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  • “The tears of angels are not sweet because angels are pure. The pain of a beautiful thing is hot like fire and thick with salt, as if it had been pried from a serpent’s glands.”

    ‘soft hearts make for sour rage,’ - Megan’s Poetry #715

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  • Sometimes I can’t get you out of my mind;

    It’s like you’ve entered my brain and chose

    Not to leave

    Because every inch of my mind reminds me

    Of you.

    It’s almost like

    You live here now.

    Your notepad is strewn carelessly

    On the couch, left open on an unfinished

    Drawing. Your light up shoes

    Are in my shoe rack, kept away safely.

    Your earphones are left to charge

    On my dining table. 

    I can hear your music make its way to my ears

    From my room.

    How can I stop thinking of you

    When traces of you lie 


    And memories of you


    From every part of my life.

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  • Sumire & Kei sketch compilation ♥

     The drawing is a bit older…

    Not in the mood for drawing lately cuz I feel I can’t get shit done and my drawings will always look messed up. But I hope I can get out of this block soon because I feel really inspired. >.< I love this couple of mine so much.

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  • Me, ages 8-16, closetted, watching keira knightly in pirates of the Caribbean:

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  • New project


    Yeah I’m starting my very own comic series. I’ll be posting concept art.

    But for now, can you guess what it’ll be?

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  • author’s note

    I wrote this in 2016, so it only takes into account the S1 of BNHA. Also wanted to say that the reader is adult. I think of UA high like higher education, when you’re 18 or older.


    At last, after all the tests, you were accepted at U.A High. The practical test had gone pretty well, even without any destructive quirk, and it was a relief when the letter came in to inform you that you passed.

    You were in class 1-A, with Aizawa-sensei as the homeroom teacher, also known as Eraserhead ! Around you were a lot of people with useful quirks, even though they had their limits. Uraraka that could cancel gravity, Bakugou that had an explosive power totally in line with his aggressive personality, Iida whose effectiveness and righteousness were mimicked in the engines of his calves.

    After the acceptance tests however, you had not scored well on the physical abilities test lead by Aizawa-sensei. Your quirk was everything but physical. It did not rely on you, but on the others. It was not the best start to the year.

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  • You might meet someone else..but they wont be someone new..I’m your shadow.. everywhere you go you will notice me..

    The love you never had.

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  • what if i decided to go for a swim in the lake out in the middle of the woods, but i didn’t have a swimsuit, so i decided to just swim in all my clothes, and on my way back i ran into you, and you were shocked to see me dripping wet with my clothes sticking to my body, but you definitely didn’t dislike it

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  • *C is lecturing A with reckless abandon as the other looks at the ground sadly*

    C: And not only did you completely screw this ip, you also-

    B: THEY ALSO WHAT YOU BIT- *launches themselves at C but is grabbed by the back of the shirt by A*

    B: *struggling* YOU MOTHER F&$&ER! Person A did NOTHING wrong and I SWEAR TO SATAN if you don’t stop yelling at them for YOUR MISTAKES I’ll make it so all future cereal you eat has water instead of milk! The. You’ll understand the crappy taste represents your horrible personality you-

    A: *cutting off B and sheepishly moving to pick them up* It’s fine B, sorry C. Come on him let’s go.

    A: *wraps their arms around B to try and pick them up*

    B: *goes completely limp so A drops them to the floor before launching themselves at C with reckless abandon.*

    B: AHHHHHHH! *has a fiat raised behind them and is moving in slow motion*

    C: *high pitched* EEEEEEEEEEEEK!

    A: *facepalming* I’m gonna get an earful about this

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  • if he doesn’t take me on a surprise trip to adopt a dog when we finally get a place together with a yard it’s not true love.

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  • how must it feel to kiss a bard?

    a song in her throat, a story in his tongue.

    they weave worlds with their lips

    topple empires with a roll of their vowels

    spit against steel,

    a war raged in words.

    it must be nice at first,

    to have them sing their praises of you to stranger’s ears,

    hear their approval ring out in banquets and burials.

    they, who can steal the song of a nightingale in the dead of night

    who can see the beauty in the world, and bring it to those who haven’t

    to tell of you as one of those things worth singing about.

    no doubt, at first, you can taste your own beauty in their lips.

    but what will you do when the kiss is over,

    and the wrong thing is someday said?

    from a muse you are now a monster,

    and they will trade their songs for strikes

    each adjective another slash in that armor you always wear with pride

    going off on the quests they know nothing about beyond the barriers of their own mind.

    you’ve done all the things they say about in their stories

    and yet it is them that the people long to listen to.

    and of course they do.

    how could they not?

    it may be you who leads the crowd,

    but it is they who angle your spotlight.

    - a love turned red in wit, z.g. blanche

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  • What if Mando’s love interest is blind

    We dont really know how the Mandalorian religion really works, at least I dont, but we found out in the episode with Cara and Omera some stuff, and it seems like if anyone sees them without a helmet? Or maybe it’s taking it off in general, but since I’m a hopless romantic, what about this-

    What if Mando’s love interest is blind. She cant see The Child, so she doesnt know he’s wanted. And she cant see Mando so it’s safe for him to take him helmet off around her?? Porhaps? It would also be,,so,,,sweet-

    I have a feeling it doesnt work that way but ;-;

    If there’s not gonna be a very structured plot, I want some romance, 🅱lease

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  • No recuerdo una mirada en la que extraviarse se sintiera como caer en una nube de algodón. Se siente tan bien cansar las ideas de tanto pensarte, es como si tu sonrisa me recordara todo aquello por lo que vale la pena vivir y morir al mismo tiempo. Te veo, y parpadeo, como si tu brillo quedara en mis retinas y tuviera que abrir y cerrar los ojos una y otra vez para no creer que estoy viendo un angel, y aunque así lo fuera, yo tendría toda la disposición de enseñarte todo lo que conozco del mundo hasta ahora.

    Mágico y ebrio, Quetzal Noah

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  • The simple fact is that I woke up one day and realised how I no longer loved you.

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  • I just wanna give you the loving that you’re missing, baby just to wake up with you.

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  • image

    Queen: “You’re willing to risk getting caught so we can dance?!”

    Slim: “Hell yeah.”

    #love quotes#my love#romance#romantic#us #queen and slim #dancing #you and i #always#this moment#myalways #ill always hold your hand
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  • image

    Now, now, now, this era has been something else. I love Camila, so much, like a lot. She is so great. I have stanned her since 2012 X Factor, I watched that whole season and fell in love with Fifth Harmony and went on a whole journey. Ever since her solo career has started, I’ve continued to stay by her side and support her. When she had her first solo song Crying in the Club come out, and her debut album The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. was going to come out (which turned into Camila) to the Havana storm, to then meeting her at the Reputation Stadium Tour to this new era. I’ve been through it all, and I will continue to. I have been waiting for this era and was very excited for it. She has posted a lot about it and the anticipation was there. Señorita came out and that was a great sign for the new era. New man, new collaboration, all this love in the air. She started to post teasers of a new solo era and it looked beautiful. It did seem similar to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Halsey’s second album), but it really isn’t. Liar and Shameless come out which I didn’t really like they both came out at the same time but then I realized Havana and OMG came out the same day, so I thought “Hey this might be great”. I really loved both songs but as time went on I don’t really like Shameless anymore and I still like Liar, and it seemed like Liar was doing better. Then she released Easy, then the week after that she released Cry for Me; then the album pre-order, then Living Proof and it felt like we were in a new era tornado. It’s so weird because Liar and Shameless did not do great on the charts. Liar peaked in the 50′s and Shameless peaked in the 60′s, which I don’t understand why. Having Easy and Cry for Me AND Living Proof all come out in the coming weeks after the first two punch was a lot. It absolutely lost all the momentum and anticipation for the album. Those songs didn’t even chart. Oh, and most of the album leaked the week before it came out. I never listen to leaks but I thought I should because the era was getting messy and I needed to know what was going on. I guess what I’m trying to say is how is this all unfolding so badly? Single choices are off, performances are wrong, promotion is wrong in general. And the general public isn’t really paying attention and I don’t know why. Now after the album has been out for a week, I can say I love the album. It’s really great. It’s such an easy listen. I love the songs on the album and it’s a great body of work. Is it as good as the debut? No. Is it a great album though with great music? Yes. Her vocals have improved tremendously and she’s trying different things but staying in her lane which is great. She has great lyrics and sounds great. I just don’t understand why she would handle the era this way because the general public aren’t caring and it’s sad but, she is looking a little desperate. She’s selling things on her store for cheap prices, with free shipping and a bunch of signed things to boost sales, she’s trying her best to get a number one but I don’t think it will happen, and that’s okay. If her album gets the #2 or #3 spot that’s still great. We as a society need to realized not everything can be number one and that’s okay. Not having a number one album won’t affect Camila’s career at all. She will still stay a powerful force like she is and the music will continue to get great. It does seem like My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) is gaining steam and that is a great song to get the general public engaged and it can definitely do some damage. I love you Camila and I will always support you. Some of my faves off the album are Used to This, Feel it Twice, My Oh My and Living Proof. 

    Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑

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