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  • January, 22. 2018

    I confess that little by little I’m back to wear with my comfy clothes, with my cyberpunk comfy style. My essence was lost for a few years… I think that myself was lost too, my mind, soul, and everything!  I miss to be cute everytime in my own way. I don’t know anymore how to put some makeup on my face, I don’t know anymore how to put on my hands some acrylic beautiful nails that I ever loved to use before, my bob cute black-blue hair every time… I miss it. so much. Same as backing myself little by little, I feel like I am a bit lost yet.

    - @monkinjeans

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  • Last night I thought I could unhinge my secret … just for a moment. That I was stronger than it.

    It has a hold that I can’t deny … or underestimate it’s power.

    One of the most amazing things that can happen in life, is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way. As someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in this world.

    But until that secret is gone … nothing can let me see myself as a strength. Wipe the tears, put on the mask … keep going. I need to be somewhere different. Maybe I need to be someone different, too.

    I fear this secret will kill me.

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  • #follower asks#secrets #ask ill answer
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  • image

    Originally posted by littlechmura

    A/N: no real warning there is making out btw. read part 1 

    link to Secrets PART 1 

    Draco enveloped Hermione in his arms she smiled and sighed breathing in his scent. Draco gently tilted her chin up and captured her lips in his. Hermione smirked into the kiss and pressed herself closer to Draco. They clung to each other for the longest time before breaking for air. He instantly started kissing and nipping at her neck Hermione moaned softly at his actions and felt herself going weak at the knees. He softly pressed her against the wall of the cupboard and lightly nibbled at her sensitive skin hermione whimpered slightly and grasped his collar. She pulled his lips to her own and slid her tongue into his mouth. They wrestled for dominance for a little while before Hermione removed her tongue and started to softly nibble and suck his lip. It was Draco’s turn to be frustrated. He let out a soft throaty groan at Hermione’s actions and pressed himself closer to her which seemed impossible.  Hermione’s hands were lost in his soft platinum blonde hair. They broke away only for air and held each other close as possible. Draco made swirling patterns on the exposed flesh of her stomach.

    “I missed you” He said quietly. She grinned and leaned over to speak in his ear.

    “I think you made that clear” She whispered seductively. Draco looked even more frustrated.

    “It’s almost dinner” He whispered. Hermione looked slightly crestfallen and pulled herself away from him.

    “Sneak down to the Slytherin dorms, please” He asked. She nodded but looked a little worried.

    “Take Potter’s cloak, no one will see you. Ten o'clock.” Hermione nodded while wondering how Draco knew about the invisibility cloak.

    As Hermione left the closet she saw peeves dart into one of the nearby classrooms. She adjusted her scarf and hoped it would cover her neck.

    Peeves floated around classroom laughing maliciously and smirking at Hermione. Peeves then stayed to watch Hermione walk off and Draco peek out of the closet. He followed Draco down the corridors and towards the Great hall, only stopping to speak to the occasional portrait.

    Hermione hurried into the hall and plopped into her seat just in time for dinner. Harry and Ron smiled at her.

    “Was the library very distracting?” asked Ron grinning.

    “We thought you were going to miss dinner.”

    Hermione smirked to herself, oh if only they knew half of it. Draco hurried into the hall and made his way to the Slytherin table without as much as a glance at Hermione.  Dinner was a boring affair for Draco and Hermione they were both sneaking glances and waiting restlessly for dinner to end.

    Finally the meal was over and everyone filed from the hall.

    Peeves burst from one of the doors in the hall and started gossiping with students. Hermione couldn’t have cared less until she heard her name. She scanned the hall for peeves. Harry and Ron walked beside her as she made a beeline for the gossiping ghost.

    “Draco malfoy, yes I know no one could have thought.”

    Peeves nattered away unaware of his impending doom in the form of Hermione granger.

    A gaggle of third year girls sauntered up to Hermione. The hall brunette in the group grasped Hermione’s arm.

    “ no one ever could have thought it- but he is hot who can blame you.” the girls around her all giggled. Then she realised what was going on. Thoughts thudded around in her head. She and draco had been super careful to make sure no one found out the secret. Then she remembered seeing peeves nearby when she left the cupboard earlier that evening.

    Hermione sprinted from the hall as all the students uncovered her biggest secret. Draco saw her running and swiftly followed. He hadn’t the slightest clue what was going on. He was wholly unaware of the entire hall watching him chase the Gryffindor princess. Hermione jogged all the way down the halls to myrtles bathroom. Why did all of those girls assume she was just dracos plaything, this week’s girl in his series of many. He had changed. They were serious. A few tears started to fall.

    Draco strode into the bathroom and sat next to her. He pulled her into his arms.

    “My reputation is ruined.” She sobbed into his chest.

    “They think you are using me” she started to cry harder. Draco held her tighter.

    “I truly love you and that will never change. It doesn’t matter what people think. They will be proven wrong when we get married.” Draco softly but vexedly delivered his monologue seemingly unaware he had just said he wanted to marry her.

    “The whole schools knows” muttered Hermione.

    “Are you unhappy about that ‘mione?” Smirked draco.

    “Happy but shocked. This isn’t the way I imagined people discovering our relationship.” Hermione suddenly went rigid.

    “Your parents” was all she stammered out before turning pale again.

    “I couldn’t care less about them and anyways mother will probably support me. Father is rotting in azkaban.”

    Draco pulled Hermione granger to her feet and dusted her off. They walked outside together to face the music.

    Draco’s favourite part of the day were the looks on potter and weasley’s faces.

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  • If I asked you

    I wonder what you’d say.

    If I told you

    I wonder if you’d run away.

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  • Mom

    I think my mom may know what’s wrong with me. every time I bring up my back pain or dreams she gets nervous n changes the subject. there’s actually a lot about her that I can’t explain. like one time I was pulling out her white hairs n I found a pink hair. I thought it was weird so I showed it to her n she turned pale. she nervously snatched it away n told me to never bring it up again. she’s almost always covered in some type shimmer. she blames it on her crafting hobby but she could not do crafts for weeks n still look sparkly. n another weird thing… she has scars on her back in the same place where the lumps on my back are growing. I’ll ask her about it but I doubt I’ll get a straight answer.

    #what are you hiding? #mom#secrets#weird#magical creatures#cryptids#fairies#angels#wings#back pain#magic#dreams#déjà vu#help me #what is happening to me? #I don’t wanna believe in this magic bullshit but what if it is true? #I’m not lying #serious
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  • Confessions of an owl addict S01E02

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    Secrets (“It’s Complicated”)

    Continuity: Cadeverse

    Setting: After Wind Shear

    Whumplet by @adrenaline-whump


    Liz asked if I could help her trim some branches back away from the cabin’s roof, and I said sure. Hang out with Liz on a gorgeous October Saturday? Heck yeah, buddy. And then she insisted on making dinner, as thanks.

    “Anytime you need a hand, just let me know.” I said, while she tested potatoes with a fork. “And you don’t have to bribe me with food.”

    “I know,” she smiled. “But cooking is more fun with an audience.”

    After dinner we sat on the back deck, just talking about stuff and watching the sun sink toward the horizon and turn the trees even more orange. I’m not that much of a talker, but she and I never run out of conversation.

    “How do you do it?” I asked her.

    “Do what?”

    “Be so awesome. I don’t know if you want any kind of partner, but if you ever get tired of being single, let me know. I’d like to interview for the position, at least.”

    Her eyes widened a little, and her hand reached out to take mine. And suddenly her eyes welled up and she burst into tears.

    OK, so I’ll admit, I’d been thinking about how to bring up the topic for a while, and I’d prepared myself for a lot of reactions. That absolutely wasn’t one of them. I would have slunk off to my car with my tail between my legs, but she wouldn’t let go of my hand, and somehow I ended up holding her while she sobbed into my shoulder. I was trying to apologize for upsetting her, and she was apologizing to me for being upset, saying it wasn’t my fault at all.

    I rubbed her back as gently as I could, and the sobs gradually slowed down. She pulled one hand back to mop at her face, and I passed her a handkerchief. My granddad was right; when you need one, you’re really glad you have it.

    “I’m so sorry,” she said again. “I’m such an idiot.”

    “No, you’re not.” I punched her knee gently. “Although a simple ‘no’ would have been fine.”

    She made a little sound between a hiccup and a laugh. “It’s not that simple. That’s the problem. I haven’t…I haven’t…there’s some history I haven’t told you about.”

    “Liz. Babe. Whatever it is, it’s OK.” History? She’d moved to Blakeley County a few years after we graduated high school. We weren’t the best at keeping in touch back then, but I thought I’d have heard about anything major. “What, did you get married when you moved out here?”

    She made the hiccuping sound again. “Engaged.”

    You know that feeling on a carnival ride where they drop the ground out from under you? I’d wanted to make her laugh a little, so I’d said the most unlikely thing that came to mind. I swallowed my first reaction, and then the next two, before I finally came up with, “OK. But you’re not wearing a ring now…”

    “I don’t know where he is. He disappeared…it was five years ago in January. I reported him missing…and his parents did…but we’ve never heard anything. I kept wearing the ring for months. The day I took it off, I cried all day. I couldn’t look at it anymore. All it did was remind me of something I’d never have.”

    It didn’t matter how she felt about me; I couldn’t help how much it hurt me when she was hurting. “You know, I find people. That’s what I do.”

    “I thought about asking you to help. But after five years…” She paused and twisted the handkerchief in her hands. “I don’t know what would be worse: if you didn’t find him…or if you did.”

    #the further adventures of dren and doodle #Whumptober 2020#day 16 #posted on day 23 #posted out of order #secrets#it’s complicated#Cadeverse #after Wind Shear #Cade#liz #whumplet by adrenaline whump #whump doodle by whumpadoodle #I’d like to interview for the job #that’s like the best line ever #and the exact way that Cade would ask someone out #I love Liz #I love Cade #I love this #I love it all #also #mooooooooore please!!
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  • Like a lost traveller , i left
    Serching for my way,
    Isolated at a spot witn no direction,
    Darkness all around ,
    Emptiness yet to be found,
    With echo’s of the lost,
    Feels like the silence speaks to me,
    Can’t see the edge,
    With the acquaintance of these breezes,
    I marched for my serch,
    Many people weeping on the way ,
    Some found way , some left,
    But here i am ,
    like a lost traveller with no map……..

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  • Their love was not of this world. Like their acts were not. 

    She was not sighing next to the flowers, but under the water.

    And he was waiting for her on land, waiting for her, waiting for her for years.

    Until she came back, and she satiated him with love. Borgia love. 

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  • Poor Sam.

    At least Dean told him and didn’t try to keep it a secret until the very end like he usually does.

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  • Remember

    See the scars left with every sin forgiven in light

    See my eyes and remember how much we can fight

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  • Plaguetober - Day 22 - Secret

    The first time she changed for it scared the living hell out of her. by then the tail wal still short and the antler little nubs. But over the years Maja managed to control it. The stories her mother told her where quite closer to the truth after all. She wondered if she’d ever meet her father.

    (It’s a bit eddited to make it slighly darker)

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  • En la magia.
    #timelapse #sunset #gopro8 #gopro #oaxaca #secrets (en Bahía Conejos)

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