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  • akudama-drive-incorrect-quotes
    28.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    College AU (Submitted)

    Swindler, vlogging: Hey everyone! So I just moved into my new dorm. And I can feel it now...this is the start of something amazing!

    Brawler: *Crashes through door*

    Doctor: *Laughing hysterically*

    Hoodlum: *Shrieking from on top of the fridge*

    Swindler: ...Is it too late to request a single?

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  • thegizkareads
    05.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    📚 January Roundup 📚 --- The Swinder, The Vanishing Man, and the Pretty Boys: 3/5 The Promised Neverland Vol. 1: 4/5 Circe: 4/5 Six of Crows: 5/5 --- I met my reading goal for January! I was coming out of a reading slump, and I've really enjoyed the time I've set aside to get back into the habit. Plus I enjoyed everything I picked up this month! Let's hope I get as lucky in February. --- Reviews for Circe and Six of Crows will be forthcoming. I'll wait to review The Promised Neverland until I've read a few more volumes.

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  • devintrinidad
    07.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    (So like… maybe everyone believes that Kansai is changing for the better, but in reality, there’s still corruption and blurring in between the lines of what is good and right… I’m getting Psycho Pass vibes, which is so awesome!) -

    Lol, Surprise everyone! Akudama Drive is the stealth prequel to Psycho Pass (no so things got even worse)! Uhm, I imagine things got worse in a better way. Like there’s anarchy. The Executioners are weak and divided. The Akudama’s are running around causing havoc. The people are angry and lashing out at anyone in power. There are power struggles everywhere and no one trusts anyone. Basically it’s good that the corruption that lead up to this is falling apart and people are showing a backbone and wanting justice and truth. Problem is, no one knows what that is anymore. People want leaders and those who will take care of them. For better or worse that’s how people are a lot of the time. 

    Pupil I could see being a good main character because she’ll try to understand how wrong the world is but wonder how to do good. Have you ever heard of the famous words, “You can’t be a moral person, until you understand the monster you’re capable of becoming?” I could see Pupil’s journey being that. Trying to understand how evil works so she knows how to combat it with morals. Because it’s clear to her she wasn’t as aware as she thought she was. It’d be the opposite of Swindler who, well swindled for the right reasons. Pupil could be sick of all the propaganda and lies and want to figure out how humans are suppose to live and how she can be a true protector of peace and the people.  

    (That or just give up.)

    Cue Hacker. He’s invested in what’s going on for his own reasons and so he’s following Pupil around and helping her out. Maybe he discovered something that’s interesting to him and he needs her help in getting it. Like getting a body or something else. Maybe he’s become known to some larger entity and is being targeted. In return for his information in helping her understand who her enemy is. Pupil  helps him. The two end up working together and maybe more lore gets expanded upon, maybe you get to see some shadow government that’s controlling more of the world. 

    I could see the kids returning. Maybe Pupil ends up leaving because she’s forced to and runs into them. I imagine the kids are living as best as they can. I am jaded enough to believe there is no utopia or even totally safe place out there for them. But I’m hopeful enough they can run outside the eyes of those who want them and find some peace with what they have and what everyone sacrificed for them. Who knows, maybe there were more experiments and Pupil discovers a bigger plot and Kansia is just some big experiment on it’s own. 

    Idk, either way Pupil would have to have a different story arc then Swinder while also embodying her desire to do the right thing in a twisted world. She would also have to live to carry the burden Swindler left behind and bear the weight of living and making things right and atone for her own mistakes. Hacker and her would have to rely on each other. 

     If Swinder is the Jesus parallel they were going for. Then I see Pupil (in a good route) being the Paul figure. They both became the very thing they used to persecute. 

    Either way Pupil and Hacker would probably have a funny dynamic in all the chaos and revolution happening. Pupil would be wondering where all this was even going and Hacker is kind of the sassy mystery mentor she’s uneasy about.   

    S2 could honestly be anything. After all they threw a quantum super computer at us out of no where.


    Akudama Drive being the prequel to Psycho Pass? Sign me up! (So much better than PP’s sequels… first season was always the best and nothing can say otherwise). 

    Hmmm, yeah. I can only imagine that there would be a power vacuum what with the Executioners defeated and the police force practically in shambles and powerless. Either the civilians band together to actually make laws and instill actual government agencies to help out or everyone becomes an Akudama. 

    A land of lawlessness if that happens. 

    “You can’t be a moral person, until you understand the monster you’re capable of becoming?” —Yo, I never heard about that, but that’s something I’ll take to heart. 

    A whole character arc with Pupil? Sign me up, seriously. The series set her up so nicely. She went from Master’s student to mentoring someone else, but she had to learn the hard way that Executioners weren’t what they appeared to be. To see that explored in great depth and detail would be a great plot by itself, but it also fleshes out her character as well. Figuring out morality and how to best apply it would make for a great season as well. 

    For some odd reason, I think that Hacker wouldn’t be too opposed to helping out Pupil, but he might do so for a price. Maybe he gets sick and tired of the virtual world and wants out. And maybe Pupil finds out there’s like extra bodies or something that he could upload his consciousness onto… or there’s some sort of facility that houses experimental drones or something. (The series is weird by itself. You could literally throw anything into the story and it would still make sense). 

    But, I would not be opposed to some sort of big bad looming in the horizon. Perhaps Brother and Sister found a civilization or something that was worse than Kansai or Kanto? 

    OOOOOHHHH, Kansai being an experiment? Might as well, there were so many plot twists in canon, we might as well include this. 

    It would be interesting to envision how the cooperation and relationship between Hacker and Pupil might play out. Hacker has been shown to be very playful with Swindler, so he might do the same for Pupil. The thing is, I don’t think Pupil would take too kindly to be treated like a toy. XD She would be too jaded by her cynicism and her past biases against Akudama, but I have a feeling the more empathy she feels, she might warm up to him. 

    Jesus and Paul? Hahaha, that’s actually a good analogy considering the symbolism in that last episode. 

    And Hacker as a mystery mentor? He would have so much fun schooling someone who is clearly much older than him. Pupil would be busy gritting her teeth and angsting while Hacker just chills in the background. 

    Season 2 better have cameos or flashbacks of the original characters or I’m rioting. That’s all I’m asking. XD

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  • princeasimdiya12
    20.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Heyo. So there’s already been talk about potential foreshadowing for the final fates of the Akudamas now that we’re in the second half of this show. With that in mind, I wanted to share my thoughts on what may happen to each main character.

    Brawler: He died valiantly against Master and passed away peacefully on the industrial bridge.

    Cutthroat: Based on how he’s kneeling and with his face away from us, I want to assume that he’s committing suicide via knife to the gut. It would be ironic that a professional serial killer with a kill count over a thousand would be the one to end his own life. It’s also worth mentioning that Swindler is currently far away from him via rocket ship so he would have killed himself out of despair from being away from his beloved.

    Hoodlum: His picture features him looking frantically at what appears to be yen bills on the floor. But given his loss of Brawler, I’m theorizing that the money has lost all meaning to him. Despite having so much on his hands, it means nothing if he can’t bring back his beloved bro. I also believe that Hoodlum will be a survivor given his character arc and will try to find meaning with his life.

    Doctor: I feel that she’s going to die in the future given how she’s posed and how her regeneration power is currently at work. But this time, it won’t be enough to save her as she succumbs to her injuries. I’m leaning towards her getting backstabbed by the Executioners over her dying to help her former cohorts. As of now, it doesn’t seem in character for her to risk her life to help them by any means. 

    Hacker: With Hacker, I’m betting that he’s going to make a return to help the anti-heroes in some compacity. Maybe using his tech skills to break them out and help them fight against the Execution Division. But something well happen where the Executioners are aware of his abilities and set up a trap that imprisons his mind in cyberspace. The way his limbs look give the sense that he’s losing himself to the digital world.

    Swinder: I’m also betting that she’ll be one of the main survivors of the killing game series. Along with being the main protagonist, the way she’s kneeling in front of the 7 graves suggests that she’s mourning the Akudamas whom she came to know and appreciate throughout her misadventure. She’s also shown with shorter hair which often symbolizes how a person is letting of their past and is moving forward in their life with their short hair. After everything she went through and learned, Swindler is now a new woman and will make a new life for herself based on her experiences. Another theory that comes to mind is that she’s a test subject with amnesia who underwent a similar but traumatic experiment like Brother and Sister. Maybe the experiment focused on channeling a person’s luck and she was one of the successful ones. The graves represent her siblings who were not as lucky.

    Courier: His fate was the trickiest to figure out. From what I can see in his picture, it look like a barren tree and energy/wind flowing from it. The tree could be a clue to his personal background. As for the energy, this is a shot in the dark but I think Courier’s death will involve him being blasted/converted into energy. We’ve seen how his futuristic bike operates and uses lasers and runs at impressive speeds. So something will happen where he’ll be forced to use his bike at a fast speed that explodes and costs him his life. It would also be dramatic irony if he intended his death to be a heroic sacrifice for Swindler as he frequently abided by a “never allow emotions to interfere with your job” mentality.

    Brother and Sister: By the time the series ends, the two siblings will reunite and venture to a new location where they can be safe. This is shown as they’re entering a doorway filled with light that contrasts the surrounding darkness. After a lifetime of injustice and suffering, the two kids may get their happy ending. Or an ending that’s much happier compared to what they’ve been through.

    And those are my thoughts and predictions for the final fates of the Akudamas. I was also thinking that each of these fates would occur in canonical order thanks to Brawler being the first to die (may he rest in peace). But I feel that it would be a little too obvious. 

    Either way, thank you for taking the time to read this; I do appreciate it. And if you agree or disagree or have your own predictions for their fates, you’re more than welcome to reblog this post with your thoughts on the matter. Thank you and may you have a great day!

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    17.04.2015 - 6 years ago

    Swinder komt naar u toe dit voorjaar!

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    14.03.2015 - 6 years ago

    Swinder -  Vera, Groningen, march 2015

    Nikon D610 with Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 

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    Happy Valentine's Day from the fam and I!!! aswitzer97-me

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