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  • ve-gan-bebe
    14.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Today my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings.

    - Raine Cooper

    #forest#darkness#sadnees#sadbeautifultragic#sad quotes#butterfly#butterflies#broken wings#raine cooper #i feel so guilty #i feel betrayed #i feel bad #i feel so stupid #i don't want to hurt anybody #don't hate me #i'm so tired #i'm so confused #i'm so done
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  • zenwords
    25.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Dealing with other people reminds me of why I like to be alone.

    — Raine Cooper

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  • loverofthewindgod
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago


    First Name: Gaia

    Last Name: N/A

    Date of Birth: Unknown

    Age: Eternal

    Alias: Goddess of the Earth, Mother Goddess

    Nicknames: Mother Earth, Terra, Geo, Gaga, Flora, Mama Bear

    Gender: Female

    Siblings: 0

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Species: God

    Blood Type: Red

    Hair Color: Burnt Umber to Viridian (ombre)

    Eye Color: Mint Green

    Origins: Heavens

    Current Location: Earthrealm

    Face Claim ( if you have one )

    Angela Bassett

    Height: 6'4

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Status: Alive

    Social Status:

    Mother of Life

    Giver of Dreams

    Nourisher of Young Children and Plants

    Sienna's mentor/adoptive mother


    White Lotus Society

    Edenian Resistance

    Physical Health: Outstanding

    Mental Health: Amazing


    The earth refreshingly lush and healthy

    Cozy get-togethers and parties


    Nature walks






    Anyone raising their voice

    Back talk

    Bad vibes





    Speed 8/10

    Agility 7/10

    Intelligence 10/10

    Strength 9/10

    Stamina 7/10

    Stealth 9/10

    Cooperation 8/10

    Durability 9/10

    Mentor(s) N/A

    Fighting Skills 8/10

    Flexibility 7/10

    Reflexes 8/10

    Instincts 9/10


    Sienna | Disciple/Adopted Daughter| Alive

    Friends / Allies






    Liu Kang

    Kung Lao


    Selene @starneko123

    Kombat Kids

    Johnny Cage

    Sonya Blade

    Jackson Briggs



    Kotal Kahn



    Shao Kahn





    Quan Chi



    Love Interest None

    Love Status n/a

    Weapons ♔ Accessories

    Earthrealm's Essence

    Enchanted Floral Head Wreath

    Fruit of the Tree of Life

    Crescent Moon Earthflower Necklace (gifted by Selene)


    As her name implies, Gaia wields tremendous power over the earth. She can create and command nature, plants, and the weather to her will, causing an earthquake with just a snap of her fingers. She also has healing and regeneration abilities, and bears special nourishing fruit from her tree of life.


    Gaia can be quite pompous, demanding and a bit loud at times in a humorous way, but overall she is wonderful to get along with and very loving, protective and caring, especially when it comes to Sienna.

    Template belongs to @starneko123

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  • trixclibrarian
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    placing seeds into dirt under sun through rain i sustain a relational way connecting with saving space among the constitutive forces of the universe

    life death space touch symbiosis cooperation collaboration mutualness 

    is the soil the “dead” the forest world walks among knowingly loving

    might we re-envelope ourselves in the natural world cover every surface human built with plants for one simple example

    #jillc#poetry #more just journal #journal#morning's thoughts #the plants can teach us how to live and how to commune with the dead -- which we need to live
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  • storieswithamaleta
    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Underwing Challenge Day 5

    What’s your favorite excerpt from this WIP so far?

    Making the whole plot really.

    Collection: I enjoyed collecting the different sources where I could gain my plot from, things that could inspire me. But gosh did I love writing up each character's outline.

    But I really love writing this part for my first tale in this series.

    The gloomy atmosphere greeted Mark as he sat alone in the dark. An hour, an hour is all it would take for him to be there, for him to see her one last time, to see her in the being placed beneath the dirt, to say goodbye.
    He leaned back, his back gentle hitting the sheets of the bed, giving him comfort, maybe just maybe if he could go to sleep, he would not have to go there at least not to bury her. If only that were possible.
    The sheet pulled him with the darkness, the drawn curtains made sure no light entered, his dark black suit of sorrow and the gloomy welcoming care of the atmosphere called him to sleep, with gentle hands of a caring mother, sleepy, that's how he felt, sleepy.
    At that moment he wondered 'Is that how she felt too?' His eyes shut at the thought, a single tear fell from his eyes. He could have saved her. He could have saved him. He could have saved both. If John was here then so would she. She would be here along with him but he was not here and now nor was she.
    "Hush little baby don't say a word. And never mind the noise you heard. It's just the beast under your bed. In your closet, in your head."
    His eyes flew open at the lovely melody. A melody so depressing, so sad. He searched for the source, desperately. His hair covering his eyes shielding him from seeing the truth.
    "Hush little baby you're almost dead. Lay down your struggle and rest your head. Calm your mind. Let yourself go. You won't be missed, no one will know"
    His eyes looked into the mirror, eyes widening in shock. The mirror stared back, smiling with gleaming joy. The dark image he saw yesterday vanished. A cloud of dark rain pouring blood, of thunder roaring in the mirror. He stared at himself, finally, he saw his reflection if only that would have brought him joy, if only. Smiling his reflection sang.
    "Hush little baby it's time to die. Time to scream an unheard goodbye. Your broken song will go unsung. It's sad to lose a life so young."
    He rose something shining in the mirror, his hair drenched in blood, thunder crackling at him, his reflection raised the knife. Waving it in front of the real Mark, smiling as tears dripped from his eyes, looking at Mark and then at the knife. Mark knew what it meant, who wouldn't know of it.
    Maybe next time it would be him joining his mother and brother.

    Only for me to go ahead and do this shit in the next chapter.

    "Great job, Mark. You can rest."
    Honey eyes glared back through the thick glass, breathing deep into the mask supplying him with life. His head ached and his eyes hurt. God knows, how the dark liquid didn't burn his sight. Lifting his hand up, with great effort he tapped the glass.
    His vision blurred, his body ready to collapse. He gazed through towards the darkness, as the distant figure approached him. The speaker boomed
    "Subject R, thank you for your cooperation."
    Breathing heavily, he nodded, head heavy, eyes dull.
    "Your session has expired. Please return."
    As the green light emitted above with a loud gong, he watched.
    Watched as the liquid drained, his glass cage sucking it away.
    Watched at he was lowered down, leaving him on his shaky legs to fall.
    Watched as the mask was sucked away from him, leaving him gasping for air.
    And watched as the glass lifted, slowly letting the cold air grace his soaked form.
    Saw him step through the shadows, his white coat lifting as he came.
    "Your control needs work." the man said, as Mark felt his eyes grow heavy.
    "Sleep and we shall begin tests again."
    "Yes," he said, voice groggy, "Professor Mcherzt" Darkness took him.
    But the voice echoed.
    Experiment 1034:
    4 hours 30 minutes.
    The subject seems to be getting better, however, his control is still limited.
    Conclusion: Progress.
    The experiment is on hiatus.
    For now.

    To Find the Truth: I started it just I think maybe a day ago and gosh am I loving the process of short stories I will add. I feel really happy with this one. Although it is quite an effort to start if off right now. I have many of the stories down. 14 so far and still looking for more.

    Here is what the first story with feature:

    The main character (who is a detective) randomly gets a package one day with some numbers and a pair of rusty old glasses.

    Upon careful research, she learns what the numbers are. After locating the exact location she finds an empty piece of land until she wears the glasses.

    I can't really tell the exact, plot or much more than this but I'm so excited to write this one. And I really hope I can get done with the instruction for this book and get started on the short tales.

    Also, please do not use the exact plot prompt if you like it.

    Oh, and to keep the two who showed interest updated:

    @writerthatcantspell1 @hellishhin

    hop you don't mind I tagged you

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  • sarabarratt
    05.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Precision Irrigation Systems Market Projections Analysis 2021-2027

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    Precision Irrigation Systems Market

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    #Precision Irrigation Systems Market
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  • aries-writingblog
    05.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Atlas (8)

    Summary: After years of being imprisoned on the Raft, Tony negotiates freedom for his sister Tessa. When she’s free- so is her past, and it will never stop hunting her.

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OC(Stark)

    Chapter Word count: 1810

    Warnings: PTSD (subtle ish), trauma, torture (in later parts), suicidal behaviors and thoughts, mentions of death, character death, injury, violence, angst, and a lil bit of fluff in there

    Disclaimer: Atlas is my own, original work with characters belonging to Marvel (except Tessa and Dr. Clifton). Plagiarism is not cool kids.

    A/N: this is my first work Im posting to this platform and I’m really excited and nervous about it. Hope you enjoy- constructive criticism is always helpful as well!!


    She couldn’t breathe. There was a pressure building on her left side, an itch she couldn’t scratch. Her eyes were dry, like her mouth. Tessa peeled her eyelids open, having been cemented shut, it took tremendous effort- effort she barely possessed. She couldn’t hear straight, it sounded like she was underwater. A muted beep from a monitor. Rain pelting the windows of the white washed clinical room. Something tickling her forearm. She looked down. Tony.

    He was grasping her hand, resting his head beside them, hair tickling her skin. She then moved her eyes to her side where a tube was running from a patch of white bandages. Along her right arm, bandages were wrapped around raw flesh. She could still see the burn marks on her wrists. In her left arm, an IV filtered blood and fluids into her system, repairing what had been damaged. She groaned as she rested her head on the pillow.

    She wasn’t supposed to make it out of there. None of this had gone according to her plan. Tessa wasn’t stupid. She knew Clifton would be on her as soon as she stepped foot out of her cage on the Raft. She knew she would have to make a choice, a choice of repentance. So, when she noticed the trap he’d set for them, she couldn’t help but take the bait. Part of her wanted to flip the script and take revenge on him. But then... then Bucky happened. He’d been so kind to her- accepting her. She felt that she owed him a truth- even if it was in the form of a dead man’s ramblings. And so she did just that- confided in him, knowing that one way or another, she was never going to come back. He wasn’t supposed to be collateral damage.

    Tony shifted, his head turning further away from her. She bit her lip, sinking down deeper into the sheets.


    “Y’know, if you cooperated with the professionals, things would go a lot smoother.” Tony snipped at her. Tessa scowled deeper, turning her head to the side. It had been a week since the mission, since everything about Tessa had been made public amongst the team. Since Tony had released the files to the whole team, Tessa had been ignoring him every time he visited her. She was angry- the emotion palpable in the air. She had even begun to be irritable with the nurses and her doctor. Of course, they associated it with her being on bed rest for a week- knowing it would get worse because she was meant to stay there for a whole month.

    She refused to allow any of the team members entrance to her room- even Bucky. Tony was only allowed in because he told Friday to over ride her command. News of her slow response to treatment had to come from the nurses or the small bits that Tony would share- which was always begrudgingly. Her therapist and parole officer were also allowed in for their visits. There had been talk of moving her back to the Raft, but Tony had shot it down, explaining in colorful detail how she hadn’t done anything wrong. Ever.

    But Tessa was becoming restless. She could no longer stand the sight of the hospital room. When she was trapped within the four walls, she could only think about the botched missions and what Clifton said. She was trapped. So, she decided to take things into her own hands. Painstakingly slow, she got up from her bed, a tube no longer in her lung but it was still stitched up and painful. Most of her wounds were well on their way to healing but her mind was still fragile.

    Tessa had been immediately changed into a pair of sweatpants and a t shirt as soon as she regained consciousness. So she simply unhooked her heart monitor, taking her IV of fluids with her to the door.

    She hadn’t realized Bucky had done nothing but sit outside her medical room for the past week, waiting to be able to slip into the room to talk to her. Tony had been guarding her, keeping him away. Unlike his sister, Tony held a grudge. So when Tessa’s door opened and she stepped out, he was surprised. She looked like she hadn’t slept since she came back- undoubtedly plagued by nightmares. Her skin was pale, under eyes dark. When her eyes landed on his, she stiffened, her whole body freezing. They stared for a long moment, neither of them giving in.

    “If you’re breaking out of your room, you’ll need to move a little faster.” Bucky quipped, a teasing tone overtaking the concern. Tessa started to take off, her gait a small, shuffle toward the elevator. Bucky stood up, stretching his arms out before sidling up beside her.

    “What do you want?” She muttered, slightly annoyed and embarrassed by his presence. She almost stumbled, her left foot catching on her right. She cursed lowly, while Bucky simply hooked an arm around her waist, steadying her. She tried to push away but Bucky had an iron grip, keeping her where he wanted. He was done waiting around. He was going to talk to her whether she wanted to or not. She was going to listen to what he had to say.

    “Well if you’re going for a little sight seeing- might I suggest the floor ninety? It’s got a lovely view and- bonus: less of an elevator ride.” Bucky steered her into the elevator and locked her down, his hand drawing smooth circles on her hip.

    “Isn’t that your floor?” She grumbled, leaning against him to relieve some of the weight on her feet. He hummed in response and looked down at her. She was scowling, eyes glued to the floor.

    “See, I’ve been waiting outside that room for a week now. I’ve had time to think about everything that was said while we were in captivity. Don’t think I’m an idiot, by the way.” Bucky watched her begin to shut down at the mentions of the cell. The mentions of her admitted transgressions. “I’ve been where you are, where you’ve been.” Tessa scoffed as the elevator dinged open.

    “You don’t know me.” She bit back, eager to be out of his hold, out of his sight. She couldn’t hold herself together around him anymore. Telling him everything- trusting him with that information... she didn’t want to see him now, not when he could judge her for it. Because all she wanted from him was to be accepted. Not pitied, not scorned, not disgusted. Loved. She didn’t know what the two kisses were on that battlefield, she didn’t know what any of it meant.

    “Don’t I?” He asked, opening the apartment door. The pair quickly pushed through the living room, bypassing Steve who was sat on the couch, watching the news. He had heard the door open, figuring it was Bucky so he didn’t turn. Until he heard the roll of wheels.

    “Is that Tessa?” He called, watching the receding backs of the two. His brows furrowed as Bucky’s bedroom door slammed shut, cutting the pair off from the rest of the world.

    “Oh, well please, enlighten me on how you know every thought I’ve ever had.” Tessa sat down on his bed, the white cotton sheets felt much better than the stiff medbay fabrics she had been confined to.

    “Alright, fine,” Bucky began shuffling around his room, seemingly in search of something. “You shut yourself off from everyone, you think it keeps us safe but really, it’s just a way of excusing your pity party and prolonging suffering you feel you deserve. You keep everything to yourself, no matter how much it pains you to do that. You don’t sleep well, nightmares keeping you up. You don’t eat much- if you do it’s at random times at night, where you don’t have to interact with us. You let one person in and immediately shut them out because you felt that you could hurt them before even giving it a chance.” Bucky stopped his search, turning to look at her over his shoulder. “Am I par for the course?”

    “Shut the hell up.” She growled, gently laying back on his neatly made bed. “So what if i don’t want to hurt you- why is that a bad thing? I want to keep you all safe. What’s the harm in that- what the fuck are you looking for?”

    “Got it...” Bucky stood straight again before walking to her. He knelt down on the bed beside her. “It isn’t a bad thing- it’s just that you’re going about it in a destructive way. You can keep us safe and live too. The way you’re going now, that’s not living. You’re just floating from day to day. Here. They found em last week and sent them to me. I’ve been waiting to give them to you.” He held a hand out, intending to drop the object into her palm. Tessa sighed and held it out flat. A cool metal grazed her palm and she broke her gaze off from his to look at it. Dog tags. She held them in front of her face to read them more clearly. They were slightly rusted, but the name was still clear: James Buchanan Barnes. “I’m not judging you for a mistake made six years ago. A mistake that was made with the best intentions in mind. With the best resources you had at the time. The Tessa I want to know is still in there- I’ve seen her during those late night talks in the light of the fridge. I’ve heard her when you talked about growing up with Tony or your early days in the military. And I’m gonna do everything I can to make her happy, because she’s gone through enough.”

    Tessa swallowed, feeling the beginning of tears pricking at her eyes. She was speechless- her own mind waging war on itself.

    “You know just what to say to make a girl blush, huh?” She sniffled, trying to laugh through it. Bucky grinned and took the tags, slipping them over her head, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

    “Stay here for the night, please? I know that you shouldn’t really be out of the med bay yet but... I want to talk to you- I want to be around you. Please?” Bucky asked, his bottom lip pouting slightly and his blue eyes shining with hope. Tessa pretended to think it over, pressing her hand to the dog tags that occupied her chest.

    “Okay. I’ll stay here. Only for tonight- and no funny business, Barnes.” She winced, sitting up. Bucky was quick to press a hand to her back, helping her sit. He gave a gran that would make the Cheshire Cat bashful.

    “No promises, sweetheart.”

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  • allahtreu
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago


     As  other  ‘   s  and  other  local  cooperative  ‘  s  gain  information  as  

    detection  is  becoming  more down  the  drain  in  rain  like  drowning  in  

    crater  lake  with  out   A   life  saver  and  bay  watch  day  dreaming  is  not  

    going  to  help  you  look  so  hot  .  Shala  your  not  so  hot  .  not  enough  

    damned  to  condemption  in  condemnation  lead  ‘  s  they  lead  me  no  

    where  looking  for  some  where  an  accurate  guess  is  likely  it’s  something  

    or  nothing  won  ‘  t  get  me  or  anyone  anywhere  and  getting  us  no  

    where  .  Did  you  search  everything  ?   Not  quite  yet  but  his  casual  dress  the  plain  and  casual  .  

    Yes  an  80 dollar  eighty  dollar  pair  of  Levis   A   pair   of   shoes  that  say  

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    Jean  Jacket  at  five  hundred  dollar  ‘  s   at  500  dollar  ‘  s  for   designer   

    and  A   T  H  I  Q  150.00  one  hundred  fifty  dollar   fashion  bluetooth 

    system  water  proof  belt   almost  like   A   Burqa  and  City  of  Veil  ‘  s  

    almost   though  not  quite  the  same  but  yes   A  WIFI BLUETOOTH  

    SYSTEM  .  Does  it   Work  ?   Un  certain  at  this  time  but  i  am  sure  we  

    know  eventually  .  yes  it  is  the  popular  Arabian  Boutique  trend  . are  you  

    sure  it  is  A   THIQ  bluebelt  and  not  another  among  other  ‘  s  belt  ‘  s  by  



    By  THIQ yes  maybe  or  may  not  be  but  TH  Intelligent  Quality  is for 

    Teremiah Hawkinos  Intelligent Quality  .  T H   intelligent  quality  is  top  of  the  line  moslty  fashionable  fun  with  a  little  espionage  feel  of  file  sharing  using  blue  technologies  not  any  thing  more  then  blue  share  . 

    yes  or  no  ?   

    No   not  likely  anything  more  /

    With  out  doubt  i  would  say  it  has  to  be  A  CLIENT LIST  at  least  one  at  every  location  .  though  it  is  to  many  to  search  them  all !   yes  much  to  many  . 

    I  am  sure  our  Abel  here  has  something  to  tell  us  about  how  he  ended  up  here !   Omar  !  Yes  Shala 

    Omar  A  well  build  power  house  member  of  Saudi  Arabian  Religious  Police  well oriented  and  dressed  very  proper  his  career  suit  ‘  s  him  well.

    Shala   A   Greenware   Greentooth  tag  .  GreenTooth ?  

    Green  or  Queen  Shala  ?  

    Queen Shala  has   A  nice  ring  to  it  - laughing chuckle  

    No  Qu  or  Gr   and   yes  or  no  ?   no   not   on   A  yes  of  thing  ‘  s  to  suggest  but  yes  or  no  

    Why ?  

    A  hunch   just  Green  or  Greece   ?   no  Greece  or  Greenmount   mount  green  or  Queen  ‘  s  Court  Compound   ?  Shala  spyware  not  whyware  over  here  or  wi wear  wireless  wear  . 

    Omar  Why  or  letter  Y ?  

    Victim  is  A  male  not  white  not  black  sex  chromosome  letter  twenty five  letter  Y  maybe  Get   A   D.N.A   sample   Deoxyribonucleic acid  sample  should  tell  us  something  if  it  is  a  match  in  the  system . 

    Omar -   We  should  begin  Deoxyribonucleic acid  collection  at  birth  and  data  record  ‘  s  will  be  stored  on  every  one  birth  record’s  and all  information  on file  would  be  rather  great  -  make  it  noted  of  importance  as  you  run  the  sample  through  the  data  base  !  

    Omar  Sure  excellent  work  .  thank  ‘  s ! 

    Shala ?  

    What  ?     

    Nothing  just  nothing  . 

    It  ‘  s   something  another  hunch  ? 

    Maybe  just  Greentooth  or  Greenmount  .  that  is  the  USA  Baltimore  Area  . Yes  more so  Rome  and  Re  or  Me  . 

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  • hostilemuppet
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • ozarkselectric
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ozarks’ Casey Jones recounts Miles For Missions trek

    Casey Jones works in quality service for Ozarks Electric Cooperative and has been with the company for 27 years. Ozarks is incredibly grateful for the work Casey does, but we are dually proud of the way he chooses to spend his time while not on the job. In 2017, he had the opportunity to take a mission trip with his church to India. While there, he was struck by how little money it took to provide clothes, a safe place to live and education to the children. He knew he wanted to help. 

    He began to think of ways to help and started to think about doing a long hike. He remembered when he was a kid and people would do walk-a-thons to support different charities and thought that maybe he could do something like that. He wanted it to be about more than just a hike. Casey wanted it to be a part of helping others, while seeking some solitude. 

    Casey made the decision to call the hike “Miles for Missions.” His plan was to hike the Ozarks Highland Trail, a 164-mile trek, in just 10 days. The hike began at Lake Fort Smith and ended in Woolum, Arkansas, about 35 miles east of Harrison on the Buffalo River. He began a year ahead of the hike to do research and learn all he could to make sure it was a successful venture. He says, “I started training about three and a half months before I planned to begin. I walked every evening with a loaded pack.”

    His plan was to have food stashes all along the trail to be able to make it. But the unexpected Arkansas winter weather in February didn’t cooperate. Then it began to rain. He was lucky to have his supportive parents and wife bring food to drop locations throughout the hike. He had a Garmin GPS communication device along with him so that he could send SOS messages in case of emergency. He could also receive messages from his family on the device.

    He left on February 26 and finished the hike March 8. He says, “Generally I would get up around 4 a.m., and decide what I needed to eat. I would determine the night before how far I wanted to get the next day. I had to find water, so that I could filter it for drinking. At the water crossings, I would try to massage my feet and legs. I had a cork ball that I would roll out on my arches and legs to try and keep from getting blood clots.”

    He found many surprises along the way. He says, “I couldn’t believe how rugged the territory was that I walked on. I often went 10 miles without even crossing a road.” He made the choice to go during that time of year to avoid mosquitos, flies and cobwebs, as well as snakes and bears. He comments, “It was also nice and cool. When you’re walking that far and carrying that much, 50-degree days seem pretty perfect.” 

    One of Casey’s favorite passages from the Bible is Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from His workmanship, so that men are without excuse.” He explains, “The stars and moon speak every man’s language and the night sky is so much clearer when you are away from the city. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. All that is true. But I learned that we need companionship. When I would have service and could call my wife and hear her voice, I was like a kid on Christmas morning.”

    Who knows where Casey will go next? He says he would like to someday hike the Continental Divide. For now, he says that his wife would like to have him home for a while. Casey is still taking donations for his 164 miles he walked. If interested in donating, please contact Prairie Grove First Baptist Church, Attn: Miles for Missions P.O. Box 40 Prairie Grove, AR 72753.

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    Unilorin begins 2019/2020 Rain Semester Examination Tuesday

    Unilorin begins 2019/2020 Rain Semester Examination Tuesday

    The University of Ilorin (Unilorin) says the 2019/2020 Rain Semester Examinations will begin Tuesday and end on May 28. Mr Kassim Babamale, the institution’s Deputy Registrar, in a statement on Tuesday in Ilorin, advised students to adhere to rules and regulations guiding the conduct of examinations to ensure its success. “Further to the above, the cooperation of all those involved in the…

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    Not Giving Up (On You)

    Summary: A fiery inferno storming its way towards you.

    The blue wash of an energy field surrounding you.

    Then blackness.

    Absolutely nothing.


    You wake up to the end of the world. You felt like giving up but now you have another priority, a little boy by the name of Five. Now you were surviving for the both of you.

    Pairing: Five Hargreeves & Reader (platonic)

    Author’s Note: What? I wrote a fic without a totally ambiguous ending? That's unheard of!

    Anon, I hope you enjoy and this lived up to your standards!

    And of course, just a reminder my requests are open!




    A fiery inferno storming its way towards you. 

    The blue wash of an energy field surrounding you. 

    Then blackness. 

    Absolutely nothing.

    The surface beneath you was hard. 


    Something sharp was stabbing into your back, but you felt like you couldn’t move. Your limbs were like lead. 

    Where am I?

    Your mind was groggy, forming non-coherent thoughts. Your head pounded as if someone had shaken your brain within your skull.

    Why does everything hurt?

    A thick, rotting smell suffocated you. The air burned your lungs, forcing out hacking coughs that rattled inside your chest, and somewhere deep in your brain, you wondered how slow death from smoke inhalation would be. Smoke. That’s what the smell was, mixed in with something else that was putrid. You simultaneously wanted to hold your breath and take deep gulps of the oxygen around you.

    What happened?

    You hadn’t opened your eyes yet. You couldn’t. They were stuck together with a layer of crust and your eyelashes felt as though they were ripping off as you slowly pried your eyes open.

    Holy shit. What the fuck happened?

    Immediately, thick smoke invaded your swarming vision. Your eyelids were heavy and it was a struggle to even keep them open. You tried your hardest to hold them open but you couldn’t help the long blinks that you took in between, each one feeling like a lifetime. You were staring at the sky, or what should be the sky but was now just a sheet of grey with specks of amber raining down. The buildings above you were destroyed. The once magnificent skyscrapers that dominated the skyline are now nothing but rubble.

    You gingerly lift your arms and prop yourself up on your elbows. Your entire body aches. You rest on your elbows and survey the area around you. The street you were so familiar with only moments ago is now demolished, debris scattered around covering virtually every remaining surface. Fires burn in the ruins and visibility is practically non-existent due to the grey haze.

    Everything is obliterated.

    You push yourself further into a sitting position, willing your body to cooperate with you so you can perhaps finally stand.

    You couldn’t seem to wrap your head around what was really happening.

    Start with the specifics.

    It was a Wednesday night, April 1st. You had been walking home from your job. You’d stayed late because of an overdue task that your boss demanded you complete before you left. It’d taken much longer than expected. The busses had stopped running at this point, forcing you to walk home. As you walked the regular route, you’d came across the Umbrella Academy - or what used to be the Umbrella Academy. You often would walk past the intimidating building on your way home. It loomed over everyone that passed by, its daunting presence unnerving the by-passers, but you especially, because that could have been you, forced to be a part of a team of child soldiers.

    You were one of the 43 children, born under mysterious circumstances on October 1st, 1989, to a mother who wasn’t expecting the hour before your birth. But your mother wouldn’t give you up for the world. When you found out there were other’s like you, you felt a flurry of emotions, you weren’t completely a freak, but you were wanted, by Reginald Hargreeves.

    When the announcement of the Umbrella Academy released to the public you asked your mother about it, but she forbade the subject and it was not to be mentioned again in her house. 

    You knew you had powers. When you were three years old and in daycare an older kid started picking on and he was quickly advancing on you, threatening to beat you up. As soon as his fists raised, your hands flew up and a blue light engulfed you. It was an impenetrable force field. 

    The daycare had immediately called your mother, who came to collect you and begged them to keep it under wraps. 

    It never really advanced from there. You didn’t train your powers or even attempt to use them, you didn’t understand how they worked and to be honest you never had to desire to. Anything to keep you as normal as possible was what you strived for.  

    But now the Umbrella Academy was destroyed, dust still settling on the ground around it. You couldn’t figure out what happened. It seemed as though a bomb had been dropped on that building and that building only, for the other’s surrounding it had suffered no damage whatsoever. 

    You continued on your way home, albeit a bit more on edge. You picked up your pace and making your way down random streets to put as much space between the Academy and yourself as possible. All the while you were throwing suspicious looks over your shoulder as you walked in the darkness. Could it have been a direct attack on the Umbrella Academy? Was whoever it was targeting the 43 kids? Were they after you?

    A large rumbling noise sounded behind you. It was louder than anything you had heard, you could feel your bones vibrating in your body and your eardrums were moments away from bursting. You quickly turned only to see a fiery inferno making its way directly towards it. Without thinking you instinctively threw your hands up, subconsciously allowing for your forcefield to surround you. 

    And then nothing.

    So what had happened in between? 

    You finally mustered the strength to push yourself to your feet and you shakily stood, your arms out beside you to keep your balance. 

    You stumbled your way through the rubble. Climbing up and slipping down upon bits of broken buildings. You also stumbled upon dead bodies, God, there were so many dead bodies. The first one you came across forced you to gag and you tripped away from their body as quickly as your shaky legs would let you. 

    Your mouth was dry but you cupped your hands around it nonetheless to call out into the void, "hello? HELLO? ANYONE?" Your cries became more desperate as you picked up your pace, running in no direction in particular.


    The silence answered your question as it faded into the smoky air. 

    You were alone.

    Defeated, you sat down on a chunk of concrete. So this was it? The end of the world.

    Tears slowly dripped down your face and you let them. Even though there was no one around to see, you buried your face into your hands. Despite approaching 30-years-old, you wanted nothing more than for your mother to be there with you, to wrap her arms around you and hold you close to her chest as she whispered soothing words to you.

    Heaving sobs ripped from your chest as you grieved the loss of your mother and everyone else on Earth. 

    It was hopeless. You were stranded alone, in a world that had completely been destroyed. What was the point of trying to survive if you weren’t able to live?

    The oxygen was ripped from your lungs, but it hurt more to breathe in the smoky air.

    Eventually, your sobs died down and you simply sat staring into space. If it really was the end of the world, then the least you could do was allow yourself to wallow in self-pity for at least a little bit.

    Suddenly, it was as if something shifted inside you. This wasn’t the end. You were going to push through this. There could be others, it was wishful thinking but at least it was something to get you motivated.

    You roughly wiped the remaining tears from your cheeks and stood up with a newfound determination. You needed a plan.

    Let’s get through tonight.

    Right. You needed shelter, food and water. Those were the top priorities at the moment. And perhaps some new clothes, seeing as your office attire wasn’t really apocalypse appropriate. 

    After a few hours of searching, you had found an old corner store that had a handful of canned food that hadn’t been crushed by the debris. You’d also spotted the old library which seemed to be one of the buildings that was still (somewhat) standing and looked stable enough. 

    The only issue was water. The corner store had some, but it was buried away behind crushed shelves and you didn’t fancy the risk to get them… at least not yet.

    You hadn’t strayed far from where you woke up, having grown up in the city you knew it like the back of your hand, but that was before it was destroyed by whatever it was that caused the apocalypse. 

    You shoved the cans deep into the backpack that you had found in the remains of a department store along with a coat you had scored. It was thick and oversized, but it would be good for the night, assuming it gets cold. Right now the heat was unbearable, but you needed the jacket more. 

    You slowly made your way down the street when a far cry sounded.

    No. It couldn’t be. But it was. You heard it again. A voice calling out for anyone.

    You ran. Your feet stumbled and tripped and your legs burned with the exertion but you paid no mind to them, following the voice that called out into the open air.

    Someone was here! You weren’t alone. Your breaths were laboured as you staggered around the corner, pushing yourself to go as fast as you could go.

    And there, kneeled outside of the remains of what once was the Umbrella Academy, was a figure.

    "HEY!" You shouted as loud as you could, the word ripping from your dry throat painfully. "OVER HERE!" 

    You pushed forwards towards the figure, still calling out, and you saw them shakily stand up. The closer you got the more you could make out of the person. It was a little boy. He was wearing some sort of private school uniform and his face showed a look of terror.

    You stopped running only a few feet away from him. You both looked at each other cautiously and a surge of protectiveness overcame as you waited for the boy to be the one to approach you.

    After a few beats of silence, he took a steady step towards you. "What happened?" He asked.

    You struggled to think of an answer. What could you tell this kid, when you didn’t even really know yourself. You opened your mouth to speak but no words came out, so you swallowed and tried again.

    "T-The apocalypse. I think," you berated yourself for stumbling over your words, wanting to be strong for this child.

    "Are there any others?" His voice trembled and your heart clenched as you watched him come to the realisation that everyone he knew could be gone.

    You shook your head solemnly, "you’re the only person I’ve come across so far… How did you survive?"

    The boy looked back at the destroyed Academy before turning his gaze to you, "I time-travelled, I went too far and I can’t go back." His voice was soft and full of regret. "If no one else survived, how did you?"

    You breathed out in realisation. He was one of the 43. Your eyes narrowed on the emblem on his uniform and suddenly it all clicked. He was from the Umbrella Academy, he was the one who went missing. You never learnt much about them but it was pretty much impossible to not hear about the kid who went missing. "I…I created a force-field. It protected me while whatever it was ended the world."

    He nodded in understanding while looking you up and down, "so you’re one of us? You have powers." It wasn’t a question, but still, you nodded your head in response anyway.

    A silence fell over the both of you as the boy took the time to observe your surroundings. You could see a particular look on his face, that asked the question 'what now?'. That same wave of protectiveness overcame you. He was just a little boy, he didn’t look a day over 13, and yet he was stuck here. Stuck here with you, and possibly only you. You knew there was no chance you could give up now, you had to keep going for this boy.

    "Come on," you said, turning around and waving your hand over your shoulder. Taking initiative was the first step, if you could give him some basic instructions to follow, maybe this whole apocalypse wouldn’t seem so daunting. "We still have to try and find some water before sundown, and I’ve already found a place we can stay tonight."

    The sound of rocks shifting behind you signified that the boy had listened to you and was following along, but he didn’t say anything in return. You understood, you wouldn’t know what to say either. Hell, you were in his position only a couple hours beforehand. You shudder at the thought of the boy showing up all alone, forced to fend for himself. You shook your head sharply to rid of the thoughts. No, he has you, and you sure as hell aren’t going to leave him behind.

    "You don’t have to look after me," his voice pipes up from behind you after a few minutes of walking. "I’ve been taught survival skills, I can deal with this on my own."

    You stopped in your tracks and turned to look at the boy who was standing with his hands in his pockets and his shoulders hunched, but he still looked you in the eye with an unwavering look. You furrowed your brows and stepped closer to him, slightly bending down to be closer to his level. "Why would you say that?" You asked, keeping your tone purposefully light.

    He shrugged his shoulder, "why would you want a kid following you around? Children shouldn’t be seen nor heard." The second statement sounds as if the words were someone else’s and not those of the child standing in front of you.

    "Who told you that?" 

    "My dad," He replied simply, breaking eye contact to look at the ground.

    Your heart broke for this child. God, what kind of upbringing did he have to have to try to willingly leave on his own during an apocalypse. "Well you listen here, your dad was wrong. You’re going to stick with me and we’re going to get through this." You stated, trying to sound confident in your own words. 

    And besides, I need you as much as you need me.

    You left that part unspoken. But deep down it was true, you knew that his presence alone was pushing you to keep going.

    You put your hands on your knees and pushed yourself back up to a standing position, dusting off the dirt that had gathered on your pants, but it was pointless seeing as the wind pushed more to immediately take its place.

    The boy watched you with a confused curiosity. You’d only known this boy for half an hour, yet you could already tell he didn’t like pity, even so, you couldn’t help but feel bad for him. What kind of a father must Reginald Hargreeves have been to have brought up a child so afraid of needing help? Once again you thanked your mother for never giving you up.

    Resolutely, you stuck out your hand, which was already covered in small scrapes and cuts, "my name is Y/N."

    Cautiously, the boy took it and shook with a firmness, "Five." He replied simply.

    Judging by the bored look on his face, you knew that he had probably been asked the inevitable question 'like the number?' a million times. So instead you took it in stride, smiling as if it was a completely normal name.

    You reached up to wipe the sweat that had accumulated on your brow, the heat was unforgivable and you couldn’t help but feel for Five, who was still wearing his uniform blazer. "We also need to find you some more suitable clothes," you mentioned before setting off once more. 

    You could feel Five’s stare on your back, but soon enough, the telltale sound of feet upon rubble told you that he was following behind, albeit with less of a distance in between the both of you this time.

    You bit your lip to stop yourself from grinning, he was beginning to trust you. It was a start at least, he already seemed like a pretty untrusting kid, and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    It had been a couple hours and you had finally struck gold. A supermarket, still relatively standing, had cases upon cases of water and you both rejoiced in that first sip, letting it trickle down your throat as you forced yourself not to chug the whole bottle. While there was plenty of water, you weren’t sure how long it would be until you found more.

    Now, you both slowly made your way down the street, carefully climbing over the piles of debris, and when Five spotted his first dead body, you quickly found an alternate route going in the opposite direction.

    After climbing a particularly rough pile of rubble, you were faced with an even steeper descent back to the road you were following. You meticulously stepped down, careful not to disrupt anything that could displace the entire hill you stood on. Once you had made it to a slightly more stable area, you turned back with your arms outstretched to help Five. Five began to reach out but then hesitated as he caught your eye. You didn’t say anything, but remained still with your arms outstretched, letting the corners of your lips turn up in an encouraging smile. After another moment of delay, he reached out and grab your forearms and you both worked to get him down to the level you were on.

    You shared a smile of success when both his feet finally landed on solid ground. However, soon enough, the moment was shattered when Five’s eyes drifted slightly to your right and a strangled cry ripped from his throat.

    Within seconds his grip on you had disappeared and he sprinted over to what had caught his eye.

    "Five?" You turned to follow him, panic striking through your veins. 

    Another cry wretched from him and he collapsed to the ground in front of a pile of rubble. "Five!" You cried, your voice sounding more distraught as you scrambled your way over to where he knelt. Finally, as you approached you saw what it was that caused his distress. 

    Oh God, no.

    Laying on the ground, partially buried under rubble was Luther Hargreeves. His arm still thrust out and clenching onto something, with the infamous umbrella tattoo visible.

    You recognised him from the newspapers, a few years ago he was sent on an esteemed mission to the moon and the media was in a frenzy about it for a few months. You hadn’t paid much attention to it, your mother’s warnings of staying away from the Umbrella Academy ringing in your head.

    But now he’s dead. Logically, you knew he would most likely be, so far it’s only been you and Five. But his body was there, right in front of you. Blood trickled down his face and into his open, unseeing eyes and his lower half was buried completely underneath piles of concrete.

    You reached out and carefully took the item from his and examined it, it was an artificial eyeball. You grimaced but placed it into your pocket, nonetheless, knowing that Five may want it in the future. Five. He was crouched next to you, holding Luther’s other hand and crying into his dead brother’s chest. While he already looked small to you, seeing him curling in on himself made your already broken heart shatter into pieces.

    You knelt next to him, gently wrapping your arms around his shoulders and he automatically leaned into your chest. He didn’t say anything as he sobbed, but you whispered reassuring words into his ear. You rubbed his back and allowed his tears to soak the shoulder of your jacket.

    You don’t know how long you sat there crouched beside Luther’s body, but by the time Five’s cries had stifled the sun was dangerously close to setting. You gently coaxed him up and wrapped your arm once again around his shoulders, rubbing his arm soothingly. "Come on, let’s get to the shelter."

    Five didn’t respond or show any sign that he had heard what you said, except for his feet slowly starting to shuffle along the road. Soon enough, you stumbled upon the rest of the bodies of his siblings and another choked sob escaped from him. You gently pulled him away.

    As you reached the library that you had now deemed your shelter, the sun was setting on the horizon. At least it was supposed to be, for the sun was now no more than a dull, orange silhouette, blanketed by a cloud of dust and smoke that consumed the sky.

    You made your way into the ruins. Only 3 full walls still stood, the remaining one had crumbled to the ground, much like everything else around it. But 3 walls was far better than none. Along with the bottles of water that you had stuffed into your backpack, you had also managed to find a tarp on the way back that you dragged alongside with you. It wasn’t much, but it would do for your first night.

    Five immediately squirrelled himself away into a corner and you sighed lightly to yourself. You couldn’t imagine how he was feeling right now. He’d left his original time, left his family behind as children and now he had to face the reality of a new world, and see the dead bodies of his adult siblings. You spread the tarp on the floor next to the sturdiest looking wall and slipped the bag off your shoulders and rummaged around before producing 2 cans of food - green beans and peaches. You grimaced at the thought of eating either of them, but this was your new normal. Besides, who knows how long it would be until you run out of food, you should be grateful while you still have the chance.

    You finally took off your coat, the warm, dry air feeling significantly better than the stifling hot feeling of the coat that had consumed you.

    You turned back from the wall to face Five, who was staring off absentmindedly into space. "Five?" You prodded gently, gaining his attention. You lifted the two cans to show him. "Do you want green beans or peaches for dinner?"

    He shrugged his shoulders before resuming his blank stare.

    You walked over to him and gently put your hand on his shoulder, "c’mon, Five, you have to eat."

    No response.

    You let a heavy sigh release from your lungs before you took the can of peaches and pulled the tab, placing the open can in front of him. "You can’t let it go to waste, now."

    He blinked at you before slowly reaching out for the can and stuffing a handful of peaches into his mouth like a petulant child.

    You smiled softly to yourself before opening your own can of green beans. You wrinkled your nose as the smell wafted from the can, but you figured Five would like peaches the best out of the two opinions and you were willing to make sacrifices for him.

    You rested against the wall next to him, stretching out your legs and crossing them at the ankles and watched as he did the same next to you. The two of you sat in silence as you ate, the sounds of the wind outside drowning out anything else.

    "I want to give them a proper burial," Five spoke, suddenly. You turned and blinked at him, it was the first thing he had said since he found his siblings.

    After a moment of hesitation from you, you nodded your head frantically, "of course, we’ll do it tomorrow. We’ll mark their graves and you can say a few words in their honour."

    Five nodded solemnly before going back to his canned peaches. "Thank you," he said, his voice so quiet it was almost lost in the wind.

    You reached out and gently squeezed his hand before returning to your canned beans.

    More time had past and the sun had well and truly set now and darkness shrouded the ruins around you. Your eyes had adjusted well enough, but you needed to get some light source if you wanted to get anything done at night. Just another thing to add to your never-ending list of supplies.

    "We should go to bed now," you whispered into the dark.

    There was no reason to whisper, it was only you and Five. But it felt wrong to speak, as though you were disturbing the bodies around you.

    Next to you, Five got up to his feet and you followed suit. You lead him over to the tarp you had laid out with your backpack and jacket still on it. Five shuffled awkwardly while he waited as you pulled the remaining water bottles from the bag and flattened it down to form a makeshift pillow. Once you were done, you patted it, waving Five over with your other hand. "C’mon, little one, this is where you’ll be sleeping tonight."

    Five narrowed his eyes and walked over mumbling under his breath, "don’t call me little one."

    You chuckled to yourself as you positioned yourself with your back against the wall.

    "What about you?" He asked.

    You shrugged, "I’m gonna keep watch tonight, just to be sure we’re completely safe."

    Five’s eyebrows furrowed but he didn’t say anything as he dragged the backpack next to your splayed out legs and tucked his head onto it.

    You smiled softly at the trust he had begun to show in you and you watched as quickly slipped into sleep, his breaths slowly evening out.

    As the night grew deeper, as did the cold and soon enough you noticed Five shivering lightly by your legs. You frowned. You hadn’t been able to get him any new clothes yet, you needed to remember to get him some. So instead you took the jacket that laid uselessly beside you and threw it over his small body, watching as he immediately cocooned into it. A small smile slipped onto your face and you risked reaching out to card your fingers gently through his hair. Eventually, the motion made your eyes heavy with exhaustion and you felt yourself slip down the wall slightly. It had been hours and you hadn’t seen anything suspicious, in fact, you hadn’t seen anything. 

    You weighed this in your mind as your eyelids grew heavier and heavier and soon you accepted the fact that you were going to fall asleep. As you felt yourself slipping further into sleep’s grasp, your mind still ran a million miles an hour, making lists of supplies, plans for the future and ways to survive, but there was only one final thought on your mind as you finally tumbled into the depths of exhaustion.

    We’re going to get through this, little one.

    #five hargreeves x reader #tua x reader #tua fanfic#five hargreeves #the umbrella academy #the umbrella academy fanfic
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    Monday, May 03, 2021

    The level gauge reading at Lake Sebago on Sunday, May 02, 2021 was lake elevation 264.92 feet USGS Datum, and 1’ 09” below the spillway crest, an increase of 3.8” for the week. During this period the National Weather Service recorded 1.3” of rain at the Portland Jetport.

    In consultation with the State and Federal Resources Agencies, Sappi reduced outflows on March 30, 2021 to 12,000 cfm. This temporary flow reduction will be reviewed week to week. Yesterday’s level is 7.9” below the 19 year average. The State Park notified Sappi that on Tuesday 4/06, one sluice gate from the Songo river was closed and on Friday 4/09, the second gate was closed. The US Drought Monitor Summary sponsored by USDA and NOAA has classified the entire southern half of the State of Maine as abnormally dry.

    Outflow will remain:

    12,000 CFM / 200 CFS Total

    7,500 CFM /125 CFS allocated to the bypass reach

    USGS Lake Level Site USGS Presumpscot River Gauge

    Bypass Reach Recreation sites are Open Except Gambo

    **Sappi has received multiple reports of vandalism at the Gambo/Windham Soccer boat launch facility. Investigations indicate vehicles driving off road and tearing up seeded areas as well as graffiti and vandalism to Part 22 signage. In cooperation with the Town of Windham and the Windham Youth Soccer Association the facility will CLOSED until May 01 and then only be open during daylight hours till further notice. Please report any unauthorized entry activity to Windham Police at 207-892-2525**

    The following hyperlink allows registration to Cumberland County Regional Communication’s CodeRed Alert System. This system will send automated emails or texts in the event of flooding or an evacuation.

    Please use caution and obey all warning signals and signage in the vicinity of the dams.

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    Page 9: Wireframe


    A/N: Hi all! So after this chapter I’ll be taking a short break to edit a few (four) existing chapters and make things more consistent across storylines

    The four chapters are marked in the masterlists and I’ll post callouts when they’re updated. Thanks for bearing w me!!! 😖

    continue west: [ prev | masterlist | next ]

    follow path: [ ↢ east | masterlist | south ↣ ]

    SYNOPSIS: Fresh off the team’s minor tabloid scandal, Y/N L/N is one of the Osaka-based designers hired to renew the face of the MSBY Black Jackals and stir up some good publicity. The only problem is their setter—who got them into this mess in the first place!—doesn’t seem to be cooperating

    TAGLIST IS OPEN! (Send an ask/message/reply, whatever suits you! Strikes unable to be tagged, pls check your privacy settings! 🙃) @crescenttooru @marissaraeblr @roselleviennesstuff @ash-levi @ntimacy @tmtau @ysatrap @nerdynstoned @fucktheworlddude @tabipleats @afire24 @internethome @kac-chowsballs @putmeinyourdeathnote @xfangirl-trashx @kodzuklutz @cream-n-sugar @kotarousbabyowl @blkladyelle @syaziahvg @ego-risu-ad-sidera @renhold-nightspear @lilith412426 @kiyokisses @wrongbitch24 @moonlitevibes @honeypirate @rain-kissed-clouds @luckyminhibou @rinnieroulette @scentedflower
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    Bulk Wrapped Candies - NEEDED FOR Any Retail Business

    Because they're small, obtainable in a variety of brands, and wrappers protect them from sun and rain, bulk wrapped candies are ideal for virtually every kind of retail business. Examine these ideas: Convenience stores can create a number of different kinds of displays for wrapped candies. Grocery stores often display these kinds of candies along their checkout aisles. Gas stations can make small countertop displays near their registers for these candies. Restaurants, like gas stations, can create small displays of candies in wrappers by their registers. Hotels frequently have snack bars and dining areas, which lend themselves to wrapped candy displays. Amusement and theme parks, together with carnivals and fairs, can display the candies in small bins at venues throughout the entire park. What Kinds of Bulk Wrapped Candies CAN BE FOUND? Retail business can order just about any kind of wrapped candy that's available in bulk! This wide assortment of candies makes it easy to add variety to your candy displays as well as offer something for all of one's customers. You could find bulk candies in wrappers such as for example: Atomic Fireballs Lemonheads Jawbreakers Laffy Taffy Smarties Rolls Root Beer Barrels Starlight Mints Sunkist Fruit Gems Tootsie Roll Midgees Jolly Ranchers Bit-O-Honey Sour Lemons Squirrel Nut Zippers If you already know what kind of candies your customers prefer, those are the kinds of candies you need to order in bulk; however, if you are not sure which candies will undoubtedly be popular and those won't, consider order small levels of several different kinds of candies. Once the candies have been available in your store for a substantial amount of time, you'll then be able to determine those your customers prefer and you will order those wrapped candies in bulk. Where Can You Display Bulk Wrapped Candies in Your Store? gummy machines to the truth that wrappers protect these candies from dust and debris, it is possible to display them in so many places throughout your store! Consider these options: Countertop Displays: These displays are perfect, regardless of how big or small your countertop is. You may use clear plastic containers for these displays, which will make it easier for your customers to see the candies they want, or you can use colored acrylic containers that add extra visual appeal to your display. Floor Displays: These displays are perfect for stores that have a lot of space to work with. It is possible to situate floor displays near your countertop and register or throughout your store near aisles, deli areas, or fountain drink machines. In the event that you choose to display your wrapped candies in floor displays situated near your store's entryway, though, make sure you have an obvious view of the displays to greatly help prevent theft. Wooden Basket Displays: Like plastic container displays, wooden basket displays are really versatile. You can use several wooden baskets to create your own stand-alone countertop display, or you can display your candies in wooden basket racks. We're among Gummy Machines manufacturers and suppliers in China. After more than 20 years of development, the business has grown from one factory to three factories, Our Gummy Machines 80% is exported to a lot more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, etc.The caliber of our Gummy Machines is guaranteed and has been certified by the European Union CE and UL.Looking forward to your cooperation with this company!

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    Best Car Parking Shades In UAE

    Regardless of whether the area is residential or industrial Since from last couple of years  Alqaimtent the best Car Parking Shades approach has been to shield cars from hot weather, dust, granny, rain, and other dangerous conditions in UAE. We are proud to produce, provide and install parking shades, with a rich background in the manufacturing sector and continue to grow here in the UAE as one of the most reliable Car Parking Shades. We also tailor your car park shade to make them compliant with the entire exterior design, as well as to comply with security requirements based on your preferences and specifications.

    Alqaimtent provides high-quality material Car Parking Shades In UAE with all supply and installation services.

    We give really long-lasting shades of car for UAE hot weather, giving cars full shade, which holds their interior, glow and shine for a long time. We deliver personalized and regular Car Parking Shades In UAE with all appropriate shades structure and fabric calculation. High-quality shading is used on shades such as PVC Fabric, PVC, Knitted Mesh Fabric, GRP Sheet, GI Sheet, K-Span Sheet, etc. We have high-quality material for shading car shades. We use Galvanized Steel Frame, MS Epoxy Structure, the Aluminum structure is designed for shades which give parking shades a long life. We guarantee for the structure and fabric of 5 to 15 years on parking shades.

    The newest Modern Car Parking Shades we produce. Like Air-Craft Hanger’s shade, Bus Stands, including Cantilever Car parking shades, Arch Design car parking shade UAE. Garden Umbrellas, Gazebos & Shades, Masjid Shades, Membrane Structure, Restaurant Shades, Stadium & Park Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, Tensile Structures, Walkways Covering, Wedding Marquees, Steel Shades. ETC. Alqaimtent provides all these

    Modern Car Parking Shades across all the emirates of UAE. If you are required for Modern Car Parking Shades, Car Parking Shade, Swimming Piscine Shade, Roof Shade, Bus Shade Any Type OF Shade and Tents Contact us without hesitation, please.

    Car Parking Shades Fiber:

    Alqaimtent uses high-quality Car Parking Shades Fiber that covers the car 100% by UV and ensures that the car shines and glows in UAE’s hot weather.HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Car Parking Shades Fiber is a high-quality material that is used in tensile structures and parking shades. The fabric is made from high-quality fabrics over a longer period of time. It has been engineered for optimum power, durability, and safety. Alqaimtent

    Car Parking Shades Fiber material is waterproof and non-waterproof, which offers cover in every weather condition. The following is the stuff for our Car Shades:

    Material for shading:

    95 HDPE mesh knitted     manufacturing commercial ( Australian Made Gale Pacific)

    Made of PVC (Ferarri PVC Fabric,     Mehlar PVC Fabric, Verseidag PVC Fabric)

    Made of PTFE (Verseidag PTFE,     Obeaken)

    Manufacture of Acrylic Canvas     (Made in Spain)

    Fiberglass | FRP Sheet GRP Sheet

    Parking shades of K-Span Car

     Alqaimtent is the first manufacturer of Car Parking shed and suppliers of  parking shades, car parking huts, and car tents in UAE at the best prices. If you want unique outdoor solutions for Car Parking Shed design, we can customize Car parking Shed and modern roof structures according to your needs for ideas, style, and shade. Alqaimtent specializes in car showrooms (car dealerships), residential parking, and commercial shades for Indians, from personal small-size cars, SUVs to Van at a modest rate. Different sizes, shapes, and attractive paint available for your vehicle. We believe in cooperation from the very start of a project as a specialty contractor, we provide support in pre-conception, design, development, planning, etc.

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