take our guest to stay with Grum.”

    “Understood. Performing command.” And the robot grabbed the person, dragging them away as Mumbo started to laugh at their misfortune.

    #hc x dsmp #hermit!tommy #hermit!tommy au #technoblade#philza#philza minecraft#mumbo jumbo#evil xisuma#xisuma#xisumavoid#docm77#tommyinnit #paul soares jr #grumbot#wilbur soot#ghostbur#grian #avian!grian #watcher!grian #hels!fundy #hels!sally the salmon #did!grumbot #hels!drista
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    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i have been laughing at my own tags yes

    #it is what i did to phil. mentally #shaking the bird violently to see how much he can handle #most of his feathers are still intact #so it’s Fine #LMAOOOO #i really am just here to amuse myself and myself alone #the rat writes #theodore rambles#ao3#ao3 tags#philza
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    Entire MSP Doodles!!

    hope y'all liked them!! :D

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    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #continuing the trend of tonal whiplash as well as the trend of never posting just one sentence #techno's response was essential okay #philza#technoblade#smp earth #bird at the typewriter #box of asks #friend imp #i'm having so much fun with these
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    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    sirens sound, deafening on uncaring ears. it has been too long, and you have been alone for so much of it, time passes slow as molasses and yet you are older than you have ever been, arent you tired? of surviving? arent you tired of being alone? arent you tired of living in fear? through decades of your life you have been living day to day, double checking around corners, eyeing every suspicious slime trail, you know its coming closer. you can feel it.

    time is shorter than its ever been. you know, this is where it ends. you sigh as the alarm blares, begging you to act to run to prepare for the coming fight, but youre s o tired. you take a sip of a whiskey you been saving for a hundred years, youre tired. and its time to face your fate.

    it approaches, pink shell flashing in the lights. you can see the faint glisten of slime as it slowly makes its way towards you. “alright mate?” you ask pleasantly, turning your face up to see the stars shining brilliantly (humanity died out decades ago, and with them, light pollution. you had missed the stars)

    “i suppose its nearing time then.” another sip of your whiskey before you sigh, set the glass down, and turn to face your lifelong enemy. the snail prophesized to end your life, and as such all life on this earth “you know. ive lived in fear of death for so long. done evrything i could to avoid it, avoid you. “ the snail doesnt come closer.

    ‘curious,’ you think. ‘perhaps he doesnt want this to end any more than i do’.

    “but ive lived a long long life. and so have you, i think we both deserve to rest now” as you reach out, offering your hand to the snail you realize, ironically enough, there has only ever been one thing by your side for your whole life. eons youve walked this earth, seen love and pain and undescribable beauty, and never once have you been able to share it with another being, except for this snail, who saw everything you did, only slightly later. every life you have ever touched, this snail has too. everything you have done has been by the side of this snail, you have commited heinous acts, anything to stay alive, and so has he. and you both know this, and you both keep going anyways, together. because what else is there to do?

    “its alright mate, really. i want to go. you can touch me now. maybe. “

    well… you feel a bit foolish about it but if youre going to die anyways…

    “maybe we can be friends again”

    inspired by @peninkwrites

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  • bedrockblade
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “Alright, Phil, I’m headed out.” Wilbur offered his father a lazy wave as he headed for the door, an unlit cigarette already trapped between his teeth. 

    “Yeah, be safe,” Phil answered with a wave of his own. Like always he pretended that he wasn’t looking out the window to see his son off, that he wasn’t watching him traverse the snow with anxiety.

    He saw Wilbur pause to light his cigarette and he raised an eyebrow.

    “When did he start smoking anyway?” he muttered to himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Come to think of it, when did he start calling me Phil?”

    The smoking seemed to be a recent development, or else he just wasn’t very attentive in Wilbur’s youth, but referring to his father by his first name had been going on for years. 

    It wasn’t an entirely uncommon thing in their family, after all he’d heard Fundy refer to his father by his first name plenty of times. 

    But the motivation behind that was likely… not ideal. 

    From what he’d heard, Wilbur hadn’t been the best father, a realization that made his heart ache. When Fundy talked about his dad he always sounded so bittersweet. 

    What do you sound like, when you talk about me? Phil wondered.

    Meanwhile outside, Wilbur was looking back at the house from the corner of his eye. He could see his dad in the window like always and sighed: a heavy smoke filled thing.

    “What a mother hen, does he trust me?” he said to himself. “I’m just going to the burger van, Phil! Just going to work!”

    Yes, the burger van, his latest project. 

    Wilbur’s eyes looked tired as a memory played out in his mind…

    “Your dad’s really Philza Minecraft?”

    Wilbur looked over to the teenager idling with him outside the store. He was about ten or so, so the teenager looked fairly impressive. 

    “Yeah, he is.” Wilbur could see his dad inside the shop haggling with the man behind the counter. “Why?”

    “I dunno, you just don’t seem like him,” the teenager said.

    “What’s that mean?”

    “Well I mean… he’s Philza you know?”

    “That’s his name…?” Wilbur looked confused.

    “Nah, that’s his legend,” the teenager corrected him. “How can you not know? The man only has one life, and he spends it like he has a hundred!”

    Wilbur’s brow furrowed, his eyes widened, and the teenager began to explain.

    “The things he’s built are amazing, he spends so much time building and making things even though one creeper blast could do him in!”

    “My dad’s way stronger than a creeper!” Wilbur huffed, deeply offended.

    “Look, point is, no one builds, fights, or lives better than Philza Minecraft. My dad said so.” the teenager nodded with superiority. “I didn’t think his kid would look so ordinary.”

    “All done, Wil, ready to go?” The man himself stepped out of the shop and smiled down at his son. 

    The teenager was still gawking and beaming as Wilbur left with his dad, walking side by side out of town. 

    Wilbur frowned as they walked, looking down at his feet. After a moment he took Phil’s hand, something he hadn’t done since he was a really little kid. Phil made a soft surprised noise before squeezing his hand and giving him a smile. 

    “Something on your mind, mate?”

    Wilbur looked like he was debating answering for a moment. “Dad, is it true you only have one life?”

    “Well, yes. That’s normal where I come from.”

    “Where you come from?” Wilbur asked with confusion. 

    “You know about the different worlds, right? The servers?” Philza explained. “Well, the one I come from is very dangerous. No extra lives, just the one.”

    “But you still did cool things anyway?”

    “What cool things have you heard about?” Phil laughed. 

    “Nothing really,” Wilbur dodged the question. “Build stuff I guess. You weren’t scared? What if a mob got you?”

    “Can’t live your life thinking about all the things that could go wrong,” Phil said, shielding his eyes against the setting sun which was casting a gold light over their walk home. “I knew a lot of people who did. Holed up somewhere safe and never saw the world. I dunno, I guess I just liked to make things that would outlast me, add something to the world, a little beauty.”

    Wilbur went quiet for a moment before speaking again. “Can I see what you built?”

    “Ah, well mate…” Philza sighed. “I can’t really go back.”

    “Why not?”

    “I died, Wil.”

    Wilbur stopped walking, eyes wide with shock. 

    “Don’t look like that, I got better!” Philza laughed and ruffled Wilbur’s hair before gently nudging him forward to keep walking.

    “But you said you only have one life!”

    “I do, and someone gave it back to me, but as far as my homeworld is concerned I’m dead, so I can’t live there ever again.” Phil closed his eyes, a dreamy smile on his face as he remembered his encounter with Death. “I’ll never see those buildings again with my own eyes… but I have blueprints, if you’d like to see those.”

    When they got home they did just that. Phil spread the blueprints out over the table and Wilbur pored over them, taking in the details, even the ones he didn’t understand. Phil sat next to him, smiling sadly all the while as he talked about each one. 

    After a while of that Wilbur stood, rolling up a few of the blueprints and clutching them in his arms. 

    “I’m going to go study these some more, privately,” he said matter-of-factly. 

    “Just don’t mess ‘em up, alright?” Phil pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I’ll work on dinner, go on.”

    Wilbur hadn’t meant to come this way, but he found himself exiting his memory right by the crater where his nation used to be. 

    He’d thought at first that he’d done this damage, but then he heard L’manburg had been rebuilt and then torn apart again by his father and his friends. Of course, there was also that layer of glass preserving the remains that his father had added too. 

    “Did you really think this was worth remembering, or were you just feeling guilty?” Wilbur chuckled lightly. 

    In the end, he was no Philza Minecraft. He built a nation and then destroyed it, abandoned it and let it crumble, and when his life was given back to him he had a teenager build him a van and called it his new project. 

    Wilbur flicked the finished cigarette butt down towards the crater below. It was nice to live with his father again, despite it all, but it only further reminded him that he was Wilbur Soot. He’d never be a Minecraft, a builder of great things despite the risks. It made sense that you couldn’t call a man like Philza dad, he was just too big for life. 

    Wilbur no longer remembered the little things that made his father human: how he tended not to take things too seriously, laughed from stressful situations, couldn’t handle his booze or the subsequent hangover, had a shady past of crime and war and possible world domination with Technoblade, how he complained about back aches, how he ate bread even though it was bad for someone with so much bird in them. 

    All he remembered was the legend of Philza Minecraft, and how big it looked next to the ruins of L’manburg.

    #c!Philza #c!wilbur #fic#dsmp fic #I really see a family dynamic and go is anyone gonna complicate and angst on that #and then not wait for an answer
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  • tubbo-but-a-lesbian
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    In which Mumza finds Tubbo after he's left by his parents to die & says welp!! Mine now!!

    (aka: when death comes knocking at your door- oh- oh wait she's adopting you. typical.)

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    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    A peice of Sneegsnag's and a Philza's origin streams today

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  • oh-god-why-god
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Guys- GUYS- so update on the Will finding Techno- what if Wilbur and Tommy didn’t exactly “find” Techno. But kinda lure him back like children would to a stray animal and Phil just has no choice in the decision.

    *Techno is being forcefully held down by Wilbur*

    Tommy: Phil you got to believe us he just followed us home!

    Phil *Watching Techno trying to break down the door to go back outside*

    Wilbur: I think he likes it here.

    Wilbur and Tommy are like on his back forcing him to the floor like:

    “Look Phil he’s so tired he’s going to sleep so you should leave because he definitely wants to stay here.”

    Phil: Guys he needs to be in the nether where it’s warm-

    Tommy *Running with buckets of lava*: He needs to be warm you say?

    Can you imagine like years later Techno’s parents come and start yelling about how their son was kidnapped

    Wilbur: Wait you had parents?!

    Techno: Yeah?

    Tommy: Why didn’t you say anything?!

    Techno: I did, several times.

    Phil: Why didn’t you go back?!

    Techno: Idk

    #sbi #sbi family dynamic #sbi incorrect quotes #sleepy bois inc #technofamily #dream smp techno #dsmp techno#techno mcyt#technoblade#mcyt philza#philza #wilbur dream smp #wilbur soot#mcyt wilbur#dsmp wilbur#dsmp tommy#tommy mcyt#tommyinnit
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  • teadays
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    youtooz bad… youtooz bad… youtooz bad…

    youtooz bad…

    #hnnng philza mc plush though #FUCK
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  • dsmprecordplayer
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I feel like we should name him.

    There’s a scuffle at the back of his mind as he rolls up, curling tight with a shiver despite the heat of the flames licking up his back.

    I mean, he’s like – us, but like a worse version clearly because oh man, this is just weirdness. There’s a flare of a tangle of emotions, complicated and fearful, resentful and livid with anger. I can’t believe this is what I’ve been reduced to, stuck in the mind of this- this child.

    He’s like your age, Tommy. Are you calling yourself a child?

    I mean, I am one so fucking duh. Child murderer.


    Or: trauma bonding in the most unconventional of senses.

    TW: Past Child Abuse

    #strad’s fanfic recs #mcyt#dsmp #mcyt fanfic rec #tommyinnit#dreamwastaken#prime duo#philza#technoblade #the reconciliation arc we never expected #this was honestly such a cool and interesting concept I was hooked instantly
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  • pillowdrawz
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Syndicate breaking dream out of prison.

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  • bluwards
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Okay but au inspired by the Immortal Snail but it's Technoblade, Wilbur and Tommy who are immortals and Phil is the Angel of Death trying to catch them because they aren’t even supposed to be immortal. They all actually see it as a game at first, even Phil who hasn't had this much fun in decades.

    It's actually when the world finally comes to an end that they go with Phil finally. Bouns that they call Phil the Immortal Snail as a running thing because they like making old jokes and jokes about him being slow to annoy him.

    I have a sadder one where it's just Technoblade who has to be caught by Phil and Wilbur and Tommy can be killed they just don’t age, whereas the only way Techno dies is if Phil touches him. Then when they're killed he just gives up running because he just wants to be with his brothers again.

    Edit: ha i'm crying on the inside

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  • dsmpdaily
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i also wish to lighten the mood a bit, so before i log off *hands you these*

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  • firstfandomfangirl
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    anyone else in the chat struggle with saying thank you

    #rambling #watched too much philza started talking like a streamer #but this is something ive notied #like #only with people im close with #like the cashier at the grocery store ill go 6 times #but when my mom does something nice for me ill super shy go 'thank you' maybe once
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  • can-i-be-your-blue
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Katsuo(oc) scent


    I have mixed feelings on what she would smell like

    He would smell like toasted Champaign or coffee and coconut

    A sweet home like feelings you would get from smelling her

    He would smell like rotting foods when she sad or just a really dull smell of her scent

    When mad she would smell of burning trees and black coffee instead of sweet coffee smell.

    It over all give such a nice and secure smell that makes you forget about what's happening around you.

    He'll keep you safe from what's happening in your life :)

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