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  • We all agree Padmé is a fashion icon, but the gown in episode 5 of season 3 is godawful. And the hair. The hair is horrendous. Who animated it and thought this is a good idea?

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  • Kylo Ren painting finally done! I’ve been in a Star Wars mood these days, plus any excuse to draw shiny, shiny stars is good with me!

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    #kylo ren#ben solo #kylo ren fanart #star wars #star wars fanart #adam driver#art#my art#photoshop #of course out of all the star wars paintings i have  going he was the one finished first #ive still got rey finn poe and other mandalorian stuff in the works also #but god im so picky and slow with my art these days ahhhhh
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  • Slave Leia Cosplay

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  • G-Type light shuttles were small transports popular during the Jedi Civil War. Able to carry three passengers, the shuttles were typically used to ferry between planets and capital ships. They were equipped with modest shielding, hyperdrive, and double laser cannons.

    Source: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (2008)

    First Appearance: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

    #g-type light shuttle #starship #jedi civil war #star wars video games #knights of the old republic #kotor#star wars#expanded universe #star wars legends
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  • “Hey, you busy right now? 😘

    Oooh, looks like the girl wants attention, wonder who she’s texting~ >:3c

    (Also happy birthday to mee I’m gonna get comfy and draw more girls.)

    #twi'lek#twilek#star wars#Aket #edge of the empire #lets be honest she textin Rynn #girl know what she wants I'm just sayin
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  • The chains of padawans and masters are Jedi families. It’s not about who gives you birth or from whom cell’s you are build from. It is about love and care you are getting.

    And all the life lessons.

    The Jedi does not need a offspring of flesh and blood, they pass on their teachings to the persons they are training and with who they are claiming not to be attached at all.

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  • Star Wars: Rebels

    S1E5: Rise of the Old Masters
    Kanan teaches Ezra how to use a lightsaber

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  • [Read on AO3

    Chapter 4 is now available!

    Relationships: Eventual Finn/Poe
    Tags: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Grey Force, Cathars, Religion, Alternate Universe, Canon Rewrite, Queer Characters, Worldbuilding, Fix-It, Trilogy Rewrite, Old Republic Lore, Prequel Trilogy Lore
    Chapters: 4/24
    Word Count: 20,019


    It’s a trilogy rewrite my dudes.

    Were you bewildered by Palpatine returning? Did Snoke’s lack of narrative impact leave you wanting? Were you irritated by the trilogy’s creative yo-yoing between two directors? Do you wish the new characters had stood on their own instead of chasing after the old heroes to fix their problems? Were you annoyed that the best we could get for queer rep in the year of our lord 2019 was an easily removable kiss between two extras at the very end? Did you hunger for more details, worldbuilding, and characterisation?

    Do I have the fic for you.

    #star wars#tfa #the force awakens #stormpilot#sequel trilogy#swtor#kotor #jedi fallen order
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  • The character designers of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures didn’t need to make Luke look like such a twink but they did.

    #luke skywalker #star wars galaxy of adventures #star wars#shitpost
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  • Maeglin’s Hobbit Birthday Ficlets! 
    (multi-ship and multi-fandom ficlet series)

    You get a fic! And you get a fic! 

    Featuring a lot of Roswell, New Mexico, some Silmarillion, Arthurian/Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Star Wars, and Detroit: Become Human, even Hamilton and 101 Dalmatians, sort of; a multi-ship and multi-fandom extravaganza for my lovely friends and followers on the occasion of the month of my hobbit birthday. 

    Thanks to @jocarthage@delphinidin4@dreamychaos@daughterofelros@anamericanwerewolfintraffic@animalasaysrauer@haloud@larenoz@ninswhimsy@angsty-aliens@haldamiri@myrmidryad@ober-affen-geil@tasyfa@beautifulcheat@ladynox@a-singer-of-songs​ for giving me some great prompts! 

    Fic titles under the cut…

    Keep reading

    #fanfic #roswell new mexico #silmarillion#star wars #sir gawain and the green knight #this one's ok to reblog!
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  • *in the middle of battle*


    Anakin: YEP




    #yep basically #they’re too funny to get kicked out #star wars#clone wars#anakin skywalker#ahsoka tano#incorrect quotes #incorrect star wars quotes
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  • I did a 1 hour/10 min/1 min drawing challenge. The adrenaline rush is real! No wonder people like doing it.

    #obi wan kenobi #fanart#star wars #1 hour challenge #1 hour/10 min/1 min challenge
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  • This user is still pining away after the evil Jar Jar plot we never got.

    #star wars #evil jar jar #jar jar binks #sith jar jar
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  • i sketched rey after class the other day :,)

    #i never post my art here #but here u go #what are insecurities anyways #rey#skywalker #the rise of skywalker #daisy ridley#star wars #The Force Awakens #sketch#painting#digital art#wallpaper#fan art #star wars fan art #oscar isaac#poe dameron#damerey#reylo #the last jedi #photoshop#jedi#tcw
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  • Anakin travels back in time to JA time 

    This anakin had ahsoka for a while (S2 anakin)

    And he sees obi wan

    • He sees obi wan fighting/training, to be more specific 

    Desperate and angry obi wan, wanting to prove himself and show how good of a jedi he can be

    • Anakin doesn’t understand why nobody will pick obi wan, why people are outright refusing him

    Maybe he waits for qui gon to pick obi wan, and if that doesn’t happen for some reason, anakin just decides to take obi wan for himself

    • Anakin asks (begs) qui gon to reconsider. Qui gon says no, that obi wan’s too angry, that qui gon wouldn’t make a good master. anakin wants to scream
    • On the last day before obi wan will be sent away, anakin, even though he believes he won’t make a good master, that he can’t help obi wan grow into the brilliant jedi master he’s meant to become- anakin makes his way to the creche and takes obi wan for his padawan 

    Anakin knows obi wan will be great

    • And if nobody else can see that, then anakin will make sure obi wan is remembered as the greatest jedi of his generation
    • If he’s stuck in the past, he’s gonna make it count

    Anakin has to learn politics now, if he’s gonna be the one responsible for making obi wan a smooth talker™

    Anakin has trouble differentiating between padawan obi wan and how anakin knew him ~ *master* obi wan 

    Maybe anakin encourages obi wan’s vision ability (this caused by anakin’s experience with visions?)

    • Anakin might take this a little too far tho 
    • He puts too much emphasis on them
    • He goes into “we gotta fix this right away” mode, not understanding that trying to “fix” whatever happened (happens? Certain point of view) in the vision might cause it in the first place 
    • Anakin is an act first, think later type of person 
    • Cause anakin doesn’t really know how to handle visions properly (from what we’ve seen in the movies) 
    • Anakin overthinks the visions 

    Anakin tries to get qui gon to hang with obi-wan, thinking that doing so will help obi wan become the jedi he’s meant to be

    • Obi wan doesn’t understand why his master wants him to spend time with the guy who rejected him 
    • He thinks that anakin only took him out of pity and not cause he wanted him 
    • This causes a blow up (miscommunication that results in angst) 
    • Example: “I just want you to get a master who knows more about the force than me!” “well i don’t want another master!” 

    Maybe them spending time together makes qui gon reconsider and end up taking his own padawan

    • Cue angst and obi wan feeling bad about himself
    • but also anakin and obi wan sibling bonding

    Anakin doesn’t understand how good he actually is because he’s trying to live up to both his idealizations of both qui gon and obi wan 

    Obi wan is already better off since he wasn’t left alone in an active war zone at age 13 (medila/daan)

    • This time, he had his master with him
    • Because we all know that anakin skywalker is not leaving his 13 yr old child alone. Oh no. he is staying and winning this war for these children himself. 

    If anakin ends up fighting maul, we all know anakin would demolish maul

    • This avoids giving obi wan trauma™
    • Anakin takes fighting maul as a good light training day

    Obi wan becomes super strong in this timeline

    • He sees anakin and thinks that’s the average expectation
    • So now he has to keep up with human disaster/chosen one anakin skywalker

    Also, obi wan didn’t primarily use soresu until he started training anakin in the original timeline, so anakin is trying to explain the virtues of it to this obi wan and obi wan is like “hehe ataru go whee” 

    If anakin is even born in this timeline, he might not be force sensitive. If chosen one anakin is here, then the force doesn’t need to make another super powerful one. So now shmi’s son is just.. Normal (or maybe just less powerful in the force)

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  • Yoda vc Backflip I do. Commit war crimes I will.

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  • Nothing to see here…

    #the sims #the sims 4 #the sims 4 blog #simmer#simblr#game#gameplay#starwars#star wars#games #The Sims 4 Gameplay #the sims gameplay #ts4#ts4 screenies#ts4 screenshots#ts4 screenshot #play with life #stay and play #see#hacking#sneaky#video game#sims screenshots #the sims 4 screenshots #game screenshots#screenshot #the sims blog #the sims characters #character#My Gameplay
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  • okay but has anyone considered twi'leks with vitiligo?

    #star wars#twi'lek#twi'leks#ryloth #gosh could you imagine how gorgeous they'd look #like i'd have literal heart eyes #like blue&purple or green&blue or pink&purple type things #if anyone draws this pls let me see!!!
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