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  • tokyokookmin
    29.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    😭😭 emotional songs 😭😭

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  • indelibledaniel
    25.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Tim Godfrey - Idinma Ft Verified Worship, Gee6ix & Soundcheck

    Tim Godfrey – Idinma Ft Verified Worship, Gee6ix & Soundcheck

    Based In Africa, Popular Gospel Music Minister Tim Godfrey Releases a New Song in November, 2021 Titled “Idinma Ft Verified Worship, Gee6ix & Soundcheck” with Mp3/ Mp4 Download and Lyrics This Song is an Undiluted Praise Medley that deserves your attention, Available on all digital platforms. Mp3 & Audio Download for Tim Godfrey – Idinma Ft Verified Worship, Gee6ix & Soundcheck Download Mp3 Mp4…

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  • clgzb
    06.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Instagram story updates of CL by ishellee.

    *they are one of the dancers that will be with CL at HITC*

    *loud volume

    #cl#lee chaerin#lee chaelin#updates#instagram updates#video#hitc #head in the clouds 2021 #061121 #right now she was just soundchecking her set #according to one of the fans in line one of the songs is lifted #alpha
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  • coffee-in-cottages
    02.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Oasis - Bonehead’s Bank Holiday (acoustic ‘demo’)

    #songs#Oasis #Bonehead's Bank Holiday #1994 #Recorded at a Tokyo soundcheck #1990s
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  • trisshawkeye
    25.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Mechtober Day 25

    Deep Lore (A song from Who-Knows-Where)

    “Well, Rucks isn’t wrong—it is his story to tell, and Jonny wouldn’t do it justice anyway,” Brian mused, tuning one of his banjo strings and tapping his foot to establish a beat.

    “D’you think Jonny’s ego will ever recover?” Tim grinned back maliciously, prodding his guitar pedals into his desired configuration. 

    Brian gave him a flat look in response and Tim laughed. “Well, no matter. We’ve got plenty of other stories to tell. And now we have some quality Caelondian music to take back with us. Ready, Ashes?”

    The bassist smirked, nodded, and launched them into a slinger’s song.

    #drumbot brian#gunpowder tim#the mechanisms#bastion#mechtober#mechtober 2021 #the not-that-deep lore is slinger’s song from bastion being used as a warmup/soundcheck before gigs #it was amazing and warmed my geeky little heart
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  • atldancingontheceiling
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago


    #this really happened #thank you jackie #i want the entire song #all time low #alex gaskarth#jack barakat#rian dawson#zack merrick #coffee shop soundtrack #soundcheck
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  • danswank
    14.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    this…. they could’ve just left it at this and i’d be happy

    #this setlist y’all………. #omg #life of the party into nightmares????????? ok!!!!!!!!!!! #yeah it’s good #atl #i’ll take two of the songs from my dream setlist post making it #IF alex plays birthday at my soundcheck 👀
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  • itsflowerpowerbaby
    07.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    🤍🖤 catb besties 🖤🤍

    something fun!! because god knows it’s hard being a catb fan atm - testing my patience, they are.

    this is my tier list (it is subject to change depending on my vibe) BUT REBLOG WITH YOUR OWN‼️ my feelings are in the tags <3

    do it here!

    #i was a bit brutal but i couldn’t put them all in the top tier now could i?! #bondy’s soundcheck solo would be in a higher category but alas i was bound by tiers #it’s swanky #intermission is sexy #mmm fallout 🎶 🕺💃you see i i was a test tube baby that’s why nobody gets meee🎶🕺💃 #i think i was a bit generous with encore #sidetrack is laced with smth #clearly i had a brainfart with homesick... amazing tier most certainlyyy #a special nod to glasgow ‘and oh before you know i'll be carrying you over the threshold’ :’) #AMENDMENT: i’m giving glasgow ‘amazing!’ rights #i’m giving 26 higher tier rights ... i should not be re-listening lmaooo #i am NOSTALGIC for the balance leave me alone #not one bad song #the only it’s a no from me dawg is bondy’s new hat i do NOT vibe #to clarify I didn’t make the tier list .. the audacity to imply they have an it’s a no from me dawg song smh #catfish and the bottlemen #catb#van mccann#benji blakeway#bob hall#johnny bond
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  • djsongsdotorg
    19.06.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Devavina Mansachi Zindagani Ekti ( Soundcheck ) चंद्राचा सूर्याचा खेळ Dj Song Download

    Devavina Mansachi Zindagani Ekti ( Soundcheck ) चंद्राचा सूर्याचा खेळ Dj Song Download

    DJSONGS DOWNLOAD Download Now Google Tags :Devavina Mansachi Zindagani Ekti ( Soundcheck ) चंद्राचा सूर्याचा खेळ Dj Song Download

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    #Devavina Mansachi Zindagani Ekti ( Soundcheck ) चंद्राचा सूर्याचा खेळ Dj Song Download
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  • djsongsdotorg
    09.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage ( Soundcheck ) - Dj Song Download Mp3

    Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage ( Soundcheck ) – Dj Song Download Mp3

    DJSONGS DOWNLOAD Download Now Google Tags :Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage ( Soundcheck ) – Dj Song Download Mp3

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    #Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage ( Soundcheck ) - Dj Song Download Mp3
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  • sugas-sweetheart
    15.04.2021 - 9 monts ago


    But we found out that our band was chosen of the 15 to be last (basically headline 🥺) and we’ll perform and then the interview hosts will come on stage instead of take us to the room and we’ll play our song again as the show ends im shdksnck

    Our sound check also went really well earlier!!

    #sofia rambles #I get so nervous before the show but we like our song and our soundcheck went well hakxjsd #I usually base my nerves off of soundcheck lmao #but soundcheck was gOOD SO THISLL GO GREAT
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  • krispyweiss
    23.01.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Song Review: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - “Walk On” (Soundcheck Songs)

    They can back him. They can cover him, too. And they do both well.

    Him is Neil Young; they is Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real; and the cover is “Walk On.”

    The On the Beach track is the finale of Young’s alternate band’s Soundcheck Songs series of covers. This is among the best of the bunch - slightly funky, mostly true and with Nelson adding just a touch of Young’s reedy timbre to his vocal delivery.

    “It all started here,” POTR’s Corey McCormick said. “With this man, this song and this lyric. The love we all share for Uncle Neil is how the band began and is also how we’ve managed to still be here now.”

    Grade card: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - “Walk On” (Soundcheck Songs) - A-


    #Youtube #lukas nelson & promise of the real #lukas nelson#neil young #neil young + promise of the real #neil young & crazy horse #walk on#soundcheck songs
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  • krispyweiss
    17.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Song Review: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - “I Must be in a Good Place Now” (Soundcheck Songs)

    Even as Promise of the Real plays a Bobby Charles-style, blues-jazz hybrid, Lukas Nelson sounds as if he’s covering a young Willie Nelson while singing “I Must be in a Good Place Now.”

    Though he doesn’t lag behind the beat, Lukas’ lineage is unmistakable as he sings Charles’ words on the latest episode of Soundcheck Songs. And despite sounding almost exactly like another man, Lukas Nelson somehow also sounds like his own man - with his own band - on this continuing series of quarantine offerings.

    This is an unhurried offering, riding on piano, light-touch drums and double bass as Nelson the younger adds a few bluesy guitar licks in good places.

    Grade card: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - “I Must be in a Good Place Now” (Soundcheck Songs) - B


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  • djsongsdotorg
    07.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Om Namha Shivaye ( SOUNDCHECK ) Song Download Mp3 Music

    Om Namha Shivaye ( SOUNDCHECK ) Song Download Mp3 Music

    DJSONGS DOWNLOAD Download Now Google Tags :Om Namha Shivaye ( SOUNDCHECK ) Song Download Mp3 Music

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    #Om Namha Shivaye ( SOUNDCHECK ) Song Download Mp3 Music
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  • krispyweiss
    01.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Song Review: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real feat. Micah Nelson - “Meet Me in the Morning” (Soundcheck Songs)

    Dylan goes electric - kinda.

    For their latest episode of Soundcheck Songs, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real plugged into low-down bombast in delivering Bob Dylan’s “Meet Me in the Morning.” With Micah Nelson contributing slide-guitar counterpart to brother Lukas’ fingerpicked leads, this rendition takes Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks blues to its logical conclusion.

    Lukas sings like a man possessed, drawing from deep within to deliver Dylan’s heartsick lyrics with the requisite passion. Micah adds essential color that burns red-hot on his short solo and the POTR rhythm section locks in tight, leaving the Nelsons all the platform they need to do their stuff.

    And do it they do.

    Dylan’s songwriting is wide open to interpretation and covering the Bard is a music industry unto itself. When bands do what POTR did to “Meet Me in the Morning” it’s easy to understand why.

    Grade card: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real feat. Micah Nelson - “Meet Me in the Morning” (Soundcheck Songs) - A


    #Youtube #lukas nelson & promise of the real #lukas nelson#micah nelson #the particle kid #bob dylan #blood on the tracks #meet me in the morning #soundcheck songs
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  • slipping-through-my-fingertips
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    Part of my folklore series

    Summary: Blaine is a famous singer and just wants a day to himself; Kurt wins a meet and greet contest. 
    Notes: my first fic of the new year...sixteen days into it! I’m so happy with how this one turned out. 

    Blaine sat up, white hotel sheets wrapped around him. His personal assistant was talking into her earpiece and opening the curtains letting the morning sunlight in. Amelia gestured for him to get up and shower. 

    Another day, another packed schedule. He looked at the alarm clock he never had to set and saw it was 5 am. 

    Right, the morning show interview. 

    It was a quick shower, he didn’t bother doing his hair knowing as soon as he stepped out of the bathroom, his usual hair and makeup people would be set up. Blaine sat in their chair, still naked under his hotel robe, allowing them to get to work. 

    Meanwhile, Ameila talked him through the day as she always did. 

    “Morning show at 6:30, brief fan meet and greet after. They assured me it’s only thirty people.” 

    More exclusive than he’s used to but he has a concert tonight. There will be more fans to meet later today. 

    His first of three hometown shows. Well as close to hometown as he can get; Columbus is the closest city to where Blaine grew up. There’s not a big enough venue in Westerville to play. This show is the reason why he woke up in a hotel room as opposed to his tour bus. Multiple shows in one city meant an actual bed for a few nights. 

    “Quick lunch with Bobby at noon.” Blaine’s manager. “Your parents will meet us at the stadium for soundcheck at 2.” 

    After soundcheck, Blaine knows he’ll have exactly 40 minutes to himself. That time will be spent taking a nap or eating again. His team has him ready to go in less than 20 minutes, Amelia has a coffee in her hand for him and a cronut for the ride to the studio. Blaine makes sure to thank everyone before exiting the hotel room. 

    The interview is generic. 

    How’s it feel to be back home? 

    Favorite song to perform on tour? 

    Plans for the next album? 

    Best city you’ve visited so far? 

    Which city are you most looking forward to? 

    No questions he hasn’t answered a thousand times before. The meet and greets are always better. 

    Blaine loves meeting fans. They always have the best stories of how they found his music and make him feel like he’s actually changing minds with his lyrics. He takes photos and shares smiles. The line slowly gets shorter and shorter. Amelia is next to him keeping time. 

    The studio’s photographer, who will send professional photos to the fans, is having a blast. Creating funny poses as well as big smiles. Everyone is having a great time. 

    Still, Blaine has this sinking emptiness in his chest. This is all he ever dreamed of—making music, singing to crowds, meeting fans—yet he isn’t whole. There’s a piece of himself he hasn’t found. 

    Then a blue-eyed boy approaches him. 

    ** What the fuck do you say at a meet-and-greet? 

    You’ve changed my life. Made it feel possible to be gay and sing and be from Ohio. I wanna leave this place just like you did. 

    Everything Kurt could come up with sounded lame and overdone. There were no words to encompass what Blaine Anderson’s music had done for him. 

    Blaine Anderson was only three years older than Kurt. While still in high school, he signed a record deal. Rather than taking the SATs, he went on tour playing in small venues. He didn’t walk at graduation because he was promoting his second album. This was his third national tour and first with international dates. 

    Kurt was lucky to score tickets for tonight’s concert. He had begged his dad to let him go alone, reassuring him and Carole a hundred times that he’d be fine driving alone. Burt, of course, insisted Kurt stay the night in a motel and drive back the next morning. Kurt knew once the concert was over, he’d be thankful to only have a ten-minute drive until he could crash in bed. 

    Before tonight’s show, he was watching Blaine’s “Good Morning Columbus” interview and was one of thirty lucky fans getting to meet him afterward. 

    Kurt had won the meet and greet in a radio contest. Asked to use the restroom during third period to call in. 

    The line for the meet and greet was moving quickly. At least, it felt fast to Kurt. he was trying to distract himself with his phone but he could still hear the eagerness of the fans around him, see the flashes from the camera, and hear laughter from whoever was currently with Blaine. 

    All of a sudden, a lady was asking for his phone and name. 

    “Professional photos will be emailed to you within 48 hours, I can take some casual ones on your device.” 

    She had bright red hair, Kurt noticed. 

    “Thank you,” he said, handing over the phone. 

    “Name?” she asked, smiling at him. 

    “Kurt Hummel.” 

    She made an ‘o’ with her mouth and walked over to Blaine. Kurt could hear her whisper, “he’s the contest winner.” 

    Blaine beamed at him when Kurt introduced himself. He asked how old he was and if he lived in Ohio. 

    “18, born and raised in Lima.”

    “No way!” Blaine exclaimed, “That's like an hour from my hometown.” 

    I know. Kurt held his tongue. 

    “Wow, that’s so cool.” 

    “Okay, smile wide,” Blaine instructed. 

    He wrapped an arm around Kurt’s shoulder and put their heads together. Everyone else had only gotten three photos with Blaine but Kurt went home with six. 

    After the meet and greet, Kurt went to the coffee shop across the street. He had a whole day planned out before the concert. There was no point to just sitting in his hotel room all day when there was a whole city to explore. But first, mocha. 

    He had just gone over his itinerary one last time and had opened his photos app when someone slid into the seat in front of him. 


    “Hi again,” Blaine said. 

    Contest winner Kurt looked over his shoulder and Amelia waved to him before putting a finger over her lips. A silent plea to keep this on the down low. 


    “I don’t mean to interrupt but I wanted to talk more after the meet and greet but you had already disappeared. Usually, fans stay and...sorry that’s not the point,” Blaine said, stumbling a bit with his words. “Um, we—that is Ameila and I—we were walking to the car and saw you here. I had to stop.” 

    The boy across from him simply stared. Blaine had just dropped a lot of information onto him after all. He wasn’t quite sure he had explained himself very well either. 

    “I’m not sure I understand.” 

    “Right, well,” Blaine paused. “Do you have plans today?” 

    Kurt gestured to his itinerary on the table between them. “I do.” 

    “Oh, of course you do.” Blaine stood up. “I’m sorry to have bothered you. This was weird, I really am sorry.” 

    He went back over to Amelia, who was as usual on her phone. Undoubtedly typing out a message to Bobby about lunch. 

    “We can go now,” he told her. 

    She nodded, knowing not to mention Kurt until they were alone in the car. Blaine can’t remember the last time a boy had him tripping over his words like that. He hadn’t ever embarrassed himself so badly in front of a cute guy until Kurt. At least not since high school. Since his career imploded, Blaine had been pretty smooth talking to guys. Flirting came easy but today, oh boy, did Kurt have his insides tied in a knot. 

    “Wait,” someone said, just as Amelia was about to shut the car door. 

    Blaine leaned forward to see Kurt standing there. 

    “You didn’t ask to join me on my plans,” he said. 

    He was smiling shyly at Blaine. 

    “Amelia,” Blaine said, “do you think we can reschedule with Bobby?” 

    “Already done,” she told him. 

    Blaine got out of the car and joined Kurt on the sidewalk. “I’ll see you at 2 for soundcheck,” he promised. 

    “I’ll hunt you down otherwise,” she smirked. 

    The car pulled off the curb. 

    “So, where are we headed?” Blaine asked. 

    ** The last time Kurt Hummel had been in Columbus was with his dad. Burt had business with a tire company based out this way and little Kurt had been roped into a short road trip. Being with Blaine Anderson was different. 

    For one, they were walking to a museum not driving to negotiate tire prices. Blaine was happily chatting about shops they passed and guided Kurt into a shortcut he knew about. 

    Another thing, people occasionally stopped Blaine to take photos or ask for an autograph. Kurt had offered to play cameraman for a few fans. All of whom had assumed he and Blaine were lifelong friends. Who was Kurt to correct them? Especially, when Blaine said nothing at all about it. 

    “I’m sorry for being weird at the coffee shop,” Blaine said, as they crossed the street. 

    “It’s okay.” Kurt shrugged. 

    It wasn’t every day a famous person wanted to hang out with him. 

    “I’m sorry too,” he added, “I wasn’t the nicest to you. I was just confused, still am, to be honest.” 

    Blaine sighed. “I’m so not doing this right.” 

    “I’m Blaine,” he said. 

    “I know, I’m Kurt. We’ve met already,” he teased. 

    “Okay, okay, make fun of me all you want,” Blaine replied, “but in all seriousness when I saw you earlier, I just knew I had to get to know you better.” 

    “So tell me, Blaine Anderson, how did you convince your team to let you have the day off? Don’t you have a show tonight?”

    Kurt knew very well that the man next to him would soon be on a stage. He was actually looking forward to it. 

    “Amelia, she’s my PA, is a godsend. She’s the one who was with me at the coffee shop.” 

    Kurt nodded. The slim redhead with a bright pink manicure. 

    “I only had lunch with my manager until soundcheck though,” Blaine continued, “luckily concert days are usually left empty. No one wants a drained superstar.” 

    “Ah, gotcha.”

    “So, if you’ll have me…I’m yours ‘til then.” 

    Kurt looked Blaine up and down, pretending to size him up while actually checking him out. “I’ll have you.” 

    Blaine laughed. 

    Google maps told Kurt they were about 4 blocks from the museum now. Honestly, he could get used to the convenience of city life. New York was waiting for him when the summer ended. He was about to ask Blaine if he had any favorite spots in the city when he heard his companion’s stomach grumble. 

    “Don’t they feed you, pop star?” 

    “I was on my way to lunch when we bumped into each other,” Blaine said. 

    “You mean when you were stalking me,” Kurt corrected, smiling.

    “I wasn’t…” 

    “Anyway,” Kurt interrupted, “wanna grab food?” 

    Blaine nodded, “yes please.” 

    On the next block, they find a sandwich shop that’s not too crowded. After a waitress took their orders, Kurt asked, “so, what exactly did you want to know?” 


    “You said you wanted to get to know me better.” 

    “I did…” he replied, “everything I guess, you’re a senior right? You said you were eighteen.” 

    “I’m a senior, yeah.” 

    “So, what are your plans after you graduate?” 

    “College in New York City. My best friend and I are getting an apartment together.” 

    “Wow, that’s exciting!” Blaine said, “I love New York.” 

    “Tell me about it, I’ve only been once for a show choir competition.” 

    “You do show choir?” 

    “Yeah, I’m in the New Directions.” 

    “Didn’t you go to Nationals last year?” 

    “Twelfth place but yes we were there. Do you follow high school show choir?” 

    Blaine blushed. “I do, I used to be a Warbler. I got into the habit of reading those blogs and just never stopped.” 

    Kurt smiled. “They’d freak out if I said I had lunch with you.” 

    “Really? Maybe I should send you back with signed headshots.” 

    “Please don’t, they’ll never stop interrogating me if you do.” 

    “Maybe just one for you then,” Blaine suggested. 

    Kurt had to stop himself from saying yes, that’s exactly what I want.


    Blaine did end up telling Kurt all about New York over lunch. He suggested some good places to shop and eat that Kurt wrote down in his notes app. In exchange, Kurt told him about his life: his dad’s shop, McKinley, glee club, and his future dream of being on Broadway. 

    “You’ll get there,” Blaine said confidently. “Half the battle of stardom is ambition and drive.” 

    “And the other half?” 


    Long after their plates were emptied and cleared, the pair was still sitting at their table. So long, in fact, that Amelia found them there demanding Blaine get his ass over to soundcheck. 

    “Sorry about the museum,” Blaine told him. 

    “It’s fine, I can still make it before the show starts.” 

    “You’re coming tonight?” 

    “Yeah, I didn’t drive all the way to Columbus for an interview,” he said, “no offense.” 

    “None taken.” 

    Despite the fact that Blaine had turned away from Kurt, he could still see the bright smile on his face. Kurt took one last sip of water while Blaine seemed to be talking telepathically to Amelia. Exchanging weird eye contact. 

    “Come to soundcheck,” Blaine finally said, taking one of Kurt’s hands. “I’ll get you backstage and everything.” 

    Kurt looked to Amelia for permission but she was busy typing away again on her device. Probably scheduling the whole thing. 


    The three of them got into the car. Amelia took the front seat to give them the semblance of privacy. Which would’ve worked if she had stopped turning her head around to relay information to Blaine. 

    “Your parents are running a little late due to high traffic even though we told them to leave an hour early.” 

    “Is this the final setlist?” 

    “Bobby is meeting us there since we skipped lunch, he has some stuff to go over.” 

    Sensing how overwhelmed Kurt was, Blaine reached over to squeeze his hand. 

    Kurt had been to the stadium here in Columbus before but he had never seen it so empty. There was plenty of crew rushing around putting the final touches on everything but all the seats were empty. 

    “I hope you won’t be upset at losing your seat,” Blaine said. 

    “Oh, I thought I’d hang out here until the show started then go sit.” 

    “Not if you want to stay backstage, you can watch from here.” 

    Blaine guided him to the edge of the stage pulling aside a short black curtain. 

    “Wow,” Kurt said, stepping forward a little. 

    “It’s a nice view, right?” 

    Kurt nodded. 

    “Blaine, you have to get ready.” 

    “Come on, wait ‘til you see the dressing room.” 

    Amelia led the way, Blaine kept them several feet behind her. Occasionally stopping to thank a crew member. 

    “I want you to know I had the best day today with you,” he told Kurt, “I don’t get many days off and I certainly don’t get to spend them with someone like you. So, thank you for letting me interrupt your plans.” 

    Kurt was silent for a moment taking in everything. Had he really spent hours of his time today just talking to one of America’s biggest names in pop? He wouldn’t have changed today’s outcome if he could. He had the time of his life. 

    “Me too,” he said, “I had a wonderful time.” 

    Blaine beamed. “I hope we can do it again soon.” 

    Kurt nodded. 


    2 years later

    “Is this the final setlist?” Amelia asked. 

    Blaine nodded. 

    It’s been just over a year and a half since he last played here in Columbus. Once again, he has Kurt Hummel at his side, well, backstage.

    During that brief period, Kurt had started college in New York and Blaine spent a lot of time at his New York apartment. Six months ago, when Kurt finished his semester, he gave up on the dorm life in favor of moving in with his boyfriend. 

    They hid from the public eye for as long as they could but eventually they were found out. It wasn’t even in the city, they were on a long weekend vacation in the mountains. A remote cabin. Yet, paparazzi found them on one of their outings into town. 

    Blasted their relationship over every magazine cover, exploding on the internet as the newest craze. The couple opted to spend the week at the cabin. 

    One instance, just a few weeks into their official relationship, Kurt was bombarded at school, came home sporting a decent bruise on his right arm from where he was grabbed. That night when Blaine came back from the studio, he tried to break up with Kurt. Except, his stubborn boyfriend was having none of it. 

    “I see you finished it,” Ameila said, smiling. 

    “I did.” 

    Someone waved him onto the stage, the crowd was deafening. Blaine looked around the floor for the white tent he knew Kurt was standing under and blew a kiss in his direction. 

    “I’d like to slow things down a bit, if that’s okay,” Blaine said. 

    The crowd cheered. 

    “It’s just me and the guitar now. I’d like to test out a song on you tonight. I wrote it when I was at a really low point. Struggling with what my fame meant for my life, what it meant for my boyfriend’s life, and what it would do to our budding love.” 

    The stadium is quiet now. 

    “It’s called peace and it’s for the love of my life.” 

    “Our coming-of-age has come and gone

    Suddenly the summer, it's clear

    I never had the courage of my convictions

    As long as danger is near

    And it's just around the corner, darling

    'Cause it lives in me

    No, I could never give you peace”

    Kurt held his hands over his heart. Never had he imagined having songs written about him, let alone love songs. 

    A hand squeezed his shoulder, “he’s a keeper, you know?” Burt said. 

    Kurt nodded with tears in his eyes. His dad, Carole, and Finn (and a few bodyguards) were under the tent with him. He was overwhelmed with their support for his relationship with Blaine. They loved him as much as Kurt did. 

    “It’s for the love of my life,” Blaine had said.

    God, he was so lucky to have fallen in love with him. 

    They had been dating just over 2 years now. They lived together. Blaine made it a point to call it their apartment not his. 

    Those 2 years were some of the best of his life but they had their fair share of trouble. 

    Kurt had never thought of love songs being about him because he never thought he’d be dating someone in the public eyes. Sure, he thought himself might have caught the public’s attention whether it be on stage or in a fashion magazine. He thought he’d be the one protecting a partner from the spotlight. 

    But they agreed, nothing was coming between them. 

    “But I'm a fire, and I'll keep your brittle heart warm

    If your cascade ocean wave blues come

    All these people think love's for show

    But I would die for you in secret”

    A month after they moved in together, a gossip site published a series of articles about Blaine’s “publicity stunt of a relationship.” He was dating Kurt to prove he could date a man and not lose the public’s approval, he was dating Kurt to prove he could appeal to the “common man” by dating someone who wasn’t famous, he was dating Kurt….

    Kurt came home crying that day. He collapsed at the front door. 

    “Sweetheart,” Blaine said, instantly wrapping Kurt in his arms, “what’s wrong? Please tell me.” 

    Through his sobs and tears, Kurt managed to say, “they hate me. They think it’s fake.” 

    “Who, darling, who?” 


    Later, Blaine got the whole story. He vowed to never make Kurt feel like that again. Kurt would be so loved that he couldn’t be phrased by petty gossip. Especially not gossip about their relationship. 

    They spent that night wrapped around each other on the floor in front of the fireplace. Outside, a blizzard was brewing giving them a much needed day off. 

    Two days later with the city still cleaning up the snowy streets, Blaine told him he loved him for the first time. 

    Kurt was sitting with his feet dangling off the kitchen countertop while Blaine added semi-sweet chocolate chips into their pancakes. It was noon but still dark outside. The thick clouds put the entirety of New York to sleep. 

    “You know it’s nice not having classes on Friday.” 

    “You could schedule that for next semester. I’m afraid the snow won’t be here that long.” 

    “Scheduling is coming up,” Kurt said, “and I wanted to talk to you about it.” 

    “What about it?” Blaine flipped a pancake. 

    “What if I went fully online for the spring?” 

    He turned around slowly, “and why would you do that?” 

    “Well, a little birdie told me Blaine Anderson is touring and I’m feeling like the groupie life is for me.” 

    Blaine smiled. “Oh yeah?” 

    He stepped closer to Kurt, who quickly wrapped his legs around his boyfriend’s waist. Their foreheads touching. 

    “It won’t affect your graduation date?” 

    “No, most students study abroad their sophomore or junior year, I’m basically doing that but instead of one country I’ll be seeing the world.” 

    “Let’s do it,” Blaine said, before pressing their lips together. 

    “And you know that I'd swing with you for the fences

    Sit with you in the trenches

    Give you my wild, give you a child

    Give you the silence that only comes when two people understand each other

    Family that I chose, now that I see your brother as my brother

    Is it enough?”

    The crowd loses their mind when Blaine sings about a child. 

    He knows they’re still too young. But dammit, if he doesn’t want to have everything with Kurt. 

    There are plenty of reasons why ‘right now’ doesn’t work. 

    For 1, Kurt has to finish school, start his life as an adult, and figure out who he is without classes to stress him out. 

    Two, Blaine has to get out of the spotlight before they have a family. He doesn’t want to be on tour and miss his kid’s first word. He’d step back for a while to raise them alongside Kurt. 

    Thirdly, they aren’t even married yet. Blaine has plans, no ring, but plans aplenty. 

    Maybe they’ve only been together for 2 years but Blaine knew from that first day this was his happily ever after. Kurt Hummel was it for him. 


    “He don’t mean…” Burt said. 

    Carole shushed him. 

    Kurt was sure the crowd was loud but to him the stadium was silent. He couldn’t hear anything but Blaine. 

    If Kurt said didn’t want anything and everything with that man on stage, he’d be a liar. 

    Blaine was the best thing that had ever happened to him. 

    Kurt was sure his dad was worried about the child line but it’s not like two cis gay men such as themselves could just jump into the whole baby thing. There’s way more planning for them than the average couple. 

    All Kurt could hear was that last line. He and Finn had had their own disagreements in high school but they were brothers now. Blaine had his own issues with his older brother Cooper over the years too. It was nice to know Blaine found a second brother in Finn because Cooper and Kurt were two peas in a pod. 

    Maybe they weren’t officially family yet but Kurt knew in their hearts the two families were already one. 

    “I'd give you my sunshine, give you my best

    But the rain is always gonna come if you're standing with me”

    Kurt ran to the dressing room after the show. Lost his parents and Finn in the crowd but he knew they’d find their way back here. He pushed open Blaine’s unlocked door. He never locked it when Kurt was at his shows. No one else barged in like Kurt did. 

    Blaine was pulling a new shirt over his head ridding himself of the sweat-soaked one. His hair looked like he had freshly showered but Kurt knew it wasn’t. 

    Still, regardless of how gross his boyfriend currently was, Kurt launched himself into his arms almost knocking the both of them to the ground. Luckily Blaine found balance along the back wall and held them up. Kurt wrapped his limbs around him and peppered kisses all over his neck. 

    “I love you so goddamn much.” 

    “What do I have to do to get a reaction like this every time I come off stage?” 

    Kurt laughed and pulled back to look at Blaine. It was then Blaine noticed his tears. 

    “Woah woah, what’s wrong?” He brought a hand up to wipe them away. 

    “Nothing,” Kurt said, smiling, “absolutely nothing.” 

    “I love you too. So much.” 

    Blaine eventually loved them onto the couch but Kurt refused to get off his lap. 

    “I’m all gross, Kurt.” 

    Which only made Kurt dig his face farther into wet Blaine’s neck. 

    That’s how the rest of the Hummel’s found them. 

    “I just wanna get one thing straight,” Burt said, entering the room, “no grandkids until Kurt’s settled in a good career.” 

    “Ay, ay!” Blaine replied, saluting him. 

    “And no proposals until Kurt’s outta school.” 

    “Understood,” Blaine said. 

    “Not that he can dictate that,” Carole told them. “It was a beautiful song, Blaine.”

    “Thank you.” 

    “Like hell I can’t,” Burt said, “no fatherly blessing until there’s a diploma in his hand.” 

    “Well you’ve got step-motherly blessings out the wazoo,” Carole said, “that’s plenty to go to the chapel right now.” 

    While the two of them went at it, jokingly of course, Kurt whispered to Blaine, “I’d marry you in a second, Blaine Anderson.” 

    “I’d marry you in a second, Kurt Hummel.” 

    “But I do wanna wait until after college.” 

    Blaine smiled, “you always were a daddy’s boy.” 

    “Just hope our kids take after me.” 

    Knowing there was no better way to stop an argument, even one made up of jokes, Blaine kissed him. 

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  • notafraidofredyellowandblue
    12.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Flake's podcast - Chile

    published 2022-01-12

    When we saw the playlist, we guessed the theme would be something to do with the spanish language and loads of room for anecdotes; we were close, the topic is the country of Chile and anecdotes-a-plenty..(so this might be a long post)

    Flake starts with two big secrets that you probably never would have guessed:

    he is a big Rolling Stones fan (although he thinks that when Charlie Watts died, that was the end of the Rolling Stones and you can't be fan of something that doesn't exist, so he *was* a big fan)

    he is grew up in the GDR

    (well, okay, you might have known after all 😁)

    But what you might not know is that Flake is passionate about everything to do with Chile (he shares this passion with former GDR chief Erich Honecker).

    This started at a very young age when in 1973 in Chile there was a Coup d'Etat against the government of socialist president Salvador Allende. The government was overthrown, Mr. Allende killed, and control of the country was taken over by the military. Flake's teacher at pre-school had the kids draw all kinds of cards in support of Luis Corvolán and encourage the citizens of the country (the GDR being a fellow socialist country, obviously very committed to helping). Flake was very excited and 3 years later Mr. Corvolán was released, surely because of all the cards from the east german kids.

    Coincidently also another big event in Flake's life in 1973: Berlin hosted the youth event 'Weltfestspiele' 10th edition where kid's bands from all over the world came and played. Flake and his brother went to watch daily, but because they had to be home in time (Flake was 6, his brother 3 years older), they only ever heard the soundcheck of the bands. But at the time soundchecks were a lot of fun, because the bands always tried to show off a bit, show what they could do with their instruments. And that's what started Flake's love for playing music: he wanted to do those cool soundchecks.

    (a band at the 1973 Weltfestspiele, from link)

    Then one day teacher introduced a new pupil: Martin from Chile. Teacher was very active in making Martin feel at home and learning the language and in return Martin taught her a Chilean kid's song that teacher then taught the class. At 0h11 Flake sings the song (what he remembers from it). Everybody wanted to be his friend, not in the least because he had the coolest toys from 'the west' and so much of it, like Flake had never seen before. But Martin had only just arrived in the GDR and he had difficulty with the language so after a year he had to do the year over and didn't go to the next schoolyear with Flake and the others. (Martin's brother Alvaro was in Flake's brother's class.)

    The socialist/communist GDR government was still very much supporting their communist Chilean comrades and many were invited to move to the GDR and a few years later (in 5th grade, 0h20) a new Chilean pupil joined the class: Paulo (he had lived in Rostock before). And to Flake's big joy Paulo was seated next to him. Maybe because Flake was the best pupil in the class, but more likely because the seat next to Flake waa empty. And again Flake was excited, not because Paulo had loads of cool toys like Martin, but Paulo's parents were artists, so they worked at night, and the kids could do what they wanted, party, listen to music (Sex Pistols), smoke their first cigarettes.

    What the GDR kids also learned (at 0h27) from their Chilean friends: The GDR was cool ('Geil' in German). The Germans complained about their government, but the Chileans made them see how good they had it: no war, no relatives being killed, always food, school was good, why would you want to be anywhere else?

    Ofcourse like all kids, they all had their rebel-phase, meeting up, smoking loads, drinking bad coffee and sing songs like 'I wanna destroy', at 0h29, you can hear them singing it. Flake is pretty sure it's a good thing he didn't become a singer.

    By the way at their very first Feeling B concert (0h32), as the interval act for Freygang (when Freygang were having dinner), (by the way, after the first song, the plug fell out of Flake's keyboard), the Freygang fans wanted to throw them off the stage because they hated the music, until Freygang-singer Andre Greiner-Pol got up from behind his plate of potatoes and told the fans to leave Feeling B alone, Flake was so excited, afterwards he told Paulo all about it, and Paulo told him maybe someday he would really play in a band...someday...

    All these years later Flake and Paulo are still friends; Flake is keyboarder in Rammstein and Paulo is a fix member of the Rammstein crew.

    Flake did sing again however, with his first band Feeling B, especially the songs that singer Aljoscha thought the lyrics were too dumb. And one song Paulo helped Flake use some spanish texts: Kim Wilde (at 0h33). Last time they played this live (0h36) was at Aljoscha's funeral, because this was one of the songs that he didn't sing anyway. They wouldn't play it anymore, Feeling B has ceased to exist.

    As he got older, Flake got involved with many Chilean artists, played street theater with them. (That the artists stole the microphones at the gig, wasn't really very socialist/communist (where everything was supposed to be fairly divided and available), but maybe it was a bit punk, so okay...)

    Paulo went back to Chile to study for a year, then returned to the GDR, Flake and him even rented a house together (monthly rent 25 German Marks), they painted together (1h02). Washed dishes in a restaurant (and occasionally ate there, Empanades are still a Flake-fave).

    When at some point the band 'Die Ärzte' reunited (1h18) and got a new baseplayer Rod, Flake was thrilled to find out that Rod turned out to be Chilean as well. Rod was probably less excited, because as the bands got to know eachother and mingle, Flake always pestered Rod with questions about Chile (and ofcourse 'Hey, are you from Chile...do you know Paulo' as if there are only 2 Chileans in the world (well, 4, including Martin and Alvaro)). Rod was very critical of Rammstein from the start, which Flake thinks is really cool, that Rod stands up for what he likes or doesn't. Flake is still a big fan of Die Ärzte, and Rod is now a Rammstein-fan; at least that's what he told Flake.

    After Die Ärzte at 1h24 Flake plays 'Universal Gonzales'. The link? The singer is Rod's sister.

    When years later (1h37) Rammstein played South-America as supporting act to Kiss (not that Kiss knew them, but who cares), they decided to bring Paulo along. Paulo and Flake even spent a while in a house of Paulo's aunt there when Paulo showed him around (when Paulo's father a while later also travelled there and stayed in the same house, the janitor mentioned that 'two gays' had stayed there...dad had to explain that those weren't two gays, but 'my son and the keyboarder from Rammstein'). In the end they played all over South-America, except in Chile, because the organizer of that gig ran away with the money and the concert fell through. Paulo became a Rammstein crewmember after that and travelled all over the world with the band (after they persuaded him to get a German passport, because with his Chilean passport, lots of countries considered him a refugee and didn't allow him to enter the country for fear he wouldn't leave..)

    So many anecdotes....well one more:

    At 1h41 Flake plays La Piragua from Los Wavanco, and this immediately triggers a Pavlov reaction: Flake's starts sweating from fear, gets nervous, thinks he forgot something, keyboard has broken down...why? Because this is the song Till always plays backstage at every Rammstein-gig, dances to it to get in the mood, get relaxed and get pepped up right before going on stage 😊

    (Still not had enough? More of my ramblings of Flake's podcasts)

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