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  • This episode ends on a food fight because Bulk and Skull, and Mrs. Appleby pies her boss, the Principal Caplan.

    Also, this is so rude to Ernie, who owns and runs the Juice Bar. 

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  • Calm Cooking.

    I’ve started watching MasterChef.

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    Criminal Minds Screen Caps 1x22

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  • eliot could have easily run past hardison when he fell while they were running out of the exploding airplane factory in the nigerian job- so, so easily

    after all, why should he care? it was, as he said, “one job, no encores”

    why should he care about some random kid he worked with once on a job that didn’t even get a payoff?

    a kid that visibly annoyed him?

    that pointed a gun at him?

    that is “the reason why he works alone”

    it’s because something in him knew to save him. to protect him. something about that lanky, sarcastic geek that told him that he was not to die on his watch.

    something deep within eliot took over in that split second when hardison hit the ground and eliot’s hands reached for him. picking him up and pulling him away from the danger.

    later, when they were waiting for nate to wake up in the hospital bed and eliot is cuffed to that chair a part of him thinks about how natural it felt to pull him from danger. how it felt so familiar to drag that man to safety even though they’d barely just met. like his hands were meant to protect the younger man from harm.

    the larger part of his brain scoffs at the idea and shoves it aside. ridiculous.

    but the feeling still lives in the very far reaches of his mind. growing with each day he spends with the team. each time he yanks hardison out of the way of a thrown fist or drags him out of a crossfire. when he dismantles a car bomb that the man is sitting on. when he begrudgingly picks ‘the iceman’ up off the ground with parker in his other arm.

    his heart freezes over when hardison is taken. when he is six feet under, claustrophobic and terrified and running out of air in a place where eliot can’t reach. when his fingers dig into the earth, dirt crusting under his nails as they finally unearth the coffin and rip it open.

    and hardison is in his arms and smells of sweat and fear and eliot can almost hear his fast heartbeat as he tilts his head into the younger man’s shoulder. they cling to each other so tight in that moment and eliot knows then that if he had the choice, he’d never let go.

    something in his bones has been whispering to protect that young, foolishly smart man since the moment they met and eliot finally gives in. because having hardison that close to death nearly drove him to madness and something tells him that to lose him would be like to lose part of himself

    #basically: soulmates #they’re soulmates bitches and parker is their soulmate too it’s just not the focus of this post #I didn’t know where I was going with this post at first. I only knew I had Feelings™ #I swear I didn’t know where this was going. my fingers just started typing and didn’t stop until eliot finally gave into his feelings #me standing on a soapbox screaming: ELIOT SPENCER LOVES ALEC HARDISON #and parker of course #I paused the episode to write this #*me jumping from my jatp fixation back to my leverage fixation* IM BACK BITCHES #back to your regularly scheduled programming #I say as I come back from like a month hiatus spent blogging on another sideblog about julie and the phantoms lmfao #leverage #leverage season 1 #season 1 #leverage 1.01 #leverage 1x01 #the Nigerian job #eliot spencer#alec hardison#leverage ot3#ot3 meta#my meta #eliot x hardison #parker x hardison x eliot #mine #also while I have your attention: how funny would it be if I married a celebrity for the meme and divorced like a day later #bc owen patrick joyner legit wants to marry a fan for the meme and I have a nearly foolproof reason on why I should be the one he does it so #**with #note: it involves my homophobic mom that insists I’m going to marry a man one day and how fucking FUNNY it would be if I *did* marry a man #only to divorce him like a day later #dude is a TROLL and my friends and I feel like he’d be down for that
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    Thinking about the old supernatural promos again.

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    The Truth is Out There → 1.17 “E.B.E.”
    Trust No One → 1.24 “The Erlenmeyer Flask”
    Deny Everything → 2.06 “Ascension”
    Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate → 4.03 “Teliko”
    Believe the Lie → 4.24 “Gethsemane”

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  • Anime Levi #321

    Episode 21 - 鉄槌 ―第57回壁外調査⑤― (Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5)

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  • Like, the keeping their identity secret thing is fine, but like:

    what about mental health??? Zordon, what’s your plan when they get PTSD from being child soldiers???

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  • So, in the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there’s Earthquake-like activity (it’s actually Rita-caused) that happens. Now I assume some of the footage is from the Super Sentai series that MMPR is derived from (Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger), but regardless of that, like.. MMPR is set (and made in) in California and Super Sentai is a Japanese production.

    Both these places are rather familiar with Earthquakes so… there shouldn’t be people running in the streets. 

    Also, these California characters (including Alpha 5, who is technically from another planet) think it might be The Big One. 

    The fact that Alpha is making reference to that terminology means Alpha and Zordon are definitely well-aware that their decision to build the Command Center in California is impacted by the possibility of Earthquakes.

    Also, this episode came out MONTHS before the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

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  • … is there something you’re not telling us, Mikey?

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  • Van Duson: I don’t want to hear it Jonathan! After all the effort we went to, to get this machine, I need it to work!

    Jonathan: Sir this machine hasn’t been used in over 20 years the software running it is for want of a better term; shit! Not to mention this stuff is well above my pay grade. Its also encrypted. But… I think I can break that this software is fuckin’ ancient.

    Van Duson raised his hand to his head and sighed. All this computer stuff vexed him so.

    Van Duson: We shall leave all the computer shit to you then. Just please tell me you can make this contraption work, you know how important it is to our plan!


    Jonathan nodded as he carried on typing, the machine was over 20 years old.

    Jonathan: I’m in.

    Van Duson: Good. What have you found?

    Jonathan: Give me a chance boss! Hmm, looks like its all here, the drivers to talk to the thing are working. This looks like, integrated sixamite tech with our own… So its a bit… clunky. Whoever paired this stuff up must have had the patience of a damn saint!

    There was hum as the machine popped to life for the first time in decades. The monitors registered power, the sound of fluid gurgling through pipes began to resonate in the small room.

    Van Duson: I do believe Jonathan, you may have done it! 

    Jonathan: Looks like my degree in Computer Science was worth it after all sir!


    The strange apparatus pulsed, glowed, and thrummed as Jonathan continued typing on the computer. The computer was slow, but doing its job.

    Van Duson: We are almost there Jonathan! Almost! Everything we’ve worked for over the past several years is coming to fruition at last.

    Jonathan: Sir, we don’t even know if this thing is going to work… we better run some tests or something first. Because this pile of old crap didn’t come with a handbook…

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  • I found the lyrics about the rain.

    Now or Never: “We’re the revolution that’s been singing in the rain.”

    Wake up: “It’s not what you lost. It’s what you’ll gain raising your voice to the rain.”

    The Other Side of Hollywood: “The rain dont blind the rising souls. They got too much to see.”

    I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, or even just making it up. There’s kind of a difference in how these songs sing about the rain. Julie and Sunset Curve sing about the rain as it adds to their music and experience. It sounds more like Caleb sings about it as an annoyance.

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