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  • cubur
    22.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    Snowed in ❄️ @snstober21 - Day20

    The story of the art: Actually I did this just for a little joke to @snow124-art on instagram, since the theme name is "snowed in" x) and i wasn't going to post it. But then Snow suddenly came up with a brilliant idea and somehow I liked it too! I still doubt if i did it well but yea, this is the final result...

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  • tatty-art-leanne
    22.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    So @snstober21 have a daily challenge going on in October, and I plan to try and take part so here is the twenty-Second instalment Please enjoy

    SNStober - Day 022 - ‘Secret Relationship/Pirate AU

    Hello, Everyone

    I chose the prompt Secret Relationship I hope you like it :). In my eyes this is not nsfw I think it fine but tagged it as such just to be safe. 

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  • madara-fate
    22.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago
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  • bibanana
    22.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago


    Itachi Uchiha & Sasuke Uchiha (Gen)
    Summary: Observations made by Itachi Uchiha, regarding the strange behavior of his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha.
    Tags: Implied Time Travel, Unreliable Narrator, Fix-It of Sorts
    Notes: I always wondered how the people around a person who time-traveled would react. Wouldn't it be horrible if the person you loved most in the world exhibited strange and unusual behavior, almost as if the person that they were died without any explanation? And you had no idea what was going on, especially in the life-or-death context of the shinobi world? I think that sets for a great piece of horror media.


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  • dailykakashipics
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This man did not get paid enough for the amount of shit he had to put up with

    #between his sensei’s demon posessed child who just wants to make friends #and the most dramatic gay who also happens to be the last uchiha #who also happens to be orochimaru’s new obsession #and the kunoichi who gives him daily ptsd flashbacks to rin because everyone gets reminded of That One Girl They Really Care About #poor man#kakashi hatake#naruto #daily kakashi pics #daily kakashi#hatake kakashi#naruto shippuden#kakashi#hatake#boruto#dailykakashipics#uzumaki naruto#naruto uzumaki#uchiha sasuke#sasuke uchiha#uchiha#uzumaki#sasuke
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  • secretsofkonoha
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sharingan Shenanigans

    Episode 17

    The warmth of Itachi’s arms around you was gone when you woke up and a part of you wondered if you dreamt the whole thing. It would be way easier if you had. 

    Unfortunately you had not been in a dream, you were alone in Itachi’s room. You groan and sigh as you rake your hands through your hair, how are you supposed to go downstairs?

    Shaking your head and chuckling out of disbelief and frustration you bite your bottom lip as you begin wondering how you can explain leaving Itachi’s room to the other guys. 

    That’s when you look over to the pale grey door and notice the yellow sticky note. Shuffling to your feet, you sleepily walk to the door and rub your eyes to make out the writing. 

    “Turn around and nod at the crow on the window seal when you’re ready to come down. I’ll bring the others outside for some training so they don’t see you.” 

    You stare at the note and make a confused face, “Crow.. what crow?” You murmur to yourself when the sudden sound of flapping scares the hell out of you. 

    You quickly turn around to find the black bird perched outside the window, staring intently at you. Walking slowly towards it you analyze the rare bird, noticing the sharingan it has. You share a tender moment with the bird before nodding slightly. 

    The bird leaps from the window and caws before flying upwards and out of sight. 

    You anxiously bite at your thumb nail and bounce your leg. Waiting to hear the door close so you know Itachi has successfully gotten them out of the house. 

    Slapping your hand against your forehead you let out a groan. How could you let yourself make such a stupid decision as to fall asleep with Itachi!

    Your ears perk at the sound of the door closing and quickly, without hesitation you grab the door knob and pull it open. You make a break for it and quickly tiptoe down the stairs, only having getting into your room as a goal.

    However, you come to an abrupt stop when you collide witha a body. 

    “What are you doing upstairs?” Sasuke asks with an eyebrow raised

    You can hear your heart beat in your ears as you quickly try to come up with an excuse. 

    “And why are you sneaking down stairs?” He questions you again, arms crossed over his chest. “ Wait a second.. you didn’t sleep with one of them did you?!” Sasuke gasps and shivers in disgust at the thought. Bending down to get a look at your face his eyes widen at your flustered cheeks. 

    “You did!” He exclaims in an loud voice. 

    Your head snaos up and you look at him, “No I didn’t! I woke up before you guys and went to see if Itachi was awake.” You lie boldly to Sasuke’s narrowing eyes. “I was gonna ask if he wanted to train or something.” You murmur the last part which causes Sasuke to pause before looking you up and down. 

    “You’re still in pajamas.” He points out the black shorts and oversized t-shirt that you’re wearing. 

    “Well I didn’t want to get dressed before I knew if he was up or not.” You rebuttal

    “And was he?” 

    “Yes! And we were in his room discussing what I wanted to train on. I also examined his sharingan.” You state confidently, “As a matter of fact. It’s your turn.” 

    Sasuke laughs before shaking his head, “Wow, you know if this is true then what unfortunate timing. I’ll go ask Itachi for the story and see if it matches.” 

    He turns on his heels and suddenly dashes towards the door. Your eyes go wide as you instantly reach your hand out and grab a hold of Sasuke’s dark blue shirt.

    He comes to a stop and you cover his mouth with your hand from behind, “Sasuke, I will kill you if you tell anyone about what you saw.” You sneer out through clenched teeth. 

    You debate for a moment if the threat is enough alone to scare him into silence but decide ultimately blackmail is way more efficient. 

    You let out a low laugh that sends shivers down Sasuke’s spine, “If you do, I guess I’m just going to have to tell everyone about your little secret.” 

    His eyes slide over to try to look at you in confusion, “I know who your first kiss was.” You spew the venom out of your mouth with a sweet smile. Feeling the way his body shudders against you, that all too familiar feeling of fear enveloping your opponents makes you sigh in content.

    Sasuke nods frantically with a bead of sweat forming at the corner of his forehead. “You’re gonna keep my secret in order to keep yours right?” You ask for confirmation.

    He nods again quickly and you hear a muffled “mhm hm!” Come from within his chest.

    You smile again and remove your hand from his mouth, “Good boy.” You slyly whisper out before patting his shoulder and turning around to head towards your room.


    Standing under the hot water pouring from the shower head you moan in pleasure at the stress melting away. You close your eyes as drag the the soapy rag down your body, feeling extremely at peace and content.

    That was until a small little thought snuck it’s way into your peaceful bliss.

    “Do you want to be a good girl?” 

    Shivers kiss down your spine as you snap your head backwards to see if someone was behind you. It felt so real, like you could feel Itachi’s breath on your ear as he whispered it. 

    Shaking it off you return to washing your face and body when more memories invade your peaceful state of mind. You can feel the presence of the three men all around just as you had that night, but when you opened your eyes you were alone. 

    This is beginning to get out of hand you think to yourself as you quickly turn the shower knobs, cutting off the water. You dry yourself off and throw on a pair of sweat pants and a tank top, hair still dripping wet and yank your bedroom door open. 

    You can hear the water running in the kitchen and the laughter so you make your way to the noise. Itachi is washing dishes at the sink as Obtio and Madara sat at the brown kitchen table going over old memories. 

    Scanning around for signs of Sasuke but finding none allows you to fake a confident arura as you stomp into the kitchen, gaining the attention of Obito and Madara. 

    “Well if it isn’t Y/n.” Madara smirks as he leans back in his seat. 

    You glare at him and saunter closer to the table, “That night didn’t happen.”

    He chuckles and crosses his arms over his chest, “Are you supposed to be threatening? Am I supposed to be scared of a kitten?” 

    You breathe in deeply, nostrils flaring as you try to suppress your anger and excitement at the sight of them. “I am here to rehabilitate you all back into society,” you swallow thickly, “that is it.”

    Madara laughs which causes Obito to let out a little snicker. Your eyes dart over to the younger man at the other end of the table, shooting daggers into him.

    “What’s so funny?” You ask, raising an eyebrow at Obito who slowly halts his laugh.

    You watch as he looks down at his hands before bringing his head up to look at you, a smirk plastered across his face.

    “I’m starting to think you’re trying to convince yourself of that, not us.” He suggests cockily.

    Even though he may be right you don’t let that break your facade you have.

    You let out a short laugh and smile at him, “No, I’m simply explaining the roles here. I control this whole operation.” You circle your hand around to emphasize your point.

    “That you may,” Obito agrees as he pushes away from the table, standing to his feet, “But that does not mean that you are incapable of falling.”

    You look at him questioningly as he saunters over to you, “Falling?”

    “For us.”

    Itachi’s breathe tickles the hairs on the back of your neck. You visibly shudder at the sudden sound of his voice from behind you. Your eyes look over to the sink where Itachi just had been, how did he get behind you without you noticing?

    “Y/n,” he starts softly, his hand twirling a piece of your hair, “Instead of playing this childish game just tell us straight.”

    “I just did.” You gulp, eyes drifting to the side to see Itachi’s form in your peripheral. “I am only here to-“

    Itachi tsks and shakes his head, “No. Tell us that you want us to stop and we will. I know what role you play, but what role do we play?” He asks and gently pokes the side of your head, “Here,” and then pokes your chest, “and here.”

    “Are we simply just an operation for you? Passed down on you from your Hokage?” Obito asks you, “If so that’s okay, just tell us.” 

    Madara still sat in the chair with his arms crossed over his chest looks over to you, “We are not children, Y/n. We can handle rejection.”

    The silence felt like eternity, everything was frozen and still. If you didn’t know any better you would think that you stopped breathing and your heart stopped beating for that time.

    “Do you want us?” Obito breaks the silence with his question.

    “I don’t know.” You whisper out softly, truthfully. 

    “Do you want us to stop?” Itachi clarifies the question.

    “No.” You answer immediately, internally cursing yourself for betraying your better judgement.

    Itachi chuckles from behind you and kisses the back of your head, inhaling your scent.

    You hear heavy footsteps stomping down the stairs and in an instant everyone is back in their places. Obito is back sitting down across from Madara, Itachi is back doing the dishes.

    Sasuke who obviously just woke up from a nap, enters the kitchen stretching and yawning.

    “What’s going on?” He asks as he rubs his eyes and runs his hands through his hair, pushing it back.

    “We we’re going over the steps of the rehabilitation.” Itachi explains to his younger brother without looking back at him.

    “You told them we’re moving back to the compound?!” Sasuke snaps his head to you.

    You look at him with wide eyes, filled with anger and frustration, “No, Sasuke. I hadn’t told them that yet.” You seethe out through clenched teeth.

    Itachi’s movements come to a stop and only the sound of running water can be heard for awhile.

    You clear your throat before you begin speaking, “Lady Hokage said that if we don’t move back to the compound, they’ll demolish it.” You whisper out the last part, looking down at your hands.

    Madara chuckles in disbelief, “Once a Senju, always a Senju.”

    You look over to Sasuke whose eyes are fixated on his older brother’s back.

    “I’ll leave this to you.” You murmur and give an encouraging pat to Sasuke’s shoulder as you leave the kitchen.

    Oh boy.

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  • loobs-ki
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    baby sasuke and his big ass foot

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  • iridescent-queen
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I just saw 3 minutes of Itachi vs Sasuke in hindi, the accent the VAs have is making me gag 🙂✋🏻 If I continued any longer on this journey of watching Naruto in different languages my migraine would knock me down LMAO. No more exploration on this xD

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  • ladykissingfish
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Naruto: Okay guys, you know the mission, right?

    Sakura: Roger that; today, we scare Kakashi-Sensei!

    Sasuke: This is stupid. You know nothing scares that old man.

    Naruto: We’re gonna find something to scare him, dattebayo.

    *later, the group walking back to the village after training in the woods*

    Naruto: Oi, Sensei, can we get some ramen?

    Kakashi: No, Naruto. I’ve treated you moochers to ramen three times this week already. Go home and eat some rice or something.

    Naruto: *going to all fours, snarling, eyes snapping*

    Sakura: Oh no! You’ve made him angry! The nine-tails chakra is leaking out!!

    Naruto: *acting like he’s about to charge at Kakashi*

    Kakashi: *calmly steps over to him and smacks his forehead* Calm yourself, brat.

    Naruto: *getting back up* Damn, I thought for sure that’d work, dattebayo.

    *the group keeps walking when suddenly Sakura “trips”*

    Sakura: Oh! I think I cut my femoral artery! *”blood” squeezes out between her fingers*

    Kakashi: I think the bigger problem here is that you’re wasting good strawberry jam, kid. Why don’t you give some of that to Naruto to help his hunger pains?

    Sakura: *gets to her feet* Dammit —

    *they reach the outskirts of the village*

    Kakashi: Well, get on home, kids. See you tomorrow. I’ve gotta go; I need to buy a new copy of Make-Out Paradise before the bookstore closes. Mine got all scuffed up in the lake.

    Sasuke: You must not have heard, huh?

    Kakashi: Heard what?

    Sasuke: Lady Tsunade made an announcement yesterday; she’s banned that book series from the village. Says it’s nothing but smut and she doesn’t want the youth exposed to such —

    Kakashi: *gasps, then hits the ground in a faint*



    Sasuke: Tsk; amateurs.

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  • rockleeloveofmylife
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    just recently finished the original Naruto series and moved on to shippuden and this came to me like a vivid nightmare

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  • sasuke-wants-tea
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Got a Sasuke shirt with his most iconic fit.

    good day. @jayjays I'm in Australia

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  • pinkhairedlily
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Music student Sasuke submits his vocal output to his professor. He’s proud of the project – having spent many days alone in their department’s recording booth and doing the rearrangement of the song Tiptoe Through The Tulips himself. It was also a good challenge to explore his high register and head voice.

    His professor calls him in the next day. “This should be a solo work, Mr. Uchiha. You’re not supposed to duet with a woman.”

    Sasuke shakes his head fervently. “I recorded it alone, Sir. I even have a video to prove it.”

    “Send it to me then if you’re that adamant.”

    He returns to the room where the booth is and opens his laptop to play the recording. He checked his files several times. He didn’t use a backing track, and he’s very certain he did it solo.

    In the video, he was facing the camera propped on the desk against the wall while his back was turned away from the window. He hears the woman on the first notes of the song, her falsetto faint but audible against his rich tenor. He just also notices the blurred frames of a pink-haired lady dancing outside, her long tendrils swaying in tune to her arms’ stiff flailing.

    He stops the video with his now clammy hands, but someone is continuing the song.

    Tiptoe through the window

    By the window, that is where I’ll be

    Come tiptoe through the tulips with me

    He slowly turns around and finds the same pinkette dancing outside.

    The room is on the 10th floor of the building.

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  • mikamikenshin
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    HC:Naori Uchiha's Mangekyou Sharingan

    The left eye is a rare type of ninjutsu called "amenouzume".She often uses this ability to trap people's mind in a dimension,which makes it seem like a genjutsu.But if needed,it takes extreme amounts of chakra to suck enemies into her dimension.Her dimension affects the morality and mindset,and creates a path for the misguided to a bright future.This is not as effective as izanami, but still can be far more powerful than eternal mangekyou sharingan users' genjutsus.

    The right eye possesses "ebisu".after activating this jutsu,which takes only one picosecond,naori gains divine luck.which means that she's protected from any harm,and the enemy is at risk of injuring or even killing themselves.This jutsu only lasts for 7 minutes,but if naori uses izanagi then she could extend it to a ridiculous 56 minutes.

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  • fuckboy-orochimaru
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Sasuke: You know what they say

    Kabuto: *adjusts glasses* Actually I don't, Sasuke.

    Sasuke: You attract what you fear

    Kabuto: Hmmm...

    Sasuke: What?

    Kabuto: I'm so afraid of Orochimaru-sama

    Sasuke: *sighs of exasperation* Not like that you gay idiot...

    Orochimaru entering the room: You got a minute Kabuto? *licks lips*

    Sasuke: Holy fuck it actually worked

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  • quilfish-swan
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    in each other's mind

    #sns#naruto#naruto fanart#sasuke uchiha#naruto uzumaki#snstober2021#snstober21 #MADE SOME NARUTO FANART FINALLY!!! #based off of that scene in the blue bird opening😌 #nicole art. no. yep. #narusasu#sasunaru #lmao these ship tags #sasunarusasu#💀 #sun & moon #if you squint y #if u squint #if u squknt ur eyes its a #haha its a #haha
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  • svtatwattford
    22.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Has this been done yet?

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