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  • ghostly-headcanons
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yuri @lavender-lass09 x Riku Platonic Hc’s for Riku anon

    Nice to delve into the characters without roleplay limitations! Here you go

    Riku and Yuri would talk about their classes, assignments, books, and later anime together

    They help each other with school since they’re in the same year

    They read books together, switching between books Riku chooses and books Yuri chooses

    Yuri infodumps with Riku about her interests in cats, space, history trivia, and eventually about different types of knives and how they’re made

    Riku helps Yuri during panic attacks

    Yuri proofreads Riku’s fanfictions when he wants her to, and she helps boost his confidence in writing

    They like looking at gay™️ Memes together

    They sometimes hang out at bookstores and libraries, browsing the different genres

    They also bond over the funny things Sayori does

    Yuri texts him bad memes and puns, Riku laughs at them and jokes with her playfully. He sends her fanfic recommendations and jokes too

    When Yuri interprets something wrong or doesn’t understand something completely, she asks him about it. She apologizes whenever she says something and it sounds bad or mean. He helps her with this once she gets her autism diagnosis

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  • atomic-taco-muffin
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    KH Boys Trapped In A Elevator

    Request from @slowkib: Kh boiz reacting to their boyfriends post while he stuck in elevator About for an hour Lmao I dunno Its funny af

    warnings: crack

    rating: SFW


    He will start taking the stairs from now on

    When he finally gets out of the elevator, he’s not gonna talk to you till you apologize for sending the meme


    He finds the meme kind of funny

    But it doesn’t help him find a way out

    Please don’t send him memes in an elevator


    He’s trying his best not to laugh

    He loves your dark humor

    From now on, you must send him a meme whenever he needs it. And it needs to be dark


    (this is actually a video. links wouldn’t work so you have this)

    While he does find it kind of funny, it’s not helping him

    I like to think that he’s a little claustrophobic and sending elevator memes are not helping

    You better apologize to him, he’s scared.


    He’s actually chuckling at that, but it doesn’t really help him

    He might send you a meme back. Just maybe

    But please never send him elevator memes again


    His brain hurts now

    You eventually send him a text saying “just get out and take the stairs.”

    He no longer finds you funny


    You sent him this mainly because his wallpaper is exactly like the one in the picture

    He’ll ask why you sent him that and when you didn’t reply, he got worried.


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  • reverofenola
    15.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #reverofenola #kingdom hearts 3 #riku replica #sora kingdom hearts #kh2 sora#kh2#limit form#Youtube
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  • xrystazenith
    15.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ey first time posting something here lol

    I just want to share my FanArt of Sora and Riku and yeah I ship them so bad lmao

    (Idk how Tumblr works tho because I usually post my stuff on FB but no one likes my sht tho loool)

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  • poltergeistpanda
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #kingdom hearts#sora#riku#kairi#roxas #i had to channel my hatred of donald duck somewhere #prank fic#sorikai
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  • rins-hogosha
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • rikusqueenofhearts
    15.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Sora as a prince, Riku as a protector of Sora, and Vanitas as a being of darkness. Kinda debating if I wanna do something like kh1 or rest of series. Where 1) Riku is a former prince of Kingdom Hearts but stepped down to have Sora take his place and become Sora's protector. Or 2) Riku is already a protector while Sora had always been a prince of Kingdom Hearts. So yeah!

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  • missingache
    15.05.2021 - 14 hours ago
    If you arrive in a world that is neither of light nor darkness, but somewhere on the other side, your task will be far from easy....
    #khgifs#khgraphics#kairi#riku#kh3#gif#mine #ehh these are Cool #i like kairi's a lot more than riku but u can't really tell she's supposed to be in a water refelction too #mmm idk
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  • ghostly-headcanons
    15.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #Mod Ghostie 👻 #Ghostie 👻 request #Ghostie 👻 accepts #Anon#Anon request#Riku anon#ddlc #doki doki literature club #yuri doki doki #yuri @lavender-lass09 #Riku [chr]#oc request
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  • pepa-estrella-art
    15.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I want to start playing kh 3d..... I never finish any game but like.... what if....

    #but should i play it on the ps4? or the 3ds?? #i just want to see riku haha #kh#kh 3d#delete later#pepacosas#riku#kingdom hearts #i miss drawing riku thats all
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  • boxofsuperbia
    15.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Riku: "Mickey told me that you saved me in the realm of darkness."

    #khedits#khgraphics#kh3#riku#aqua #riku x aqua #*** #(Yes I ship them. Don't @ me.) #(I also ship Terra and Aqua but after KH3... you can't deny that Riku and Aqua have a LOT in common.) #(They're also my two favorites so I had to do a set with them.)
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  • lazysummers
    15.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Kirinmaru’s creations and possible ones


    Shares the same green eyes as Kirinmaru. (And hair color too?)

    Riku has addressed Kirinmaru as his master and called himself a puppet. He mimics his master in many places.

    In episode 21, he is clearly shown to behave like a puppet.

    At first, I thought Riku was Kirinmaru’s illegitimate son, but he is actually his puppet. It is also shown that Kirinmaru can “see” what Riku sees. Although he can “see” through Riku eyes, he does not know what Riku is thinking. Also, it does not seem like Kirinmaru can always “see” what Riku is doing, otherwise he would have known about his actions. Either that, or he did not mind Riku collecting the pearls.


    Possibly another creation. The only green I see on him is his tie lol. In episode 23, when Kirin is looking up at the comet and commenting on it, the video transitions to Kirinmaru. Like Riku, Kirinmaru can “see” what Kirin sees.

    It is safe to assume that he is one of the puppets or creation as well. Most likely, when he removes his glasses, we will be shown his green eyes. What we do not know is if he is working for Kirinmaru or he is like Riku, doing his own thing.

    Dream Butterfly

    Kirinmaru tells the trio that the Dream Butterfly will disappear when he disappears. In the same episode, Koton mentions that Kirinmaru has designed it for something.

    The Butterfly itself has green eyes like Kirinmaru, Riku and Zero.

    It seems like he has no full control over Butterfly too, because Moroha drops this bomb very early into the series that the butterfly has escaped from the dream world and cursed Setsuna (why do you even know this Moroha?)

    It is not unreasonable to assume that Kirinmaru can create or possess powers related to the dream world. If the sword created from Toga’s fangs could have other worldly powers, why can Kirinmaru not have powers related to the dream realm. Both are daiyokai.


    They address each other as brothers and sister. They share the same green eye color. But are they really blood related? Zero has butterfly motifs all over her. Even when she had her demonic powers with her, her demon marks were very butterfly-esque. So, she must be a butterfly demon.

    My lady moves like a butterfly.

    On the other hand, Kirinmaru is implied to be a Qilin demon. He has half his face covered in scales, while the other half has blue stripes. Even in his attire, he has different shoulder plates. Either it is only a design choice like Sesshomaru’s, or it is to signify that he is a hybrid of two demons. His one half is Qilin and if Zero is his real sister, then his other half must be a butterfly. (I know, I do not see it either)

    Umm... err... may be a spider??? Or is that his “Qilin” version because I see the tails and that dragon arm.

    Anyhoo, if they both are related then either Kirinmaru needs to be part butterfly or Zero needs to be part Qilin.

    Or Kirimaru is half Qilin and half spider. Zero is half butterfly and half spider.

    (Of course, this is still a possibility)

    If they are not related, then it is safe to say that she is another one of Kirinmaru’s creations that he is treating as a family.

    Seems like the Dream butterfly was designed after her or she was designed after the Dream butterfly. Until more information is given about the Butterfly, I will assume the former.

    The Four Perils

    I could be wrong here. There is not much to go with but I think they are Kirinmaru’s creations as well.

    First off, they all have horns. Kirinmaru has them in his partial demon form. His cubone mask has it as well. Position wise, they have shown that Kyuki and Konton are much closer to Kirinmaru. They both seem to be aware of Kirinmaru’s plans for Dream Butterfly.

    Koton’s human form has a tail like Kirinmaru’s. He parrots the same comments about “tastes” as his master. Kyuki has the same blue demon marks as Kirinmaru. Some of them have “heavenly” elements.

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  • venjt
    14.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I'm making chibi Riku sticker for my Etsy soon 👀

    #kingdom hearts#riku #kingdom hearts riku #kingdom hearts 3 #kh#kh3#my art
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  • deviko
    14.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Looking back at the Wild Gunmens/Fishers match for the timeline made me realize that Kid and Doc Horide wonder if Riku overslept even though IT’S THE AFTERNOON.

    Given the fact that Seibu has that peculiar thing where they let students choose which class they want to attend to I am now convinced that Riku chose this particular high school solely to be able to sleep till 11.00 am

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  • hayvani
    14.05.2021 - 23 hours ago
    talkign 2 colin and im once again reminded of how spontaneous and unpredictable riku can be all the while beign just. stoic. ur muse is chilling with hers after a long day of work, one in which u escaped death by a hair’s breadth. ur nibbling on some food and she suddenly asks why there’s so much ligma in her sandwich
    #out of character. #this is /hj #ur muse: huh. whats ligma #riku picking off some bread crumbs not even looking at them: ligma b
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  • incorrectallkhquotes
    14.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Kairi: Is it true that you spent three days inside of Riku's closet waiting to scare him?

    Sora: No.

    Riku: It was five.

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