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  • You may get a question where you are given a patient’s sodium, glucose, and BUN and are asked, “Do you think this patient is hyper- or hypotonic?“ you can figure out their osmolality with the values you’re given.

    Sosm= (2 x [Na+mEq/L) + (glucose mg/dL)/18 + (BUN mg/dL)/2.8  (you’ll be given the normal range for electrolytes. Sodium’s is 135-145mEq/L)

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  • SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Book of Sales: Hadith 41

    Narrated By ‘Ali : I got an old she-camel as my share from the booty, and the Prophet had given me another from Al-Khumus. And when I intended to marry Fatima (daughter of the Prophet), I arranged that a goldsmith from the tribe of Bani Qainuqa’ would accompany me in order to bring Idhkhir and then sell it to the goldsmiths and use its price for my marriage banquet.

    SAHIH al-BUKHARI : Book of Sales: Hadith 41/168

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  • Kita semua sama-sama boneka nafsu.

    Dengan atau tanpa sadarnya mengeruk ceruk neraka

    Niat hati menampakkan pada indra secara sempurna

    Namun hakikatnya adalah menjadi terlalu cacat …

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  • “Live honestly. The best version of yourself is your authentic self.”

    - Morgan Harper Nichols

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  • you can’t be the same creative all the time

    certain seasons require certain things

    sometimes you can do a lot

    sometimes you can only do a little

    but wherever you are and whatever you’re doing

    keep being creative

    in whatever way you can

    because the more you use it, the more you’ll have

    for later

    - inspired by a quote by Maya Angelou -

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  • had 25 kcal so far this day and i already feel like a failure

    #next time i’m hungry i’ll just chew gum or drink ultra for fucks sake #reminder#ana#proana#pro ana#ed#eating disorder
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  • TAFAKKUR: Part 270



    Classification and generalization are important schematic steps for they facilitate identifying the objects and events in the physical world, defining them, and understanding their function. The next step is to analyze things and events individually and this constitutes a reliable way of defining general rules, discovering the principle of the “system” that exists in the whole universe, and then obtaining complicated knowledge of the world around us. The deduction principle of Aristotle, which prevailed in Europe and the Muslim world during the Middle Ages, was replaced by this new understanding, namely the induction method. Induction is an analytical approach which studies events separately in order to reach a certain synthesis (an idea about the whole) for the sake of understanding nature and the universe. Particularly in natural sciences, generalizations require every thing and event to be tested one by one and then to be compared with the general rule; this way, important advancements have been made (e.g. after having tested all metals, the resulting principle was “all metals expand when they are heated”). However, the notion of accepting these generalizations as definite and unchangeable principles lost its reliability after Popper.


    According to Popper, the verification of a scientific theory does not mean that it has been proven. Actually, what matters is not whether a theory is veritable or not, but whether a theory is disprovable or not. So to say that a theory is not open to criticism, that it cannot be disproved or tested is not scientific.

    When we apply this to a concrete example, the theory of evolution, which is defined as a biological phenomenon that took place in the geological time scale, we find that it is not open to observation or experiment. Therefore, it cannot be proven in terms of natural sciences. More importantly, theory of evolution is not scientific, as it seems impossible to prove the opposite of what this theory suggests. We are not saying that we cannot prove the opposite; the theory is built in such a way that we have no chance to prove the opposite, and it is just not scientific.

    Scientific data is accepted as an agreed value of humanity. The neutrality of science, or the neutrality of a scientist to be exact, suggests that things and events existing in the universe are all beyond personal and subjective judgments and they should be dealt with accordingly. Neutrality is in a way an honest attitude that has been adopted for seeking for truth with a skeptical approach while trying to reach a sound result. In any case, we need to keep in mind that in some branches of science we cannot remain absolutely neutral and our worldview may have an effect as well. Just as in daily life, our perception tends to be selective about what is happening around us in scientific activities as well. So neutrality in science cannot always be accepted as an absolute, but rather is something that is open for discussion.


    The position of mankind presents a dual nature in the world which points to its Creator and the paths that lead to Him from every direction. Mankind has been created in a planet of negligible size in comparison to the vastness of the universe. We are just impotent guests. The sphere of our power is awfully narrow. On the other hand, our Creator gave the universe for our use, and He protects the planet where humans live against dangers in advance. He has bestowed upon us mental ability and the power to reflect upon the world, to explore, and to benefit from it. He has created all the living or non-living things and the physical laws for the sake of humanity. As mentioned before, we continue to explore the world around us and give this activity a name: “science.”

    In spite of being feeble creatures, we human beings in time have taken the abilities granted to us, the scientific advancements, the achievements we made and the power brought by them as our own work and we have idolized our own bodies and mind. Then we claim that science is the ultimate reliable source, in spite of its being an activity with its own weaknesses. We began to see science as a separate being, independent from us, even from the Almighty Lord, and finally we take science as a conscious superior being that is able to explain everything, the only source of information, and a “sacred” concept, together with its methods. This outrageous ingratitude and rebellion against our Creator shakes the spiritual values of societies and causes them to degenerate by confusing minds, leading to the use of science against humanity in an uncontrolled way, like a dangerous weapon.

    After Darwin, evolutionists began to explain the facts about all species in nature through the presumption of “evolution by natural selection.” However it is not correct to take natural selection as being deterministic. There is some partial truth in it; but it is not an ever-valid essential rule. The criterion of weakness for a species or an individual being cannot be clearly defined. Evolutionists had overlooked the fact that the species created in different structures and capacities in order to perform different functions in the system of nature could not be evaluated for a criteria of common weakness. So the natural selection mechanism they suggested was seemingly attractive, but a rough and over-generalizing assumption, chalk and cheese, were mixed together.

    Seeing nature as an arena of struggle is another mistaken approach adopted by those who use scientific studies as a tool for denial which threatens the moral value of humanity (the mistake of adopting excessive approaches was constantly repeated through the history of Western philosophy). Nevertheless, the admiration we feel for nature shows how beautifully it has been created and kept alive. Being a perfectly working system with all its faculties, where solidarity and a cooperative balance play the major role, nature appeals to our heart and inspires aesthetically. In the physical or social systems we establish we try to imitate the examples nature presents us. Millions of different species, countless living things live in different habitats, in different ecosystems. All of them-big or small- are parts of a smoothly running system. Discovering and making detailed analyses of the micro or macro biological mechanisms that contribute to the system only became possible in the 20th century thanks to scientific developments. In any case these discoveries have not raised any metaphysical excitement among the scientists whose hearts were hardened by their denial.

    Unfortunately, the cost of the damage we caused to ourselves and to the entire world have been great. Again, we forgot the (small) lesson we learned in a short time and could not help but originate chronic evils that revealed the harm we caused to people and nature in the long run.

    Humanity needs to ponder on such pictures and possible ones of the future. They need to be somehow introduced to the divine message God sent us through His Messengers. They need to discover the revelation of the True Owner of the universe, realize the miracle of creation, acknowledge their own impotence, and understand the conditions of the balance-material and spiritual-of being human. They should give up their mistaken struggle in opposing their Creator which harms themselves and the world. All people who believe in the vital importance of the matter should act in accordance with the responsibility brought by this emergency and keep in mind that faith is of ultimate worth before God. As believers, we should pray to this end, with our actions as well.

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  • Reminder

    It’s the other one.

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  • It has been Deported on the authority of Anas who said:

    My uncle and I have been named after him was not present with the Messenger of Allah (mav peace be upon him) on the Day of Badr. He felt distressed about it. He would say: I have missed the first battle fought by the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), and if God now gives me an opportunity to see a battlefield with the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), God will see what I do therein. He was afraid to say more than this (lest he be unable to keep his word with God). He was present with the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) on the Day of Uhud. He met Sa’d b. Mu'adh (who was retreating). Anas said to him: O Abu ‘Amr, where (are you going)? Woe (to thee)! I find the smell of Paradise beside the Uhud mountain. (Reprimanding Sa’d in these words) he went forward and fought thein (the enemy) until he was killed. (The narrator says). More than eighty wounds inflicted with swords, spears and arrows were found on his body. His sister, my aunt, ar-Rubayyi’, daughter of Nadr, said: I could not recognise my brother’s body (it was so badly mutilated) except from his finger-tips. (It was on this occasion that) the Qur'anic verse:“ Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with God. Of them some have completed their vow (to the extreme), and some still wait: but they have never changed (their determination) in the least” (xxxiii. 23). The narrator said that the verse had been revealed about him (Anas b. Nadr) and his Companions.

    Sahih Muslim, The Book on Government, Book 33, Hadith 213

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    Maret kembali menyapa, pertanda diri harus makin dewasa.

    -Fiersa Besari

    Bertemu lagi dengan bulan Maret, bulan kelahiran. Di mana semua harap diaminkan oleh banyak orang. Yang lebih banyak dari biasanya. Sempat terlintas di pikiran untuk melupa. Karena semakin bertambahnya usia, semakin banjir pula akan pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang memenuhi isi kepala. Namun suatu ketika, seperti ada mantra yang mengetuk mata. Yang mengharuskan mata ini dibuka selebar-lebarnya. Bukan hanya sepasang mata yang ada di wajah, pun mata yang ada di dalam hati dan jiwa.

    Ada pesan yang tersemat di sana. “Bukan begitu caranya”, katanya. Semakin bertambahnya usia, memang semuanya pun bertambah. Bertambah rasa syukur, bertambah rasa kerendahan hati, bertambah rasa sabar dan ikhlas, dan masih banyak bertambah-bertambah lainnya yang harus ditambah.

    Semoga selalu dipanjangkan dalam segala hal, baik menerima maupun memberi. Semoga selalu dipanjangkan rasa kuat dalam menjalani kehidupan yang kian hari kian mengharuskan untuk belajar. Belajar melangkah lagi, berlari lagi, bergerak lagi, berjuang lagi, hingga pada akhirnya punya keberanian untuk terbang. Terbang setinggi-tingginya. Tanpa ada ketakutan di dalamnya. ✨✨

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  • I always pray and hope all of my trans/nb brethren are protected. It’s the worlds beliefs that are fucked, not you. 💓

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  • guys, im doing ok now :)) thanku all sm for ur concern it means a lot! im not going to post the ask messages i got for a few reasons really…. some hav others personal stories in them n i jus feel like keeping those private and also bc it was a very traumatic and scary experience for myself also n i dont really want my whole tumblr to b filled w things involving that kind of stuff atm as im really trying to get past it now. i jus want u guys to kno that u can come to me about literally anything.. i hav always been an open book with most of my life and sharing things with u n the rest of the internet whether ppl hated me, thought i was crazy n weird or supported me w things. im the exact same way in person as i am online, im very honest, very blunt, very open w my struggles etc and i enjoy talking to ppl about things that a lot of other ppl seem uncomfortable to talk about. i enjoy those awkward conversations and pushing boundaries. i think all of those conversations are absolutely necessary and so so important to have🤍🖤

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