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  • #like sunset sky purple #soft™ #not a quote #azraq says things
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  • Soft Vlammy, warm Vlammy, unruly mop of curls. Happy Vlammy, pink Vlammy, sweaters, sweat pants, socks [x]

    #michael vlamis#michaelvlamisedit #this is how the song goes right? #vlamis's curls#soft™ #he's so cute #my gifs
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  • Looks like Tumblr botched up my previous upload of pastel 💗 pink soft Vlamis, uploading it again in the hopes it’s working this time | 🎥 vlambase IG stories

    #michael vlamis#soft™#vlamis's curls#mgv ig #ngl i'm most excited about the socks
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    @wyzszy​​  said  -  ❛ This is turning into a lovely evening. ❜

         GERALT TURNED HIS HEAD AND GLANCED  up at the figure who loomed above him. It was an entertaining thought, that Regis, so unimposing and unassuming at midday, an herbalist, a barber-surgeon, a kind and thoughtful man, could present such a forbidding picture in the half-light of dusk. It was all the position, of course, at which Geralt encountered him. 
         Laying on his back, his hands creating a cushion for his head and neck, knees bent and altogether relaxed. Or as relaxed as he could be on this road to who-knew-where on a probably pointless quest. 
         He’d stolen an extra horse blanket from the saddlebags and laid it out, thinking that, if they were to continue their nightly conversations they might as well do so in comfort. Geralt had slept better for the few hours that always followed a talk with Regis than he had in weeks spent tossing and turning in his bedroll. So, he had simply anticipated the vampire and come prepared.
         A small canteen of the wine that still remained from their last foray into a town that wasn’t besieged by the war, and some crumbs of their last meal. A midnight snack, waiting.
         “This is turning into a lovely evening.”
         Geralt grinned up at Regis, a genuine smile, at the words, and felt the tension slough from his shoulders. He hadn’t thought about how long he’d been waiting for Regis to finish whatever business he did when they set up the camp, nor had he catalogued the expectation that kicked around inside of him, but whatever it was he’d been squirming with it disappeared as Regis to the place beside him. 
         “Thought I’d change a few things,” he said, after Regis had made himself comfortable, stealing one more glance before letting his head fall back upon his hands once more. “Thought we could use a dedicated place to rest, since this had become more or less tradition. Don’t tell the others, though, that I swiped the last bit of wine. Jaskier will never let me hear the end of it, and I’m not sure I could endure the scowls of Milva for more than an afternoon.”

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  • @spacecour​  |  athenodora:        you’re all kinds of fucked up all the time. we all are. and that’s why we’re together.        accepting.


    there are nights within their castle so cold her fire is suffocating.        during times like these,   she stills upon the soft blankets in athenodora’s chambers,   being alone isn’t an option,   anyone else isn’t an option — not like that;              between them,   an understanding had grown from nothing into something fruitful and full of depth.              ❛    mmm.        just a bunch of psychopaths cheering each other on,   huh.    ❜        because during these moments her self-worth wavers and she feels herself inch nearer towards an edge where she’d crumble down.        soft hands hold her glued together still whatever’s festering dries up,   and she becomes solid once again.

    #spacecour #spacecour / athenodora #ic        /        sulpicia volturi. #soft™
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  • MSN | 2013

    #Soft™#Andrew Lincoln#*#andygifs #ah when there were just bright white patches #the precursor to Full Santa #i see you wonky tooth 💙 #his eyes are so twinkly (◡‿◡✿) #The Human Destresser™ #shot of serotonin that he is #how do you pronounce ❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟 #he's so pretty #congratulations on your face it's a work of art #and the most beautiful big ol forehead #also this is a nice angle for The Nose™ #if you don't want to just bear hug the shit out of him i don't trust you
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  • @spacecour​  |  athenodora:        (  the real horror of my life is not that i’ve killed some terrible people . the real horror is that the people i’ve loved did not love me back  )        accepting.

    she swallows thick,   rock once lodged in her throat bumps against her heart,   dora’s words awaken something real,   real and honest;        and what a rare sight it is,   what a rare feeling       like a child trying candy for the first time,   she rolls it in her mouth,   scrunches her nose up,   and decides it tastes too much like liquorice——liquorice and sea salt——she doesn’t like it.        it makes the insides of her cheeks itch,   unpleasantly tingle.         ❛    i am not calling you a liar,   but..    ❜        sulpicia’s face begins to light up,   softly,   like the view outside the bedroom they rested in with the first rays of rising sun,   draped over unmade bed and soft sheets,   speaking in whispers and prolonged silences.         ❛    who wouldn’t love you ?    ❜

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  • i’m trying the sleep and idk why I just thought of lovingly kissing the inside of Asra’s wrists and now im….. Yearning ™

    #it's always Loving Asra hour where i live but tonight im especially....... #soft™ #anyway this kinda intimacy just fucking sends me hewwo???? #asra the arcana #celian talks
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  • for the first time in her entire life, she was experiencing christmas in the united states. after watching many hollywood movies, ange didn’t know whether or not the festivities in tulsa were similar to what she has seen on the silver screen. nevertheless, she knew that this the holiday season was going to be exceptionally memorable with her spending it with ponyboy. christmas was one of her favourite times of year, and celebrating it with her beloved only made matters BETTER. after spending most of her afternoon putting up decorations with the curtis brothers, angélique was glad that darry allowed the two to go out to see the lights at night. “darling, you will catch your death if i wear your jacket.” ange protests, slipping it off.


    #tatterdhearts #v: anything but a soc #soft™
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