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  • Made a Helluva Boss Review! Should I do more?

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    Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi

    What an interesting, weird, strange, wonderful, intriguing novel!

    Did I like it? Ask me in a few weeks or months.

    Did I have to finish it? Definitely.

    Do I miss it already? Yes.

    It is a weird, undefinable read but the writing itself is a delight. Intriguing and irritating. Enticing and repellent.

    What can I say, it’s left me flummoxed so I think it’s a good thing but again, was it the pandemic or the book that made it a slow read?

    Courtesy of NetGalley.

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  • A new couple are going camping but decide to stay in a hotel for one night but on route they get lost in a maze of back roads and are stalked by a masked figure.

    The direction is interesting in this film because it contrasts the enclosed space of the car and small roads with the open spaces of the fields which makes the characters feel both trapped and stranded at the same time. The acting was fair considering it was just a few people supporting the whole film but none of it was especially remarkable and there are a couple of times it feels like the main two are struggling.

    The scares get a little repetitive since the subject matter is rather limited. There are a couple of times where it uses the trope of someone appearing and disappearing that only one character sees. The narrative follows an obvious path since there are few factors that can influence the situation besides the decision making and manipulation of the protagonists.

    The horror is fairly good considering how limited the resources are. The technically quality of the sound and image are all of a high quality but most of it is shot on the same few stretches of road with only three main actors. There is still some variety in the small twists and keeping the pace going on such a tight budget shows some innovation.

    The motives of the main antagonist are unclear although there’s the vague feeling that he’s trying to convey some kind of message but it’s vague. The ending is rather disappointing partly for this reason, there’s no real point to what happens and even the most interesting thing about the climax happens off-screen which leaves it feeling underwhelming.

    4/10 -It’s below average, but only just!-

    -The hotel is a real place in Devon.

    -The main two actors were apparently told little of the plot so that many of their reactions would be realistic.

    -The lead woman performs the song for the end credits.

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  • Creation Stories (2021) Review - GFF

    Directed by Nick Moran, Creation Stories - about music studio founder Alan McGee - is a mildly offensive, egotistical mess, and we can only hope Liam and Noel Gallagher never see this film. Leoni Horton reviews.

    Read here.

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  • Coinbase Review 2021 From a Long-Term User and Early Crypto Adopter

    Coinbase Review 2021 From a Long-Term User and Early Crypto Adopter


    By Rob Otman
    Originally posted February 24, 2021

    Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. There’s a lot to like about this platform but there are some downsides to consider as well. So, in this Coinbase review, I’ll try to cover all bases.
    I’ve had my current Coinbase account since 2017 and a few years before that, I’d been active with cryptocurrencies. I’ve seen many…


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  • Review: The Spiritualist - Jupiter Sunrise (Trance)

    Review: The Spiritualist – Jupiter Sunrise (Trance)

    This review covers the trance track The Spiritualist – Jupiter Sunrise.
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  • Future State: Nightwing #2 Review


    In this issue we see Nightwing team up with the next Batman, to fight the peacekeeper’s raid on Nightwing’s base, Arkham Asylum. While holding their own fairly well against the magistrate, it isn’t looking too good, until the rest of the resistance comes to the rescue. Batman and Nightwing manage to escape only to be followed by Peacekeeper-06. During their fight, Nightwing is able to draw information out of her and after defeating her reveals he made his own cloaked nano-drones that recorded everything, and he can release it whenever he wants. 


    I really loved seeing the resistance, and Babs is just so badass. I also like how Cass is Batgirl now! I’m curious to see what DC does with Babs as Oracle against since with her outfit, she seems to be more of an active fighter instead of dealing with information and intelligence. 

    And Damien’s still missing. He’s only been mentioned once with no idea where he could be or what happened to him. 


    Not only is Babs such a badass, but Dick is too. I’ve honestly been sleeping on him, so I’m really glad I read this. I might just have a fav 👀


    He’s just so smart and resourceful. Not only did he modify his own Nightwing car, but built or modified his own drones as well. Amazing. 


    I just really loved this. This story was really the highlight of Future State, and I am in love with Dick Grayson now

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  • Titanic: The Legend Goes On - JonTron

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  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Review: The Lightest Laptop Winner

    Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Review: The Lightest Laptop Winner

    Photo: John Biggs/Gizmodo

    As we lean into a few more months of WFH life, none of us are looking for the thinnest and lightest laptops out there. The road warriors hunting for something slightly lighter than a cinder block are stuck inside, and couch surfing is now usually done on the phone, not on some wafer-thin slab of plastic and silicon. But we’ll be taking to the air soon enough, I reckon,…

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  • Preview the Mclaren Speedtail with Hermès in charge Review

    Preview the Mclaren Speedtail with Hermès in charge Review

    Belonging to Mclaren’s hyper product line, the Speedtail is the model that will continue the production line of this product line when the Mclaren Senna ends. As a successor to the legendary Mclaren F1, McLaren wants the car to become a worthy successor of this legacy, thus bringing the classic three-seat design, leading technology in the industry. car and, of course, the freedom of…


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  • Kurzkritik - Februar 2021

    John Carpenter, Django Django und Slowthai in der Kurzkritik – Februar 2021:

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  • Review: Mr. Parker Is Ready For His Close Up In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #60

    Review: Mr. Parker Is Ready For His Close Up In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #60

    Peter Parker has been through quite a lot lately, what with being killed dozens of times by Kindred, the demonic villain that was once his best friend, Harry Osborn. Even with all the things he’s witnessed during his time as Spider-Man, recent events are wreaking havoc with his mental health. Mary Jane has just the solution, putting Peter on the stage to deliver one helluva monologue, letting all…


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  • Review: Saal Digital Photo Books

    Review: Saal Digital Photo Books

    This is the first in a series of product reviews I’m planning. 
    Earlier in the year, 2021, I spotted an ad on social media from a company hunting for photographers to test and review their products.
    Full disclosure: they gave me a voucher for the book, but I paid shipping. 
    Content Creation: 
    They need a PDF of the book to begin their end of the process. They offer a desktop application to use…

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  • The Profit Maximiser Review: Is It Risk-Free?

    The Profit Maximiser Review: Is It Risk-Free?

    Hello and welcome to my Profit Maximiser review!
    Today we’ll talk about a make money online opportunity that doesn’t fall under the usual MLMs, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and pyramid schemes categories.
    If you go over the moon when playing with games that raise stakes, this online betting opportunity may have gotten your interest.
    But the pressing question is, is it legit or just another…


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    I was aware that #SupermanAndLois was coming but I didn’t seek it out. So I was shocked when I watched it.

    More in this

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  • Good Ol’ Review: Everything Comes Together to Make JTBC’s Character-Driven Slice of Life Drama “Run On” a Definite Winner

    Good Ol’ Review: Everything Comes Together to Make JTBC’s Character-Driven Slice of Life Drama “Run On” a Definite Winner

    No spoilers.

    JTBC’s Run On (런 온) is a warm-hearted slice of life series. Equal parts drama and comedy, the character-driven Run On follows the stories of people at various points in their lives all trying to figure out just how to navigate every day trials and move forward. An excellent cast, wonderful direction and fast-paced writing make Run On a real…

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    Florida Georgia Line - Life Rolls On

    So today on the MSR (Midnight Star Review), I will be talking about the latest album from Country Music Super Duo Florida Georgia Line.  This new album is titled “Life rolls on” and was released on Friday February 12th, 2021.  There are 16 tracks on the new project but before we get more into the album, let’s see what FGL (Florida Georgia Line) released before.

    FGL has released powerhouse songs throughout their career.  Such songs like “Cruise”, “This is how we roll” featuring Luke Bryan, & “May we all” featuring Tim McGraw.  FGL has been the one to collaborate with almost anyone in music, not just Country Music.  But let’s dive more into this album now.

    Their current single is “Long live” which you can on the new CD.  The next song was co-written by Kane Brown “I love my Country” which was FGL’s first ever number one on my weekly Countdown.  Other songs from the album that we may have heard from them before the release were “Second guessing” which is from Songland, & “U.S. Stronger” which I feel like is their Military tribute.  Other stand out songs are “Hard to get to Heaven”, “Long time comin’”, and the title track “Life rolls on”.  Let’s see the rest of the track now.

    Track list.
    1. Long live.
    2. Life looks good.
    3. Countryside.
    4. Always gonna love you.
    5. I love my Country.
    6. Hard to get to Heaven.
    7. Long time comin’.
    8. Interlude.
    9. Ain’t worried ‘bout it (Album version).
    10. Beer :30.
    11. New truck.
    12. Eyes closed.
    13. Second guessing (From Songland).
    14. Good to me.
    15. U.S. Stronger.
    16. Life rolls on.

    And that’s a wrap for the track list.  And on the MSR (Midnight Star Review), I would give this album a 4 out of 5 stars.  It is a good overall album but some of there songs aren’t as good as they used to be in the past.  But I still love Tyler Hubbard, & Brian Kelley of FGL.  The guys co-wrote 13 out of 16 tracks.  Thanks for taking the time to read this review.  See ya all next time.  Make sure if you aren’t already checking out my weekly Countdown (Midnight Star Report) to follow and like.

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