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    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Adopt, Breed, And Create Animals In Let's Build A Zoo

    Let's Build A Zoo is a game where you do exactly as the title suggests. You build a zoo, buy and breed animals, and manage your zoo.

    Source: Let’s Build A Zoo | Steam Page Let’s Build A Zoo is a game where you do exactly as the title suggests. You build a zoo, buy and breed animals, and manage your zoo. It’s reminiscent of the Zoo Tycoon franchise, with thousands upon thousands of animals to choose from. However, there is something different about this one that stands out from the others – DNA splicing. Source: Let’s Build A…

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  • ltwilliammowett
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Sea bag of a French Matelot (sailor), painted with the three-masted merchant vessel Amiral Cécille, circa 1921, under sail on a heavy sea. In the background, a lighthouse.

    The sailor traditionally decorates his bag. This bag belonged to Commander Pierre Bohé (1901-1961) who served in 1921 as a sailor on her.

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  • greendreamer
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #I imagine the Steam Team rocking up to some fancy party in these glasses #and yes they have the 75th logo on the back of their jackets #thomas and friends #thomas the tank engine #ttte#ttte thomas#ttte au#ttte minis#ttte ask#ttte gordon#ttte james #gordon the big engine #james the red engine #my art
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    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    also i had a dream i was playing the sims. even my brain has stopped trying

    #i want dreams where i become a mermaid or move objects with my mind but no. #have a dream in which u play a game you could EASILY launch on steam #like... my brain has run out of material cause we're STILL stuck in this whole pandemic thing :/ #justine rambles
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  • thegameofnerds
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Never Mourn: Denying Death Makes Its Debut on Steam

    The Primal Seed indie studio is proud to reveal their first game, Never Mourn: Denying Death, a fast-paced action RPG with rogue-lite mechanics.

    The Primal Seed indie studio is proud to reveal their first game, Never Mourn: Denying Death, a fast-paced action RPG with rogue-lite mechanics. Set in a dark fantasy world, embody Irea, a desperate mother who will become a powerful necromancer in order to save her child. “You stole the life of what was precious to me, so I’ll snatch the lives of those who stand in my way.“  Switch between life…

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  • workofthediesel
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    BB CB - Chpt 2

    Read also on AO3!

    (Chpt 1)

    Summary: Poppa didn't know what to do; no one did. All they could do was try to take things one step at a time, though how that was going for them so far was still a little up in the air.

    Word Count: 4,603

    “So. Is anyone going to explain to me what happened?” Poppa said. 

    He, Dustin, and Rockies One and Three were sitting around his kitchen table, talking in hushed tones. In the other room, Rusty was sitting on the floor, listening patiently as CB excitedly rambled on about the wild scribbling in the pictures that he was drawing.

    CB had taken an immediate liking to Rusty, much to everyone’s relief. After the rough start he’d had with the rest of the freight, there’d been some concern that he wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone in the yard. But Rusty was different—no doubt due, at least in part, to the fact that he was briefed on the situation before coming into it. He’d still been visibly shocked when he showed up, but he was also prepared enough to hide it in front of CB. He hadn’t overstepped any boundaries by acting like he already knew him, nor had he overwhelmed CB with his own emotions as he tried to wrap his head around the situation. 

    He was also, as Rocky One had pointed out earlier, just good with kids. He was able to talk at an easy-to-understand level without it sounding patronizing, keeping a sweet and friendly tone without slipping into baby talk. He wasn’t phased when CB spit out a string of nonsense or gibberish, and he knew how to be both gentle and firm at the same time, enforcing the rules to keep everything under control but never once sounding mean about it.

    It truly was a blessing, because it let them at least make a start at figuring out what was going on without having to worry about whether CB was doing alright.

    “We really don’t know,” Rocky Three said. “Everything was normal, then all of a sudden, we turned around, and…” he trailed off, his gaze darting over to the small boy in the other room. 

    “There wasn’t anything special that went along with it,” Rocky One added. “No flash of light or weird sound or anything. It was just, like… One moment, he was an adult, then we all looked away for a second, and when we looked back, this kid was just… there.”

    “He was really frightened,” Dustin tacked on. “At first, I thought it was just because he didn’t know what happened and it was a lot to deal with, but it turns out, it was because he didn’t recognize any of us.”

    “Found that one out the hard way,” Rocky Three said with a grimace.

    Poppa nodded. Of course, he’d demanded all the details the second Rocky Two had come to tell him what happened, and he’d told him—confusion and panic scrambling his thoughts, and subsequently his words—of how CB didn’t know who any of them were, and that they’d terrified the kid by acting like they were all close, and probably ruined any chance they had of getting him to trust them. But now that they’d had a chance to sit down and catch their breath after the initial alarm of the situation had worn off, Poppa was looking to get a fuller picture of what had happened. “Is that all?”

    Dustin nodded. “Really, no one knows what happened. Not even CB.”

    “You’ve asked?”

    “Of course we have,” Rocky Three said. 

    “As far as we know, this just happened,” Rocky One said. “And as far as he knows, this just… happened. He doesn’t remember anything beyond whatever age he is now, and he doesn’t remember anything weird happening before all this.”

    “Is that what he told you?” Poppa asked.

    Rocky One nodded.

    Poppa pressed his lips together, thinking it over. “Are you sure he was telling the truth?” It was clear that CB didn’t quite trust any of them yet, and it occurred to him that he might have an idea of what had happened and just wasn’t willing to open up to them. 

    “I don’t know,” Rocky One said tiredly. “He’s just a kid.”

    Rocky Three was quick to agree. “Sure, maybe he was lying. Maybe he’s too scared to talk about it right now, or whatever happened was weird and he thinks we won’t believe him. Or maybe he was telling the truth and he’s really just as clueless as the rest of us. But that doesn’t really matter right now, because either way, we still don’t know anything.”

    Rocky One nodded again. “Even if he does know something,” he said, “if he didn’t tell us the first time we asked, he’s not going to tell us now.”

    For a brief second, Poppa entertained the idea of having Rusty ask him about it. He was the one CB was the most comfortable with, so if he was going to talk to anyone, it would be Rusty. But… Poppa fought back a sigh. The Rockies had a point: regardless of whether or not CB actually knew something about what had happened, continuing to ask him about it would only stress him out.

    “So, where does that leave us?” Dustin asked.

    For a long moment, no one answered. Then, Poppa took a heavy breath in. “We’ll have to try something else. Ask around a little more, in case someone else in the yard has an idea of what might have happened. Maybe hit the books, see if there’s a theory or a journal or even a fairy tale where something like this happens.” 

    Rocky Three shot him a skeptical look. “Do you really think we’ll find anything helpful?”

    Poppa let out the sigh he’d been holding in. “Probably not,” he said honestly, “but what else can we do? We could try taking him to a doctor or a scientist or someone who can have a good look at him, but I think that would hurt more than it would help. I doubt they’d believe us if we told them what happened, and it’d probably just end up making CB—Rusty.”

    The conversation died in an instant. Everyone at the table turned to look at Rusty standing in the kitchen entry, staring silently like they weren’t sure how to handle the situation. In all honesty, they didn’t. 

    Rusty smiled at them from the doorway, calm and confident when none of the rest of them were. “Sorry,” he said, “didn’t mean to interrupt. We just wanted to get a snack.”

    We. As in, Rusty and CB. Poppa couldn’t stop his eyes from flicking down to the small child peeking out at him from behind Rusty’s leg. 

    It was a strange sight to see, in more ways than one. As an adult, CB was so loud and wild, Poppa never would have thought this shy and timid child was related to him based on behavior alone. The difference was almost unsettling, and it had Poppa worried that something was wrong. Of course, there was a lot wrong right now, and Poppa figured that there were a few things that had to take precedence, like ensuring CB’s immediate safety and trying to figure this whole situation out.

    Poppa cleared his throat, focussing on the moment at hand. “Of course. Well, don’t let us stop you.”

    Rusty nodded. Really, he didn’t need permission to make his way through Poppa’s house, but it seemed like he had been waiting for it anyway. He slipped into the kitchen, CB clinging tightly to his leg as he followed behind him.

    All eyes were on the pair—on CB, in particular—as they crossed the kitchen. CB kept stealing glances back at them. Anytime he did, and he saw how closely he was being watched, he buried his head into the back of Rusty’s thigh. It made Poppa feel awful for still looking at him—he was clearly so uncomfortable being stared at, and Poppa didn’t want to make him feel any worse than he already did—but he just couldn’t tear his eyes away.

    Rusty must have also felt all the eyes on them, but he pretended not to notice, casually heading to the cabinet like he was modeling for CB the proper way to handle the unwanted attention. It was so quiet in the kitchen you could have heard a pin drop. It amplified every sound that Rusty made—the squeak of the cabinet as he pulled it open, the scrape of the bowl on the shelf as he slid it out. Poppa couldn’t help but wince at the noise.

    He tried to avert his eyes as Rusty filled the bowl for CB; it felt weird to be watching Rusty’s every movement like he was. Even so, his gaze was drawn back to the pair every time. He couldn’t help it. 

    Once he had the bowl filled, Rusty paused. He eyed the line of cups on the shelf for a moment before turning to CB. “Did you want some juice, too? Or just the snack.”

    With his face still smooshed into Rusty’s thigh, CB’s answer came out muffled, barely audible, but Rusty seemed to understand. He closed the cabinet and gently patted CB’s head. “Maybe later, then.” With that, he picked up the bowl and quietly ushered CB out of the kitchen, giving the group at the table a reassuring smile before he crossed into the other room.

    Silence reigned in the kitchen for a few minutes. The brief, inconsequential moment of seeing CB like this served to remind them of the full reality of the situation they were facing.

    Eventually, Dustin sighed. “What are we going to do?”

    Poppa took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Take it one day at a time,” he said. What else could they do? “Whatever else is going on, right now, we’ve got a little kid to look after. Priority number one is making sure he’s taken care of; we can work on figuring this out later.”

    “But who’s he going to stay with?” Dustin asked. “He hates us.”

    “He doesn’t hate us,” Rocky One said.

    Rocky Three shook his head. “Yeah, he’s just terrified of us. Completely different.”

    “It’s been a shock for him, that’s all,” Poppa said, trying to sound reassuring. He didn’t like the idea of any of the freight being at odds with each other, even in a situation as bizarre as this. “He’ll come around.”

    “But what are we going to do until then?” Dustin asked, sounding almost desperate. “Someone needs to take care of him, and it’s not going to go well at all if he’s scared of us.”

    “He’ll stay with me,” Poppa said. It seemed like the natural solution. He’d always treated the freight like his own children, so it was only right that he’d be the one looking after CB. 

    “Of course,” Rocky One said. “But what about the rest of us? What are we supposed to do?”

    Poppa thought it over for a moment. “Go home, for now. It’s starting to get late, and I’ve got a lot of work to do getting things ready for tonight.”

    Dustin was hesitant. “Are you sure? We could stay and help.”

    As well-meaning of an offer as it was, Poppa couldn’t help but think that it would end up doing a little more harm than good. CB wasn’t comfortable with them, and CB was the one he had to be worrying most about right now. Keeping the house full of freight would leave him on edge for the rest of the evening, and that wasn’t fair to the kid, especially after everything he’d been through that day. 

    It felt a little mean to be saying any of that out loud, though. Instead, all Poppa said was, “I’m sure. It’s been quite the day; I think it would do us all some good to have a little time to ourselves. Try to unwind, you know?”

    Dustin didn’t look convinced. “You won’t have any time to yourself,” he said, his eyes flicking over to the living room.

    “I’ll be alright.” After all, someone had to look after CB. It would be a small sacrifice for Poppa to make, and one that he would make a thousand times over for any one of the freight.

    “Alright…” Dustin said slowly, reluctantly pushing himself up from the table.

    Just as reluctantly, the Rockies followed suit. Poppa did feel a little bad about turning them all out—they were all worried about CB, and Poppa knew that they wanted to stick around to make sure he was okay. At the same time, he knew that reducing the number of cars in the house was going to be better for CB, and that had to be his priority.

    Out of politeness, Poppa followed them to the door to see them out. He waved one final goodbye to them as they lingered in front of his house. He couldn’t be sure whether or not they would take his suggestion to go home and try to relax, but he’d figured he’d done as much as he could for them for tonight. Right now, he had to switch his focus onto CB.

    With that thought in mind, Poppa shut the door. He took a deep breath, rolled his shoulders, and made himself a quick to-do list. He’d need to get his guest room ready: put sheets on the bed, run a duster over everything, clean up any clutter he may have left laying around. He’d have to make dinner, and try to find some way to get the kid to wash up and wind down for the night. It might be a good idea to check his cabinets to see if he had a spare toothbrush. That thought sparked the realization that he didn’t have any child-safety locks, and he’d have to move any bottles of cleaners or the like somewhere out of CB’s reach.

    That last one, Poppa figured, should probably take precedence. He did a quick sweep of the kitchen and the closet in the hall, grabbing anything that looked potentially poisonous and shoving it onto the highest shelf he could find. He did the same in the bathroom, also using it as an opportunity to find a toothbrush for CB.

    When the house was about as safe as he could make it, he took a spare set of sheets out of the linen closet and started making up CB’s bed for the night. It probably wasn’t going to be the most comfortable thing for the kid—it was a spare room meant for adults to spend a night or two, so it lacked any of the charm and comfort a child’s bedroom should have—but it was the best he could do. Hopefully, whatever this was would be temporary, and CB would be back to his adult self before the impersonality of the room really started to bother him.

    On his way back into the kitchen, Poppa took a peek into the living room. The shock of seeing CB as just a little kid—he couldn’t have been older than four or five—hadn’t worn off yet, and it made his stomach drop. A million questions and a million worries flooded into his mind. Truly, what were they going to do? The situation hardly seemed real. How were they supposed to have any idea on how to fix it?

    Poppa took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, forcibly shutting down that train of thought. He just needed to take it one step at a time and focus on the here and now, and right now, he had a little boy who needed dinner.

    Poppa began searching through his cabinets, trying to find something that CB would eat. He didn’t know if he was particularly picky or not, but he was erring on the side of caution. In the future, he’d be worrying about healthy options and all that, but right now, he figured CB could use some comfort food. He had all the ingredients to make a quick mac’n’cheese; that would be good enough for tonight. 

    It felt good to be working on something, Poppa mused. Sitting down and talking things through with Dustin and the Rockies had been necessary, but it also left Poppa feeling like they weren’t really doing anything. This small stuff—cooking dinner and making the bed—might not have been solving the real problem, but at least he was taking care of the little things in the meantime. He felt like he was helping, or at the very least, like he wasn’t entirely useless.

    The whole time he was cooking, he kept an ear tuned in to what was happening in the other room. CB was chattering away at Rusty, sounding as happy and relaxed as Poppa could have hoped for. It was a relief to hear, especially considering how scared CB had been every other time Poppa had seen him. He took a moment to say a silent thank you to Rusty; without him, Poppa was sure, CB would be miserable.

    The recipe Poppa was using was a quick one, and ten minutes later, it was finished. CB was still sounding happy with Rusty, and Poppa almost wondered if he should put off dinner for a bit to let the kid have a bit more playtime. A glance at the clock told him no, it was far past the time that CB should have eaten something. 

    He rolled over to the edge of the kitchen and poked his head into the living room. CB seemed to be enjoying himself, which made Poppa feel a little bad to be interrupting, but he had to. “CB?” he called from the doorway. “It’s time for dinner.”

    CB stilled at the sound of Poppa’s voice before shying away from him just slightly. But Rusty was right behind him and gave him an encouraging nudge on the back. “Why don’t you go get washed up?” he said gently. CB turned his head to look at him, eyes wide and worried. Rusty smiled reassuringly and gave him another nudge towards the bathroom. Reluctantly, CB went.

    Rusty watched him go, keeping his smile in place until CB was completely out of sight. Then his face dropped, finally showing the shock that Poppa knew he’d been hiding all afternoon. 

    Only then did it dawn on Poppa how much they’d been neglecting Rusty. His little group in the kitchen had been able to sit down and talk things through amongst themselves, and while it may not have solved anything, they’d all left the table feeling at least a little better. But they’d left Rusty on his own to look after CB. He’d had to keep any bad feelings he was experiencing all bottled up, and that wasn’t good for him at all. 

    Poppa rolled over to Rusty’s side. “How are you doing, Rusty?” he asked quietly.

    “Me?” Rusty asked, sounding surprised. “I’m fine. Nothing’s happened to me.”

    Poppa shook his head with a small smile. Of course, Rusty would be more concerned with CB than with how he was feeling. But they were all going through quite the ordeal with this situation, even if CB probably had the worst of it; they needed to be looking out for each other, too. “What’s going on right now is a lot for everyone to handle,” he said. “It’s okay if you need to take a moment to yourself to process it.”

    Rusty opened his mouth like he was going to say something, then he closed it without a word, sighing softly. He shook his head and tried again. “It’s just…” he trailed off, glancing after CB and gesturing vaguely.

    “Yeah, I know,” Poppa said. There were no words any of them could use in a situation like this. Even without saying anything, Poppa knew exactly what Rusty was feeling. “It might help to talk about what you’re feeling.”

    “What I’m feeling?” Rusty let out a quiet, sardonic laugh. “Where do I even start? I mean… Starlight, Poppa, he’s a kid. I don’t—” Abruptly, he cut himself off, and almost immediately, it became apparent why: CB had come back, hovering shyly off to the side like he didn’t want to interrupt.

    Rusty smiled at him gently, switching so effortlessly into a calm and friendly tone that it was hard to believe he’d sounded upset just seconds before. “All done?”

    CB nodded.

    “Alright, let’s see your hands.”

    CB eyed Poppa nervously, but he held his hands up to Rusty as requested.

    Rusty made a playful show of inspecting CB’s hands before turning his smile up a few notches. “You did a good job,” he praised, his voice so warm and encouraging that it had CB cracking the first smile Poppa had seen from him all day. 

    “Squeaky clean,” Poppa agreed. He tried not to let himself feel hurt by the way CB’s smile faded when he spoke. “Now, how about we go sit down for dinner?”

    “Dinner sounds good,” Rusty said. “Right, CB?”

    CB didn’t answer, but he let Rusty lay a hand on his back to lead him into the kitchen. Poppa followed not far behind them. He knew enough to recognize that CB’s return marked the end to his and Rusty’s conversation. He made a mental note to check in with him later, sometime after CB had gone to bed so they could have a proper talk. 

    He let Rusty take care of getting CB settled at the table. He tried not to stare—he knew how uncomfortable it made CB—but he couldn’t help it. It was only once CB was seated properly that he was able to force his attention away, turning around to go get some food for CB.

    “Everyone else went home?” Rusty asked quietly, following Poppa to the stove.

    Poppa nodded. “I figured CB might be a little more comfortable if we cleared the house out.”

    Rusty sighed softly. “He really doesn’t like them, does he?”

    “I’m sure he’s just overwhelmed,” Poppa said. “There’s a lot going on right now.”

    “Yeah, no kidding.”

    Poppa shook his head, giving the macaroni one final stir. “He’ll come around,” he said. It was the same promise he had made to the freight, but he had to repeat it. He had to believe it was the truth.

    Rusty hummed noncommittally. When Poppa looked back up, he was holding out a plate to him. Poppa gave him a grateful nod, ladling out a couple of spoonfuls of pasta for CB. He let Rusty be the one to grab a fork and bring the plate over to CB; he figured CB would probably take it better that way. 

    Rusty set the plate down in front of CB with a smile, which CB timidly returned. He didn’t move to touch the food though. He sat still for a moment before glancing around the table, his eyebrows pinching together slightly. He couldn’t help but notice there was only one plate on the table. He frowned for a moment, like he was thinking something over, before turning his head up to Rusty. “Aren’t you going to eat, too?”

    “No, CB,” Rusty said softly. “I have to go home now.”

    “He has to go make his own dinner,” Poppa said.

    CB pouted slightly, his eyebrows drawing together as he thought something over. “You mean, you don’t live here? You’re leaving?”

    “Yeah, I’m leaving,” Rusty said apologetically. “But it’s okay; I’ll come over again tomorrow.”

    The statement wasn’t quite the reassurance Rusty had hoped it would be. CB was still pouting. “But, what about me?”

    “You’ll be staying here, with me,” Poppa told him. He gave him a gentle smile. “I’ve got a nice room all set up for you, and I figure tomorrow we can work on getting you some toys. How’s that sound?”

    “No!” CB cried, rocketing up from the table. “I don’t wanna stay here! I want to go with you!”

    It was the loudest CB had been since they found him like this, and Rusty visibly startled at it. Still, he was able to keep the surprise out of his voice. “But Poppa’s already got everything all ready for you,” he said calmly.

    His words didn’t make a lick of difference. CB ran over to him, attaching himself to Rusty’s leg, clinging to him like his life depended on it. There were tears in his eyes, just milliseconds away from spilling over.  “I want to stay with you! Please, Rusty? Please?”


    “Don’t leave me here, Rusty. Please.”

    Rusty took one look at CB and felt his heart sink. There was no way he could say no, not when CB sounded so scared and so desperate. He laid a gentle hand on CB’s back, rubbing soothingly to try to calm him. “Okay, CB,” he said softly, “you can come stay with me.”

    “Rusty…” Poppa said.

    Rusty gave him a reassuring smile. “It’s fine; I have that spare room he can sleep in.”

    Poppa lowered his voice, talking like he didn’t want CB to hear despite the fact that he was right there. “I don’t think your place is exactly child-proof.”

    “Neither is yours,” Rusty pointed out. No one had time to prepare for all of this; there were no child-safety locks to be found. 

    Poppa still looked uncertain. “A young child can be quite the handful,” he said. “And, CB…”

    “CB and I have been getting along just fine all afternoon,” Rusty said.

    “Babysitting a kid is a little different from caring for them full time.”

    Rusty shook his head. “Just look at him,” he whispered, nodding his head down towards CB.

    It was a pitiful sight. CB was clinging tightly to Rusty’s leg, his head buried in against his thigh. He was trembling ever so slightly, and his breaths were coming hitched and erratic, bordering on stilted sobs.

    Poppa’s resolve wavered. It couldn’t be denied that Rusty was CB’s favorite out of any of the cars he’d been introduced to so far, and the poor kid could use whatever ounce of comfort they could give him right now. But, like he said, taking care of a young child was a big responsibility. He didn’t want to doubt Rusty’s ability to keep CB safe and well cared for, but he also was reluctant to let CB out of his sight. He couldn’t help but imagine that CB would be a handful, and he didn’t know if Rusty would be able to handle that. Then again, he couldn’t be certain if he would be able to handle that. 

    One more look at CB and Poppa crumbled completely. CB needed Rusty. There was no way he could separate the two in good conscience. His shoulders sagged as he sighed. “Okay,” he said quietly. “Okay, you can take him.”

    Rusty smiled. He leaned down a bit to give CB’s back a firmer rub. “You hear that? You’re coming home with me. It’s okay, no more need to cry.”

    Slowly, CB’s sobs quieted down into light hiccoughing. Rusty took that as a victory. “There, see?” he said. “It’s all okay. Is there anything you want to take with you before we go?”

    “How about dinner?” Poppa broke in, voice firm in the reminder that CB still needed to eat. 

    Rusty glanced up at him and nodded. “How’s that sound, CB? You can have dinner here and then we’ll go over to my house.”

    CB didn’t give an answer, either agreeing or dissenting, so Rusty decided for him. He detached CB from his leg, keeping hold of his shoulders, before steering him back into the kitchen. CB didn’t look all too happy to have been removed from his hiding place, but he let Rusty guide him along nonetheless.

    “Come on,”  Rusty said as he moved them back towards the table. “Let’s go eat, and then we can go home.”

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    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
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    Crunches your online game until I force it into a single player experience

    #the increasing desperation of the me each time I thought I killed journey’s internet access only to encounter a player #had to temporarily kill steam to finally cut myself off #with the side effect of an impressive performance boost #Con stop yapping
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    my neck is too small for most collars by like, multiple inches :[ 

    its just weird to me because in photos my neck looks plenty big! like i have always had an adam’s apple even before transition. ohhh well, i bought a leather punch for a reason! part of me wants to get some more tools for putting in rivets and the like, because a lot of things i wish i could customize 

    #so much cute gear on etsy and none of it fits me :steam face emoji: #at least it's not as freakishly small as my wrists are i have like a five year olds anatomy there :
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    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Spiritfarer part 19

    I did a lot of the main quests this time and completed them to the point where I am ready to let go of one of the spirits on my ship. I also learned a bit about them.

    I had the photo for the archive room and it was a picture that Beverly’s son Henry had drawn of her knitting. She then told me about her son and how when ever they watched TV he wouldn’t stay still during the show but be calm during commercials. But as the years went by he got quiet like his father.

    I went to Alt Harbor to give the glue to the spirit for the quest, but couldn’t find him. Not sure if it is a glitch or not. I’ll have to try again later.

    But I found Beverly up on a ledge and spoke to her. She told me about the first date she had with her husband. She was so nervous and ended up spilling her drink in his lap. He laughed it off and things went fine. She asked him years later and he didn’t even remember.

    Uh oh. It happened again. Beverly asked me to build her a house. And after a minute she realized her mistake and went silent.

    I had asked Elena and Buck to watch Stanley’s play so I spoke to him and he said next was to find a place to put it on. It was going to be in Oxbury.

    On the way, I went to Bottom Line Corp. and found one of the players that Buck wanted me to find. He spoke weird too and agreed to meet as planned.

    Spoke to Beverly after giving her some food and she told me about this salesman in her town. He was horrible at his job but was the lead salesperson in the district. That was because his wife was buying all the houses he tried to sell.

    After making a bunch of materials, I upgraded a few buildings. I did Beverly’s place, Gustav’s clock and the first 2 improvements of Buck’s place.

    I went to Gustav and he was really happy to see his place done, but now it was time for him to go. He was leaving me this place. He didn’t care for the spotlight and he is not one to linger longer than necessary. So it was time to take him to the Everdoor.

    And in Buck’s own language he thanked me for the upgrades to his house.

    Beverly had something to say again and she said that she was starting to feel as she had before. She told me that one of her good friends who was always so nice to her used to talk about her behind her back. And now she feels like the same thing is happening.

    She knew something was wrong with her and can feel that the other people on the ship were talking about her. She wanted me to go around and find out what’s going on.

    I went to Oxbury and Stanley was ready to do his play. There was no fanfare about it, it was just him talking and telling a story. It was basically about me taking spirits to the Everdoor. Buck seemed interested but Elena didn’t look interested.

    Continuing in Oxbury I spoke to the vendor who wanted lemons before, but now he wanted tomatoes. He was just waiting on the courier in Bottom Line Corp. He wanted me to go down there like last time.

    I then found the next person on Buck’s list and I told them about the meeting.

    Elena...is a piece of work. She was a teacher but clearly didn’t have an aptitude for it. She found the children’s inattention and talking to be annoying. Their attitude was going to be disruptive of their learning, but she didn’t bother interacting with them.

    Stanley said that he thought his play went well and wanted me to go ask what everyone thought.

    I talked to Gustav and he said that he was far too busy to gossip behind anyone’s back.

    Bruce & Mickey denied saying anything about anyone.

    I spoke to Gustave again and he was humiliated because someone had the audacity to call him an art collector. He was a man of honor, not one of those miscreants. He was a curator and he was not over reacting.

    I went back to Beverly and honestly she didn’t really make any sense. She asked if I was busy and I said no. She then said she hadn’t been talking to everyone and didn’t think anyone would have been able to form an opinion of her.

    I went to Buck to see how he liked Stanley’s play and he said it was boring, it didn’t have any wizards or dragons.

    I went back to Stanley and told him everyone loved it but he could see I was just trying to be nice. He got all sad and said he can’t do anything right and will never make another play.

    I went to the other side of where there was a fog and I found Overbrook. It was that place in the brochure I got.

    I found a spirit by a building with a snack machine. The spirit knew who I was and said its name was Jackie. He said he was taking a break and was by this machine when it went all foggy.

    He then asked if I could get him a chocolate bar which I did and he transformed into a hyena. He then said he would give me a tour.

    Jackie lead me to the big building which is a hospital that he works at. He commented that everyone loved him here and might be faking illness just to stay here.

    We ran into a spirit asking where all the help was in the hospital and complained that everyone was getting sicker. Jackie just told me to ignore him and continued on.

    I found a spirit on a cliffside who was trying to escape. He wanted me to bring them linen to make a rope. I gave him some. And he said he was going to meet a guy and things will be amazing.

    Found another patient who wanted to take a bit out of me. I said no, but now I’m curious what would have happened if I said yes.

    On the tour we ran into another spirit who sounded like the boss and told Jackie to get back to work. Once he was gone Jackie just complained that he was doing everything around here.

    He then casually mentioned that there was a very difficult and troubled patient that was farther up, but the ladder was broken to get to it, but she would be fine...Jackie doesn’t seem like a very capable care taker.

    At the top of the hospital was a cafeteria and the spirt said they were out of food and supplies. Jackie asked me to bring them 5 bags of rice to help out. I have to go grow some first, so I had to leave.

    That was where I left it for now. It was time for bed. I wonder what is going to happen with this new character. I’ll have to see next time. Until then, happy gaming!

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  • fvaleraye
    23.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    hey can i have like 20 dollars for a thing i thought looked neat /j /seriously i’m joking don’t you dare

    #Faye Rambles #i am just poking fun at myself for my ever growing steam wishlist #and not having money to buy any of it #it's fine i think i'm funny
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  • vibecenter13
    23.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Peter Walter be like:

    I’m going to make robots. they’re not smart robots, heavens no! They’re the stupidest bitches ever!! But they can play a BANGER tune.

    #vee rambles#steampunk #steam powered giraffe #spg #this has been in the drafts for. a while for some reason
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  • mothmanmade-art
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hello!!! Finally got around to making actual SPG fanart!!! Top left is my own fanbot, and the rest are the band bots!!

    Also!!! Finally went back on the discord and remembered how much I love everyone there and *buzzes in excitement*

    #art #steam powered giraffe #spg#spgfanbot #the jon spg #the spine spg #rabbit spg#hatchworth spg#zer0 spg#upgrade spg#fanart#spg fanart #I made upgrade’s face too pink lol #robots
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  • sjwmothman
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    the knowledge that I will never experience suicidal urges while steaming flannel on the set of supernatural

    #suicidal ideation tw #spn // #thinking this as I steam shirts for the shoot today
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  • sweet-dining-car
    23.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
    #starlight express#stex #greaseball the diesel #dinah the dining car #greasedinah #dining of champions #pearl the observation car #rusty the steam engine #prusty#pearlescent rust
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  • steampoweredgiraffefacts
    23.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    The Spine: *leaves the room*

    Rabbit: I love t-to see him leave...

    Zer0: Don't you mean 'I hate to see him leave'?

    Rabbit: haha no, absolutely not

    #steam powered giraffe #spg#Incorrect quotes#I guess #Based on an interaction I had at work
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  • tsubuko2
    23.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    colored version

    #haven't finished it yet #but i ran out of steam #so i posted it
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