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    good to have you back, Boss

    i should’ve captioned it kept you waiting huh

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  • I dreamed I was in a plucky crew of middleschoolers investigating strange gaps in our school’s curriculum, the ever vacant librarian position, and the progressive merging of the mental health offices with the Spirit Committee. We eventually realized that the three Spirit Committee members, now also our schools counselors and substitute librarian, were committed to blocking out any information that might lead the school’s students to question their existence or think too hard about the harsh truths of reality, since all three of them had been crushed half-way into the eldritch void by the weight of too much knowledge. They used their newfound pseudo-psychic abilities to “protect” the next generation from such pain. However, my crew committed themselves to fighting back and changing the world rather than letting it destroy us, starting by proving to the rest of the faculty how flawed and limited our current system was. We did it by sneaking into a nearby college’s library science classes to figure out how best to identify what we currently lacked.

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    *does make contact gesture but the other way*

    good, we’re really getting our stretches in

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  • I was one of several disgraced magical beings who were all members of the Bureau of Planetary Function. Basically, an organization that made sure we had sufficient Psychopomps, that Karma dealers got the right lists (they never do) and that the balance of people who know about magic and people who don’t is preserved so that they have fewer people able to send in complaints.

    My group had been assigned to North America’s most famously incompetent and undesirable precincts, Santa Barbara, in the Misc Duties department. I was a reaper meaning I was supposed to sever souls from bodies when the separation wasn’t going smoothly, sort of like a midwife for death, but I had mucked it up a few times, leaving too much soul attached to the body and causing a few frights in the morgue.

    Another in my group was a bird woman. Both in the sense that she looked part bird and in that she kept a looooot of birds. She had always worked in Misc Duties because honestly nobody knew what else to do with someone who could speak to, control, and summon birds but was herself totally bird brained. Think dodo, not corvid.

    Finally, our intrepid leader was a wizard and former Head Master of the region’s wizardry school known as The Mill, practically a Dickensian Orphanage with spells. He had such boundless optimism and a propensity for over-promising to the point that he was the first headmaster ever to be fired from the crappy school rather than quitting, mainly because he couldn’t follow budget.

    We theoretically had a fourth team member, but it was an invisible man too shy to speak so, ya know.

    Together we took on such daunting tasks as “removing lingering evidence of unicorns” when someone brought their glitter shitting horny horse into town, running courier service between departments, and one time accidentally uncovering a child with manifestation powers who’d made The Floor is Lava quite literal. The child was a runnaway from The Mill who led us down a path of investigating abuse of power and the blind eye the other school districts were giving the issue. 

    Also there was an adorable little girl at The Mill named Joy that I in creepy reaper form protected from some bullies and she decided to become a necromancer detective in my honor and she was great and I loved her.

    Also Also, my all black outfit involved zipper/chain covered JNCO jeans, a bullet proof waistcoat and cravat, a lacy billowing robe, and stiletto boots. I was goth and anime as fuck.

    #dreams#sigmastardust #you're tagged because of the clothes at the end #incompetent reaper
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    I just want to know how Leorio’s doing


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    I really want to believe that they already know each other?? Hisoka asks for Ging by name at the election, and Ging’s front and center in the toybox next to Gon and Chrollo - at the very least Hisoka’s got his eye on Ging already

    ging paid hisoka and promised a fight w/ him if hisoka took the hunter exam and tried to murder gon

    #sigmastardust #i think hisoka just knows OF ging and hasn't met him yet #but this is funny to think about
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  • I dreamed that the Berserk multimedia video/board game started off with Guts and Griffith getting married and a cute little video of the wedding playing where Griffith carried Guts over the threshold of his tent, and then every round of the game after that got darker and darker and if a player died they became a ghoul antagonizing the survivors. You could win by killing Griffith or surviving so many rounds, but everyone would lose immediately if the Casca token was taken out, and if that happened a video played that was so heartbreaking that some players came out of it with actual PTSD.

    #dreams#berserk #why couldn't they have been cute and stayed cute? #sigmastardust
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  • #hunter x hunter #sigmastardust
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  • #hunter x hunter #sigmastardust
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    I’m forcing myself to watch Sony’s because I figure I should watch at least one :/

    aaaaah fuck. true. and i done missed all the ones i’d even be able to see. dango

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  • sigmastardust replied to your post: Every time I see a picture of Kurapika’s chains,..

       isn’t it de-gloving, or am I thinking of a different thing? also  _why would you say this_    

    I’ve heard it both ways. I have said it to share my pain. BEAR IT AS I MUST.

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  • @sigmastardust replied to “I love the attack on the castle, the way it just *cluntches fist* have…”

    “hey Zeno wanna help me conduct an airstrike directly over your favorite grandson”

    Wonderful idea, thanks Netero!

    the worst is that I’m pretty sure Netero hadn’t told Zeno, but what I wonder is that if Zeno wouldn’t have thought “he’s my grandson he’ll survive it and he’ll recognize it” if he knew. Kind of a Ging-fashion of “he’s my (grand)son he’ll survive”


    Can someone slap the adults from this goddamn manga

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    are you 100% sure you don’t work for Aerolith

    Well I mean…we do have an elevator the contents of which are regularly cut apart, broken down and sent to the garbage. We don’t use that elevator.

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  • I dreamed @eldritchscholar, @sigmastardust and I were grocery shopping. They were both getting nothing but raw meat. Then I hugged eldritchscholar and he was just so cold, so very very cold. He looked me in the eyes, took my hand to lead me in a mini dance, sang “surprise motherfucker” and spun me into sigmastardust. They dipped me and whispered “we’re dead.”

    Then they straightened up and asked if I wanted any produce.

    #eldritchscholar#sigmastardust#dreams #you were both quite happy with the arrangement
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