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  • blancka16
    11.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Some mihawk and shanks coz I realized that i haven't properly drew them until now TVT

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  • myonepiece
    11.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    meant to be

    shanks x reader

    description: shanks reunites with his old flame who he's never stopped loving, and they love him too- they have a drink together

    the chilly air bit at your cheeks and reddened the tip of your nose, but half of your body was recieveing the heat radiating off the familiar red head. he leaned back against the wall of the bar, faint yells, shanties, and laughter could be heard faintly through the wooden planks and normally that would be soothing, reducing you to a genuine smile of complete content- but not this time.

    shanks' eyes stared right ahead seemingly lost in thought with his mouth set in a straight line.

    "i.. i thought you wanted this."

    his voice came out low, hushed, uncertain, scared- anyone. who didn't personally know him, if even them, would never expect him to talk like that. you turned your head very slightly just so you could peek at his face, seeing him with the same expression as before.

    "i did, shanks, trust me i wanted nothing else."

    you took another swig from your drink when you couldn't find any other words to explain your actions in that moment.

    "what changed?"

    you looked at shanks again and once again he kept his eyes trained ahead of him, you sighed and followed his gaze.

    "i set sail, i fell in love."

    shanks visibly tensed out of the corner of your eyes and you could say you had heard a very faint sharp inhale, though unsure whether or not you'd be lying.

    "with who?"

    you smirked, very small, finding the slightest bit of amusement at his still badly hidden jealousy.

    "the sea, shanks. you know how he is."

    he nodded, once, somehow both faintly and firmly. he understood, he had done the same when he was younger, finding purpose in the salty and dangerous water holding adventures and journey worth a lifetime- a place where you could dream of what would or would never be, and be left unjudged. all sailors dream, freely, shamelessly, beautifully. maybe it's that overwhelming sense of freedom, knowing you could drop everything and run away never even thinking of looking back, shanks thinks. davy jones had reached out toyou, taking you by the hand and in turn you had given him your life and soul, your everything, recieving freedom in return.

    when shanks had found you again, excitedly telling you you could finally join his crew, you had refused- he was too late, you had been swept away in the salty ocean air, he lost all ways of capturing you again.

    you put your lips to your cup taking another drink, and shanks followed soon after.

    "some.. some people are meant to fall in love with one another.. but not meant to be together."

    you took a deep shaky breath.

    "but i love you."

    "i know shanks. but, i love him more."

    the red head looked down at his drink, his calloused finger tracing the opening solemnly. you went to take another drink, putting the mug down on the railing beside you when saw you had nothing left.

    "i should get going."

    you pushed off the railing, dusting yourself off and straightening your clothes before taking your hat and placing it on your head. your sword slipped around your waist in it's hilt, and then you turned away from the disappointed looking man. you had made it a distance away from the bar when you heard him speak last,

    "y/n, i hope you find what you're looking for."

    you hesitated, then spotted your crew waving to you from your ship, just as big and brilliant as the red force, docked beside it. you smiled admiring the way their hopeful cheers reached your ears, calling you back once again. you fixed your hat once more before taking another step, and another.

    shanks' lips met the cold bottle, the early morning air feeling icier than before.

    and just like that, you left.

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  • vainkarts
    11.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Like the only anime guy who needs the stubble to look good

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  • mishapcorner
    10.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Sometimes I think about the fact that Shanks caused two people to eat devil fruits that we know of. How many more victims have fallen to the swirly fruit because of him?

    #probably so many #he wasn’t even sorry about Buggy #my guy could not have cared less #shanks #red hair shanks #one piece
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  • seven-waters-hc
    10.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #one piece scenario #one piece imagine #one piece x reader #.headcannons #.onepiece #nico robin #nico robin x reader #robin x reader #shanks #akagami no shanks #red haired shanks #shanks x reader
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  • thorins-magnificent-ass
    10.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Imagine the red haired pirates putting flowers in your hair as a game

    Tracking through a field of flowers to find treasure

    Shanks: *plucks a flower and twirls it in between his finger for a moment before sticking it in your hair*

    You: *doesn't notice*

    Benn: *also picks a flower and sticks it in your hair*

    You: *doesn't notice*

    Lucky: *snorts*

    Yassop: *looks at the other core crew and mouths* how?

    Lucky: *sticks two flowers in without you noticing*

    Shanks: *trying not to laugh*

    Yassop: *sticks four flours in your hair and whispers* beat that

    Later that night back on the ship

    You: *catches a glance at yourself in the mirror to see you have thirty plus flowers sticking out of your head* what the fuck! Shanks!

    Shanks: *in the other room* I didn't do it

    You: bullshit!

    #shanks#shanks imagine #shanks x reader #red hair shanks #red haired shanks x reader #red haired shanks imagine #akagami no shanks imagine #akagami no shanks x reader #akagami no shanks #yassop#benn beckman#lucky roux#lucky roo #red hair pirates #one piece #one piece x reader #one piece imagine #from the depths of the dragon's hoard #tma original#5/10/21
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  • chimminiez
    10.05.2021 - 14 hours ago
    ☪ em caso de inspiração, por favor, credite!
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  • une-femme-de-lettres
    10.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Hands - "Red-Haired" Shanks

    Scratch that, this one is my favorite so far! I don't know if it's the red hair or the smile but... the thirst is real *fans self*

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  • cupluffy
    10.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    ﹟ like or reblog 𓈒 ﹫ cupluffy ໑

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  • whirlybirdwhat
    10.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    crown the king with bloody flowers - chapter 33

    Hanahaki au drabble series, in which Luffy is in love with the sea.

    chapter 33 - adonis flos - shanks 

    Luffy - he’s so small in Shank’s arms, smaller than he was last night, partying with the Red-Haired pirates held upon their shoulders, and smaller than he was this morning, when he ran into Shanks’s knees and caused a ruckus as they were loading the ship. Shanks doesn’t know why he never noticed it before. 

    Maybe it’s because now, Luffy is asleep, wrapped in blankets and held in Shanks’s arms, blood on his chin and red stains on the blanket. Maybe it’s because Luffy - vivacious and unstoppable, even with a stab wound to the face - has never been this quiet. This small. This unmoving

    Shanks holds him in his arms, sitting in the quiet guest bedroom on the small bed Luffy calls his own above the bar. Knickknacks of child’s toys and treasures, shells Shanks had given to him and odd trinkets the Red Hair pirates had left behind litter the room. 

    He’s a child - a child who loved the sea more than anything else. 

    (When Shanks had first met him, Luffy had been sitting by the sea, watching the pirate ship come in. Water had lapped at his ankles, and later - when introductions were over and pirates were mumbling into a fifth round of drinks - Luff had simply stared off into the horizon with a smile.

    Walking by tide pools, Luffy had said, The sea’s the best! She’s free! Picking up shells, Luffy had told him Isn’t the sea pretty? Living near the shore, the horizon reflected in his gaze, Luffy didn’t have to speak for Shanks to know that he loved the sea.)

    A child, that was loved back by the sea. 

    Until — 

    Luffy coughs, and water and blood and dogwood flowers drip out of his small mouth. Shanks takes the blanket and holds him closer, his own arms trembling, terrified. 

    — Until Luffy had eaten that damned fruit. 

    It was only a few hours ago but - still - it stays in Shank’s mind.  The way Luffy had bitten in and started choking, not coughing out pieces of fruit but rather flowers. The way his eyes had gone wide and tears had welled up, the way Luffy had clawed at his throat and spit blood unto the floor - the way Luffy had said It hurts and had closed his eyes when Shanks whispered hanahaki.

    Shanks watched his captain die in a flurry of petals. He’ll never forget it.

    This moment is just the same - seared into his memory like a brand, like a warning, like a curse. 

    Luffy, Shanks thinks and tilts his head back to the ceiling, feeling tears wanting too well. There is no shame in crying, every pirate knows that - but here, when Luffy is in his arms and may wake at every moment, Shanks must stay strong. He brought the fruit. He tore Luffy from the sea that he loved more than anything. He’s the one who cursed him. 

    He has to stay strong for Luffy. 

    (The sea hates Devil Fruit users, the legend states, but Shanks has only ever talked to Buggy and well - he never made it seem that way. Shanks hadn’t really believed it. But this - this is the truth isn’t it? The sea hates.)

    There’s another cough from Luffy, but this time - this time he starts shifting. Groaning. Shanks tilts his arms and lets Luffy roll onto his bicep rather than his chest so Luffy is looking straight up at him. 

    (His hands, bloody and red, still grip Shanks’s shirt. He almost never wants him to let go.)

    “Hey Anchor,” Shanks says softly, quietly. “How you feeling?”

    Luffy blinks blearily, brown eyes dazed and faintly pained. He adjusts his grip on Shanks’ shirt and looks around, minutely moving his head, absolutely exhausted, before responding. “‘M tired. Hurts.” 

    Something breaks in Shanks’ chest at that, but he tries not to show it. Luffy is  strangely empathetic, even if he doesn’t care about others emotions that much and he’ll know Shanks’ sorrow - 

    Luffy tilts his head further into Shanks’s chest and ah - he already knows. “‘M glad you’re here. You always come back. No one really else does.” 

    His heart clenches. Oh, how he wants to steal this boy away - away from a bar with a woman who tries her best, away from a village that doesn’t understand, and a grandfather who cares but not enough. He wants to keep Luffy with him, wrap him up and let him see the world on the deck of ship, let him wonder, let him live but - 

    He can’t. 

    (A ship’s no place for a child who still has somewhere to call home on land.)

    Shanks tilts down and presses a kiss onto Luffy’s head, soft and affectionate, his beard scratching at Luffy’s silky hair. The boy gives out a giggle at that, soft and melodious, before a coughing fit starts up again. Hacking and hacking away, flowers spilling out and sinking to the ground. Shanks rubs his back, gently, soothingly, as Luffy starts trembling before sagging in his arms. 

    When he looks back up at Shanks, his eyes are pained.  

    “Shanks?” He asks, quiet. Unnerving. “Am I going to die?”

    And Shanks’ heart breaks.

    Am I going to die?

    Am I going to die?

    Am I going to die? 

    No child should have to ask that, should have to bear that burden, and oh - 

    Shanks’ reaction is instantaneous and he crushes Luffy to his chest, finally unable to fight the tears that prick at his eyes. 

    “No,” he lies, he lies so badly, choking out as much conviction as he can manage. “Anchor, Luffy, no. You - I won’t let you. It’s going to be okay, you won’t die, you won’t.” Luffy shakes in his arms, and he knows, doesn’t he?

    That Shanks is lying?

    He doesn’t let Luffy go, only listens to his mumbled sobs as he cries with him. 

    “Oh, Luffy,” Shanks says, helpless. “I - we will find a way. We will - I’ll sail the entire world, I’ll find something.  I-‘“ His voice cracks. He can’t get another word out. He just holds Luffy tight, tighter than he’s ever held him, before, and sobs into his pitch black hair. ‘Anchor,” he gasps, and this boy is going to die and it’ll be the death of him.

    Shanks knows it.

    He knows it.

    He wishes he didn’t.

    His mind races, trying to come up with something, anything, mind always, always, hitching on the way his captains smile was bloody when he said goodbye to Shanks for the last time, bloody red petals stuck in his teeth.

    Did you do it, Shanks had asked, sobbing, clinging to his captains coat on that last day, did you achieve your dream?

    Not yet, Roger had said, and that had hurt the most. Roger was a pirate. Roger was the Pirate King.

    And to a pirate, losing a dream was worse than death.

    Shanks doesn’t want that to happen to Luffy. Luffy, who is small in his arms and dying the same way Roger did. Luffy, who is sobbing and terrified. Luffy, who looks out to sea and says he wants to be a pirate with more determination than anyone else in the world.

    Luffy can’t die. He can’t.

    Shanks can’t stop his tears. He can’t stop crying. 


    He - 

    (He’s got will, Rayleigh had said, when Crocus made exasperated noises about why Roger wasn’t bed-ridden in illness, He’ll stay standing as long as he’s got reason to, and adventure’s a good enough one as any.) 

    -He won’t let Luffy die.

    He takes off his hat with a careful arm, making sure not to move Luffy to roughly, and slowly pulls the hat off his head and place’s it on his Anchor’s. It startles him out of his sobbing for just a moment, his eyes big and red-rimmed with wetness still dripping down. 

    “Luffy.” Shanks says, despite the tears that match Luffy’s on his face. “You - you wanna be a pirate, yeah?”

    Quiet, quieter than he’s ever been, Luffy nods. “Ye-yeah.” He hiccups. 

    “Then listen to me. Pirates are free.” Each word feels like a vow. Like a promise. Like defiance. Shanks keeps his eyes on Luffy’s, and lets the words carry him. “We do what we want, when we want. We sing, we dance, we sail, we laugh - but most of all Luffy, we chase. Our. Dreams.” Here, he holds Luffy tighter, tipping the too-big hat on his head back enough so he can see Luffy’s entire face. “That’s what a Jolly Roger is. It’s a symbol of our conviction in chasing our dreams. And Dreams - to a pirate - that’s our life. If you have a dream, Luffy, then you’ll live. You got that?”

    Luffy is staring at him, eyes wide, tears forgotten. It’s just like when he heard Shanks sing Binks sake for the first time, or when he heard about the tales of the Grand Line. It’s awe. 

    (Shanks thinks he’ll break if he can’t uphold the pedestal Luffy has placed him upon.)

    “Do you?” Shanks prompts again, and Luffy nods.


    “Then what’s your dream Luffy?” 

    “To be a pirate!” Luffy says, voice filled with unsteady conviction. “To sail the seas and be free!”

    It’s not enough. But it’s a start.

    “Then you won’t die Luffy - as long as you’re chasing your dreams, you won’t die.” Shanks voice cracks again. “You can’t die without being a pirate, right?’

    C’mon, Luffy - if anyone’s got the same Will as Roger, it’s you so - 

    “Right!” Luffy says, rubbing at his eyes with a hand and blinking tears away even as that same hand comes to clutch at his chest. “I can’t die - not until… not until I-‘

    And what he says next isn’t the dream to be a pirate, but something grander, something that spilled out of Roger’s mouth as he laughed with the entire world - something that makes Shanks burst out in glee and hold Luffy close as a few more desperate tears escape his eyes.

    “That’s - that’s right. You can’t die till then. You can’t!”

    (It’s not a promise. It can’t be. The Seas to much for that. But… Shanks can pretend.)

    That night, Luffy sleeps with the hat on in the crook of Shanks’ arms, new found determination in his eyes even as he cries himself to sleep and sobs through the pain.

    He gives the hat back, but the next week there are bandits who pick on pirates and little boys alike, missing arms and little anchors lost at sea.

    The next week, Shanks has to leave.

    But not before hearing Luffy make another promise.

    “I’m the man who will be King of the Pirates!”

    He won’t die before achieving his dream. 

    (Roger did.)

    He won’t die before seeing Shanks again.

    (Roger did.)

    Shanks just has to have faith that this boy - who can smile like the sun, who loves the sea with his whole heart, who has flowers on his lips and in his chest - will live.

    King or Dead.

    It’s the only choice Luffy has left.


    adonis flos: a red flower that is also called "blood drops" adonis flos mean 'painful, sorrowful recollections." its named for Adonis, the youth that Aphrodite loved who died in her arms, and who's blood and pain formed flowers where they dripped.

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  • chillin-at-partys-bar
    09.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    Imprisoned - @redlips-blooddrops-deux​ 

    “Dahahaha, I suppose we should,” he could only laugh at his situation. He wasn’t entirely sure how he had gotten there in the first place, his head still hurting from the day before. Huh. Maybe that was the hint he needed? Got drunk, passed out, and woke up in a cell. 

    There was only a light panic in him. Well, not panic- more a concern. He did need to get out of there sooner rather than later. He knew he had a bounty on his head that most people would kill for and there was no intention to let anyone actually kill for it. But the woman before him... was she a friend or an enemy? It seemed at most times they would toe the line just a bit. She had always been nice to him though, so maybe this situation would see them as friends? 

    “Hey, can you let me out? I just need a moment. I’ll come back. I forgot my um...” Oh, he was going so strong. “Wallet. In the bar. Yeah.” 

    Nailed it. If she wasn’t on his side, she would totally buy that he needed to get his wallet and he’d come right back to this wonderful cell. Damn, he hoped he got out of here before there was talk of Impel Down. That would suck. 

    #redlipsblooddropsdeux#{verse: main} #((Shanks is like: hm. if i ask nicely they'll let me out))
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  • thorins-magnificent-ass
    09.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Imagine Shanks watching you shut down a sexist

    Rockstar: (y/n) I need you to measure the length of those crates over there

    You: sure where is a measuring tape?

    Rockstar: we don't have one, just eyeball it

    You: that's not a great idea, I'm not great at that, but whatever *measures it and goes back over to him* it's (length)


    Rockstar: *yelling* your measurements were off!

    Shanks: *drinking not too far away but does like that he's yelling at you*

    You: obviously, I told you I wasn't good at it!

    Rockstar: this is the third time this week! What is it with women and not being able to measure accurately.

    Shanks: *stands up to go straighten him out*

    You: *yells back* it's because we've been lied to about what eight inches looks like our whole lives!

    Shanks: *starts laughing*

    Rockstar: *taken aback* excuse me?

    You: me being bad at measuring has nothing to do with me being a woman, you bumbling limp dicked moron! I told you I was bad at it when you asked me to measure! If you want accurate measurements from me then you need to give me the proper tools to do so!

    Shanks: *on the ground with his head between his knees because he's laughing so hard his head is starting to hurt*

    Yassop: you okay there boss?

    Shanks: remind me to give (y/n) a bonus next time we get treasure.

    Benn: I have never seen you laugh that hard before.

    Shanks: it's been a long time since I've had such a good laugh. I need to have a talk with you, Rockstar.

    #Shanks#shanks imagine #shanks x reader #red hair shanks #red haired shanks imagine #red haired shanks x reader #akagami no shanks imagine #akagami no shanks x reader #akagami no shanks #benn beckman #red hair pirates #one piece x reader #one piece #one piece imagine #from the depths of the dragon's hoard #tma original#5/9/21
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    09.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #buggyshanks #shanks x buggy #buggy#shanks
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  • yukipri
    09.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    One Piece x Star Wars AU

    Here, hold on to this straw hat for me, and also this laser sword.

    (Luffy & Togruta!Shanks)


    PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!

    ❀ You can see the rest of my art through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!

    #OnePiecexStarWarsAU#One Piece#Star Wars #Monkey D. Luffy #Shanks#Togruta#Tatooine#YukiPri art #it's Roger's lightsaber (& hat)
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  • thorins-magnificent-ass
    08.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Imagine in your first meeting with shanks you come off a bit strong

    You: *fighting for your life and is surrounded by marines*

    Shanks: *fights his way through the crowd to sees you fighting* who are you?

    You: *doesn't look at him and thinks he's a marine because you were still fighting* who am I? I'm the guy who is going to rip off your dick, super glue it to your forehead, and call you a limp dicked unicorn. That's who the fuck do I am.

    Shanks: *blinks at you in shock* excuse me, what?

    You: did I stutter mother-*finally kills your opponent and looks over at shanks*fucker... oh... I thought *trails off*

    Shanks: you thought what?

    You: I thought you were someone else. It's not important, I'm (y/n)

    Shanks: *covers his groin with his wrist* Nice to meet you (y/n), I'm Shanks, please stay away from my penis and remind me not to piss you off

    You: no problem?

    #shanks#shanks imagine #shanks x reader #akagami no shanks #akagami no shanks imagine #akagami no shanks x reader #red hair shanks #red haired shanks imagine #red haired shanks x reader #red haired shanks #one piece x reader #one piece #one piece imagine #from the depths of the dragon's hoard #tma original#5-8-21
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    Tweet de shanks pics (@shanksdaiIy)

    shanks pics (@shanksdaiIy) tweetou: https://t.co/x5PBSVGgao https://twitter.com/shanksdaiIy/status/1390752265150083075?s=20

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    Tweet de One Piece Panel (@onepiecepanel)

    One Piece Panel (@onepiecepanel) tweetou: https://t.co/pTGK53c54t https://twitter.com/onepiecepanel/status/1390681457744564237?s=20

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