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  • So today’s Ripweek topic is “No body, no death”, and that’s pretty self explanatory.  In comics, even if you HAVE a corpse, death is often less of a permanent thing than one would think.  When you don’t have a body at all, then it’s only a matter of time.

    I’m not saying Legends of Tomorrow will ever bring Rip back, but they don’t really need to.  There are plenty of reasons to think that Rip isn’t dead.  For one thing, his manner of death is basically the same thing as happened in Out of Time in season 2.  Which means worst case scenario, he’s probably off in some other time period, a.la Phil Gasmer.

    But that’s not even necessary.  I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again:

    In Return of the Mack, Rip showed us heretofore unseen little toys, time pellets, that literally froze time (similar to the Pilgrim in season one).  To an outside observer, Rip’s movements are un-observable, but he uses it effectively to save Zari.

    Now in the last episode, Rip “dies” by setting off the time drive.  But who’s to say he actually stayed in that explosion?  A gratuitous use of a time pellet at just the right time…and one thing Rip has always been good at is timing, and Rip’s gone.

    Where did he go from there?  Who knows?  Presumably Rip was the one to provide the Time Bureau with their Time Couriers, so it’s not hard to believe he’s got another.  My favorite option is the Time Sphere that had been stolen/built by Eobard Thawne (but credited to Rip in the Flash).  I like the thought of Rip reclaiming his old toys.

    Rip thinks he’s burned his bridges with both the Legends and the Time Bureau.  He’s got no real reason to let anyone know he survived.  And even when he was on good terms with them, he never could quite resist keeping secrets:

      As to where he is now…well…


    I’ve heard the Arizona desert is nice, this time of year.  

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  • day 4: Romance

    timehex thats it

    #rip hunter#Jonah Hex#timehex #legends of tomorrow #my art#ripweek #rip hunter appreciation week #jonah looks like ray #not my intention but we can deal with it
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  • Rip Hunter Appreciation Week - Day 6: No Body, Not Dead

    Carbon Copy - Chapter 3: Memory

    Druce finds out that the clone of Rip Hunter has gone against his orders.

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  • Rip Hunter Appreciation Week - Day 6: No Body, Not Dead

    Carbon Copy - Chapter 2: Dreams

    Rip is being held prisoner in his own Time Bureau and a clone is walking around pretending to be him. However, the clone is finding that it isn’t easy being Rip Hunter.

    (And chapter 3 will be up shortly because this doesn’t quite get to the bit where Rip “dies”)

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  • Title: A Second Chance

    Summary: Rip survived the Time Drive explosion with Mallus, and Gideon soon learns that’s not the only surprise.

    Word Count: 7K

    Collab fic by @riphuntertimemasterlegend and @incendiaglacies for RipWeek Day 6. No Body, Not Dead

    Read on AO3

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  • Rip Hunter Appreciation Week - Day 6: No Body, Not Dead

    #Rip Hunter#RipWeek#Day 6 #Rip Hunter Appreciation Week
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  • Happy Birthday @oasis-wasteland! Enjoy a quick little snippet from OT3 Hunterburnship verse!

    Jonas grimaced at the yelling as soon as he and Miranda entered the house. “What are Dad and Gigi arguing about now?”

    “Probably all the chocolate she’s been eating.”

    “She could share the chocolate,” Jonas muttered. Miranda gave her son a sharp look as they followed the sounds of voices. 

    Rip was standing in the kitchen, holding a box of chocolate cereal high above Gideon’s grasp, even as she jumped for them.

    “This is in no way a balanced breakfast!” he argued with her.

    “Yes, it is! Gimme!” She jumped again while Miranda laughed at her antics.

    “Now Gideon, think of the example you’re setting for Jonas,” she told her.

    Gideon turned and glared with such force, Miranda nearly stepped back. “I’m not the one that got arrested for public indecency, or drunken misconduct. And I’m not the one that lost him in a shopping mall and brought home the wrong baby!”

    Rip groaned. “We were on two hours of sleep for the week and we apologized! Profusely.”

    Jonas’ eyes widened. “You lost me?”

    “Honestly, Jonas. It’s not our fault. You looked like all the other babies. Bald, slightly misshapen head. It could happen to anyone.” Miranda patted his hand.

    “I can’t believe you lost me! Am I even me? Is my whole life a lie?”

    “Your dramatics,” Miranda hissed at Rip. “Darling, we found you-”

    “I found you,” Gideon said.

    “And we are sure it’s you. Like eighty percent.”

    Gideon shrugged at Jonas’ disbelief. It was a rather high statistic all things considered. She reached out and cupped his chin. “The important thing is that you were never biologically mine to begin with so I’ll love you no matter what.” She reached back and jabbed Rip in the ribs. He doubled over with a loud ‘oof’ and dropped the box of cereal. Gideon grinned and picked it up. “Care to join me for a mid-morning breakfast?”

    Jonas stared at the other two. “Gigi is my favourite this week,” he announced, happily pulling out a bowl and sitting next to her as she poured the cereal.

    Rip grumbled as he hobbled over to Miranda. She rubbed his shoulder in comfort.

    “Don’t worry darling. He’ll pick one of us next week. So glad we changed him for that other baby.”

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  • Summary: Rip Hunter has been called many things in his life, but after everything that has happened, there is only one he cares to be called.

    Author’s Note: Rip Week Day 6: No Body, Not Dead – Rip is definitely not dead, so where the hell is he? Is he on his way back to sort out the timeline or has he retired to a nice cottage by the sea?
    For me this is the only reason Rip would not return to the Waverider.


    Rip woke feeling squirming at his side and opened his eyes to see his son pulling the covers over himself. Checking the clock, Rip frowned at how early it was.

    “Are you alright, little man?” Rip asked, gently stroking his son’s hair.

    Jonas gave a small shrug, “Had a bad dream.”

    Pulling Jonas into his arms, Rip hugged him close, “You know bad dreams can’t hurt you.”

    Jonas nodded.

    “What was your dream about?” Rip asked.

    “Mummy,” Jonas whispered, “We were playing games and then the bad man took her away.”

    Rip forced back tears filling his eyes, “I’m sorry I couldn’t bring your mummy back. I miss her too, but I promise you, Jonas that the bad man is gone for good.”

    “Can I sleep here?” the little boy asked softly.

    “For tonight,” Rip soothed, kissing the top of his head, “Close your eyes.”

    Rip began to softly sing the lullaby Miranda had made up for Jonas when she was carrying him. Rip rocked Jonas until he began to get heavier and soon the little boy was fast asleep.

    Watching his son sleep Rip wondered for a moment how he managed to get this second chance to have his little boy back. That for once he actually got what he wanted.

    Holding his son close to him, Rip fell asleep again.

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  • Rip Hunter is an advance scout, where worm holes were discovered so humans have been visiting other planets.

    One day, everything goes horribly wrong and he crash lands on a previously undiscovered planet, via a wild (as opposed to stable) worm hole.

    Nursed back to health by, he assumes, a nurse, Gideon turns out to be the queen of  Trafalgar, the largest land mass on this new planet. When he asks why she tended to him, she retorts who else was there? Her council are ruling, the other doctors and nurses are busy with everyday cases and she wanted to know who this foreigner was, before she had to make any decisions.

    As he’s recovering, they slowly start to fall in love but Rip pulls back when he realizes she’s royalty.

    Can an Earthman and a newly crowned queen find love and happiness, when a war is threatening to break out?

    #Rip Hunter#Gideon#RipWeek #Rip Hunter Appreciation Week #Day 5
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  • So today’s RipWeek topic is “Infinite Earths”.   I’ve never been all that great when it comes to AUs.  Stripper-Jonah-Hex universe aside, I tend to be more enamored with the base setting than I am with the idea of variations on a theme.

    That said, I do often enjoy the idea of “what ifs”.  “What if X happened instead of Y?”  Alternate timelines rather than straight out alternate universes.  Here are some of my favorites:

    1) What if Rip didn’t escape from Hath-Set/Savage in Egypt?

    In this situation, Rip doesn’t have that novelty pen that he used to escape Vandal Savage’s cell.  Instead, I like to imagine Khufu and Chay’ara getting word that their colleague has caught an attempted assassin.  It’s certainly not surprising that someone would want to kill Hath-Set.  He seems like the type, even back then.  But every rumor about the assassin is more outlandish than the last.

    Finally they go to investigate, and they find a strange, half-mad foreigner, who knows far more about all of them than he ought.  Thanks to his warnings, Khufu and Chay’ara are able to escape the assassination that would have killed them, and things unfold very differently indeed.

    2) What if Phil Gasmer wasn’t kidnapped by the Legion of Doom?

    There’s a fic or two with this premise, and I never get tired of it.  It’s such an interesting idea.  Phil is amazing.  For all of his goofy ignorance, it’s very clear that he has the core of what makes Rip, Rip.  We saw it when he tried to protect George Lucas, and certainly when he went out to face the Legion of Doom to save this team that he barely knew.

    It’s interesting to imagine the team interacting with this Rip: one without the baggage and the issues and the many many secrets.  Phil is guileless and open, and surprisingly willing to accept the people who outright kidnapped him as potential friends.

    And it’s not like he has no skills: Phil did a remarkable job of (briefly) pretending to be Rip.  Between Mick and Ray, and Martin at his worst, the crew definitely has room for people who can play a role under pressure.  And then there’ll be the moral issues if they do find a way to “fix” him.  Does Phil deserve to disappear so they can get Rip back?

    It’s a really interesting question.

    3) What if the cognitive intrusion failed?

    Like the last, this one involves another version of Rip.  And there’s a great fic or two with this premise too.  Evil!Rip was such an interesting take on a usual cliche.  He was, undoubtedly, without morals, capable of terrible things.  He murdered Sara, terrorized Jax, brainwashed a bunch of knights, and eviscerated Charles.  It’s awful.

    But it’s interesting, because he’s not as sadistic as one might expect from this kind of villain.  He got no pleasure out of terrorizing Jax.  He didn’t needlessly humiliate his knights (not like Darhk), and it seemed like he might have been willing to spare Charles entirely if he’d been able to trick the spear out of him.

    Now there’s no question about whether Rip himself is redeemable here, because evil Rip isn’t him.  Evil Rip is a construct created by the direct manipulation of Eobard Thawne.  But what if the team actually had to deal with the construct?

    Evil Rip didn’t seem to have a great deal of loyalty to anyone except maybe Thawne himself. So it’s interesting to think: could he have been convinced to turn on the Legion of Doom out of his own self-interest?  Could he be convinced to aid the team, for the same?

    Could Rip Hunter have become the token evil teammate of the Waverider?

    4) What if the series had actually been interested in developing Rip Hunter beyond his grief and his trauma and actually bothered to integrate him as a member of the team?

    Alas, this is the version of the show we would have gotten in a better universe: one where Rip actually mattered beyond being a grieving catalyst, where Mick’s character development continued to develop forward instead of constantly regressing, where Sara actually gets storylines that focus on her, her family and her emotional state, where Jax gets treated as independent from Martin, and Ray is treated as more than a joke.

    Oh and we didn’t get a Jewish man murdered by Nazis, or a traumatized, depressed man actually succeed in heroic suicide.

    Sadly, that’s not what we got.  Such a shame.

    #rip hunter#ripweek #anti legends of tomorrow #sorry this post just kind of developed that way
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  • DCTV moodboards: Rip Hunter lives AU

    Made for Day 6 of @ripappreciationweek 2020 for the prompt “No body, not dead.”

    I like to think of Rip having done some forward planning after the last time he got lost in time. That he set up some kind of temporal anchor in Central City where eventually his form coalesces again but maybe isn’t subject to the same laws of space and time as he once was. He’s still a little lost - at least until someone he knows stumbles across him - but fairly happy.


    Central City has an infamous cake shop that any citizen would swear feels like it’s been there more or less forever. It would be easy to lose an afternoon there in the small cafe attached, perusing their bookcases or using their surprisingly fast WiFi, but if you stop there for coffee and a cake, time never really goes by faster than you’d hope. The décor is eclectic, a mish-mash of all the best parts of different eras – there’s always something new to look at you’d never noticed before.

    The owner is a sharp-tongued Brit who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and also doesn’t really do customer service like expected, but he makes the most sublime cakes. No one can remember his name, it’s the kind that gets stuck on the tip of your tongue but everyone knows who you mean. Really, he seems to want to be left to his own devices to design his increasingly elaborate cakes, except he clearly doesn’t want to waste them either. People buying the cakes is more of an afterthought for him, a means to an end. Though people enjoying the cakes definitely lights up his face with a fantastic grin that’s warming to see.

    One year he had a sudden interest in folklore and mythical creatures – his blueberry jam fairy-godmother cupcakes were a massive hit, practically sold out round the clock but somehow there were always just enough to go around.

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  • Part 5: The 10s

    (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)

    The Time Master


    “Is the world more peaceful since the Revolution? It is a shame your people suffered. But bounty hunting is a complicated profession. They said you were coming. They said you were the best in the parsec. Would you agree? Time Master look outside, they are waiting for you.”


    Rip Hunter is a member of the Time Masters, an order of warriors who guard the timeline and follow a strict code. Since the Empire wiped out most of his kind, he is surviving as a bounty hunter on the fringes of society. He has only his ship, the Waverider, his armour and his wits to keep him safe when his story begins.

    After bringing in a particularly large bounty, he accepts an under the table job as he is promised beskar metal in payment. Instead of a criminal, he discovers that he has been sent after a young boy, called Jonas. His code does not allow him to hand over a foundling, as the Time Masters take in all foundlings into their ranks and regard the care of such children as sacred. He must try to find Jonas’ family, whilst also protecting him and hiding the boy’s unusual gift from those who would try to take him.

    Along the way he meets a veteran of the Rebellion, Gideon, and she helps him by watching his back (and perhaps a few other parts too). He is also assisted by a scientist who was formerly conscripted by the Empire, known as Raymond Palmer. A bounty hunting droid, reprogrammed as a nanny to Jonas, called M1-CK also joins them until he sacrifices himself to help them escape the interest of the Empire.

    #Rip Hunter#RipWeek#Day 5 #Rip Hunter versus cult TV
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  • Summary: Time Masters no longer work alone and Rip, Eve and Miranda are the best team they have. But there are still secrets in the Vanishing Point.
    Author’s Note: Rip Week Day 5: Infinite Earths – The Arrowverse may have collapsed the multi-verse, but imagination has no bounds. It’s Alternate Universe day.
    I have just finished this so I apologise if it’s a little odd.
    Hope you enjoy.


    Rip Hunter ducked behind a rock, swearing in annoyance that he was being shot at. Pulling out his pistol he took a quick breath before jumping up and firing back.

    Ducking down he frowned at the woman who appeared at his side, “I thought you said you would be discreet.”

    She tucked the strand of black hair that had fallen from her normally pristine bun behind her ear and gave him a quick smile, “But this is much more fun.”

    “Eve,” Rip called refusing to rise to the bait, “Have you found their ship?”

    “Gilbert has the location,” Eve replied, “Can you two stop bickering long enough to get the painting back?”

    Miranda smiled at him, “Of course we can, Eve. We’ll get it before you can disable the ship.”

    Rip rolled his eyes at Miranda’s baiting but knew better than to say anything.

    “Usual wager,” Eve stated.

    Miranda grinned, “You got it. Rip, you’re helping me win this.”

    “I hate you both,” Rip sighed,

    “Really?” Miranda asked, looking him up and down.

    Rip felt his cheeks burn slightly at the look Miranda gave him, before he coughed and demanded, “What’s your plan?”

    She grinned at him and Rip sighed again.

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  • Part 4: The 00s

    (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)

    Battlestar Waverider


    The Cylons were created by man. 

    They evolved. 

    They rebelled. 

    There are many copies. 

    And they have a plan. 

    They look and feel human. Some are programmed to think they are human.


    Commander Rip Hunter is set to return home when his command, the Battlestar Waverider, is decommissioned, but the Cylon attack leaves his ship as the sole surviving Battlestar against a vast Cylon fleet. He finds himself as the highest ranking military commander, safe guarding a rag tag fleet of civilian ships from the Cylons.

    Gideon Rider, former Secretary for Education, is thrust into the position of Colonial President. She must work with the often belligerent Commander Hunter to save their small remnant of humanity and deal with the constantly dwindling resources. She befriends the Commander’s son Jonas Hunter, who is the CAG of the Battlestar, an ace pilot who dislikes living in his father’s shadow.

    Everything is further complicated by Rip’s second in command, Colonel Hex, drinking to forget the deaths of his entire home planet of Calvert, and the return of a beautiful brunette, who says that she is Miranda Coburn. The difficulty with that is Miranda Coburn is supposed to have died in London during the Cylon attack.

    #Rip Hunter#RipWeek#Day 5 #Rip Hunter versus cult TV
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  • Part 3: The 90s

    (Part 1)(Part 2)

    Vanishing Point 5


    It was the dawn of the third age of mankind – ten years after the Earth-Thanagarian War.

    The Vanishing Point Project was a dream, given form. Its goal: to prevent another war, by creating a place where humans and aliens can work out their differences peacefully. It’s a port of call – home away from home – for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers.

    Humans and aliens, wrapped in two million, five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal … all alone in the night.

    It can be a dangerous place, but it’s our last best hope for peace.

    This is the story of the last of the Vanishing Point stations. The year is 2258. The name of the place is Vanishing Point 5.


    Captain Rip Hunter is the very human Commander of Vanishing Point 5. Ably assisted by Commander Sara Lance, and Security Chief Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, they deal with alien diplomatic disputes and trade negotiations in the hopes of preventing another war. Dr Martin Stein runs the medical centre and does what he can for the health of the inhabitants of the station. Hunter finds himself attracted to the station’s telepath, Gideon, and the two develop a relationship.

    However, Hunter is still grieving for the death of his wife who was lost in an archaeological expedition to the edges of the sector. There are unanswered questions about her death which the authorities back home on Earth seem unwilling to answer. Could it be that Admiral Druce is lying to Hunter about his investigation into the destruction of the expedition?

    Kendra, the Thanagarian Ambassador, arranges for Captain Hunter to have access to the first of a new fleet of ships that combine both Earth and Thanagarian technology - the Waverider.

    #Rip Hunter#RipWeek#Day 5 #Rip Hunter versus cult TV
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  • Part 2: The 80s

    (Part 1)



    This briefing is from file A56-7W. Classified Top Secret. Subject is, Waverider. A Mach 1+ attack helicopter with the most advanced weapons system in the air today. It’s been hidden somewhere in the Western United States by its test pilot Rip Hunter. Hunter has promised to return Waverider only if we can find his wife, Miranda Coburn, an MIA in Vietnam. We suspect that Atom, director of the agency that built Waverider is secretly helping Hunter in return for Hunter flying Waverider on missions of national concern.

    Rip Hunter is 34, a brilliant combat pilot. His only friend is Gideon Allen, whose air service is the cover for their government work.

    With Hunter and Gideon working as a team and flying at speeds rivalling the fastest jets, backed by unmatched firepower, Waverider is too dangerous to be left in unenlightened hands. Finding it is your first priority.


    Eagle lake was remote and beautiful. The sun rose over the mountains and it promised to be a clear and beautiful day. The morning light hit the lake, turning it into molten gold. Rip had risen early and was standing out on the porch of his cabin, considering an early morning run, then fishing trip. The sound of helicopter blades in the air alerted him to the fact that he would not be having the peaceful morning he had been looking forwards to.

    He watched a white helicopter come into view. With a long sigh, he went back inside and went to the kitchen area to put on a fresh pot of coffee. He would be having guests soon, it seemed. He saw the helicopter land on the lakeside landing pad, and two figures emerged as the rotating blades slowed, striding towards the house.

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  • Bette Kane: I just saw a trillion different realities folding onto each other like thin sheets of metal forming a single blade.

    Rip Hunter: Yeah, yeah, the Time Knife, we’ve all seen it.

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  • Part 1: The 70s

    Hunter’s 7


    “Four year’s ago there was a good deal of discontent with the administration. There were many activist groups, but the only one that really meant anything was led by Rip Hunter. We were outlawed and hunted, but we had supporters and we were making progress. Someone betrayed us. You were captured, so were most of our followers. They could have killed you but that would have given the cause a martyr. So instead they put you into intensive therapy. They erased areas of your mind. They implanted new ideas. They literally took your mind to pieces… Your family, they were executed.”

    Rip Hunter is an idealistic freedom fighter, who steals the highly advanced Waverider with the help of a group of convicts: smuggler Sara Lance, petty thief Jefferson Jackson and his brilliant partner Martin Stein, psychic and guerilla fighter Kendra Saunders, reprogrammed murderer Ray Palmer and the Machiavellian Leonard Snart, known for his high tech crimes.

    Hunter launches a series of attacks against the corrupt and authoritarian Federation, but whilst his own motives are idealistic, his crew are not so pure. Loyalties are often divided, especially when Hunter comes up against his former employers who ordered the murder of his wife and son.

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