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  • dinosaurrainbowstarfish
    18.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    there’s a panphobic article going around about how hyperpersonalized sexual identities are bad and I just. I’ve blocked a bunch of people for reblogging it uncritically and I’m not sure if it’s that I’m following a bunch of panphobes, or if genuinely like 5 blogs I’ve followed for years, including aroace positivity blogs, read a post claiming that pansexuals were oppressing bisexuals by having a label that has overlap with bisexuality, and literally like. either didn’t read it or could not pick up on the massive ideological problems that come with supporting the idea that there are uneccessary labels. I absolutely support the right of anyone to avoid using a hyperspecific label. I will be the first person to defend anyone who is being forced to adopt labels when they’d really rather just be queer, or who is being forced out of a community for not quite fitting the accepted definition.

    (for example, someone who identifies as asexual because they have trauma and don’t want to have sexual relationships because of it. is the definition of asexual separate from the definition of celibate? Yes. Should people conflate asexuality with celibacy? No. Is it the end of the world for people who are celibate but who do still experience sexual attraction to identify as asexual? NO. As long as they’re not telling other asexuals they’re wrong to ID as ace, I don’t have a problem with this hypothetical and neither should anybody else because people have a right to identify themselves as a way to access communities that they feel are helpful to them. What the fuck is the state of discourse that this has to be said. Stop letting essentialism into your hearts--enforcing identity labels on the basis that absolutely everyone who uses them must use them to expose inherent, immutable qualities about themselves is INVASIVE AS HELL and also NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS just let people use words they like to use. for the love of fuck. the language we use to describe ourselves may have personal or community significance but it is not the height of activism to Use The Most Correct Definitions.)

    I also recognize that the bi/pan discourse was and continues to be incredibly damaging. Most of the bisexual AND pansexual people that I know in real life have been affected by this discourse and are now afraid to talk about their identities in real life or online because they’re afraid of being misunderstood or mischaracterized. However. Acting like we got here because the label pansexual existed and some people used it is just ridiculous. THE DISCOURSE IS HOW WE GOT HERE. The insistence that since there are multiple labels, they must be oppositional and have 100% distinct definitions is how we got here. The actual bloggers who actually decided to send death threats, suicide baiting, and to publicly mischaracterize pansexual and bisexual as labels--those are all real problems that need to be addressed.

    Essentialism--the idea that there are innate, immutable qualities about you that you have always had and always will have--is the bane of community building, not hyperspecific microlabels. Oppositional thinking (this might be the wrong term for it)--the idea that there are totally separate distinct ideas and labels, the idea that contradictions cannot exist, the insistence on forcing everyone under a label to identify using the exact same definition rather than recognizing the nebulous, contradictory, messy realities of life and queerness and feminism and community building--that is stopping people from building communities.

    anyway if anybody has recommendations for post-modernist/post-structuralist feminist literature that embraces intersectionality please let me know. There are so many people who have written academically and can explain this better than me but genuinely, genuinely until intersectionality stops being a buzzword and starts making its way into an actual, widespread understanding of the world, these definition wars are going to keep happening and they’re going to keep destroying communities and reducing the number of microlabels won’t do jack shit about it because the labels. are. not. the. problem. the problem is the understanding of the world that allows people to try and stamp out contradictions and attack multilateral viewpoints until each community is One Single Idea. If you’re going to talk about how “we have to be able to criticize labels’ you better make damn sure that your criticism actually involves thinking and being able to back up your positions instead of acting like people have a duty to avoid contradictions and to abandon identities that you, personally, are uncomfortable with. And I am in fact mad that apparently a number of people that I follow seem totally down with the idea that hating microlabels is totally woke and 100% fine as long as it’s couched in academic sounding language and the OP is bi. Stop that.

    #discourse cw #no i am NOT doing the dance of telling you i have the right identities to have this conversation #my identities are irrelevant if you have a critique it should be about what I'm actually saying not WHO I AM AS A PERSON damn #i'm so tired #the anti-intellectualism is going to be the death of all of us #please read queer feminist intersectional critiques of identity politics #they're complicated but they're out there and they are necessary #i'm not usually one to discourse about queer issues but im afraid that we will never get out of this toxic definition war hell #if we don't start talking about the theories and assumptions that guide discourses #anyway if you know of other critiques of that post that are more thinky send them my way
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  • vidalinav
    17.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Is the fandom toxic?? I ask while I stand in the middle of a burning room like it’s regular Monday evening.

    Are people rude? I ask as I see another deranged comment from an overzealous fan.

    #lol no seriously guys do what you need to do #but I have seen people double in saying the fandom is toxic and I’m like... #it is but also not #if you block enough people you don’t see shit #the only shit I see is the book itself and well I just have to stop reading it #that was a joke #but also not #I actually love so many people in this fandom and I have had a very enjoyable experience and I’m really glad I get to say that and I hope #others get that experience too #so please do start blocking people and blocking tags
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  • wallflowerjournal
    17.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Made a new twitter account free from people who know me so i can enjoythings without judgement so feel free to come yell at me about whatever if u want :)

    #about me #it feels so free knowing i can tweet whatever and no one cares #also free from toxic news from everywhere all the time
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  • actualaster
    17.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    You know what sucks so much?

    When you hate a fandom because it's full of assholes and extremely toxic so even though you love the media you avoid the fandom and only interact with a handful of people and that works well and you're happy about it

    And then

    That fandom begins trying to invade and take over an unrelated fandom because they're convinced the two are part of the same metaverse for no other reason than they're the most entitled, whiny, easily offended (as in they're offended by the mere existence of people who like a character they dislike), bratty fans you have EVER come across and they are the fandom personification of "I am uncomfortable when we are not about me?" And can't handle the idea that a totally different piece of media isn't all about THEM.

    So you can't even fucking enjoy the fandom for something you love, a fandom that on its own is relatively chill and fun, because these toxic assheads are trying to swarm it and make it about them

    I can't block fast enough to curate my experience because a new jackass pops up every day to defend their bullshit...

    #i hate the [redacted] fandom so much #i have been a fan of it for almost all of its 19 years of being a thing #and i am slowly starting to hate it and want it to crash and burn just as a fuck you to the fandom #i left because you assholes were so fucking toxic and that was like 15 years ago!!!! #STOP TRYING TO FORCE YOUR WAY INTO OTHER FANDOMS NOBODY LIKES YOU AND NOBODY WANTS YOU TOXIC SHITHEADS AROUND #WHY IS MEDIA THAT PREACHES THE VALUE OF KINDNESS AND FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS THE STUFF WITH THE RUDEST AND MOST INTOLERANT FANDOMS
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  • kzehaya
    17.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i notice a lot of my old mutuals are following me and this isnt personal at all 😞 but i updated my carrd and added that i wont be following most of my old moots back bc kinblr/that side of tumblr was stressing me sorry 💔

    #its not personal i just think it made everything so gray #also too many mutuals also stress me out 😭 #ik it sounds dumb but idk sometimes the dash would be so toxic and at some point it stopped being funny #so im trying to keep myself on the very edge of that and away from the main drama stuff #sorry 😭😭 #if im being honest my mood went up so quick ive been smiling all day
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  • sleeping-lilies
    17.05.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #AGAIN. I SAID TOXIC TIM STANS NOT ALL TIM STANS CJDJXNSKSO #bro a lot of tim stans are so cool but like.... JDJDJDJS A LOT OF YALL RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE 😭😭😭 #asks
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  • dumbngay
    17.05.2021 - 7 hours ago


    #i feel like a lot of what i see in the tumblr Discourse these days is obv a lot of anti-terf stuff which is good and valid #but also just a lot of infighting and fingerpointing among people in the broader queer community #like transfem lesbians and cislesbians and transmasc lesbians #and gen z queer folk and older millenial queer folk #and like honestly we dont even need to worry about straight opposition anymore bc so much of the online discourse is just pitting one lgbtq #group against another which is so crazy to me #and excluding our own brothers and sisters perspectives from our conversations #even though in the Real World queer spaces are really hopeful and inclusive and uplifting #but online queer spaces just Are Not anymors #and i just remember from when i was growing up that it was the complete opposite #like i honestly find more peace in irl queer spaces and just in irl spaces in general tbh #and obvs there are exceptions and for many irl queer spaces can be exclusive or white dominated or inaccessible #but thats all the more reason to rethink and backtrack this toxic internet culture that we've created #bc for some its the only safe space they have and they are getting Bad support and Bad information in many cases #idk long rant but its honestly one of the reasons i left tumblr and a lot of social media in 2016 #and i follow so few people now but it still creeps up from time to time
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  • piduai
    17.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    every day i read things. and it costs me so much effort to not be mean on here

    #like you ever look at ppl you don't interact with at all bc ur lurking and think. i'm so glad you don't know me. i want to hurt ur feelings. #ok time to stop being toxic... i closed the tab and am never going there again not worth it
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  • 23s
    17.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    yknow that trope where insecure cis men wont let their gf's wear heels because it makes them feel short? i thought that was like a cis guy issue but i just saw a transmasc person on tiktok complaining about it and i was like LOL because transmasc people always say how theyre better than cis men and more understanding but then turn around and let toxic masculinity take them over. sorry you dont like your tall gf. maybe stop being a pussy

    #9915 #as a 5'2 guy with a 5'9 gf who usually wears platforms that makes them like 5'11-6'.... its so cool #transmasc ppl really try and act like theyre the cream of the crop when in actuality most of them just parrot toxic masculinity #the video sucks the guy is literally like ‘wear different shoes ugh you make me look like a child’ #but if it was a cishet relationship everyone would be like OMG HES SO TOXIC 😱
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  • risusensei
    17.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    „8 Toxic Things Parents Say To their Children"

    Pls, watch this. We made mistakes but if we try hard, we could help a child to grow a healthy adult. Take care of children.

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  • callitdreamland
    17.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    this week is about to be very fucking stressful and i think i messed up my rotator cuff you love to see it

    #i just need a break please #noushka talks#tw swearing #also this website is toxic af i'm glad to have my mootmoots cause they're all so nice
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  • wolfbuck
    17.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    james and lily’s dynamic is like. i have never understood someone as little as i understand you. i feel young and ineffectual when you’re in the room you seem to look at me and see someone else. i cry more around you. i feel like im in many small pieces. you look at me through those light flare john lennon bullshit glasses like you’ve never seen me before. we are sharing a cigarette outside the owlery we are sharing glances as the defence professor ignores our questions. we are sharing a newspaper at the breakfast table i am eating your toast you like blueberry jam i never liked it before i imagine it tastes like your mouth. i am angry and raging you are hovering in the doorway words on your tongue unable to say them. you are holding the sharp jut of my shoulder in your hands like you can hold me together. you are trying to be a better person i don’t care that im getting worse i could kill you if i wanted i would like to sleep beside you i would like to crawl inside you and live there for a while hear the steady thump of your pulse in my ear feel alive like i did before the war you are laughing at a joke i didn’t tell you make me feel like a joke you make me feel like something worth smiling at. i hate you intensely you are everything i never was you are so kind these days you’re so much sadder than you used to be. we are sharing our toast i am looking intently at your straight white teeth. i am not in love with you for i don’t think i am able to be in love with anybody but i am definitely in something with you. you are biting my lip tightly perhaps too tightly i am killing you slowly we are bad for each other. we are so bad for each other. nobody has ever made me feel so emotional you make me feel so young fuck you for that. maybe i love you. let’s make toast.

    #lil’s pov btw #jily#elijah speaks #i don’t. like jily so this is sorta. queerplatonic polycule intricate toxic nonsense but u can read it as purely romantic if u wish #it’s intended to be. semi romantic semi platonic mostly just Love. Hatred. Etc Etc
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  • tsundere-selfship
    17.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    So can someone go tell the dnf fanbase that Forsython called, we want our colors back?

    #like no shade but they're making us look bad #Anyone so much as SMELLS green and blue together and it's an immediate dnf reference #And please please guys don't bring the mlm flag into this #dsmp dnf#mcyt#dreamnotfound#dream smp#fire emblem #👑 | does he ever stop talking? #Let's see how many toxic dsmp fans get pissed off at me #mcyt dnf
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  • mercuria1
    17.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Ppl really love to hate on Christianity as if no other religion has its foundations in oppressing practitioners of other religions and oppressing women lol. The selective thinking ......

    #not at all a Christian #9 years of catholic school made me decidedly not a person of faith #but it’s so glaringly hypocritical the way people shit on Christianity #when tyrannical governments use their beliefs to actually oppress people #and commit genocide #but ya Christianity is the most toxic religion lmao
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  • janiedean
    17.05.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #i mean if you know ppl who are LEGIT LIKE HER her then she's 100% well written #bc THERE ARE #but like.... as stated I might have issues so #Anonymous#ask post #only slightly less toxic than chernobyl's ruins #anti-cersei lannister#anti-cersei#anti-lannincest #anti-jaime x cersei #ik this has nothing to do with the ship but i have a set of tags so #in case extra is better than none #also i'm not answering in public anything re what specifically i ended up having to deal with #bc i already said too much #but anyway i have a full on right to avoid c-related stuff like the plague at this point
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  • diverse-hearts
    17.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    @suresha​ asked:

    “I wish I could go back to the day I met you, and just walk away.” ( do i even need to say who this is for? )

    100 Ways to Say ‘I Hate You’

    Well, wasn’t this a pleasant manner in which to start the day? He’d simply sat across from the other in order to have their breakfast, silently rather grateful that they were still alone. As unstable as his moods may be, arguments around their daughter was something that Kaiba worked rather hard to avoid. Instead of replying, he poured out his coffee and returned to scanning over the emails to have come in overnight, giving himself a few moments to wake before he’d answer Atem. How different would things have been if they had never met? If he’d never held a tournament, if Atem hadn’t broken his mind all that time ago and returned some degree of sanity to his mind. How would things have changed? Would he have come this far with no rival to urge him forward? Would he have grown bored with duelling and moved onto some other thing? It was a strange concept to grasp, he couldn’t imagine himself not having gone through all that he had. Least he wouldn’t be so annoyed by the fact that magic was an actual concept of the world - no matter how often he denied it, it would always find a way to crop up in one form or another.

    “Good morning, did you sleep on the wrong side of the bed?”, with a small smile he pushed some food towards his husband, finally glancing away from the tablet and meeting Atem’s gaze, “You should be careful about such wishes. Without my aid you’d never have gotten as far as you did...and without an us there would be no child. Do you think so lowly of those that relied on our partnership?”. A small sip of his coffee was taken, the CEO sitting back with his arms crossed.

    “I do wonder - how different would things be if Yugi had never solved that puzzle”

    #suresha #Verse01 - Even Death Shall Be Defeated - DSOD(Main Verse) #Muse: Seto #[[Broken Bonds - Seto x Atem (Suresha)]] #tw: toxic relationship #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - Rest is for the weak so resting is what I do! (Queue) #//sometimes I really hate this asshole lol
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  • mollypaup
    17.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Obviously John Mulaney's divorce is no one's business but his and his wife's, but it really is fucking bizarre to see people praising him for going into rehab shitting on him now. Ending certain relationships is par for the course when people get sober.

    #it isn't even necessarily toxic relationships #it can just be a 'im not happy with this relationship and that's bad for my recovery so i need to end it' deal #anyway sorry about the inappropriate speculation #don't reblog this
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  • true-bean
    17.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Sometimes I remember that whole “the axe forgets but the tree remembers” thing and then I think about the last time I remember being really excited to put on makeup and showed my parents and they smiled and told me I looked beautiful and how I told my best friend and he said “you don’t, they’re only saying that cause you’re being feminine and they like that”

    #he absolutely doesn’t remember #but I’ll never forget #it made me cry so hard #at the end of our friendship he was the one who said I was controlling and toxic #so ✌️ #also I’d like to say that my parents aren’t ya know #great #but tbh they’re nice #they saw how happy I was with my horrible winged eyeliner #and they chose to build me up not tear me down like my so called best friend did #also #this was straight up 2018 it’s been literally 3 years and I’m not sure I’ve put on makeup since #welcome to the shitshow
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  • foxmagpie
    17.05.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #asks#gg speculation #I actually think it would be pretty unsatisfying if it was a decision from nick that neutralized the threat of Rio #but also I kinda think it would woobify him #I’ve not gotten the impression he would sacrifice himself for Beth like that #like he has def made bad choices for himself and his business in reaction to his feelings for her #but it’s not like a noble self sacrifice #it’s part of their toxic sludge #so I don’t hope it plays out this way at least #gg spoilers #Beth x Rio x nick #annie’s got a gun
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  • jacquessouvenier
    17.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    god i hate instagram sm

    #so toxic #my irls suck
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