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  • toru-oikawas-milkbread
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    The Haikyuu Characters Responding to “Would you Die For Me?” | Pt.2

    Pairing: Haikyuu boys x f!reader

    Notes: I was writing this last night and almost fell asleep during Sakishima’s, fun fact 😂 so I hope you like this chapter! I think Suna’s is funny 😂

    In this chapter, the characters include: Osamu, Atsumu, Kita, Suna, Sakusa, Daishō, Numai, Kuguri, Sakishima, and Hoshiumi! 

    If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page!

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x reader fluff #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu texts #haikyuu text messages #haikyuu osamu miya #osamu miya x reader #haikyuu atsumu miya #atsumu miya x reader #haikyuu shinsuke kita #shinsuke kita x reader #haikyuu rintaro suna #rintaro suna x reader #haikyuu kiyoomi sakusa #kiyoomi sakusa x reader #haikyuu suguru daisho #suguru daisho x reader #haikyuu kazuma numai #kazuma numai x reader #haikyuu naoyasu kuguri #naoyasu kuguri x reader #haikyuu isumi sakishima #isumi sakishima x reader #haikyuu korai hoshiumi #korai hoshiumi x reader
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  • story-kat
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Art by  hk_smith_man

    Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)

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  • ralphiesaces
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    jigsaw by conan gray but instead of thinking about yourself or real people, the first thing you think of is atsumu trying to change himself to be more like osamu so people like him more

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  • thatonedaiyosama
    27.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    He held his head high. Even though those black walls were echoing from background, "I'm sorry. I'll never bother you again."

    Chocolate brown orbs fixated on F-string while left index, middle & ring fingers prepared to press C. His fingers played nothing until a string broke. Calloused fingers found their way back to fix it.

    But you cannot fix his heart.

    Your Iwa-chan,the only one for you.

    Chilly breeze of midnight ushered him to leave the couch and guitar to step on his velvet gray carpet. He took a mental note, he will throw it out.

    While the view from the top most floor could be fascinating,it was always slightly lonely. But then he happened. And, then these black walls and lonely nights were not diabolical anymore. They did not echo loneliness anymore. But,just like this ghastly breeze tonight,he was gone.

    Not that he minds, thinking back,he was one of the many of his garden.

    No, definitely not. These drizzling eyes must be because of dust.

    But the wind did not contain dust,but only petrichor.

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  • thatonedaiyosama
    27.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Soft music, chilly wind, and a missing arm around his waist that never really belonged to him.

    Music continues,not that the owner ever cared. Silence is too much to take. After all,his demons shall swallow him.

    "vive de se"

    Toru recalls that. That night was similar. What he can't though is his Iwa-chan's expression, when he said, "I applied for the naturalized Argentine citizenship."

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  • kkumri
    27.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    pt 4: clingy patient (sakuatsu hotel roomies au)

    #haikyuu!! #sakusa x atsumu #sakusa kiyoomi#miya atsumu#atsumu miya#my art #hotel roomies au
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  • chaoticcatlady
    27.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    #if this isn’t #sakusa kiyoomi#with#miya atsumu#sakuatsu #then idk what is #i couldn’t find the @ to reblog help
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  • zayray030
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago


    Summary: Jealousy Isn't a pretty thing. Unless it's wearing lingerie and is Kageyama Tobio. Then it is the prettiest thing ever

    Pairing: Ushikage

    Kageyama Tobio is not a jealous man. Now some might try to counter that and say he's an angry man. 

    Does he get angry? Sure, everyone does! Even Hitoka-san looked like she was ready to murder someone at one point in her life. Tadashi has legitimately taken out a knife when Kei was being too much of an asshole and Sugawara-san was a completely different thing altogether. 

    So Tobio is angry. Not jealous, thank you very much Kourai-san. 

    However, sometimes he can't help but feel the ugly monster of jealousy trying to break through and show its hideous self. 

    Such an instance in when the Alders had all decided to go out and get a drink together to celebrate a fabulous win. 

    Now, what happens when you give a bunch of adult men alcohol? Shot goes down. Or more precisely, the gremlins of the team decide to fuck around and start shit. 

    “So, Wakatoshi-kun!” said Kourai-san, the tone in his voice already spelling trouble. 

    “We just wanted your input on a little something - something.” said Heiwajima-san. 

    If not for the influence of Alcohol Wakatoshi might have been a bit more on guard but due to being slightly tipsy Wakatoshi’s caution was long gone. 

    “Of course.” he said, always so polite that Tobio kinda just wanted to go home to see him be the beast he truly is later.

    “We just wanted to see if you thought that this girl looked pretty.” Tobio snapped to attention slightly, turning to state at what Toshi would say. 

    It seemed he wasn't the only one either, seeing how the entire team turned around to look at what Toshi would say. 

    Wakatoshi looked at the picture for a few seconds before declaring “She is quite pretty.”

    Tobio felt his heart break at his boyfriend's declaration. 

    Now, logically he knew that this was the smartest thing for Toshi to say. After all, those two still haven't announced their relationship and Tobio hasn't even come out yet. Not even Hinata knew he was gay.

    However, knowing that his boyfriend thought someone other than him was attractive in his boyfriend's eyes made something deep within him boil. 

    Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind and it was without a doubt the stupidest thing he had ever thought of if he was sober but in his drunken jealous state it was the best idea he could ever think of. 

    Not even bothering to inform his team, he stealthily managed to get away from the table and out of the bar without them noticing, all their attention focused on Toshi. 

    However, if he had bothered to stay behind instead of exacting his stupid revenge then he would have seen that the girl on the phone looked exactly like him if he was a girl and that Toshi had finished off with “But I would not date her.”.

    Maybe if he had his stupidity could have taken a rain-check. 


    He was a six foot tall man. He brought fear to grown ass adults. He has faced Miwa’s glare head on. He spent the first year of his middle school life humiliating himself and asking Oikawa-san for tosses and spent his final year ruling over people. He has called the second best ace average to his face. 

    Yet standing in front of a lingerie shop makes all of that pale in comparison. 

    Deciding it was now or never and it was better to get this over with, lest someone spot him and cause a scene, he quickly entered the shop and his face increased in the shade ‘tomato’ quite rapidly. 

    “Hello there sir, shopping for your girlfriend or wife?” a sweet girl came to ask him, reaching to just about his chest. 

    Instantly, he relaxed near the girl, her sweet presence making him feel less judged and slightly less awkward. 

    “Umm, actually I came here to buy something I can wear.” shock appeared on the girls face before a large grew on her face and she started clapping excitedly. 

    “Ooh! We rarely ever get male customers so this is a real treat! Come on! I think I have the thing just for you!” said the girl as she excitedly started pulling Tobio somewhere and Tobio allowed himself to get dragged off to god knows where. 

    Finally they reached to where Tobio realised was the back of the store whje the girl finally let go of his hand and began ruffling through the packages there before finally taking one out. 

    “Aha! This one will look amazing on you!” said the girl excitedly as she passed it to Tobio. “Look at it!” and her excitement must have been contagious because Tobio actually felt a spark of excitement spark within him. (Or maybe that was the alcohol)

    However, when he took a peak at it he felt his face flush in both excitement and embarrassment. However, he was on a mission so he couldn't back down. 

    “I'll take it! How much is it!”

    “5500 yen please!” she said and Tobio thanked the fact that he made a lot playing volleyball. 

    He quickly paid the girl, grabbed the bag and bolted out the shop just nearly hearing her “Thanks for coming here sir and make sure to come back again!”. 

    If his plan works out, he will definitely be going back there again. 


    He almost ended up chickening out when he got home and finally put on the lingerie suit. Don't get him wrong, it fit him perfectly and Tobio isn't vain but even he has to agree that he looked amazing. Now the question was would his boyfriend think so?

    Eventually, the memory of his boyfriend complimenting some random chick was enough petty motivation for him to suck it up and take out his phone. 

    @kagstobio ✔️ King of the Court 

    Felt cute, might delete later. 

    (Picture of Tobio in a black lingerie set with his middle finger in his mouth in front of a mirror sat on his bed in a sexual position) 

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    Replying @kagstobio King of the Court 

    Ninja Shouyou @hinatashouyou

    Ayo Bakayama what the fuck is this? Not complaining though 👀

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    Replying @kagstobio King of the Court 

    The Great King @OikawaTooru

    Holy fuck Tobio-chan

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    Replying @kagstobio King of the Court 

    Ew. Germs @SakusaKiyoomi

    I forgive you for everything that happened at the youth camp 

    300 replies.     367k retweets   446 likes 

    Tweet after tweet people from other teams started to reply to his post. Even a couple from Karasuno and Tobio couldn't help but blush at a couple of the replies on the post. 

    Now he just needed for Ushijima to see it. Thankfully, Hinata had already tagged the Adlers. Now here was the final test. 


    “Ayo where's Tobio-kun?” asked Sokolov looking around tipsily for their setter. 

    “Oh yeah! Where is he?” asked Hoshiumi, finally realising that the setter had gone missing. 

    Suspiciously enough Ushijima jumped instantly when he realised Tobio had gone missing, already every bad scenario that could possibly happen going through his head. 

    “He probably just headed back to his apartment.” reasoned Romero and the panic within everyone died down slightly. “He hardly drank and even for a lightweight like him I doubt it did much.” 

    Wakatoshi would have relaxed at that news and continued drinking with his teammates but Kourai had to speak. He had to open up his mouth with the most evil cackle that Wakatoshi had heard from him to date and point at his phone. 

    “Oh I don't know, Nicholas buddy. I think that he might have drank a little too much.” Kourai continued to cackle as he showed everyone the picture on his phone. 

    Toshi could have died right then and there and would have died a happy man. Because there sat his boyfriend in the sexyiest lingerie suit ever looking every little bit of the little mix he was. 

    “Damn.” was a common phrase that was said within their team and Toshi felt a jealous flare within him heat up even more and the fire within him increased when he read the replies under the post. 

    “You know I never expected Tobio-kun to be the right to rock lingerie like this but I guess the world is full of surprises.” commented Hoshiumi, eyes widening at how many likes, replies and retweets the tweet had garnered in such little time. “Right Wakat-” he turned to ask the other spiker but when he turned he only saw the back of the  man who was already storming out of the bar like a man on a mission. 

    ‘Huh. Must be tired.’ thought Hoshiumi as he turned back to the drinks on the table and stared competitively at his teammates. 

    It was time to show these boomers how you truly drank. 


    When Tobio heard the door to his apartment complex slam open he couldn't help but jump slightly but relax once again. 

    Turns out his plan worked out just fine. 

    “You little fucking brat.” snarled Toshi as he stormed into their room, slapping the door open. 

    “What are you talking about, Toshi~?” Tobio tried his best to act as innocent as possible but it was clear that his boyfriend was not fooled for even a second. 

    "Oh yeah? See 8f you can keep up that cocktail attitude when I fuck that bratty hole of yours." Growled Toshi as he made his way menacingly towards Tobio whilst the younger only looked up at him, elated that his plan worked.

    "Okay senpai~"


    "So why did you decide to be a brat?" Toshi asked hours later when they had both gotten it out of their system.

    Despite engaging in various lewd acts with his boyfriend like half an hour prior Tobio still burned bright red and hid his face in his boyfriend's chest. He mumbled something so quietly that Toshi had to ask him to repeat it again.

    "I was jealous!" He grumbled loudly, still refusing to look anywhere at his boyfriend. It was silent for a moment until Toshi started shaking and Tobio realised he was being laughed at. "Don't laugh, jerk!"

    "I'm sorry but you are just too cute." Toshi gasped out before squeezing Tobio tightly in his arms "I love you so much."

    "I love you too."

    They both lay in each other's arms before Toshi asked another question. "What were you jealous of?"

    "When you called that girl on Kourai-san's phone, pretty." 

    "Oh baby, of you had stuck around for a while you would have heard me say I wouldn't date her and you would have seen she looks exactly like you if you were a girl." Toshi Chuckled as his boyfriend made another embarrassed sound.

    "Ugh, just kill me now please and end my suffering." Tobio Whined dramatically

    "Look on the bright side, at least you have something else to publish tomorrow."

    "True true. Now, time for bed."


    The next morning Tobio posted a picture of his body absolutely covered in bite marks and bruises before throwing his phone away and turning his notifications off.

    "I'll tell the coach that you won't be able to attend practice for a bit." And now his boyfriend seemed to be a tiny bit ashamed of himself.

    Tobio just gave his boyfriend a deadpan stare before laughing.

    "Thank you Toshi."

    Toshi smiled at his boyfriend and the two shared a deep kiss before pulling back and staring in the others eyes.

    "I love you." They both said.

    So okay, they get jealous. It's natural. Just as long as the other knew that the other loved them, there was no problem in being a little tease (don't try this at home kids)

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  • crewella
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    SAKUSA KIYOOMI | 8:19PM | @goreist

    “It’s a slow dance evening,” your husband decides. 

    You disagree. The weight of this week’s stressors weigh heavily on your shoulders. Hunching your figure under his t shirt. You sigh heavily through your nose as he steps into your path. “Kiyoomi-”

    He wraps you up in his arms, gently tugging you into his warm body and presses his head atop yours before you can finish your sentence. He’s shirtless and you can’t help but melt into the hard plains of him. Into his familiar scent.

    He takes a deep breath and you feel the evidence of his life under your fingertips. The way his chest expands and his lungs fill with oxygen. The contraction of the muscles as he exhales above you. 

    “Kiyoomi, seriously, we can’t-”

    He squeezes you. Carefully applying enough pressure to force you to shut up. And then he’s breathing deeply again as he begins a slow circling motion around the space between your kitchen and living area. You don’t bother struggling. You relax into his hold and let him rock you, let him guide you through the motions.

    There is no sound except the rustling of clothes and the busy city outside your safe haven. You find yourself reluctantly relaxing in the warmth of his embrace, your eyes slipping shut when he begins to hum some familiar tune. The stress of your week takes a back seat to the comfort of being engulfed in Sakusa Kiyoomi’s arms. Being protected by the broadness of his shoulders and back. 

    “You’re safe,” he whispers and your emotions go haywire. A ball of emotion rolls off the back of your tongue and settles in the back of your throat like an uncomfortable boulder. “I’ve got you.”

    The first shudder makes him pause in his swaying and the action sets of a domino effect. Another shudder wracks your finger and then you’re sobbing into his bare chest. Ugly, wet, hiccupping sobs that chip away at your husband’s heart. For one reckless moment he wonders if he can just get you to quit your job and stay home. Let him take care of you in every way. But then he remembers who you are and the absurdity of his thoughts. 

    He adjusts you so he can run one hand up and down your spine in soothing strokes. You cry until your knees give out and then he scoops you up bridal style and carries you into your bedroom. He sits against the headboard and deposits you in his lap. He chuckles when you straddle him and bury your face in his neck. 

    “You know it’s okay to be overwhelmed, love,” he says, settling one hand at the base of your spine while the other cups the back of your neck. “And it’s okay to cry and take a break and maybe even, you know-” he releases your neck and you can imagine him making a random gesture with his hand “-quityourjobandletmetakecareofyou.” He finishes in one breath. 

    A giggle interrupts your sniffling, and you pull away from your hiding place enough to glare at him playfully. 

    “There you are,” he smiles, cupping your cheek. “Feeling better?”

    He reaches into the nightstand to pull out a Kleenex box when you sniffle and nod. 

    “‘m sorry for-” you gesture to his shoulder and neck and chest, damp from your tears and snot.

    He purses his lips, eyes narrowing at your embarrassment. “We’ve been married for half a decade,” he deadpans.

    “Uh, so?”

    “I’ve had your puke in places that-”

    “Okay!” You squeal. “I get it!”

    He cleans your face gently, his thumb massaging your cheek. When you’re both clean and your eyes are dry he presses a soft kiss to your mouth. “I don’t know how many times I have to say this before you get it into your pretty little head,” he says, cupping both your cheeks so you’re forced to stare at him as he speaks. “We can’t be too embarrassed to lean on each other love. That’s not how this thing between us-”

    “You mean our marriage?” 

    “-works. The point of this-”


    “-mar- stop it,” he scowls. 

    You blink innocently. “Continue.”

    “I want you to trust me enough to come to me when you’re overwhelmed,” he admits. 

    You sober immediately, bringing your own hands up to cup his around your face as you lean into them. “I’m sorry, sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and then life also decides to knock me around at the same time and before I know it everything is too much and I-”

    “I know baby,” he soothes. “But you still have me. You will always have me. Do you understand?”

    You nod.

    “Good girl. No more work today.”

    You pause “But-”

    His glare is unsettling enough that you immediately snap your jaw shut. “We’ll order your favorites and watch a movie.” 

    You open your mouth to protest and Sakusa kisses you soundly. Flipping you so you’re beneath him, legs wrapped around his waist as he pins you to the bed. When he pulls away you don’t even remember what you were going to say. The only thing you know is that you’re safe here. 

    #sakusa kyoomi x reader #sakusa kiyoomi x you #sakusa fluff #sakusa kiyoomi fluff #hq fluff#haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #by crew #ALSO SAM I SCRAPPED THE OMEGAVERSE THING BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU NEEDED SOMETHNIG ELSE #YEAH? #i will absolutely still write alpha omi for you #just say the word #you're #in my head you're swaying to a disney insstrumental and no at the moment i cannot remember the song lmaooo but i know it's from pocahontas.. #📌: timestamp#📌: sakusa
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  • thatonedaiyosama
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I know I can treat you better ~

    Oikawa hums softly while packing his luggage. His flight was in 10 hours.

    Unbeknownst to him, Iwaizumi was right outside his door, holding a freshly baked packet of milk bread wrapped in poly bag.

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  • thatonedaiyosama
    27.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    "Ah,how I wish they were the real deal"

    😭 why aren't ya real??!!!

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  • munchcorner
    27.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Suddenly thought of how cute skts Adventure Time AU is. Like, Atsumu as Marceline/Marshall Lee and Sakusa as Princess Bubblegum/Prince Gumball.

    Atsumu sneaking into Sakusa's room at night with his guitar. He'd sing Sakusa songs and tell him stories about his journey in past thousand years.

    On the other hand, Sakusa will ask Atsumu to accompany him in his travels and ask for his involvement in research and experiments.

    Sometimes, they'd go on adventures but most often than not they'd simply sit by the river and enjoy their food while talking about the most random things or they'd lay on top of a mountain and gaze at the stars together.

    #skts#haikyuu sakuatsu#hq sakuatsu#sakuatsu#sakuatsu headcanons #atsumu x kiyoomi #haikyuu atsumu x sakusa #atsumu x sakusa #sakusa x atsumu drabble #sakusa x atsumu #sakusa kiyoomi x miya atsumu #kiyoomi x atsumu
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  • artrihart
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Sakuatsu First Kiss

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  • malewifeminato
    27.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    osamu sneakily takes pictures of kita while they're moving rice bags or whatever and sends it to the group chat he has with suna, atsumu, and sakusa (sakusa's only in it because atsumu insisted he be in it). and then suna, osamu, and atsumu thirst for kita.

    anyway, kita finds out. and while he appreciates it, he tells them to stop and they immediately apologize.

    #sakusa watching all of this go down: 👁👄👁 #sakusa googling 'how do i know if my boyfriend is in love with his highschool volleyball captain' #hq#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #sunaosa#miya atsumu#miya osamu#suna rintarou#suna rintarō#sakusa kiyoomi#kita shinsuke#osasuna#sakuatsu
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  • nayanikarss
    27.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    // omegaverse, a/ b/o dynamics, skts

    Omi with the recessive alpha gene who grew up with two betas and two omegas in the house and he's used to soft clothing and light scents and his biology takes note of his environment too as he's growing up so his scent isn't as aggressive as some alphas, whose pheromones could choke a whole room if they wanted to. Instead, Omi's alpha scent feels /safe/ and approachable despite his somewhat standoffish demeanor.

    There was a brief point in time where he'd felt... inadequate but it's too quickly solved by his own understanding that he's still an /alpha/, only he has no inclination for posturing and would just resort to a quick end to a fight with several carefully chosen, caustic words instead injuring himself in a fight, they serve him well enough.

    Especially when he meets Miya Atsumu again, year later, and the beta's scent of dew picks up at the sight of Kiyoomi's tryout for msby.

    "still the quiet alpha, eh?" Atsumu greets him with a sharp grin.

    "you'll know if I have anything worth saying," Kiyoomi bites back, and atsumu laughs and laughs.

    Atsumu fills up the space between them well enough, though. With random observations and "Did ya see the match last night, Omi-kun?" in between casual touches that makes Kiyoomi's alpha purr.

    Once, Atsumu absently rubs the hem of Kiyoomi's jacket and says, "feels nice. where did you get it? I'd like one of my own."

    And Kiyoomi thinks, I'd let you wear mine instead in a nest together.

    And when he decides to court Atsumu after a year of being teammates, the way Atsumu calls him "alpha" is leagues away from the slightly derisive way Atsumu would speak about the alphas who are "knotheads" and "can't see past their own dick".

    it's soft, laced with adoration, the slightest traces of dew and a hint of "took ya a while to make a move, huh?"

    Kiyoomi doesn't know if a typical alpha would be this overcome by the sight of their potential partner's smile; but Atsumu isn't typical. And Kiyoomi has learned enough in life that typical isn't always better anyway.

    //end because this should be how alpha Omi would really enjoy nesting and being... this, instead.

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  • iwas-baby
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    wicked crown ♛

    —sakusa kiyoomi x reader

    genre: dark royalty au, drama

    about: forced into an unwanted marriage, the prince and now princess must overcome their quarrels as bigger threats are on the rise

    cw: mentions of death and conspiracies, non gorey violence, paranoia

    previous < masterlist > next

    vi. paranoia

    Your sleep was often plagued with dreams of the past, yet it had been a long time since you’d last had one. That night in the dungeon, though, was the first time in a while.

    The dream depicted a much younger you, about eleven years old, running through the halls in the countryside mansion. Your father had been gone for nearly two months, and you dashed towards the entrance to see his carriage arrive. Standing nearby was also your mother, giving you a menacing look.

    “Stand properly,” she huffed, gripping your shoulder and straightening your posture. You didn’t say anything to challenge her, too distracted by the sound of hooves against the gravel trail.

    Your smile grew at the sight of the carriage returning, servants rushing to help your father out. But, the moment you saw him, you couldn’t contain your excitement as you broke free from your mother’s grasp and sprinting towards him.

    Giggling, he happily accepted you into his arms, saying: “I’ve missed you, darling.”

    “Y/n get back here and greet your father more formally,” your mother hissed.

    “Don’t fuss so much Marianne,” your father laughed, which did not amuse her. He turned his head back to you, “I’ve brought you a gift from Shiratorizawa.”

    He pulled out a small pouch, and from that he pulled out a hair clip adorned with a butterfly made of crystal. Your eyes glimmered as you awed over it, it was so pretty and as he clipped it into your hair you were over the moon.

    Yet, the dream reminds you that it was after that trip that your father fell ill. The scene changed and the atmosphere was much more grim. You were sitting next to your father as he lay sick, reading him a story from your book of fairytales. His eyes were closed but you could tell he was listening.

    It was then that the door swung open, and in came your mother, carefully holding a tray. What quickly caught your eye was the tea set. Both the tea cup and pot: a pearly white finish detailed with gold and purple patterns. It was so bright, it caused a reflection, shining into your eyes.

    You hadn’t remembered that happening all those years ago, nor did you recall the way your father stood upright as if he had overcome his illness.

    He started deep into your eyes saying, “don’t let her do it again.” It was like you were staring into a blackhole, feeling sucked in and out of reality before being brought back into the actual memory of that day.

    “Your tea, dear.” Your mother pressed the cup to his lips, helping his drink as she gave you a sour look.

    When your eyes shot open, you saw a man standing over your cell. Your jailor, you assumed by the ruff cut of his jaw and the scabs on his knuckles. He didn’t acknowledge you, only glaring down at you with an expressionless face.

    Your body ached from the previous day's events, still thinking about Kiyoomi and how angry he had gotten. You rubbed your head, trying to decipher the dream you had that night because it wasn’t your typical nightmare, this time there was a warning.

    “Your trial is set for three days from now,” the guard’s voice cut through the silence like a knife.

    “For what charges?” Your head had started pounding as you raised an eyebrow.

    “Treason,” he scoffed, starting to walk off.

    “Wait! Where are you going? Please, you have to help me!” You pleaded, lunging towards the door and gripping the bars but he only said that it was time for a shift change, marching up the spiral staircase. You had no clue what time of day it was, cupping your mouth, trying to suppress your sobs.

    It all felt like a fever dream, that someone could come and tell you it was all a big joke. With your eyes shut, you heard a new pair of footsteps coming down the stairs, these ones though were much lighter.

    Looking up, you never thought you would be happier to see a head of bright red hair racing down. You took a deep breath, now happy tears beginning to form in your eyes.

    “Maeve!” You cried out, reaching your hand through the bar to grab her, looking for some sort of comfort in her touch.

    “My Queen,” she knelt down, pulling out a loaf of bread and a corked bottle filled with water. “Are you alright, there’s blood on your forehead!”

    You dabbed your fingers against your temple, feeling the sticking substance that she was talking about. Your breath was shaky as you nodded.

    Maeve eased the food and drink through the cell bars, “please be careful, Maeve, if you get caught here they’ll have you tried as a traitor as well.”

    The servant girl only shook her head, explaining she much rather help you.

    “Have you heard what King Kiyoomi’s planning? Has he mentioned anything?” You questioned, thinking of the after effect of his paranoia.

    Maeve nodded quickly, “he’s sent out a conscription for any able bodied man from 18 to 25. He hasn’t declared a war but the people are expecting one.”

    “This is bad,” you pressed your lips together, trying to concentrate. You thought of your fathers dream looking at Maeve with widened eyes. “Have I ever told you about my fathers death?”

    She nodded again, “well I believe that it was my mother that killed him.”


    “Yes, and I believe she helped orchestrate the King’s deaths as well,” you stated, pressing your lips together.

    “What how? The king has been ill for quite some time,” Maeve questioned, clutching her hands to her chest. You only hummed.

    “My father was ill for a long time, longer than The King, even.” You started, “I think my mother and Duke Hiroshi are planning something together, they were the ones that arranged Kiyoomi and I’s wedding, after all.”

    Maeve was still grappling with what you were saying as you continued, “I believe my mother poisoned my father through a tea she would bring him. She was testing out the dosage, so when it came time to poison the king, she could work quicker.”

    “So by killing the king and having King Kiyoomi ascend to the throne it leads to you being framed for treason?” Maeve asked, still trying to piece everything together.

    “That’s right, they execute me as a traitor and all that is left is a young, reckless king with a bloodlust.” You felt yourself coming to a realization, “I think my mother and the Duke are planning a coup and- and they’re going to kill Kiyoomi.”

    The throne room was empty except for the two royals: the Prince of Shiratorizawa and the King of Itachiyama, both staring at each other and waiting for the other to speak.

    “You’ve wished for my presence, Your Royal Majesty.” Prince Wakatoshi broke the silence, bowing to the king as he spoke.

    Kiyoomi sat there, slouching and paranoid. He hadn’t slept at all that night, filled with too much anger to peacefully shut his eyes. He had a kingdom to protect as his enemies were closing in all while he had a traitor for a wife. A part of him, though, was filled with regret for how harshly he treated you but at the same time, he had to remind himself that you were working against him.

    “I did,” Kiyoomi narrowed his eyes, watching the other prince rise back up to his full height, “and I assume your afternoon with Y/N went fine?” It was only small talk until he could formulate the proper words to say.

    “Yes,” was all Wakatoshi could respond with, unsure why he had been summoned to the Palace in the first place.

    “It seems that the two of you are much closer than you’d let on, isn’t that right? What else did you two do on your little field day, hmm?” The king asked, fixing his posture and staring up, sending down a gaze that was spine chilling.

    Prince Wakatoshi was taken back, “I can assure you that Y/N remained faithful to you, and frankly, I’m offended you’d think I’d do such a life with another man’s wife.”

    “I’m not talking about sex, I don’t care who fucks my wife, I’m talking about information,” Kiyoomi hissed, “what did she tell you about me, about Itaichiyama?”

    “She didn’t say anything,” Prince Wakaotshi scowled, slightly annoyed with the bombardment of questions. “She merely asked a few questions about the alliance that we have.”

    Kiyoomi stood up, hand on the grip of the small sword he began keeping by his side as of late. “You’re a liar.”

    He stepped down from the podium that his throne sat on, fully drawing out the sword and with his quick reflexes, Prince Wakaotshi drew his own sword. Kiyoomi swung first, lunging forward but was quickly blocked by the other man.

    “You’ve gone mad.” Wakaotshi grunted, pushing back against the other’s sword, he had no intentions of hurting the King but to defend himself, “first with the conscription and now this?”

    “The conscription is because of you-” King Kiyoomi took another swing only to be blocked once more “-you’re planning on going to war, aren’t you? That’s why you brought Y/N to the palace? To make her my wife?”

    “You speak nonsense,” Wakatoshi breathed between motions, he had successfully managed to disarm the paranoid king, hearing the metal banging off the marble as his sword flew away.

    Prince Wakatoshi pointed the tip of his blade at the king, quickly catching his breath, getting a better look at his childhood rival. His hair was messier, his face was paler than normal, there were swollen bags under his eyes showing off his lack of sleep and of course, his eyes gave away everything. With his enlarged pupils and sclera filled with irritated red lines, Wakatoshi wondered, how the King had managed to get to this point?

    “Guards!” Kiyoomi yelled, and in a matter of seconds, different Imperial Knights rushed in. He pointed an accusing finger at the prince, “arrest him!”

    “You’re fucking insane, Kiyoomi,” he knew better than to try and fight the guards as he was outnumbered and out-skilled. Yet, he did not give up easily, tugging his hands out of their grasp.

    “Take him away,” The king snapped, brushing the dust off his clothes, following the Imperial Knights out of the throne room, splitting paths with them in search of his uncle.

    With every step Kiyoomi took it was like he was stomping, pressing his feet against the ground, listening to his angry footsteps as he turned another hallway. His eyes felt strained against the light coming in from some of the windows, hissing and covering it with his eyes.

    At the same time he could hear his heart racing, realizing what had just been done: he’d thrown a prince into the dungeons, surely the rest of the allies wouldn’t be fond of it, but nonetheless any other kingdom was nothing without Itachiyama.

    King Kiyoomi turned into a room, where his uncle was sitting, stirring a pot of tea. He was so focused on speaking to the Duke, the young king hardly noticed the letter on the side table, composed by your mother.

    “We’re going to war,” Kiyoomi let out with a heavy breath, the weight of the world on his shoulders. He watched as Duke Hiroshi calmly poured a cup of tea, walking over to his nephew and guiding him to a chair.

    As he sat the king down, he handed him the cup, beckoning him to drink, “the soldier’s uniforms aren’t set to arrive for another few days. Now, relax Nephew, drink the tea, all will be sorted out.”

    The King pressed the porcelain tea cup to his lips, letting his shoulder’s drop as he consumed the liquid.

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  • bokubear
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    hq boys when they’re embarrassed

    feat. atsumu miya + sakusa kiyoomi + ushijima wakatoshi + yamaguchi tadashi
    warnings ; mentions of sex ? cute boys ♡
    notes ; not really anything no, ty for reading loves

    : ATSUMU never acted as if things could get him flustered, but regardless of that idea, it wasn’t impossible either. the first night you slept together was it, when he woke up beside you to have a pleasant breakfast. that was until you brought it up, him nearly spitting out his food. “uh- tsumie ? don’t tell me you’re getting all shy now.” you cackled, throwing your head back wildly. “nooooo~~baby i’m not embarrassed. swallowed something wrong.” he beat his chest half-heartedly. giving up when you continued the conversation. “you know you are you big baby.” cupping his face in your hands, you kissed his lips, marveling the adorable puddy of a boy dripping at your fingertips. “i will if i get one more kiss.” — “good luck with that.”

    : SAKUSA, lucky for him, consistently adorns masks. so whenever he feels the urge, he can just lift up his mask to hide expression. well that would’ve been useful it it weren’t for you. who could read him like a book. a chore of a day and he was seated on the coach, sprawling in the one break he’d received so graciously. you, plopping into his lap comfortably, noticed the shuffle of his body, clearing his throat repeatedly. “kiyoomi, what’s wrong ?” you turned over, eyeing him suspiciously while holding onto a look of concern. “nothing babe. just tired.” he placed his head on your chest, the warmth becoming heavenly. he was such a cutie. “i know what you’re doing honey, you don’t need to hide it if you’re feeling flustered alright ? i’m here.” you stroked his dark curls, earning a soft hum of agreement. cutie.

    : USHIJIMA carry’s a surprised face when he becomes flustered. he does quite often, even more surprising than his surprised face. acting so feeble compared to his demanding image. throughout your relationship, you’d taken note of these signs. “we’re just holding hands dear, we do this a lot.” you sighed, caught in a dilemma as to why he was so disconcerted at simply holding hands, something you were aware that you’d done more times than imaginable. unpredictable. “it’s not that.. you look really beautiful today and i feel so meager compared to you.” he whispered gently, still as blunt as before. it all came together. “oh toshi, you are so handsome i can’t even begin to explain, you flatter me really. and i love you.” you beckoned for him to lean down, gently pecking his forehead. he was like an excited puppy.

    : YAMAGUCHI knew it was inevitable to not experience so sort of a bashfulness when he was around you. especially when he started dating you. but it astounded him as to how much it happened. even wearing a skirt in front of him left him a mess. a brimming giveaway to his situation was how he spoke. perhaps if he stammered, that was even more hefty. don’t even get me started on stealing his first kiss. the moment you separated he was practically on the floor with embarrassment. bewildering you at how he hadn’t exploded yet after all the times this had happened. “tadashi, how does this look ? do you think the colors coordinate well ?” he easily glanced up, and remained shell shocked at just how breathtaking you were. “yep-uh huh. that’s the one.” he gaped, you definitely were the one.


    plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited

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  • sunnykiyoomi
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    based off my post from a few days ago

    no bc i wanna talk about sakusa with crooked teeth a little more. he grew up with gaps, the largest one being in the very front on hip top two front teeth. he hated it growing up, and his parents always told him that as he loses his baby teeth they'll shift around and line up. that never happened. he got all his adult teeth and he was just waiting for the last one to grow in, hoping that one little tooth would fix the problem that didn't go away like his parents promised. it didn't fix it.

    in middle school, the gaps did start to close, but they were getting a little too closed. his teeth ended up being crooked and there were some that overlapped just a little. he hated this more than the gaps. in his last year of middle school, his parents finally got him braces. he didn't like the pain but he knew the more it hurt the more it was getting fixed, so he didn't mind it too much.

    in the beginning of his third year of high school, they finally came off and he got a retainer. he was diligent about wearing it, cleaning it, etc. but he lost it when he went to nationals, and he was too nervous to ask his parents for a replacement. he noticed that they started to shift again, and they were almost right back to their original state around his third year of college.

    he didn't mind so much then, because he had a beautiful partner that thought his smile was adorable and they didn't care, so why should he?

    #yes i do have crooked and gappy teeth and i felt like projecting <3 #crooked smile omi is adorable and the love of my life #and i had to make it sappy toward the end i just had to #sakusa kiyoomi
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    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ( $$$ ) — “what’s wrong bunny ?!” bunnygirl hybrid reader / pussy eating / orgasm denial — this is a filler piece reposted from my old blog 🙏🏼

    Kiyoomi’s a serious man, he doesn’t have time for games. And normally, you — his dumb bunny girl — make that easy. Normally, you’re an obedient little bunny and you do what he says and you don’t give attitude. But today, something was different.

    Omi’s a man of sophistication and calculation, he did copious amounts of research before deciding to adopt you. He knows that little bunnies like you need routine and get frightened easily. He wouldn’t want to scare a sweet thing like you and wants you to be comfortable.

    Waking up can be a little bit frightening as a hybrid — you’re still a bit animal and human things can be scary. So he wakes you up in a soft way. He gently scratches behind your ears at 10:30 sharp every morning — pets like a sense of routine. His fingers behind your soft little ears is usually more than welcome and you usually wake up sweetly and without issue. But today, something was different. You glared and pouted at him in response to him waking you up as he always does. What’s wrong with his bunny?

    “Bunny, what’s wrong? Bad dream?” He asks and receives an annoyed huff as an answer. “Hmph, ‘yoomi, leave me alone.” You’ve never acted like this with him before. Did he really upset you? “C’mon bunny, what is it? Did you want a treat last night? Is that it?” He was out practicing a little late last night and didn’t have time to bury his face in your bunnycunt. Maybe that’s why, he thinks to himself. He’s a bit sad as he watches your little ears flop down to smooth against your hair, you only do that when you’re upset. He hurt his little bunny baby, really badly.

    “‘Yoomi,” you say, looking up at him, wearing your saddest pout, “I said leave me alone.” He’s not gonna leave you alone. He can’t leave you alone. “No, no, no bunny, put your ass up for me. Dunno what’s wrong but your ‘Yoomi’s gonna make it up, yeah?” You’re upset with him, but despite that, you’re still his bunny. You still listen and eagerly push your plush ass into the air as he says so. “Thought you were mad, bunny? Why’re you listening to me?” He knows you don’t wanna answer him, he knows from the dirty look you shot him. “‘S what I thought, you know what to do. All fours bunny, go on.”

    He’s careful and gentle with his movements as he reaches and grabs the underside of both your thighs and brings you up to be on all fours. From this angle you’re completely exposed — nightie bunched around your waist and pussy on full display. His fingers are warm as he runs one up your narrow slit, “Hmm, bunny, can I eat it? Just wanna eat it for a little while … wanna make it up to you.” You’re pushing your hips back as he continues running his long digits throughout your cunt, your lips squishing again this fingertips with every movement. You still don’t answer him, your sweet Kiyoomi.

    “Guess i gotta make you talk to me, hmm?” And guess he would be right as he dips his head between your soft, plushy thighs. Gripping onto your hips and jiggling your ass, his tongue swirls over your slit and all over your lips. You’re gonna talk, even if he’s gotta make you. You whine when he pulls back a lil to spit into your cunt, you know what’s coming next. His lovely, long and dainty fingers into your cunt as he dives back in. Puffy clit greeting his tongue like it’s sentient and wants what he’s giving you as much as he wants you to forget about your upset.

    “Fuck, ‘Yoomi,” you feel him as he smiles against your increasingly wet cunt. You’re wanting him to slow down or just chill a bit with his ministrations but you know that’s not gonna happen. The way his tongue draws tight, fast little circles around your clit and your lips is becoming too much far too fast. His fingers are are gripping your ass and squeezing as you nearly come undone — the knot in your stomach ending its struggling and untying itself. Your whines increase as he pulls his fingers out and moves to your tired clit, rubbing it back and forth with a vigour you’ve never seen out of him. “G-Gonna cum, ‘Yoomi, please.” And you almost do. Almost. You don’t immediately notice that he’s stopped his movements. Not until he’s smiling in your face, “Thought you were gonna cum, bunny? I thought you were smart, baby. Brats don’t get the things that good girls do.”

    #kiyoomi x y/n #kiyoomi drabble#kiyoomi smut #kiyoomi sakusa x reader #sakusa x reader #sakusa x you
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