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  • eggmacguffin
    17.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    No one KNOWS how to write interesting characters without making them autistic

    #@ all of haikyuu #@ every beloved spock or data ever #@ every mori or sesshomaru
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  • princesshalfdemon
    17.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    morning nya’ll

    happy birthday narita ken!

    #morning nya'll #of all your voice acting i'm only really familiar with sesshomaru but #it's sesshomaru #well and the guy from coe geass
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  • mermaider00
    17.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Me @ antis who go on and on about why Sessrin is bad and how we should stop shipping it because it makes them feel a certain way

    No one cares what you think, antis. Sessrin is good and canon 😊

    #sessrin#sesshomaru#inuyasha#yashahime #if Yashahime upsets you so much then it’s your job to stop watching it #also please buy a dictionary so that you can learn what words mean because y’all antis dumb af
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  • kururugi-shine
    17.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #daiyokai-sesshomaru #Right! That’s the Stuff! - Proto-Canon
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  • youkaiyume
    17.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    For Mermay, this month’s Vinyl Sticker reward is Mermaid!Sesshomaru and Friends --Flounder!Rin and Sebastian!Jaken

    This will go out to all patrons who pledged $10+. If you are interested in getting these rewards please consider becoming a patron!

    If you are an existing patron but are in a lower tier, you can edit your pledge before June 1st in order to be eligible for this reward!

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  • fordanesti
    17.05.2021 - 21 hours ago
    * ⠀ ✧ ⠀◞ ⠀ greatinu​ . ⠀ › ⠀“ and i can go anywhere i want, just not home. ” the word even felt foreign, slipping past pursed lips. with a steadied amber gaze, he looked at her; straight on. home was something many humans felt attached to, possessed even with such fervor. such attachment, the fascination they held for it, this one definitely couldn’t comprehend. yet— there was company he seemed to enjoy, nothing he’d openly admit though. some would call that... home.

    ‘ It’s always good to leave your home behind for abit, but even someone such as yourself would get pretty lonely don’t you think? ‘ Greta said leaning against a nearby tree, hands behind her flat against the bark of the trunk, her eyes looking up towards the beautiful blue sky above them, taking in the fresh air that felt so good on her skin. ‘ I am just happy we managed to get you here...when we found you, we weren’t sure if you’d survive or not...but I guess looks can be deceving now can they...I don’t even recall asking for your name, I’m Greta.’ 

    #greatinu #ooh yes sesshomaru and Greta PERFECT beautiful people !
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  • jenineji
    17.05.2021 - 22 hours ago


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  • julyzaa
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Clouds and the Birds

    (Title taken from an autumn haiku by Matsuo Basho)

    Sesskaede is a crack ship that suddenly inspired me to write this.

    Summary: the Priestess Kaede was eight and ten when she first met the infamous Sesshōmaru of the West. And despite only seeing him a handful of times, her fondness for the cruel demon does not disappear even after forty years.

    Rated: T for mentioned and non explicit violence


    In this autumn,

    Why I get older?

    The clouds and birds.

    ---Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

    >>>----------> ♡ <----------<<<

    When Kaede was eight and ten and a fully realized Miko, she first saw him.

    The most feared Dog Demon in all of Japan with hair the color of a moonbeam and an almost maidenly beauty standing as regal as the Tree of Ages.

    He was Inuyasha’s half-brother, Sesshōmaru of the West. He had only known him by reputation, but seeing the demon stand in front of his brother, she did not need to ask him who he was.

    “Are you so weak that a human woman was able to defeat you?” He spoke to the sleeping boy struck in the tree. He tugged on the arrow and held onto it even when the seal stung him.

    Kaede readied an arrow, one of Kikyo’s, to kill the demon before he did anything else.

    “Do not waste your arrows on me, girl.” The dog demon did not even look her way and Kaede did not heed his advice before shooting him.

    The demon simply moves out of the way and laughs at her like she was some stupid little girl and ot the daughter of a famed archer and the protector of this village.

    “Were you the one who sealed Inuyasha?” he asks as if she had not just shot an arrow at him.

    “Nay, my sister did and only she can remove the arrow in your brother’s chest.” Kaede said.

    “Half-brother.” The demon corrects. “Your sister must have been very strong if she could do this to someone stronger than the average half-demon.”

    “No one, not even I, can ever come close to her.” Kaede said proudly.

    The demon lord said nothing and left.


    Kaede was four and twenty when she saw him again.

    This time he had come hunting down the same pack of rabid dog demons attacking a small fishing village just on the other side of the forest where Inuyasha still slumbered.

    He looked the same and she had just grown into a grown woman powerful enough to take on stronger demons.

    He moved swiftly and with grace, he had no mercy for even for his own kind. His snow-white kimono seemed to absorb the blood and grime the moment it stained the silk. Silk from a demon silkworm was worth kingdoms as it was so incredibly rare.

    His kimono and armor had torn and as such his chest and left shoulder were exposed. Had she been as a vulnerable as Kikyo, she would have blushed and fallen victim to the ridiculous notion that demons could love.

    Sesshōmaru, as the demon lord of the West, seemed to have been one of the lucky few to afford such luxury while his brother had to make do with the common fire rat’s robe that grew alongside with him.

    Kaede readied another arrow and kept her distance from the demon.

    “You again. You must be very stupid to think a one-eyed priestess can kill a demon as strong as I.” the eternal youth mocked.

    Kaede shoots to the mongrel trying to run away from the car age.

    “I am no fool, Lord Sesshōmaru.” The young woman says proudly even though inwardly she was blushing like the stupid girl she was.


    Kaede was thirty when she made the worst mistake in her life.

    A simple excursion to the demon slayers' village had become a fight and out of nowhere a familiar gigantic dog  tore through the crowd of bandits like a knife through butter.

    “It is dangerous for a mortal like you to travel alone.” He shifts back into his handsome and youthful form.

    “I did not need your help.” Kaede collects her things and gets back on her horse. She had appreciated that he had saved her from men planning to r*pe her, but he did not need to know that.

    “I did not need to stop this attack on a woman I have only seen twice, and yet here we are.” He rolls his eyes. He hated humans, everyone knew that, so why had he helped her?

    “What makes I, a one-eyed Miko, so special that ye must come to my rescue?” she asks reminding him of that insult four years ago.

    “You are tolerable, but not enough to tempt me.” He says and she snorts. “Despite your prejudice against demons and your lack of education, you do not repulse me enough to kill you, Priestess.” He says with a smirk when she rolls her eyes at him.

    “Kaede, my name is Kaede.”


    Kaede is fifty when he shows up at the burial place of a company of dog demons murdered by the Asano Clan almost seventy years past.

    She had heard that Sesshōmaru’s father and spouse had been killed while the young demon was away. The demoness whom Sesshōmaru loved must have been strong and beautiful. Somehow, she does not see him with a weak and plain wife even if she were a princess or a demoness.

    “Are you so desperate for my attention that you come to where my mate and comrades are buried?” he says anger in his voice making it apparent that he does not like her presence here.

    “The burials of dog demons have been looted and the King of Asano asked me to make sure no one disturbed this one.” She said laying down her weapon on her lap.

    “How thoughtful him.” Sesshōmaru says bitterly. “His grandfather murdered my mate and comrades as well as my father all because he couldn’t stand that his sister married my father and mother.”

    “My condolences, my lord.” She said earnestly.

    “I killed Izaburou and Izayoi erected this mausoleum for her husband and mine.” He continues his story.

    Husband? Kaede had not assumed that Sesshōmaru was solely interested in women ---and most men all--- but her imagined rival --- a stupid thing that occupied her mind even though she had sworn a vow of chastity--- had never been a man.

    “His name was Yusuke, Izaburou hated that I wanted men just the same as I wanted women in my bed.” He touches the name engraved next to that of the Inu no Taisho with such devotion that Kaede can’t help but feel jealous of the dead demon.


    Kaede is eight and sixty when Sesshōmaru --- two and twenty-- entrusts her with his human daughter.

    “There is no one else I can trust with Rin, Kaede.” He says when the little girl talks him into joining them for tea.

    “I am honored, my lord.” She says respectfully.

    “None, of that, call me Sesshōmaru.” He looks at her like she was her equal and deep inside those secret fantasies she once had about the demon before her let out a girlish giggle.

    “It has been fourty years and you have finally given me leave to use your given name.” the old woman chuckles and the stoic demon purses his lips in embarrassment.

    “And you are almost recognizable since you foolishly wasted your sister’s arrow on me, my friend.” He says which surprises the little girl trying to impress them with a tea serving ceremony.

    “You shot an arrow at my papa?” Rin asked.

    “Yes, I shot him when he came to try to unseal Inuyasha fifty years ago.” The old woman nods and Sesshōmaru winces when they hear Inuyasha barge into her hut.

    “I can’t believe it, you, of all the people in Japan, came to see me?!” Inuyasha yelled at the unflappable demon.

    “I am not the monster you think I am, Inuyasha.” Sesshōmaru rolls his eyes.

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  • thxlassophile
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    tag drop!

    [i’ve been running too fast to belong to anyone] MOROHA & KATSURO [just have a little faith in me] MOROHA & MIROKU [you should know i’m the one who’s in control] MOROHA & SANGO [i’m the long shot i’m the hail mary] MOROHA & TOWA [some legends are told some turn to dust or to gold] MOROHA & SETSUNA [it might be your wound but they’re my sutures] MOROHA & HISUI [gotta find that inner strength and just pull that shit out] MOROHA & KOHAKU [every step that i take is another mistake to you] MOROHA & SESSHOMARU
    #[i’ve been running too fast to belong to anyone] MOROHA & KATSURO #[just have a little faith in me] MOROHA & MIROKU #[you should know i’m the one who’s in control] MOROHA & SANGO #[i’m the long shot i’m the hail mary] MOROHA & TOWA #[some legends are told some turn to dust or to gold] MOROHA & SETSUNA #[it might be your wound but they’re my sutures] MOROHA & HISUI #[gotta find that inner strength and just pull that shit out] MOROHA & KOHAKU #[every step that i take is another mistake to you] MOROHA & SESSHOMARU
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  • sagemcmae
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Happenstance (A03 | Dokuga | FFnet)

    Summary: When Kagome returns to Hogwarts, everyone is happy to have her as a member of the staff. Everyone, except Professor Taisho. She may not remember him, but he certainly remembers her. (a SessKag Harry Potter AU)

    Chapter 9 Excerpt: She opens her eyes slowly, easing into the morning. Kagome expects the fire to have died out but finds a fresh set of logs burning steadily in the grate. Her brow furrows as she glances around.

    The candles have been returned to the mantle. There are no lingering remnants of food sitting out. The tabletop has been cleared off. Her supplies have all been returned to her bag. The house-elves must have cleaned up for her.

    She turns her head slightly to the side and gasps.

    Beside the couch, a bed has replaced the assortment of lounge chairs. Beneath the covers is Sesshomaru. His silver-white hair seems to reflect the firelight against the dark emerald hue of his pillowcase. In sleep, his face is relaxed. No deeply-etched frown lines are marring his porcelain skin.

    He’s beautiful.

    It’s unfair really. The wizard has no right to be so effortlessly attractive. Kagome would need hours— and an entire library of beauty charms —to look half as good as he does.

    She tries to look away, shifting so she can sit up, but the blanket is tangled around her legs. That’s when Kagome realizes it isn’t a blanket at all. It’s a cloak.

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  • kogetanotenshi
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Is it just me or Sesshomaru and InuYasha bear a lot of similarities with Dante and Vergil?

    Including but not limited to "White haired brothers, oldest is stoic and youngest is hot-blooded, youngest has a BFS and the oldest has a smaller yet deadlier katana"

    #inuyasha a feudal fairy tale #rumic world#rumiko takahashi #hanyo no yashahime #inuyasha#InuYasha meme#DMC meme #Devil May Cry #Sesshomaru#Dante#Vergil#DMC 5
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  • neutronstarchild
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Another little celebration of @sesskaguweek coming your way! In this case, the fic can’t be released... ...yet! Because it is for the wonderful @gingerfoxart‘s birthday 💖

    It’s Sess/Kagura themed, and takes a little diversion from canon. Here are six sentences of appetizer for the fic, coming at you on 28 May!!!

    The Night of the Crescent Moon

    Kagura came to a gentle landing in the canopy of the tallest tree she could find. The branches were thick and the greenery was lush enough to hide her. As she settled in, cursing the poison’s burn in her bones, she looked up at the moon: somewhere between half and waning crescent.
    Now is not the time to think of him. She thought to herself as her mind wandered to the silver daiyōkai with the amethyst moon stamped across his forehead. There will be other times to think of him.

    Taglist below the cut 🌙

    Tagging: @aelianadawn @alannada @anisaanisa @anxietyaardvark @arcprz @ashleys-canvas @bashfulbreakdown @blairex @bluejay785 @cannibalsforbreakfast @capricornsiren @clementinesgulag @cookiethewriter @cstormsinukagblog @danycontreras90 @dawnrider @dis-gruntled-beast @dreaming-of-soup @eriimoonsstuff @eringobroke @fanficnewbiee @fawn-eyed-girl @gofoulpuppycollector @goshinote @gribed-li @hanyous-heart​ @hnn-wnchstr @holi-holy @hopidoodle @inussunflower @irrationalandimpossible @itzatakahashi @jadecoolgirl123 @juliatheanimelover7 @kagometaishostory @kalcia @karibookat @kawaiichan67 @lady-dark-69 @lavendertwilight89 @little-madame @littlestuffstohide @liz8080 @lostinfantasyworlds @malditamigs @mamabearcat @mandirox89 @marak7 @mcornilliac @memusicmuse @mickisketch @moonstonemoodring @mymidnightnightmare @nartista @nsr0716 @redflamesofpassion @ruddcatha​ @sacred-arrow @sacred-arrow-writes @sailorbabydoll92 @sailorlolo @sapphirestarxx @shadykit @shinidamachu @shnuggletea @sistasecbhere @smh1821 @smmahamazing @snorkledink​ @sunsetskys @superpixie42 @theinuyashareader @themusicalshoo @thisshipisbananahs @thornedraven @witchygirl99 @writemydaydreams @zelink-inukag @zingstore @heavenin--hell

    #six sentence sunday #inuyasha fanfiction#sesskagura#sesskaguweek2021 #sesshomaru x kagura #sesskagu
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  • momorhea
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Glimpse of the Past

    A group picture of the gang.

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  • s-aikas
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    🔮SessKagu Week Day Seven ☾ Lilac (Free Day)🔮

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  • mikodaiyo
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

      Soo here’s the piece I created with the incredibly hardworking @elvisqueso​ for SessKag Big Bang 2021 🌺 🌼

    For @chierafied and @jafndaegur​ --- Thank you for putting the collaborative event together it was very fun to participate in!

    #sesskag big bang 2021 #sesskag#sesshomaru#kagome#inuyasha#iy#my art#yoart#yo art #this is a reflection of my vision blurring more and more with each new layer #you have to stare at this image for one full minute ok its art law you better see the all of it!! I have no idea how I did it lol #I had to make flower brushes and I do not know how to make them so I did it a different way XD art play too much #(old tags) #(i hope its ok that this is late)
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  • clown-cult
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    The pedophiles are busy on Twitter again and she looks REAL young in all their art.

    These people aren’t even trying.

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  • princessallura
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    A new set of pins arrived this afternoon. These are really pretty and I have seen various versions of this going on from other animes.

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