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    25.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    oh no ethan ur hand 

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    25.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago
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    25.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago
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    25.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago
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  • totallynotresidentevil
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Heyo! Just wanted to say that if any of you want content while you wait for more here, I just made a side blog called totallynotfandom where I will be post content for other fandoms that I can’t post on my mains so please go check it out if you like what I post here!! Thank you :))))

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  • askdonnabeneviento
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • askdonnabeneviento
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #resident evil viii #re village #resident evil village #re8 ask blog #donna beneveinto#house beneviento #ask donna beneviento #angie beneviento#donna beneviento
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  • askdonnabeneviento
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #re village #resident evil viii #resident evil village #re8 ask blog #donna beneveinto#house beneviento #ask donna beneviento #angie beneviento#donna beneviento
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  • lunatvoeyjizny
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    New sketch with LadyD

    Неужели я закончу хотя бы один скетчбук🥀🤍

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  • lovelywingsart
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Apparently I had the energy of a god tonight for sketches 🙃

    Anyway... Cute AU things with Adalwulf 💙

    A happy(and proud) new momma, a happy little boy, and just... a happy family.

    Things that could have been, had the game gone differently.

    (It's not SUPPOSED to be sad, but It kinda is...?

    It's cute enough to where I almost teared up, especially with the sketch of new momma Emelia. She did it by herself and wasn't found until afterwards, with newborn Adalwulf wrapped in her shirt. It was the happiest she'd been in years. 💙

    Adalwulf also loves 'stealing' his papas hat when older, and likes to move little things like cogs and bolts and copies the hell out of him. Karl thinks it's adorable. Emelia is pretty sure she's seen him tear up, but he won't admit it. 😏)

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  • cinderspots
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • magizra
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mother Miranda, at it with the MOST devious lick 🙏

    (also why the hell are people ripping sinks out of the wall for tiktok... r u ok??)

    #i really like how the colors turned out on this #i felt very painterly #my art#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #re8#capcom#mother miranda#rose winters#rosemary winters#art#digital art#illustration#devious lick
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  • piracytheorist
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Till I Can Stand On My Feet Again (1/1)

    Fandom: Resident Evil Village

    Summary: One simple change; Heisenberg is the one to show Ethan what he is, and drags him to watch his fight with Miranda. Scared of himself but determined to protect his daughter, Ethan’s path takes a different route. (Basically, an Ethan Lives AU cause my heart and soul need it)

    Word count: 5.3k AO3


    “Not bad, not bad, Winters!”

    Ethan’s hand rose instinctively, gun aimed directly at Heisenberg’s head. He was walking down a series of metal pieces from the chamber that he moved to resemble a staircase.

    “You would’ve made a useful ally in my fight against Miranda,” Heisenberg said. “Too bad your feelings override your logic.”

    “Fuck you!” Ethan shouted, firing two bullets at him. He wasn’t surprised they ricocheted off a metal shield Heisenberg put up just in time, but he was too stubborn to regret the wasted ammo.

    “You amuse me, Ethan. You’re so hard-headed you can’t even see what’s right in front of you.”

    “I’d never join you!” He hadn’t lowered his pistol.

    “Sure, sure. But that’s not what I’m talking about.”

    Before Ethan could see it coming, a pair of handcuffs flew and wrapped around his wrists. He managed to fire once before his pistol was snatched from his hands, but the bullet didn’t seem to hit anything. Heisenberg threw away the gun without even looking at it, or the rest of Ethan’s guns as he pulled them off of him.

    “Damn it,” Ethan said under his breath. “What the fuck do you want from me?!”

    Heisenberg’s gloved hand jolted up and Ethan was flying backwards, grunting as his back met with the metal door he had just attempted to open. His hands went up and he sighed exasperatedly. At least he wasn’t hanging from them this time.

    “I’m returning the favor,” Heisenberg said. “You’ve been giving me quite the show since you stepped foot in this village. How long has it been now? Barely a day, and you’ve survived so much.” By now he was right in front of him. “Did you even count the amount of injuries you sustained?”

    Ethan stared at him in confusion. “What?”

    “I have been watching. And don’t forget, one of those was my initiative.”

    Without a warning, he grabbed Ethan’s sweater and the t-shirt under it and raised them up to Ethan’s chest. He extended the index finger of his free hand and he touched the place where he’d stabbed him with that metal pole… indeed, barely twelve hours ago.

    “Look at it, it’s already scarring.” His voice sounded less amused now; more focused, serious. “It should have taken days to close, weeks to heal. You shouldn’t have been able to walk, let alone run or fight, until it stopped opening and bleeding every time you took a step.”

    Ethan shrugged; if he were honest, he hadn’t actually given himself the time to wonder how it all had worked. “What can I say? The healing stuff found around here works wonders,” he said, a bitter tone in his voice.

    “What? This junk?” With another move of his fingers, Ethan’s last bottle of healing salve flew from his inner jacket pocket to Heisenberg’s hand, probably manipulated by the metal cap. “Some fucking disinfectant?”

    Despite the confusion setting in his mind, Ethan couldn’t ignore the relief at Heisenberg not touching his naked torso anymore. He shook his head. “It’s not- AARGH!” His sentence was cut short by a cry of pain as something stabbed through his finger. Before he even had time to raise his head to see it, a particularly sharp metal piece had pierced through the index finger of his right hand, completely cutting it off. His knees gave out and he slid down the door, his haunches dropping to the ground.

    Heisenberg picked up the fallen digit, saying, “See, I was even generous to not remove more fingers from your crippled hand. But you wouldn’t need worry, even if I had. See?”

    Ethan whimpered, curling his right hand into a blood-soaked fist as Heisenberg turned the finger so that Ethan could see the inside of it. “What- what am I supposed to see?” he said between gasps of pain.

    “The mold, Ethan.”

    His throat went dry. “The what?”

    Heisenberg leaned down to him and brought the finger even closer. The lights in the room suddenly turned brighter, and in his absolute horror, among the mess of blood, muscle and bone, Ethan could see small, black tendrils across the inside of his finger, moving. His voice shook in a breathy whimper.

    “Don’t tell me you think that’s normal,” Heisenberg said. Ethan gasped as the handcuffs moved suddenly; Heisenberg grabbed his right hand, keeping it steady with physical and magnetic force as he brought the finger back to its place.

    “Wh- What are you-” Ethan started.

    “Patience,” he interrupted.

    Ethan swallowed past the lump in his throat. It couldn’t… no, the BSAA had tested him… maybe Heisenberg was toying with him, the way Donna Beneviento had?

    “You think it was that liquid you carried around that healed you, right?” He lifted his head, sunglasses moving away from his face through magnetic powers. “I suppose you’ve heard of the placebo effect.”


    “No, you haven’t, or no, you can’t believe it?” His eyes were boring into him. Whatever Heisenberg was trying to tell him, he was dead serious about it.

    “You’re lying. You’re just messing with me.”

    “Am I?” Heisenberg shrugged, raising his hands as well.

    It was then Ethan realized he had actually let him go. He looked down at his hand; his finger had been perfectly reattached, though with a visible scar around the connection.

    “Even if it had been a top-notch surgeon to reattach your finger, under perfect hospital conditions, it would still take weeks for your finger to regain its full mobility, if even that.”

    Panting hard, Ethan tested his digit. Though the skin around the scar itched a little, it moved as perfectly as before. He looked up at Heisenberg, who was now smiling wide.

    “Wha- why…” Ethan tried.

    “Why else do you think Miranda was after you?”

    “What? How would Miranda even know about us?”

    “Oh, she knows some powerful people.”

    Ethan shook his head. “No. Only the BSAA knew where we were living, about our involvement with the Dulvey-” He cut himself off, then looked at Heisenberg, feeling like an idiot. “The BSAA?”

    Heisenberg shrugged. “Weren’t they the ones who’d made you feel safe and protected enough to start a family? To have a child? The ones who probably told you you were safe from whatever shit you went through in America?”

    “Wh- what shit are you talking about?”

    “I stabbed you, for fuck’s sake!”

    Despite himself, Ethan shrunk backwards a little.

    Heisenberg went on. “The now-dead tall bitch drank your blood, strung you up with hooks from the ceiling, cut off your whole hand! Only now you’re wondering?” He shook his head, amused again. “Talk about denial, Winters. No healthy, living man should be able to reattach limbs just like that.”

    “Living?” Ethan said in a weak voice.

    “Well… as living as the mold inside you keeps you.”

    “No, no, that’s impossible. I stopped Eveline. I killed her.”

    Heisenberg smiled. “You know as well as I do that sometimes, a dead man can still kill.”

    It was then that it hit him; how Dimitrescu, upon tasting his blood, had said that it tasted “stale”.

    His head fell down to his hands again; she’d stabbed him with hooks, her claws, cut off his hand… and there he still was. It would be impossible, unless…

    “You’re dead, Ethan Winters,” Heisenberg said.

    “You know he’s right.”

    Ethan didn’t have to move his head to see who had spoken; he’d had enough nightmares haunted by Eveline’s form, either as a child, old woman, or transformed mold monster, to recognize her voice.

    Still, he moved it, to see the girl standing just behind Heisenberg, the same, patronizing smile on her face as always. “Stop lying to yourself already,” Eveline said. “Do you think Zoe had any real idea how to reattach your hand?”

    “B-but…” Ethan tried.

    “Just like Lucas reattached his cut hand. But Lucas had been alive, when I infected him. You?” She moved instantly right next to him, leaning down to whisper in his ear. “Remember, when you first met Jack?”

    Could he ever forget? He was welcomed to the family with a punch in the face… and Jack stomping on his head.

    “That hit was stronger than Jack had intended. You were already dead when he dragged you back to the house.” Ethan shivered at the sound of a smile in her voice. “When I took you too.”

    His hands were trembling; he could already feel tears pool in his eyes, and the first, stupid question to form in his mind was how he was even able to make tears. How… how could he not know? Everything else had been normal, had it not? He experienced everything he had before, hunger, thirst, heat, cold, pain… He bled. He cried.

    “How exactly do you think your little Rose would be able to survive what happened to her?” Heisenberg asked.

    Ethan snapped instinctively at the sound of his daughter’s name. “What ‘happened’ to her?! Or what you did to her?!”

    Heisenberg raised his hands again. “I just stood by and watched. Can’t say I was really bothered to do anything.”

    Stood by? He’d seen it– Heisenberg and the other Lords reaching to touch Rose… “You fucking bastard-” Ethan started, cut off by Heisenberg’s hand pressing against his mouth.

    “Ah, ah. But don’t you wonder? You think she just happens to be able to crystallize and be brought back unharmed? Don’t you wonder whether she takes after you?”

    After him?

    His eyes widened. Mia had had the vaccine. He had not. The BSAA had reassured them both the mold hadn’t left any lasting effects on their bodies. But he… Rose…

    New tears formed in his eyes, this time starting to run. To his surprise, Heisenberg seemed to show understanding, as he pulled his hand off and stood up, turning his back at him.

    Was that what Mia had kept from him? Did she- had she… when… how…?

    Was that why Chris had killed her? Did he want to isolate Ethan, and had he feared Mia would protest, and decided she had to get out of the way? If the BSAA had told Miranda… she would get Rose, and they would get him…

    It was all because of him. Rose was… infected, because he was. Because he was too stupid, and too worried about Mia instead of himself, to notice that something was wrong with his body, before deciding to bring her into this world.

    “Seeing as those old news have shocked you, I will extend my last chance,” Heisenberg said, still turned away from him. “I am going to use Rose’s powers either way, but you can choose to stand by my side and enjoy watching that bitch Miranda dying.”

    Within the waves of panic and sorrow, Ethan was nearly surprised to feel rage build back up in his chest. He looked up as Heisenberg turned to face him, and actually spat at his direction. “My ‘fuck you’ still stands.”

    Heisenberg shrugged. “I tried.”

    Ethan’s shoulders hunched forward as he felt his rage wash off, his previous feelings surfacing again. He didn’t bother watching as Heisenberg moaned and roared, his body fusing itself with steel and iron in yet another horrific body transformation. Ethan had seen enough of those in a day that he couldn’t be bothered to feel shock at it.

    The shock at realizing his own condition was enough.

    Instead of throwing Ethan in a cell, Heisenberg simply passed a chain around his handcuffs, secured it to his metallic body and forced him to walk beside him and his metal army towards the ceremony site.

    It seemed the asshole was still enough of a drama king that he wanted Ethan as an audience to the show of him taking revenge on Miranda.

    Not that Ethan minded the idea of Miranda being taken care of. But with Heisenberg transformed into an iron giant, surrounded by hordes of soldats and zombies that for once weren’t trying to kill Ethan, he couldn’t help wondering how the hell he had any chance of saving Rose.

    He was still determined to, no matter the potential cost to himself. Though, with him being already dead, what were really the limits?

    He had none, he realized. First chance he’d get, he’d grab Rose and run. To where, he didn’t know.

    He was nothing but a corpse full of mold. How could he ever raise his daughter properly? With the BSAA coming after him?

    He had to. He owed it to Rose to find a way to save her and keep her safe.


    The village looked nearly unrecognizable now. Trees made of mold had broken out of the ground in various places, ruining any house that hadn’t already been ruined by the lycan attacks. Heisenberg was leading, his tank form flattening any obstacle on the way to the ceremony site.

    Ethan’s chest grew heavy; he had no weapons, his hands were literally tied, and he would be surrounded by enemies.

    Just let Rose be fine. Just let Rose be fine.

    When Heisenberg pushed aside the mold trees isolating the ceremony site from the outside, Ethan stopped listening to what anyone else was saying, though he could hear voices speaking, because she was right there; Rose, in the flesh, fussing and crying, in the arms of that psycho monster.

    “Rose!” Ethan screamed and tried to run to her. His body twisted as the chain pulled at his hands, and for once he found himself wishing he could cut off his hand on his own. Mold wrapped around Rose, carrying her behind Miranda, to safety, as Miranda herself transformed. Ethan couldn’t bother turning to see what she looked like.

    The fight started. Ethan was being struck by stray swings of swords, drills, and mold branches. Heisenberg and Miranda groaned in effort and pain, as he would try to move to grab Rose and she would move to stop him. And still Ethan pulled at the chains that kept him restrained to the metal tank, out of reach of his daughter.

    The first sound that caught Ethan’s attention was the one of gunshots being fired closeby. Three shots found Miranda, and though she cried in pain, she still kept standing and resisting Heisenberg.

    And then, with the sound of metal breaking and a bullet ricocheting, the pull at Ethan’s hands disappeared and he was dashing straight ahead. He wasn’t looking, he wasn’t listening, he didn’t even care much to understand what was going on. His hands were still cuffed, but that didn’t stop them from stretching forward as soon as he saw Rose, lain on top of the Giant’s Chalice behind Miranda.

    “Rose!” he shouted and ran to her. She was crying softly, small feet fussing under the blanket she was wrapped in. Ethan’s breath shook when he finally reached her. Picking her up with restrained wrists was hard, but he managed to lean her against his left shoulder. A feeling of warmth rushed through his limbs when he felt her hook her tiny hands on his jacket.

    She was safe; she was whole, and she was back.

    He allowed himself one shaky sigh of relief; and then he was running.

    With both hands covering Rose’s head, his shoulders hunched to protect her from stray attacks and gunshots, Ethan bolted towards the exit.

    “No!” he heard Miranda’s distinctive wail.

    Tendrils of mold sprang out of the ground, wrapping around Ethan’s ankles. He screamed out as he fell, turning to the side so Rose wouldn’t be hurt.

    “You will not take her from me!” Miranda cried.

    Ethan turned his head to see, terror pulling at his heart as Miranda started stretching her mutated arms towards him, until more shots found her, along with a punch from one of Heisenberg’s chainsaw hands.

    The mold retreated from Ethan’s legs to protect Miranda, but then another chainsaw hand appeared right in front of him as he stood up.

    “Oh, no, you don’t!” Heisenberg’s also distorted voice rang out.

    The ground shook as a blinding flash of light erupted, centered on Heisenberg’s form. He screamed out in agony, chainsaw hand twitching wildly. Crouching down, Ethan barely avoided it as it scraped against his right bicep. He clenched his jaw, his throat shaking with a restrained grunt of pain, then ducked away from it and once again, ran off.

    He felt hot blood run from the gash down his arm. He was probably bruised in multiple other places, and his right ankle complained at every jolt as he ran down the rocky steps. His vision was starting to go dark, but he chanced one look behind him. He was out of the ceremony site.

    And then another flash erupted, along with another pained scream from inside. He saw it clearly now. It was some sort of laser from the sky. He didn’t care to wonder where it had come from, or to decipher the timbre of the voice to understand who had been struck. The gunshots were multiplying now, as were the screams.

    A small sound from Rose made Ethan turn to her, carefully moving her so he could see her. She wasn’t crying anymore, her face was calmer. She was still grasping on his jacket, somehow realizing the safety he was providing her.

    “Oh, Rose,” he said softly, feeling a lump in his throat again.

    He squeezed his eyes shut, swallowing through the lump. He didn’t have time for that now. He still had to get out.

    He secured Rose back against his shoulder, turned around and kept running.

    His knees were shaking when he reached the square where the Giant’s Chalice was first, where the Duke was too, not that long ago. In his panic, Ethan realized he had considered him his only hope of escaping. Did he have any chances now?


    His blood ran cold as he immediately recognized the voice screaming his name.

    It couldn’t be…

    He turned to where the sound had come from, where it kept coming as she kept shouting his name. The voice he would recognize anywhere was joined by a face and figure he'd also recognize anywhere, now running towards him.

    No. Donna was dead, she couldn’t be still toying with him-

    He saw Chris appear behind Mia, a rifle in his arms, and Ethan wanted to scream at her to run away from him.

    But his head was dizzy, he could barely keep it up.

    Mia was now standing in front of him. One hand was grabbing his free shoulder, the other was frantically rubbing at Rose’s back. She was talking to him. He couldn’t understand a word, but still her voice felt like a soothing balm on his wounded soul, nothing like the fear, guilt and anxiety Donna’s hallucinations had caused him.

    When Chris spoke, however, he understood him. Because Chris said “Take the child,” and Ethan couldn’t… he couldn’t let him take her… Not again…

    And then his arms were empty. Too empty. As if Rose had been a lifeline keeping him steady and afloat, and now he was about to drift off below, down into darkness and nothingness.

    His eyes had already closed.

    His head spun and his stomach rolled as his balance shifted; he was being pulled up, leaning on something stiff and warm, his head, arms and legs dangling.

    A warm hand touched his cheek.

    “Stay with us, Ethan.”

    He wanted to call out for her. But his lips felt heavy, heavy as his whole body did.

    “I love you. I’m right here. Stay…”


    “You can’t stay with them! You can’t have a family! You’re a monster, a corpse, made of nothing but mold!”

    Eveline laughed. She mocked and she giggled and she laughed.

    And he could only stay there, kneeling on the cold ground, looking at the black tendrils of mold spread across his body, even over his clothes.

    At least, he had made it. Monster or not, he had saved what mattered the most, his everything.

    His daughter.


    He was lying down on his side. For half a second, instinct was about to kick in to send his hand jolting down to his hip where his gun was.

    Or would have been.

    But that instinct was immediately taken over by the feeling of familiar fingers brushing through his hair. His head was resting on something warm and soft with a soothing scent.

    He opened his eyes.

    He saw a row of seats across from him, and he could guess he was lying on a similar set of seats. His hands were still restrained by Heisenberg’s cuffs, making him grunt in frustration.

    “Ethan? Baby, can you hear me?”

    Mia. Of course. Her scent. He looked down to see his head was lying on her lap. He recognized Mia’s home clothes, the ones she’d been wearing… Fuck, had it been just yesterday? That she’d been shot?


    He slowly turned his head towards her. She was right there, a worried expression on her face, Rose resting on her shoulder. One hand was holding her, the other was still brushing through his hair, dirty with muck, sweat and blood as it was. Perhaps he ought to tell her, but it just felt so good…

    He was struggling to keep up; Mia was alive. Rose was safe. It hadn’t been a dream; he had truly saved her. It hadn’t been a simple, easy-to-ignore nightmare either. The entire day, from watching Mia get shot, to being attacked by lycans and undead monsters, to fighting the Lords, to learning about what he truly was, it had all happened for real.

    “Mia…” he managed.

    “Oh, thank God.”

    “How? C-Chris…”

    “It wasn’t her last night,” Chris’ voice rang from the side, as he approached and sat on one of the seats across from them. “It was Miranda.”


    “She had taken my form, made herself look like me,” Mia said. “She kidnapped me yesterday and pretended to be me, wanting to take Rose too. Chris found out about her plan and tried to kill her.”

    “She… she took Rose…”

    “Rose is safe now. We all are,” Mia said, touching his also blood-stained cheek. “Thanks to you.”

    He looked at Chris. “Why didn’t you just fucking tell me?” he asked, only remembering his promise to himself to not swear in front of Rose after the words were out.

    “I should have,” Chris admitted, lowering his head. “But it all happened so fast. As soon as we realized Miranda was in your home, we had to take immediate action. I feared she might have infected you, so we didn’t know if we had the time to explain.” He sighed. He sounded really tired too. “I hadn’t expected her to survive being shot and make her move so soon. I’m sorry.”

    “You were the one shooting at them?”

    “Miranda and Heisenberg? My team, yeah. They were watching, waiting until you were out of the ceremony site so they could attack without any stops.”

    “Where are they now?”

    “Blown to bits.”


    “I told him you were sleeping too heavily to hear the explosions,” Mia said. “They blew up the whole village.”

    Something pulled at Ethan’s heart – as much of an actual heart as he had now. Everyone in the village had been a victim of Miranda. So many lives, wasted and lost. The few villagers at Luiza’s house, the ones that had turned into lycans, even the Lords. He, the dead outsider, was the one to come out in one piece. Only Rose came out actually alive – or at least he hoped she was, in some form.

    Tears prickled his eyes as he looked up at his daughter.

    “You want to hold her?” Mia said, recognizing the expression on his face.

    He nodded, swallowing hard against that persistent lump in his throat. Chris stood up, offering to help him sit up, but Ethan shook his head. Moving carefully, he managed to sit up on his own. His body still ached, and the longer he was awake, the more places he realized were hurting. It felt like he was all out of the adrenaline that had kept him running all day, and now the effect of everything he'd gone through was becoming more apparent.

    Chris was holding a set of bolt cutters. “Let me see if I can take those out.”

    Ethan turned his head towards Mia and Rose, not wanting to look at those fucking cuffs anymore. He didn’t realize tears were streaming down his face until Mia reached to wipe them away.

    With a definite clank the handcuffs broke loose, and Ethan flexed his wrists around as his arms reached out for Rose. Mia handed her over.

    Rose was awake. She looked up at him and smiled, hands reaching up to touch his face.

    A sob escaped him. “You’re here,” he whispered. He kissed her forehead, then brought her even closer to him, nearly squeezing her against his chest.

    His body started shaking with sobs. He felt Mia’s hand tentatively touch his back, and he turned towards her to lean his head against her shoulder. Mia’s hand didn’t move.

    “Hold me,” he whispered, voice breaking.

    He heard Mia’s shaky sigh as she wrapped her arms around him. Through his current outburst of piled-up emotions, he was somehow recognizing the irony, of a baby being calm and smiling with her parents being the ones crying.

    Biting his trembling lips, he tried to focus on the sensations he’d believed he’d never feel again; Mia’s fingers in his hair, her lips on his temple, her warm breath landing on his skin.

    She was never dead. He hadn’t even given himself proper time to mourn her, but he’d missed her enough for those sensations to start calming him down a little now.

    His sobs were slowing down; he was still leaning his head against her shoulder, but he finally took a quick look around. He was just realizing they were in some sort of a plane. He could see the pitch black darkness outside the window, and all he could think was how everything had happened in barely a day. It had just been yesterday that he’d been home, putting Rose to bed, with fucking Miranda having invaded their house…

    “Are you okay? Where were you?” Ethan asked, his voice just a little steadier.

    “Miranda took me yesterday. She kept me in an underground cell in the village.”

    “You were there?” He raised his head to look at her.

    Tear tracks were on her cheeks too, and he secured Rose on his chest to wipe them away, feeling stupidly guilty at his fingers smearing dirt on her. But she didn’t seem to care, as she retrieved her hand to hold his.

    “You were in the village, the whole time, as I was…” His voice trailed off.

    “As you were rescuing our daughter.”

    He shook his head, dropping his gaze. “I was only a pawn to Miranda’s experiments. I wasn’t given any choice in the matter.”

    “You chose to save her. You chose to fight for her.”

    A choice that had led to so much being revealed. Too much. “Mia… I…” He looked up at her; he hadn’t blamed her for keeping that secret, and it was then he realized how terrified she must’ve been of it breaking their family apart. He was as scared to admit it now as she must have been ever since she realized it herself. “You knew. About what… I am. Didn’t you?”

    Her eyes widened, filling with new tears. He saw his own fear reflected on her face. However, she closed her eyes, sighed, then opened them to stare on her lap as she took her hand away, guilt clear on her face. “I did. I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you.”

    “I know.”

    “I should have told you…”

    “I’m not sure it would have changed anything.”

    She looked up at him. “What?”

    “I think the BSAA had something to do with all of this. How else could Miranda have known about Rose?”

    Mia’s face fell even more. “She knew about me.”

    “What? How?”

    “She was involved in the E-series project. I only saw her once, didn’t even speak to her, but she probably found out what the outcome of that project was.”

    His head spun again. He didn’t care to hear more about that project. Knowing wouldn’t have helped him, either way. “Then the BSAA must be compromised. They wouldn’t have helped us. And I wouldn’t have acted differently myself, had I known.”

    “Why-” Mia started, almost upset, then collected herself. She hunched her shoulders, dropping her gaze again. “Aren’t you mad?”

    His only reaction was to breathe out a laugh. “Waiting for the other shoe to drop, aren’t you?”

    “More like waiting for the storm to hit.”

    “You were afraid. Of how it could break us apart.” He looked away. “Just like I am now.”

    From the corner of his eye, he saw her turn to look at him. “Ethan…”

    He looked down at Rose in his arms, already sleeping by now. “You didn’t… you didn’t know before we…”

    “No, of course not.” She sounded almost shocked. “It was during the pregnancy that I started suspecting, and when she was born I was almost certain. I was in denial for some time myself. I’m sorry.”

    “Mia…” He looked at her. “How… how did you stay?”


    “I’m dead.” He let out a shaky breath. He didn’t know if he would ever voice those words without feeling how heavy they weighed. “I’m no different than the monsters in the Baker house. Even the Bakers were probably better off than me.”

    “No, Ethan, what are you talking about?” She touched his arm in a gentle grip. “Do you realize what you just did? You went in there, you fought, you saved our daughter. Do you have any idea how quickly, and how intensely, Jack Baker, or Marguerite, or Lucas, started to want to kill Zoe? And the monsters didn’t even have a consciousness…” She started brushing her fingers through his hair again. “It’s different. You’re still you, baby.”

    “But what if that changes? What if I lose control?” He looked down at Rose, once again terrified at just how vulnerable she was, her mold status notwithstanding. “What if Rose…”

    “We can deal with that, okay? Look at me.”

    He did.

    “I stayed because I saw you. I know you. And I love you. I was never worried you might lose control, I was just scared you would feel you don’t belong with us anymore, if you knew.”

    “How... how can I belong? How can you want me with you?”

    She smiled. “Who the hell else am I gonna choose?”

    Hearing his own words thrown back at him was so jarring he found himself laughing out loud. New tears were forming in his eyes, and when Mia leaned forward to rest her forehead against his, he didn’t feel as dirty or unworthy as before.

    “We can work with it, okay?”

    He sighed, but then nodded.

    “For now let’s just take a breath.”

    He nodded again. Waves of guilt spread through his chest when she closed her eyes and kissed his lips. But that feeling of holding her close, of feeling she was really there, after he had spent a day – that had felt like an eternity – thinking she was dead, fearing for their daughter’s life, was enough to turn them into small ripples. Easy to manage, easy to wade through.

    He had really had a long day. With Mia holding him close, and with Rose’s reassuring weight and warmth against his chest, he couldn’t help feeling that, finally, he deserved a break.

    He was still terrified. But this was the first moment he could allow himself to not feel that, to let himself feel something better, lighter.

    And he’d be a damn idiot if he didn’t take the chance.

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  • techie-waterwitch
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    “Cr iiin ge.~”

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  • techie-waterwitch
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Why are so many gems and humans ‘thirsting’ over a tall vampire woman from this game? It’s uncomfortable... You all need help!”

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  • techie-waterwitch
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “Mia I blame you your entire family would not be in this mess had you just chosen a better profession and been straight up honest with your husband. All of your family could have been spared!”

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  • techie-waterwitch
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “What is this? Why are we emotionally invested in Ethan? Or any of the Winters? It would be a lot more effective for all of them to just be destroyed. People. Chris. Annihilate all of them they are fungus infested MOLD people they no longer have their humanity.”

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  • techie-waterwitch
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “Dude just shoot her this is what you do. You’re eradication of the mold only had two steps.”

    1. Find the Mold

    2. Blow it up!


    “W-Who’s stopping you?”

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    Speaking of terrorizing Heisenberg... 😏

    I realize I only made something for Werewolf!Heis for Emelia scaring the fuck out of him, so have a more canonical scenario 😌

    Did he threaten to hit her with the wrench?


    Did she regret anything when he threw it at her?

    AbsoLUTELY not.

    //Also, yes, she can very visibly smile when mutated. uwu

    Nothing like terrorizing your boyfriend when he's obviously concentrating on something.

    Some metal parts also probably went flying... But again, she regrets nothing. Not like he can really hurt her in this form, anyway 😂//

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    I went on a thread to try to fix a bug on my Sims 4 game and the fix ended up deleting all of my save files so now I have to start all over on all of my households, the BatJokes household, the Superbat Household, the RE8 household, all of them. I'm going to jump off a building head first because WHY IS THIS GAME SO FUCKING DIFFICULT ?!?

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