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  • heart-select
    24.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    been playing coop with some friends that just started the game :DDD 

    #my friend called me a better paimon so i made myself into a paimon #diona is an mvp i love her smuch my baby she's doing great #diona genshin#klee#genshin impact#razor#mona#raiden shogun#kaeya#heartselect #the two kids are a nice pair for helping newer ar peeps traverse dragonspine #emergency shield healing AND pyro + damage #oh also children have a shorter stride so its easier for players with less stamina #i forgot klee's pigtails omg what a disgrace #i think it's v funny to see a child supporting a god like a champ #im v nice in coop i look up maps and also guide u should u want it #its good farming for me #but also im just obsessed with the game i enjoy the info hoarding #doodles#my art#drawing #genshin impact doodles #art#sketches
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  • causticcrow
    24.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Some asshole just set off home made firework down the back of my flat scaring me to hell while I'm buck naked in the shower fearing for my damn life

    #my suburb is a shit show #fireworks ars illegal here so we dont get loud sounds like that but my suburb every 6 months fucking bangs and shot sounds #found the scorch marks all down the path 😖😖 #💀☠💀☠ why when im naked too #we are literally in lockdown WHYYYY
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  • patronsaintofdestruction
    24.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #i need to make a post for this but i like seeing ppl confused so- #ila gets messages #ares<3
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  • artemisfowlbae
    24.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    yk how throughout The Fowl Twins they're constantly implying how similar Artemis and Myles are

    That's the thing. They aren't.

    Of course, they act somewhat similar; condescending, melodramatic, smarties. But their core personalities n beliefs n all are so different, it's kinda comical to compare them.

    see, lemme explain:

    Firstly, there's the fact how Myles is a sucker for knowledge. And while Artemis is certainly smart, that was never his goal(i'm talking before he learnt morals); his was power, gold, riches, world recognition. Artemis was mainly in direct business, illegal or not, while Myles is more of a learn-everything type of person. Both of their ideas of power are so different.

    Also, from what I've read so far in the Fowl Twins, Myles is constantly feeling bad about certain actions; destroying that museum place thingy, n all. And Artemis... well, he isn't naturally good on guilt or remorse, per se. He's unfazed (or used to be) by the possibility of innocent people being harmed; and generally, he was the one who did it, directly or indirectly. Myles hesitates for violence, where Artemis's first thought is literally, "Well, TECHNICALLY, Butler could kill them, or at least harm them. Just puttin it there-"

    And their temper; Myles's temper is much more obvious than Artemis. I don't think we've gotten to see Artemis really go ANGRY, because he obviously relishes the fact he could destroy their life with a few hacks. Or that could just be the Beckett factor.

    Also, Artemis honestly doesnt give a fuck about "brain development," i mean, at least compared to Myles he doesn't. Like istg Myles is OBSESSED with being the smartest. And he's much more harsh in judgement and is more condescending; we all have noticed that.

    Honestly, this is just like the initial reasons why i think they're so different; it's just the surface. I'll probably writ an essay on it, some day.

    Thanks for coming to my TED Talk

    #i have issues #when it comes to comparing people #thats just what happens when u have a sibling and ar constantly compared to them by everyone else so you can never be anything by yourself #because what they do is always better #;-;#anyway—#artemis fowl #artemis fowl ii #myles fowl #artemis and myles fowl #fowl twins#fowl brothers#comparing#fowldom#af fandom
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  • rim0na
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago


    she/her ; minor

    carrd ; spotify ; byf/dni ; about me 

    byf/dni!! dni if strictly mdni blog, basic dni criteria, use slurs you can’t reclaim, send anon hate byf sfw blog, i’m a minor, lots of reblogging & interacting with friends, not spoiler free if i say something that makes you uncomfortable/is offensive, please lmk and educate me ‼️‼️

    about me!!

    pakistani & canadian ; est

    speaks both english and urdu <3

    NA server, ar 35 SHHH, noelle main (?), message for uid!

    married to koko [real]

    me x emojis & keyboard smashing otp 

    i can play the violin sheeeesh 

    i have a dog HSJDHSDS i post a lot of pictures of her so 🙆🙆🙆

    i love talking to new people and making new mutuals 😋😋 don’t be shy

    big spotify & pinterest obsession i heart talking about music 💕

    currently watching squid game & reading tokyo revengers!!

    thank you for visiting my blog & i hope you enjoy your time here!!

    #anyways i'm so tired of this #WHEN I GOT TO THE ABOUT ME I WAS LIKE #🙆🙆🙆🙆 #LIKE WTH DO I WRITE ABOUT MYSELF HELP #but anyways i added some random info and was done with it <3 #i've been playing genshin since feb and i'm only ar 35 but ykw that's besides the point #i'll probably edit this later PLSS i just wanted to post it #k anyways bye
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  • murasakiirohana
    23.09.2021 - 18 hours ago


    #failmun #(don't read beyond this tag if you don't want to see me being negative about the bdays because I am going to do just that lmao) #idc if it is petty or not (and I really don't think it is because I feel there really SHOULD be a balance when it comes the trio and how #much each infringes upon the other) but putting sh/kad*i bday on ino's will always irk me greatly #it's not cute ; like i love sh/ka and all but he already takes up a lot of air in the room when it comes to team 10 #and i get it because he ends up pretty closely tied to naru/to himself #but it's like just... let ino have something to herself? their birthdays are already /so/ close that it doesn't make any sense to push his #son's bday onto hers?? it would've been infinitely better to just give him the same day as his dad's #like it was cute for i/no and sh/ka to have such close birthdays because even if they were close; they still had /different days #but now it's like the n/ar/a family has taken over both days essentially and it's just... frustrating?? #so many days in the year and that's what you decided to settle on? #idk if it was meant to be cute but it just is off putting as a huge fan of i/no #for her not to even have her day to herself anymore #even if it just a birthday- #with the original two having the days so close; there was still 1:1 balance but there just isn't anymore ya feel? #so with that in mind; that kid has a different day than ino and i don't care which day but it's not her day #also the kid is already so close in appearance to his dad (more than even s/h/ka was to his own dad so like dude; why make his bday that #close to his dad too???? weird #so yeah i'm being stingy about her bday because it's hers and she's keeping it #let it be known i would've been super annoyed if anyone else had her bday btw; i am very very adamant about her keeping her day lmao
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  • specialagentartemis
    23.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Niche Podcast Theories Thursday:

    woe.begone takes place in the same universe(s) as ars PARADOXICA

    #one of the time offshoots where someone else got ahold of Sally Grissom's time travel tech and uses it to make an ARG #woe.begone #ars paradoxica #there are so many time offshoots it /might/ be true #depending on how you interpret aP's time travel rules which seem to change in s3 ngl #Niche Podcast Theories Thursday
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  • weebsinstash
    23.09.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #god would it be cringe if i keep thinking kf like pet store au stuff just so i can have a yan x a darling who loves animals #your boyfriend pet store au where YN is a pet store employee who helps peter take care of rat and shit #u say a thing about how the animals dont always like how theyre cared for but you have to do whats best for them and boy does that backfire #also dude i love ball pythons the most but hognoses ars also precious and dude albino kingsnakes are PINK. pink #i could see myself owning a little albino kingsnake or snow corn and naming it ichigo or sakura or madoka or something #loving reptiles is infectious and once you buy one you want to buy moreeeee
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  • mysjams
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hating conflicts but having to stand up for yourself 🙃

    #i hate coming to work now bc it stresses me so much i don't even need coffee to shake #but when i'm not ar work i still think abt it and STRESS OUT #how are people like this? enjoying being snakes and feeding on your pain and emotions? is it fun? #.txt
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  • haru--okumura
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    #i reqlly wam worthless huh #fuck it ill jsutnd drink my selff to sleep #jjst because i sqw thing coming doesnt mean it doesnt hurt #i want things to work #thats why i did the fucking bottle wish undet yhe strawberry moon #qll those fucking months ago #but it doeant makeetter #im fuckijg patjeic #i cant even stip from self harming for more tjan feew months ar a time #so fuck me #should just fall asleep at the railroad tracks
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  • arywizm
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    there's something so tender and intimate in the way Hanya Yanagihara uses names in dialogues I'm -

    #a little life #you have two characters in a scene #you know who they're talking to #the characters know who they're talking to #and yet they address each other by their names every time #and it's so touching for some reason I'm going to scream #AR noise pollution #booklr#textpost
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  • convallamarin
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Golden Rules and Common Sense 

    On the internet, in online communities, anywhere really. Cuz some ppl don’t know better, apparently. ( These are obviously stated by 1 fucking person ( me ) based on my fucking personal experiences etc etc. I don’t think I hold the truth or answer to life biggest questions, these are my fucking thoughts. And either ppl agree or don’t. You do fucking you. )


    Don’t send unsolicited NSFW shit. No matter what.

    Don’t steal designs, don’t impersonate people.

    Don’t be a minor following an adult blog that states 18+.

    Don’t be a 18+ blog that doesn’t block minors and tag shit with tags that are for communities with minors in them.

    Take responsability for what you can.

    Don’t be a fucking dickhead.

    Don’t take blocking as a personal attack.

    Block people instantly if they make you uncomfortable.

    People that break these common sense rules are: A fucking dickhead. Block the shit out of them, warn your friends/mutuals about them. ( Don’t make a shitty fucking call out post pls let us be over that shit. ) (Except the being blocked thing cuz some ppl just be that fucking anxious, just go to your friends and get comfort you silly bitch.)


    • Don’t send unsolicited, weird lewd/NSFW messages/asks. Ever. Especially when you do not know them, including on Anon. It’s fucking weird, uncomfortable and even triggering to some. It doesn’t matter if they are a NSFW artist; Don’t fucking do it. What people post/draw/write is not an open invitation. It’s safer to: Only send it to mutuals/friends you know are okay with it, or someone who has stated explicitly that they allow it.
    • Don’t ever fucking force two people to interact/ impersonate someone. It’s fucking weird. What the fuck are you doing. You are not helping anyone, if anything, you are ruining shit for two people who don’t even know you.
    • Don’t steal/copy/take other peoples designs. Be aware of when you are taking way to much inspiration and ending up just straight up snatching a design/style choice someone else has.
    • Someone blocking you isn’t a personal attack. You respect it, you move on. Can it suck? Yes. But there’s nothing you can or should do to change that. You don’t need to hate yourself over it.
    • Don’t be an asshat. Don’t harass people, don’t send anon hate, don’t bother people who have blocked you. A no means: Fucking no.
    • And with that said: Block anyone who is making you uncomfortable.

    Hi Minors!

    • 18+ Means 18+; Get the fuck out. Please fucking always read the pinned post/ description of a blog you want to follow before following. I garantuee you we put it there if we do not want you to follow. And fucking listen to it.
    • DON’T EVER FUCKING LIE ABOUT BEING AN ADULT. You will be found out. No one will ever trust you again. You will lose credibility, friendships, a lot of shit. It is not fucking worth it. Don’t fucking do it.
    • Do not send anything NSFW, do not post anything NSFW. You are curious: that is fine. It is not fucking okay to follow adults and adult-spaces: it literally can get adults in trouble LEGALLY. Not to mention: It’s really fucking uncomfortable for us. We’d rather not be seen as pedo’s It can even be triggering by it since we have had experiences being groomed. Me, as an example. And that’s not fucking nice.
    • But other people are sending NSFW asks and they are okay???• Because it’s usually two adults who are friends/mutuals and know eachother. This does not apply to you, sucks but you don’t get the same priviliege as friends do. So don’t fucking do it.
    • But I’m mature for my age!!!  Sorry to break it to you, no you fucking are not. Your brain is literally incapable of it. I was a minor once and I was stupid as shit. You are not mature for your age ( which would still be underage ), be safe you tiny little idiot.
    • You can still: Draw, write it whatever: JUST DON’T FUCKING POST IT. Do whatever the fuck you want! Just don’t post it, you can get in trouble and I’d rather you not. You can still talk about whatever with your fellow minors of your age AS LONG AS THEY ARE COMFORTABLE WITH IT. Always make sure they are comfortable! Just steer clear of adult spaces, they aren’t conditioned for you to be able to be in safely.
    • Make sure you can talk to an adult about things you do not fully get. There is a shit ton of scary shit out here, bad influences, and things that can negatively impact you. If you absolutely have NO adults you can trust, that really fucking sucks. Try your best to confide in your friends, maybe some of them have a trustworthy adult.
    • Be fucking safe; you don’t need to give strangers on the internet anything. You are allowed to insta block people that make you uncomfortable. You never have to give out your full age ( stating you are a minor or simply avoiding adult content should be enough ), you never have to give out your full name, where you live, anything. If someone is being weird and creepy: Block them. Talk to an adult you can trust. Be safe babe, and don’t fucking trust anyone with anything that can put you in danger.

    Hi Adults!

    PUT YOUR AGE IN YOUR BIO. This is 100000 times better than minors outing themselves. It’s makes it so much fucking easier for all of us. 
    If you have adult content: Mark your blog as it. Pinned post, descriptions, warnings. It’s better than nothing. And try to not muddy the line of what is okay and what isn’t. The more muddy, the harder it is for people to follow guidelines.
    Block minors if you have adult content. Block them if they are being weird or trying to be sexual. Tell your adult friends to block them if you’ve had that experience ( IN PRIVATE don’t make call out posts on fucking minors.) You are an adult: you have the power position. Sucks, but we aren’t kids anymore.
    If you are in a community with a lot of minors ( minecraft, pokemon, mlp ex) and you have adult content on your blog: DON’T FUCKING TAG IT AS THOSE THINGS. How the fuck do you think minors find this shit lmfao. Making your blog as hard for minors to find as possible is the only responsability we have that we can do on the internet. ESPECIALLY if it is in a community that is at least partially for minors in the first place.
    But I wont get any traffic!!! Sucks. If numbers and followers are more important to you than making sure minors can’t find your adult centric content, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve managed to get traffic without tags. The system sucks anyway. Let it go.
    My mutuals reblog my things and they let minors interact! Cool. Block the minors.
    These solutions don’t work!!! It’s the best we have? I’ve managed to stay clear of 99% minors by doing this. I get that for some people who have insanely big followings this is not easy to do; and I don’t envy you. There are always ways you can do to escape it; I just know most people won’t like those solutions because you have to sacrifice shit for it. Weight your prioritizies. Alas: With a large following, you do have responsability for what you show that following. That’s just how it works. And if you cannot ensure you can remove all minors, you either have to live with it, or do something drastic like remaking your blog and be extra hard with prevention to keep it from happening again.
    BE VERY FUCKING AWARE OF ADULTS WHO CAN BE PREDATORS. Call the shit out of them. Be on their fucking asses. Do not let them feel fucking safe anywhere. You see an adult being weirdly cozy with a fucking minor, esp with lewd shit and you better fucking tear them a new one. They could be your best friend and they better not be after you notice shit.

    These issues are not exclusive to one or another community. It’s literally just how shit the world is. But we also have responsability for what we are normalizing in the community, and suddenly going “ not for you “ for some people, and expecting them to understand why they are being excluded. They don’t. Esp not minors.

    And if people keep breaking these literally common sense rules: They are literally a fucking asshole. Block them, tell your friends to block them, and hope you never have to deal with them again. Some people are just fucking dickheads, and it has nothing to do with them being an adult/ minor.

    Just know that the consequenses of being a dickhead will land you: In being treated like a dickhead. Enjoy.

    #long post #i tried really hard to not make this a wall of text #and it became a long ass wall of text #so honestly the chances of the people needing to read this reading it is: extremely fucking low #but i need< t his to get the fuck out of my head so i can stop fucking c aring about it #ooc#Rat Whines #ok to reblog #anywhere i dc #i just dont wanna have t o fucking think about this anymore #i would simply like to stop fucking caring
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  • def-ars
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    'COLORS from Ars' Image Teaser #1

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  • moldyrock
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    can you BELIEVE for the liyue quest when you meet the adepti or whatever you have to exclusively fight as xiao??? D: ningguang wasn’t on my screen for at LEAST 3 minutes!! outrageous 

    #genshin impact#spoilers #genshin impact spoilers #is it really spoilers if i'm still on the first part of liyue? #there was at least one minute where i just looked at the minty green blur of anemo damage numbers and was just...so hollow inside...where is #ningguang? where is shiny rock lady? i miss! i miss very much!! #i genuinely think if ningguang wasn't one of my first characters (i think maybe the first after the guaranteed noelle) i would have stopped #after two weeks. #i just felt so empty when i realized i couldn't switch to her #this is...very unhealthy... #it also sort of felt like i was playing an idle game #because xiao had so much damage i just had to hold attack down #like in every other trial of a character #protip: make the game more fun by being incompetent at building and also only building one character #i still don't understand the artifact system #oh moldyrock you're still on liyue? what ar are you? #...44. i'm ar 44...halfway to 45... #i'm scared to meet zhongli ok! he's tied for first with ningguang ok?? i'm scare!!
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  • lithrotz
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    i wonder what berdly and noelle do together. like, studying and group work, i know that, but what is berdly really like.

    #how do you really truly tolerate him noelle #how#my posts#berdly#noelle #berdly and noelle #deltarune#deltarune spoilers #maybe they play games #we know noelle is a gamer #shes not that great #but berdly is partially so good just through insisting hes a gamer so much that luck pities him enough to work in his favor #he may be a gamer. that doesn't mean he's good at games. #and if berdly is more himself around her. and she knows that his being super smart thing is a front #then she knows hes not that good at games #and remorselessly beats him #maybe he acts so Cool (Cringe) around her semi ironically #they ar just nerds
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  • nim-lock
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Thanatos & Ares charm preorder going another 6 days (ends Sept 27, 2021) ✨ at jyangart.bigcartel.com

    #thanatos#ares#hades game#my art #posting again bc the original post is not searchable from Tumblr mobile on my own blog #so ??? maybe wider audience this attempt?
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  • amerakandreamz
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    The more in distress I am, the less impulse control I have so. Inverse ratio. If I'm feeling bad the more outlet I need so the more I will overshare on social media. I will try not to bc Some People make me regret it but you never know. That's why I have had more negative posts bc thats when I need or feel the need to share and just. Get help but mostly want sympathy or idk. It's just a human impulse ro communicate and share and when these emotions are overwhelming (my emotions are overwhelming at the best of times) it's not surprising that sometimes I might idk say how sad or discouraged I am. So sorry for ruining your day random internet ppl. My day is more ruined so you can share in it lol

    #to those ppl who begrudge me my feelings #i will try not to be specific #bc the nast ppl pounce on you #and make you feel 100x worse #but thanks so much to the nice ppl #what in lookinf for #make it better #if those nasty ppl didnt cancel it out :( #ok. #just fyi. #in advance#incase#watch out #im in distress #tired#ar end #i will trt not to share in case . #it is random internet #antone on here #nice ppl #minorityy? #or the bad just ruine dor rest #some ppl have empathy #dont have that impulse to kick ppl when theyre down
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  • squashfolded
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Newmann for the soul

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  • warlordfelwinter
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    fighting alongside all the adepti was really cool and I know it was Rex Lapis’ plan all along to hopefully not have to get involved since he wanted to retire, but it’s very funny to me to imagine him just like. sitting by a window having lunch and watching the giant monster fight like, “eh, looks like they’ve got it I don’t feel like getting up”

    #i'm guessing i'm going to hit another AR wall trying to get to inazuma #so i'm not in a rush #gonna get my teapot first #genshin impact #anyway guess who's deeply into this game again #and who still desperately wants that exuvia plushie hhghhsdghgnhg #personal
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  • arywizm
    21.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    I was crying on the bathroom floor, whining about how miserably boring and empty my life is but then I somehow inhaled a piece of wool from my sweater and almost choked on it, so I guess that was somewhat entertaining.

    #the glass is half full guys #fun times #maybe I'm just histerical but I'm actually laughing so hard right now #textpost #AR noise pollution
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