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  • So these are the meaning of names that each character in PP have. 

    Calesnk - So his name really doesn’t have a meaning so I make one up. His name means “warrior” or “the one who carries.” 

    Danic - So I took the meaning of his name from Danica, which means “Morning star.” 

    Dari - his meaning goes, it means “maintains possessions well.” 

    Dimitri - Name means “Earth-lover.” He’s afraid to die. 

    Elisa - her name means “God is my oath” 

    Olek (Inspector) - His name means “defender of man.” I believe it fits his character. 

    Jorji - I love his meaning, his name means “ Powerful person and people give respect to".

    Sergiu - His name means “attendent, servant.” 

    Shae - her name fits her because her name means “ full of majesty”. 

    Vince - His name means “conquering.” 

    ****Just so you know, these names could have multiple meanings. Some names have no meaning or some weird meaning. I didn’t do all the characters name so maybe I’ll list them later.*****

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  • Hello, my lovely mortals! Since it’s Valentines Day, I decided to give you a Valentines gift, in which they are headcanons, but the Valentines version. These are what I’m thinking. 


    1.) What helps Elisa fall asleep faster Sergiu sings her a lullaby that he was sung to when he was a child from his father. Little did he know he sang a sleeping charm ;) 

    2.) (As mentioned previously) Elisa did not like Sergiu at all due to her prejudice towards Arstotzka and due to Arstotzkian soldiers invading and harming other Kolechians she has a negative view on them. Sergiu did have prejudiced views on Kolechians until he got into the Six War and saw how Kolechians were people too and they (Kolechians soldiers) are pawns in this war. It is a long story on how they fell in love. (Plus I got inspired a little bit from Pride & Prejudice). 

    3.) What Elisa won’t admit (or at least out loud) she loves when Sergiu hugs her from behind, kisses her (especially on the neck), and when Sergiu plays with her hair. 

    4.) Sergiu wants to purpose to Elisa with a family heirloom ring that was passed down from generations, but he had sold it to help pay for his medical bills

    5.) Since Elisa wants to name the baby boy after the inspector (The inspector name is Olek), but if Sergiu and Elisa have a girl, they would like to name her either Svetlana, Olena, Milana, or  Yuliya (comment below and you decide my pretties). 

    **Ok these are really just Sergisa fluff, oh well*****

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  • Until death do us apart

    old game, Papers Please may not be relevant anymore but we can always talk about the loveliest couple in the game x)

    Had to draw them both for Valentine’s day today 

    i totally did not try to save him 4 times after letting Elisa in, and my hands are definitely not shaking when im waiting for the shooters to come and kill the useless guards

    also their scene could be distracted easily and forget that after Elisa, the entrant doesnt have a Polio vaccine cert-

    Papers, Please © Lucas Pope

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  • Hello There! Here i am with another draw, this time i draw Sergiu in my 4 different art styles, i hope you like it!


    Yeah, i like to draw to much Sergiu, some problem with that?

    #sergiu volda#fanart #different art style
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  • image

    Hello There! This is my first Fan Art that i upload in Tumblr, this time about this lil cinammon roll called Sergiu.

    Please, give him love, he’s so precious for this world.

    Also, here i draw him in paint-

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  • Characters


    I know, this game not value of especially characters personality.

    But drawing characters simply because I like it.

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  • Hello my darlings, here are some headcanons that I was thinking that might be interesting. 

    Papers Please Universe:

    1.) The Inspector and his family are Jewish. In Arstotzka, Jewish people aren’t exactly treated fairly and the nation is pretty anti-Semitic. The Inspector and his family used to live in a small Jewish community before The Inspector was selected for the October Lottery. The Inspector and his wife tries to teach their son about tradition. (*I also think we should have some Jewish representation). 

    2.) Calensk has 3 children a daughter and 2 sons, however Calensk and his oldest son don’t get along. They both end up fighting (politics, family, future, etc.) The oldest son moved out, which made Calensk emotional, but he doesn’t show. He wishes to see his son. 

    3.) Antegrian Whistle-blower and Vince Lestrade are good friends, but fight like a married couple (I don’t ship them, it’s a friendship). 

    4.) Elisa *had* 3 older brothers growing up. The oldest died after fighting for a year, the second oldest ran away from home because (he is a horrible brother) he didn’t want to fight the war, he left his family to fend for himself (he could be alive, but Elisa considers him dead to her). And the third oldest, sadly, ended his life because he felt like he was a burden to Elisa.

    5.) Elisa’s father actually didn’t die because of the war, he got arrested for working with the Bratva ( it’s like the Russian mafia brotherhood). Her mother died because of a bombing. (Like I said, I took her family one by one. She didn’t have a great teen years). With both parents gone, she had to live with her aunt, who later kicked her out because her aunt believes Elisa is bad luck. 

    *BONUS* Sergisa Fluff + random stuff

    1.) Elisa steals all the blankets and Sergiu’s clothes, no wonder Sergiu died.

    2.) Elisa, at first, didn’t actually like Sergiu when she first met him (that’s another story for another time ;)).

    3.) I honestly ship Danic Lorun with his watch (they make a good pairing). 

    4.) TBH, I can see the Antegrian Whistle-blower and Elisa becoming good friends. :>

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  • image

    12/18 is Elisa Katsenja’s Birthday.

    Sergiu, Elisa, Lesser Kolechian Waterfowl.

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  • image

    (So there was a time in class where we had to make a type of Japanese love poem and I thought of sergisa?? anyways here ya go

    It was a tanka, by the way)

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  • Headcanon time bois

    Personally I’d like to believe that Elisa is significantly self-reliant, since she had to make decisions and look out for herself after the death of her parents during the war. Unfortunately, this has made her believe that she has to do everything by herself (and you know wartime. Nobody’s gonna help.)

    Even after Sergiu came into her life and helped her and everything, she still (kind of) struggles to realize that she doesn’t have to go through burdens alone, but luckily Sergiu is there to be her support, just as she was for him.

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  • image

    normal boi vs saturated boi

    #consistent artstyle where is you???? #anyways im trying out a new pixely brush and i likey :3c #papers please#sergiu volda#arstotzka #glory to arstotzka #art#lum's artings #reblogs are appreciated!!!!! #sergiu papers please #he lovs big sweater thats why he lookin a bit chub uwu owo
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  • ((Okay lemme just rise out of my grave for a bit to share a Sergisa headcanon/s

    Elisa Katsenja would be a great mom.

    Now, I know, I know you heard this already, but hear me out.

    She is that type of mom who you can do girl talk comfortably like, if you have girl problems and shit like that (idk there’s too much shit us girls have to deal with).

    She is that type of mom who would not hesitate to feed you whether you’re hungry or not. Yeah. Arstotzka’s occasional food shortages would not stop this lady. (did I mention she makes delicious potato salad (credits from an RP I read once ;) )

    She sometimes babysits kids and when their mothers come to pick them up, she invites them in for tea and a little chat and entertains them with a witty sense of humor. More playtime, I guess.


    When he comes home from work (and if he’s not exhausted) he helps Elisa out in the kitchen and it’s cute to see them cutting vegetables together. Aww.

    He makes the best hot chocolate but also makes the worst pancakes. No offense, but anyone can’t go two feet in the kitchen without noticing the faint smell of burnt pancakes, a sign of Sergiu’s previous attempts, all of which failed. So the hot chocolate thing is a good compensation.

    Last but not least of my headcanons, the good ol’ dad jokes.

    Sergiu makes the dad jokes. Period.


    So, that’s all of my ideas for now, feel free to add or clarify or complain, either is fine.

    Now that I’m drained of ideas, it’s time to go back to your regular scheduled programming by Lex. See ya.))

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  • Reunion from Papers, Please for @a-french-guardsman for gifting me the game <3

    „Friend, how are you? I have a small favor to ask. During the war, I met a beautiful girl. I think about her every moment. Yesterday I receive word that she is finally coming here. Please, let her pass and I will be in your debt. Her name is Elisa.“

    #sergiu volda#elisa katsenja#papers please #GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA #afrenchguardsman#games#firmy#**mine #you have no idea how long it took me to make those gifs p l s
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  • “During the war, I met a beautiful girl.”
    “Her name is Elisa.”

    w h OOPs i did a thing with post-it notes :p
    Thx yall for bringing me back to the Sergisa OTP train
    Honestly these two are my only favorite straight ship
    : D Click for better view

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  • elisa & sergiu stimboard w/o floral foam for anon!

    1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / - / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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  • Our God and Saviour.

    (you can make a religion out of this)

    (sergiu volda deserves love and appreciation)

    #papers please#sergiu volda #aaaaaa he was so cute but i couldnt save him #but he was so nice and sweet to me #fanart#blood tw#death tw #he is officialy the new messiah pass it on
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