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  • the-cat-sat-on-the-mat
    26.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    cameron being a cutie without even trying <3

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  • propaganda-for-poets
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    post-welton chameron reunion my beloved <3

    both of them being now mature enough to apologize and communicate properly my beloved <3

    cam being away from his parents and having more space to discover who he is and be so much more confident and happy my beloved <3

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  • my-mausoleum
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    jeffery anderson is bisexual and i take absolutely zero criticism

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  • rsbry-beret
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Chameron shippers come get yalls juice

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  • deadpoetssocietyexept
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Modern dead poets society except Chris forced Knox and the other poets to get acrylic nails

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  • propaganda-for-poets
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    cameron would absolutely love autumn.

    he'd love to go on long walks by himself, watch how the leaves have rusted and flown of their branches, how the lake reflects the clouds covering up the clear blue of the sky, he'd love the chilly weather and the people running around in their coats and their gloves and their collars covering up their necks, he'd love the bright colors of the children's hats in the park breaking out from the bronze of the season, he'd love to sit in his dorm late at night, memorizing latin translations while the rain patters on the window, as if asking to be let in, he'd love that he can finally breathe cool air again after the heat of the summer. he'd love autumn, even if he always had to spend it alone.

    and then charlie comes along, and he won't ever catch him leaving the room without slipping into his shoes and insisting to come with, to walk along the lake together, to stomp on the fallen leaves and hear them crunch, it's something cameron had never noticed before about autumn and he finds it endearing that charlie has. charlie's scarf is colored bright green and he'll let cameron wrap it around his shoulders, and the color is so out of place, cam would complain about it, how much it stands out from orange trees and orange pavements, but he actually does love that scarf, it would be so unlike charlie to blend in with the warmth of the background and he doesn't, charlie's always been a man of spring anyways. but he notices how cameron fits right in, with copper hair and rosy cheeks and face pattered with freckles all over, how he'll inhale the season and recharge his whole body, and he'd love autumn, cause it was so clearly made for cameron.

    #🩹 jace posts #pov it's autumn and you're hyperfixated on dps #it's OUR SEASON Y'ALL #GO NUTS #dead poets society #dps#richard cameron#charlie dalton#chameron #AUTUMN CHAMERON <33333
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  • thedarkesthistories
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Characters from Dead Poets Society and The Secret History that would not get along.

    Greatest crossover since Endgame. Neil & Charles.  Neil is very protective and open with others, unlike Charles who can explode his thoughts and feelings towards others. They’d have a mutual understanding of their relationship and respect each other to a point.

    Todd & Camilla. I can feel the awkwardness radiating from here. Friendly in the group but these two would never hang out alone.

    Knox & Richard P. These two are both people who over-romanticise and dream to the seams and work best with people who balance them out: people with great personalities who get them out of their head and their comfort zone. Both would be so wrapped up in their own worlds and other friends that they’d never have the need to get to know each other.

    Charlie & Julian. While Charlie does respect some teachers (Keating), he would not have time for Julians cult-like nonsense. Julian would frown his nose at the constant jokes about serious topics. Something would always get lost in translation and these two would generally ignore each other as much as they could.

    Richard C. & Henry. The only thing these two have in common are their skills in academics. Even their reasons behind hard work are different. Henry wouldn’t tolerate the Bunny-esque aura looming around Cameron’s jokes and Cameron would see Henry as pretentious and weird. It would be widely known that these two dislike each other but it would never lead to a fight bigger than a debate or an argument.

    Meeks & Bunny. These two would be semi-comfortable with each other but share no interests. Bunny is someone who seeks reactions which Meeks wouldn’t give. Bunny would try to do a grand prank and Meeks would stare at him and then go about his studies. Bunny likes to go about and talk to everyone. Meeks, even though accepting of the role of a follower, would not tolerate taking part in Bunny’s constant endeavours.

    Pitts & Francis. Pitts is very grounded and lives in the real world, Francis grew to be someone who likes to express himself. They’d always ask each other if they wanted to come with to do this or that but would spend that time with their closer friends.

    based on not being able to reuse same characters in different pairs.
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  • gallwithapall
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Help i didnt know that there was a scene deleted in dead poets where Mr Keating ACTUALLY WENT TO THE CAVE WITH THE BOYS AFTER THE PLAY

    And and AND


    Even Mr Keating hugged him

    THEN THEY WENT DOWN TO THE RIVER!!!! I don't understand why this scene was deleted ohmygod


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  • bowieandqueen11
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dead Poets Society Autumn Headcanons

    Request: Hi hi hi!!! Are there still spaces open? I want to request something fluffy for dead poets society :D Maybe Todd helping Neil practice lines for a play?? Or the dead poets all doing autumn things together??

    For @transgender-dumbass, this is so sweet thank you my lovely!!

    (Gif credit goes to @patrickjane, I do not own DPS, all credit goes to creators.)

    Okay, so Neil and Todd’s favourite thing in the world is just to hang out in their room together so Neil’s new need to learn the lines for his next Shakespeare play is the perfect excuse to stay in during the frosty golden mornings of the Autumn season.

    If you crack the door open to sneak a peek at the scene, you’ll see a blushing Todd Anderson lying on top of Neil’s thin duvet, his head resting against the cracked wall as his eyes follow Neil’s every movement. Wide eyed, and mouth slightly agape, he’ll finally start laughing as soon as Neil stops his dramatics to come lean against the side of the wall and stare back at Todd knowingly, grinning the whole while.

    For a moment they just stare at each other with those peach covered cheeks, glowing ears and wild eyes that fondness brings, having their own secret conversation.

    ‘You know, I think you’d make a rather good ass.’

    ‘No. Absolutely not, Neil’, Todd replies, but he’s still giggling behind his wild blush as Neil reaches out and grabs his hand, pulling him up.

    ‘I’m not taking no for an answer. And the crowd gives a wild cheer for our new cast member, Nick Bottom!’

    Todd nearly trips over Neil’s feet as he’s dragged from his safe spot on the bed and up into his madness. Every time he tries to read the script in his hand, Neil hits it down again and tries to make Todd improv with him (he’d never say, but he had actually spent the last week learning all his lines. He knows them all word perfect, but he knows that doing this would give Todd a break, and allow them both to just have some fun for a minute.)

    You can hear their laughter echoing down the halls as Neil dramatically flounces around the room and Todd is pulled around after him, re-enacting the play very very badly.

    Eventually they both end up absolutely knackered, and fall face down onto their beds next to each other with all the script’s papers littered around the floor to be picked up another day. 

    The Dead Poets Society are definitely the sort to sneak out during lunch into the fields, just like chasing each other down the uneven stone paths and knocking each other over on purpose. Each time they come across a huge pile of crinkly harvest leaves that the groundskeeper has tried to sweep up into a pile on the side of the fields they have to push each other into them. Meeks is the first to go down, and then Charlie, and last but not least Cameron’s shirt collar is grabbed and he’s unwillingly pulled down into the mess of flying leaves and messy tops of hair as they wrestle about. 

    They go out during colder, frostier afternoons, when the dewy grass shimmers as if covered in thousands of tiny, speaking diamonds, wearing oversized sweaters and just making a bunch of racket as they dance and jive and spin each other around in the courtyard. Music blares out from Pitt’s and Meek’s little homemade radio, and everytime a teacher walks past and glares at them Charlie likes to make a little trouble and tries to spin into the teacher, grabbing their jackets and trying to make them join in with a troublesome smirk.

    They all make sure they go to see Neil’s play together. The theatre is so used to them now they pretty much just let the lot of them in (it’s the easiest thing to do, they all come running into the auditorium with their arms around each other’s shoulders and whooping like banshees). They take up a whole row, Todd sitting proudly in the middle and trying to quieten them all down when Neil comes up on stage, but they spend the whole time throwing snacks down the seats at each other and whooping each time their friend comes out of the wings again.

    Of course they all give him a standing ovation with a lot of jumping and cheering, which makes Neil blush and wave at them from the stage. He winks at Todd before he goes to change and see them, which makes him turn a greater shade of bashful beetroot than the scarlet cushioned seats.

    A lot of the time is spent with them hanging out in the study room together. They take up the whole space, with Todd and Neil sitting next to each other on the battered flowery sofa, knees crossed and resting tenderly on each other. Charlie is sitting on the chess table, Knox lying on the floor by his feet. Cameron is sitting with his back to the dusty rows of books by the far wall, trying to read while Pitts and Meeks throw their blazers onto a chair and flop down together onto the floor. They spend the afternoon drinking cups of tea and trying to come up with some new poetry for tonight’s meeting.

    Or, they spend evenings sneaking out of each other’s room and running with silent laughter down the hallways into Todd and Neil’s room. They bunk down for the night, bringing their blankets or duvets or any kind of jumpers and coats and blazers they have stacked in their arms to make a fort from wall to wall. They sit huddled under it, going around and telling scary stories as the sun begins to fall from the sky and whispering shadows loom against their backs, covering the walls in a soft darkness.

    It ends with Meeks screaming and all of them getting detention for a week, though.

    Neil can make suspiciously good hot chocolate when he sneaks into the kitchens, which he always does for Todd’s birthday! The whole group downs the cups on the bridged roof by the dorm tower, where they end the day with their new tradition of throwing Todd’s desk set off the building. The hollering and trying to lift and carry Todd off in victory though usually ends with them being chased back to their dorms by Mr. Keating, who spotted Mr. Nolan marching angrily towards them from the courtyard.

    They manage to slip out from the school one weekend and share bikes, just flying happily down the streets to a nearby farm where they sneak in and manage to climb up a few piles of swinging hay to hitch a hay ride around the corn fields. They bought a few caramel apples with their chipped in allowance money from the farm shop at the entrance, so they just sit on the edge of the bristling stalks watching the golden hues of the sun turn to a spiced orange as they fall behind the trickling branches of the surrounding pine trees.

    When Knox isn’t in his room, the rest of the Dead Poets go out and fill every crevice, every gap, every drawer and even underneath his duvet with leaves.

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  • jealouskindbitch
    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    depressed bitch starter pack: watching dead poets society at 3 am

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  • meekspoetssociety
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    i don’t feel like this needs explaining…

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  • gallwithapall
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just this image of charlie

    That's it

    That's the post

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk

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  • anderperryshit
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    “u mean love right?? we’re in love???”

    “i said what i said.”

    “is this a fucking business proposition????”

    #chameron #dead poets society #charlie dalton#richard cameron #this is the shittiest of shit posts i have on this app
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  • aedan-mills
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Bet you didn't know there were 2 versions of this photo, huh?

    Me neither.

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  • bananaphone
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    "gamer poets society" coming soon...

    synopsis: the english teacher of a group of students from a wealthy and repressive school teaches them about life, poetry and league of legends.

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  • dpsthinker
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    i don't understand what's with all this cameron slander when he was grieving with the dead poets as well at that time..... please cut my guy some slack i beg

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