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  • I will forever be obsessed about the fact that when Henry notices a clue, the object is not highlighted in yellow. When Shawn notices a clue, it is. It implies that Henry is taking in the whole scene and Shawn is specifically focusing on the detail because that is what he was brought up to do- notice/focus on the detail in order to answer the question Henry asked of him. Shawn was raise to be what he is, Henry was not.

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  • *slides in* So I’m grabbing some scenes from santa barbarian candidate for a video and I realized something, it’s right before office space which means that one can assume that Shawn and Juliet’s soup “date” lead to their one night stand thank you and good night

    #shules#psych#shawn spencer#juliet o'hara #talked about this on discord but wanted to share it here as well anyways enjoy my random thoughts
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  • Ive been binge watching Pysch, please if you’ve never seen it go watch it, it’s amazing. And realized just how much Shawn Spencer gave me Larry Butz vibes and how much Gus gave me Wright vibes. And their dynamic is perfect, so allow me to say.

    I cannot physically stress enough how badly I want to play a case in a Phoenix Wright game in which Larry is your assistant. Think about the potential of having a job hopping, over the top, dramatic, pathologically lying ladies man who somehow manages to put something together by the end with the help of his professional and knowledgeable partner.

    #phoenix wright #phoenix wright ace attorney #larry butz#pwaa#psych#shawn spencer#burton guster #seriously I cant get over this idea
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  • image

    It was like slow motion, standing there in my party dress…

    #psych#juliet o'hara#shawn spencer#shules #otp: close talking #et: deez nups
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  • High School me in 2008: oooOo Shawn is hot

    Adult Me in 2020: *looks around* umm … Excuse me … *Shifty eyes* is Lassiter … Is Lassiter hot??

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  • Magnus Bane has a cat names Chairmen Meow

    Shawn Spencer had a cat names chairmen Meow

    I choose to find this hilarious 

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  • So i was watching the show Psych, which is one of my favorites, and Shawn said “Forget about him, or her, or it, If it’s transgender” and i had this really weird moment of hey a show i really like acknowledged the existence of trans people but also called them “it”

    and i just kinda sat there like ??? I dont know how to feel about this??

    #i was happy at first but like referring to someone as it if those aren't their preferred pronouns #is not nice at all and its just not cool #so im conflicted #still love the show tho #psych#shawn spencer #season 6 ep 1 if anyone's curious
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  • Big shout out to @girlofiron​ who reminded me that I have a Psych daemons au!! For those of you unfamiliar with daemons, the short explanation is that they’re a physical manifestation of a person’s soul, and share a telepathic connection with their human. This is set during 7x08.

    Shawn walks slowly into the apartment building, hesitating more than usual in an effort to eavesdrop on the detectives ahead of them before being noticed. Hopper is a few yards ahead of him, scrambling along the ceiling, currently as white as the ceiling tiles.

    He frowns, watching Juliet gesture at the large lioness beside her. Alice appears irritated by whatever is going on, and Juliet’s body language indicates an argument.

    “I’ve never seen a daemon disagree with their human before,” he mutters to Gus. “Well, not so openly.”

    “I’ve read about it, but not in a while,” Gus tells him. “It was in my college daemonology class. A daemon disobeying or behaving aggressively toward their human is a sign of an intense internal conflict.”

    “That makes sense,” Shawn sighs. His stomach drops at the thought of what Juliet is probably conflicted over, but at the same time, a bubble of hope rises in his chest. If she had already told Lassie and the chief, she wouldn’t be arguing with Alice…

    She still loves us, Hopper agrees. See? Watch this!

    Shawn winces, hurrying to catch up to the chameleon. Woah, woah, woah, I think we need to tread lightly, buddy–

    As he watches, Hopper loses his camouflage and drops from the ceiling onto Juliet’s shoulder. Juliet jolts and brushes the chameleon onto the floor.

    Ouch! Could’ve seen that coming, says Hopper, and then, oh, holy shit! Shawn winces at the sight of Juliet’s daemon stalking after his own, looking ready to pounce.

    “Lay off him,” Juliet mutters, but Alice continues to growl menacingly. Shawn hurries to scoop up Hopper, wary of the disconnect between Jules and her daemon. 

    “Aw, Jules, you do care!” Shawn tries to lighten the mood as best he can,only relaxing slightly when Alice slinks off to join Musucm, sulking in the corner.

    Juliet sighs. “Shawn, what are you doing here?”

    “O’Hara,” Lassie says. Shawn ignores him.

    “Investigating the case, same as you,” he says with a shrug.

    “Oh, good, we always need your valuable expertise,” Juliet shoots back.

    “O’Hara,” Lassiter repeats, more insistent.

    Juliet turns to face him. “What, did you find something?”

    “No,” he says, folding his arms, “did you?”

    “What?” Juliet scowls. “You’re not making any sense.”

    But Shawn is a few steps ahead of her, looking with growing horror toward where the golden lioness and the grey wolf are standing, side by side, like conspirators. No, he thinks. No, if Jules hasn’t, then Alice wouldn’t, either–

    What do you think they were fighting about? counters Hopper. Or have you not been paying attention for the last ten minutes?

    “Oh, you can’t talk,” Shawn hisses, turning his attention back to the detectives in front of him.

    “Carlton, what are you talking about?” Juliet demands.

    “Is Spencer psychic?”

    Juliet stammers and bluffs, not answering. Shawn’s heart sinks; he knows she won’t lie to Lassie.

    “Because according to your daemon, he’s not,” Lassiter continues.

    Juliet freezes, then whips around to glare at Alice. “I thought we agreed to keep it secret!” she hisses.

    The lioness gives her a reproachful look.

    “For now! Just for now!”

    Alice huffs and stalks away.

    “Oh, where are you going? Get back here!” 

    “Jules,” Shawn sighs. “Juliet. It’s okay.”

    She shakes her head, refusing to look at him. “I’m sorry,” she says softly. He’s not sure if she’s talking to him or to Lassie.

    The latter glowers at him, his wolf sitting tall and threatening at his side. “So, Spencer… you really aren’t psychic.”

    Despite everything, Shawn laughs. “Oh, Lassie. Answering that would be a confession.”

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  • Anyway I’ve been through the entire Shawn Whump tag on AO3 and it’s been literal years since I’ve used any other site so if anyone has any recs for it please lmk

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  • Title: In Hindsight (Part One - Redefining Reality)
    Fandom: Psych
    Categories: AU, Mystery, Slight Angst, Fluff
    Warnings: None (later parts will have individual warnings as necessary)

    Summary: A seemingly harmless investigation ends in tragedy, leaving everyone broken. Now, a year later, the team is forced to reunite so they can prevent an even worse disaster.

    Author’s Notes: This story is based on this absolutely beautiful prompt by @write-it-motherfuckers 

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  • “Excuse me, Spencer. Quick question. How does it feel to be so wrong that you are now… a walking joke?”

    “Just like you, minus the kind boots and the soft eyes.”

    #thank you shawn for pointing my favorite feature of lassiter #psych#psych s5e3 #not even close encounters #shawn spencer#lassiter#carlton lassiter#lassie #shassie???? #psych tv#psych quotes #spenciter? #quotes
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  • Rock out to all the awesome music from Psych (musical and movie included)

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  • It’s a damn shame that they didn’t make Shawn Spencer canonically bi because that boy is the definition of bi disaster.

    #also he flirted with lassie just as much as with jules #shawn spencer#psych
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  • Okay more PsychxTma time i’m trash

    -Lassiter is like “I knew you weren’t fucking psychic” when he finds out Shawn’s an avatar

    -Even though he kind of is?? Lassiter doesn’t count it.

    -Shawn is delighted

    -Everyone is baffled that Shawn is a part of the Eye because everyone else involved in the Eye is generally super academic and stuffy and neither Shawn nor his dad are like that

    -No one is surprised about Lassie being Hunt

    -Shawn, Gus, and Juliet helped pull Lassie out of being full Hunt

    -All Desolation avatars find Lassiter endearing for some reason

    -Buzz McNab has no goddamn idea what’s going on and he’s got no idea that he’s an avatar. He just loves his wife. No thoughts head empty. heart full

    -uses vast powers to make Francine feel like she’s flying and doesn’t know that he’s using the power of a fear god to do it. we stan a himbo

    -Juliet doesn’t know if she’ll be able to come back from going full Hunt and she is very afraid of hurting the ones she loves

    -Juliet had a run-in with a Leitner during the roller derby case and that’s how she came to be touched by the Stranger

    -Juliet fucking hates Jurgein Leitner, and that he had so many weird books, and that he just decided to fuck around and find out.

    -I have no clue how End powers work in canon but for the sake of the au Gus is functionally immortal BUT only when he’s scared enough. Idk. Suggestions on how to make that better are much appreciated. i love gus

    -So Helen and Pierre definitely hang out.

    -Michael and Pierre have met but Michael was having a Time so they didn’t get to see each other much.

    -Pierre felt bad for Michael I don’t make the rules

    -Pierre only uses a Door to escape during a heist if there’s no other way out because he thinks it’s cheating

    -If you’re wondering about Chief Vick, she refuses to get involved with the weird spooky bullshit that goes on and has somehow remained untouched and unaffected. We stan

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    • Shawn: Hello I'm Shawn Spencer, this is my partner, Hydrof Lask, we are with the police.
    • Karen, Lassie, and Jules: No you're not.
    • Shawn: I am not with the police.
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  • Okay fuck off I’m doing the Psych characters and their TMA alignments

    Shawn- Okay he’s definitely an avatar of the Eye bc observation, but he’s also heavily Spiral touched because Deception

    Gus-  He’s constantly fearing death, so the End, but he’s also touched by the lonely and deserves more love I would die for Gus

    Lassiter- I’m sorry to be obvious but he’s the Hunt. Definitely slaughter touched. 

    Juliet- She’s a difficult one to place but she enjoys cases as much as Lassie so I have to say she’s Hunt as well, but gone undercover the most so she gets to be Stranger touched

    Henry Spencer- I do not like this man. he’s Eye and touched by Flesh. I will Not Elaborate

    Madeline Spencer- Web touched by Eye. she’s on thin ice

    Buzz McNab- King absolute angel. His shoulders alone make him a Vast avatar, but so does the amount of love he has for his wife. touched by the Desolation

    Pierre Despereaux- The Spiral touched by the Vast and the Stranger

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