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    26.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    Epic Landlord ♡ Sylvee ♡ Wilbur
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  • angeloncewas
    26.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #angel answers#anon#character critical #wooo haven't used that in a long time #c!quackity critical #feel free to ask for any other
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  • afraidtoart
    26.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    are they found family or what

    #toask art#dream smp#dsmp fanart #c!quackity #c!fundy #c!purpled #c!slimecicle #c!foolish #dream smp fanart #dsmp#mcyt#quackity#fundy#purpled #c!slime #slimecicle#foolish gamers
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  • wwwcolawww
    26.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    wilbur saying something cocky/getting on quackity’s nerve and quackity just puffs the smoke from his cigarette on wilbur’s face.. and wilbur is like.. how can i not kiss him on the mouth right now

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  • wwwcolawww
    26.07.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    being a c!tntduo enjoyer right now is just like:

    they asked me what i would do if i didn’t win... guess we’ll never know

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  • wwwcolawww
    26.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    quacknap.... yeah. yeah. god its so tasty i want to talk about it. them. yeah.

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  • shorty-co
    26.07.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    another small c!quackity headcanon ➪

    he got a tongue piercing around the time after he got his scar!

    - either he pierced it himself or sam did it for him!


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  • wallbrea-d
    26.07.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    here’s a video i’m abt to delete from my camera roll

    #quackity#wilbur soot#philza #wilbur screaming at roblox just abt did it for me #his poor throat LMAO
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  • souldovadora
    26.07.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    literally have nothing to post get tnt duo shit my favs

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  • sunflowerdaisybee
    26.07.2021 - 57 minutes ago
    #mcyt x male reader #mcyt x you #mcyt x y/n #mcyt x reader #dream smp x you #dsmp x male reader #dsmp x reader #dsmp x y/n #dsmp x you #p!quackity x male reader #p!quackity x y/n #p!quackity x you #p!quackity x reader #p!karl jacobs x y/n #p!karl jacobs x male reader #p!karl jacobs x you #p!karl jacobs x reader #p!sapnap x reader #p!sapnap x male reader #p!sapnap x you #p!sapnap x y/n #p!george x reader #p!george x male reader #p!george x you #p!george x y/n #p!dream x you #p!dream x y/n #p!dream x reader #p!dream x male reader #feral boys x reader
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  • abisalli
    26.07.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    have some tnt duo 

    #wilbur soot#quackity#dream smp#dsmp#my art#digital art#mcyt #some more ant duo because their dynamic is very funny
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  • enderfrog
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    pov you were born of fire so youre naturally warm and your fiances find that very cozy so they fall asleep on you and theres no problems in your very intact and stable relationship

    #karnapity #im not ready to let them go im sorry wilbur #c!sapnap #c!quackity #c!karl #dsmp#enderfrog art#;___; #also if you notice quackity is two inches tall in this you dont actually #if anyone knows the lore behind c!quackity wings pls lmk #I used to see it in old art all the time but now in the las nevadas arc they are gone #was there any story or reason behind or mostly for the aesthetics #I added them bc wings are sexy and i dont respect canon lore #but im intrigued
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  • funguswater
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    NOW THAT THATS DONE any c!quackity and c!ranboo enjoyers wanna think about something with me? ive been thinking about this alot recently like seriously what wouldve happened if quackity was able to get ranboos book back to him himself. i have a whole thread on twitter about this that imma just copy and paste here

    c!ranboo enjoyers, c!quackity enjoyers. do yall ever think about what the smp might be like if c!ranboo listened to c!quack instead of still sticking with techno and Phil during doomsday.

    I know q tried to execute him and everything but honestly I'd be suspicious of the dude who is not only close to the pres but also close with the person that just blew up the country

    but like. Besides that. their ideas matched so much wtf happened. like what would've happened if q was able to give ranboos book back to him himself🤔

    What would've happened if they weren't both lil fools around doomsday🤔🤔🤔

    oml they both would've probably disappeared since q ran off after that would they both run off? I need someone else to think about this with me

    #i literally spent yesterday just dissing these to and thinking about this #i love them both but they're both absolute fools im ngl #c!ranboo enjoyers??? #c!quackity enjoyers??? #dsmp #c!ranboo #c!quackity #dsmp what if #im making that a tag
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  • deceptxcon
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    MCYT Reacting to your Death. [LONG]


    mentions of self-harm/mentions of hunger, death, and language.

    Romantic [BESIDES MINORS.]

    Mentions: Dream, George, Sapnap, Quackity, Awesamdude, Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, BadBoyHalo, Jack Manifold, and Wilbur.


    How They React:

    - Dream doesn't know how to show his feelings.

    - He is constantly feeling as though he were the reason you had died, cause he was the reason to many deaths.

    - He couldn't bear the sight of you, covered it blood, ash, and dirt...seeping through your clothing of your lifeless body. It was like his body was paralyzed.

    - He only held you and whispered apologies.

    - "i'm sorry."

    - "this is my fault."

    - "i should've been there."

    How They Would Deal With It, How They Cope:

    - Rage. Yelling. Anything to make it go away.

    - He would throw things, shout at the wall...hurt himself in return of your death..anything.

    - Dream, again, isn't the best at showing his emotions. But, by a glance, you can tell he is more uptight in command.

    - He is more in the area of control, not wanting someone to step out of line, for any mistake reminds him of your death..so he would suppress it. Not the healthiest, but he chose not to feel and become vulnerable and let something like that happen again.

    - He just wants to hold you again.


    How They React:

    - Constant denial. He thinks it's a joke, a sick fucking joke and he wants it to stop..but it doesn't. It flashed by him so fast that by the next time he sees you...you're six foot under.

    - It takes him a while to finally break. And by the next few weeks, when he visits your grave for the first time, he couldn't stop crying...he whimpered and fell to the floor, holding himself in hopes you could hold him again like you did.

    - Admitting to the idea that you were dead...finally came to him, and hit him harshly. He would sit there for hours, crying. Almost hitting day as he felt himself get sleepy.

    - "Sleep well, Y/n. I..I love you."

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - He had gotten quieter. He wouldn't say a word unless it was vitally important. His eyes drained of any color, his posture would slack, he would sit in his home for hours on end and would barely come out.

    - Some had worried if he had eaten..in response to that, was that he had gotten skinnier and skinnier.

    - He decided to shut the world out because..you were his world. And if you weren't in it, what was the point?


    How They React:

    - Rage and destruction. Fire bloomed everywhere as he tugged you close, yelling at anyone that would come near you two.

    - "Get the fuck away! Fucking go!"

    - And until the fires were nothing but crackling, black coal...he had finally calmed himself and started breathing. He let his grip untighten from your side and made you look at him.

    - "baby, i'm so sorry..i never wanted this to happen.."

    - He was so gentle with you, but then had noticed what was where he held you...ash and burn marks. He gently placed you on the ground and caressed your face.

    - "i'm a monster..i burn everything i touch, y/n. but i would only burn down nations and cities if it was for you."

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Although he may regret it later, he did, indeed, burn down one solemn nation for you..just the people who had caused your death.

    - He reigned down the chaos that, he had thought, would redeem your death..and he somewhat felt fulfilled; he did give people what they had deserved..but you still weren't here.

    - But, nonetheless...burning a nation to flames is something he would do for you. In a broken heartbeat.


    How They React:

    - There you were. Lifeless..so peaceful, like nothing in the world.

    - He slowly got to his knees and held you, crying in your shoulder as he mourned. He held you so tight...thinking you may leave him again.

    - "Mi amour, i'm so fucking sorry..d-don't go again..please."

    - He held your side, your wound, hoping you'd come back. He had convinced himself that you would come back, almost hopeful..but deep down, he knew it was no use.

    - He laid you down to sleep as he kissed your forehead.

    - "I love you." Realizing, he was too late. And that you died never knowing.

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Quackity would go on walks, pass your grave, gift you flowers...he would never want to spend a day without you.

    - Most of the time, he talks about his day to you, tell him the day when he knew he fell in love with you..and his favorite, he would crack jokes and such.

    - You would always laugh with him, so the idea of you laughing at his god-awful jokes made him feel happier.

    And everytime that he would leave, he would kiss his fingers then place them on the top of your grave..and whisper something he would believe for years to come.

    - "I love you."


    I apologize if I get him wrong in any way, I don't watch him a lot

    How They React:

    - I swear, you could hear his heart shatter, you could hear his heart race..he was so overwhelmed with the idea that you were gone, and that you died right in front of him..

    - He rushed to your side and held you, as you took your last breath, you wrapped your arms around him and laid your head on his shoulder..him, thinking you're still alive, picked you up.

    - "We have to help them." < Sam..they're gone- > "No, no they're not, th-they're still breathing!" < Sam! ..they hugged you and then they- ..well, you know.. >

    - He stood still as a statue, tears forming as he looked down at you, your face pale and white. He bit his lip as he looked up and away from you. Everyone left as Sam brought you to a clear opening near a wooden area, towards the sunrise..he placed your grave there and sat beside you.

    - "So you can see the sunrise..you always love it."

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Everyone noticed Sam's demeanor had gone softer. Although you were gone, he seemed to care more for your grave, for life, for people he cared for everyday.

    - Constantly visiting your grave, he would set your favorite ore and flower to care for you.

    - He took some days off of the prison to visit you, some to visit others and help them cope as well..he now despised the idea of not being there for you or for the people he cared for.

    - He became loving.


    How They React:

    - Again, rage, anger, lots of cursing..he was in denial.

    - "They aren't fucking dead! They aren't- don't fucking say that! They're- they're alive and you- you fucking know it, shit head!"

    - He absolutely hates showing vulnerability, so when someone says it's okay to cry? tears start to form.

    - Tommy falls to your side and holds your hand to his chest.

    - "They didn't leave, they- they promised me! Y/n keeps their promises! They wouldn't- they cant-"

    - Tommy sits down and holds your hand close, not wanting to leave you. He didn't leave you.

    - "i'm not leaving your side again, y/n. i'm here and i'm here to stay, you were always my friend when no one else was."

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Tommy became more protective and defensive.

    - Whenever someone put a dispute against him and told him what had him wrong, he would shout and obliterate them, tell them Y/n never wanted this, or Y/n would dislike how you were acting.

    - He put up high, steel walls so that no one could come into his life and leave like you did.

    - He could never, ever blame you...but it felt like you left him alone. Like everyone else did..and he hated it.

    - Although, he did keep something of yours. He kept your bracelet.

    - You two had gotten friendship bracelets and you two never took them off..so he took yours, so that he could feel as though his best friend was near him again.

    - "You're my bestfriend, Y/n. Always have been."

    - Tommy likes taking things you own, either it was clothing or jewelry, he would wear it with pride because it makes him feel stronger than he was before.


    How They React:

    - You saw how Tubbo reacted when he heard Tommy had died...he wasn't all too affected. But that was because him and Tommy weren't all too close anymore.

    - But when he heard that you had died? He was in shock.

    - At first, he chuckled, shaking his head.

    - "They aren't dead, Y/n is strong, they wouldn't die."

    - But once they lead him to your grave, he had an empty expression on his face..drowning of color and of emotion.

    - Tubbo knelt down to your grave and tried to dig you out, Ranboo and Tommy pulled him back.

    - "No!! Y/N!! Come back! Please! Stop it, stop it stop it! Let them out! They don't like it, please let them out!!"

    - Tubbo would become exhausted from screaming, yelling, and overall shouting at the people who tried to stop him.

    - Tubbo whimpered and placed his hands on your grave, tears planting themselves in the dirt. His chest stung and hurt, every breath he took, would send a sharp pain down his chest.

    - "Why have they gone..? Why now?" He whispered, his voice cracking, showing obvious hurt and distraught.

    - Ranboo tried to comfort him, but Tubbo shook his head. That was Tommy's and Ranboo's cue to leave..and they did. Ranboo placed his hand on Tubbo's head before leaving.

    - Tubbo was put to tears once more, he leaned against your grave and soon fell asleep after his put up fight..

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Tubbo would slowly forget about your death, and more remember who you were as a person. He keeps the memories of what was good, other than what or who has taken your life.

    - He also sits by your grave and chats with you like nothing bad ever happened..he's just having another day talking to his best friend. The bestest friend that has happened to him in a while.


    - Goes in immediate distraught.

    - He isn't one for crying, so in return, he hyperventilate.

    - He hyperventilates and runs over to your body, tripping a bit as he falls beside you, holding you to your chest as his chest soon becomes weak.

    - "Y/n, no no no- not yet, please, please wake up, don't do this, please, Y/n come b-back! I need you, please..i- i need you.."

    - He would hold you for hours, he hates the idea of letting go of you and letting you feel alone.

    - He, himself, has been alone for what seems forever, so he hates the idea of you going through the same thing..since he had met you, he never felt alone. You were his bestfriend he had never had , and it fucking tears him apart to know that he will never have someone as passionate, caring, and a devoted friend like you.

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - In a way Ranboo would cope is that he would write notes to you and set them beside your grave.

    - It has been known that Ranboo has a tendancy to forget...but god, he does not want to forget you.

    - You have helped him through unbelievable difficulties, so he could at least repay you by writing to you. Reminding himself how great you were.

    - He also realized how much you loved lilac..so he would tape lilac at the opening of the letter and place it beside you.

    - Some of it had read: You deserved the world, it's unforunate it took you so fast ... Your kind words always touched the greatest part of people, you knew how to bring us back up ... You were my best friend. My sun when it rained, please don't doubt for a minute that you aren't my bestest. Sleep well, Y/n. My sweetest regards, Ranboo.

    - He will not forget you.


    - With control over the egg and the SMP...he prioritized you over everything..but it had gotten the best of him.

    - And with the death if Skeppy? Your death didn't help with his grieving...

    - But your death? It was his fault.

    - The egg called, the egg demanded for Y/n. Bad had pleaded: Not them! Please, just- not them, please! And unfortunately, the egg got what it wanted.

    - Your death was private, no one was there to bother you...so once he woke from his trance, you laid near the floor, dead.

    - Tears immediately began to form as he fell to your side, he gripped your side where he had hit you, and laid his head in your shoulder.

    - "i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry- please, y/n, stay with me, please, i didn't want this!!"

    - Before you took your last breath, you whispered in your ear: it wasn't your fault..i know. it's- it's okay.

    - He felt your last breath on his shoulder as he cried and held you..he promised that he would never use anyone for the egg again..and that was final.

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Bad would cope by having anything that smells like you close to him.

    - He can't fathom the idea that you're gone, so he needs to have something close to you around..

    - Bad also can't look at the egg the same, he let Antfrost or someone to take over so he wouldn't have to be reminded of something so horrid to him.

    - He tries to change himself for you, he doesn't want to be called the bad guy under the idea of killing you.

    - He just wants you back.

    Jack Manifold

    - I feel as though he wouldn't react as bad..but he would be distraught.

    - "They..They've died? Fuckin' hell, no they- they were just here, they were- stop it, you're lying- .."

    - He'd be pretty fast to admit that you've passed, but not easy to let it go.

    - When Jack had been victimized or manipulated, you were there to defend him..well, you two were the Partner's in Crime..so what you did, you did together.

    - So, now to realize that you've gone, it was like a part of him was gone.

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Jack would try and cope by building a monument for you nearby..he will frequently visit it and gift you blue orchids and daisy's of all kinds..

    - He also tries to be more independent and selfless for you. He tries to be his best self for you and only you, cause he knows how much you cared for his well-being.

    - He would also defend you from your past actions or how your death was 'your' fault.

    - Jack gets very defensive when it comes to you, so he would say things he would probably regret..but it's for you, so it was worth it in the end.


    How They React:

    - You had died during the war for L'manburg..

    - After everything had settled down, he had walked up to you and stood..the rain poured heavily, his hair blocking his view slightly, but he could see the colors of your uniform.

    - Wilbur saw your potential immediately. He knew you were passionate and dedicated, and he loved that about you.

    - And you fought so bravely..so it's hard to see you..his companion, on the ground; lifeless.

    - Wilbur brought his hand up and pushed his hair out of his face and knelt down with a fall; soon to bruise his knees. He took your hand and kissed your knuckles, soon placing it to his chest. He gave a weak smile.

    - "You did so well, Y/n. You don't know how incredibly strong you were...you shined through it all, you know." He whispered, but made sure you could hear every word.

    - He took his jacket and placed it over you before picking you up, covering you from the rain as he found a graveside for you..one that faces the sunset..once you're grave was made, he didn't leave. He wanted to be with you and make sure you knew how amazing you were.

    - Wilbur placed his jacket over yours, showing both of them as they faced the sky. He placed his hand over your grave, kneeling.

    - "I love you, Y/n. Always."

    How They Would Deal With it, How They Cope:

    - Wilbur would cope with your death by singing to you.

    - Frequently, when he's stressed out or seems to be blaming himself for your death, he cheers himself up by singing to you. You always said how much you loved his singing.

    - Wilbur also writes to you like Ranboo. Except he writes stories and tales of such he had made up, and he also updates you on L'manburg, Tommy, Tubbo, and so on..he doesn't want you standing in the dark anymore.


    < ..thanks for reading. this is a very long post, i apologize. but it would also mean the world to me if you repost, comment, or even like..it makes my day so much better. much much love!! >

    - deacy <333

    #mcyt #mcyt x reader #ranboo#tubbo #wilbur soot x reader #quackity x reader #ranboo x reader #tubbo x reader #tommyinnit#tommy#x reader#lore#angst#death #mentions of death #mentions of anxiety #tommy x reader #MINORS ARE PLATONIC !
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  • coreys-riffin
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    okay. this is gonna sound really weird but like. gambler!kai au

    just, hear me out. imagine post-rebooted when all the ninja are split up, but instead of doing the underground fight arena thing (i feel like he'd do it a bit at first, just to gain some money tbh), kai ends fucking building a whole-ass casino

    when lloyd goes to get the others together, they all have to look for kai since they don't know where the fuck he is and it's just. they end up seeing this very flashy and huge casino n just go "shit, kai works here now?" only to go inside and find out that the motherfucker BUILT and OWNS the whole thing

    #corey.txt #ninjago#kai smith #gambler!kai au #is this just me spreading my gambler!(c!quackity based)kai propaganda around? #lowkey yeah totally lol #ninjago au
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  • lacystar
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I'm done with us calling revivebur the only manwhore in the tnt duo dynamic. is he the bigger, more overt simp? yes, absolutely. but look at quackity and tell me that isn't a repressed slut! he's BEEN repressed since his run for the FIRST presidency! since before karlnapity! since Schlatt! and sure those relationships gave him a chance to be a little whoreish on the dl, but he's never encountered a hatefuck! not like Wilbur challenges him to! he's tried putting his past of stripping naked in the middle of disc confrontations behind him for his new ultimate serious casino persona, but that horny horny little man still lives! he's actively resisting against Wilbur, trying to hide his slutsona. let him out, king! just be!

    #/rp #I laughed the entire time I wrote this #mcyt#dream smp#quackity#Wilbur soot#tnt duo
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  • retroaria
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago


    pronouns: gender neutral

    warnings: just swearing

    here’s my masterlist ^o^

    wooo quackity lets go :))

    i know you guys might want me to be like “awww shy quackity little baby” but no

    because this man would straight up announce that he is in love with you every day but everyone would just think it was a joke

    he has written you full on love letters in the form of quiplash answers LMAO

    if one day you were ever like “are you sure it’s just a joke quackity?” he would actually get very flustered and shy

    but as long as you think it’s just for funzzies omg he acts like such a simp

    just imagine the way he acts about sally carrera but for you

    *you literally just chillin on george’s stream* “hey hey back off george BACK OFF. y/n is this guy bothering you?”

    karl and george know it’s not a joke but only them

    they tease him so much omg

    he had you do a roblox stream with him one time and he took you to a five star roblox restaurant and you guys had a whole date it was the funniest thing

    george joins the call


    he really just isn’t shy around you like he’s so talkative and giddy he just gets so happy whenever ur around :3

    he purposely tries to get ur ship name trending

    if you were to join the smp he literally will not let anyone else give you a tour

    shows you las nevadas with so much pride like “yeah I built this I’m awesome I know” 😌

    *sam sitting there waiting for his credit like 😐*


    literally so chaotic

    he would also be so happy to finally meet you

    gives the best hug omg it’s so sweet

    eventually the way you find out is literally through him saying it and u being like “was that a joke?” and he’s like “yeah of course” and ur like “oh okay” and he’s like “no i’m joking” and ur like “yeah u just said that” and he’s like “no i was joking about me joking”

    anyways the rest is history. cute couple. loves having you on stream and stuff and loves showing you off 10/10.

    AHHHH quackity done probs wilbur or dream next

    @fantasy-innit @joyfullymulti @crackityy @themanifoldenjoyer

    #mcyt headcanons#mcyt preferences#mcyt#mcyt fanfiction#mcyt imagine #mcyt x reader #quackity headcannons#quackity preferences #quackity x reader #quackity x you #quackity x y/n #dsmp preferences#dsmp headcanon #dream smp preferences #dream smp headcannon #quackity fanfic
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  • waywardnajsepticeye
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    c!Sapnap and c!Karl: Why did you leave us? We thought you love us!

    C!Quackity: Sorry, I'm with someone new now.

    C!Wilbur, crawling along the ceiling:

    #dream smp#dsmp#dsmpblr #c!quackity #c!sapnap #c!karl #c!wilbur #quackity#sapnap#karl jacobs#wilbur soot #dream smp fandom #dsmp fandom#mcyt#mcytblr
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