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  • simplyseraphine
    11.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    i just really like drawing out creative makeup looks like its really friggin cute ok😌👍✨

    #first one was a tiktok i saw #sun fairy#sunlight#fairyart #the second one was in another tiktok the yk 4 looks one #the tiktoks with katy perry dark horse music yeah those #paperart #it was based on 📰 #makeup #last one was this reposted picture i found on pinterest #mushrooms#mushroom girl #lowk dislike the last one a bit bc of her lips man #kinda messy #yk what i mean right
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  • plugnuts
    10.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Imagine if Shinso went to Monoma to get him to copy his quirk and Monoma just takes a second to process why before asking “why?” which prompts Shinso to say that he wants to know what it’s like to be brainwashed, Monoma laughs it off and accepts the request to copy Shinso’s quirk and brainwash him

    Shinso finds he quite likes the experience

    #bits of banter #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #bnha#mha#neito monoma#hitoshi shinso#shinso hitoshi#monoma neito#mha monoma#mha shinso#bnha monoma#bnha shinso #monoma would be confused as to why shinso likes it and shinso just goes ‘it’s nice to not be in control of my life’ #and monoma takes a second to look around before pulling shinso into a hug and consoling him #i imagine monoma to be good friends with shinso with how 'villainous' their quirks are #they'd have things in common and would be chill with each other #monoma could even give him hero tutoring lessons in his spare time to prepare him for his hero course #and when shinso asks 'why?' monoma would just go 'i like you' and that would be that #(i posted this in the morning found that to be a bad idea and reposted it at a better time slot so yeah)
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  • ilgattopatata
    06.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    what is instagram if not a miserable pile of reposts

    #sometimes i wish i had stuck with drawing but then i see the bullshit artists have to put up with everyday #and realize i made the right choice #respect to you all i couldn't do it i would go on a murder rampage the second my art was reposted
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  • windyqutie
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    ocean blues


    "You're really pretty, Killua."

    Killua’s breath is snatched right away from his lungs again as if he's being pushed underwater once more. His sunburned cheeks, pale red in hue, changing like the sunset to bright red, his brilliant blue eyes darting down.


    He isn't. Not at all. He isn't attractive like Gon. Gon with his bright smile, his little dimples, his dumb hair, that looks way too stupidly good down and wet like this. Pretty. That wasn't a word to describe Killua at all... his vampire pale skin, skin marred with scars, his dumb, stupid hair that always poofs up even when he combs it..

    Gon's fingers press into the skin near his cheek, lightly, so careful to not touch where he was burnt by the sun. Sunscreen only helped so much with a complexion as fair as his.

    "Killua. I meant what I said earlier. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

    ♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥

    Geez... for someone so insistent on coming to the beach Gon Freecss was sure taking his sweet ass time.

    Killua had ended up situated at the beach house located near the far back of the beach, resting on the wooden porch. It was open to the public, so he had no worries of getting yelled at. Speaking of, boy, was he ever going to yell Gon's ear off when he got here...

    The soles of his feet just scrap against the sand, one leg swung over the other, his elbow resting on his knee, his chin against his open palm. He lets out a huge sigh, inhaling the ocean breeze, salty, a little wet, and calming in a way.

    His free hand taps at the wood impatiently, blue eyes narrowing. Gon must be packing an entire fucking suitcase of stuff with how long he's taking. All Killua has is was what he has on. A sunhat made of straw, with a beautiful deep royal blue bow in the back, a white tank top and white trunks, and... a white jacket with a neon-bright light blue zipper over the tank top.

    All to protect him from the beating sun... and stares...

    He wasn't like Gon with his gorgeous skin-kissed skin; he was all sickly and pale looking...


    Speak of the devil, and he shall arrive. Killua stands up, a hand falling to his hip, glaring holes at the figure approaching. The very easy-to-spot figure with the ridiculous green trunks and turtle floatie hanging around his left arm.

    "Sorry! I didn't mean to take so long!"

    Gon presses his palms together, closing one eye and attempting to look sorry, too bad he doesn't in the least! Not to Killua...

    "Stupiddddd! Next time I'll just ditch you and go someplace else!"

    Gon lets out an awkward, nervous laugh stepping up onto the dock, making Killua back up slightly.

    "Did you put on sunscreen?"

    A strong hand goes to grab his thin pale wrist, his sleeves not reaching quite that far, pink brushing across his cheeks.

    Gon peers up at him before staring at his wrist once more, as if he could magically tell if Killua put on sunscreen or not by staring long enough...

    Not like he's the same damm color as the thing...

    "I don't want you to get hurt. You're so pale."

    Geez. Thanks for the obvious observation, Sherlock Holmes. Might as well call him Watson... but his heart picks up in pace for some reason when Gon looks at him with those caramel eyes all full of concern.

    "S-shut up! Do you think I'm stupid?"

    Killua snatches his hand back, his ears burning as Gon stares dumbly before jumping off the porch, grinning.

    "Nope! I guess not!"

    Killua stares at him, incredulously going to step down himself before a hand is offered to him.

    H-Huh? Did Gon think that was deep? It was like a tiny step down. He just got down on his own perfectly well! What's with this?

    He's stuck staring at a row of brilliant pearly whites, all straight minus one canine on the left upper side that sticks further out. It's endearing, like everything about Gon, and how can Killua say no to that smile... it sort of... feels warm. This feeling.

    He grasps Gon's offered hand with a puff of air and shy mumbled word of gratitude, stepping down, the warmth of the sand almost scalding hot. He sort of regrets not wearing flip-flops now... how was Gon perfectly okay?

    Gon grins, slowly letting go and dashing ahead.

    Killua follows. Albeit, very, very slowly.

    They get closer to the shore of the beach, and turns out the reason Gon was taking so long was that he had been setting up a small nice little resting area. Complete with two umbrellas and two towels. Killua takes his hat off and places it under his towel.

    Gon carefully places a book of some sort on top of it, so it doesn't get blown away, saying how it looked really pretty on Killua. Something Killua chooses to ignore. His cheeks flush every color of pink and red in the dictionary, but he just scoffs, looking away with a retort on how Gon's embarrassing. Which he is!

    Still, it didn't mean anything. What Gon says that is. He likely says the same thing to his aunt and everyone, really. Killua's isn't special... if only his heart would realize that too and stop pounding so hard.

    "Killua? Aren't you going to take that off? It'll get wet."

    Gon points to his jacket, and Killua's heart stops beating, and he forgets how to breathe.

    He can't say no to Gon...

    Thin fingers grasp the edges of his jacket with an iron grip, shakily moving down to tug the zipper down, slipping one side off, then the next, letting it drop into the sand.

    Shame burns in his chest, across his creased brow, the tilt of his neck down. His neck tinted red, alongside his cheeks and near his sternum. All in shame.

    He doesn't want to wait for the comments. A dry chuckle choked past lips.

    "Creepy, right?" Black and blue marring his arms, silver-like scars long healed. It was just how it is. He wouldn't learn any other way...

    Killua leans down to pick up his jacket, his throat constricting, a lump crawling up and clawing at his throat, fire burning in his eyes, tears building up.



    Killua refuses to look up, slowly grasping at the cloth.

    "I don't think that! At all! I think you're the most pretty thing I've ever seen!"

    Killua slowly slips the jacket back on, refusing to look up, chewing on his bottom lip.

    You're just saying that.

    It's sweet, Gon. Thanks.

    "Ah! Well! I mean! It just proves how beautiful and strong you are! On the inside and out!"

    A small laugh spills from his lips, his heart skipping a beat.

    What a dumbass.

    "But not anymore! You don't have to be strong! I mean! 'Cause I'm here!"

    Stupid. ...What does that even mean?

    Killua looks up, Gon's arms stretched out, a sheepish grin across those childish but strong features. His heart may have skipped a beat again...

    If not for how ridiculous Gon looks, saying it all wearing bright-green trunks with a turtle floatie over his arm, a turtle floatie that was clearly manufactured wrong with its beady black eyes and giant head.

    Killua bursts out laughing.

    Gon is already waist-deep in the water by the time Killua reaches the shore of the ocean, staring down at the murky water. The sand squishes between his toes, the waves washing over the tops of his feet. It's cold, but that's not really what bothers him. Below the surface, he catches glimpses of green wavy seaweed. He sucks in a breath, a furrow to his light brows obscured by his curly locks that shift with the movement.

    "Killua! What's taking so long?"

    Gon's voice draws him from his stupor, looking up to see the dumbass hadn't moved at all, waving his hand to signal Killua.

    "Geez! You have no patience, idiot!"

    He snaps to play it off, eyeing the seafloor once more, taking a slow step forward, his breath hitching. Blue eyes shifting up to see the progress he has made. Except he's greeted by those warm caramel eyes, golden specks and all, and almost falls back on his ass.


    Spluttering, he stumbles back. When had he gotten back over?!

    Gon tilts his head, bottom lip jutted out into a pout.

    "Welll, you were taking soooooo long! Ah! Plus, I remembered! You don't like slimy things, right?"

    Sheesh... he thought Gon only had a pile of bricks for a brain, but the idiot seemed to be pretty perceptive...

    "Gon. I'm not scared of a little-AH!"

    Gravity is torn from him, and a scream he doesn't want to admit is his escapes from his lips, fingers clawing blindly.

    "You're being silly, Kill~u~a! I'll just carry you across!"

    He's the one being silly?! Why you...

    Ah... carry him...

    Reality slowly sets in; he had been clawing at Gon...

    Gon... is...

    Wading into the water with ease like Killua weighs no more than a feather, a strong arm hooked under his knee, his other hand resting on his back. Humming. God, kill Killua now. Take his heart and plunge it into the sea... his face is on fire, and he can't tell if it's from the sun or Gon... they are basically one and the same.

    Gon stops his trudge through the water and sand, looking over at the floatie still over his arm and then him... Sheesh, Killua knew this idiot didn't think this through... Killua's fine, though... he can handle a little seaweed. He goes to tell Gon to put him down, but the dumbass has other ideas. He grins, looking over at Killua apologetically.

    "Sorry! One sec, Killua!"


    Killua is moved in an instant; he isn't even sure what happened. Just the sudden swirl of the world, the momentum making his head spin. His nose is now almost touching the water. He's over Gon's shoulder.

    But... but... this warmth of Gon's hand...

    Is. On. His. Ass!

    This idiot! Who the hell holds someone over the shoulder by their assets?! He wants to die. His face is burning, and does this idiot even know? Killua can feel him fidgeting around to drop the floatie off.

    "Sorry, Killua... I promise that's not what I was aiming for!"

    Forgot it! Stop! Don't acknowledge it! This is way worse! He groans, burying his burning face in his hands. Gon sounding sheepish isn't helping how lightheaded he feels either.

    "I don't want to drop you now."

    Just drop him!

    Luckily, he's spared of further embarrassment when Gon swiftly flips him over like he weighs as much as a rag doll, his arm resting under his knees again, the other near his shoulder.

    Killua slowly peels his fingers away from his face, refusing to acknowledge the faint pink across Gon's cheeks.

    "Up you go!"

    Gon gently adjusts his movements, placing Killua up onto the floatie to the best of his given ability.

    Killua would be lucky to drown in the water at this point, sinking into the hole in the floatie, his thighs touching the cold water.

    God, or should he say, Gon, always has other plans...

    He gives Killua a toothy grin, kicking his legs to gain momentum. One hand is placed on each side of the floatie. Killua can only suppress a groan, gritting his teeth and digging his nails into the rubber as Gon starts to move him around on the float with great speed. It's a miracle he doesn't pop the damm thing.

    The force eventually sends him flying. He's submerged in water with a painful splash, running from his skull to his fingertips and aching in his back. Water runs into his nose, burning, eyes stinging with the salt from the water. It pushes into his lips; the taste is almost as bad as the feel, his limbs pushing against the harsh waves, desperate to reach the surface. A hand snags around his waist before he can collect himself, adjust to the water, and tugs him out.

    The air hits his lungs, the light blinding, and his nose still burning. He coughs a few times to dislodge any water from his lungs. Wiping his now wet sleeves over his eyes, slowly tugging his forearm away, staring back at huge concerned puppy dog eyes.

    "Killua! Are you okay?"

    Killua brings his left arm up, wiping under his nose, sniffing.

    "Yeah, I just got water up my nose, don't worry, stupid."

    Gon seems to visibly relax, his hand still on Killua's waist, which the younger is desperately trying to ignore.

    Gon's other hand touches the water's surface and moves, pausing mid-air for a second. He brushes his fingers near Killua's reddened cheeks, moving up and pushing a wet strand of hair behind the other's ear.

    "You're really pretty, Killua."

    Killua's breath is snatched right away from his lungs again as if he's being pushed underwater once more. His sunburned cheeks, pale red in hue, changing like the sunset to bright red, his brilliant blue eyes darting down.


    He isn't. Not at all. He isn't attractive like Gon. Gon with his bright smile, his little dimples, his dumb hair, that looks way too stupidly good down and wet like this. Pretty. That wasn't a word to describe Killua at all... his vampire pale skin, skin marred with scars, his dumb, stupid hair that always poofs up even when he combs it...

    Gon's fingers press into the skin near his cheek, lightly, so careful to not touch where he was burnt by the sun. Sunscreen only helped so much with a complexion as fair as his.

    "Killua. I meant what I said earlier. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

    He darts his eyes up to stare just a second. Determination, endearment, everything was shinning in those eyes of Gon's... his heart starts to pound in his chest, he's afraid Gon might hear it.

    Gon leans in unbearably close; he can feel his breath tickling his skin, Gon may be breathing, but he's forgotten how.

    Lips brush up against his gently, the taste salty, the feeling warm, lasting only a mere second but washing away all of Killua's anxieties.

    Gon beams at him, tugging his hand away slowly, letting his fingers run through Killua's sopped hair.

    "Let's go back. I'll carry you again, so you don't have to walk through the seaweed!"

    His face burns, and he splashes Gon with water, averting his eyes.


    In an endearingly lovable way... but he doesn't think he has to tell Gon that, the teen's grin as bright as the sun in the sky.

    Really... he is... stupid.

    #;windy’s stuff#killua zoldyck#hxh Killua#hxh Gon#hxh #hunter x hunter #gonkillu #gon x killua #killua#killua hxh#gon freecss#gon freccs#gon freecs#gon hxh #with this one I’m done reposting on ao3 🎉 minus uh two chap stories but one I wanna write a second chap for even if it flopped and the #other idk yet
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  • inniter
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    IF UR GONNA REPOST MY POSTS FOLLOW ME im trying to get clout here hello!

    #/LIGHT HEARTED #its funny this is the second repost ive seen in a row where op doesnt follow tho LIKE OMG WHY R U GUYS SUCH INNITER HATERS
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  • chemicalarospec
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I posted a Marvel fic last night that I thought wouldn’t be very popular, but it already has more hits than my two least popular fics combined (which have both been up for over a year). Fandom size matters.

    #fanfic#fanfiction#marvel#fandom#ao3 #archive of our own #I said this #it does; however; have less kudos that the second fic #proving that it's not very good #(it's a repost from two years ago. sooo. yeah.) #(off wattpad) #so. yeah
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  • milfhannibal
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago


    #maybe if you don't like a post instead of leaving all your complaints in the tags... #perhaps make your own post? #jfjjfjf #this is a hellsite indeed #this is the second time in two days that this happens. yesterday i found a part of my post reposted w suggestions to improve it ???? lmao
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  • pangatron420
    30.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Some undertale fanart!! Frisk is literally my favourite character to draw like- in general 

    so be warned i will!! have!! more!! undertale posts!

    reblogs>>> likes

    #undertale#frisk#determination #you are filled with determination #click on for better quality #pan scribbles#deltarune#toby fox#fanart #i spent quite a lot of time on the second drawing #pls don't repost #pls don't steal #ok ima do some bojack horseman or undertale next lol #notes greatly appreciated!!
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  • pixelatedrose
    28.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    One of our players wanted to dm a oneshot with the rest of our party- partially to give our actual dm a lil time to REALLY prep for our next session partially because he just really wanted to dm a lil somethin somethin, ya know?

    This is the same guy who i briefly mentioned a character idea to, and went "fuck yeah, let me make a stat block for that" without any prompting, resulting in me having an excited panic attack because I've wanted to play this char for five years but never gound anyone to let me do it or help me with it

    Thus!!! The homebrew race of my fungal creature, was born!!

    And with this oneshot!!!

    I was able to play them!!!

    Enough beating around the bush- everyone say hi to Meize :D

    They're a parasitic fungus that takes over the consciousness of already dead corpses! All they want is to fit into society and play the guitar- they hate confrontation and are painfully shy, but if push comes to shove, they can talk to and even intimidate others with little trouble.

    #d&d#dnd#d&d art#d&d ocs#oc art#ro's ocs#my art #don't repost my art please #Meize #i love meize so so much it's not even funny how much i would commit war crimes for them #also yes they are 100% performing for those plants in the second picture
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  • plio-cavedeposits
    28.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Another reason why asoiaf fandom is biphobic: 

    [Image Description: screenshot from AO3 saying “1 Work in Baelor Blacktyde”.]

    #this is a joke post #reposting it from my other blog because i want my text posts on this blog now #i actually reposted it before because the site kept flagging it #silly asoiaf things #baelor blacktyde #he is second hottest baelor #asoiaf things
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  • thesunniestdays
    26.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Just My Luck - Chapter 1

    Part 1 - The Times They Be A-Changing

    (Will reblog later today with the second part attached)

    Great. Just great. 20 steps into Gotham and she had already fallen three times, tripped and caught herself an additional ten, and gotten coffee all over her new outfit (Why does this keep happening to her?).

    She was supposed to be Ladybug, for kwami’s sake! She knew she had her Ladybug Luck™, which influenced bigger decisions, but why couldn’t it affect her daily life?

    She got into a taxi, wiping her dress with a napkin. She directed the driver to her hotel and got out. A man was selling trinkets outside, and she stopped and bought one. Thanking the man, she walked in, a crisp blue-and-indigo swirled stone necklace with a translucent pink crystal set in the center now draped around her neck.

    “You know, For the most crime-ridden city in the world, this is pretty peaceful,” as the words left her mouth, Marinette felt a shake.

    “Spoke too soon.” She grabbed the kitchen counter as another tremor shook the house. And then it stopped. She stood in place for a while, taking deep breaths to calm down.

    Okay. Okay. First things first. Get the miracle box out of her suitcase and find a good hiding spot for it. She grabbed her bag and went to her bedroom, a bright, airy space with a lavish desk to work at. It was perfect.

    She set the Miracle Box on her desk and watched as the kwamis floated out. She directed them, and as they slowly rearranged items, the room came to life.


    At the end of the day, Marinette plopped into her bed, too tired to do anything. Her eyes fluttered closed as she drifted off into an easy sleep, the kwami's quiet mutterings soothing her jetlagged body.


    When Marinette woke up, she was in a bed that was not her own.

    #maribat#daminette #just my luck - daminette #reposting later with the second bit attached #too lazy to do it all in one
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  • moorbrookehq
    25.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    wanted connections updated

    HONOR DUNNE is looking for their FIRST LOVE

    ISABELLA RUIZ is looking for their TWO OLDER BROTHERS

    There are now EIGHT available wanted connections.

    #appless rp#town rp#new rp#oc rp#city rp #// not me reposting this so i don't have to make a second wc post hfjdksl
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  • narrowtriangle33-blog
    25.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #humanity#social justice#social activism#take action #take a stand #takeaction #for just a second #for justice #spread the word #spread the message #indigenous #black lives matter #black lives movement #reblog#repost#rp#rb#help#hlp #make a difference #make a change #please pleaseeee #please please help #please please reblog #please do #please do it #please do something #please do share #share#help now
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    25.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #please spread awareness #please sign this petition #share #share the word #spread the word #spread the message #reblog#rb#rp#repost#help#help pls#help post#help please#help plz#hlp #fight for whats right #fight for justice #for justice #for just a second #take a stand #takeaction#take action#speak up#speak now #be the difference #be the change #be the good #justice#injustice
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  • narrowtriangle33-blog
    25.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #humanity#blacklivesmatter #black lives matter #black lives movement #reblog#repost#rp#rb #do it for them #do it pls #demand justice#push forward #for just a second #for justice #take a stand #takeaction#take action#share #spread the word #raiseawareness#raise awareness #help raise awareness #help reblog#help#hlp #please please please #please please reblog #please please help #please please do
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  • hajskaeg
    24.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Charlie time

    #mine #reposting cuz second pic #i forgot my original tags but uhh #something abt me planning to go buy thrift store baby clothes for him #because thats a normal grown man thing to do
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  • constellationspdf
    23.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    was not super happy w the first try of this chapter SO i took the fic down, rewrote, and reposted. pt 4 of tmatdverse is back up tho! thank y'all for your patience mwah

    #tmatd tag#my writing#deancas#spn#playedwright #feeling v embarrassed abt deleting and reposting but like . live and let cringe<3 #ANYWAY new scenes.... and the second chapter should be up soon too now that i have brain thoughts again!!!
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  • catcze
    22.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Diluc NSFW brainrot bc y’all responded well to my Childe h0rny hours 🥰🌸💞 btw feel free to send me thirsts whenever!! I’m like damn near constantly down to receive them lmao

    Feat: Diluc being sweet bc im a sucker for that, Fem! reader this time, PRAISE bc im a sucker that too, love, Slow, deep, hard sex that becomes less slow towards the end, use of ‘princess’, ‘darling’ and ‘good girl’, multiple (2) orgasms on the reader’s part, creampie, Diluc being a soft dom i think, teeny tiny bit of dacryphilia.

    WC: 0.5k of pure smut

    ⠀Diluc gasped into the crook of your neck, his breathing ragged and stuttering with every downward motion of your hips. You were no better, your own breaths coming out in whiny gasps that he could only barely decipher as “Luc Luc Luc, please, Luc, please.” One of his hands tightly grasped the top of your thigh, bringing you up and down on his length treacherously slowly, but hard enough to make you wheeze whenever your hips connected. With the the grip he had on your hip, you didn’t doubt there would be marks later. His other hand was slanted across the span of your back, pressing you firmly to his chest. The first time he brought your hips down in this position, you had nearly cried from the stimulation of both your cunt and in your nipples dragging across his skin.

    ⠀“Princess,” he groaned, the bass of it rumbling from his chest into yours, making you clench down even harder on his length, eliciting another deep groan. “Hngh–– You’re killing me here, darling.”

    ⠀Your hands moved from where they were tangled in his hair to wrap around his shoulders, nails digging into his back in your pleasure-induced haze. ”Feels s’good, Luc,” you slurred, whimpering when he brought your down deep then lifted you back up until only the tip remained in you. “So warm inside, so good–– ah!”

    ⠀The sudden downwards tug caught you by surprise, and you yelped, feeling the abrupt fullness and the grind of his base against your clit in your spine. It was enough to have you see white, enough to have your eyes roll into the back of your head during your orgasm. He still continued to lift you up and down, though, his pace never slowing, dragging it out for you. Around the ringing in your ears, you could faintly make out Diluc’s cooing.

    ⠀“So beautiful,” you heard, and felt the pressure of a soft kiss on your temple, your cheek, then below your ear. The haze was lifting, but slowly. “So good–– so good, cumming on me. What a good girl.”

    ⠀“Diluc, Diluc,” you whined when you could see straight again, tears running down your face. You squeaked when he nipped where he had previously kissed below your ear. “Please.”

    ⠀“Almost done, princess,” he reassured, and shot you a smile that held so much adoration. “It’s my turn now, okay?”

    ⠀“O-okay. Lo-ove you, ‘Lu–– ah!”

    ⠀Diluc brought you down his length hard in rapid succession, once, twice, thrice, pulling the sweetest sounds from you. Your voice was nothing more than whimpers and whines, staccatoed and intermingling with Diluc’s breath. Finally, Diluc pulled you down until his entire length was sat in you, his strength keeping you seated while his cock jumped inside you, spilling his warm cum as deep it could get and unconsciously triggering your second orgasm.

    ⠀He meshed your lips together, moaning into your mouth and muffling your contented sigh that filled his heart. When both your tremors had stopped and you were full of his cum, he pulled away from you, pecked your lips once more for good measure, and smiled down at you blissfully.

    ⠀“Love you too, princess.”

    #this is the second time im reposting this bc of tags or my internet im so ready to commit a crime #Anyway lowkey i wanna write more self indulgent smut and I'm really eyeing Kazuha or Dain rn #Diluc x reader #diluc smut#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact imagines #Catte's Works 🦩 #Catcze.Lingerie 💦
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  • blaka-smoko
    20.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    the scenes in later Berserk that always stay with me are the ones in which Schierke pulls Guts out of his Berserker armor

    she dives into his tattered soul before the pained rage of trauma and betrayal consumes him, and pulls him out so that he doesn’t lose his heart or humanity

    #reposting this since the second image was poor quality #both of these are from my own volumes #berserk#kentaro miura
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  • the-f1y
    19.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    #I forgot to repost this lmao i had to delete it bc my tags got all scrambled #this was so difficult #I had to redraw it so many times bc my sister kept saying 'he looks like Jungkook' #which would normally be super offensive but my second draft of it really did look like him💀 #banana fish #yut lung lee #yutlung#yue#art#myart #artists on tumblr #バナナフィッシュ
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