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  • spleen9000
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    The past few days: On tuesday I read most of Shadow and Bone, and we went & picked up some free pots from Alameda. On wednesday I went to work, and when I came home we watched TV and chilled with a friend. On Thursday we hauled some dirt over to the house & a friend came over to draw & hang out, which felt like normal times in such a relieving way. Friday was work and then challenge night.

    #journal comix#myart #the challenge is the reality competition show we watch
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  • ottnow
    04.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    The Circle Season 2 | Week 3 Recap | Netflix

    The Circle Season 2 | Week 3 Recap | Netflix

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    #Michelle Buteau#netflix 2021 #Netflix Reality TV show #Netflix Series#Reality Competition#the circle #The Circle Season 2 #too hot to handle #Youtube
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  • ottnow
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Circle S2 | Finale Teaser | Netflix

    The Circle S2 | Finale Teaser | Netflix

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    #Chloe Veitch#Lance Bass#Michelle Buteau#netflix 2021 #Netflix Reality TV show #Netflix Series#Reality Competition#the circle #The Circle Finale #The Circle S2 #The Circle Season 2 #The Circle Teaser #too hot to handle #Youtube
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  • ottnow
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Circle S2 | Week 3 Recap | Netflix

    The Circle S2 | Week 3 Recap | Netflix

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    #Chloe Veitch#Lance Bass#Michelle Buteau#netflix 2021 #Netflix Reality TV show #Netflix Series#Reality Competition#the circle #The Circle Recap #The Circle S2 | Week 3 Recap | Netflix #The Circle Season 2 #too hot to handle #Youtube
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  • ottnow
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    The Circle Season 2 | Lance Bass Reacts To Being Catfished | Netflix

    The Circle Season 2 | Lance Bass Reacts To Being Catfished | Netflix

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  • daydreamreality
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Why would anyone believe Lance Bass decided to go on The Circle?? Screams a catfish no matter how well she can pull it off. Like IMMEDIATELY when I saw the picture I thought, "must be one of his employees." Doesn't sound like the most sound strategy to win, but I suppose a strong one to get on the show in the first place. We shall see...

    #the circle #I freakin love this show peak reality competition TV
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  • extra--time
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    UEFA is corrupt, FIFA is corrupt. I cannot stress how much joy it’s bringing me to see those cash grabbing old men crumble

    #football died the day Fifa decided to let a third world country in qatar host their competition #actual people have died from that #also who remembers whe Sky charged 15£ to watch games? I do!!! #these fuckers deserve it all #also people blaming players for not ’speaking out’????? #are u serious? #what power do u think they have? huh fr? NO POWER #get into reality if u want to be mad be mad about the people who started this not the pawns in the play
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  • qveenpoppy
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i can feel myself getting really into idol again, 'cause i'm following contestants online and stuff and genuinely crushing on chayce, but sadly there isn't really a fandom to engage in like there was back in the day

    #american idol #i feel like reality competition shows in general don't really have fandoms anymore #at least idol and the voice #they just died out and it sucks #though my voice interest has waned since adam left and the same is probably true for the other remaining fandom members #Sigh
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  • miss-match01
    16.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Karl Reality Travel AU

    What if instead of traveling through time, Karl traveled through different realities?

    just imagine poor poor Karl getting stuck in a high school AU.

    Imagine Karl getting stuck in a sit com version of the dream smp

    Imagine Karl getting stuck in an episode of Minecraft manhunt.

    imagine each reality giving Karl a warning about his own.

    Imagine the realities slowly getting darker and more twisted, until Karl cant help but fear it, because last time he had to watch all of his friends die in a zombie apocalypse.

    Imagine that instead of loosing his memory, Karl started to adapt personality traits from the versions of himself in different realities.

    I just think it’d be fun

    #karl jacobs #tales from the smp #tftsmp#dsmp#dream smp #dream smp au #theres gotta be a fanfic like this right? #Karl not being able to look at SBI normally again after seeing them as a family in an alternate universe #Karl having a hard time looking at the hunters without seeing the merciless monsters they were in that world #Karl seeing a reality where all of his friends are put in a competition for affection #i think it’s neat
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  • oohlaniece
    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    HBO Max debuted the Official Trailer And Key Art For The Max Original ELLEN’S NEXT GREAT DESIGNER, Premiering April 22


    The Furniture Design Competition Series From Ellen DeGeneres Is Hosted By Scott FoleyHBO Max debuted the official trailer and key art for the Max Original series ELLEN’S NEXT GREAT DESIGNER, premiering THURSDAY, APRIL 22. In ELLEN’S NEXT GREAT DESIGNER, design aficionado Ellen DeGeneres is giving uniquely talented, up-and-coming furniture designers the chance to push their creativity to the…

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  • thejewellerybox
    13.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    BBC's All That Glitters: The Contestants

    Lee Appleby

    Sonny Bailey-Aird

    Tamara Gomez

    Hugo Johnson

    Nicola Lillie

    Daniel Musselwhite

    Naomi Smith

    Kim Styles

    Catch up on the first episode on iPlayer.

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  • tvqueenreviews
    07.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ink Master (Season 1 Finale)

    Overall Season Rating: 6/10, still was generally enjoyable to watch but the talent level was low compared to newer seasons and more than half of the contestants had shitty attitudes all the time. The winner was also not who it should have been

    12-Hour Tattoos, Assigned by the Judges:

    James: 8.5/10, it is a massive ass tattoo that he really punched the color into and it looks really good. Whenever someone does a Japanese tattoo and doesn't really get critiqued on it by Chris Nunez I'm always impressed

    Tommy: 10/10, this is a badass grim reaper and even Oliver said it was the most badass tattoo he'd seen. It's technically well-applied and I think anyone would be happy with that tattoo

    Shane: 8/10, it looks good from a distance but when you get up close to it you can see some little issues - I'm especially bothered by the hands (the one thumb is really off) and the outline on the top of the tattoo

    Tommy's 12-Hour Grim Reaper Tattoo

    6-Hour Tattoos, the Artists' Choice:

    James: 7/10, this tattoo is much sloppier than his 12-hour tattoo. The judges said it and it's 100% accurate, he shouldn't be trying to cram everything he can possibly cram into 6 hours, he should just slow it down. I also don't love that he did ANOTHER Japanese tattoo when he could have literally done anything, and as soon as I saw that's what he did I knew he wouldn't win

    Tommy: 8.5/10, I think this is a good portrait, but the eyes are a little cross-eyed and it kind of throws the entire thing off for me. If it had better eyes, it would probably be a 10/10. But I for sure respect him trying to do something that he got a bad critique on before

    Shane: 9/10, this is a way better tattoo than I was expecting Shane to do in color. The color is solid but it doesn't really pop, and as the judges pointed out, there isn't enough solid black outline in it to really give it that contrast it so desperately needs

    Shane's 6-Hour Full-Color Skull Tattoo

    The Winner: My boyfriend and I both came into this episode not liking Shane, but thinking he would win. By the end of the episode when both tattoos had been done, we had both 100% switched to fully believing Tommy should win - Oliver said his grim reaper tattoo was "the most badass tattoo" he'd seen, and Chris Nunez said his portrait tattoo was his favorite tattoo of the entire season, and we felt that Shane really missed the ball a little bit on both of his tattoos. Contrary to what we believed though, and what we thought the judges believed, Shane was crowned the winner of Season 1 of Ink Master, with Tommy coming in 2nd place, and James coming in 3rd.

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  • tvqueenreviews
    07.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    America's Next Top Model (Cycle 20, Two-Part Finale)

    Overall Season Rating, Cycle 20 ANTM: 6/10, there was some really pointless, boring drama, the cast was not as unique and interesting and were not as good models as some of the other cycles' casts. They also cheated my favorite out of the finale, so *shrugs*

    Running Commentary:

    Marvin is talking at the top of the episode about how he really likes Renee and I'm like...do you?

    I feel like they're setting Jourdan up to win in the same way that they set Laura up to win cycle 19 - just glazing over her mistakes and praising all of the good things she does

    Omg the former contestants got to CHOOSE whose team to be on? Good shit

    Jourdan is like "I'm pissed Nina picked Cory" as if they were ever actually friends lmao like, Cory gave her a wholeass pep talk shortly before she left about needing to stand up for herself and put herself first instead of Chris

    I love that Jourdan only got 1 person, and it's Chris who is such a dick and she is so mad

    "I don't feel sex from her, like, I don't wanna have sex with her I'm a straight guy and I will have sex with pretty much any girl that'll accept it" like lmaooo we know, Marvin, you have tried to have sex with almost every girl who has been in the house

    Cory winning the first ever "guys vs. girls" cycle WOULD be so good, good point Cory

    Marvin honestly has SKATED to the top 3 for the most part bc he has a good face and a model's body but not bc he knows what to do with them - his face and poses are the same in every. single. photoshoot.

    Jourdan for sure has the same issue as Marvin - she's just cute and pretty but she doesn't usually try anything different (although she at least tries a little more than Marvin). And on top of that she has a lowkey shitty personality toward a lot of people which is....exhausting and why she only had Chris pick her

    Omg cycle 19 during the final shoot Kelly Cutrone fought the photographer and this cycle Johnny is fighting the photographer? Like, this has to be planned, right?

    Jourdan called her bf and I got Anxious bc last time we heard them talk, he seemed suuuuuper controlling and jealous over the things she was literally required to do for the competition? And she always talks about how she's been married and divorced and her ex was abusive and I'm like.....is this bf awful too? He sounded less obnoxious and more supportive this time, but idk

    DAMN, I forgot they get a wholeass 6-8 page spread in Nylon if they win, so it honestly is gonna at least partially be a matter of getting Enough good shots, as opposed to one good shot for normal photoshoots

    Not actually that related to the show: watching them in Bali and seeing the environment around them makes me want to re-visit Vietnam so bad, I fell in love with that country in the month I was there

    I wish Marvin would stop being like "these people could never understand me and how important this is to me, as the son of a janitor" like no one cares, that is not a reason for you to win and you don't need to talk about it constantly

    OH NO they're doing a love triangle video shoot with the finalists? Oof

    Lmao Marvin told Don "I've been acting this whole time, you thought we were friends?"

    I do really feel for Jourdan having to play this abuse victim and Cory having to play this awful abuser. Marvin definitely had the best luck in his role this week.

    Okay this may be weird but Cory did such a good job kissing Jourdan lmaoo

    Damn, Mike's over here being a traitor and switching over to Jourdan's team for the chance at $1,000 if she wins? Wild

    Runway Show:


    Judgement/Elimination Time, Apparently. Critique of the Guess Photoshoot:

    Marvin: 7/10, why does he always look like a little kid instead of an adult? He just always smiles and looks the same I do not get it

    Jourdan: 8/10 I think it's a fine picture but again, it isn't anything special

    Cory (photo below): Cory fucking KILLED IT, honestly. Not even in a biased way I think he looks Fashion and masculine and he is modeling the clothes so well. 9.5/10

    ODamn, of course they say "sorry, you have to wait until the next episode" to know who gets eliminated. Good thing I'm watching on Netflix, I guess.

    NOOOOOO CORY DID NOT DESERVE TO GO OUT LIKE THIS, I'm over it. This cycle was such a mediocre bunch of people and literally the most consistent, creative, fashionable model in the entire cycle is eliminated before top 2. Marvin should have gone instead but social media likes him too much and I don't get it.

    Runway Show:

    I guess at this point, before the show, I'm team....no one? I can't actually pick one of them, I think both of them have skated on pretty - maybe Jourdan a little less so, but her personality is worse - so team no one

    Okay, that little film was...uncomfortable? Weird in a bad way? I don't think they needed to like, depict this abusive relationship and then being like "WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE?" Like, that feels...fucked up

    I don't really understand how this runway actually ties into that video? But okay

    Cory killed on that runway and you could see it on Tyra and Kelly's faces

    Marvin went out there and looked like a baby...which is not what you wanna look like on the runway tbh

    Jourdan did a fine job, she was doing really well until her dress got stuck and that wasn't great but it happens - I still think she did a better job than Marvin, but we'll see how runway round 2 goes

    Oooooo these round 2 outfits are Wild

    Rob being on the runway as the "photographer" felt so clunky and awkward

    Ugh once again, Cory killed it, and tbh it feels like the whole thing was rigged for Cory to get eliminated before runway bc he was the "bad guy" and then Jourdan can choose the "good guy" and kiss him and push Cory to the ground

    Okay yeah, Jourdan's second pass at the runway was way better

    Oh man, back to this video - "for every woman there is hope" this feels so strange and lighthearted for such a heavy topic as abusive relationships

    Between Jourdan and Marvin, Jourdan did better on the runway

    Damn, ANOTHER final photoshoot? with photographer Tyra, nice

    Final Critiques/Ratings - I will also rate the photoshoots they bring up to review:

    Jourdan's Runway: She got really good critiques on the runway for being fierce, Kelly Cutrone even called her out to ask where that fierceness had been the rest of the competition. The only thing on the runway they didn't like was the way she stood when taking the picture of Cory

    Jourdan's Photoshoot Ratings: Nails (7/10, she looks sleepy), Living Art (9/10), Field Shot (8/10, I thought this was a better picture than the judges gave her credit for), Rice Paddy (7/10, I agree with Rob that it's over-modeling but her face looks good), Tyra Shoot (10/10, this is Jourdan's best photo in the whole competition)

    Marvin's Runway: He got really good critiques for being "strong and beautiful" and for the kiss on the runway being genuine

    Marvin's Photoshoot Ratings: Nails (9/10, this is the most masculine and model-y he has looked), Living Art (6/10), Field Shot (6/10, he looks like a baby), Rice Paddy (10/10), Tyra Shoot (9/10, he looks like a grown ass man, Tyra really found his angles)

    The Winner: Jourdan, which is honestly the right choice. As much as I don't particularly like her, and as much as I think she's a little bit boring, she is the better model - she knows how to work her body and what to do with her face, even if they aren't the most creative things to do. Marvin looks good in a lot of his pictures, but I think it's pretty much just luck, he is learning basically everything along the way and has a lot of growth left to do.

    #america's next top model #antm #antm cycle 20 #reality competition#tv reviews
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  • tvqueenreviews
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ink Master (S1E7)

    Thoughts going into the episode: I am #TeamJames and #TeamTommy and I can't stand Shane lmao

    Flash Challenge: Shane won, which was fine, but Tommy should have won. Shane tried to act after the fact like Tommy was being a dick about losing, but from what they showed in the edit it just seemed like he was mad, and calmly expressing why he thought he should have won - it didn't seem like he was being an asshole or anything

    Canvas Picks: Shane for sure made a smart pick for his canvas, in that it was the easiest choice (a young child with a well-defined picture, and he got to choose whether to do it in black & grey or color) and then made it even easier for himself by choosing to do black & grey. Josh really just got a rough skull pick, I don't know why anyone would want to have someone tattoo a portrait and lettering, two very precise things, on the ribs. It's hella good the canvas was willing to work with him and change the placement to the leg.

    Critiques & My Ratings:

    Shane: 9/10, but I'm gonna dock him a point for taking the easy way out and give him an 8/10. The judges obviously loved his tattoo, which is fair enough

    James: 6/10, the tattoo was just kind of a mess, and I can't get over the facial features. I do think the lettering was much nicer than the judges gave him credit for, there was just way too much going on around it. And just as a side note, how dare that girl say she wanted it on her back when really she wanted it on her waist

    Tommy: 8/10, the portrait is great and probably my favorite but I honestly could not read what the lettering said at all

    Josh: 7/10, it was a decent tattoo considering the image he was working from, and I think the likeness is generally there, but the judges were right about the wonkiness with the eyes and the hair. I will say, I did like Josh's lettering the best out of everyone's

    Shane won best tattoo for this tattoo, and I agree with that, as much as I didn't want to because of my personal distaste for his arrogance.

    Going into elimination, I feel like either Josh or James could go home and it would be ~fine~. I personally like James more than Josh, but I do think Josh had the better tattoo as far as likeness to the subject goes

    Josh's tattoo, beautiful lettering and a reasonable likeness to the photo

    James' tattoo, which has way more slanted eyes than the woman in the photos and a nose that's shaded to make it literally look unreal

    Final Thoughts: I think sending Josh home at this point was the right choice. If it had been earlier in the competition and James and Josh had done these exact tattoos and ended up in the bottom two, I would have said they should have kept Josh, because he has shown that he is capable of learning within the competition. But going into the finale episode, I think choosing to take James, who is more experienced and has demonstrated a higher overall skill level, was the right choice.

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  • tvqueenreviews
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20, Episode 13

    Down to the top 5, featuring drama and heavy competition in Bali

    Top of the episode thoughts: This is a decent top 5, they have all had some major ups and major downs. I can't fucking stand Chris (he's like 25 years old and keeps blaming his shitty childhood and his mom abandoning him when he turned 18 for all of his problems as if he isn't a full-grown adult who needs to take responsibilities for his actions) and am still so mad that Nina got sent home - she deserved better. At this point, I'm team Cory because he is the least annoying of the 5 models left and takes the most consistent photos.

    Running commentary throughout the episode:

    Marvin and Renee is still such a strange couple to me lmaooo

    Laura (cycle 19) is back for the challenge and tbh it is so nice to see her as a brunette

    Watching Renee collapse during this challenge had me nervous, I like, Needed her to beat Jourdan because she annoys me too

    "Marnee" (Marvin & Renee) wins the challenge and Chris is the most mad and I'm Living

    "This is the first time I'm upside down with the bats, their wings are like skin. I don't like the bats." Thanks for this absolutely accurate insight, Marvin

    Honestly though this is a wild photoshoot I think if I was hanging upside down with bats just chilling next to me I would panic for sure

    "I'm ready to start eliminating people and I would love it to be Chris" lmaoooo what a mood coming from Renee, although she has for sure been struggling and I think the chances of her sending anyone home, especially Chris, are low


    Chris literally has never done any sort of unique pose in this entire competition, his face looks the same in every single photo from every single shoot, but now we're at top 5 and Johnny wants to act surprised by it???

    Cory is such a good model and constantly throws different poses and different faces out there and yet everyone always wants to focus on how he is too feminine as opposed to just embracing it, and I know it was 2013 but it is so infuriating

    "If she [Renee] goes, who do I cuddle with?" stfu Marvin, you were literally hitting on every single girl when there were more girls left and then settled for Renee who was like, your 4th choice, and I am 0% convinced you actually even like her at all beyond her being a female body

    My ratings if I had to rate everyone:

    Jourdan: 8

    Cory: 9 realistically but I'm gonna give it a 10 for him defending his androgyny

    Renee: 8! I think this is one of Renee's best shots all season and the judges were way too rough on her

    Chris: 5, I do not like what his arms are doing at all and his mouth looks Wonky

    Marvin: 9, he is one of the few people who looks like he actually had full control of his body. Yes, the judges are right that he makes the same face every picture, and I'd love to see more variety, but if it works, it works

    Marvin, whose flirty friend Renee went home

    Cory, who almost went home bc he is "too androgynous" but didn't and I am so grateful

    End of the episode thoughts: I'm a little sad Renee went home but tbh it was time, and I am so unbelievably glad that Chris went home and I don't need to listen to him be a dick anymore

    #america's next top model #antm#tv reviews #antm cycle 20 #reality competition
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  • uselessmachine
    05.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    in case you guys missed the Tilt Brush Paint Off livestream on March 27th, here is the commentary video showing people's process and a more in-depth look at their works!

    a big thank you to everyone who checked out the event, and to the organizers for hosting it and putting all of this together ❤️

    #tilt brush #it's long so i haven't watched it thru all the way but i'm loving it so far #hearing from the other artists about how they felt similarly anxious during the competition makes me feel better ahaha #Youtube#vr#virtual reality #also whoa new post editor auto-added the youtube tag that's wild
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  • omegaverse
    27.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #i prefer fashion/cooking/competition and relationship reality shows #dexterswork
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  • prof-pan-cakes
    27.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Hey I know some of y’all don’t like Utica or any of the queens left for that matter, which is fine but some of y’all are getting nasty with the comments. Like are y’all seriously judging people’s characters based on their performances of a HEAVILY edited television show? People do this every fucking season and then world of wonder has to make an anti-bullying post and then everybody suddenly goes “uwu spread love and positivity 💖 and fuck haters 🤬” before immediately turning around and being nasty again. Just saying.
    #rpdr#rpdr13 #i only said utica first cuz that’s who i’m noticing most of these comments are about #look i haven’t watched the new episode yet so maybe i will be eating my words but calm the fuck down it’s a reality competition show #like literally just show love to your favorites and keep the nasty comments to your fucking self
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  • aestaeticbts
    23.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This site is starting to give me anxiety too lmao.

    #no I will not elaborate #I'm sorry pls ignore this #I came here to take a break from reality but the competition here scares me #kheer rambles
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