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  • You convince Nicky to leave a party and tend to more important matters, you of course.

    ~  Quick Author’s Note: So I never thought I’d write anything like this but I gave it a shot and … hot dayum {18+ ONLY} 

    Word Count: 1k

    You sighed as you took another sip from your champagne glass and looked out at the crowd. How long have we been here?

    “(y/n)!” Rocky approached you with open arms.

    “Rocky, hi!” You hugged him.

    “It’s good to see you, how’s New York treatin’ you?” 

    “Well, I can’t complain especially when I have Nicky.”

    “Speakin’ of Nick, where is he?” He searched the room.

    “He had to talk business with someone but if you find him, let me know.” 

    He winked at you, “Will do kiddo.” He walked off to greet someone else leaving you alone … again. You glided through the room admiring the grand staircase, the chandelier, couples dancing, and band playing. Parties were never your thing, plus you really just wanted some alone time with Nicky which was hard to come by. 

    A pair of hands wrapped around your waist from behind “Miss me?” The honeyed voice whispered in your ear. 

    “Like you wouldn’t believe.” You slid your hand over his.

    He kissed your neck, “I’m sorry I took so long.”

    You felt butterflies in your stomach “Don’t worry about it.”

    He held onto you as you turned to face him.

    “Besides you could make it up to me.”

    “How so?” He took your glass and set it on a nearby table. 

    “Let’s get out of here.” You clasped your hands behind his neck.

    He sensed desperation in your voice “Are you not having fun?”

    “I wouldn’t say that but,” you saw the concerned look on his face “I’d rather be with you, alone.”

    He smirked “And what would we do … alone … together?”

    “Nicholas dear, the possibilities are endless,” You whispered a few of them in his ear. When you pulled back you couldn’t help but notice the tinge of pink in his cheeks. “Or we could stay here, dance, talk business,” you caressed his cheek “Up to you.”

    He leaned down, “Good thing, it’s an easy choice.” His breath tickled your ear and sent a shiver up your spine. Without warning, he held your hand tightly in his and maneuvered through the crowd. 

    “Whoa! Where are we going?” You shouted over the band.

    “Home, of course!”

    You stood on the patio of the immaculate mansion panting, trying to catch your breath. He looked back at you with a smile.

    “You didn’t think I was staying did you?”

    You laughed in disbelief as he talked to the valet. Within seconds Nicky’s car was in the driveway, he held the door open for you.

    “Where to?” The chauffeur asked.

    Nicky slid in beside you “Home and uh-” he glanced at you, “Could you roll up the partition, please?”

    “Yes sir, of course.”

    A window between the front and back seats rolled up, giving you and Nicky privacy. You noticed that look in his hazel eyes and that smirk.

    “Me alone with Nicky Valentino?” You inched towards his face “I must be dreaming.” Headlights of an oncoming car highlighted his lips, you couldn’t help but stare. 

    “So I’m not the only one dreamin’?” He placed his finger under your chin, turning the butterflies in your stomach to knots. You locked eyes with him, expecting a passionate kiss but he brushed his thumb across your bottom lip. 

    “Don’t tease me.” You felt heat radiate throughout your body.

    “What are you gonna do about it, baby?”

    You slid your hand over his, “If all you’re gonna do is talk we could’ve stayed at the party.” You pulled his hand away from your face. 

    He moved closer toward you, “Who said anything about talking?” As he placed a hand on your lower back and the back of your head, he guided you toward what you wanted. He kissed you softly, you liked it but you needed more. He moaned as you slipped your tongue into his mouth. You slid your hands into the sleeves of his jacket, which he slipped off. You felt yourself toppling over him when he suddenly overpowered you. He slowly climbed on top of you, holding you as you laid back. 

    “You don’t mind if I take over do you?”

    “Of course not,” you said breathlessly. You grabbed his tie and pulled him closer to you. You kissed each other, hungry for more. He moved down to your jaw and neck. Somehow he managed to get past your clothing, you felt his hand run up your thigh. You bit your lip as you fuddled with Nicky’s shirt trying to get it off. 

    He chuckled, “Here.” He snatched his tie off and threw the shirt aside. He kissed your inner thigh as he straddled you.

    “Yes,” you panted.

    His hands run up your sides while he peppered the rest of you with kisses. He pressed against your lower back causing you to arch and gasp. You felt the warmth of his wet lips against your neck then his teeth nipped at your skin. All the while you could feel the anticipation building between you, him, and in his pants. Your hand grazed the bulge to which he responded, “Not yet.”

    You whimpered as he ran a hand across his chest, fondling your breast. Then you felt his fingertips against your sex. Your breath hitched and he snuck in a kiss. Your moan vibrated throughout his mouth.

    “Is this okay?” He ran his fingers across you.

    Your eyes rolled back “Yes,” you gasped as he stroked you again and titled your head back, exposing your neck to him. 

    “Good,” he smirked then bent down to kiss and nibble at your neck. 

    You felt his fingers on you and the rhythm he was building. Your breath became short. He squeezed your butt with his free hand. You cursed under your breath, “Ni- Nicky,” you whined. His fingers worked faster now. You felt his hips bucking, desperate to go inside. You wrapped your legs around him.

    “Say it,” he kissed you below your ear. “Say my name, mi amore.” He kissed your jaw.

    “Nicky,” the name was a mere whisper.

    He licked your neck.

    “Nicky,” you bit your lip.

    He stroked your sex even faster now, his movements vibrated through you. You panted and placed your hand against the door, driving him further into you. 

    “Ah, Nicky!” You dragged your nails across his back as a wave of pleasure washed over you. He intertwined his fingers with yours and nuzzled his face into your neck. You felt him smile against your hot skin and giggled. He held you close to him as you came down from your wave of ecstasy. The car rolled to a stop. 

    “I believe this is our stop,” he rested his chin on your chest and looked at you with adoration. You didn’t have to say anything he knew. “Don’t worry, sugar. I’m not even close to being finished with you yet.” The moonlight lit up his face, glistening with sweat. 

    “What are we waiting for?” 

    The two of you helped each other get dressed knowing your clothes wouldn’t stay on very long.

    ~~~ Author’s Note: Whew … as always thank you for reading/liking/all that jazz! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it 💖 Tbh inspiration came from Dinner and Diatribes by Hozier and Partition by Beyoncé 👀👀

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  • D.U.F.

    Benjamín “Ben” Prat se considera a sí mismo como un introvertido-extrovertido, preferiría pasar su viernes por la noche en su casa jugando videojuegos o leyendo cómics, en vez de eso se la pasa en fiestas con sus dos mejores amigas, Brin y Gene. Ben haría todo lo que fuera por sus amigas, pero jamás se le ocurriría que parte de ellos sería ser el D.U.F., el amigo Designado Ultra Feo, de sus amigas, y ahora gracias al más grande imbécil del instituto, el popular y mujeriego Guillermo Rubio, Ben no puede sacarse esa noción de su cabeza.

    Al parecer los días de paz mental de Ben se han acabado.

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  • Race

    My heart is running a race,

    My thoughts are trapped in a chase,

    Emotions displayed on my face,

    It is like I am looking through lace,

    There is no stopping this phase,

    There is no escaping this maze,

    Everything appears to be in a haze,

    And yet I cannot find any trace,

    I guess I am trying to cover this case,

    Because it is you,

    I am running from in this race.


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  • A Kiss shared between happy go lucky lovers Diarmuid and Haley. <3 Drew this in correlation with my Fanfic Arena for the Dead. I honestly love drawing these two together! Haley’s hair is so flowy~ Tell me what you think!

    And read AFTD here:


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  • Oh one way to make romances fresh; one or both have ADHD

    Just less “haha zany, ooh shiny” but trying to get around issues. The guy can’t drive. The lady can’t pretend to be into small talk.

    And the good sides with recovery or making the best with creativity and youthful energy despite everything

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    How dare I look so cute two days in a row?!

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  • i spend a considerable amount of my day trying to accept that maybe this woman i live with might actually like me. like at all, or maybe even like…. like-like me. which sounds ridiculous when i say it out loud because, yes, she is my wife, but i mean how could someone like HER love ME?!

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  • Review: The Codebreakers by Alli Sinclair

    Review: The Codebreakers by Alli Sinclair

    The Codebreakers by Alli Sinclair
    They will dedicate their lives to their country, but no one will ever know…
    A compelling story about tenacity and friendship, inspired by the real codebreaking women of Australia’s top-secret Central Bureau in WWII. For readers who love Judy Nunn and Kate Quinn.
    1943, Brisbane: The war continues to devastate and the battle for the Pacific threatens Australian…


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  • Open rp be

    Only read if you know the movie Labyrinth and are 18 and older. The rp can be clean or dirty just let me know.

    Jessica was always a curious girl and one day she was out in the woods looking around. She wasn’t paying much attention to where she was going and ended up walking into a mushroom circle. She didn’t notice what she had done but she soon would.

    Has she was about to step out Jareth called from behind her. “You should watch where your stepping” he says making her turn around and once she did she wasn’t in the woods anymore. Insteed she was in a throne room that had goblins all over it. She was confused but that started to change to worry. “Luckly I was around to save you and take you to your new home.”

    “My…no I need to go back” she says but Jareth just ignores her. This was normal for humans he had noticed. They always regret this part. Besides he had plans for this human.

    “For now you will be in the guest chambers you should find everything you need there. In a week we will be getting married after that you’ll move into my chambers” he says only making Jessica mad. He was surprised by this. Most would of begged to be let go or tried to find some way out of it.

    “and what makes you think I’ll just do has you say. You can’t just froce someone into marriage.” she says but she was wrong. The minute Jessica walked into that mushroom circle she became his to do with has he pleased. Witch he thought he was being kind considering what most of his people would of done.

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  • image

    My First Free Pattern of Among Us Characters is ready to go, and It’s Tutorial on my YouTube Channel .. Start crocheting and I hope you enjoyed 🌹🌹

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  • External image
    I’m so thrilled to finally be able to celebrate the release of Trish Doller‘s amazing adult debut, FLOAT PLAN! This book is:




    Heartbroken by the loss of her fiancé, adventurous Anna finds a second chance at love with an Irish sailor in this riveting, emotional romance.

    After a reminder goes off for the Caribbean sailing trip Anna was supposed to take with her fiancé, she impulsively goes to sea in the sailboat he left her, intending to complete the voyage alone.

    But after a treacherous night’s sail, she realizes she can’t do it by herself and hires Keane, a professional sailor, to help. Much like Anna, Keane is struggling with a very different future than the one he had planned. As romance rises with the tide, they discover that it’s never too late to chart a new course.

    In Trish Doller’s unforgettable FLOAT PLAN, starting over doesn’t mean letting go of your past, it means making room for your future.

    “The perfect escape. Fresh, funny, and romantic. I wish I could sail away with this book.” – Meg Cabot, New York Times bestselling author of The Princess Diaries and Little Bridge series

    External image

    We’ve been absolutely blown away and overjoyed at the early response to this book. I hope you’ll check it out for yourself! Feel free to join Trish and Meg Cabot tonight (Tuesday, March 2nd) for her virtual launch event through Macintosh Books. Or head over to our Instagram account @ktliterary for a Live chat on Friday, March 5th at 7pm Eastern/5pm Mountain for a one-on-one conversation about FLOAT PLAN’s long and winding Road to Publication.

    Happy Book Birthday to FLOAT PLAN by Trish Doller! was originally published on kt literary

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    Hit Me With Your Best Scot by Suzanne Enoch

    Wild Wicked Highlanders #3

    The last brother finds his English bride and in so doing finds happiness in spite of upsetting his mother and a few others. That said, this was not my favorite of the trilogy and I did have trouble relating to Coll, Persephone and the plot. I didn’t feel I knew Coll or Persephone well, had trouble understanding them and their backstories, and felt that the sizzle that I would have liked between them seemed to be missing in their relationship.

    The story did wrap up some of the loose ends about the parents and we did see the brothers with their partners but…all in all…it seemed a bit flat. There was a bit of a mystery about who was after Persephone and who she really was but, again, I didn’t buy into it as much as I would have liked to.  I did enjoy the way Persephone’s parents were handled at the end. I guess is was just underwhelmed after hoping that Coll, who is bigger than life, would end up with a different happily ever after.

    Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC – This is my honest review.

    3 Stars





    The MacTaggert brothers have one task:
    Find English brides or lose their land!

    Coll MacTaggert, Viscount Glendarril, is a big, brawny Highlander who doesn’t like being told what to do—not even by his exasperated English mother who is determined to see her eldest son wedded and bedded. However, when he comes to the rescue of an irresistibly beautiful woman, Coll discovers that he may have found his perfect match…

    The challenge isn’t that Persephone Jones is famous, wealthy, independent, and smarter than anyone he knows. The problem is that she is not interested in marrying any man—especially not a hot-headed Scot—even if he is the only man who seems to understand who she really is even when she’s not sure herself. When Coll learns that Persephone is actually a lady-in-hiding and someone is willing to kill her for what she stands to inherit…Well, Coll has never been one to turn down a fight. When hearts are involved, nothing comes between a Highlander and his lady.

    #Suzanne Enoch #Wild Wicked Highlanders 3 #NetGalley #St. Martin's Press #Historical Fiction#Fiction#Romance
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  • At around the same time my girlfriend broke up with me, I finished watching the BBC’s Merlin for the third time, and I’m still not sure which loss I grieved the most.

    #british humour#humour#humor#joke#lockdown#romance#relationships#breakup#merlin#bbc#bbcs merlin#lol#tv show#king arthur #im heartbroken poor merlin like i cant stop thinking anout it and what about GWEN the whole thing is honestly gut wrenching
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