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  • incorrect-wandavision-quotes
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Agnes: Quit sulking like a baby.

    Wanda: I am sulking like a fully grown woman.

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  • silver-sorcerer
    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Art created by an AI after I gave it the prompt “Wanda Maximoff”

    AI used: Wombo.

    Art style: Dark Fantasy.

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  • mentaldelight
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    — Did I get it right? A little girl with superpowers revived a crowd of the dead and staged a zombie apocalypse because she was sad? — That makes sense, considering she's the only one they don't touch.
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  • aleksmaximoff
    03.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


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  • thediaryofayeti
    03.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i would give anything and i mean ANYTHING to see these two team up

    they’d be so powerful

    #wandavision#mcu#ghost#wanda maximoff#ava starr #ant man and the wasp #scarlet witch#marvel #marvel cinematic universe
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  • scarletwitchpanels
    03.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Wanda on the cover of Young Avengers Presents #3

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  • villainquoteoftheday
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “These are runes, Wanda. In a given space, only the witch that cast the runes can use her magic. How do you not know the fundamentals?”

    -Agatha Harkness, “Wandavision”

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  • wandanats-wife-quotes
    03.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Tony mumbling: tell me something I don’t know

    Y/n: the word nun is just an n doing a cartwheel

    #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff x y/n #wandanat#natasha romanoff#wanda maximoff #wanda x natasha #the scarlet witch #tony stark#tony stank#iron man#avengers life
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  • yourtaletotell
    03.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Bookmark ➵ Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader.

    Summary: Wanda is an eager frequenter of the city library, and one day she finds a bookmark hidden in a book. Who is the mysterious person who would be so kind as to put those bookmarks in her favorite books?

    At this link you have a visual concept of Luke.

    Warnings: sensitive content (drama); Fluffly/Angst; Wanda and Reader’s first kis; minor character death.

    A/N: I'm so sorry.

    Words: 2,828.

    Masterlist /- / - / Chapter 1 /- / - / Chapter 2 /- / - / Chapter 3 /-/-/ Chapter 4

    Chapter 5 - Luke

    When your family found out that your parents had adopted Luke, even though they knew of his diagnosis, they called your parents crazy. Who in their right mind would adopt a child with such a short-lived diagnosis?

    The point is that your father had given Luke's father a job, and that when everything happened, he couldn't let a child as fragile as Luke, be left to the hand of fate. He would have to try to do everything possible to help the child. Your mother never questioned your father's choices, and neither did you, in fact when you first saw Luke, it was a connection of souls. It was as if you already knew each other, it was as if he was already your brother in some past life.

    When Luke moved into your home, he seemed like a shy child, but soon he was opening up and becoming the joy of the house. For the first four months after adoption, you had no idea how much pain he was in, so when he had any crisis, you ended staying up sleepless nights. You had given up your rebellious life and your party friends to have a quiet life with Luke. He was a brother you never had, and a child who deserved to have a good life, a family that was always close to him.

    Luke had never asked what had happened to his parents, you had explained. You couldn't explain it, either. How to explain to a child that his parents were fucking deadbeat sons of bitches?

    Unlike many children, Luke couldn't play around. He had his own way. He preferred more peaceful games, games he didn't feel tired of, and you never forced him to do things he didn't want to do. Luke liked to draw, paint, and watch movies of his favorite characters.

    Luke's hospital stays were always a little rough, and you ended staying up sleepless nights, your mother, and father taking turns in the hospitals, while you had to go to school. After school, you would go to the hospital so that your parents could rest.

    It was a tiring life that you didn't want to question, because you loved that child.

    You consequently stopped going to the school library after Luke was hospitalized. You got Elizabeth a boy, James Bucky, to take your place. Elizabeth didn't question it, she accepted it, and always sent you snacks whenever she could.

    After school, during your time in the hospital, you put your hobbies aside. You didn't have time to draw or read. Your focus was to keep Luke distracted in front of those machines that were connected to him 24 hours a day.

    The doctors thought it would be better to put Luke in an induced coma, so that there would be an improvement in his condition. The days and months went by quickly, so when your birthday came that year, you weren't so excited to celebrate. You just wanted to be by your brother's side. After all Luke was getting more and more tired and skinnier, you knew his days were numbered, and you didn't want to miss any moment by his side.

    “ Honey it's your birthday, there's some money saved, on top of my desk.” Your mother said, catching your attention, you looked at her with an arched eyebrow. “I want you to take it and go celebrate, and not come back until night.” You opened your mouth to object, but she moved closer to you, holding your face in her hands. “ I love you very much, and you are the best daughter a person could ever have, now go celebrate your birthday.”

    You looked at Luke, who seemed in a peaceful sleep. Your body flooded with a strange feeling you couldn't describe. You took his hand and placed a kiss on it. A knock on the door caught your attention. Wanda was standing in the doorway of the hospital room, dressed in a floral dress and jeans jacket. Her hair was loose, with just a few strands of her bangs pinned up. Your heart soared at the scene, she looked stunning.

    “Oh, hello Wanda, how nice to see you here. Wow, honey, you look beautiful.” Your mother said walking over to the young woman who's cheeks blushed. “Don't you think so, daughter?”

    “Thank you ma'am. These are for you.” Wanda said gracelessly and handed roses to your mother, who cracked a wide smile. Wanda turned to you and smiled kindly as she laid her eyes on you. “I know it's your birthday, I've planned something for you. If you want it, of course.”

    Your mother looked at you with a look that only you recognized, you felt defeated. You looked at Luke again, and planted a kiss on his forehead. You stood up and walked over to Wanda and kissed her cheek, making her blush some more.

    “Come on.”


    Wanda was anxious, she had planned the whole day of your birthday. Just imagining that you could refuse made her sick. But you didn't refuse, and internally she was in celebration.

    The two of you created a very nice bond, she spent some hours in the hospital with you. Sometimes she brought snacks that her mother made. She helped you with school stuff. She told you stories that, as much as she had her friends, she had never told anyone. Wanda had a purpose to distract you whenever she could. Wanda never had an opportunity to talk to you about the bookmarks, she never found the best moment, and it only got worse when Luke went into a coma. You seemed distant, you didn't talk much, you just stayed silent sometimes hugging with Wanda.

    “So where are you taking me?” You questioned pulling Wanda out of her own thoughts. “Been driving for a few minutes, and you are very quiet.” You gave a sideways smile. “Are you planning to kill me? And spawn my body?”

    Wanda gave a loud laugh and shook her head repeatedly.

    “No, I would never do that.” She recovered herself and looked sideways at you as she stopped at the traffic light. “I remembered that you said you have never been to a picnic, so I will take you to one.”

    “Wow, that sounds amazing.” You cracked a sincere smile. “Sounds like a date, too.”

    Wanda's eyes widened, she felt her heart soar and her cheeks flushed.

    “No… I mean, … it could…” She stammered and turned her gaze back on the traffic. “I mean, …it's your birthday.”

    “I'm kidding Wands.” You said laughing. “But if you want it to be a date…”

    You looked at her, noticing her crack a smile and bit her lower lip.

    Pietro had informed you that Wanda might have a chance to have a crush on you, because she got all nervous when she was around you, or when someone mentioned your name. You had also noticed that she became quiet or paralyzed when you touched her, no matter what the intention.

    Wanda stopped the car in a parking space in front of a lookout. It was the highest peak in the city, you could see the whole city from there. There was a large tree near where Wanda stopped.

    “Shall we?”

    It didn't take long for her alone to organize the place. She put a big sheet on the floor, and organized the food and drinks. She didn't let you help, she told you that because it was your birthday, you could only enjoy it. Your moment was very peaceful. You ate and chatted, she told you some news about her group of friends and school.

    Somewhere between talking and eating, you bumped into Wanda's hand, and she stopped talking and looked straight ahead. You moved your little finger, pulling Wanda's, to interlace them. Wanda let out a sigh, which didn't go unnoticed by you. The girl was internally feeling butterflies in her stomach and struggling not to scream.

    You were silent for a few minutes, until you decided to take action. You turned to her, releasing her hand. Wanda missed the small contact and turned to you.

    “What is it?” she asked.

    “Today is my birthday and I wanted to ask you a few things.” You said, watching the girl swallow dryly. “But you decide if you can answer, or…”


    “Every answer you don't want to give me, you'll have to give me a kiss on some part of my face.”

    A bold proposal that made Wanda blush, she didn't disagree, just nodded yes.

    “Have you ever been with someone of the same sex?”

    She nodded yes.

    “Is that why you and your mother fight so much?”

    She moved closer and kissed your cheek.

    “Right.” You took a deep breath, recovering from the feel of Wanda's lips on your cheek.

    “Can I ask?” She asked and you nodded. “Who was the last person you hooked up with?”

    “Taylor Hops.”

    “Are you liking someone?” She asked, clearing her throat to settle her voice.

    You moved closer to Wanda, holding her by the chin, and kissed her cheek lingeringly. You pulled away slowly, looking into her eyes. Wanda blushed and averted her eyes to your lip.

    “Are you liking someone?” You asked.

    Wanda hesitated a little, she switched her gaze from your eyes to your lips several times. That's when she surprised you by taking her hand to the back of your neck and pulling you into a kiss. It was better than you had imagined, alone in the night before bed.

    “I thought about it from the first day I saw you.” Wanda confessed between kisses.

    Wanda's lips were soft and fit perfectly on yours. The kiss was neither slow nor hurried, it was a sentimental kiss. The air was needed, making you pull away a little and open a smile.

    You looked up at her, and realized that she was panting. Before you could ask if she was okay, she kissed you again. The position wasn't helping, so you held her and sat her down on your lap. Wanda smiled between kisses, settled down on your lap with her legs at your side, and held your face in her hands. You squeezed her waist, and when she sighed, you moved in with your tongue exploring her mouth. Wanda brought her hand to the back of your neck, squeezing gently.

    Before the kiss became more intense, you felt raindrops fall on your skin. Soon they became intense and you parted. Wanda pulled away laughing, she knelt beside you putting her things away.

    “Let's go to my house.”

    When you arrived at Wanda's house, all was silent. Wanda saw a note on the dining table saying that your mother had gone out with Pietro, and they would be back soon. Wanda and you showered separately and changed into dry clothes. Wanda put a movie on while you were getting ready. The movie wasn't bad, but at some point she slept cuddled up to you.


    Your hands were stroking the hair of Wanda, who was sleeping peacefully on your side. Her hair smelled like strawberries, and you wondered what kind of shampoo she used, because once Luke went out opening all the containers in a supermarket. Wanda was having good dreams, because there was a smile on her lips. Your eyes traveled over every feature of her face, you memorized every trace of her, but still felt like you could stare at her for hours. You felt your heart race as she came closer to you, laying her head on your chest. You took a deep breath, trying to control your heartbeat, trying to imagine other things. You knew that if your heart continued like that, you would wake Wanda.

    “You're looking at me a little too much.” She whispered, flashing a smile but keeping her eyes closed.

    You let out a low laugh, running your hand over Wanda's face, who slowly opened her eyes. She lifted her gaze to meet yours and smiled even wider. She straightened up, putting her arms across your chest and resting her chin on her hands. She looked at you with admiration, and you reciprocated in the same way.

    “So you were pretending to be asleep?” You whispered smiling, still caressing the brunette's face in front of you.

    “I was just enjoying your company.” She said, winking at you.

    You leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose. She let out a giggle that was interrupted by your cell phone. From the ringtone, it was your mother. Wanda climbed off you, laying down on your side. You sat up in bed, and reached for your cell phone on the desk beside Wanda's bed. You accepted the call, hearing a sniffle from the other end of the line.

    “Honey, I need you to come to the hospital.” Your mother said in an embattled voice on the other end of the line, with another sniffle. “Please, you need to come now.”

    She hung up the call without giving you a chance to be able to respond. Your heart clenched in your chest, a feeling of sadness invaded your heart. You put your cell phone back in your pocket and looked at Wanda. She looked at you worriedly and sat down beside you.


    Pietro drove quickly to the hospital. He wanted to be there for you, as did Wanda. She held your hand tightly, that small gesture calmed you. You entered the hospital, looking around behind your mother, but noticed Irina in her hospital clothes. She looked at you and Wanda, but didn't dare say anything, she just nodded her head to the east corridor.

    No, not the east corridor.

    Your heart sank into your chest and tears formed in your eyes. Wanda kissed your shoulder and let go of your hand. You took a deep breath and followed a male nurse who led you through the doors of the corridor. With each step, your breathing grew heavier. With each step you felt your skin grow cold, it was fear, desperation.

    The nurse pointed to a room, 13A. You pushed open the door, the room was large, huge, or maybe that was the feeling you had, as Luke looked tiny in the bed. You approached the bed, seeing your mother and father sitting on the sofa next to him. You didn't look at them, but you knew they were crying. Luke's skin was paler than you were used to, and there was a big stain on his head, and on his arms.

    He didn't smile at you like he used to, maybe it was the tube in his mouth. He didn't look at you, maybe the morphine was making him more tired. There were so many machines around him that you knew he was scared, you were sure of it.

    You knelt on the side of the bed, taking the boy's hand that you adopted as a brother. He was cold, you wanted to believe that it was the air conditioning in the room that was making the boy could. The boy who brought you life, hope, and joy. He didn't move, nor did he react to your touch. At that moment, you decided to look at your mother. She was crying, her face was red, so she just shook her head. You let out a sob but held the cry in your throat.

    “Hey, little guy.” You turned your attention to the boy. “Did you know that pirates used to see a green light on the horizon at dusk?” You sniffled, feeling tears forming in your eyes. “I know you were afraid, but I am here with you now.” You held the boy's hand carefully, so that he would not feel pain. Your heart clenched in your chest, it felt like there was someone squeezing it. “You are the bravest child I have ever met, you are a super soldier.” You lowered your head, leaning your forehead against the mattress of the bed, you couldn't control the tears anymore, just letting them fall. “I know you're tired, and you promised to come to my show, but that's okay.” You looked up at him, bringing your hand up to his face and running your thumb across his cheek. “Rest at ease, my brother, I'm with you here. You can follow the green light.”

    As if awaiting your permission, Luke took his last breath. The machines connected to his heart announced that his heart had rested. A scream broke your throat, along with a pain to your chest. Nurses and doctors rushed in to get you out of the room, your parents followed. You felt your father's arms hold you down so that you wouldn't fall to your knees on the floor.

    Your crying was uncontrollable, you imagined the scenarios you had planned. The trip to Disney, to see a Lakers game, him singing with you on stage.

    He wouldn't live through that.


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    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Wanda Maximoff in purple over the years

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    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Wanda Maximoff in X-Men: First Class #9

    #forgot to post these ones earlier!! she’s so pretty #wanda maximoff#scarlet witch#sw fashion#hex power#marvel 616 #xmen first class #xmen first class v2 #roger cruz
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    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #4 - "Verdigris" (2021)

    written by Leah Williams art by Lucas Werneck, David Messina, & Edgar Delgado
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  • wandaswifeyforlifey
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Turtle Doves

    A/n: I'm actually really proud of this fic and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Also, just a little reference I used, two turtle doves are a symbol for love. I hope you like this festive fic and enjoy reading it!

    Ship: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    Warnings: None but a fair amount of teasing and pining

    Word count: 830

    Summary: The whole team knew about your love for Wanda so when you go out to the Christmas Market, a team tradition, you find the perfect gift for her and present it to her in the most gorgeous place you'd ever seen.

    Navigation / Masterlist / Taglist / Christmas Fics

    The Christmas Market was your favourite event of the year and this time you had people to attend it with. More importantly, someone to attend it with. Your attraction towards Wanda was barely a secret anymore, thanks to Tony. Everyone seemed to know apart from Wanda herself. Due to this, the teasing was unbearable. Steve would give you a suggestive look when he left the room to leave you and Wanda alone together, Nat would try her hardest to get you to sit next to each other in the car or at the dinner table, Tony would purposefully put you on the same missions, you were surprised Wanda wasn’t aware of this because the team we not subtle about it.

    Tony always made the Christmas Market a big team event to bring you all closer together and give everyone a chance to buy their gifts. Winter was also the best time of year to go out as no one could recognise you beneath all of the hats, scarves, coats and gloves.

    There were few presents left to buy, all you needed to get were some quality socks for Bruce, dainty but chic earrings for Nat and the perfect gift for Wanda. That single present was the only thing you’d been struggling with this Christmas. What if you did too much? Not enough? Not her thing? There seemed to be thousands of things that could go wrong. Hopefully, this market could help give you some ideas.

    When you all arrived, you split off into groups of three. In one group was Steve, Bucky and Sam, in the second was Bruce, Yelena and Clint, in the third was Tony, Rhodey and Vision and finally, there was You, Natasha and Wanda. This was not convenient for you at all considering you were here to buy presents for the other members of your group but there was nothing you could do about it.

    The stalls were beautiful with colourful and delicate glass baubles at one, where you felt that by even breathing on them they could shatter into a million pieces or wooden decorations with etchings on them reading heartwarming quotes. It all brought you into the perfect festive mood. You noticed Natasha hanging back slightly, leaving Wanda and you to walk together. She began to shiver and hooked her arm in yours, intertwining you. Despite the cold weather, you felt the heat rising in your cheeks and turned away with a slowly appearing smile.

    “Oh, these are gorgeous! Y/n, have a look,” Wanda pulled you towards a stand that was selling jewellery. She picked up a ring and held it out to you. She was absolutely right. It was alluring. It was a simple silver ring with a thin band but a perfectly circular red gemstone in the centre of it. The mix of colours inside made it look like liquid with browns, reds, yellows and a silver shimmer. It was the perfect gift.

    You slowly left Wanda at the stall, hoping she wouldn’t notice when you walked over to Natasha.

    “I need you to keep Wanda away from me for a little bit, ok?” you said in a hushed tone even though Wanda was most definitely out of earshot.

    “Ooh, trouble in paradise?” she smirked.

    “Ugh. No, I’m trying to buy her a present which will hopefully get me into paradise,” you replied, slightly annoyed. Nat understood completely, walked towards Wanda, still looking at the jewellery, and dragged her over to another stand selling cheese and chutney. This was your chance. You had faith in Natasha to stop her from even looking over so there wasn’t even an ounce of worry, just excitement.

    You planned to give it to her that same day while you were still out. There was a more secluded place you’d passed by earlier that you would take her to and present the ring.

    The snow was falling, the sun was setting, it was heavenly. You had taken Wanda by the hand without saying anything and walked her over to the spot. There was a fountain frozen over with icicles cascading over the brim and two turtle doves nuzzling each other were sitting at the very top. When she looked around she gasped, amazed by the beauty and simplicity of her surroundings. You were sitting on the bench just in front of the fountain with a small box in your hand.

    “Why have you taken me here?” she said, breaking the silence.

    “Because I thought I’d give you a present a little bit earlier,” you opened the box and placed it on her lap. Tears seemed to line the bottom of her eyes as she recognised the ring from hours ago. The turtle doves flitted away as she lifted you off the bench and hugged you tightly. As she pulled away she kissed you on the cheek leaving a red-ish lipstick stain.

    “You’re incredible.”

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    Perks of the job (18+)

    Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x f!reader, Wanda Maximoff x f!reader, Carol Danvers x f!reader, Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff, Carol Danvers x Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x f!reader x Carol Danvers.

    Word count: 3.8k

    Genre: smut (50% plot, 50% porn)

    Warnings: porn actress!Natasha, porn actress!Wanda, threesome,foursome (?), vaginal fingering, oral sex, pet names, everyone is horny for reader

    Note: i have no idea how production works so just roll with it

    "You got fired?!" Yelena's voice echoed through the almost empty cafe, gaining attention of the barista. You sent him a sheepish smile and turned to smack the back of Yelena's head.

    "I quit." You scoffed, sneaking another packet of sugar into the pocket of your jacket.

    "What's the difference? You're jobless either way." She pointed out, snatching the last packet from your fingers. She liked her coffee extra sweet.

    "I chose to leave. That's the difference." You are fresh out of college, hopping from one job to another, never sticking for more than a few months. And it wasn't your fault. Your last boss was a fifty something man who thought he could get away with his inappropriate remarks. He certainly didn't get away from your lukewarm coffee being thrown into his annoying ass face.

    Well, maybe you were fired.

    "You know my sister works in film industry, right?" Yelena asked. Although you've never met her, you do know about her sister, she is an actress. You never saw her movies though.

    Yelena waited for your nod before continuing. "She's shooting something right now and their production assistant bailed. They really need someone reliable." She fiddled with her coffee, not quite meeting your eyes.

    You don't have any experience working in film and you really don't want to disappoint Yelena's sister. The blonde always spoke highly about her and you knew she was her role model. Even though they were stepsisters, you knew they were incredibly close.

    So yeah, disappointing Natasha was not an option. But you really needed a job, your savings won't last for long. So...

    You looked up when Yelena pinched your cheek and a thought hit you. "You hate your job, why don't you try it out?" You pondered, eyeing her suspiciously.

    She withdrew her hand, leaning back against her chair, eyes darting around the cafe. She took a sip of her coffee before she replied.

    "Well... Remember how you always wanted to see one of her movies and I never let you?" She sounded hesitant.


    "Yeah that's because I'd rather pluck out my eyeballs with a dull wooden spoon than watch them." Your eyebrows shot up to your hairline, not understanding her point. You know she loves her sister, so you don't get why she's not supporting her.

    "It's porn, okay?" She yelped and the guy behind the register hurried in the backroom.

    "She's a porn actress?!" You screeched, smacking the table with your palm. The old couple two tables away sent you a dirty look. You waved them off, focusing on your best friend. "That's a no. I appreciate the offer, but I don't think I'll be able to work there."


    "I'm glad you accepted the job."

    After three days of contemplation, you decided to give it a try. Money was great and working hours were perfect. So you let Yelena (who kept dutifully quiet, but had a smug grin on her lips) drop you off at the studio.

    "You won't believe how hard it is to find the right person in this line of work." The blonde in front of you smiled warmly, handing you some documents to sign.

    "I'm happy to work for you, Ms. Danvers. I won't let you down." You shook her hand and she led you out of her office, beckoning someone closer.

    "You must be, Y/n! I'm Darcy and I'll tell you everything you need to know." The short woman tugged you into the array of the corridors, not waiting for your response. You hurried to catch up with her, Carol's laughter ringing in your ears.

    "I'm the tech, so if you have any questions about our gear you know who to ask. This guy right here is Thor." She gestured to the bulky man behind the camera. He waved excitedly in greeting, his face lighting up with a smile. You instantly relaxed, he had some soothing aura around him.

    "He's our cameraman, super nice and friendly, will beat up anyone who tries to hurt you. That one with the sandwich is Jane, my girlfriend. She's responsible for the sound." The girlfriend in question sent you a small smile before hurrying to the coffee machine. "Our boss, aka Captain, is always in her office when there's nothing to do. Bossy, but nice. I think she likes you already." She sent you a wink, squeezing your elbow. You followed her down the hall feeling extremely out of place, but welcomed at the same time.

    "Let the girl breathe, Darcy." A husky voice caused both of you to turn around.

    You were greeted with a sight of Natasha Romanoff standing right in front of you in a simple white bathrobe. You could bet your left pinky that there was nothing underneath that piece of clothing.

    "I'm Natasha. It's nice to finally meet you, Y/n." She smiled.

    The family album Yelena showed you didn't do the redhead any justice. While she looked stunning in the pictures, up close she looked like a goddess. Her red hair cascaded down her shoulders and her forest green eyes bore right into your soul.

    "Likewise." You managed a smile in return, your cheeks reddening in response to her intense gaze.

    "Is she our new girl?" Another voice came from your right and you turned to it's source, felling yourself redden even more. "I'm Wanda."

    Another redhead with stunning green eyes. Cool. You're totally breathing just fine. And your palms are not sweaty.

    "Your new girl?" Your voice sounded too hoarse and you had to clear your throat under Natasha's too knowing gaze.

    "Carol wanted us to do a threesome for a long time. Said she'll find us the greatest match. I think she outdid herself. Don't you agree, Nat?" Her gaze racked all over you body, lingering on your chest and lips.

    "Okay, enough." Darcy noticed your flustered state and took pity on you, pulling you flush against her side. "I don't want Y/n to have a heart attack on her first day. She's Carol's assistant, so calm your tits!" You chuckled awkwardly, but the two women in front of you did not stop their staring. After a second, Wanda looked away in disappointment, pouting slightly.

    Natasha looked determined. She sent you a nod and pulled Wanda towards the changing rooms, whispering something in her ear.

    "Sorry about that. Now let's continue our tour."


    You spent the rest of that day trailing behind Darcy and running some errands for Carol, successfully avoiding the redhead duo. It's not because you didn't like them, it's because you liked them a little too much.

    Carol didn't make things easier for you. With a constant smirk and countless winks sent your way, she seemed to warm up to you even more.

    Three days passed in a blur. You were lucky they just finished shooting a lengthy video, when you first came for work. It let you adjust to the environment and get to know everyone before seeing them naked.

    There were other actresses, of course. So far you've met Valkyrie (who flirted with Carol the second she caught a sight of her), Agatha (she didn't even spare you a glance, stormed right in front of you towards changing rooms) and Maria (she was actually really nice and asked you on a friendly date).

    Today there was a shot scheduled for the afternoon and no matter how hard you prayed for it to get delayed, Wanda and Natasha still came out of the dressing room clad in fluffy white bathrobes.

    "Can't wait to see your reaction. Do you have a history of passing out under pressure?" Darcy appeared by your side with a cup of warm tea, patting your back when she saw you swallow nervously.

    "Darcy, don't you have a job to do?" Carol called out from her seat, saving you from the awkward conversation. You sent her a tight lipped smile in thanks. She shrugged you off, sending you one of her warm smiles, before turning to glare at Darcy. "Put that phone back in your pocket, Lewis or else," she warned.

    "Well, I just wanted the whole groupchat to see her reaction. You're no fun, Cap," Darcy grumbled, but hid her phone anyway.

    You attention returned to the two women discussing the scene. They were too engrossed in the conversation to notice your staring, but Carol did. She hummed to herself, gears turning in her head.

    "Everything's ready, boss." Thor stayed behind his camera, sending thumbs up to Carol.

    "Start rolling. Natasha, whenever you're ready," smiling at the pair, the blonde woman relaxed in her seat. She always had that calming aura around her, a sense of steadiness and confidence radiating off her in waves. She tilted her head when she felt your eyes on her, ready to turn to you, but you glanced away just in time, focusing on Wanda.

    That was the wrong move.

    In the time it took you to take your eyes off Carol, Wanda and Natasha shedded the robes, positioning themselves on the spacious bed. The younger woman laid on the duvet, waiting for Natasha to put on a strap, which she did with unsurprising ease.

    You felt your chest burn all the way up to your cheeks, your heartbeat so prominent you felt you shirt shake. Suddenly, you felt a hand grasp your shoulder, making you jump up in your seat.

    "First time is always awkward. Just think about something disgusting," Jane advised with a gentle look in her eyes. "I almost quit on my first day, but Darcy convinced me to stay," she glanced up for a second, her eyes widening. "You know I think I need your help in the back room." She ushered you up, shielding the view in front of you.

    You realised what she was doing the second you saw the look in her eyes and no matter how much you wanted to save yourself from embarrassment, you wanted to see what was happening even more.

    "Thank you, really, but I think it's better to face it all now." You tried your best to sound calm, but Wanda's throaty moan threw your hard work out of the window. You gulped, cursing Jane for blocking the view.

    "If you're sure." She cast you one last look before disappearing somewhere on set.

    You didn't pay her any mind, your mind blanking out as soon as you saw what was happening.

    Wanda was on her fourth, arching her back to meet Natasha's harsh thrusts. Her strap slid easily inside Wanda's waiting pussy, pulling out a hiss from the younger woman. She looked right into your eyes then, fisting Wanda's hair and tugging harshly, so she was fully presented in front of you, soft breasts moving from Natasha's animalistic thrusts.

    Tears trailed down Wanda's face as she whispered something under her breath. "Please", you heard her faint voice. Looking up you saw her already staring at you. She bit down her lip, her eyes rolling from pleasure. You could see her struggling to keep them open. The woman behind her slid her hand across Wanda's stomach, hoisting her up so you could have the perfect view of her gushing wet pussy.

    You subtly crossed your legs, glancing around to see if anyone noticed the state you were in. Thankfully, no one seemed to pay you any mind, everyone was too engrossed in the scene.

    Shutting your eyes, you took a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself to continue observing the couple. You almost wished Carol would tell you to go and make her coffee (although she never did that, claiming she was perfectly capable of making it herself, and even going as far as always making sure to bring you one too).

    You finally opened your eyes to see Wanda staring at you pleadingly, her eyes brightening up when she saw you biting your lips. Her body was shaking from pleasure. The only thing stopping her from falling back on her fourth was Natasha's vice grip. The older was was not far behind, her juices sliding down her own thighs. She was grunting from pleasure and had the audacity to wink at you when your eyes finally landed on her face.

    "Enjoying the show?" She mouthed, tilting her head just enough so that cameras won't catch the words.

    Standing up from your chair you looked away, gaining attention of Carol. Her brows furrowed in concern as she stood up as well, motioning for Thor to keep on filming.

    "Y/n, a word?" She whispered in your ear, seemingly as not to disturb the scene in front of you. Her left hand barely grazed your waist, but it was enough to send shivers down your spine.

    You looked away from Wanda's tear stricken face and wondered why Carol wanted to leave in the middle of the shoot. "They can handle themselves." She pulled you with her, her hand on the small of your back, leading you to her office.

    "Sit." She gestured to the guest chair in front of her desk and you wondered why she took you here.

    Are you in trouble?

    "I have a proposition for you." She was all business now, looking over the documents she pulled from the drawer. She looked magnificent like that, relaxed and leaned back against her leather chair, the sleeves of her white dress shirt rolled up to her elbows, reveling her toned forearms.

    "I'm not going to sugar coat this. I want you on the other side of that camera." Her request sent a chill down your spine. A particularly loud moan from down the hall reached your ears, making you blush furiously.

    She pinned you to the chair with her gaze and you squirmed in your seat, reminded of your arousal yet again. She looked down at the movement and you were thankful for the desk between the two of you.

    Her eyes flickered back to you with a knowing twinkle.

    "I'm not sure I understand." You whispered, clinging to the last bit of hope for... What were you hoping for? For this conversation to end? Or for her to confirm your suspicions? You remember all to well the first and only conversation you had with the redheads. Carol was looking for a girl to join them. They wanted it to be you.

    The older woman turned to the mimi bar on the windowsill, pulling out a bottle of water. "Drink. You look thirsty."

    You took it with no hesitation, tips of her fingers barely grazing your own. She moved to sit on the edge of the desk, her leg brushing yours. You gulped down the water and cleared your throat.

    "Natasha knows how to take care of good girls like you." She eyed you up and down, her fingers tilting your chin up. "You're a good girl, aren't you?" Her thumb brushed against your lower lip, pulling it from between your teeth. You let out a breath, clenching your thighs. Her eyes focused on the lower part of your body. "Want me to take care of that?" She slid her hand down your body to the hem of your skirt, dipping lower to massage your inner thigh. Your heart was beating out of your chest from her ministrations. "If you want me to stop, say the word and I won't bother you ever again. But if you want me to fuck you like you deserve, you have to be a good girl and open that pretty mouth of yours. Speak." Her finger brushed the fabric of your panties and you buckled your hips, moaning at the feeling.

    "Please..." You finally found your voice, grasping her arms to keep her in place.

    "Please what?" She bit down your earlobe.

    "Please fuck me." You whimpered, spreading your legs in invitation.

    She let out a low chuckle, pulling away a bit to enjoy the look on your face. "Now there's a good girl."

    She grabbed you by the back of your thighs, pulling you up only to put you down right on the edge of the desk, spreading your legs and inching closer until she was right in front of you.

    "Take off your shirt." She pulled your panties to the side and dipped a finger into your dripping cunt, pulling out a deep moan from your lips. You hurried to get rid of said item, throwing the shirt away. Her other trailed up to your bra, nudging it up until your breasts were on display for her.

    She pulled out, teasing your clit. You clenched around nothing, whining at the feeling of emptiness. "I need more, please," you gasped. Grasping Carol's jaw you pulled her into a deep kiss.

    She let out a moan when your tongues met, her thighs clenched so hard, you were glad to not be between them.

    "Fuck, Y/n," she grunted and slid two fingers inside, pumping them slowly. She trailed kisses down your neck to your breasts, teeth scraping at your nipple, forcing you to fall back on your elbows. Your back arched from pleasure and you had to bite down on your hand to keep yourself quiet. Your hips bucked into her strong body, grinding down on her hand, legs wrapped around her waist to get her even closer.

    "Don't hide those pretty moans," Carol whispered in your ear, adding a third finger, her thumb circling your clit with a slightest pressure. You were rapidly growing closer, your eyes rolling back from her words.

    She fucked you hard and deep, pressing your body against the table. A tear slid down your cheek from the overwhelming pleasure, your walls clenching around her fingers as you were ready to cu-

    "Carol, we need y-" Natasha's voice rang through the haze and you pressed your face in the crook of Carol's neck, trying to hide your face from embarrassment. You couldn't possibly see it, but Natasha's gaze slid down your body, stopping when she saw you clenching around Carol's fingers.

    Wanda trailed in after Natasha, oblivious to what was happening in the room, and stopped dead in her tracks when she took in the scene in front of her.

    "Leave." Carol turned to glare at the pair, tightening her hold on your hipbone. You whined at her voice, still too aware of her fingers buried deep inside you and her thumb gently tracing your clit in a stark contrast to her harsh tone. Wanda's eyes snapped up to your face at the sound and you met her stare, clenching around the blondes fingers.

    "And if she wants us to stay?" She directed her question to Carol, but her eyes never left yours.

    Carol looked down, gently nudging your chin up. "If you're even slightly uncomfortable say the word and we'll be gone," she whispered so only you could hear her, making sure you understood every word.

    "Don't go."

    Almost if she was pulled by a rope, Wanda hurried closer, stopping right beside Carol. You didn't dare to move, ready to take whatever she was willing to give.

    She took Carol's hand, pulling it away from your pussy and sucked her juice coated fingers, moaning at the taste. She never once looked away from you, enjoying the moan that escaped your mouth at the sight.

    "She looks so pretty like that, doesn't she?" Natasha nibbled at your earlobe. You didn't even notice her coming up behind you. "Don't you want her pouty lips on your pussy?" Her hand trailed down your stomach to reach your clit, softly pinching it. Your hips buckled into her palm, thighs still clasped around Carol's waist, who watching the scene with hungry eyes.

    "Yes, please." Tears of pleasure slid down your cheeks. Natasha wrapped her other hand around your throat, pulling you back against her body.

    "Don't be so greedy, Nat." Carol grasped your hips, rooting you in place.

    Natasha scoffed at her words, her fingers trailed down and finally entered your waiting hole. The feeling of her long fingers moving inside you made your eyes roll. You reached behind and grabbed her hair, tugging her face against your neck. She hissed from pain and harshly bit down on your neck, pulling a deep grunt out of you.

    "Know your place." She gritted out, slapping your thigh.

    "Don't be mean, Nat. She'll learn soon enough." Wanda softly massaged your breasts, trailing gentle kisses up the other side of your neck. "She'll be such a good pet for us." Her kisses inched closer and closer to your lips, untill she finally reached her destination. She softly bit down on your lower lip and pulled you in a passionate kiss, her quick tongue exploring your mouth, leaving your own taste on your tongue.

    "Now show me how good you can be and don't cum until Natasha allows you to." She completely pulled away, turning around to face Carol.

    She unbuckled her pants, tugging them down. You choked from the sight of the blonde falling back on the chair with parted legs, Wanda's head buried between her legs. Your eyes trailed up to her face. Her eyes clouded with pleasure, falling shut as she pulled Wanda's face closer.

    "You really like to watch, don't you?" Natasha bit down on your earlobe, tugging it with her teeth. "Fuck, I knew you were perfect the second I laid my eyes on you."

    She pulled out, adding a fourth finger as she dived back in. You hissed from the stretch, your back arching from the slightest bit of pian.

    "Shhh, pretty girl, I know you can take it." She pushed deeper, burying four finger into your aching hole, letting you adjust before resuming her pace. "They look so good together. I wish you could see yourself right now, spread out for me, crying and whining from pleasure." Circling your clit with her thumb, she used her other hand to tug your leg on the table. "Let Carol enjoy the view."

    Your head fell back on Nat's shoulder, a scream rippled through your throat from the change of the angle.

    "Come for us, malyshka."

    You came with a loud cry, clenching around her hand you clasped your thighs closed, keeping her still moving hand inside. Your vision went black and the only thing you could feel was her fingers moving gently inside you, easing out with each stroke.

    She gently pulled out, nudging your mouth open with her fingers, so you could clean them up. You opened up with no hesitation, letting her gently fuck your mouth with her fingers.

    "We are keeping her." Wanda smiled at Natasha when you finally opened your eyes, cupping your jaw to trace your cheeks with her thumbs.

    "When did you-" you struggled to form a sentence, too stunned by her sudden closeness.

    "Shhh." She kneeled before you licking your pussy clean, pulling a hiss out of you every time her nose brushed against your sore clit. She pulled away with a grin, softly massaging your thighs.

    "Can we go back to my place? I'm kind of tired and in dire need of sleep." Carol stretched on her chair, sending you a sleepy wink.

    "You're too soft," Natasha scoffed, still hugging you close to her body. "We'll go to my place."

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  • upat4amwiththemoon
    02.12.2021 - 17 hours ago


    Summary: It’s so difficult.

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x female!reader

    Warnings: slight angst, depression

    Word count: 1087

    a/n: happy December! Feedback is always appreciated :)

    Tags: @thought-of-you-and-me

    Ever since Wanda and Y/N started dating two years ago, they have only hung out at the Avengers tower rather than in Y/N’s house. Mostly her excuses were something along the line of *it’s too far away*, *your place is so much nicer* or *I forgot to clean*. The last statement is half the truth, so it’s not like she is lying all the time about her home.

    Her house isn’t a bad house by no means nor in a bad area. It’s actually quite nice. The only problem is, it’s dirty. Clothes, trash and everything else on the floors. The fridge is full of molded food she forgot to eat. Dishes haven’t been washed in months and the ones Y/N uses over and over again have so many hardened food stains on them. Dust has never been swept and neither has the floors been cleaned. Multiple trash bags are lying around from the excessive amount of frozen food and ready meal boxes, because cooking a meal feels too much.

    Y/N is embarrassed. She doesn’t want Wanda to see how she feels in such a concrete way. A messy mind can be hidden, but a messy house is much harder to conceal.

    Today is date night once again, and the plan is to stay the night at the Avengers Tower after the date. Right now, Wanda and Y/N are walking hand in hand towards the tower, laughing and talking together.

    Y/N curses as she looks into her bag. “I forgot my phone.” She mumbles, groaning at the realization.

    Wanda giggles, wrapping one arm around her waist. “Lets go get it then. Your place isn’t far away.”

    Y/N stops walking, thinking of an excuse why it wouldn’t be a good idea for Wanda to come to her house. “How about you go to the tower and set our movie night up, while I’ll go get my phone.” She smiles.

    “Why can’t I see your house?” Wanda lets go of Y/N and puts her hands to her hips. “Why do you hide it?” Irritation is clear on her face.

    “They’re doing some construction work in there, so you know, it’s not the best looking right now.”

    “You’re lying.”

    “Wha- no! I wouldn’t lie about that.” Y/N laughs nervously, not knowing how to react to the situation. “I’m not hiding anything.”

    “Am I not worthy enough to see it or something then?”

    “It’s nothing like that.” Y/N starts to sound desperate as her hands fly around. “Of course you’re worthy.”

    “Great, let’s go then.” Wanda starts walking to the general direction of Y/N’s house, not quite sure where it is.

    Y/N stays put, staring at Wanda’s back as tears start streaming down her face. “No, Wanda, please.” Her voice cracks as she takes hold of Wanda’s hand to stop her. Wanda turns around, concern overpowering every bit of annoyance when she sees the tears. “I don’t want you to see my house.” Y/N starts sobbing.

    “Honey, hey, it’s okay.” Wanda pulls Y/N to her embrace. “What’s wrong? You’re scaring me.”

    She shakes her head, leaning to her girlfriend’s chest while she sobs. Y/N clings to Wanda’s shirt, her knuckles turning different shade at the pressure. Wanda notices Y/N isn’t calming down any time soon, so she moves to an alley with no people.

    “Baby, talk to me, please.” She whispers, rubbing Y/N’s back.

    “I don’t want you to see my house.”

    Y/N’s quiet and broken voice breaks Wanda’s heart. “Why not?” Silence fill the air, only thing breaking it is Y/N’s crying and the sounds of cars. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

    “It’s embarrassing. You wouldn’t love me anymore.” The last part comes out as a whisper so Wanda wouldn’t hear, but she does.

    “Look at me.” Wanda puts her hands to the sides of Y/N’s head to move it up, so she could see her face. “There’s nothing that’d make me not love you.” She emphasizes every single word she says, making sure the words go to her brain and stay there. “Do you understand?”

    Y/N nods slightly. She sniffles. “Are you sure you want to see it?” She asks quietly.

    “Yes, honey.”

    Y/N bites the inside of her cheek. After a while she nods and starts walking towards her house, holding onto Wanda’s hand.

    The walk goes by quickly. Neither of them talk during it, but Wanda tries her best to comfort Y/N with her soft touches and by rubbing the back of her hand with her thumb.

    At the door, Y/N waits with the keys in her hand. Wanda is patient, she stays by her side quietly. “You promise you won’t leave me?” She turns to look at Wanda, fresh tears gathering in her eyes.

    “I promise.” Wanda smiles.

    Y/N takes a deep breath before opening the door. They step inside the apartment, Y/N in font of Wanda so she wouldn’t have to see her facial expression. Wanda looks around the apartment, watching her steps to not break anything on the floor. “I don’t keep my place like this always, it’s just- sometimes it’s just too much to even pick up a single thing or, or wash one dish. And I-“

    “Y/N.” Wanda turns her around. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    “I thought you’d leave me.” She bows her head down in shame, her eyes stinging from tears.

    “I would never.” Wanda lifts up her head. “You need to tell me what’s going on here.” She taps the side of Y/N’s head. “So I can help, before it’s too late.” Her voice cracks at the thought of loosing Y/N. “You tell me when you’re feeling like this, okay? Right away.”

    “I will.”

    “Good.” Wanda looks around the apartment again. “Now you go sit down while I work my magic.” She pecks her lips and pushes her to sit down on her bed before starting to clean up the place with her magic. Y/N stares at the things flying around the apartment and her dishes getting cleaned.

    After 20 minutes the whole apartment is cleaned. It actually makes Y/N cry. Not from sadness, but from relief, joy and the fact that someone cares about her so much. She hugs Wanda, who smiles and whispers sweet nothing to her ear.

    “I love you so much. I’ll always be here for you.”

    “I love you too.”

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  • incorrect-wandavision-quotes
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    Agnes: I believe you said your childhood was "satisfactory"?

    Wanda: No, you misheard me. I said it was a "sadness factory."

    #source: twitter#wandavision#agnes#agatha harkness#wanda maximoff#scarlet witch#mcu#marvel #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect wanda maximoff #incorrect wandavision #incorrect wandavision quotes
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    Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, & Marvel Girl in X-Men: First Class #9

    #it looks like Jean and Wanda are holding hands in the bottom panel…. MarvelWitch confirmed #natasha romanoff#black widow#wanda maximoff#scarlet witch#jean grey#marvel girl#scarletwidow#marvelwitch#marvel 616 #xmen first class #xmen first class v2 #roger cruz
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  • scarletwitchpanels
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    Scarlet Witch & Marvel Girl in X-Men: First Class #9

    #they r girlfriends :) #wanda maximoff#scarlet witch#jean grey#marvel girl#marvelwitch#marvel 616 #xmen first class #xmen first class v2 #roger cruz
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