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  • caffiend-queen
    01.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    That Old Black Magic

    Chapter Two - Only For You

    In which formidable CEO Loki Odinson, the powerful head of Asgard Industries for some reason unfathomable to you, is a relentless flirt and steady customer at your café. Halloween is your favorite holiday, and Loki intends to make it one you’ll never forget.

    This chapter dedicated to my dear @nildespirandum - a connoisseur of all things Loki.

    Chapter one here

    So my dear @sallymagnoliaposts​ wanted a chapter two...

    The ride in Loki’s Jaguar? Glorious.

    The kiss as he helped you out of the car? Sublime.

    Even the touching and teasing you gently, Loki’s chuckles showing how much he enjoyed taking off your pretty dress, slowly, slowly unzipping you with many kisses down your back - it was perfect.

    The moment of awkward awareness was you, standing in his massive, shadowy bedroom in the flossy, fancy-dancy lingerie he’d included in your "Cinderella Fairy Princess Magical Makeover Kit” that Susan assembled around you. Loki was slowly removing his tie, pale face half-hidden in the dim light, but those eyes… his emerald eyes alight and practically glowing as he stared at you. And you were suddenly, painfully aware of the stretch marks on your upper thighs, that burn scar on your forearm from that tray of cookies you’d dropped while taking them out of the oven. Your hands were calloused, with sensible fingernails, cut short.

    And this was Lokl Odinson, multimillionaire and the CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in the world. He was famous, he was gorgeous. He should be dating a model or an actress.

    What were you doing here?

    “I can almost hear you thinking, darling,” that beautiful voice, the exquisite accent and deep, resonant tone.

    You sighed a little. That voice… Oh, he was apparently still talking.

    ”Do you know the very first time I saw you, darling?” His suit jacket was off, laying neatly over a chair with his tie. Loki was unbuttoning his shirt slowly, button by button with those long, clever fingers.

    “Uh…” you tore your gaze away from his firm pectorals, revealed with each button loosened. My god, this man was toned! You knew there had to be a thick layer of muscle over that lean body, but Loki was beautifully sculpted, something that Michelangelo might create. “At… the café, I guess?”

    “Mmm… no,” he whispered in your ear, placing a gentle kiss underneath it. “You were catering a fundraiser for a friend of mine - Sakura Tran?” He was behind you now, hands sliding up your arms and down again, soothingly, leaning you slightly off balance and against him.

    “Oh, of course!” You said, a little shocked. “I managed a catering service before opening the café. But that was…”

    “Three years ago,” Loki prompted, gently sliding down one strap of your lacy corset and kissing your shoulder, making you give a pleasurable little shiver.

    You turned to look up at him. “You remembered the catering staff from a fundraiser three years ago?” Not skeptical, maybe, but incredulous at least.

    “I remembered you,” he corrected, releasing your hair from the updo Susan had created, plucking each hairpin out with his long, graceful fingers and gently rubbing your scalp. “You were so alive that night- your cheeks flushed and laughing. Sakura dragged you up on stage and convinced you into donating a private, catered dinner for the charity. She said-” Loki paused, remembering the words as you stared up in misty adoration. “She said, ‘After consuming this magical buffet tonight, I’m certain all of you will bid generously on a feast created by this culinary genius,’ and oh, darling I made the first bid.”

    You were trying to remember the moment on stage, you were blushing terribly at being the center of attention and a little giddy over having your food praised so highly. You heard the bidding start, but… “I was so flustered,” you admitted, “it was loud and the lights were really bright.”

    Loki was stroking the tips of his fingers very lightly over your collarbones, intent on his task. “I won that particular item,” he mused, “for the sum of-”

    “One hundred and fifty thousand dollars!” you interrupted, “That, I remember.”

    “Alas…” his cool lips were moving down your neck and onto your left shoulder and it was really distracting. “Our Tokyo division suffered a massive loss two days later. I was there for nearly six months. I had to give your dinner to one of my friends.”

    You were really torn between whimpering and trying to remember what the hell this tall, gorgeous man was talking about. “Um… Salmon en papillote, Lobster Bouillabaisse, and a Hazelnut dacquoise. Y- you know, meringue and whipped hazelnut cream?”

    “Yes,” Loki said a bit sadly, “Tony was most insistent on sharing the details of the meal.”

    Oh. Tony Stark. You might forget faces but you never forgot a meal you’d created. “He was nice but…” oh, god he was running his tongue along your jawline! “...very loud.”

    You felt his broad chest shake in silent laughter. “This is true. But he directed you to Jotunn Startups?”

    “Yes! They were the ones to give me the capital to start the café! It’s been such an amazing- Wait.” You took a fistful of his thick, glossy hair and pulled his mouth off of you. Your eyes narrowed suspiciously at his twinkling ones. “That’s- that’s one of yours, isn’t it!”

    “It is,” Loki allowed, and you watched his eyes close, his breath hitch as you pulled on his hair again. “I knew you were destined for greater things. You just needed a push. And look at you now! You were an excellent - ahhhh, darling, do that again - investment.”

    This time, you plunged both hands into his hair. God, you’d dreamt of running your fingers through his hair since he first walked into your café - which apparently he’d bankrolled just to keep himself supplied with sweets - but the reality of his glorious, long mane was really something spectacular. It was so silky- the dim light glimmering off the ebony hue and the feel of it, thick handfuls and how he groaned every time you pulled on it?

    Amazing. Oh, my god so amazing.

    So, you gave your fistfuls of his hair one more brisk tug before loosening your fingers and trailing them through the strands that fell past his shoulders. Now his fingers slid into your hair and tilted your head just so, and kissed you. Deeply, with lots of tongue and you’d just known he would be amazing with that tongue and oh, yes you were absolutely right about that. Finally, reluctantly pulling away from your lips and sucking the bottom one a little bit harder than was comfortable.

    You were both breathing pretty hard and Loki’s lids were at half-mast, looking down at you and he looked hungry. Not just for what you made, but for you?

    “Yes, darling. For you. I have been starving for you for three years now.”

    Oh, god. You let your forehead drop onto his chest. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?”

    His knuckle went under your chin and lifted it gently. Oh, he had such a kind smile. “You did. Now, be a good girl and let me feast on you. I am ravenous.” You let out a squeal as he dived for you, still growling in a really intense and satisfying way.

    When you woke up - for the third time, because the other two were when Loki’s mouth was on some part of your body - the skies over Manhattan were a brilliant blue. “There’s nothing bluer than a November sky,” you sighed, sitting up and stretching your arms over your head, arching your back luxuriously.

    Which was how Loki saw you as he walked into his bedroom with a large tray of food. He actually paused at the sight, the tray tilting ominously before he caught it. “Now, there is a sight I could wake up to much more often,” he purred in that self-satisfied way that would irritate you on anyone but him.

    Clearing your throat as you tried not to clutch his sheets to your chin (1,800 thread Parima Yalda cotton, thank you) you croaked, “Did you cook for me?”

    He laughed, settling the tray on the bed and you on his lap. “Do not sound so surprised, darling. I can whip up a few things, though I lack your magical touch.”

    One bite into your fried egg with hazelnuts, chanterelles, green garlic and blackberries, you realized Loki was an accomplished liar because this was freaking delicious. “Oh, my god! I don’t care how big Asgard Industries is or how you’ve changed the tech world, your talents are being wasted. You should be a chef!”

    He had the nerve to smile modestly as he took the lid off another plate. “Do try my espresso waffles, I used a light mocha drizzle. Is it too much?”

    You involuntarily made a noise that you’d made several times the night before, just in a different context. “I’m never leaving this bed, Loki Odinson. Between these sheets and this breakfast and your… your… beautiful body,” you sighed fondly, “I have everything I need.”

    “Oh, but darling,” he said, feeding you another bite, “you must. There is a warm shower with rosemary soap waiting for you and then we must stroll hand in hand at the Sunday Market in Meatpacking District.  They have the new ornamental gourds for your November décor for the café.”

    “Are you a figment of my imagination?” you blurted. No one could be this perfect. But Loki merely smiled, all mischief and gleaming white teeth.

    “No. But I am a very patient man. I have waited three years to see you here in this bed. So I intend to move this day along rather quickly so I can place you right back on it.”

    You found yourself over his shoulder and laughing as one big hand gave you a firm tap on your bare bottom as he hauled you into the master bathroom.

    That night, you brought a tray out onto Loki’s spacious terrace where he was seated, checking messages and enjoying the sunset. He put away his phone as you approached, looking up with a smile. “And what do you have there, darling?”

    “A new invention,” you replied, sitting on his long thigh as you assembled the big china mugs. “My hot chocolate base, exactly six shavings of Callebaut 7030 Dark Chocolate…” You felt his big, warm hand slide around your waist. “Crushed mint leaf, two drops of 1883 Maison Routin Vanilla Syrup…”

    “Mmm-hmm?” Loki hummed as he gently bit your earlobe.

    “And a swirl of Sonoma Valley Honey on top,” you finished with a flourish and handed the mug to him, leaning forward eagerly as he took the first sip.

    He took the time to bring the chocolate mixture to his face, breathing in the aroma with a pleased sigh. After three sips, Loki groaned in what could only be construed as ecstasy. “What do you call this sublime mix?”

    “Black Magic varm sjokolade,” you said, leaning against his hard chest as he offered you a sip with a smile. “It is said...” you couldn’t resist and leaned over to kiss the traces of chocolate from his lips, “that the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the sweetness of the honey stimulate production of oxytocin and heighten the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. Which is a boring, chemical way of saying that if lovers drink it together, they will be bound together forever.”

    “Why, darling. I didn’t know you spoke Norwegian,” he grinned, a sibilant purr sounding like a satisfied panther. “Black Magic Hot Chocolate? You must make it only for me, then.”

    Loki kissed you and kissed you, until you finally managed to laugh and gasp, “Only for you.”









































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  • wewandering
    31.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    I turn around and lay my head against your chest

    In my head

    And I turn around

    But noone's there

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    30.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    get you a group of friends who you could see being swingers in the future, who easily share, or who are all very fuckable😈 ready for the orgy now

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    Maya and Ocean


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  • seymayimben
    28.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    “Güzel bir kazaydı seninle tanışmak”

    enkazdan sağ çıkan bir karıncayken üstelik

    Şimdi ise dolabımda asılı duran çiçekli bir elbiseyim

    hiç giyilmeyen

    bir fahişenin saçlarıyım sanki

    okşanmayan hiç

    ya da ne bileyim belki de bir tanrı

    inanılmayı bekleyen

    çünkü birinin bana inanmasını

    umabilmem için dahi

    tanrı olmam gerekirdi.

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    28.07.2021 - 5 days ago
    There is something demoralizing about watching two people get more and more crazy about each other, especially when you are the only extra person in the room. It's like watching Paris from an express caboose heading in the opposite direction--every second the city gets smaller and smaller, only you feel it's really you getting smaller and smaller and lonelier and lonelier, rushing away from all those lights and excitement at about a million miles an hour.

    - Excerpt from The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

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    27.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Beauty brought to you by @sensuallyexplicitreturns

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  • sensuallyexplicitreturns
    27.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Beauty brought to you by @sensuallyexplicitreturns

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  • sensuallyexplicitreturns
    27.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Beauty brought to you by @sensuallyexplicitreturns

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