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  • fiance!harry?



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    heres my dog in a bucket hat

    #oh my god this is #the most pure baby 😍😍 #so cute#submission
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    -Katryn, logging back onto tumblr dot com an hour after posting the Cherries update

    #BAHAHAHAHA #its so true!!! #i had it in the queue SO I WAS AT WORK WHEN IT POSTED AND I WAS LIKE AHHHHH OMG WHAT IS WRONG #submission
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  • Is this ok?

    This is Hercules he is approx. 8 months old!

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  • “I’m not about to give up an owlbear pelt for some tart with a dead horse.”

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  • Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of this before?! Do you know who this is?


    That’s obviously a CN art style, but I think they’re after my time. But I relate to this pic so much 😅

    Okay, Friend. Sorry it took me a while. I’m having angry Black woman meltdown. Just smile and nod, Sis. Be cool. Lol. No, but, all my bullshit aside - I tried to figure out if this was canonical, because I didn’t remember any Black Powerpuff girl characters before Sis with the green hair (and I was far removed frkm the cartoon by then.

    I think this is someone’s artwork and not an actual character, but we’ve got a couple hundred folk in the collective. Maybe they know something I couldn’t find. 

    Sidenote: whenever they were allowing us to make Powerpuff avatars of ourselves a few years back, my ex made some of me and her and they were cute.

    #BlackfemmecharacterdependencyBFCD submissionsPowerpuff Girlsblack female characters #submission
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  • hello! May i get a appearance matchup with a haikyuu character? 🥺🥺 I’m a female and 5’4, pls dont post my pics🥰🥰


    notes. of course you can bb <3 here’s your matchup!

    ─── i think you’d look cute with iwaizumi hajime!

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  • “Eh– Kiyoshi, shut it–" 

    CC yelps, her cover about to be blown… and sure enough, she hears Mingzhu start yelling next to her. With a rather embarrassed huff, she crosses her arms.

    External image

    "Yeah, and? It wasn’t even lethal, it’s fine! I just had to fuckin’ sit down for a second! Ain’t like you can tell it’s poisoned just from touchin’ it, right? I did everyone a favor by tastin’ it, jeez! It was only a little bit! Not a big deal!”

    Huffing again, she waves her hand and then tries to go for an easier target. Her sneer is directed at Eve, immediately. Was she going to lay off someone just because his boyfriend died? Fuck no!

    External image

    “Aw, gee, I-chi-ro, I’ve got some bad news! I don’t think someone who doesn’t know how the fuck to confess to murder gets to direct the trial around! Sorry, bud! You lost your rights! No use sittin’ around on our hands while we wait for Tomio to remember shit, anyway, so might as well discuss other evidence? Or, what, do you not wanna consider that your mans coulda done another wittle murder-wurder? Speakin’ of–”

    Her head tilts as she tries to recover from getting reamed in front of everyone. 

    “While Tomio tries to reactivate his fuckin’ braincells, I’ve got some shit to consider. Tsurugi didn’t poison the tea, right, so Takao was probably the one to put it in. My follow up to that is–

    Where the poison came from– namely, the shrine and the store, don’t'cha think? There was bubble wrap in some of the broken shit in there, that mighta wrapped up a vial. Now, that begs the question of who the fuck managed to find it in there, but it does, maybe, answer why it wasn’t registered– after all, why the fuck else would it be hidden like that and not freely available to us? Ain’t murder the name of the game?

    And then that begs the question of sweet Takao’s intentions! Y'all wanna think so highly of him when he did get a whole innocent person killed, huh?”

    A loud cackle emerges from CC’s corner of the room, as usual.

    “Anyway, yadda yadda, my alibi’s worthless and Tomio drank the black tea, yeah, I smelled his breath. Is that all the evidence covered? I know Ichiro would just looooove to skip around, but there’s some interestin’ stuff in this one!”

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  • I gatchu pikachu~

    #wow what would i do without u #yo yo yo #inbox 💌 #also what did we say about desktop— #submission
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  • Into the Illusion (Coraline AU)

    “Ozzy! Help your brother!” Maddie yells while trying to wrestle Snatcher away from Beldam. Ozzy, snapping out of his daze, rushes over to remove the remaining button off of Zeke. 

    Maddie manages to pull Snatcher out of Beldam’s grasp. She could feel the feline quickly clamber on to her shoulders, leaving Maddie free to electrocute Beldam repeatedly. “Just stay down already, you stubborn peck neck!” Only when Maddie was certain he wouldn't  be moving for a while did she stop. With the amount of electricity she used, they’d have an hour & a half before he’d be able to move again–A hour at the shortest. “And while I’m at it..” Maddie recovers the brothers amulets, “I’m taking these back. 

    She makes her way back over to Ozzy. "I never had strings, I’m still free. There are no strings on me~” Maddie sings.


    Everytime you shocked him, the world seemed to tremor and fall apart, the room you were currently in being the only one to hold up after a while, and even then it was in disrepair.

    Beldam made strained noises, like he was trying to choke out words, though none of them seemed to come through coherently.

    Snatcher seemed happy with the situation, urging you to hurry through the door before something else has time to happen.

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  • Ok I’m the headcanon anon who keeps sending all those MML headcanons(Murphy’s in space, Miloborg, wlw/mlm solidarity, etc) and I’ve been binging MML and all these other headcanons are living not rent free in brain and need to go. So I’m just going to put them all here until I can’t come up with others:

    •Milo listens to musicals and operas
    •Bradley’s plant arm cannot be destroyed, he tried cutting it off once but woke up next morning to find it regrown again
    •Bradley is a theatre nerd
    •Barely anyone has seen Bradley laugh, it’s a challenge in school to see who can do it. Milo did it once though Bradley never admits it nor brings it up
    •Bradley watches a lot of those 80s movies and romantic comedies
    •Mort is into sculpting and pottery while Bradley likes painting. They’re both in art club
    •Mort has two chinchillas
    •While Amanda is very organized, her room could say otherwise. That doesn’t mean that it’s super messy but it’s not as clean as she liked it to be. With all her organizations and extracurriculars, she’s always too tired to have it fully clean.
    •Amanda is the best person to vent to. Of course there is always a time when she needs to go to someone’s house just to vent about how busy she is or how crammed her schedule is.
    •Amanda, Mort, and Bradley all kinda started to hang out with each other after that detention episode. They all kinda vibed with each other and just started to become friends.
    •Chad loves horror movies along with horror games. He brings Mort along sometimes, and though Mort would never actively seek them out. He enjoys watching or playing them with someone
    •Zack hates horror games but wants to play them for the lore
    •The Lumberzacks did a photo shoot once, though Zack would rather face Murphy’s Law then talk about it
    •Zack can actually sing all types of music
    •Zack has anxiety, it used to be really bad but has mellowed out since becoming friends with Milo and Melissa
    •Milo and Melissa sing “Chop Away At My Heart” when Zack is within hearing presence. Melissa sings it to just kinda piss Zack off a bit. Milo just sings it cause it’s generally catching.
    •Melissa does not get cold easily(she wore a skirt during the winter)
    •Melissa could arm wrestle someone at their school and win
    •Melissa’s father was the one to put her in the dojo class because he wants her to be able to fend off bullies if she needs to
    •He won’t admit this, but he’s a bit scared that she doesn’t have some to help her with “feminine” needs or give her a “feminine” POV. Mainly because other people were like “oh where’s her mother? Someone needs to help her become a young lady”. Though Melissa will assure her dad that it’s ok
    •Melissa and Bradley remind me of Robin and Steve from Stranger Things 3
    •(Going to post this one again because this is my favorite) Melissa and Bradley: wlw/mlm rivalry. Melissa and Zack: wlw/mlm solidarity
    •Milo is pan
    •Milo rarely gets sad or actually angry, though when he does. Be prepared because you can kind of sense today might not be a great day
    •Milo has a schedule for what he needs to pack depending on how he feels during that day. Sometimes he gets it wrong, but it also somehow becomes the things they needed that day.
    •In the Star Wars au, the Murphy men are not allowed to go to space, who knows how many wrong things could go wrong. Like it’s an actual law in the system. Of course that doesn’t mean that they don’t try. Some succeeded, some didn’t.
    •Milo is a scavenger in the Star Wars au, how convenient it is when searching through an old ship and a part worth a lot of money just so happens to fall next to you.
    •The Murphys all have the force, though could never be Jedi
    •During the time when witchcraft was a suspicion throughout the town, a lot
    of Murphys were accused of witchcraft. Though whenever people tried to hang them, the rope would snap and the people always needed to get a new noose(this one’s pretty dark but what the hell)
    •The Murphys (and I mean all the Murphys) are very accepting with the LGBTQA community
    •The Murphys could fight you and win, do not give them that chance
    •(going to post this one again because I liked it a lot) Milo is a cyborg in the Second Dimension
    •(gonna go off on your ideas for a second, this one’s long bear with me) So 2D Doof did capture him after a huge accident due to Murphy’s Law and transformed him into a cyborg of total chaos. He could send Milo to someone’s house he didn’t like and after a while the house is ruined. Milo was eventually saved by the resistance(Melissa and Zack) and after a LOT of days of therapy and comfort. He starts to take pride in his cyborgnetic state and uses it to stop Murphy’s Law rather then to cause it. Keep in mind, he does not have the backpack in this au
    •There’s a bet between students to see exactly how many scars Milo has. It’s kinda a losing bet because Milo seems to get one everyday but it’s fun to guess
    •People wonder how much Milo could lift because he carries that VERY heavy backpack all day like it’s nothing
    •Sara and Neil are in a queerplatonic relationship
    •They spend hours chatting about their favorite shows and theories.
    •The two met with Candace and Jeremy at a comic-con as cosplayers(as in they were ALL cosplaying)
    •Sara is one of those people who would write to someone who posted a “this show/character is problematic post” a long argument disagreeing
    •The Murphy family got Diogee when Milo was born and those two would spend a lot of time together, it was sickeningly cute. Hence why Diogee always likes Milo and wants to be with him
    •Diogee and Perry become friends
    •Speaking of, it was obviously sad when Doof was not on speaking terms with Perry. But it did allow Doof to branch out and meet new people
    •Doof sees the Murphys as a second family
    •Doof has a complexity addiction
    •Though it doesn’t look like it, Dakota is content with the simple life. Cavendish isn’t.
    •Dakota was perfectly fine with the picking up garbage job because it meant that Cavendish wouldn’t be in danger anymore and he wouldn’t have to go back in time to save him
    •Cavendish plays by the rules but will go feral if he needs to
    • Elliot: “Brush your teeth, now BOOM, orange juice. That’s life”
    The circus coming down wasn’t actually Elliot’s fault, it was because Martin Murphy was there

    (That’s all I can think of right now)



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  • Just wanted to let you know that you’re amazing admin, and we love you. :) <3

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  • Dear Em,

    I am writing to you about a certain problem I am currently having. It’s quite flustering to say this to you directly so I thought a letter would be better at conveying my thoughts. Lately, whenever I see you I get this weird feeling in my stomach but I don’t know what it is exactly. My eyes always search for you in the crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of you. I also feel saddened when I see you laughing with Ace and Deuce. I have tried to confide with Trey but he just smiles at me without saying anything. Do I have some kind of unknown illness? It only occurs when I see you, when I’m with you, or when I think about you. I’m at my wits end.. I hope you will be willing to help me find a solution to this problem.

    Sincerely, Riddle Rosehearts

    #omg this is the first time i ever tried writing for twst #i hope it isnt too occ #but i wanted to make you feel better #feel better soon #ily <3 #doctor rosehearts will make all the bad things disappear #submission#|| #;v; omg skipps #you made my day #omfg this is so sweet #♡♡♡#yoooo#ilysm #dammit tumblr why didn't you notify me!?!?!?
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  • him…..


    look at him….. 

    #i love him... #submission
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  • I keep going back and forth. Literally earlier today I wanted nothing more than to appreciate you. But my mind is literally eating at me. You began everything with a lie. How do I know you won’t do it again? And then I think that and feel guilty—you’ve proved to me that you’re different now. I see you always try and love me and support me. We’re in your bed right now and you’re dead asleep with your arm over me and nuzzled into me and I can’t even enjoy it. I have the urge to go through your phone. Because she did too. You called her crazy for doing it, but then she wouldn’t have seen the texts. I need to know if there’s texts that I should be seeing. It’s literally making my heart race and my head spin and my stomach turn. You have so many new friends now. Will one of them turn out to be the person I was a few years back? Will you lie and throw away everything behind my back until it blows up in your face again? Lead on someone new? I adore you. I love you. so much. But fuck. I’m not the type of person to forget. You’ve changed but so have I. I’m not willing to not value myself anymore. I just need to know. I wish I could just ask someone else to look for me.

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    Found in at a Value Village in Langley Park MD

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    Welcome Marie you’re now trapped within the boarders of Autumn’s Peak, where many things seem to lurk in the dark. Be sure to send your information in and check out our checklist within 24 hours so you don’t get lost.

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  • Whitely–

    Found this lying around and thought you might enjoy it more than me. Definitely not because its a special day or anything. Nope. Definitely not. Just because I thought you’d like some good whiskey. 

    Also, pretty random but thanks for being born. I’d be lost without you–literally because you’re always navigation during stakeouts. 

    Anyway, you’re pretty rad. And I probably owe you a milkshake. 


    Police Badge Custom Whiskey Box Set
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