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    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Burn the Boat, Burn the Sail (Take Two)

    Feel the thunder start to call

    Hounded by lycans and desperate to save yourself, you stumble into the reservoir completely by chance. An unlikely saviour offers you safety and solace in return for kinship. When the alternative is being left to fend for yourself, it isn’t much of a choice.

    Fandom: RE8 Relationships: Salvatore Moreau/Reader Rating: SFW (for now)

    Take two of this fic, although admittedly part one hasn't changed much. Enjoy!

    Feet pounding, lungs burning, you sprinted across the rickety platforms as fast as your aching legs allowed. Your shoes kicked up cold water that soaked into your skirt, sending a chill through your bones even as you ran.

    Behind you, the chorus of howling lycans followed.

    If you had a gun, perhaps you would have stood a chance in a fight. Even a knife would have been better than your empty hands. Without anything to defend yourself, you had no choice but to run faster, careening around corners at random and praying that the rotten old wood wouldn't give way under you.

    Feet skidding on the wet, slimy platforms, you all but slammed into the side of an old wooden shack. There was an awful crack as you made contact with the wall, but it wasn't the wood splintering that caught your attention. No, what made your heart sink as you came to a skidding stop was how, in your panic, you'd snapped one of the rusty levers that allowed the platforms to rise out of the water.

    Now, the only thing in front of you was an expanse of dirty grey water.

    The lycans continued to screech and howl, closer with every painful second. They clambered over the platforms, shoving and snapping their huge, twisted jaws. Any second they'd be on you, and now there was nowhere to go. With a spike of fear you realised your choices; stay here and be mauled by those beasts, or dive into the water and pray that the icy depths didn't kill you.

    With one last glance behind, seeing the lycans lurch ever closer, you made the decision. You put one foot forward, feeling the water lap at your boots. Another step, and then the water would envelop you-

    A hand shot out from the depths of the shack, long fingers clasping around your wrist. Then someone - something - hauled you backwards just as the first lycan came crashing towards you. You gasped as claws sliced inches from your face, but then the door slammed shut and you were tumbling backwards, where you landed ass down on the damp shack floor.

    The lycans continued to scratch and fumble with the door, apparently unable to understand the concept of handles. You gazed up at the door as it shook on rusted hinges; but for now, they weren't getting in.

    Finally able to breathe, you forced yourself to stand. And okay, your legs wobbled more than you wanted to admit and you were definitely struggling to breathe; but considering your near death experience, who could blame you? As you stood, your head whipped around to try and find your strange saviour - but without windows it was almost pitch black, and all you could make out was a lumpy, vaguely human shape in the corner.

    "Uh, hello?"

    There was no answer, but the figure shifted in response to your voice. Although it was difficult to tell, the person looked oddly hunched, as if they were crouching or bending over... not only that, but they seemed to be wearing some kind of cloak. At first your mind screamed lycan, but when had you ever seen a lycan act out against one of its own. This strange person had saved you, after all.

    Taking a deep breath, you forced a step forward. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise that anyone still lived here. I thought everybody had been forced to move since the reservoir was flooded. It's a good thing you're here though; thank you for saving me." You tugged at your dress, which was now soaking wet from the knees down, and took another hesitant step into the shack.

    Which only served to make the figure press further into the darkness. This close, their body looked twisted. Wrong. Yet you couldn't make out enough details as the darkness swallowed them up.

    Behind you, lycans continued to pound against the door. Their growls filled the shack and reverberated against the walls; a reminder of what was still outside. Waiting.

    "Do you think the shack will hold?" you asked the stranger, "I'm no locksmith, but this doesn't look strong enough." Your voice wavered, and you winced.

    When the stranger spoke, however, your attention was snapped from something new. "They won't hurt you," they spoke in a low, guttural tone. The only way you could think to describe their voice was wet, like every syllable was a struggle forced from their throat. "You're safe as long as you're with me." If their voice itself didn't make you shudder, the damp cough that followed did. You saw the darkness shift as the person turned, their whole body wracked by a painful wheeze.

    You wanted to dark forward to help, but instead you reeled back with enough ferocity to send you stumbling as the smell of rotten fish filled the shack. Immediately, you knew that they had just thrown up. Nothing else, not even the dirty reservoir itself, could produce such a stench.

    "I'm sorry," the stranger slurred, "I can't help it. It's... beyond my control. Please don't laugh at me..."

    Laughing was the furthest thing from your mind right now, but you managed to hold your tongue. Despite the horrible smell that refused to dissipate, you felt a sting of sympathy for this poor person. Man? Truthfully, you couldn't tell. "Are you sick?" you asked quietly, "there's a doctor in the village, I could take you to her? As a thank you for saving my life."

    You reached out a hand but they - he - flinched away as if you were made of poison. "I'm not sick," he uttered, and his voice dipped and waved like the depths of the reservoir outside. Always changing, but always a struggle. "This- this was a gift from Mother Miranda. It's my own fault that I struggle, because I'm not strong enough. But I was still strong enough to save you. Will you stay?"

    Something deep in your gut told you to leave; to run as fast and as far as you could, just to get away from this man. Yet he was so sad and pitiful, so clearly desperate for your company, that you couldn't bear to leave. Shifting from one foot to the other, you asked, "can I at least see you first? To thank you in person."

    The figure shifts, somehow seeming to hunch even more in on himself and you're sure there must be something wrong with his back to contort himself in such a way. "I don't think that's a good idea..."

    You felt queasy, and the knowledge that something was wrong began to creep up on you. "Please?" you asked in a small voice.

    With a long, wheezing sigh, he slowly began to stumble into view. First his head, hidden by a long jacket with a drooping hood; then the rest of him, hunched and twisted to inhuman proportions, shuffling painfully as if each step caused pain.

    With an intake of breath, you stumbled back and muttered, "Lord Moreau?"

    You had unwittingly stumbled right into the domain on of the four lords.

    Lord Moreau was so unlike what you expected, so twisted and misshapen and inhuman, that you couldn't help but stare. You knew you shouldn't, but the way his hunched, pitiful form heaved with every shaking breath had you shuddering, and the eyes that peered at you from beneath that hood were such a pale, watery blue that they almost seemed to glow in the non-existent light.

    He ducked his head, although he was already so hunched with that enormous back that it was difficult to tell. "I'm sorry," he muttered, slinking back into the safety of the dark corner he came from. "I knew you wouldn't want to see me. I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." He repeated it like a mantra, and a vice clenched around your heart.

    You stepped forward, boots creaking on the rotten floorboards. "It's all right," you crooned, voice so soft it's barely audible even in the silent shack. "I'm the one who should be sorry, my Lord. I've never had the honour of seeing one of the four Lords in person before, is all." A little white lie wasn't so bad, especially when you saw that it had his twisted body relaxing enough that you caught a glimpse of his face. His skin had a pallid tinge and his mouth was stretched into a grimace far wider than should have been possible, but upon a second glance, he wasn't as frightening as you expected. The only thing that gave you pause was the stretched and lumpy flesh of his neck, hanging in loose folds until it disappeared inside his coat.

    He noticed you staring and lurched back, skinny arms making an effort to wrap the coat around himself. It didn't do much to hide his distended flesh, and your heart lurched at the pitiful sight.

    A shrieking wail, just outside, reminded you that you weren't alone. The lycans continued to scrabble and howl, and Moreau was momentarily forgotten as the sound filled you with dread.

    "I know somewhere," Moreau gurgled, and you whipped around to face him again. He beckoned you closer, although he still pressed himself into the darkness. Afraid to be seen. "If you come with me, I can keep you safe. I promise!" His breath came in heaving gasps as he staggered towards the far end of the shack, where another door greeted him. "Follow me."

    You listened to the shrieks of the lycans, the talons scraping against wood, and knew you had no choice. Whether you liked it or not, your life was in the hands of this odd creature now. You grew up on tales of the four Lords, monstrous and horrific. They were the reason that your village was destroyed, the reason people cowered in their homes and feared for their lives. But this one... he didn't seem so bad. There was a childish eagerness to him that made you think, just this once, you could trust him.

    When he stretched out a gnarled, webbed hand, you didn't think twice before taking it.

    Together the two of you rushed through the door and onto the docks beyond, across the rotten piers and rickety, dangerous platforms that swayed and shook beneath your weight. "Can't you just tell them to stop?" you called above the howl of the waves as they smashed against the railings.

    "They don't listen to me," Moreau replied, voice garbled and distorted, "nobody takes me seriously, not even the lycans... but I won't let them hurt you."

    You felt a pang of pity for the poor man, even now as you sprinted with burning legs. Your lips parted to reply, but all that left you was a heaving gasp as your foot snagged. For a moment you simply stumbled across the rotten wood and there was a brief second when you thought everything was fine - and then your legs simply gave up and you crumbled to the floor.

    "Get up," Moreau hissed, "you have to get up. I can't... protect you out here."

    Hands flat on the wood, you heaved yourself up. Every part of your body ached now, knees protesting as you climbed upright. The wooden platforms creaked and groaned, and each plank dipped and waved like a bridge about to collapse. Yet it held, and so did you, and then you were moving again.

    The screams of the lycans were distant now, but not distant enough. While you could run just fine, so long as your legs kept up, Moreau hobbled along beside you with the heaving gasps of a man choking. "Not much farther," he grunted, one elongated hand pointing towards the shore.

    There was a building there unlike the others. It was on land, for starters, and you felt a jolt of relief upon seeing the sturdy building and solid door. Finally - a real, proper building and not more of those awful shacks. You could have called out, if you hadn't been so breathless.

    Moreau shoved open the door and you stumbled inside. Darkness took over a second time, leaving you blinking in the pitch black. "Are there any lights?"

    "We're not staying here," he muttered, and you saw his misshapen silhouette stumble towards the opposite wall. From the way he weaved uneasily past more unknown shapes, you guessed that this room was full of furniture. Tables, chairs and desks littered the small space, and although you struggled manoeuvre past, he seemed to do just fine. You had to wonder if it was because he knew this place so well, or if Mother Miranda's 'gift' included night vision.

    A horrible thud from outside cut off your thoughts before they could wander further. A heavy body slammed against the door, followed by a mournful howl. A lycan had found you, and it was summoning more.

    "This way," Moreau gargled out, each word a struggle. Was it your imagination, or was his voice becoming even more difficult to understand? When you turned, eyes beginning to adjust, he was wrestling with a heavy metal hatch that led... somewhere.

    With one last look towards the door, listening to the echoes of the lycans outside, you hurried forward. "Here, let me," you interjected. There wasn't time to dawdle, and each second lost was a second you could have been using to get away. Darting forward, you grabbed the hatch handle from Moreau's hands and heaved it open.

    He didn't go in right away, nor did he urge you to go ahead. He simply stared with wide, glassy blue eyes as you threw the hatch back. If not for the fact that he was a Lord, you might have assumed it was a look of awe.

    Not until you were inching through the opening and beckoning him in after, did you realise that you had accidentally bumped his damp, clammy hand with yours. Just how long had it been since somebody had touched him, even so casually?

    No time to dwell on it, you realised, as the resounding thunder of a door bursting open echoed through the room. Suddenly nothing else mattered - not the thin layer of slime sticking to your hand or the steep decline of steps leading into the darkness. No, all that mattered was that you were gone before the lycans spotted you. Reaching up, you slammed the hatch down, relief flooding you when you saw it had a latch on the inside. Now, they couldn't follow.

    Breathing heavily, sweat clinging to your skin, you collapsed onto the dry earth with a sigh. "That was too close," you mumbled into the near perfect darkness. "Where are we?"

    "In the caves, below the reservoir," Moreau replied. His voice sounded more stable now, although it was still deep and garbled and honestly, kind of disgusting. You shouldn't have been thinking of a Lord in such a way, but the thought still stuck. Especially when he let out a wracking cough and doubled over, spewing acidic green vomit all over the floor.

    Immediately the smell hit you - except now, underground, it was worse. Strong enough to make your eyes water and acidic enough to make your nose sting, you had to fight down your own urge to throw up. For once you were grateful for the darkness, just so that you didn't have to see that.

    Stepping around the puddle of vomit, which you swore was acidic enough to be eating into the dirt floor, you followed him down the gentle incline and towards... well, you weren't entirely sure.

    "Where are we going?" you asked after a moment, voice shattering the uneasy silence. Your footsteps echoed too loudly in the narrow cave, and you half expected to hear the roar of lycans somewhere in the distance. But for now at least, you and Moreau were alone.

    "I live at the other end of the reservoir," Moreau heaved. His voice was honestly difficult to listen to, a rising wave that was never the same from one moment to the next. "It's small, and dark - oh, but you'll be safe there! Yes, I'll keep you safe." He turned to stare eagerly up at you, pale eyes blinking in the darkness. They almost seemed to glow; but surely you imagined it.

    You blinked at him in the semi-darkness, worry filling your chest. "I can only stay for a little while."

    Suddenly, a damp hand shot out from the depths to wind around your wrist, so tightly it hurt. "You promised to stay," Moreau muttered, voice echoing in the cave. "You can't leave, you only just got here."

    The pitiful look on his face should have disgusted you, those fleshy growths swaying with each begging word that slipped from his throat. Yet there was something about him that you felt sympathy for. Was it his desperation for company, or the way he looked at you with such wide, hopeful eyes?

    "The lycans will still be looking for you," he continued lowly, hand tightening around your wrist. Although you didn't think he even realised he was holding on so tight, you felt his long, uneven nails digging into the flesh of your palm. "Just stay a while... please? Then you can go, return to your family. It's just... the other lords, they always laugh at me, and - and it isn't fair! But you'll stay and talk to me, won't you?"

    You cast a long look at the darkness ahead of you. The darkness behind. You thought of those awful, terrible creatures that would have ripped you apart quicker than dogs with a chew toy. And then you're eyes landed on Moreau, his lips split into a grin to reveal yellowed, uneven teeth, and there was something just so oddly endearing about it all. Just like that, you're resolve crumbled. "Okay," you murmured, resolve crumbling. "I suppose it can't hurt to stay."

    Moreau patted your shoulder gently, then seemed to think better of it and let his hands fall to his side. "Yes, good," he murmured, "you'll be comfortable here, I promise." Then he continued on, hobbling on legs that looked too skinny for his oversized frame. Just what was hidden underneath that enormous coat, anyway? "You'll need to eat, I suppose," he continued, but now he seemed to be muttering more to himself than to you. "I hope you like seafood. Oh and - and cheese. Not together though. No, that's never a good combination..."

    Forcing a calming sigh through your nose, you picked up the pace and followed on behind him. And although you were grateful to be safe, it was impossible not to wonder just what this strange creature wanted from you.

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  • nemain-og-mactire
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Resident Evil VII and VIII Characters As Dungeons And Dragons Races, Classes And Alignments According To Némain Óg MacTíre.

    Mother Miranda: Changeling, Warlock, chaotic evil

    Alcina Dimitrescu: Vampire, Barbarian Druid (for Wild Shape), chaotic neutral

    Bela Dimitrescu: same as Alci

    Cassandra Dimitrescu: same as Alci

    Daniela Dimitrescu: same as Alci

    Donna Beneviento: Drow (homebrew), Druid (because of her garden), true neutral.

    Angie Beneviento: Magic item, living doll, draws runes to help Donna garden, chaotic neutral.

    Karl Heisenberg: Warforged, Artificer, chaotic good.

    Salvatore Moreau: Triton, Ranger, chaotic neutral

    Ethan Winters: human, paladin, true good

    Mia Winters: human, wizard, chaotic good

    Eveline (E-001): Changeling, Necromancer Sorcerer, true chaotic.

    Jack Baker: undead human, fighter, lawful chaotic

    Marguerite Baker: undead human, druid (the fucking bugs-), lawful chaotic

    Zoe Baker: human, fighter, true good

    Lucas Baker: human, fighter, true asshole

    Chris Redfield: Human (maybe), Monk, True Good.

    @luzura-blight, @dani-dimitrescu, @cassandradimitrescu99, @baeladimitrescu (hi, welcome to my ocs sideblog lovelies!).

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    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #salvatore moreau#the duke#re8 #resident evil village #reblogs appreciated!
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    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    When you find a new fandom and you love almost all the characters. XD

    Even made an OC! Lucian hails from Russia. So he and Karl don’t get along often.

    Miranda is fondest of Lucian in my AU since he protected her from enemy German soldiers.

    Plus both Lady and Lord Dimitrescu.

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  • julia-a-99
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    A quick-drawn family portrait, although only with half of the family, but it doesn't matter ... :)

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    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    beginning my bela cosplay ;)

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    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Haven‘t drawn this mutant fish boi in a while

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    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Aproape alunecând- Chapter 14- Pleasing Her

    New chapter, y’all! 


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    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #resident evil #resident evil the village #resident evil viii #resident evil 8 #salvatore moreau#house moreau
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  • village-headcanons
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    *The Duke is ageless. He's been around an extremely long time. He's seen the hardships the village has endured.

    *Miranda knew the Duke long before she became a part of the mold. She doesn't just 'tolerate' him. She knows not to cross him, the mold remembers all but even it won't share his history with her.

    *The histories speak of Four Kings, and if the Duke has any association to them, well that's purely speculation (and if he seems to pay extra attention if someone mentions the 'King' Cesare, well, that's just your imagination).

    *Donna does not quite like sharing her home. As isolationist as she is, this means the Duke has no shop set up near her. Though he does always know when she needs something and just happens to be outside her home in the gardens.

    *Karl doesn't care for the Duke. Finds he speaks in riddles too much. Karl is someone who wants a person to speak plainly and say what you mean.

    *Salvatore hasn't an opinion of the Duke. Outside of getting his good from him, he doesn't really interact with the man.

    *Alcina enjoys him as a business partner and nothing more.

    *The villagers rely on him heavily for things they cannot grow or weave, so he is always a focal point within the village. Elders whisper how he never seems to age, because they remember him from their youth.

    #The Duke#alcina dimitrescu#donna beneviento#re8#karl heisenberg#salvatore moreau#resident evil #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #I want to try and write more Duke to get a better understanding of him
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    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Duke: Are you familiar with the band "Imagine dragons"?

    Mother Miranda: No, wh-


    The Lords: *distant laughter*

    #re8 #resident evil village #resident evil #re8 incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#karl heisenberg #resident evil karl heisenberg #alcina dimitrescu#lord heisenberg #re8 karl heisenberg #resident evil donna #re8 donna#donna beneviento #re8 lady dimitrescu #the duke #resident evil mother miranda #mother miranda #re8 mother miranda #tall vampire lady #salvatore moreau #resident evil alcina dimitrescu #re8 heisenberg #resident evil heisenberg #re8 the duke #resident evil angie #angie the doll #deez nuts #resident evil lord heisenberg #resident evil lords
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    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #Salvatore Moreau #source: shadow of war
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  • homoo-wan-kenobi
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    You AU, Things To Know

    Title: Because I Love You (Forever Mine)

    Posting Debut Date: October 15, 2021

    Casting Roles

    Alcina Dimitrescu – Joe Goldberg

    Owner of Dimitrescu’s Wines & Vineyard

    Reader/You – Guinevere Beck/Love Quinn

    Aspiring Actor

    Barista at a coffee shop

    Karl Heisenberg – Forty Quinn

    Your brother, not related

    Screen Writer

    Ethan's best friend

    (Mother) Miranda *Lukes – Peach/Lucy

    Best Friend

    Engaged to Mia Winters

    Mia Winters – Annika/Sunrise

    Best Friend

    Engaged to Miranda Lukes

    Donna Beneviento – Gabe/Lynn

    Best Friend


    Bela Dimitrescu – Blythe

    Alcina’s receptionist/assistant

    One of your acting classmates

    Cassandra Dimitrescu – Ethan

    Coffee Shop Best Friend

    Daniela Dimitrescu (nee Lambert) – Paco/Ellie

    Alcina’s adopted daughter

    Anastasia Lambert (OC) – Candice Stone w/ a splash of Delilah

    Daniela’s mother

    Alcina’s ex-wife

    Elizabeth "Liz" Underwood (OC) – Benji

    Your ex-girlfriend

    Salvatore Moreau – Dr. Nicky

    Your therapist

    Ethan Winters - Henderson

    Heisenberg's best friend

    Mia's ex-husband

    * - Last name of Miranda's VA

    Minor/Major roles to be added later on for the characters

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  • professionallydeadinside
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    More Goretober!! I’m probably gonna be posting them in batches because that’s how I draw them asdfghjhgfd XD 

    (Prompts by @staticart!!!!) 

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  • virgil-writes
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    been wanting to write a oneshot/drabble/something between writing full sized chapters, in particular stuff with more action than feelings so i can get some practice in.

    sooooo, anyone have anything that tickles their fancy they'd like to request?

    #virgil speaks #resident evil village #lady dimitrescu#karl heisenberg#salvatore moreau #throwing them tags out there just in case ya know #doesn't have to be resident evil though
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  • interdimensionalsnake
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    did anyone else notice that in heisenbergs factory, the pictures of mother miranda and the lords on the wall, he wrote stuff on the lords pictures. on donnas its "Doll", on alcinas its "Witch", but on moreaus its "Fish man" and i found that funny

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  • tornrose24
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Some lordsona lore (featuring @artistcaptainbendy)

    And some much needed humor because I realized the relationship between OCS Jaques/David and Erik was almost identical to Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston and Lefou... but I felt like doing my own take on a certain well known edit from a certain YTP.

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  • river-of-wine
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Here’s a little something I’ve been thinking about for a bit that I would totally write if or when I had the time

    Resident Evil 8, same story, same events, same outcome; but Zoe is there.

    When Zoe gets that message from Mia that she mentions in the Baker Incident Report, she and “Mia” keep writing back and forth until, eventually, Zoe has agreed to spend a few days in Europe with them. She’s allowed some days off her work as a reporter and hell, she could use a rest from writing those documents and reliving those three years in the process. This is breaking her witness protection, but that doesn’t matter much to her when Ethan and Mia have a whole BABY that she absolutely has to meet. (Important to note that for this, Mia has never been the one writing to Zoe).

    Zoe loves Rose right off the bat. Being the youngest, she didn’t have much experience with kids, but she got some of her mama’s mothering nature despite never intending go have kids of her own. She is obviously overjoyed to see Ethan and “Mia” again after such a long time, and she just gushes over this new baby with Ethan and quickly appoints herself as Rose’s Cool Aunt, which Ethan welcomes.

    The whole ordeal over dinner kicks off, Ethan and Zoe are both taken into the vehicles along with Miranda and Rose, Miranda crashes them, steals Rose, we all know what happens next.

    House Beneviento and the whole JOIN ME thing at the factory are where I really think Zoe would have a chance to shine. House Beneviento in particular, given Donna’s affinity for making people see their own worst nightmares. Zoe’s just about moved on, so that would be an experience for sure.

    If anyone would like to hear more about this little au feel free to send an ask! I love Zoe and I think she and Ethan would have a great dynamic if they fit the chance to work together. Zoe won’t be on the other end of a phone this time, so she can put those survival skills to good use.

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  • village-headcanons
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    *Karl does not care if you're someone who gets periods. 

    *This is a man who deals with bodily fluids on the daily, do not expect this man to adhere to Western standards of ‘grossed out’.

    *If you tell him you need tampons or pads, he will buy you a box of every flow type unless otherwise specified, because he wants to make sure he gets it right.

    *He is someone who’s perfectly fine having sex while you’re on your period and will just make sure there’s a towel down first.

    *He honestly does not get why people think it's ‘improper’ or ‘disgusting’. 

    *This is also a man who frequently will cut into cadavers and replace whatever fluid is left with embalming fluid to keep them from disintegrating so maybe take his words with a grain of salt.

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