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  • magicschoolbus
    20.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Sirius: guys there’s a monster under my bed and it’s really ugly

    Peter, on the bottom bunk: honestly? fuck you

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  • siriusly-a-timelady
    20.09.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Peter: Wake me up...

    James: Before you go, go!

    Sirius: When September ends

    Remus: WAKE ME UP INSIDE -

    Regulus *tired of the Marauders*: ... when it's all over

    #the marauders #incorrect marauders quotes #regulus black #regulus and sirius
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  • padfootspuppy
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sirius: I’ve been tortured, back stabbed, threatened, jabbed at, and even almost murdered

    Sirius: yet you

    Sirius: you are pure evil

    Regulus: why thank you

    #lmao regulus was tickling him #no but Sirius is right #that’s pure evil #the black family should take notes #sirius black#harry potter#james potter#marauders#remus lupin #sirius orion black #james fleamont potter #siriusblack#jamespotter#regulus black #regulus black text post #the noble house of black #incorrect marauders #marauders incorrect quotes #marauders text post #marauders textpost #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #padfoot#moony#prongs #remus john lupin #remus lupin textpost #sirius black textpost #james potter textpost #marauders map#marauders fan
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  • padfootspuppy
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Androemda: sooo…

    Andromeda: how was meeting my family

    Ted: well Bellatrix tried murdering me

    Ted: regulus kept glaring at me

    Ted: narcissa kept throwing jabs at me for being muggle born

    Ted: and your parents looked like they wanted to use the cruciatous curse

    Andy: I’m sor-

    Ted, shivering: but it was Sirius

    Ted: when I was alone with Sirius-

    Ted: I don’t think I could ever describe the horror…

    #I relate to Sirius #I’m a total big softie #but mess with someone I care about #you will regret it #sirius black#harry potter#james potter#marauders#remus lupin #sirius orion black #james fleamont potter #siriusblack#jamespotter #james potter textpost #remus john lupin #remus lupin textpost #sirius black textpost #incorrect marauders #marauders incorrect quotes #marauders text post #marauders textpost#marauders map#marauders fan#narcissa malfoy#bellatrix lestrange#androemda tonks #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #the noble house of black #noble house of black #padfoot
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  • mischiefhasbeenmanaged
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sirius: *walking in the room* Crap crap crap crap crap

    James:*turing to Lily* Did you see him yesterday?

    Lily: No

    James: *sighing* That’s what he says when he sleeps through an entire day

    #source: modern family #harry potter#marauders era#incorrect quotes#marauders#sirius black#hp#sirius#padfoot #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #james potter#prongs#lily evans#lily potter#mwpp#mwpp era #incorrect marauders quotes #incorrect hp quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes
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  • darkeunology
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ♡ Sirius Black Masterlist ♡

    Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

    1:25 || ━━━━━〇─────── || 2.25

    Masterlist || Marauders Era || Rules for requesting

    Coming soon!

    #sirius black#masterlist #sirius black x reader
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  • justadreamyhufflepuff
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Both the Black brothers would love Taylor Swift you cannot convince me otherwise 🤺🤺

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  • jamespotterinskirts
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    James: Okay, fuck, marry, kill-

    Sirius: Fuck Remus.

    James: I haven’t-

    Sirius: Kill Snape.

    James: Sirius, you-

    Sirius: Marry Remus.

    James: I’m done.

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  • loonyloopylupin5
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Remus: Padfoot is at that special age where he only has one thing on his mind.

    Peter: Boys??

    Sirius: No. Homicide.

    #marauders hp#remus lupin#sirius black#peter pettigrew#harry potter#marauders #the marauders era #inspired by the adams family because yeah
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  • mayamoons
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So I missed the exact 100 mark but omg 101 followers !! I honestly just started this blog for fun, just to ramble out all my thoughts and random headcannons and I’m so touched that 100 people like my posts enough to keep following my blog! I love every single one of you all <3

    In light of this, feel free to write/do in my ask box any of the following :>

    duration of the celebration: September 20-27 !

    moony - get to know me! Ask me questions, and if I’m comfortable with answering I’ll answer as honestly as I can !

    padfoot - give me a set of emojis and I’ll give you a random song from one of my playlists

    prongs - send me a meme I’ll send you one

    wormtail - honest opinion on me/my blog !

    lily - talk to me! Tell me about your day, how you’ve been, or even rant if you need to !

    marlene - make an assumption about me !

    marauders map - choose either golden trio or marauders era and give me a brief (or detailed i don’t mind) description of yourself and I’ll cast you as a character you remind me of !

    thats it! As always have fun and be kind, wishing you all wonderful days ahead! <3

    link to old pinned post

    tagging my beautiful moots <3: @andypads @strobelitegurl @remuslupininskirts @anythingforourmooony @diademsandtiaras @trouvailleamor @that-siriusblack-grin @wolfstar-lb @st00pidlol @roonilwazlibweasley @idkabi @obsessedheehee @mischiefhasbeenmanaged @ashtreenymph @heirofgryffindorsblog @couldibeanymorechaotic

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  • phoenixofslytherin
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Chapter 12 of Bring me to Life is live on ffn!! (Story is complete on ao3)

    Alpha/Beta - champagneandliterature

    Art by kryskrosszee

    Pairing - Hermione/Draco/Harry

    Rating - E

    Summery - The war ended five years ago and Hermione has never truly dealt with the trauma it left behind. Stuck in a rut and finally reaching rock bottom she decides to make a change. Healing, it seems, comes in the raven hair of her best friend and the smoke grey eyes of someone quite unexpected. Her first small, baby steps lead to big changes, and before Hermione knows it a whole new life is upon her. The war taught her that life can be unpredictable. The reality of this new, post war worlds is beyond even her wildest dreams. Can Hermione really be part of the first team of Unspeakables to ever figure out the mysterious stone arch in the Death Room of the Department of Mysteries? And can they really bring the last person who happened to fall through it back to life?


    From chapter 12.......

    Hermione looked around nervously. Standing in Theo and Daphne’s lounge with a vial of Disillusionment Draught in her hand suddenly made what they were planning to do feel very real indeed. She was forcibly reminded of the last time they had planned to break into the Ministry. It had been during the war when they had needed to steal the locket Horcrux from around Dolores Umbridge’s neck, and she had forgotten how uncomfortable the lead up to such events felt. 


    “So, let me get this straight, you’re asking me to break approximately five billion laws here tonight, but you can’t tell me what we’re doing or why,” Ron asked.


    “Uh, yeah.” Harry grinned sheepishly, “but you’ll be doing it with a pair of Aurors, and we can give you a more specific breakdown of the illegalities involved tomorrow. Does that help at all?”


    “Not really,” Ron said, staring at him appraisingly. “Look, I have no idea why any of you want to be shut in that bloody veil room all night,” he shuddered, “I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be, but since it’s you two asking me to do this, I’m in. No questions asked.” 


    “Thank you, Ron. We will explain tomorrow, I promise.” Hermione reached over to hug him, and as she pulled back, she kissed his cheek, catching the amusement in his clear blue eyes and the fury flashing in Draco’s stormy grey ones.


    Ron nodded with a grin as he fingered her hair. “It’s fine. You’d better step back, though, ‘Mione. One of your boyfriends looks like he’s about to have a fit over how close we currently are.” Hermione just rolled her eyes as Draco continued to glare furiously at Ron.


    “Hermione,” Harry said, tugging her forwards into his embrace, “do you remember the night I got arrested and all of this started? We were lying in bed together, and you told me that you missed the girl you used to be. You said you missed the girl who defeated Voldemort, who robbed Gringotts and flew away on a dragon? Do you remember that?”


    She nodded. “I do remember saying that.” She opened her eyes, laughing as she looked up at him. 


    “Well, How does it feel to have found that part of yourself again?”?..........

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  • mai-the-crow
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago



    he’s terrible but we still love him also i just get randomly attached to shitty traumatized ppl so

    but my reblog was literally right above your reply

    also i don’t think i’ve ever claimed that snape has never done anything wrong, if i have please perform an exorcism on me

    ok so

    Looking at the Marauders and Severus’ reactions to each other, I can infer that the bullying has happened over a long period of time and is done fairly normally. Severus isn’t completely in the clear, but all of the things he did we self defense, such as the Sectumsempra/Diffindo which was cast after James and Sirius attacked him.

    The bad things that you mention were done in his late teenage/adult years, after he was groomed into a cult by Lucius and his mates. Doesn’t excuse the actions that he hypothetically did while in the Death Eaters, though. My point is that younger Severus did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have been punished for his future crimes—crimes that he probably wouldn’t have committed if it wasn’t for the Marauders.

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  • softlytenderly
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    just pinning my newly curated spotify playlist of rock anthems from days old past since i just drank a few glasses of wine whilst i read some eve babitz books.....also i dedicate this to my man sirius black circa 70s....u would’ve appreciated this

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  • automaticcroissantbatsludge
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Au/headcanon Tobias was decent father

    One day in the winter young Severus was mocked at his primary school about his greasy hair. He went to bathroom and washed his hair with cold water. He tried to wash all of grease from his hair. He intended to stay in the bathroom forever unless his hair wasn't greasy anymore.Tobias noticed his son was absent. He tried to find his son. When he knew his son was in bathroom, he tried to coax him out. Severus was hesitate but gave in.Tobias asked him why he washed his hair in the winter. Severus told him about bullies in school.Tobias went mad.After he calmed himself,he told his son that his greasy hair was genetics. His hair was very clean and if sb make fun of it again ,he should say you make fun of my appearance because you can't make fun of my talents.This night Severus had a fever and Tobias took care of him all night. When Severus got back on his feet, Tobias made him promise that he never harm himself because of other people's word again

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  • remusloopy
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    james: on a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you?

    remus: *sips coffee, hands shaking* i’d say at least 11

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  • mama-miya
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Sep. 2021

    The Future of the Past | Chapter III

    Sirius Black x Female Slytherin Reader 


    Notes: Sorry for the misspells in the previous chapter, I edited and hopefully got all of them. Trigger Warnings: my English, swear words, mention of a battle, injuries and death.

    Professor McGonagall has decided on partnering Gryffindors and Slytherins for a transfiguration assignment due a week before the spring holidays; and out of all the Gryffindors she could pair you with- it was Black. Sirius Black. After that night in the Astronomy tower, James seemed to hate you less, as you scored him a date with Lily. Remus- whom you’ve never had bad blood with seemed to try and be a bit more friendly with you, and when he discovered you like reading- and have already read three fourths of the books in the Hogwarts library he was impressed. Nerding about books and homework was your main topic of conversation with him, but it was genuine, and you appreciated the friendship. You had a hard time with Peter; knowing how he’ll turn out to be in the future- yet you were still polite to him. Sirius Black, on the other hand, was the boy who started to toy with you. You understood why he wouldn’t trust you, but you found his attitude unnecessary. 

    The students in the classroom rearranged themselves according to their new transfiguration partner and you saw Sirius slowly making his way towards you. After taking a deep breath you smiled widely at the black haired boy with the stormy eyes. “Hey Sirius” you said cheerfully, “Hey” he replied unamused. You didn’t speak the rest of class, and as it ended you shoved everything into the bag gracefully yet rushed. Sirius put his things in his bag recklessly and managed to get out before you, however he stopped at the door waiting on his friends so they could all walk to the next class together. You head out with your gaze fixed on the Hallway ignoring Sirius looking you up and down as you pass by him to head towards Charms. 

    A week went by and Sirius ignored you, yet you felt those eyes staring at you on multiple occasions throughout the week where he would go out of his way to avoid you. The assignment was getting closer and you were yearning to start it already; so you decided to not allow him to ignore you anymore, it was an hour before all students needed to go to their beds. Most of them gathered at their common rooms at such times, you headed towards the Gryffindor common rooms but heard James' voice on the other side of the hall. You walked in that direction and eventually ended up outside on the edge of the courtyard, where James was petting a dog. “A dog at Hogwarts?” you thought to yourself “impossible”. “Hey James” you said heading towards the boy, “and hey puppy” you said as you arrived. You bent down extending out a hand for the dog to smell hoping it will allow you to pet him. “I didn’t know you have a dog,” you said, waiting for the dog to do something. “Yeah…” James started to trail off “he’s not mine, kind of a stray that I see sometimes. Don’t worry he is friendly” the dog seemed to glance at James with a look that seemed quite human but then he brought his head towards the palm of your hand, and you started petting the dog, enjoying touching the soft black fur. “His fur is so soft. Petting him is what I would imagine heaven like” you said and James chuckled “By the way, I never got to thank you, ya’know, for meeting us at the top of the tower. That weekend Lily finally agreed to go to Hogsmeade with me- the deal was-” “if I agree to come talk to you boys” you cut him off.” “I know, she told me, but honestly it's no big deal; she’s my friend and I want her to be happy, and if you and your friends make her happy, then I can’t ask for more” you added. “I make her happy?” James asked, somewhere between sarcasm and genuine doubt in himself. “Yes, but don’t tell her I said that” you said. “Uhh James, I actually came to ask if you know where Sirius is? It’s just, it’s been a week since we got our Transfiguration assignment and I still haven't had a chance to sit with him and I’m afraid we will fall behind…” you asked shyly. “I’ll make sure he finds you tomorrow.” James said. “And please, ignore his rudeness, he’s just having a hard time accepting the fact that not all Slytherins are evil” he added. “Oh… is that why he’s avoiding me?” you whispered “I guess. But me and Lilyflower think you are really cool” he whispered back. You got up “Thank you James, and thank you puppy. I’ll catch you tomorrow” you said and headed back towards your room. 

    Sirius’s Pov: After getting back to the dorm, Sirius laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. Great, she noticed that he has been avoiding her. “Damn Padfoot, you really can’t accept the fact that some of ‘em aren’t future death eaters?” James teased. “Yeah, didn’t you say you think you might like Y/L/N?” Peter joined in. Sirius continued to stare at the ceiling ignoring his mates. “I don’t think that Padfoot has figured out his feelings yet” Remus said, and proceeded to add: “however, being an arse is not how you should deal with it. Aren’t you guys paired up for that Transfiguration assignment? Just use this month to get to know her, maybe then you’ll be able to understand your feelings even if it’s to an extent.” “He does have to talk to her about that assignment tomorrow” James said. “Yeah, I do” Sirius finally spoke, his gaze still fixed. “And you are right Moony, I shouldn’t have been an arse, I’ll use this month to get to know her, maybe she really isn’t that bad.” The boys all started to drift off to sleep but even in his dreams, you were there- Y/N Y/L/N the girl that made Sirius rethink his own morals, values and perception, and he wondered who is that girl? And who does he want you to be in relation to him? 

    #Mama Miya Writes #Sirius Black #sirius black x reader #sirius black x slytherin!reader #Harry Potter
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  • yogirl-willow
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So I’ve created some fun wallpapers for my cousin and I with our fave boys. 🥺 First time doing something like this and really enjoyed. Not sure if I should start doing commissions, but this was fun to do.

    Also realize that Remus looks like a Disney prince 😆

    I could see this becoming a personalized wallpaper, if ever you’d like one just hit me up 🤙🏼

    #fred weasley#remus lupin#sirius black#george weasley #fred weasley x oc #weasley twins #fred weasley x reader #artwork #artists on tumblr #wallpaper#wolfstar #remus lupin x reader #sirius black x reader #sirius x reader #sirius x you #illustration #fred weasley fanfiction #harry potter #george wealsey x reader #wizard#marauders#marauders era #marauders x reader #marauders fluff #fred weasley imagine #moony#padfoot #anything for our moony #fred and goerge weasley
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  • eronlupett
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Remus: *exists*

    Sirius: guys. i feel as though i’m turning into a bit of a fruit.

    #wolfstar#remus lupin#sirius black#james potter#marauders#harry potter#jamespotter #remus x sirius #hp marauders#marauders era#domestic wolfstar #wolfstar incorrect quotes #sirius and lily #sirius and remus #sirius and james #gay sirius#bi remus#jily #sirius orion black #remus john lupin
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  • wolfstar-therapy
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Apropos, stash busting, I also discovered these gems from around the same time, featuring Chubby Sirius, the Art School Boiz and Sirius in a Tutu™, for your viewing pleasure...

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