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  • mavericketoile
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Art Tip: Art Period vs. Art Movement

    Just a quick Art Tip on the difference between Periods and Movements I made for my Atelier, figured it would be nice to share here!

    I don’t have formal studies in Art or anything, I just do a lot of studying independently and researching on my own. So I hope I can help people who are beginners or studying on their own as wel!!

    See you around!

    #art tips#art history #artists on tumblr #artist tips#art period#art movement #just a quick update #hope it helps #not an art student #remember that ^^
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  • miglika
    05.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i’m still (very slowly) making my way through rule of wolves and i’ve read 75% now. it’s still my least favorite grishaverse book by a lot but i only have about 150 pages left so i’m not gonna give up now. i do think i’m enjoying it a TINY (very very tiny) bit more? but i still really don’t care for the most part. the only parts i kinda care about and like are nina and hanne’s parts. the rest is still very meh and i HATE the darkling’s chapters because guess what! i HATE the darkling and i always have... (though i only have one more chapter with the darkling ☺️) and i don’t care about mayu or shu han or the fjerdans or this war at all. i don’t really like nikolai x zoya either. though it was fun to meet kaz, jesper and wylan really quickly again and i’m happy that alina and mal seem to be doing well 🥰 but i’m just excited to being kinda close to done with this book at this point.

    #just a quick update i guess though i don’t think anyone cares but i do so i’ll keep doing it #lovisa reads rule of wolves #rule of wolves spoilers #the fact that it took me three days to read king of scars and i’ve been reading this book for almost a week now
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  • shawtutorial
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Samsung Galaxy Fold Gets Camera Improvements, Latest Security Patch: Report

    Samsung Galaxy Fold Gets Camera Improvements, Latest Security Patch: Report

    Samsung Galaxy Fold is reportedly receiving a new update bundled with the May 2021 Android security patch. The update is said to be rolling out in France first, and there is no information regarding when it will be released in other regions. The update brings improvements to the phone’s camera as well as Samsung’s Quick Share feature. Samsung launched Galaxy Fold in India in October 2019 running…

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    #Camera#Fold#Galaxy#Improvements#Latest#Patch#Report#samsung #samsung fold update may 2021 android security patch camera quick share improvements galaxy f900fxxu5eud7 samsung #samsung galaxy #samsung galaxy fold #samsung galaxy fold changelog #samsung galaxy fold specifications #Security
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  • magiaesabiduria
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    ˜”*°• 𝔓𝔦𝔫𝔫𝔢𝔡 𝔓𝔬𝔰𝔱 •°*”˜

    List of open / active muses: 

    The 100: John Murphy, Nathan Miller

    Criminal Minds: Luke Alvez, Spencer Reid

    Harry Potter: Dracona Malfoy, Severus Snape

    The Magicians: Margo Hanson, Quentin Coldwater

    Original Characters: Erebus (god), Serena Montgomery (witch)

    Muses on roster but temporarily inactive: Aaron Malfoy (HP OC)

    Exclusive muses: Aaron Hotchner exclusive with @fxntasmagoria​ 

    I will try to update this list as often as I make changes and will likely reblog this post with new information on here!

    Please read rules page before interacting!

    Link to rules/muse page        HERE

    Link to memes                        HERE

    Link to wishlist                        HERE

    *note* for inactive muses I will be keeping drafts until when/if muse for them returns. If muse for them doesn’t return within a month I will cut them from my roster entirely or start new threads with them on the date of their return. 

    *note2* ns..fw images/gifs/videos will be tagged with “【 you're gonna leave a mark and I don't like that in a non-sexual context :: usfw 】” so please block that if you need that filtered out. 

    *note3* this blog uses the standard for trigger warnings: “__________ cw” will be the trigger content tag on this blog. if I am not currently tagging something you need tagged PLEASE REACH OUT and I will adjust. Thank you. 

    #just instead of having my promo as pinned post figured this was quick and with as many changes as I'm making atm it's probably a good idea. #【 I bond fast; time is an illusion :: ooc 】 #【 update 】
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  • yellowcrumpet
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Code Vein#Technical Issues #for some reason #i've started having frame issues for Code Vein #and no matter what i do and what i fiddle with in the settings #it doesn't go away #It'll run fine for like 5 minutes when first booting up the game and spawning in #and when i switch to a different map #but it's always quick to return #and literally makes it insanely difficult to play since everything is so delayed #I don't know why it's having issues now #i've finished the game once already with no issues whatsoever #so it's frustrating to suddenly start having them #I'm tempted to go back to a previous update of my driver to see if that might fix it #Because this started happening in Dark Souls 3 too #and i don't know if you know this #but when your frames drop too low for too long in DS3 #it'll kick you out the game and right back to the menu #which is stupidly annoying when it happens constantly #AND I'VE FINISHED THAT GAME TOO WITH NO ISSUES BEFORE #WHY DOES MY COMPUTER SUDDENLY HATE ME
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