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  • lady-frances-carfax-s-maid
    04.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Sherlockian: "It's all about this fantastic detective. We love him. Watson is nice too, but he's not a reliable narrator." Raffleites: “It's all about Bunny. We love this silly Rabbit. Bunny's feelings are wonderful. Bunny's heart is so sweet. Bunny only thinks about Raffles, so we assume we love Raffles too, since Bunny loves him.”

    #i'm a bit of both you know #raffles #crime and cricket #raffles and bunny #bunny manders #a j raffles #aj raffles#Sherlock Holmes#john watson #Honestly the more I know raffleites the more I like them
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  • 7-percent
    04.12.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    900 Milestone

    For those of you who have gazillions of followers my humble number may invoke a dismissal, but for me, this is HUGE. That anyone out there would be interested enough to follow my posts is...

    *Exciting *Thrilling *Validation *Encouragement *Rocket fuel *A sense of belonging

    When I talk to people about my writing, I often refer to the fact that I “belong to a writing community”.  

    That’s YOU. 

    Thank you. 

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  • gamerunnerru
    04.12.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

    Ссылка на источник: Читать дальше »

    #faq #sherlock holmes: chapter one
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  • 647763
    04.12.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    ok the speech was fabulous and all but i wanna see the dinner?? like it was gone in a short gross montage but imagine sherlock and janine sipping on their prosecco overseeing everyone so they can analyse all the men in the room. they have a little giggle and john's head just snaps round from the other side of sherlock with a death stare like. it would just be a brawling match for sherlock's attention. solid gold material

    #i'd pay to see the entire day start to finish #bc i still want to see sherlock's sorrow in the ceremony tbh
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  • giftedmotherfucker
    04.12.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    explaining your chronic illness to somebody is so fucking annoying 

    #like I get it u dont have it and i gladly explain it to u #so my friend ask me the other day I feel like youve been ill for a year already #no shitt sherlock I'm fucking counting days #sorry i had 2 flare ups in a row #u think  me not working right now is me being lazy? #why do i need justify for taking things slow right now? #personal tag#chronic illness
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  • trashplanetsakaar
    04.12.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    fanfiction tells you a lot about the fandom, specifically what the fans want and didn’t really get or at least not in the way they’d like

    - marvel fans want domestic shit

    - xmen fans want angst that doesnt end with a cherik divorce

    - good omens fans want a confession

    - jane eyre fans want jane and rochester to fuck

    - harry potter fans want franchise length marauder content

    - attack on titan fans want levi being vulnerable

    - sherlock fans want soft johnlock moments

    - star wars fans idk about you since my experience is just this one hanluke fic where han was just trying to find a way to tell him and i dont even ship them but it was cute

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  • arsuf
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SHERLOCK HOLMES: Chapter One  ▪  11/?

    #Sherlock Holmes #sherlock holmes chapter one #gamingedit#indie games#video games#games#sherlockedit #he's just a bebby
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  • ajrbin
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Albert: *walks into Mycroft's office unannounced to show off his crafty solutions to the government's crisis about the missing supplier of opium*

    William: *clapbacks at Sherlock's deduction, calling him a mama's boy and a stoner through plain intelligent guesses, to show off his deduction skills*

    These two will do anything to get the Holmeses' attention, don't they?

    #i can't with these two #they're not really subtle ohmygod #sherliam#myal#sherlock holmes #william james moriarty #mycroft holmes #albert james moriarty #moriarty the patriot #yuukoku no moriarty
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  • dyns33
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dracula : "Will you be my wife ?" 

    Y/N : "You already have a wife." 

    Dracula : "No. I have brides. Three brides." 

    Y/N : "That's even worst. I won't be one of your brides." 

    Dracula : "Good, since I want you to be my wife." 

    Y/N : "... That's the same thing !" 

    Dracula : "It's not. I have brides, and a wife. One wife. You." 

    Y/N : "I didn't say yes." 

    Dracula : "You will. You're my wife, now and forever, dragul meu." 

    Y/N : "Go to your brides." 

    Dracula : "When I'll be bored or hungry. I'm feeling romantic now, I want to stay with you.”

    Y/N : "... So 'brides' means 'pets and pantry' to you ?" 

    Dracula : "You are a clever thing, sotia mea, that's one of the reasons why I love you."

    #dracula #dracula x reader #dracula imagine #based on Dracula 2020 on Netflix #but with another face #cause sorry I don't like the actor face #I'm seeing Henry!Sherlock in my mind
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  • kcwells94
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "Go back to doing nerd shit!"

    "I am a nerd but I also know how to throw hands."

    *Literally the equivalent of a slap later*

    We did nothing but she backed out...for now.

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  • a-different-equation
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Teaser: The Colour (2/4)

    I have compared Holmes to a hound that had picked up a sent already, and this time it was the same: the hunt led us to a store that sells all types of drawing utensils.

    After announcing our entry with a bell, a man appeared. He had the air of an artist, flourishing hand gestures and an extravagant scarf draped over his shoulders. His voice was unusually high, accenting every syllabus.

    “Whatever is that you desire?” Even his enquiry struck me as odd.

    “We require information about a certain type of colour, or to be precise, its paint, as the colour is known to me, Prussian Blue. And as you’re a respectable seller with a wide range of knowledge…”

    The man smiled, pleased. God, did he blush? “Well, thank you, sir.” A silly little wave with his left wrist, “Prussian Blue, you say? You’re a connoisseur, as it is indeed a rather peculiar shade. We sell it, naturally.”

    “Naturally.” My Holmes returned the smile. I took a step closer to him. There was so much to see in the store, I was simply indulging my curiosity. Also, I hoped to pen this tale later, and one needs accurate descriptions.

    Read ch1 of Sherlock Holmes and the Gigantic Santa Clause on Ao3 (ACD!Johnlock, teen, ca. 1k). All-new chapter will be up on 05/12.

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  • a-different-equation
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    TEASER: The Theatre (2/4)

    “The Winter Triangle is an astronomical asterism formed from three of the brightest stars in the winter sky.”

    “Huh?” I almost stopped in my tracks. Mister-I-don’t-care-that-the-sun-moves-around-the-earth speaks about astronomy. I was baffled.

    “Obviously, because of light pollution, one can barely see them. However, if one might go to the countryside - let’s say Sussex - one could look in the sky and spot them easily. It’s not real but an imaginary equilateral triangle is drawn on the celestial sphere, with its defining vertices at Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon, the primary stars in the three constellations of Canis Major, Orion, and Canis Minor, respectively.”

    “You looked that up…”

    “Obviously.” Sherlock huffed. His puffed air was visible in the cold night.

    “You looked that up and stored the information in your mind palace.”


    Git hid behind posh Latin. I grinned. Sure, I could question Sherlock further, or I could smile and echo the sentiment from the case I later published under the title The Great Game: 

    “Beautiful, isn’t it.”

    Read Ch1 The Mistake of Sherlock Holmes and The Bad Santa on Ao3 (BBC!Johnlock, mature, ca. 1k) . All-new chapter will be up on 05/12.

    #christmas #case fin #friends to lovers

    #bbc sherlock#johnlock#sherlock holmes#john watson#johnlock fanfiction #ade writes fic #sherlock holmes and the bad santa #christmas#case fic #friends to lovers
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  • countlessimagines
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Hello everyone! This year I wanted to do something special for Christmas since I’m a little over 2,000 followers and I’ve been pretty vacant on this account these past couple of years.

    That being said, I wanted to do 15 days of Christmas themed imagines! I will begin posting one each day, starting December 11th and ending on December 25th!

    Each day will be either a different movie/show but there will be some repeated fandoms since I do want to try to get a few characters in. As well, marvel imagines are so fun to write for as there’s so many characters!

    This is the list of fandoms I will be writing for each day:

    1. MCU



    4. TEEN WOLF



    7. MCU

    8. X-MEN



    11. DC


    13. MCU

    14. STAR WARS


    Here’s the fun part! I will be letting you guys chose who I write for on each designated day! Comment below to let me know which characters you want to see!

    Here’s my MASTERLIST to get an idea of who I usually write for as well!

    Happy Holidays to you all! I’m excited for what lies ahead! <3

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  • karolinsstuff
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Angsty Saturday fanfic recommendations

    As you may or may not know, I read Johnlock fanfictions. A lot. And most of them (who am I kidding, almost every single one of them) is angsty as hell. And oh boy, how I enjoy reading about my Baker Street Boys being sad and broken, only to be happy together in the end (or not, hehe, it depends on my mood)

    And since I've read many angst ffs and many of them are stored in my heart forever, I have decided that every Saturday I will share three of my favourites angst fanfictions with you (and maybe later I will create a masterlist with them, first I need to learn how to do that)

    So, without any more words, here are the first three fanfictions I want to share with you today 🌼

    Enjoy 💞

    The Vapor Variant by 88thParallel (CanadaHolm)

    Chapters: 18
    Summary: They stood face to face in the middle of a clearing. The dim light of the moon barely allowed Sherlock to see the glassy terror in John’s eyes and the sweat that glistened off his forehead. His nose was bleeding again, blood dripping in a slow stream from his right nostril.They were both gasping for air, John’s eyes locked on Sherlock’s. There was no recognition there, just wild animal fear.Time stood still for an eternal few seconds, and Sherlock took a shaky breath. “John—”Spell broken, John spun and bolted back into the woods.Still heaving for air, Sherlock took off after him.
    Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, minor Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade
    Set after s2e2 The Hounds of Baskerville

    Before the Dawn by Ranowa

    Chapters: 4
    Summary: Sherlock wakes up the day after Sherrinford. But something isn't right.
    Relationship: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
    Set after s3e3 His Last Vow

    Radioactive Trees In A Red Forest by Maribor_Petrichor

    Chapters: 73
    Summary: John Watson is what happens when a man can no longer see a reason to go on. John Watson is what happens when a man starts to let go." It is what it is." John Watson is what happens when what "it is" becomes too much to bear. This is a story of the life, death, and resurrection of John Hamish Watson.
    Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
    Set after s4
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  • a-world-in-a-grain-of-sand
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Does anyone else refuse to watch Castle because they went out of their way to make a heterosexual couple of Sherlock and Watson, when their male counterparts are a one in a million match..? Or is it just me…🤷🏼‍♀️🙄

    #bbc sherlock#castle#johnlock #holmes and watson
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  • radaofrivia
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #will we queue just a little? #henry cavill#sherlock #cavill sherlock holmes #sherlock holmes#enola holmes
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  • reverseteehee
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    today i saw:

    a couple dressed up as sherlock and watson

    a couple dressed up as dean and cas

    a person dressed up as link

    a person in bright pink clown makeup

    #thescon#also #yesterday there was the most amazing drag queen #i’d die for her #sherlock #sherlock and watson #dean winchester#castiel#link #legend of zelda
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  • hiddlesisterhood
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #pictures#photoshoot #robert downey jr #jude law #sherlock and john #sherlock holmes#john watson
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  • hiddlesisterhood
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #jude law #robert downey jr #sherlock holmes #sherlock and john #john watson
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