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  • Lord you knit us to bask in your wisdom

    You knit our hearts to understand wisdom’s delicate ways

    surely wisdom will come to your hungry oppressed soldier-sheep!

    Lord we are in the jungle,

    and you are the water in our canteen

    Surely we have found favour in your gracious eyes

    as you gaze on our obedience to bring the gospel to the nations

    Lord it’s not about us

    we only wish to fly in heaven, if it’s by your side

    For heaven is nothing without you

    Lord I’m so grateful to have you,

    For I’d rather be down here on this fallen earth with you

    than flying in heaven without you

    Lord I ask of you one thing;

    please when I get to heaven, surround me as though you are my aura

    Let me enter every gate of heaven with you attached and surrounded to me

    Surely I Cannot survive anywhere without you inside me, and attached to me

    How then may I survive in heaven without you presence constantly with me 

    and surrounding me?

    Lord I tarry to meditate in your presence alone

    May you fill this place as your heart is my home

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    lay me on the snow then warm me up

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  • A letter to someone else

    You never got my poems

    Maybe you never got me

    Maybe I never got you

    Maybe it was all me

    Filled by sweet dreams and comforting repreves

    So fearful of myself I would sooner implode then let it come to wake

    But wake it did

    And so did I

    Eye in the sky

    Bleed me dry

    Show me my worst, and make me cry

    Anguish on this shower floor

    Let me lie her let me snore

    Sleep a forever peace and know no more

    Sleep and let this truth die

    Nothing but a whole

    Dirty little gore

    Collapsed on this floor and the hot rain gives me memories of him

    Black oozing fingers beading with the stain of smoke

    Tobacco toothed grine

    Taker of the sin

    Your lie a ever ringing echo in my mind

    Why was I here

    I wish I had the pups to hold near

    Choke me out leave me blue

    Break my mind, leave me in two

    So many god damn layers to put my head through

    Dirty little slut

    Stuck in a filth covered rutt

    Speaking words of unknown origin

    Looking for destruction

    Give me this corruption

    I want nothing more then to feel this something

    Maybe I never got you

    I never got myself

    I won’t know if you ever read this poem

    I hope I could be something better then what I have shown you

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  • 1. A story entitled “A New Beginning”.

    “You won’t find much down there” said the weaver, her voice a  low pitched cantilene.
    She’d told you this, thought Lux, her conscience betraying her will.
    “But how do I know that–“
    “What makes you want to go so badly?”
     “I just want–“
    “Want what? Do you want to get lost? To disappear? To start anew?”
    Lux stayed quiet, the weaver was right. She was, most of the time. Half of the tiny creature still yearned for something.

    “I just want to go” Lux settled on, instead of trying to find a thread to pull her thoughts into coherence from.

    “Go then”
    “And what about you?”
    “Me?” The weaver’s voice had a tone of hilarity that left Lux unsure of what words to follow with.
    “Oh, me…”, the weaver’s lips curled in a slow smile, her eyes closing, revealing all the lines living had left on her skin “I’ll survive. I always have.”
    The question, prodding Lux from behind her tongue, was a silent one.
    “And if I don’t then what of it? I have been alive so far, I’ve seen the sun rise and set on what wasn’t the waste lands and I’ve survived what came to be, and the many suns that rose and set after what is was for the first time. I am not scared to stop breathing”.
    The wind blew silently, moving the crooked, wooden house’s tents.

    Lux stood there, in silence.

    “You know why I pull these threads? I do it because I know that when I’m gone they’ll stay. To hug in my stead the people I love, to caress their faces when they pull it over them, to fend the cold and the night around them when I won’t be able to.”
    “Should I stay here to weave, then?”
    “It’s not about the weaving itself, Lux” the woman’s elongated fingers brushed on the younger one’s hand and patted it in reprimand. “It’s about loving”.
    “Then why should I stay?”
    “Did I say you should?”
    “No. You told me I should go”
    “I told you there isn’t much there”
    “But what if my new beginning is there”
    “New beginning… hasn’t your weft been laid? Haven’t your lung filled with air already? Your life isn’t going to start again and your past won’t change regardless of how hard you want to forget it.”
    “What’s the point then?”
    “Of living?”

    A pause,

    “But I told you already…” the weaver’s voice was suddenly soft “life is not about weaving”.
    Lux exhaled, her breath betraying how watery her eyes, trained carefully away from the weaver sat.
    “and it’s not about leaving. Or starting anew every twenty moons.”
    And what if Lux’ cheeks were wet, what if her heart was aching from the “what if”s, what if her hands were strongly gripping the tent’s pole to stop her fingers from shaking.

    “It’s about love”.

    The clouds above the waste lands burned of a merciless red.

    “You just need to learn to accept it”.

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  • I keep thinking about that day at the beach. Your hands entwined with mine. The salty breeze blowing through our hair. The sun was setting, gleaming over the water, birds flying back home. Your grip around my waste as I stumbled on the waves.

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  • „Ah beauty of the inside

    Of the creation

    That fulfills It all

    Holding upon the clearness of air.

    Ah invisible alive stillness of everything!

    Ah love purest infinity”.



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  • An overdue statement of fogiveness - ishani

    You say in mystical silence through crackling televisions and static screens.

    I remember your voice, your hair and your smile. I have ever used since two thousand and twelve.

    I am not angry it in grief at your sudden departure- those wounds fade other time, but memories of you won’t.

    Worst of all, I am still haunted by words that I had spoken - saying “please don’t die” - and you promised you won’t. But you did anyway, and I couldn’t forgive you for that.

    I’m sorry. I forgive you now.

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    Rinse Cycle - @Staindpaper

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  • maybe i love you like finding shelter out of a storm
    relieved and thankful
    for somewhere safe to hide for a while

    maybe because my heart is tired of being pushed up
    against the walls of others
    and you’re an open door

    maybe since i’m tired of being alone
    with only me to hold for warmth
    and i don’t have to be anymore

    another type of love (gimme shelter pt. II) | a.e.morgana

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  • What am I searching for?

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  • Lord sometimes I faint at much I adore you

    I can feel that feeling coming on right now

    as I gaze and soak in your loving word

    you bring up sensitive feelings I prior new nothing about

    Salvation’s echoed feelings reside in this temple that is my body

    Lord I will not defile your temple

    for it is a place of worship

    I let go of all that hinders me

    every ounce of doubt

    Lord we praise you before the mountains

    awaiting for your answer

    waiting to see your smiling face coming down the mountain

    for you rescue and sense there is a storm

    you will not let us get swept away

    Our souls are hammered and stamped into your very being and conscience

    Where we can rest in your embrace,

    as you intercede for us, may we gaze upon your lovely word

    2 souls, yours and mine, as you lead the way as the faithful sheperd

    this Holy Pilgrimage to heaven

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  • I watched life and wanted to be a part of it but found it painfully difficult.

    Anais Nïn, from The Diaries of Anais Nïn, Vol. 6: 1955-1966

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  • they change into powerful wolves that you must face.

    Rumi, from The Essential Rumi tr. Coleman Barks

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  • They wear an unbroken mask of trivialities. At times I feel great pity and think: they are imprisoned.

    Anais Nïn, from The Diaries of Anais Nïn, Vol. 6: 1955-1966

    #quotes#poetry#literature #the diaries of anais nïn #poetry by women #anais nïn#themes: untagged #they have sane and deadly angers for sane and deadly things
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  • #pianoterraduo presenta il poeta Emiliano Scorzoni con “Fermate quegli attimi”

    Voce Susanna Puopolo

    Piano Grazi Di Grezia

    (L. LEO Toccata in Do M)

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  • What am I searching for?

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  • Now it is time to have fun. - Music, Art, Creative Writings, & Poetry

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