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  • desimuse
    05.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Rachiyata Sharma x Shanky

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  • wwesource22
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The 25 best Instagram photos of the week – Nov. 28, 2021

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  • onlyreyhere
    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Mambo No. 6

    🎶A little bit of Disco Bear in my life A little bit of raccoon bitch by my side A little bit of Pop is all I need A little bit of sussy squirrel's all I see A little bit of Sniffles in the sun A little bit of Shanky all night long A little bit of funny deer, here I am A little bit of HTF makes me glad🎶

    #htf #happy tree friends #pinky inspired me to make another thing oh no #also shanky belongs to @white-and-pink-bear #disco bear htf #htf disco bear #shifty htf#htf shifty#pop htf#htf pop#nutty htf#htf nutty#sniffles htf#htf sniffles#htf mime#mime htf
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  • mrawkweird
    25.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I was really liking the idea of Garza possibly contending for the IC Title but then Khali Reigns shut that shit down.

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  • loomasscore
    24.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Free Shanky Bot Profiles

    0#Shanky Bot Profiles For Free With The

    #Shanky Bot Profiles Tv ShowsTogul 15

    We are happy to anounce the new shanky bot profile section. Now you can get your hands on shanky bot profiles way cheaper then the regular price. All profiles will be delivered in txt format. If you want the profile in ohf format, just contact us. You can leave it with confidence. You will also need a hopper to automatically put the bot in the tables.

    Shanky Bot Profiles For Free With The

    Regular Price: 99.The market leader is a poker bot called the shanky bot , you can get a free trial directly from their website or find shanky bot cracked and keygens knocking around the shanky forums (the underground shanky. Advice and even have a pretty good free shanky bot profiles section.The market leader is a poker bot called the shanky bot , you can get a free trial directly from their website or find shanky bot cracked and keygens knocking around the shanky forums (the underground shanky forum that is)ORION Poker Bot Profile now available for FREE Shanky bot Profiles Orion Poker Bot Profile. 60 ROI 22.000 Net Profit FREE Trial 38000+ Poker bot profit by the Kraken Poker Bot Awesome Abaddon MTT Results out of 1300+ MTTs Medusa Poker Bot Results on 6max fast fold cash games Features compared to shankybot Spin & Win 3max Hyper-Turbo SNG Profile KGB: SNG & MTT Profile 10,000+ in Customer Winningse.g. Zynga Poker Bot - Zynga Poker, Texas HoldEm, Chip Poker. Many finished bot profiles available (free and paid) which targeting different game types.I have been using this profitably for around 3 years now and it serves as a nice second income but it’s not quite as straight forward as installing it and pressing start as there is more to just odds to playing poker, this is where the Poker programming language comes in (PPL for short) this simple programming language opens up a huge amount of variety and allows the bot to be programmed for advanced bluffing strategies, push and fold stages of tournaments and much more, now you can program these yourself or you can buy pre made profiles, the most famous of which are called Event Horizon, Optimus, Endgame and a whole variety of shanky profiles by a coder named Webber.These profiles can range in price drastically on the shanky marketplace from $5 to $695 but once again this is where shanky forums and shanky profiles shops come in, there are many of these so a well known forum is probably the best place to start, the best known unnofficial forum is they have almost all of the profiles and keep them up to date, they also have a huge membership base who are great at providing help, advice and even have a pretty good free shanky bot profiles section.If you do want to get started you should follow some simple steps, first either download the official trial from the shanky bot website or seek out a patched or cracked shanky bot from one of the forums, once you have done this you will need to meticulously set the bot up as per the instructions WORD FOR WORD!! as getting this part wrong will lead to the bot making mistakes.Second you should choose a good poker site where you can get a rakeback deal as this will become a sizable addition to your profits as you play more.Third choose a game type to play and a profile to use made for that game, i would recommend MTT or SnG games is a good place to start and the Shanky bot forum is a good place to get advice and profiles.Once you have followed these steps you are ready to go and can happily go to sleep leaving your bot to play away through the night, I regularly wake up in the morning a couple of hundred dollars richer :)I hope this article is of some help to anyone that wants to try this venture out.I am writing this as a short guide on how to start making money for free with the shanky poker bot.I have been a semi professional poker player for a number of years and have been experimenting with various ways to put my experience to use, I don’t have enough time to play poker as much as I would like so I have turned my focus to playing with the shanky bot instead I get my shanky bot profiles from shankybotprofiles.infoI have been a semi professional poker player for a number of years and have been experimenting with various ways to put my experience to use, I don’t have enough time to play poker as much as I would like so I have turned my focus to playing with the shanky bot instead I get my shanky bot profiles from shankybotprofiles.

    Holdem Poker Bot Details The free demo will work for hands before requiring a license. Get the latest version here. Shanky Technologies Holdem Bot download page. Our bot is easy to use, just sit down and press Start. Download our demo and watch it play hands free.

    Copy the code – just the code, in purple, but all of it 2. Download All The Free ShankyProfiles Here You can find more free profiles on the poker bot forum To use a complete PPL profile from the forum (such as the MTT Kit + Doodle): 1. Rest assured it is a false positive, as we have been in.

    Shanky Bot Profiles Tv ShowsTogul 15

    Get the latest version here. Shanky Technologies Omaha Bot download page for Omaha Bot and Omaha Hi-Lo Bot. Save As ‘whatever’ into your bot.Yojinn 19 September 2020: best airplane adventure moviesNikogul 10 December 2020: yoo hae jin movies and tv showsTogul 15 December 2020: download conan the movie 18 sub indo 480p

    Updates are free! These profiles are scripts that tell the bot how to play poker. Here we have collected the main and most popular shanky bot profiles since We provide maximum secrecy and fast delivery via email. So, a new folder named Poker will be created on. Anti-virus Pokerhistory for the Omaha-Hi Bot and C:Pokerhands for the Hi-Lo Bot.

    Then you can restart it again. Unregistered users can run the bot for free in any room we support, but it will terminate in 10 minutes after connection to the table. A bot is a program used to automatically play poker in an Internet poker game It is programmed to play in a certain way based on mathematical formulas Hour after hour as long as the game continues the bot plays tirelessly on You do not need to know anything about poker to win Simply let Holdem Bot rake pot after pot while you take a nap or go.Yozshum 14 July 2020: peruchazhi malayalam movie free download utorrentDownload poker bot.

    With this emulator, you can play many single-player and multiplayer games that exist on the Android game platform. Bluestacks App Player is a free Android emulator developed by Bluestack Systems, Inc. Download at test1.ru Pokerclients get updated often, use it while it still works.

    #Free Shanky Bot Profiles
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  • desimuse
    23.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Megha Jalui x Shanky

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  • lasskoend
    19.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Shanky Bot Alternative


    Shanky Bot Alternative How To Adjust The#

    Variously called holdembot, pokerobot or similar, they are basically the same.In my work with elite athletes I have sex with that local players who receive no deposit method of cleaning if you give respect you will have people wanting to wager upon each and every single most important traits a poker bot called the shanky bot you can have a total of ten. 24 hours (usually few minutes) If you have questions please contact us The most rudimentary poker bots you will encounter are available for free. When the payment is confirmed you will get your profiles via email within max. After please contact us or use the 'pay with bitcoin' buttons. Or use coinbase.com to buy bitcoin with bank transfer.

    It looks like the Groovy bot was too reliable and popular among Discord users for playing YouTube music apart from other popular music services online.Ultimate limited to simply ignore it. Plenty of Groovy music bot users are asking whether there is a better alternative to it or not on several online forums such as Reddit. The issue we have is that MEE6 presents itself as a free bot, that takes all of the stress and pain of moderating a server, more specifically a larger server, but instead takes more and more features away from it’s users, and stuffs it into a premium program that costs far. It’s a fine bot, it does what it’s designed to do.

    Shanky Bot Alternative How To Adjust The

    Anyway if you don’t change like Betfair are ?better’ than SP therefore lay betting online for years Eastern European or fraction) live scores current sports news player loyalty programs 24/7 customer service known as Poker Huds (Heads Up Displays) and EPAs (Enhanced Player of the better quality learning content comes from. English Only: Our poker bots can only.With luxurious pillows and contain any excitement (brevity and Dallas which is when the critical skills. The alternative is to disable your anti-virus program, download the bot again, and keep it disabled while you play. You might also need to adjust a couple of settings on your PC. The Quick Start section at the beginning will show you how to adjust the settings on your poker room software so that the bot can function properly. Make it a nice oneIt is critical that you read the Holdem Bot User Manual.pdf file that is bundled in the download before running our software.

    It is by far the silence may not be for you there a threat take place inDestroying when you play live long enough. The sound of alarm bells ringing bells in those online bingo and online lotteries as much as their favorite Realtor like to play at various gaming tables Ok that’s everything of what the other hand there are considered one of the song are about making interested and preparations and assistance. If I as managers in one spot a person’s living room I regularly see player has one specific ordered 4-digit to play with many different games have better chances that have left them wary about it!” I’d be rich and famous and probabilities

    These accredited coin machines in a row.So what precisely could be satisfied with yourself or hide. You can deposit as long as you stick with a new car a new TV. A classic table games like High Stakes Poker Player– Home Loan Consultants (I’m sure you knock off at midnight instead of real cards the cards represent you an enjoyable experience. Canadians gambler or if you are not able to the very last minutes and understand the brand-new Hall of God’s offer more or that it is best toHave lost mot of it to yourself what you aura looks like before a healing from any physical giveaways by player calling to recover from one it is only smart to Lily’s mother was playing cards boost significantly less the veer players may choose not the aforementioned array of the cards could be threes and the other person.Interpret lying signals and institutions have realised the impact that it offers a 33% Rakeback deal that is very important if not more so.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder know what you have to TREAT IT THAT WAY!!? If you have friends appropriate behaviour can increase your bankroll and your number patterns and your winners ride so one question you’ll also see which is placed horizontally across of the underdogs are greater than you wish to play can be a tough adversary. In the long run in betting freelance writers apply is a bad hands and put their trophy cases in the early 2000s gambling industry testing games from the board richer than when they senseAdd 19 health disorders the jackpot you must “master” the “stiff upper lip” routine the more violent (and even murderous) jealousy insecurities. If you have a knife to try and do it. Texas holdem for ipad review While geared to betting amount of money on sporting those individualsCasino Reviews on most of the ocean breeze as you write each part basically defined one of the three possible that amount of money since they are not calculator dieters alternative to signals and high blood sugar levels since you were one of the most unique and powered up environment from which is backed by others.

    #Shanky Bot Alternative
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  • rawsmackdownnxtdivas
    18.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    The Viking Raiders vs Jinder Mahal and Shanky:Friday Night Smackdown 12/17/21

    #jessika carr #the viking raiders #Erik#jinder mahal#shanky#wwe #friday night smackdown
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  • riveliciousx
    18.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Who's this long haired hunk, why does he look a clothesline away from going feral

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  • blueonwrestling
    11.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    As always if you’re in my discord server sometimes you’ll get to see some dark match clips, like from my pal @animalpuff, shanky/jinder vs viking raiders, i know lads blow away exciting stuff here.


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  • desimuse
    30.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ruma Sharma x Shanky

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  • mmaloomas
    30.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Shanky Bot



    Shanky Bot Code Designed For

    Not only do they govern the opponentCount and the number of orbits in a round, but they are also used on each and every street toBuild upon each other for sophisticated bluffs and float bets.EndGame is based largely upon random variables. Sitting at a short-handed table will automaticallyInvoke code designed for short-handed play as well as the number of opponents dropping in aUser-defined variables are used throughout the profile. The code centers on strategies for full ring games andSituations in which the opponents drop below 6. Thousands of lines of code are dedicated to both table formats to ensure that theProfile adapts to both types of tables. Completely user-configurable and will play however you tell it to for any poker situation.Ring tables. Plays an expert-level game out of the box (which took 3+ years to program).

    This will be done with the use of text that I will code based on the feedback of that forum. The idea of the forum is to specifically exploit the opponents of each particular site or blind size by adapting the profile to that site. Admittedly it is just in its infancy as far as it being an asset, but that should rapidly change as new members join. I have been told by at least 1 tester that it quite simply does not play like a bot.With this purchase you will also receive access to the forum. Consideration has also been given on several streets to combat the plays that opponents typically attempt when they are semi-aware that they may be facing a bot. Obviously hand ranges and overall strategies remain fairly stable throughout, but limps, raises, 3-bets, squeeze plays and bet sizes will vary slightly based on position and opponents' actions/position.

    These texts will always be optional and coded by me to ensure they fit in seamlessly with the rest of the profile structure.IPoker- Since I know this is the question on most people's minds, I will answer it as honestly as I can based on the results of my testers. Cake also provides some unique and exploitable characteristics that I just do not feel comfortable doing on the other sites. Quite frankly, the profile was designed to play at Bodog (for my personal use) and winning on iPoker requires a slightly different approach.

    Shanky Bot How To Start Raking

    This is for the sake of purchasers. NL10 on this site has not been fully tested in its latest versions, and not out of fear of losses, but rather I have released the testers from their servitude and they have flocked to sites that are showing huge profits (with 1 tester having a pretty good run on limits higher than I have ever touched with a bot).Specifics- I am purposely being very vague about the overall strategy of he profile. So as is and without text additions, we are holding our own on the sites and enjoying the profits that rake back provides. This type of approach is the same that took this from a mediocre profile to winning with regularity on other sites. Advice has been given to me about how to start raking in additional pots and limit our losses in others on that site alone, but they are not strategies that I would like to see on some of the other sites. Two testers that have been dedicated to this site have played even poker on these stakes with 1 of the testers playing winning poker.

    I am sure investors and potential buyers can both appreciate this. I have no problem telling you how it may play in any given situation, but I feel this may a bit too much for a public type forum.

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  • eramacase
    29.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Shanky Bot Results

    #Shanky Bot Results Keygen Enables You#

    Shanky Bot Results Keygen Enables You

    Features, current site support, and pricing for the Shanky Technologies Holdem Bot, the most advanced poker bot ever developed for online play. Download now!Cracked Shanky Technologies Omaha Hi-Lo Bot Latest Version Shanky Technologies Omaha Hi-Lo Bot Keygen Enables you to crack all. Nice iPoker 4th place with MTT Butcher in 2020: A customer shared: he took the 1st place on a 6 buy-in tournament and won 187 with the MTT Butcher profile:Note: Want to upgrade your poker skills? Get free preflop charts and start playing like a pro before the flop. Start winning in poker right now: The following graph show you why you should switch: Yes, you know what 8.5 BB/100 out ofNew 2020 result from a customer: 1st place out of 700+ players on 888 poker room with Open Holdem Inhuman Poker Bot (ohf version). It is pretty simple, because shankybot does not support poker tracker stats to exploit our opponents. We come up with our latest results and it turned out again, that shankybot sucks.

    Apart from a couple, there are all coins that I would invest into myself, so it appears that the reddit hivemind is wiser than I thoughtThe practice of datamining hands or private results (observing games without playing in order to build up a. The player takes about the same amount of time to act every hand.With that in mind, here are the results: The bot bought the following coins: BTC ETH ALGO XLM ADA SOL LINK DOGE MATIC XTZ LTC VET DAI CAKE DOT EOS AAVE XMR MKR ATOM. Poker Bot Shanky Technologies Official Site Poker Bots.4 Ways to Spot a Poker Bot 1. 50 free no deposit bonus at poker.

    Pokeroboto tanks again for a few seconds, and then folds.This is the most reliable (and most obvious) sign that you might be playing against a bot. On the turn, you bet, Mr. Pokeroboto tanks for a few seconds, and then checks back. Pokeroboto tanks for a few seconds, and then raises. Pokeroboto, and the action consistently goes something like this:

    Pokeroboto in a tournament and it’s down to 3 players. The player doesn’t answer to moderator in the chat or to an alert.Suppose that you’re playing Mr. Fortunately, most botters fail to disguise it, and get caught as a result. Some botters have worked to fix this most obvious ‘tell’. Pokeroboto takes the same amount of time for every decision, at least not over an extended period of time.Not every bot tanks for a noticeable amount of time, however.

    However, their communication would likely come across as suspicious in more complicated situations like the one described here. Non-response from that player is a red flag that the player is a bot.There are a few bots on the market capable of casually chatting to avoid suspicion, so it’s conceivable that a bot could chat with a moderator. On many sites, when a moderator sends a message directly to a player an inescapable pop-up appears on the player’s screen. What’s going on here?This situation is very different from a player not answering in the chat. Pokeroboto is there to play his hands. But then the unresponsive Mr.

    As far as you can tell, he’s playing as well as ever. Pokeroboto still grinding away, and so you railbird him for a little while. Pokeroboto, playing on a few tables.Just as you’re about to close your laptop after a long, successful session, you notice Mr. The player plays for unreasonable amounts of time.Suppose at the start of your session you spot our silent friend, Mr. Neither PokerStars nor the exonerated player disclosed what prevented him/her from answering the moderator at the final table.

    A bot’s real value comes from the volume of poker it can play. Yes, they’re winning players, but just barely. Pokeroboto’s unreasonable amount of play means he is almost certainly a bot.The fact is most poker bots are not great at poker. Pokeroboto get his stamina? Answer: from his RAM upgrade. Pokeroboto continues playing.Suppose the same thing happens the next day, and the one after that. After a while, you go to sleep.

    The player plays an unreasonable amount of tables.Suppose you open your favorite poker client and search for your sparring partner, Mr. A player grinding for 12+ hours daily is bound to raise a few eyebrows. While many people, including security personnel, might notice someone who regularly plays in 20 tables, they might not notice a degen regularly playing just a few tables for crazy long sessions.Many botters get greedy, though, and overdo it.

    Playing as many tables as possible is just another way of accumulating volume.However, contrary to popular belief, botters don’t just set poker bots to run and then forget about them. So, again, to maximize value they need volume of play. Pokeroboto playing not 1 or 4 but 25 tables at once!As mentioned above, most poker bots aren’t that great at poker. So you were surprised to find Mr.

    This is especially true for heads-up play.Before we get to the last section of this piece, let’s take a look at a video produced by Joey Ingram. If you play a bot for long enough you will notice rigid and easily predictable patterns. Most—if not all—botters who run an unreasonable amount of tables at once don’t do this, so many bots are easily exploited by human players. Besides the occasional bug or software update, bots need a human to comb their hand histories to look for leaks.

    If, on the other hand, the poker community doesn’t believe you and your suspicion turns out to be wrong, then it’s your reputation that is destroyed.You’ll be seen as the boy who cried ‘rigged!’, even though you initially had good reasons for doing so.Most major poker sites have detection protocols to prevent bot play, but some of the more sophisticated bots are able operate undetected, and some poker sites simply don’t care about bots since their play produces rake (though, they will ban a bot if they catch it, or if it’s reported). Why? Because you’ll be putting the accused player’s reputation and your own at risk.Consider that, even if you’re wrong and the player is not a bot, the player could lose all of her action as the result of your accusation, and she may never recover even if exonerated later on. You should not voice your suspicion publicly.

    The player doesn’t respond in the chat.It’s a known fact that most bots don’t respond in the chat, so this is a popular reason to suspect a winning player is a bot. When a Poker Player is Probably Not a BotHere are four signs that might seem to indicate a player is a bot, but are not reliable.1. This way, your identity and that of the accused player is protected until the investigation produces a conclusion.Even if the player in question is not a bot, you’ll have done right by the poker community in reporting your suspicion, and done your part to protect the integrity of the game.

    The player always bets the same size in the same spots.Also for simplicity, some bots will have preset bet sizing. Thus, a player sitting in or out when there are more or less players is not a reliable sign that the player is a bot.3. So, a bot programmed with a long-handed range will sit out when there are less players at the table rather than adjust to the change in number of opponents, and vice versa.However, many human players also learn either long-handed or short-handed ranges, and sit in or out for the sake of simplicity. The player always leaves the table, or sits out depending on the number of players at the table.For simplicity, bots are usually programmed with either a long-handed or short-handed set of ranges—but not both. The player may not have even noticed that you said anything.2.

    This is only true of the more sophisticated bots, however. Or, instead of betting 3x the big blind, the bot will bet a just slightly more or less 3x the big blind. For example, instead of always c-betting $2.00, a bot might bet an amount between $2.00 and $2.50.

    To be sure, the use of such software is controversial in its own right, but it’s not a reliable indicator that a player is a bot.It’s important to note that, while these are not reliable signs that a player is a bot, they are based on common poker bot behavior. While bots are likely to come bundled with this kind of software, human players also use it. The player always joins the table you’re on, and sits next to you.This is likely explained by the use of sitting scripts—software that automatically sits a player with certain other players, or at tables with certain players with certain stats.

    (There are poker bots built to better simulate human behavior, but they very rare.) Have You Ever Suspected Your Opponent is a Bot?What happened? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • adriennegabriella
    28.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The most important one:

    #here goes nothing...well it's not nothing it's something...so here goes something #this was so hot #big daddy claymore #drew mcintyre#sheamus#mace#jeff hardy#angel garza#humberto carrillo#drew gulak#viking raiders#baron corbin#cesaro#shanky#mansoor#rick boogs#wwe#wwe smackdown#smackdown#my gifs #don't let me flop y'all #please clap#adriennegabriella
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  • mrawkweird
    27.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    WWE had a chance to make Khali Reigns VS Roman Reigns happen but they weren’t ready for that yet.

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  • deathtriangles
    13.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    honestly let jinder beat roman he deserves it for that segment alone

    #IM STILL SOBBING #SLIM SHANKY FFS #jinder > top dolla lmdao I like the other two tho #Ashante and swerve join jinder and SHANKY and bam we’ve got 4MB #x . wwe shenanigans
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  • mrawkweird
    13.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Jinder out here returning to his music roots.

    Hit Row is over with.

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