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  • A few lines for my subscribers: Damn me, you are the best, the best in the whole world !! Such support that I just cry! If I could kiss you, then I would sit for murder
    I’ll post it all the same! Is it true that I was worked in vain over him!? I don’t even know why it exists now … I just got an idea and I just drew it. Aaaand in the middle of the way, when I realized that something was wrong, I decided to at least try my ideas: Generally I wanted to simplify the style for drawing comics; I decided to try such a thing as when close up, all sorts of ruffles and patterns will be visible; Sans will move sooo slowly and will put Frisk into a stupor when he will be already in place; Papyrus, although he will not try to catch a person, will try to make him his friend through puzzles and carnage
    Actually, I think this is only the first part, I could draw the second one - more comical than this - if you want and if there is a good return

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  • I really like this sketch with Mipple, but I can’t finish it! So let it be so with us for now

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  • I did a stream yesterday and here’s what we did. The first 2 characters for my AU and the last 2 are for the assiduous audience.

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  • Ughr! I haven’t finished this art challenge !!! And there is one last point left !! Let me have at least one completed challenge !! And the last art was … Spring?!! Ahh…
    Okay, I still need to write some fact… Hmm! …

    Item 7. Character knee-deep in the sea.
    Undyne dreams of seeing the sea. As a child, she loved reading about it in books and listening to Uncle Gerson’s stories. The secrets of the depths and expanses interested the little fish and wanted to see it. But unfortunately, she could not even look at it with an eye. Even today, this dream remains a dream. Even the endless rivers of Waterfall could not replace her dream of the sea. But as soon as the monsters get out of the Dungeon, she will immediately rush to him.

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  • Spirittala is something new for us now. its a skeleton that cold sans but her name is Spiritela and she is a woman, she have her spirit gardion is a wolf, its beside her when needed, her power is to call spirits from the other dimensions  by special calls, her brother is not like her he is more like hes sister but he is taking the bad spirit from the other demotions. so the story went like this.

    there were just kids at that time. they were just playing when they fund a spiritual Cristal. before they thin-kt abut what they were doing they wonted to touch it.  they they got special marks on there bones. ‘‘Spirittala’‘ got lighter marks yellowish and blueish and orange. her brother got red and black marks. after that day there were powerful after day and day until that day… the brother was unhappy that his sister had better and grater power so be left the light kingdom for ever . or that what she thought… he came back.. but different and with black bones… and he was different with everything acutely. he told her that ‘‘now from NOW on i wont be cold ‘’Spiral’‘ from now on you shall call me ‘‘Dark-Spirit’‘ ‘‘ she was scerd about what he meant after that day they had a war for 2 years now. but it came to an end after she made or cold the grates spirit in the demonstration, and it was the greatest dragon. when the dragon was fighting with the bad spirits and with that power he sent grate light to end the darkness and send all the bad spirits to the under world, what about her brother. he had the same dark bones but still the same and he promise that be will come back when he becomes stronger, then he left the kingdom and today he still didn’t come back. but she had night-mares of him taking over the kingdom.. still.. but there her gardion was beside her when she felt bad.

    to be continued?

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  • image

    Gonna start this account off by posting some of my art! 🚫 A base was used! I do not own the base. The base credit goes to the original artist!🚫

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  • Even more work for me in college QAQ.

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  • image

    Here this really cute couple i really like to draw now !

    Terah is mine

    Ghoul belong to @katsnowdin

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  • Yeah, this is the True ending to SpiritTale. Sorry I don’t post much, but I don’t get many questions so I don’t have much to do.

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  • Here are some old drawings I have of Spirit. This is what Spirit!Sans looks like once one of his spirits take control of him. The evil/yellow and demon/black spirit change Spirit’s look completely, but then others like powerless/white and flirty/purple only change the color of the back of his eyes. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Now that I just posted facts about my Sanses in their AU, time to post facts about them with the other AUs


    - Music has a crush on two other AUs which is Ink and Dance
    - He doesn’t get along well with Classic for some reason
    - Music gets jealous when he sees a non Papyton AU
    - He doesn’t have a crush on Blueberry, but makes it seem like he does by calling Blueberry cute and adorable
    - Music hangs out with Dance, Fresh and some times Ink the most out of all the AUs
    - He likes to sing songs for Dance and let him bust some moves
    - Music gets along with Hack time to time, but Hack just likes to be mean to him
    - He gets annoyed of Spirit and doesn’t really like him but does get along to be nice and seem like a nice older brother
    - Music just like anyone else likes to be mean to Ink and call him ‘Shorty’. But to play fair, he calls Spirit 'Tiny’.
    - He is hated by a few AUs but some main one are Classic, Geno, Error and Dust 

    - Error followed by Ink were the first AUs Hack had met
    - Hack likes to try and make the AUs suffer but in a different way than Error (I think… Heh)
    - He doesn’t get only with Geno due to the fact Hack killed his own Papyrus
    - Hack, gets along with basically the evil AUs like,Error, Dust, Killer and sometimes, Horror
    - He likes the style of Fell and wants to get only with him, but Fell doesn’t like Hack
    - Hack doesn’t like any of the human from any AU (Frisk, Chara), nor he likes the creators
    - He is jealous of the AUs with pacifist timelines (just like Cross)
    - Hack likes to use his magic to make Classic mad at him or just annoyed
    - He has a little crush on Error, but hides it thinking negative about it

    - Spirit gets along with mainly the nice Sanses like, Blueberry, Ink and Dream
    - He has a little crush and Classic, back is way to shy to say it
    - Just like Papyrus and Blueberry, he sees good in everyone and will give people a second chance
    - Around Sanses like Fell and Horror, Spirit would stay quiet and not talk much
    - When Spirit is near by to Lust and he starts to flirt with him, Spirit’s purple soul (the flirty spirit) will take control of Spirit and flirt back
    - He doesn’t make puns, but when he is with Classic, he will try to joke around. Or even with Blueberry, he will make jokes just to annoy him
    - Spirit loves to draw with Ink whenever he is free so he can show Ink his creative side and hope Ink likes him
    - Even though Spirit is scared of Error, Dust and the rest of the mean Sanses, he tries to be nice to them and makes sure to not look scared
    - Spirit likes to pop around to ever AU and see Sanses he nearly sees, like Fresh, Mafia and more
    - When he is with Ink, Blueberry and Dream, seeing all four of them have scarfs, he likes to run around and make himself look like a superhero

    Thanks for reading. My Sanses are still being worked on so I might change stuff about them later

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  • Howdy, I’m Flowey, Flowey the Flower

    #flowey the flower #flowey#undertale flowey #undertale flowey the flower #spirittale#au#undertale au#spirit#flower
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