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  • Yang: you need a hobby

    Blake: I have a hobby

    Yang: being sad isn’t a hobby

    Blake: and liking you isn’t?

    Yang: *incoherent screaming*

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  • MERCURY: *gets down on one knee*

    EMERALD: Oh my gosh, it’s finally happening-

    MERCURY: *falls over*

    EMERALD: The poison is kicking in

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  • YANG: I need you to come here and I need you to come alone.

    BLAKE: I need you to be less vague and I need you to be less weird

    Also BLAKE: *goes anyway*

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  • I’m working on several fanfics at the mo and getting nowhere fast on all of them xD

    Anyone got one they’d like me to finish and post?

    - (Rwby) Ironqrow modern college au

    - (One Piece) lawsan magic modern au

    - (One Piece) lawsan same universe but Law and Sanji get stranded for a bit

    - (Snk) Eruri zombie apocalypse au

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  • I should be asleep, but I have to make  m e m e s

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  • Canoniaclly, Casey IS Weiss’ in-universe singing voice… and This Will Be the Day, This Life is Mine, and the song in V7CH6 are in-universe songs… IDK, I’m just chuckling at the idea that Weiss released a pop album at some point even though I know this is one of those cases you kinda just gotta gloss over XD

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  • “Ughghh…”

    Blake wiped a single tear from her eye. “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to make it…”

    Yang fell to her knees and cursed the gods for their cruelty. “Damn it, why?! Why Ruby?! It should be me instead! She’s too young!”

    Weiss stomped her foot so hard the whole room shook. “If she didn’t want a stomach ache she shouldn’t have eaten all my cookies!”

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  • Fair Game

    He hears it before he sees it.

    The wet crack echoes across the battlefield as the black, hardened point of their enemy’s tail slices through skin and bone. The gut wrenching scream follows as Clover falls.

    The moment freezes. Time slows.

    Qrow reacts. His mind a bloody haze as he kills the beast. He can’t recall how he ends up clutching the still twitching tail torn from the lifeless body at his feet.

    What he can recall is Clover, lying on his back in the snow. His pose a cruel mimic of a child about to make a snow angel. The only difference being that this one is bloody.

    Fingertips press hard into the glass as he remembers watching the snow turn red.

    Placing his hands over the gaping wound in the mans chest and pushing. Fingers glistening and slipping as he repeats ‘it’s ok,’ ‘it’s ok’ more to himself than the unconscious man bleeding out below him.


    There’s so much blood.

    It’s my fault

    Broken bones slip and crunch as he presses the wound.

    It’s my fault

    Clover’s pulse weakens, his breath slows.

    It’s my fault

    His grip tightens, the glass strains. Ice clinks as he raises the rim to his lips.

    The alcohol is a relief, he welcomes the familiar burn trailing his throat, waits for it to seep into his senses and burn the memory from his mind.

    I need this.

    He needs another. Aimlessly he reaches for the bottle, starting when his fingertips brush warm skin rather than cool glass. He looks up from the bar.

    It’s him. Beautiful and breathing. But he almost wasn’t. It’s my fault. He reaches to prise the bottle from Clover, but the man resits. Sliding the bottle further down the bar Clover takes a seat.

    ‘It wasn’t your fault,’ Clover’s hand comes to rest at the juncture of Qrows neck as he rubs small soothing circles, Qrows synapses spark. Sinking slightly into the touch Qrow goes to argue.

    ‘Qrow,’ Clover interrupts ‘I know you don’t believe me but it wasn’t your fault, I’ll say it over and over until you believe me. I fucked up, it wasn’t your semblance’ his tone lightens ‘I’m alive and I have a pretty cool battle scar’ he winks, the corner of Qrows mouth twitches in amusement.

    Eyes softening Clover pulls Qrow towards him. He places a soft kiss to his temple and gives him a gentle squeeze. ‘Come on, let’s go for a round of cards, yeh?’ Qrow looks to the man he loves, the one who knows him better than anyone and offers a small smile ‘yeh I’d like that.’

    They leave the bar and head for the sanctuary of their room. Qrow still feels the guilt, but the man by his side won’t let him feel it for long. Clover slides an arm around Qrows waist as they walk, it’s a simple gesture, but it comforts Qrow, he can feel the warmth, the life of the man next to him. He smiles, this is the man he loves. He couldn’t be happier.

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  • You hear that sound? Yeah, that’s me crying because Blake actually thought so little of herself and had such a warped perception of what love should be like thanks to Adam that she genuinely didn’t understand how either of her parents could still love her.

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  • So I’ve been binging RWBY and I got to That Episode in volume 3.


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  • image

    Mistle? Toe

    Bees? Gay

    You? Smooched

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  • Can Hero Hei just like…I dunno…stop?

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  • Anyone else notice that we’ve got a fuck shit ton of music this volume compared to other ones? Like, we’ve already got:

    • “Trust Love”
    • “Touch the Sky” (Chapter 3)
    • “Brand New Day” (Chapter 5)
    • “Tonight” (Chapter 6)
    • “Tell Me It’s Love” (Chapter 6)

    I’ve also noticed that we haven’t gotten a single song that hasn’t oozed positive vibes, so it’s gonna be weird if they end up juxtaposing their happy-ass music with the fact that this volume feels like it has the same stakes as V3.

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  • You know most of the shippers behind it are toxic when the nice ones are getting sick of it and the fandom 

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  • OmTG! How Did i Forget Spin the Bottle?!

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  • Roman and Emerald committed grand theft auto while Penny played piano

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