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  • emtmercy
    19.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    I was listening to a podcast while putting smth in the oven and Lorrie came in to grab something and she heard the podcaster use the word “microaggression” and Lorrie was like “there are so many labels for people these days” and then gave me a little monologue about just wanting to see people as people 😭

    #it was literally a housewives podcast too I’m just trying to vibe
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  • things-in-the-walls
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Okay ty @nayrs-thoughts-13 for letting me know I will post chapter 1 on here now


    “Yes… yes. I see the sad clown, bitter and hateful. I see him finding his way into the circus where nobody knew him. I see him torn apart, becoming the mask, remade by a cruel ringmaster. Sometimes a doll, sometimes a mannequin, always hiding in somebody else’s skin. Somebody else’s name.”

    “Not always. And it’s far too late for any of that. Nothing you see can help you.” Nikola leers. “Not without the detonator.” Sarah- Nikola, the other one, continues.

     “Really, Archivist! After all this preparation, all your research! All this magnificent grotesquery, and what – you were just going to blow it up?”

    “Probably the hunter’s idea. She killed one of the couriers.”

    “Oh dear, how sad.”

    “She was also the one that damaged this shell.” The other Nikola whines.

    ”You have hundreds of shells, Sarah! And soon you will have tens of thousand. You can have your little girl within every dark corner of the whole world!” Nikola spreads her plastic arms.

    “Not until you finish the dance.” The other Nikola’s flat, annoyed tone counters the ecstatic smile painted on her face.

    Nikola pouts. “Oh, just let me enjoy myself for a moment! This is a once in an eternity event after all.”

    “This in-between is not as comfortable for all of us as it is for you.”

    “Oh, fine. Archivist, it’s been a pleasure but I really must –“ The ringleader doesn’t get to finish her sentence. Tim comes running straight at her, knocking her aside. She grunts. Jon shouts for him to stop.

    All around them, the circus moves. It shifts and spins, distorted in The Archivist’s vision even with the Beholding. 

    Tim is kicking and hitting, yelling that he’ll “kill you! Kill all of you!” Jon does his best to hold him back, pouring all he can into helping him See, see what he does, see what is real. 

    “Wait!” Jon cries, desperate. Tim struggles against him. “Tim, what do you see?”

    Tim glances at him. “I see my asshole boss!” A look crosses his face. “Or-or... wait, wait.”

    ”Spoilsport.” Nikola’s scowl is audible.

    “Tim.” The other Nikola says. “Grimaldi.” Tim snarls. 

    “Once. Long ago before Grimaldi made me. And sometimes, even now, for special occasions. Like your brother.” The colors around her shifted and shaped in her a thousand different ways all at once. “Shall I?”

    Tim’s face twisted in anguish at his brother‘s voice. One look at it was all it took to center Jonathan again.

    ”Tim, what’s in your hand?” He tried to keep his voice measured. Tim glanced down and his voice was strained when he spoke.

    “It’s... I don’t... the detonator.” He lifted his arm.

     “That’s quite enough from you, I think.” Nikola lifted her arm and brought it down over the Archivist’s head. He exploded in pain and crumpled to the ground. 

    He wasn’t knocked out, quite, but he couldn’t move around. It was a small respite from the circus, interrupted only by the words swirling around him. Exactly twenty-three words.

    ”Jon. I don’t know if you can hear me, but if you can… then I don’t forgive you. But thank you for this.“

    A click. A boom. Heat. Dark.


    And under the rubble of The Circus of the Other, Timothy Stoker shifted.

    #podcasts #the magnus archives #tma #i fucking hate jurgen leitner #jonathan sims#podfic#Tim stoker#the unknowing#nikola orsinov #Sarah!nikola
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  • mawoodpodcast
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Releasing episode one, Green tomorrow!!

    Tune in :)

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  • xxfanenbyanonymousxx
    19.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I made the mistake of starting a new Podcast while I was on a road trip again, and now I can't listen to any more of this cool Podcast because my brain will reject it unless I am in the car.

    #me#podcasts #i'm so fucking dumb
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  • philtstone
    19.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #the legend makers #phil does a podcast #its STAR WARS TIME BAYBEE #star wars#luke skywalker#anakin skywalker #star wars: the clone wars #star wars rebels #darth vader#george lucas #jedi: fallen order #obi-wan kenobi#ahsoka tano#yoda#kanan jarrus#ezra bridger #basically we talk abt every jedis journey bc we LOVE them ALL
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  • things-in-the-walls
    19.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Okay chapter 2 of From Eden. I don’t remember if I posted Ch1 buttttt here anyways :)


    “You’re doing well, Jon. I only hope you can continue your growth without my guidance.”

    Martin took a breath and knocked on the door. He heard Elias sigh and tell them to come in.

    He didn’t even look worried. The inspector stood steady at Martin’s side, an anchor to hold on to amidst all the panic flooding him.

    “Hello, Inspector. Martin. I’m, uh, sorry to hear about Tim-“

    Martin interrupted him. “Don’t.” The bastard carried on.

    “And Daisy, I suppose-“

    “Don’t. You. Dare.”

    “I suppose it’s some consolation Basira made it out. And Jon. More or less.” His voice became smug.

    Martin inhaled angrily, panic momentarily forgotten as retorts of “Better than you’d do”spun through his mind, but the inspector cut him off.

    “Is this him?” He sounded bored. Martin’s rage lowered from a boil to a simmer.

    “Uh,” He took a moment to connect his mouth to his brain. “Yes.”

    “Right. Elias Bouchard, you’re under arrest.”

    Elias, to his credit, sounded properly grumpy.

    “On what crime?”

    “Take your pick. Never had a tape recording of a murder before; something of a novelty.

    And that’s not the half of it – plenty of stuff in those files could easily get you a nasty end, if you weren’t careful.”

    Elias huffed. “No Melanie?”

    The inspector sighs, visibly tired of his bullshit. Valid. Martin felt as if he was going to burst if he looked at Elias longer than necessary “I would have thought she would have wanted to gloat.”

    Martin tried to stutter out a response.

    “You didn’t tell her.” Elias hummed. “Worried she might create too much of a scene? I understand. I just hope she… doesn’t hold it against you.”

    “That’s – that’s not –“ Martin’s hands curled into fists at his sides.

    The inspector interrupted him with a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Mr. Blackwood. We will take it from here.”

    “I’m sure you will. However, before we proceed, I have a flash drive in my shirt pocket. Please ensure it gets the Chief Inspector Henderson. It contains various information I think she– and the Metropolitan Police– would be keen not to have released to the public.” One final trick. One last way to have what he wants. The inspector, to Martin’s delight, did not give it to him.

    “Yes, I was briefed that would probably be the case. Can’t let you go, though – not with all the evidence kindly provided by your colleagues.”

    “I quite understand. I would just hate for my case to be too… truncated-”

    “Not my place to say, Mr. Bouchard. I’m just here to get you behind bars. You and the chief can discuss the rest.”

    “It’s better than you deserve.” Martin felt the words push out of his throat, mouth, but his mind was fogging over, relief of his former boss getting mostly what he should shooting through him.

    “Perhaps so, but I’m glad you were sensible about it. I was concerned you might have bought into Melanie’s… fixation.” His eyes twinkled, hinting at a secret.

    “Gave you to us all but wrapped up in a bow.”

    Elias faced him directly.

    “I must admit I’m impressed, Martin.” Martin sputtered. “I knew you were all planning something, of course, but I didn’t believe you specifically would have the, uh – capacity for boldness that you displayed.” Elias hummed. “It took me quite by surprise.”

    “You didn’t just see it in me?” He wasn’t sure which seeing he meant. Surface level or prying, invasive eyes he felt every minute of every single goddamn day.

    Elias shrugged. “Honestly, I didn’t look. For all my power, I will admit I am not immune to making the occasional lazy assumption. I presumed that I knew you thoroughly, but by the time you demonstrated otherwise – well. There was simply too much to keep watching over. I only have two eyes, after all.” He winked. Martin’s stomach turned.

    “Right, are you all done now?” The inspector cut in.

    “I believe so. I think we should be fine– provided you make sure the data reaches the Chief Inspector.” Elias replied.

    “I’m sure she’ll be happy to pick you out a cell personally.”

    “So long as it isn’t the morgue, I’m sure I’ll be perfectly comfortable.”

    “Just be, be careful with him, all right?” Martin hurried to warn the inspector. “He can see things- put thoughts and– stuff into your head–“

    “Like I said: I’ve been briefed. And the situation is being monitored-“

    “Quite unnecessary, I assure you.” Elias commented. Both men scowled at him.

    “Just – please be careful, he’s really dangerous.”

    “By all means, Mr. Bouchard, why don’t you have a look in my head, and see exactly what will happen to you when you mess with me?” He turned to Elias.

    “There will be no need for that, Inspector.” He forced a laugh. “I’m sure we’ll get along famously.” He nodded and turned once again to Martin.

    “Best of luck, Martin. Let the others know I shall be thinking of them

    “Come on, now.” The officer cuffed him.

    Elias made a pained noise. “Are those really necessary?”

    Enough was enough, apparently. The inspector punch him in the gut. Elias gagged and wheezed. Sick delight filled Martin watching the helplessness in Elias’s stature.

    “Not really, no.” The inspector mused.

    “I see.”

    The officer tugged on him. “Let’s go.”

    Elias wheezed. “Goodbye, Martin.” Wheeze. “Be seeing you.” They walked away and the door clicked shut. Martin sighed. It was quiet in Jon’s hospital room for a moment. He didn’t look peaceful, exactly, but he didn’t look as stressed and ruined as he did in the weeks leading up to the Unknowing. The months. The years.

    Martin reached out to tuck a strand away from his face. He murmured some words on comfort, meaningless, insubstantial, stupid words. Whispering them to him, unheard by anyone else.

    “He’s gone now. Well, not gone-gone, but he’s… where he should be.” He took a breath. “When you wake up, he won’t be able to bother you anymore. He’ll leave you alone and-”

    “Must be a relief.” A voice behind him. He spun around.

    “Honestly, I thought there’d be more of a scene, but he always surprises me.”

    To put it simply, Martin freaked out. “What – what are you doing here, Mr. Lukas!?”

    He sighed. “Please – call me Peter.”



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  • rageclownz
    19.06.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    I have a podcast. It’s an audio drama about immortality.

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  • aly-en-art
    19.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    An old one I quickly turned into Violet and Arkady 🤷

    #does anyone even know them 🥺 #no one I know knows spaceship iris or like the 95% of podcasts I've listened to #arkady patel#violet liu#vikady #the strange case of spaceship iris #starship iris
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  • shelby-shalifoe
    19.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    idk about y’all but i’m so excited for @outinthewildspodcast to talk about shelby/dot, i think they’re my favorite duo in terms of their past tangential relationship throughout childhood, their island relationship, and potential changes we may see post-island. Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say!

    #i stg this fandom is so smart and especially these married to each other ladies #every podcast episode i’m like ‘whoaaaaaa i never would’ve thought of that’ #clearly i wasn’t v good in hs english class bc analysis? never heard of her #anyways i love this pod and this duo
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  • hyperfixationsonlybabes
    19.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    how it feels to listen to rusty quill podcasts

    #listen man #i'll be honest #tma seems really cool but #i'm not in the mental space to listen to horror #and its 200 fucking episodes long #and stella firma seems cool but it just ended #so i'll just be over here #listening to my funny little dnd campaigns #rusty quill #rusty quill gaming #rqg#tma #the magnus archives #stella firma#podcasts
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  • aravindthoomu
    19.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Welcome to my new show, ''Storytime With Aravind''. This is one show, I would love to continue for the rest of my life. It's fun and I love narrating the stories I write.

    I started writing this story, ''Adventures of Riley & Coco'' last month for Wattpad, and this is a narration of the first part Finding Coco In The Cloosh Valley. Go listen, and let me know what you think!!

    Happiness is audio stories ;)

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  • julieandthepodcasters
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Last Chance!

    This is your last chance to send us any and all Pride and Queer related theories and head cannons you have for Julie and the Phantoms!

    We’ll start recording in about 30 minutes, so send them in during the next hour and we’ll talk about them on air.

    #Julie and the Phantoms #Julie and the Podcasters #JatP #happy pride 🌈 #pride 2021 #Tell your Friends #Queer JatP #Queer Sunset Curve #Calling all Fantoms
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  • miles-epic-spin-blog
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    im just gonna say it. people who think KFAM was problematic need to touch grass

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  • katsuumi
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #! kutsuumi's podcast ♡ #★. moots #★. luvly bae
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  • qinteki
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    gang gang

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