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  • God can I Tell You Something?

    Based on my experiences with grappling my religion ideology with being bisexual and agender as a teenager. i felt like God would probably hate me. I’m an atheist now, and think that if there was a god maybe they probably wouldn’t really care bc there’s so much other shit to worry about.

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  • weird how so many Christians will let the pope choose a new name but not trans people

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  • The more you rejoice in the happiness of others, the more you rejoice in your own. ~ Alan Cohen

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  • #also tags bc asks #religion#queer#queerness #queer religious person #queer religious people #idk what to tag this as #religion tw#islam tw#christianity tw
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  • “‘Can’t you lead a good life without believing in Christianity?’ This is the question on which I have been asked to write, and straight away, before I begin trying to answer it, I have a comment to make. The question sounds as if it were asked by a person who said to himself, ‘I don’t care whether Christianity is in fact true or not. I’m not interested in finding out whether the real universe is more like what the Christians say than what the Materialists say. All I’m interested in is leading a good life. I’m going to choose beliefs not because I think them true but because I find them helpful.’ Now frankly, I find it hard to sympathize with this state of mind. One of the things that distinguishes man from the other animals is that he wants to know things, wants to find out what reality is like, simply for the sake of knowing. When that desire is completely quenched in anyone, I think he has become something less than human. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe any of you have really lost that desire. More probably, foolish preachers, by always telling you how much Christianity will help you and how good it is for society, have actually led you to forget that Christianity is not a patent medicine. Christianity claims to give an account of facts–to tell you what the real universe is like. Its account of the universe may be true, or it may not, and once the question is really before you, then your natural inquisitiveness must make you want to know the answer. If Christianity is untrue, then no honest man will want to believe it, however helpful it may be: if it is true, every honest man will want to believe it, even if it gives him no help at all.”

    -C.S. Lewis

    #The Business of Heaven #C.S. Lewis #Christianity#theology#religion
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  • Legal experts had said that while religious groups generally have wide latitude to worship under the 1st Amendment and state-by-state religious freedom laws, rules shutting down worship are legally sound if they apply across-the-board to all types of group meetings.  Not any more.

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  • christians are like “I wish there was a christmas movie that actually acknowledges the birth of jesus!” When the He Man and She Ra Christmas Special of 1985 is right there

    #christianity mention#religion#christmas#he man#she ra #he man and she ra christmas special #jesus christ #i cant believe they told the story of jesus to an alien in a he man movie #moss speaks
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  • The Simpsons screen captures season 26, episode 16 “Sky Police”.

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  • El Tema Diez de Los Frutos de La Fe, Rayo OnceUna flor de Emirdağı

    [Una respuesta extremadamente poderosa dirigida a las objeciones que surgieron contra la repetición del Corán]

    ¡Mis queridos y leales hermanos!

    Debido a mi desdichada situación, este Tema es confuso y sin gracia. Pero definitivamente sé que Más allá de la redacción confusa, era una especie de milagro más valioso, aunque desafortunadamente fui incapaz de expresarlo. Sin embargo, la escritura sin brillo, puesto que se refiere al Corán, es adoración bajo la forma de reflexión y el envoltorio de una joya, sagrada, elevada y brillante. El diamante en la mano debería ser visto, no con sus ropas rasgadas. Si es apropiado, que sea el tema diez, si no, acéptenla como respuesta a vuestras cartas de felicitaciones. Además lo escribí en uno o dos días durante Ramadán mientras estuve muy enfermo, desdichado y sin comida, con necesidades concisas y breves e incluyendo muchas verdades y numerosas pruebas en una sola oración. ¡Por lo tanto, sus deficiencias deberían no ser tenidas en cuenta!

    ¡Mis verdaderos y leales hermanos! Mientras leen el Corán de milagrosa exposición en Ramadán, cualquiera de las treinta y tres aleyas que mencioné en el Rayo Uno describe las alusiones a Risale-i Nur, vi que la página y la historia de la aleya también se parece a la colección de Risale-i Nur y a sus estudiantes, en cierta medida hasta tienen una participación en la historia. En particular las Aleyas de la luz en la Sura al-Nur, al igual que señalan a Risale-i Nur con los diez dedos, así como  las aleyas de la Oscuridad  que apuntan directamente a quienes se oponen a ellas; esto permite otra participación.

    Simplemente entiendo que esta ‘estación’ sale de lo particular a lo universal y una parte de la universalidad es Risale-i Nur y sus estudiantes.


    De hecho,  en lo que respecta a la amplitud, exaltación y completitud que la dirección del Corán recibe desde el primer lugar  en la importante estación de la dominación universal del Eterno que habla y desde la vasta estación de la que dirige en el nombre de la humanidad, de todos los seres y de la más importante estación de toda la orientación de la humanidad  durante todos los siglos y desde la estación de las más elevadas y completas exposiciones de las leyes Divinas sobre la regulación del mundo, el Más Allá, los cielos y la tierra, la eternidad y la dominación del Creador del universo y de todos los seres. Esta Dirección muestra tan elevados milagros y tanta amplitud que su nivel simple y transparente halaga las mentes de la gente común, el grupo más numeroso  a quienes se dirige el Corán y, participa de su nivel más alto.

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  • There are those, standing in perfect giving, who become universal monarchs. Giving gifts, they establish beings in the ten wholesome paths.

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  • JAMI’at-TIRMIDHI: The Book on Tafsir: Hadith 1228

    Abu Hurairah narrated that :

    the Messenger of Allah said: “Verily, when the slave (of Allah) commits a sin, a black spot appears on his heart. When he refrains from it, seeks forgiveness and repents, his heart is polished clean. But if he returns, it increases until it covers his entire heart. And that is the ‘Ran’ which Allah mentioned: ‘Nay, but on their hearts is the Ran which they used to earn.’”

    JAMI’at-TIRMIDHI: The Book on Tafsir

    English reference : Vol. 5, Book 44, Hadith 3334

    Arabic reference : Book 47, Hadith 3654

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  • 5ac

    jehovah witness at the door man i will piss on you right here right now dont test me

    #bust it open like a dog you think i give a shit? BARK BARK BARK BARK no i dont i will bite you #mypost#3#4#5#for blacklist#religion
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  • I can’t believe I’m having to say this b- what am I talking about, I have to deal with the fact that people are absolute morons when it comes to COVID every day I’m at work, why should this surprise me?  Anyway, I would like to take a moment to say, as somebody for whom Christmas is and has always been my favorite holiday…


    Seriously, people!  Yes, it sucks!  In case you somehow didn’t notice this entire year has sucked!  Put on your big boy/girl/whatever underwear and just deal with the fact that you shouldn’t go see family this year!  I’ve got family in town, and you know what I’m doing?  I’m going to be leaving their gifts by the front door in a Christmas-y sack, ringing the door bell, and then running for the car.  They can send me photos of the kids opening their stuff or do a video chat or just plain phone call come Christmas Day.  Whatever.  But I’m not going in there, and I don’t want them heading to my place either.  Because I have to interact with the public, so coming to my place is a bad idea.  Because again, DO NOT GIVE THE GIFT OF THE PLAGUE FOR CHRISTMAS!

    And knock it off with the antisemitism people!  For the love of God, did you somehow forget that Jesus was Jewish?!  I can’t believe one of the blogs I follow is having to put up with THAT.

    #real life ramblings #COVID19#covid#christmas#religion
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  • I guess what really annoys me about a lot of those thinkpieces about the parallels between Christian and Pagan religious observances that pop up around this time of year is that in many cases, they’re really obviously getting the causal chain precisely backwards.

    Like, when we’re talking about a modern reconstruction of a formerly defunct religious practice, assembled by culturally Christian reconstructors who used Christian assumptions about what sacred ritual is supposed to look like in order to fill in the gaps in that reconstruction, it’s not surprising that the result ends up looking pretty similar to contemporary Christian practices.

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  • ok im sorry im posting way too many non mcyt related posts but:

    I was just thinking about how it can be really dangerous to get put on a pedestal because sometimes you can like shatter that image of yourself for people and it can hurt them/you.

    And this probably wouldn’t matter that much but I actually talk quite a lot about stuff in mcyt world and outside of it on this blog because I just positively refuse to shut up <3

    I’m sure I’ve said or done things I shouldn’t have in the past and I probably will again in the future. I know that I don’t have enough of a relationship with you guys for you to have any reason to trust me (And you shouldn’t. Don’t trust strangers on the internet especially not if you’re a minor)

    But I hope I haven’t set myself up like I’m perfect. If something happens please be patient with me, I’m only a person and I’m arrogant and willful, but I do care about you guys and so I want to make it up to you if I hurt you.

    There aren’t perfect people, there’s only a perfect God.

    #Don't worry to anyone who's said something really sweet to me i really really appreciated it im not trying to invalidate you #not mcyt#religion#i guess
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  • Morning view of Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

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  • Rom. 14-16

    By all means, invite the non-believing and weak of faith to your house, but not if you’re going to strike up minute theological arguments
    Don’t judge others, don’t judge what they eat
    Some consider everything to be lawful, others follow the kosher, leave it be
    God is completely fine with it, and you should be too
    Worshipping days too, some think it best to worship God on x day of the week, while another thinks best to do it on y day
    Leave it be, God doesn’t care
    Eat what you will, worship when you will, don’t bother others about how they live their lives
    Jesus died for our sakes, he beat sin, do you really think God is keeping a close, watchful, wrathful eye on if you pray on sunday or saturday
    There are bigger things to worry about
    Don’t judge others, Jesus will judge all
    Paul personally is fine with eating anything, but if others want to not eat certain things, he’s fine with it
    Just trust in God and do what you think is good, if God (your conscience) tells you that a certain food is bad, don’t eat it
    Let’s not destroy the community over food, eh?

    All the Christians in Rome should just live together in harmony and glorify God, that is more important than their differences
    Christ recieves all, both the Jews and Gentiles
    Paul knows the Romans are good people, and he wrote this letter to them with the help of God
    Paul has made tons of converts through his trips through the Roman Empire, and he generally doesn’t preach where people already know of Jesus, but he doesn’t often visit churches he didn’t found
    So that’s why he hasn’t been to Rome yet, though he would love to stop by on his way to Spain, if they’d let him
    Before that, however, he has to do something in Jerusalem, to do a service for the folks in Macedonia and Achaia
    Paul hopes the Romans will pray for him
    He says the Gentile Christians of Macedonia and Achaia have more happy to share than the Jewish Christians at Jerusalem, and he hopes the Jewish Christians don’t try to stop him in his mission

    At the end of the letter, he names some important people
    Among them, Phoebe the deacon at Cenchreae who Paul sent the letter with, and who read the letter out loud
    Prisca and Aquilla, who stood in for Paul, to save him
    Andronicus and Junia who were prisoners with Paul
    He names more people from various churches
    At the end, he warns them to be wary of false prophets who do not work in Christ, eternal vigilance always
    Finally, Timothy, a few of Paul’s relatives, the scribe Tertius and a few others greet the people in Rome


    when amazon said ‘november 23-december 1’, they meant 'november 23-december 1’

    "So then, as we have opportunity, let's do what is good toward all men, and especially toward those who are of the household of the faith."
    Galatians 6:10 WEB

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