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  • Kraken Mare is the largest sea on the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan. It is a huge body of liquid ethane and methane near Titan’s north pole. The sea covers 154,000 square miles. Cornell astronomers have estimated that the sea to be at least 1,000 feet deep near its center.

    The data for this discovery was gathered on Cassini’s T104 flyby of Titan on Aug. 21, 2014. The spacecraft’s radar surveyed Ligeia Mare – a smaller sea in the moon’s northern polar region – to look for the mysteriously disappearing and reappearing “Magic Island,” which was an earlier Cornell discovery.


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  • Skrill Nye!
    +100 points to those who can identify the molecules

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  • I asked the above question to a few groups I’m a part of and got some interesting answers: 


    Xenoestrogens: their widespread use and effect on public health - including the rise in reproductive cancers, reduction in IQ, estrogen effects on obesity, male fertility crisis, earlier and earlier sexual maturity of girls, possible pseudo-feminization of boys, and environmental effects.

    Nuclear power via modern reactors as one of the tools to combat climate change

    Direct air capture of co2 and methane

    Pituitary adenomas. Super common but often go undetected

    Building cloud cities on Venus

    Comfortable mammograms

    Science-based criminal reform

    Bringing back the idea of brothels as safe workplaces for SW, but having them be employee owned and get healthcare

    There should be more research into what causes migraine. Currently headache specialists and neurologists treat symptoms and don’t treat the cause, unless there are other underlying reasons for headache cause such as conditions, tumors, etc.

    Autoimmune related diseases

    Ranked Choice Voting

    Mental health


    Coming up with a way to track and destroy near-earth objects.

    Transparency in government and corporations.

    Recycling. It’s not a sustainable solution. The clean up effort is minuscule when compared to the output of trash per family.

    Mushrooms that eat plastic

    More equitable distribution of resources; shrinking the difference that luck plays in an individual’s life.


    ***Please feel free to add to the list.  

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  • Rare country here: Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda [1024x768][OS] (by Matteo Leoni) via /r/EarthPorn https://ift.tt/3pe7ks5

    #reddit#Earthporn#Science#Geology#Earth#Our World #Rare country here: Rwenzori Mountains in Ugan
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  • Bollywood, Hollywood mix at ‘Line of Descent’s Dubai premiere

    Bollywood, Hollywood mix at ‘Line of Descent’s Dubai premiere

    Bollywood actors Neeraj Kabi, Anisha Victor and director Rohit Karn Batra will attend the UAE premiere of their latest film ‘The Line of Descent’ on January 27 at the Vox Cinemas in Mall Of The Emirates.
    Actors Abhay Deol and Brendan Fraser, who are also a part of the ensemble cast featuring Bollywood and Hollywood talents, will not be joining the cast and crew in Dubai. The premiere is an…


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  • People with a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease have increased cognitive decline, including an increase in typical markers of Alzheimer’s disease, suggesting that monitoring and controlling for heart disease may be key to maintaining and improving cognitive health later in life, according to research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

    Dementia is a public health challenge, with 50 million people affected in 2017 and the World Health Organization predicting 82 million people by 2030. There is not currently an effective treatment for dementia, so identifying modifiable risk factors that could delay or prevent dementia onset are becoming more prominent.

    Previous studies have reported how cardiovascular disease risk factors were related to smaller volumes of specific brain regions, such as white matter, gray matter and hippocampus, but findings have been inconsistent. Researchers in this study sought to compare Framingham General Cardiovascular Risk Scores (FGCRS), which incorporate demographic information with traditional cardiovascular risk factors to assess future risk, to an individual’s long-term decline in global and domain specific cognitive function.

    Researchers followed 1,588 dementia-free participants from the Rush Memory and Aging Project for 21 years. The average age was 79.5 years. Their FGCRS was assessed at baseline and categorized into lowest, middle and highest groups according to heart disease risk. Each year participants’ episodic memory (memory of everyday events), semantic memory (long-term memory), working memory (short-term memory), visuospatial ability (capacity to identify visual and spatial relationships among objects) and perceptual speed (ability to accurately and completely compare letters, numbers, objects, pictures or patterns) was assessed using 19 tests to derive a composite score.

    At the end of the study period, researchers found that having a higher cardiovascular risk burden was associated with faster decline in episodic memory, working memory and perceptual speed. Researchers also looked at MRI data for a subset of patients and found that higher FGCRS was associated with smaller volumes of hippocampus, cortical gray matter and total brain. Decreases in hippocampal and gray matter are typical markers of Alzheimer’s dementia-related neurodegeneration. MRIs also showed a greater volume of white matter hyperintensities, which are white spots on the brain that cause an area to decline in functionality.

    Episodic memory and working memory were related to hippocampal volume, but perceptual speed was associated with white matter hyperintensities in the study, showing that results from the memory tests and the MRI were complementary.

    “In the absence of effective treatments for dementia, we need to monitor and control cardiovascular risk burden as a way to maintain patient’s cognitive health as they age,” said Weili Xu, PhD, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China. “Given the progressive increase in the number of dementia cases worldwide, our findings have both clinical and public health relevance.”

    Study limitations include that participants were volunteers from the community, which could limit the generalizability of the findings, and that participants were generally well-educated and performed relatively well on cognitive tests, so the observed association may have been an underestimation.

    In a related editorial comment, Costantino Iadecola, MD, Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, said exploring the use of a common cardiovascular risk score like FGCRS to assess cognitive decline is highly relevant.

    “The results of this study suggest a useful tool for assessing dementia risk and support recommendations to aggressively manage cardiovascular risk factors in midlife,” Iadecola said.

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  • In pictures: Poirier thumps McGregor at UFC Fight Island in Abu Dhabi

    In pictures: Poirier thumps McGregor at UFC Fight Island in Abu Dhabi

    from UAE,Education,Crime,Government,Health,Weather,Transport,Science,Environment Feed https://ift.tt/2NBEK6p
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  • UAE to open embassy in Tel Aviv

    UAE to open embassy in Tel Aviv

    Abu Dhabi: The UAE on Sunday approved a decision to establish the country’s embassy in Tel Aviv.
    The decision was approved during Sunday’s Cabinet meeting chaired by Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.
    Earlier last year, the UAE and Israel signed an agreement mediated by the former US President Donald Trump to establish full…

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  • Three men held for breaking into Bur Dubai villa, stealing valuables worth Dh700,000

    Three men held for breaking into Bur Dubai villa, stealing valuables worth Dh700,000

    Dubai: Three Dubai visitors have been accused of breaking into a villa and robbing expensive jewellery and cash amounting to Dh700,000.
    Dubai Court of First Instance heard that two men from Armenia and an Egyptian man raided a merchant’s villa in Bur Dubai area of Dubai in February last year. The 60-year-old Bahraini merchant said he was out of the country and returned four days later to discover…

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  • Dubai resident jailed for raping his maid while she was asleep

    Dubai resident jailed for raping his maid while she was asleep

    Dubai: A man who raped his maid while she was asleep inside his Dubai house has been sentenced to 10 years in jail, to be followed by deportation.
    Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the maid — who claimed she had a tendency to fall into deep sleep — alleged that she was raped by her employer while she was sleeping. She woke up in the middle of the act.
    The 30-year-old maid from Angola said…

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  • Dubai slams rumours about COVID-19 situation in emirate

    Dubai slams rumours about COVID-19 situation in emirate

    Dubai: The Dubai government has reiterated its efforts to maintain the highest level of protection against the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the full compliance with preventive and precautionary measures.
    Reacting to a story by the Associated Press (AP) about the COVID-19 situation in Dubai, the Dubai Government’s Media Office issued a statement rebuffing AP’s claims.
    Dubai has started a massive…

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  • image

    A nice codon wheel. Gotta love the genetics unit :)

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  • Some Sharjah private schools switch to online learning for two weeks

    Some Sharjah private schools switch to online learning for two weeks

    SHARJAH: Some Sharjah private schools are moving to full distance learning for two weeks starting from today.
    Ali Al Hosani, Director of Sharjah Private EducatioN Authority (SPEA) told Gulf News that some private schools in Sharjah will conduct online learning for two weeks as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.
    After the two-week online phase, students who had been…

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  • COVID-19: Dubai Health Authority suspends all non-urgent surgical procedures

    COVID-19: Dubai Health Authority suspends all non-urgent surgical procedures

    Dubai: Dubai Health Authority has directed all licensed hospitals and one-day surgery clinics to suspend all non-urgent surgical procedures until February 19.
    Dubai Media Office said the move is in line with efforts to ensure the highest quality of care for the community.

    The list of elective surgeries includes  but is not limited to neurosurgical procedures, fractures and corrective orthopaedic…

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  • UAE weather: Fog alert out as mist forms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, decrease in temperatures expected, dusty conditions due to wind

    UAE weather: Fog alert out as mist forms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, decrease in temperatures expected, dusty conditions due to wind

    Dubai: Be careful if you are hitting the road this morning as a fog alert has been issued due to hindered visibility.
    According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), today’s skies are looking dusty and partly cloudy at times, with a decrease in temperatures, especially westwards, like in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
    The NCM issued yellow and red alerts due to foggy conditions this morning in…


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  • a note i just took about intersexual selection and competition between males for reproductive purposes:

    • males fight b/c = horny, breeding kink
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