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  • bibinoculars
    07.12.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    jason todd totally listens to olivia rodrigo’s SOUR albumin repeat

    #jason todd#red hood#batman#olivia rodrigo #literally favorite crime fits so well #i’ve been listening to it like ‘oh this one fits jason #wait no this one - OH MY GOD FAVORITE CRIME #bruce wayne#robin
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  • abbyparkerwayne
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Jason, describing a character for a game: Tall, sneaky, mysterious-

    Tim: I think I've got it . . .

    Jason: Really sexy man

    Tim: nevermind

    Dick: who the fuck-

    Jason: Time's up, it was James Bond

    Tim: Damn. I thought it was a giraffe

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  • timdrakequotes
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ‘I don’t need someone to hold my hand, just because I’ve been replaced. But tell your boss I think it was a low blow to hire my own girlfriend to--but wait, that’s not it, is it? I just realized--this isn’t about Stephanie, or my hurt feelings. Batman doesn’t dispatch his all-too-valuable agents just to soothe someone’s ruffled feathers.’

    --Tim Drake to Cassandra Cain (Robin #128 – Fired!)

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  • aliteralchicken
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    and the countdown begins

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  • incorrectbatfamandpals
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Dick: I need to get better at reading Hebrew.

    Jason: I thought you were going to stop at reading then.

    Dick: Yeah, that's also true.

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  • batfamgalore
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    *Baby crying*

    Jason: Please don’t.

    #batman#robin#jason todd#batfamily#dc#red hood #incorrect batfamily quotes #incorrect young justice quotes #incorrect dc quotes #source: supernatural
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  • incorrectbatfamandpals
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Dick: Can I return my anxiety disorder to the store please?

    Tim: I tried, they don't accept refunds.

    Dick: It's a scam.

    Jason: I think it's a drug front, personally.

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  • r-cabrera
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Jane/Eclipse: I gave Bruce a get better soon card

    Oswald/Scorpion: that´s so nice of you...

    Jane: no he wasn't sick, I just thought he should do better

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  • r-cabrera
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Princess of Gotham

    Chapter 25: Truths & Problems

    50 minutes passed in total peace. Or as close to peace as possible. Olive handed me back my thermos, asking me where I had been, I replied with a sign to tell her later. Sure she would scold me but what was done was done. It's not like I had a friend with a magical time travel device, no sir.

    The teacher was obnoxious, if it wasn't for the fact that my grandfather had great respect for that lady, she would be dead by now. My brother, who also had classes with her, said that she would be more demanding with me in the coming years, and who told my brother that I was going to continue studying in that horrible school?

    The only thing that made me happy in those moments was to have the lovely thermos full of coffee, or half full, the point is that I had coffee and that was the good thing. Before the last change of

    "Miss Jane Pasley Wayne, report to the principal's office," was heard throughout the halls of the school.

    "What did you do now?" she asked quietly, rather angrily.

    "Let's say I broke someone's nose," I replied simply, before getting up and heading down the hallway, which was completely quiet, except for the teachers leaving or the shouts of students asking for extra points. The secretary, who was clearly not there because she wanted to be, told me to enter with a simple nod of her head.

    The principal's office was a huge room, with a neat wooden desk, a huge bookcase behind the chair, it was very well lit. In front of his desk were two smaller chairs, and in one of them was Angella, with a cloth in her hand, trying to stop the blood from coming out of her nose. I couldn't help but smile when I saw her angry face.

    "She did it, professor. She broke my nose," the girl began to scream, as I approached the second chair.

    "First of all, good afternoon," I said to the principal as formally as I could, sitting down as Bruce had taught me, raising the Wayne mask that Grandpa had taught us to wear in public and with influential people.

    "Good afternoon, Miss Wayne. I'm sorry about this whole situation," he said, as kindly as he could, and then looked at my companion." Unfortunately, Miss Wilson, there is nothing to incriminate her. The camera in that hallway was turned off, probably a technical situation, or some student broke it by accident. But without proof, we can't report it," The principal was young, a few years younger than Bruce, we always addressed him as a teacher. He was the reason I wanted my father to stay off the phones.

    Jason was not considered my tutor by the school, as he was hardly ever home and it was usually Bruce who answered for me, but there were times when, for some reason, my father would be called and he would answer.

    "But it was her, she whipped me against the sink and the toilet bowl." Until that moment I hadn't noticed the energy Angella was emanating.

    "Professor, you know that my relationship with my classmate is not on good terms, in fact, we have rarely spoken even though we share classes," I began to speak when I noticed that Angella was about to start shouting, "But why would I feel the need to hit her, knowing that I would get into trouble with you and my grandfather?

    "You always get into trouble," my companion replied, her anger showing several meters away. From one moment to the next, she grabbed my wrist with an enormous force: "Confess," she looked me in the eyes. My mind went blank for a few moments.

    "I hit her in the girls' bathroom in the hallway from the third-grade classrooms to the cafeteria. I spoke without even thinking about it, it was as if my shadow, a dense and completely black cloud, had covered my mind and when I became aware of what I had done, I got out of his grip as fast as I could.

    "Miss Wayne, I will have to call your grandfather or your father so that we can solve this situation," said the headmaster, standing up to go to my file, where my tutor's number was.

    "My grandfather is very busy today, last I heard he had some very important meetings, I don't think I want to bother him with this," I told him, trying to convince him to call my father, who would have to stay away from his cell phone if Roy loved me as much as he said he did.

    Angella was still standing next to me, pretending to cry and trying to stop the blood from running from her nose. The principal grimaced and then told me he would call my father.

    "Mr. Todd?" the principal asked as soon as the call was answered, "I need your presence at Gotham Academy, your daughter is in trouble again." Yes, again.

    In previous years I would have been depressed, thinking that with so much trouble I was causing the Wayne's would come to the point where they would abandon me on the street again, but now, after all, I had lived through, I felt I could survive without them, I didn't care so much anymore.

    Half an hour passed, Angella was still crying in her chair, still with the tissue in her hand, the director was trying to comfort her and I was just amusing myself by tying knots with a rubber band I was wearing on my wrist. At one point in that horrible boredom, the office door was slammed, revealing a red-haired man with green ink tattoos.

    "Sorry, I'm late, there's a protest a few streets down. And there's a villain causing havoc near Wayne Enterprises. You know the traffic that goes on in these situations." Roy Harper, you saved me, you deserve the title of my favorite uncle.

    "I understand the situation, just as I understand that Mr. Todd has sent you instead, don't I?" At last, something was going my way, and the stupid principal had to ruin it.

    "Yes and no. Actually, Jaybird sent me for the brat and Olive Wayne. I got..." Roy started digging through his pants pockets. If my father took me out of school it was because he really needed my help against that villain Roy mentioned," Ah, here it is. I have a copy of Jay's ID, a signed message from him, a prescription for Olive that Dick gave me, according to him it says paracetamol, unfortunately, I never learned Ancient Greek; a message from Bruce Wayne and... An audio where they scold me for not hurrying."

    "There is no need to play the audio. The copy of the ID and the message will be more than enough." It would be assumed that being a prestigious school, in a city with a high crime rate, there should be more secure when letting a student go with a stranger. "But let me tell you that there will be sanctions against Jane, this will not stay that way.

    "I understand perfectly well Principal, although you still haven't told me what happened, as I told you, we are in a hurry." Jane, you will be without a phone for a week, now go get your things and let your cousin know, we are getting the hell out of this prison.

    As soon as he said that I got up from my seat, gave a little nod to the headmaster, and went to my classroom. I checked my wristwatch to see roughly what class Oli might be in. If the class was outside the classroom, I wouldn't have time to go find her and let her know. It was better if I texted her later. If the class was in the classroom, I would have to submit to an interrogation by the teacher on duty.

    Before I got to my classroom I bumped into Jared, and before he asked I yelled out that I would see him in the afternoon. The room was completely empty, I didn't stop to think and advanced to my seat so I could put my things away, grabbed the thermos Tim gave me, and ran back to the principal's office, ignoring the signs that said: "No running in the halls".

    I would let Oli know on the way. The important thing now was to know the reason for my departure. Before arriving with the principal, Roy intercepted me, saying that he had already "settled" things with the gentleman. He also said that we should leave quickly, as my father was waiting for us.

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  • star-fruit23
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Today in English we proved 3 things about Red Robin:

    The company was founded before the fall of the Soviet Union.

    The company does, in fact, predate the comic book character.

    And talking about Red Robin is way better than school work.

    #should I tag this dc? #meh #might as well #dc comics #red robin comics #red robin restaurant #red robin#riven rants
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  • hereliestimothydrake
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Ryuhei Nishihara as Tim Drake/Red Robin from the "Batman Ninja: The Show" stage play, drawn by Nishihara's cousin!

    Posted on his twitter 🌟

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  • alltheshadesofamber
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I know in my heart that the one time Bruce tried to seriously discipline Robin!Jason, Jason demanded a lawyer and said he knew his rights and he was entitled to a jury of his peers, etc etc, and he said it all with such conviction and gravitas and the most determined expression on his little child face that Bruce ended up laughing so hard he forgot all about grounding or lecturing him or whatever. I know this

    #dc#jason todd#bruce wayne#dc comics#batman#batfam#batfamily#red hood #robin!jason #bruce wayne told me this story himself #also jason’s lawyer would’ve been dick or babs
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  • analviel
    06.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Arting Tim when I thought of bushy eyebrows Tim (it runs in my family so now it runs in his family). Dunno if I portrayed it well enough but it's definitely three times bushier than what I'd usually draw on him. Also, pink is just my fave color.

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  • anna-no-emma
    06.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Dick, watching The Joker splash about in the harbour: Should we....

    Tim: Do you really want to be the guy who saved The Joker?

    Dick: Maybe we should just like throw him a lifeboi or something?

    Jason: Absolutely not.

    Dick: Okay, but Red Robin, maybe you shouldn’t be filming this? It feels like we shouldn’t put it on the internet? 

    Tim: It’s just for Harley. 

    Damian: Look, a shark!

    Tim: Multiple sharks! Do we even get sharks in the harbour?

    Damian: No we do not. isn’t it great?

    Dick: I wish you both wouldn’t sound quite so thrilled. It’s a bit tasteless...Hood, are you eating popcorn? Where did you even get that?

    Jason: want some?

    Dick: No...okay, maybe a little.

    Jason: Well tough, no popcorn for party poopers. 

    Dick: I don’t want to save him but I also feel like I can’t leave. 

    Jason, around a mouthful of popcorn: What a terrible moral dilemma...oh look a third shark!

    Tim: Wait what’s that shadow?

    Damian: It is the Batplane. I believe father is saving The Joker. 

    Jason: Damn. 

    Tim: Well that’s an anticlimax. 

    Dick: Thank god, I don’t have to make a decision. 

    #batman#bruce wayne#batkids#batfam#batbros#the joker #it's 2021 let the joker get eaten by sharks and move on gents #nightwing#dick grasyon#batfamily#dc #I always forget to tag dc #red hood#Jason todd#damian wayne #damian al ghul #robin#red robin#tim drake#harley quinn#harleen quinzel#dc comics #we don't need the joker #like as a society #we've moved on
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  • lulaypp
    06.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    To Drown And To Struggle

    Bad Things Happen Bingo - Punctured Lung

    Rating: Mature

    Summary: Initially on a stakeout, Jason and Tim find themselves caught by Black Mask, who had been luring Red Hood into a trap. As Tim struggles to get them both out alive, Jason tries his best to keep the younger away from harm. Although with Sionis, the latter won't be too hard.

    Warnings: Various Injuries (see fic tags), Torture, Blood

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