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  • This has been months in the making. In this video I got over multiple aspects of RWBY’s animation for Volume 6. Including, character and action animation, Squash and Stretch, Yang vs Adam, and more.

    Please let me know what you think as I am pretty happy with how this video turned out. I did have to include a bit to correct myself about one of my arguments.

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  • Given that Tock had metal-capped teeth, do you think Salem provides dental, or did Tock have to pay out of pocket for that?

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  • what do you mean this isnt the volume 6 finale?

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  • lightsaroundyourvanity replied to your post: Given how advanced Atlas is, do you think they may…

    no dinos on remnant just dino grimm who shred away into smoke……………

    Unfortunately, most fossil fuels are made of plant matter. I believe I once read that they come from a point before any bacteria or fungi was capable of breaking down plant matter, so instead of rotting dead plants just piled up and compressed each other. 

    This does explain why Remnant lacks fossil fuels, though: because it’s a created world, not one that evolved like our own. 

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  • “And it’s growing ever clear…”

    2020 redraw of a redraw of a screenshot…I’ve still got a long way to go :’)

    Old drawing + original screenshot under the cut:

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    #rwby#rwby6#lie ren#jaune arc#crafty draws #this took way too long #finally figured out how lighting works lmao #artists on tumblr
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  • RWBY Talk: I Have Issues With Cordovin

    Let me get this straight: If this whole blog is evidence enough, I don’t hate RWBY at all. Quite frankly, my feedback towards Volume 7 has largely been positive and you know it. With that being said, I should be brave and explain why I don’t like a certain character – Caroline Cordovin.

    This is not meant to be condescending towards Cordovin fans at all. You can like her character and that’s okay. You can read this essay and end it completely disagreeing with me, or you can leave it alone if you don’t want to read it. You’re not stupid for liking her at all and I can see your reasoning pretty well, actually.

    Now, let’s get this started. Hoo boy, this is gonna be ugly.

    > The tone of the volume.

    Upto the finale of V6, the tone of the volume had been largely dark and gloomy. After learning that Ozpin had been keeping secrets, discovering the truth about Salem and having to go through the ordeal at Brunswick farms, the team had a short and much-needed break with the Terra-Cotta Arcs only for Jaune to lash out at Oscar unfairly, and then moving past his grief over Pyrrha.

    Yeah, this was a pretty dark and serious volume, mostly. And what did we get in the finale? A goofy showdown with a goofy character.

    One of my biggest issues with Cordovin was that she just didn’t fit the volume, tone-wise. She was way too goofy and comical for this volume.

    In fact, she was originally supposed to be in V2 and I think that would’ve been far better tonally, because V2 was still pretty light-hearted. V6 wasn’t the place for her, in my opinion.

    > Cordovin’s pettiness.

    I know that it was the point of her character in the first place, but she was just so petty that it came off as ridiculous even writing-wise. I know that this probably won’t make sense, but there’s a limit to how petty a character can be. Beyond that, it’s just … way too petty to enjoy.

    Cordovin reacted to the situation so ridiculously, using a mech designed for taking out large Grimm for a bunch of inexperienced kids and a drunk old man. And, like, did she even need the mech for that in the first place? I get what they were going for but it was rather ridiculous.

    Oh, well. Guess they gotta advertise gen:LOCK.

    > Regarding the introduction to Atlesian superiority culture.

    A lot of people found Cordovin to be a great introduction to the Atlesian system based on superiority and privilege, and I get where that comes from, but I have to disagree.

    Going back to my point regarding the mech fight, I feel like it just showed Cordovin as petty and a poor example of what they were trying to represent. And I get that it was supposed to be comical in the first place, but I feel like it could have been showcased better. A fight between our heroes and a bunch of Specialists could have come off as entertaining and goofy and it could be cut short by the Leviathan appearing afterwards, instead of finishing with one side defeating the other. Or better yet, just move Cordovin to V2 and replace her with someone else in V6.

    > The volume’s theme.

    The theme of the volume was on going forward even if the situation seemed hopeless, and while Cordovin didn’t reflect that, Ruby definitely did. In fact, the top highlight for me during the mech fight was Ruby’s character development and I actually enjoyed it. 

    I would’ve preferred an antagonist who represented these ideals more closely, though, and I feel like that could’ve been a much more satisfying wrap-up to the volume.

    Now, that’s been a lot of negativity from my side and I’m exhausted. I think I should bring up some positives to balance the whole thing out.

    > I enjoyed the mech fight.

    When I ignored the absurd circumstances surrounding it, the mech fight was pretty fun, actually. I loved how our heroes used their abilities creatively, like Qrow transforming into a bird or Weiss using the Queen Lancer summon to move around the battlefield.

    > Ruby’s role.

    I said this before but Ruby had awesome character development and her moment facing the mech solo showed her newfound maturity that had developed over the course of the volume. I was rooting for her when she took the mech down single-handedly.

    > Cordovin’s voice acting.

    I feel like the VA fit the character perfectly. Cordovin’s voice acting was splendid and that alone added a lot of positives to her character. The voice of a character is an important and often overlooked part when it comes to analysing animated productions, and I feel like the VA captured her character’s superiority complex perfectly.

    I will end this essay by saying that you are allowed to disagree with me over Cordovin. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. This is just a bunch of opinions here and, well, my opinions aren’t fact.

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  • …okay, so I was just looking at the story of Cinderella, and Wikipedia helpfully told me that the earliest known variation of the story is that of Rhodopis.

    Rhodopis is a slave girl who was bathing on day, when an eagle swoops down and grabs her sandal. It travels to Memphis and drops the sandal in front of the King (not Elvis). Taking this as a sign, the King sends his men around the Kingdom to find the owner of the sandal, and when Rhodopis is brought to him, he married her.

    This story was first recorded by the Greek geographer Strabo, somewhere between 7 BC and 24 AD.


    Rhodopis is mentioned by an earlier writer.

    In 440 BC, the historian Herodotus recorded the tale of Rhodopis, a courtesan from Thrace, owned as a slave by Iadmon of Samos (who also owned Aesop) during the 5th Century BC. He eventually took her to Egypt, where a man named Charaxus of Mytilene buys her freedom for her.

    Charaxus of Mytilene is best known for being the brother of the famous poet, Sappho.

    So the earliest version of Cinderella is freed from slavery by Sappho’s brother.

    Food for thought.

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  • image

    I remember this scene being like. The Best Thing Ever when it happened

    #rwby#rwby6 #sunny is live
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  • image

    I remember this scene being like. The Best Thing Ever when it happened

    #rwby#rwby6 #sunny is live
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  • Another day, another OC! Come check out this amazing creation, it was clear lots of hardwork and creativity when into it!

    Post: https://aminoapps.com/p/tdx9soq

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