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    #otp: just be gentle #lila pitts#diego hargreeves#dielila #diego x lila #diego/lila#tua #the umbrella academy #fanfic #we die young (2019)
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    Dead Poets Society as ‘Stranger in the Alps’ songs.

    NEIL PERRY / Funeral And I have this dream where I'm screaming underwater While my friends are waving from the shore And I don't need you to tell me what that means I don't believe in that stuff anymore

    TODD ANDERSON / Smoke Signals Singing "Ace of Spades" when Lemmy died But nothing's changed, L.A.'s alright

    KNOX OVERSTREET / Georgia And sometimes, when he looks at me I know he needs you, you're all that he sees

    CHARLIE DALTON / Motion Sickness I hate you for what you did And I miss you like a little kid I faked it every time, but that's alright

    RICHARD CAMERON / Would You Rather You were still in the ambulance When the cop suggested you're the one

    STEVEN MEEKS / Demi Moore It got quiet on the other line, said the sun was coming up, and I Laughed until I couldn't breathe. Now I'm too tired to go to sleep

    GERARD PITTS / Scott Street Walking Scott Street, feeling like a stranger With an open heart, open container

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    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Richard Cameron Catch Up!!!

    Requests are open!! I decided to add Cameron bc why not! :) you can now make requests for him!! <3

    How You Meet:

    You and Richard were family friends, although you two never really talked to one another. That’s until you were invited to a party that Cameron also was attending and because you didn’t know anyone but him you talked to him.

    Becoming Friends:

    Being friends with someone that goes to boarding school isn’t the easiest thing ever but you manage. You even convinced him to sneak out his school to go and see you, he was hesitant but ended up doing it anyways.

    He Asks You On A Date:

    You and Cameron had grown extremely close to your parents pleasure. It almost was pressure for you two to start dating. Even though it was “expected” you didn’t mind in fact you loved the idea of going on a date with Cameron, he is funny behind that smart arse look.

    The Date:

    Cameron went all out with the date, he took you to two different spots one was about thirty minutes away from where you two were. You didn’t mind it at all, you loved sharing a bike with him and talking about the adventures you and him wanted to go on. He took you to a field of sunflowers and a beautiful river and then took you to a fair in the next town.

    Sneaking Out:

    You really wanted to see Cameron, it had been a few weeks since the last time you saw him. You sent him a letter because he wasn’t allowed a personal cell phone at the school. You wrote to tell him to call you when he could. Your phone rang as you eagerly hit the green button, “are you okay?!” A very concerned Cameron asked, “Yes! I just missed you, sneak out yeah?” You asked a little to eagerly as you facepalmed and slightly cringed. “Um… I’ll see if I can,” he whispered back. You grinned, “I’ll wait for you outside your school.” You hung up before he could answer as you got dressed in your best outfit before sneaking out yourself. He did end up arriving although twenty minutes after.

    He Asks You To Be His Partner:

    Cameron nervously fidgeted with the bracelet/necklace/ring he bought for you. He sighed deeply before knocking on your front door. You opened it and smiled seeing his freckled face. “Hey, what’s up?” You asked as he fidgeted with the box the jewelry was in. “I- I uh… Well, I came here to ask something…” He took a deep sigh gave himself a five second pep talk before taking out the box, “I wanted to ask if you’d like to be my partner, you know… romantically?” He gave you a shy grin as your eyes widen and you grinned bringing him in for a tight hug. “Yes! Oh gosh yes!” You shouted.

    He Meets Your Friends:

    You and him were walking around the shopping center your hands were full of bags that consisted of Vinyls, clothes, stuffed animals, etc. That’s when you ran into your friends, who were also at the shopping center (don’t worry you let them know you couldn’t hangout because you were with Cameron). “Jessi! Astrid! Kim! Hey!” You smiled bringing them all for a hug. “This is Cameron, or Richard,” you smiled as Cameron waved. “He is a lot more good looking then what you described,” Astrid giggled shaking his hand, “the names Astrid,” the rest introduced themselves before you and Cameron walked away.

    You Meet His Friends:

    Cameron invited you to a “Dead Poets Society” meeting, whatever that maybe. It was in a cave deep in the woods, you were scared of your shoes. But you made your way to where he said the cave was, but Cameron wasn’t so good with directions and you got lost a bit before finding your way to the cave hearing yelling and laughter. “They are real! And they’ll be here any second!” Cameron shouted you raised an eyebrow. “Yeah you’re imaginary partner? Come off it Cameron and ‘fess up, you made it up!” Another voice shouted. You popped your head in. You stepped away from the shadows as the seven boys stared at you. “Hi?” You said waving awkwardly as they all stared amazed. “Guys! This is (Y/n)! My partner,” he said glaring at the boy who was standing with his mouth open. Safe to say they loved you but questioned you a lot.

    First Kiss:

    You were nervous, you had never kissed a person before. But when Cameron asked you on a date you just had to make the move you had to kiss him today! You put on some chapstick before fixing your outfit. You stepped out taking a deep breath making your way to where Cameron was. You waved at him as you jogged towards him, it was the same field of sunflowers that he had taken you to on your date. You smiled holding his hand, it was a beautiful day but it was ending soon and you hadn’t kissed Cameron yet. You two laid on the grass cloud gazing soon turned into star gazing. You looked at Cameron and he looked at you. You felt yourself nearing his face as you place your lips on his for a soft romantic kiss.

    Hanging Out With Him:

    You and Cameron liked to go to amusement parks together, it was a day filled with thrillers and Cameron loved seeing the pictures after the rollercoasters you two would go on. It was definitely a good day for odd conversations.

    You Join His Secret Society:

    You didn’t go to anymore meetings after the first one even though Cameron insisted you come. You ended up going to one because you missed your lovely boyfriend. You leaned your head on his shoulder as the other poets read out loud. You didn’t really like Charlie because of his constant bickering with Cameron. But he was the one that suggested you become an official member of the Dead Poets Society.


    You and Cameron never really argued about anything important just really dumb minor things that would make one of you angry. You thought in ever healthy relationship there would be arguments. But Cameron never allowed things to go too far before he walked away leaving you to your own mind which may or may not worsen things depending on the subject.

    Jealousy (You):

    Being jealous wasn’t a normal thing for you because you trusted Cameron a whole lot and you knew Cameron wouldn’t betray you in anyway. But sometimes realizing how much time his friends spend with him and how little he spends with you made you upset. Like today, you called sent Cameron a letter and you assumed he would’ve gotten it but he never called. That’s until the next day when he said he was “busy” you know you shouldn’t have been upset but you couldn’t help it.

    Jealousy (him):

    It’s not a thing Cameron is proud of or even would talk about. He didn’t get jealous often and if he did he’d usually just keep it to himself. That was till you two were hanging out at the shopping center when a person came up to you two, “hey.” The person said with a smile on their face. “Hi?” You answered looking at them suspiciously. “You two a uh thing?” He chuckled and you rolled your eyes. Cameron couldn’t help but feel a tad bit upset and a tad bit jealous.

    Your Song:

    sad: Not Allowed by TV Girl

    happy: All Shook Up by Elvis Presley

    He Meets Your Parents:

    You and Cameron had known each other for a very long time and your parents already knew him. But still your mom was insistent you brought him over for dinner because, “We’ll be meeting him in a new light!” Cameron knocked on the door and you answered leading him to the dinning room where your parents sat dressed all fancy. Safe to say that your parents adored him as expected.

    You Meet His Parents:

    Like Cameron you already knew his parents yet just like yours they wanted to meet you, “under a new light.” So you put on your best outfit did your hair in the best way you could and made your way over to Cameron’s house. Just like your parents, his parents still adored you yet his mom had a bit of a different tone now when talking to you like she was welcoming you into their family yet strict.

    Nicknames For Each Other:

    You: Babes, Darling, Candy, Sweetie, Love, Sunshine of My Love.

    Him: Carrot Top, little red head, darling, Beach Boy, Little Red Riding Hood.

    Texting Each Other: How you have him saved on your phone: Carrot🥕

    Carrot🥕: Hey! How’s it going?

    Hi? I thought you weren’t allowed a phone?

    Carrot 🥕: I’m not! but I sneaked one!

    A flip phone?

    Carrot 🥕: …Maybe? But that doesn’t matter! I can text you now

    You’re right! Now I don’t have to send letters for you to call me <3!

    Carrot 🥕: I like your letters, you should still send them so I can keep them…

    Anything for you :)!

    Wearing Matching Clothes:

    Cameron thought it was weird for couples to match clothes, but hey you were that weird partner that wanted to wear matching clothes. What choice did he have? He would follow along even through the constant teasing of his friends. All to see a happy smile on your beautiful face.

    Getting High Together:

    Sometimes all Cameron needed was something to help him relax so you’d sneak him weed anytime you got the chance to do it.

    Music He Listens To:

    Cameron was a fan of 70s music, he enjoyed disco like Boney M. and the Bees Gees and funk music like Wild Cherry. He would take you to disco sometimes just for fun and you enjoyed when he started to dance to the music.

    Watching “Weird Movies” Together:

    Cameron was a strong believer of “no such thing as a bad movie” that’s until you two watched “Epic Movie” then he started to believe some movies were just dumb and shouldn’t have been released.

    Doing His Make up:

    You weren’t amazing but you sure as hell were decent at it. You decided to do a very colorful make up look on hip. It wasn’t amazing but you did try your best, his friends showed up and complimented your beautiful masterpiece.

    Midnight Walks:

    Not being together all the time and not really being able to hang out often took a toll and you decided to every once in a while take a walk with Cameron. Although he goes to a strict preparatory school he still managed to sneak out and hangout with you.

    Your First Time With Him:

    You two were inexperienced, hell you were his first kiss and he was yours. It was scary for you and he was nervous but it was a beautiful experience that you don’t regret having.

    When Your Sick:

    You got sick often in the winter, allergies, colds, anything. It was like the universe hated you and made you sick.

    • He brought you medicine

    • He brought extra extra tissue boxes

    • His mom made you soup to help you warm up

    • He visited very often to make sure you felt better.

    First I Love You’s

    You two had been dating for a few months now and even though he demonstrated how much he loved you, you were still nervous about telling him how you felt. “Hey, (Y/n)?” He said as you two were watching the stars. You hummed in response, he looked at you and smiled, “I love you,” he said and you smiled caressing his cheek, “I love you more.”


    Cameron wasn’t really a fan of PDA and preferred to do things in private. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold your hand or give you hugs. He just prefers to do things when you two were alone so his friends wouldn’t tease him or so strangers don’t go “you two are such a cute couple” you of course agreed even though you’d sneak a few kisses.

    Cuddling With Him:

    Cameron loved being held it made him feel warm inside and protected something he didn’t experience often. His parents never really gave him that kind of comfort growing up. You gladly would hold him as he tried to fall asleep.

    Your Favorite Spot:

    Your favorite spot was anywhere where it was just you two. Which usually was the field of sunflowers and river once the sun was setting.

    He Invites You To A Concert:

    Cameron wasn’t a concert person at all, you knew and were okay with this and just took your friends to concerts. That’s until you tried getting tickets to see your favorite musician but didn’t manage to get a ticket. You were upset about it of course. That’s till Cameron surprised you with tickets to see them and you cried this time happy tears.

    Late Night Calls:

    You sent letters to Cameron so he would call you and he did. He often had to call you at the unholy hours of the night because that was the only time he managed to be able to call you. You didn’t mind even if you two fell asleep at five in the morning.

    Head Cannons:

    Dating Richard Cameron Would Include:

    • Dinner dates

    • Watching scary movies

    • Listening to ABBA

    • Planning your futures

    • He spent a lot of money on gifts for you

    • He learned how to play the guitar so he could play a song for you

    • Small acts of services

    • He took you to the woods

    • Meeting the Poets and joining their little society

    • Him sneaking out Welton to go see you

    • You stealing his hoodies

    • Sneaking inside his dorm room

    • Not really liking Charlie because he was mean to Cameron

    • Cameron telling you about how awful Welton really was

    • Sending Cameron letters

    • Going to the beach with him

    • Planning a trip to Paris that never really happened

    • His parents loving you with all their hearts

    • Karaoke nights at his parents house

    • Baking him cakes/cookies

    What His Hogwarts House Is:

    Cameron is definitely either a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw. He is a Slytherin at heart but a Ravenclaw because of the Sorting Hat.

    How He Would React To You Breaking Up With Him:

    • He’d be sad

    • He’d occupy himself with anything to rid his mind of you

    • He’d hang out more with his friends and ignore you

    • He’d come around and be your friend again although you two wouldn’t be super close anymore

    Going To The Beach With Him:

    • He was extremely pale so he’s drown himself in sun blocker.

    • He’d spend all his time in the water floating

    • He brought fruits for you to enjoy

    • He played the Beach Boys and danced with you

    How He Would React To You Rejecting Him:

    • He’d be sad but understanding

    • His friends would tease him but would be there for him

    • Lots of sad movies and fast food

    • He’d be over it in like four months, he was too busy to be sad for too long

    Their Love Language: Acts of Service + Physical Touch

    • Cameron would do anything to see you be happy

    • He tutored you a lot on subjects you had troubles with

    • He held your hand and got sad when you’d let go

    • He didn’t get enough attention and love from his parents so he made sure you got lots of it

    What Piercing They Would Get:

    He definitely would get his lips or eyebrows pierced. He’d be scared to the bone but would do it anyways because why not. You’d be there holding his hand as he got it done.

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    I have no idea what happened between Monica and Griff. Ashley and Jessie have some fun.

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    i wonder if some day people are gonna make these tumblr mystery videos about the reign of the dps bots and try to analyse them. like where did they come from? who are they? what was their purpose?

    it’d sure be funny to see

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    Mano-a-Mano a Milano (1)

    Mano-a-Mano a Milano (1)

    Let me begin by telling you what you probably already know. Traveling isn’t easy, especially when you do it alone. You have to be part travel agent to handle the tickets, connections, schedules, misinformation, no information, conflicting information, and unexpected problems that rush at you like hired assassins in a video game. Add to that vaccinations, antigen testing, sworn statements,…

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    dps boys as classmates i know during computer time

    notes: so basically in my school we have to go to a computer lab (computer laboratory) idk why we call it a lab but its just pcs in there lookin like a call center- and i just remembered some classmates that reminded me of them so yuh. idk if other people experience this because certain schools in the philippines have this but anyways lets get this started.

    might make a filo classmates edition idk 😟

    warnings: might be a bit taglish but translation will be provided, grammatical errors

    neil perry

    watches yt during computer time

    swiftly doesn’t get caught

    change tabs

    siya yung tipong mag swi-switch ng tabs kapag dumaan yung teacher (the type to switch tabs when the teacher passes by)

    todd anderson

    spotify listener 😩

    swiftly changes tab no. 2

    magkakalkal ng files sa pc (checks out the files in the pc)

    listens in the first half of the class

    charles dalton

    nag se-search ng memes (searches for memes)

    doesn’t listen to the teacher

    magaling mag switch tabs (good in switching tabs)

    watches yt too #2

    steven meeks

    plays minecraft (for some reason there’s minecraft installed in our school’s pc 🕴)

    tries to listen to the teacher buT nOoo

    nahuhuli ng teacher (gets caught by the teacher)

    continues to play

    gerard pitts

    kalaro ni meeks sa minecraft (plays minecraft with meeks)

    doesn’t get caught 😟😟

    they might have played roblox too

    didn’t listen to the whole lesson-

    knox overstreet

    TUMITINGIN NG CHIXX SA FB AHAHAHAHHDWH (looks at girls in facebook)

    uses messenger while lesson is ongoing

    yt watching gang

    gets caught while using facebook 😐👍

    richard cameron

    the only one who listens to the teacher

    doesn’t open any tabs or whatsoever

    maybe uses spotify a bit-

    uses google for educational purposes #goodstudent

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    Ayup, I’m brimming with stupid little ideas again for a thing that I might write.

    Because I’m terrible and the worst and chronically mentally ill, what if I wrote au where each of the Poets was alive during a different era (Meeks and Pitts exempt) and all died at the same train station in the same way, though the events leading up were always different. Even if you say no, I’ll do it anyways because Holy Mother Of Goddamn Fuck do I know exactly what I want to do for this.

    ( It’s also one hundred percent inspired by the song Jubilee Line because, one again, I am chronically mentally ill. )

    #death mention tw #dps #dead poets society #dead poets society fic #neil perry#charlie dalton#gerard pitts#steven meeks#knox overstreet#richard cameron#todd anderson #(yes thats the order they die in. no i will not elaborate.) #wake up babe mikeys on his bullshit again #seriously though i might just....
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    Shabeb Seduction : more than softcore, less than hardcore

    Stars & more, exploding the bombs of Seduction.

    إذا أردت أن تراه على حقيقته، لا بد وأن تعرّيه من كل شيء.

    لما ينزع ستائر بيته، ويخلع عنه كل ثيابه، ويبوح بمكنونات قلبه ويكسّر قيود فكره وروحه، يعود إلى أصله: آدماً قبل غرس التين، رجلاً قبل تكوين حوّاء، سيّداً في رحم الطبيعة، ملكاً على عرش ذاته.

    من قلب تلك الفلسفة، إغراءات_نجوم_الshabeb، قريباً على Reddit.

    صور وأفلام وأخبار جريئة عن نجوم رجال في العالمين الشرقي والغربي.

    لقطات عفوية ومبهرة ومثيرة لشباب من مختلف أنحاء العالم.

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    get to know me: favorite couples → Jane & John Smith

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