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  • I have a question for TVD fans

    So I’ve just started watching The Vampire Diaries.

    Is Elena supposed to be that annoying? Does she get any less annoying or is she one of those protagonists you’re supposed to hate?

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  • I’m posting this under the anti tags to share this video for those who still think Damon raped Caroline.

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  • V Wars, I’m ready for you!

    Ian has been so active on Instagram the last few days.. plus now he talks about DEFAN bourbon ❤️

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  • OK I finished it! It’s all up in this post:


    “I’m not suggesting this lightly—”

                 “Well, I hope not. You’re talking about messing with our best friend’s mind.”

                 Caroline gave Bonnie a dejected look from across the large living room boasted by the Salvatore Boarding House. Damon, predictably, had set up camp at the bar while Matt paced in circles and Jeremy and Tyler sat on opposite sofas next to their respective girlfriends. Noticeably absent from the gathering was Elena, who was back at the Gilbert House, Googling recent animal attacks.

                 “It’s for her own good, Bon,” said Matt.

                 Bonnie shook her head. “We don’t get to make that decision for her. You sound like—” Bonnie stopped herself, gritting her teeth.

                 “Like me,” said Damon. “She was about to say you sound like me.” He took a sip of bourbon. “It’s the most I’ve liked you, Donovan, glad to see some balls on ya.”

                 “Oh shut up, Damon,” Caroline snapped. “We invited you to this meeting as a courtesy.”

                 “And because you have the biggest living room,” said Tyler.

                 “Well since I am here, let me just break it down for the intellectually impaired,” said Damon, moving away from the bar to the centre of the living room. “Stefan has been MIA for seven months. My research indicates he is way, way off the deep-end, he shows no signs of slowing down and oh, that’s right, he’s the personal attack dog of a thousand year old Original psychotic vampire who thinks Elena is dead! Besides one breathy late night phone call five months ago, Elena has no leads but she’s so wrapped up in the whole I-hurt-when-he-hurts-I-breathe-when-he-breathes puppies and rainbows love story she has with my annoyingly self-sacrificing brother that she keeps looking. She’s gotta let it go.”


                 Jeremy sighed. “I hate to say it but he’s right.”

                 Bonnie turned sharply toward him and he raised his hands in the air. “I don’t like agreeing with him but, Bonnie, it’s your senior year. Elena’s senior year. And she didn’t even show up to registration because she hijacked Damon’s trip to Kentucky. How is she supposed to graduate, go to college if she doesn’t even show up to class?”

                 “She’s obsessed,” said Matt quietly.


                 “So your solution is to compel her?” said Bonnie.

                 “Just compel her to stop looking for Stefan and live her life, not compel her feelings away,” said Caroline quickly. “I wouldn’t do that to her or to Stefan.”

                 “So that makes it better? This is her mind. Her memories. Her emotions. When did we get so okay with messing around with people’s lives like this?”

                 “Kinda late to sing that tune, isn’t it Bon-Bon?” said Damon.

                 Bonnie ignored him. “Jeremy, don’t you remember how angry you were when you found out that Elena took away your memory of Vicki?”

                 “I didn’t understand why she did it then but seeing her like this now…” He shook his head. “I get it.”

                 “But you said that it didn’t really work, you said there was a—”

                 “Hole, yeah I know. But it still helped and I owe it to Elena to help her as much as I can. She’s my sister.”

                 Bonnie buried her head in her hands. Caroline stood up from the couch and walked over to her, bending in front of her, holding her wrists.

                 “Bonnie,” she said gently. She waited until Bonnie raised her head to look at her. “Remember when we would talk about graduating, getting out of Mystic Falls, becoming college roommates?” Caroline smiled sadly. “Elena was going to be an English major, I was going to study journalism, you — always helping people — said you would study pre-law?” Bonnie bit her bottom lip. “All of us have gone through so much this past year. You and I have both died. Every other week there is someone who is trying to kill us. But we can still have that dream. We can still go to college and live our best lives but Elena needs to live hers for it to happen.” She sighed. “And Stefan would want her to, you know that. He wanted her to flourish, he wanted her to be happy. We’re doing what he would want us to do.”


                  “Stefan wouldn’t want us to compel her,” said Bonnie quietly.

                 Caroline pushed her mouth to the side. “Maybe sometimes the ends justify the means. But we all have to be on board. All of us agree or we don’t do it.”


                 Bonnie said nothing for a long time, looking from Caroline to Jeremy to Matt to Tyler, studying their expressions, their silent pleas. Imperceptibly, she gave her head a nod. Caroline closed her eyes and exhaled, standing up.

                 “OK so when should I do it?” said Damon.

                 “No,” said Bonnie. “Caroline has to do it.”

                 Caroline looked at Bonnie, her lips parted in shock. Bonnie stood up now too and looked Caroline square in the eye.

                 “If you are so sure that this is the right thing to do then you have to be the one to do it, Care. I won’t agree to it any other way.”

                 Caroline swallowed hard. “OK,” she gasped. “OK. I’ll do it,” she said a bit firmer.

    Elena picked up her mug to take another sip of coffee only to realize that she’d finished it. It had been her fourth cup and if she had one more, she would try to jump out of her own skin. 


    She’d been up all night, scouring the internet for animal attacks all over the U.S., calling Sherriff Forbes for leads. It was hard to track Stefan when Jeremy and the others had made it virtually impossible for her to leave Mystic Falls to actually go where her research led.  Bonnie wasn’t strong enough to do an Isolation Spell on the entire town but she was getting close. 


    There were still a few ways she could try to get out of town and today she was going to exhaust all her options.

                 She didn’t blame them. Not really. Elena knew what she must look like to the people around her — obsessed, unhinged, stuck. It was difficult to explain that she had to continue searching for Stefan because she had to find him. To stop would be to give up and to give up would mean to live a life without Stefan in it and she knew she could do that, she knew her world didn’t begin and end with him, he’d been instrumental in showing her the importance of living rather than simply existing, thriving instead of merely surviving, but a life without Stefan in it wasn’t her life, not really, not since they’d met in the school hallway. 


    If she never found him, she could go on but she’d never be able to move on, any and every happy moment would be tinged with grief and that would be her life: perpetually incomplete. Like life after her parents and before him.

                 There was a knock at her door and when she turned around, she saw Caroline in the entryway, Bonnie a little behind her with her arms crossed.

                 “Hi,” said Caroline gently.

                 “Hi,” said Elena.

                 The memory of their last conversation, argument really, echoed in the silence between them.


                 “I didn’t come here to fight,” said Caroline, stepping into the room. “I’m sorry about how our last … talk went. I know you think I don’t understand why you’re so intent on finding him but I do. I get it.”

                 Elena nodded. “Thanks.” She looked past Caroline to Bonnie who was quietly chewing her bottom lip.

                 “Hey, Bon.”  

                 Bonnie smiled in response but said nothing.

                 Caroline cleared her throat, taking another step into the room. “Elena, I—” She looked at the duffle bag on Elena’s bed. “Why are you packed?”

                 “Going to New Orleans,” said Elena, standing up from her desk and closing her laptop. “Frequent animals attacks in odd places, abnormally high, drained blood. I booked a ticket and my flight leaves in a few hours.”

                 “What about midterms?” said Bonnie. She stepped forward now.

                 “I’ll just make them up when I get back, I guess,” said Elena, shrugging as she gathered all the information she collected in the past few days.

                 “Elena, it’s the midterm! You can’t miss all of them.”

                 “Bonnie, honestly, school is the last thing on my mind right now.”

                 “Wait, how did you get this information?” said Caroline. “Damon?”

                 “No, your mom,” said Elena.

                 Caroline closed her eyes and sighed. “I told her to stop feeding you information.”

                 “She’s helping me.” Elena opened the duffle bag and put the laptop in it. “The only one who’s helping me,” said Elena.


                 “It’s false hope,” said Caroline delicately.

                 Elena’s eyes flashed. “You know, Caroline, I thought you above all people would be on board with me trying to get Stefan back,” said Elena. “Stefan has been there for you when no one else has.”

                 Caroline furrowed her eyebrows, hurt. “You think I don’t know that?”

                 Elena shrugged. “Well you’re definitely acting like you don’t.”

                 “I’m doing what Stefan would’ve wanted, Elena,” said Caroline.

                 “You don’t know what he would’ve wanted.”

                 “I know how much he loved you.”


     “Loves,” Elena corrected harshly.

                 “Right, loves,” said Caroline, nodding. “And the way he loves you, he wouldn’t want this for you, he’d want you to move on.”

                 “He wouldn’t have wanted me to give up!”

                 “You are giving up, you’re giving up on your life and that’s doing everything Stefan stood against,” said Caroline. “You can’t tell me that that isn’t true.”


                 “And this is how I know you don’t understand why I’m looking for him,” said Elena. “I’m not giving up on my life, Caroline, I’m trying to get it back on track! And for that I need Stefan back.”


                 Elena picked up her duffle bag, passing Caroline to get to the door but felt a tug on the strap. She turned around, Caroline was holding onto the other handle, her expression sad but determined.

                 “What are you doing?”

                 Caroline pressed her lips together. “I love you,” she said. “You’re my best friend and I won’t let you just let you waste your life away.”

                 Elena sighed, frustrated. “I’m not wasting —” then she tilted her head, confused. “What do you mean you won’t ‘let’ me?”

                 Caroline didn’t say anything but didn’t break her eye contact with Elena.  After a few seconds, realization dawned and horror struck Elena. “Caroline…” She shook her head, mouthing wordlessly. Elena appealed to a teary-eyed Bonnie. “Bonnie?”

                 “I’m sorry, Elena,” she said. “But it’s for the best.”

                 Elena tugged uselessly, desperately on her bag. “No, you can’t!” she yelled. “You can’t compel me to forget him!”

                 “I’m not, I’m not,” Caroline assured. “Elena, I would never do that to you. But you can’t keep on like this!”

                 “He’s out there, Caroline, waiting for me! He called me—”

                 “You don’t even know if it was him!”

                 “IT WAS HIM! And I told him to hold on, I told him hold on to how much I love him and you’re going to make me a liar if you do this to him, if you do this to me!”


                 Bonnie spoke. “Elena, it was five months ago—”    

                 “So what? Why does the time matter? When Jeremy died, you went to the witches to bring him back, are you telling me if it took longer than it did you would’ve given up?”  

                 “Damon will find him,” said Caroline.

                 “And I should be there when he does!”

                 Elena let go of her duffle bag and rushed toward the door only to be blocked by Jeremy, a pained expression on his face. Her lips parted in shock.

                 “I just want you to have peace of mind, Elena,” he said. “I can’t stand back and watch you watch your life pass you by.”

                 She opened her mouth to argue when Matt appeared and Elena felt another wave of betrayal break over her body. “This is the best thing for you,” she said.

                 Elena backed away, her eyes brimming with tears.


                 “If this were me, you know you’d do the same thing,” said Jeremy softly. “Because you did. You wanted to help me. And I just want to do the same.”

                 Caroline touched Elena’s shoulder, guiding her body so Elena could turn around and face her. She put her hands on either side of Elena’s head. “Look at me,” she said softly. “Look at me, it’s going to be OK. You’re going to be OK.”

                 Elena sniffled as Caroline focused, her eyes dilating. “You’ve looked for Stefan for six months, you’ve put everything on hold, you’ve shaken every tree, turned over every rock, you’ve searched for him with everything you have and you’ve come up empty.”

                 Caroline smiled and stroked Elena’s hair. “You can stop now, you can rest. You know Stefan would’ve wanted you to move on with your life, that he would’ve wanted you to find peace and you’re beginning to because you know you’ve done everything you could. You still love him, you will always love him, never forget him but he’s gone. And … … he might not come back. But it’s OK. You did your best and you know that he loves you just as much as you love him.”

                 A tear dropped down Bonnie’s cheek. “This is wrong.”

                 “She’ll never know,” said Jeremy.

                 “I hope not.” Bonnie sighed. “Let’s just all hope that she forgives us if she ever does find out what we did.”


    It was the second Senior Prank Night of the year. As per tradition, the juniors got their vengeance on their upperclassmen around homecoming and the seniors retaliated before the holiday break. Elena joined Matt, Caroline, Tyler and Bonnie in sneaking into the school and did her part in crazy-stringing lockers, booby-trapping washrooms and spray-painting walls. She had no joy in it though. She knew she should, she could feel her mind urging her to have fun but all she could do was imitate the feeling for the sake of the people around her. It had been a little over a month since she’d stopped looking for Stefan and it was fine. She was fine. She’d done all she could and it was time to let it go, time to move on, she knew that and yet she couldn’t bring herself to actually feel that.  


    She still called Damon every week to see if he had any leads. Most times he didn’t pick up, which angered her but she did nothing to force him to talk to her. Because she was done. She loved Stefan but she was done. She had a life to live. And she was living it. As best as she could anyway. Her nights were spent looking out her bedroom window, sometimes she’d cry and sometimes she’d just simmer in her melancholy.


    She wasn’t right.

    She didn’t know why, but she wasn’t right, she was sad and she was frustrated. With herself. With her friends. With life. It was inexplicable, incomprehensible. Stefan being gone hurt in a way that made sense to her — everything got her hopes up: if she heard or felt a swish of wind, she hoped it was him speeding up to her. A creak in the house made her wonder if he was coming up the stairs. In class she wondered if he’d just show up and sit next to her, smile the way he always did before opening his notebook. And each time he didn’t show up her heart ached and she could explain that. But she did all she could to bring him back, she did her best — and it was that. That thinking. It was like an intrusion in her mind, in her heart … it didn’t feel like it belonged to her but she didn’t feel any kind of urgency to refute the thinking, and it was maddening.  

    Outside of her room, she kept up appearances, played pool in the Grill with Bonnie and Matt, Tyler and Caroline, went to the Timberwolves games, did homework sleepovers, all with a smile on her face because everyone expected her to be happy


    a passing frown or an eyebrow furrow was met with intense observation from the rest of the group and they seemed collectively relieved when Elena smiled again. They wanted her to be … better. And so she was. Better. Out there anyway. But at the window, she could feel whatever she was feeling even if it didn’t really make sense to her.


                 Elena spray painted unintelligible scribbles on the bathroom mirrors when Bonnie walked up to her.

                 “Hey,” she said.

                 “Hi,” said Elena, happily surprised.  Things had been awkward between them for a few weeks now. Like many things lately, Elena wasn’t quite sure what had happened to put a distance between her and Bonnie but for the past month it was as if Bonnie was afraid of being alone with her and even when they all hung out as a group, Bonnie barely said more than a few words to her.

                 “You seem to be having fun tonight.”

                 “Oh yeah,” said Elena, shaking the spray can. “This is, um, this is great.” She nodded her head reassuringly. “Having a blast.”

                 “Really?” said Bonnie, tilting her head. “You’re really fine, Elena?”

                 Elena furrowed her eyebrows slightly, searching her best friend’s face. 


    She opened her mouth to speak when Caroline came in.

                 “I swear to God it’s like I have to do everything myself. What’s the point of boobytrapping Mr. Clarkson’s office with a bucket of water balloons if you can’t even get the bucket to stay on the door until the morning?”

                 She stopped when she saw Bonnie and Elena staring at each other. “OK what did I miss?”

                 Elena shook her head. “Nothing,” she said. She couldn’t tell Bonnie anything anyway, it would ruin everything. “I’m just going to get more crazy string from the car.”

                 “’Kay,” said Caroline. “Meet me and Bonnie in the gym.”

                 “Got it.”

                 She waited for Bonnie and Caroline to leave the bathroom, giving herself a moment with the reality of her feelings before walking out into the hall. She pushed open the double doors and bumped into something solid.

                 “You’re supposed to be dead. What are we going to do about that?”

                 “Klaus,” she gasped.


    Stefan woke up, a dull ache in his neck. He was momentarily wrongfooted, staring at the ceiling of a truck, until he remembered that Klaus and Rebekah had taken him back to Virginia. To Mystical Falls. To Elena. No. She’d stayed away. She hadn’t tried to find him. He hadn’t called her since his moment of weakness six months ago and every time Damon seemed to be closing in on their trail, she wasn’t with him. She’d moved on. There was no reason for him being back!

                 “Oh, he lives,” came Rebekah’s sardonic voice.

                 “What happened?” said Stefan, sitting up.

                 “You took a beating,” said Rebekah, bored. “My brother’s been breaking your neck all afternoon. Quite the temper.”

                 Stefan started to stand. “Why did he bring us back to Mystic Falls?”

                 He can’t know. He can’t know she’s alive, he can’t. Elena had let go dammit!

                 Rebekah rolled her eyes. “You can stop playing dumb now. It didn’t take him long to figure out what you’ve been hiding.”

                 Stefan tried to control his panic. “I’m not hiding anything. I’ve done everything Klaus has asked me to.”

                 “No, you just failed to mention that the doppelganger’s still alive.”

                 The panic seized Stefan’s heart, his bones. Stefan felt himself begin to tremble with adrenaline. “Where is Klaus now?”

                 “With any luck, ripping that cow’s bloody head off.”

                 In an instant, Stefan rushed at Rebekah, forcing her out of the truck and slammed into the pavement. He grabbed her by the shirt. “WHERE IS SHE?”

                 Rebekah smiled viciously. “You really do love her, don’t you?”


                 Before Stefan could react, Rebekah sped upward and pushed him against the truck, punching him in the face. She picked up a crowbar, putting its hook behind Stefan’s neck and pulling him toward her so he could see her devious delight.

                 “Consider me jealous,” she said, and she drove the crowbar through his stomach.

    Elena was terrified. Confused. Her mind a whirl as Klaus clasped onto her arm and marched her through the hallways toward the gym. Where Caroline and Bonnie were. She couldn’t bear to lose them too. She tried to resist and pull away in the other direction.

                 “If you’re going to kill me, just do it!”

                 Klaus shook his head, laughing. “Not until I know I’m right about the hybrids. But I do have ways of making you suffer.”

    They made it to the gym where Caroline and Bonnie are setting up pranks with the basketball nets. Elena’s eyes widened.


               She couldn’t get the word ‘run’ out before Caroline took Bonnie by the hand and tried to rush toward the exit only to be stopped by Klaus.

               “Tsk tsk, now we’re not going to have any of that. Any funny business and I’ll compel you to tear the witch’s heart out of her chest, do you understand?”

               Elena shook her head frantically. “No, don’t!” she yelled.

               “I don’t believe I was talking to you,” said Klaus to Elena while staring at Caroline. He raised his eyebrows.

               “I understand,” said Caroline, through gritted teeth.


               “Why are you even doing this?” said Elena. “They don’t have anything to do with what’s going on!”

               “On the contrary, they’re here to make sure you behave,” said Klaus. “Although I have other reinforcements to ensure such obedience.”

               “Other rein—”

    And then he came in. Stefan. In the flesh. Elena saw him enter the gym and something inside of her shattered. She clutched her chest and started to cry, sinking to the floor, clutching her head as she heaved. 


    He wasn’t gone. He was here. Alive. Overwhelming happiness was met with extraordinary shame. Relief clashed with guilt. She wanted to run to him, go to him, touch him and feel him being there, feel him being real, crush him against her body, bury her face in her neck and she wanted, with equal intensity, to run away in embarrassment, not embarrassment, disgrace. She didn’t know how or why but she knew in her bones that she felt like she’d failed him utterly and more than that failed herself because she hadn’t loved him the way she’d known how to, the way he’d loved her. And it was killing her.  

    “This wasn’t the reunion you were hoping for, I’m sure, Stefan,” said Klaus. He regarded Elena, mildly intrigued.

    Stefan’s mouth twitched as he fought the impulse to hold Elena, embrace her in a way that kept her in place, kept her together, but his expression remained impassive.

    “Elena means nothing to me anymore. I don’t care what her reaction is to seeing me.”


    “You’re not as good a liar as you think you are, I’m afraid,” said Klaus. “Even I find myself somewhat chilled by her response to your presence. It’s oddly … primordial.”

    Bonnie looked at Elena, horrified, and then turned to Caroline. “What’s happening?” she said urgently. “Why is she acting like this?”

                 Caroline shook her head.  “I don’t know, I – I made sure, I –”

                 Klaus clapped his hands together and laughed delightfully. “Oh, now I understand,” he said. He looked to Caroline. “You compelled her.”

                 At this, Elena’s sobs quietened even though she still gasped to breathe. She turned her shuddering body toward Caroline.          

                 “W-w-hat d-do you mean?” she gulped.

                 Caroline shook her head. “Elena…”

                 “You’re new at it,” said Klaus. “So you don’t understand the loopholes. You have to be very specific with compulsion when it comes to erasing emotions and not just things that happen, you know. What did you say?”

                 Caroline opened her mouth but didn’t answer, her eyes on Elena’s face. “I’m sorry,” she mouthed.

                 “Come on, love, don’t be shy, share with the rest of the class.”

                 Caroline sighed, closing her eyes.

                 Bonnie spoke up. “She told Elena she knew she did her best to find Stefan and that it was time to move on.”

                 The words were like a punch to the gut for Elena, winding her, putting pieces of her mind, her emotions in place while bringing forth new, fiercer, baser feelings of betrayal and anger and profound sorrow.

                 “Ah you see that’s what it is,” said Klaus. “You put her at war with herself, she just doesn’t know why. I bet all this time, she’s been inexplicably sad.”

                 Finally, Caroline spoke. “What do you mean?”

                 “Well you should’ve simply told her that she tried her best to find Stefan but you told her she knew she did when deep down, she must’ve known that wasn’t true. You couldn’t trick her into believing something she fundamentally didn’t believe when the wording indicates it’s her responsibility to believe it.”

                 Klaus looked at Stefan, marvelling at the conflict passing over his face, at the relief that the woman he loved more than life itself, the woman he believed loved him with such intense earnestness hadn’t, in fact let him go, and at the gut-wrenching regret that because she hadn’t let him go, she was in danger and would remain in danger.

    “They’re quite romantic, you know,” said Klaus. I bet that the hope of finding Stefan alive was what kept Elena going all those months she searched for us. 


    And you took that away from her. You’ve tortured them in a far more involved way than even I could devise, Caroline, kudos.”

    “It wasn’t just Caroline, it was all of us,” said Bonnie quietly.

    “All of us?” said Elena, her eyes blazing with an unfamiliar rage.

    Bonnie bit her lip. “Me, Care, Jeremy, Matt, Tyler, Damon … we all had to agree, Elena, I am so sorry.”

    “We didn’t mean to torture—”

                 “But you did,” she whispered. “You did and look at where we are.”

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  • Paul Wesley saying Stefan deserved to die and that he would have liked it if both the Salvatore brothers had died is a very Stefan thing to say.

    #stefan salvatore#paul wesley #the vampire diaries
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  • Accident Prone - Tyler Lockwood Oneshot



    He was going to be beyond pissed. He’d claw your throat out and feed it to his wolfie friends.

    “What am I gonna do?” You looked burned up photo, half of it disintegrated in the flame you caused. Your hands made fists in your hair. He would be home any minute and you knew you couldn’t replace it or anything.

    “Babe! You okay? You’re breathing hard.” You heard Tyler’s voice from downstairs and you couldn’t let him into the bedroom.

    “Yeah yeah! Stay there, I’m coming down!” You shouted back and closed the door to your room and padded down the stairs to meet Tyler at the front door. You smiled and cupped his face in your hands as your lips met. His hands met your waist and he pulled you against his body tightly.

    “Hey, you sure you’re good?” No, I’m bad, very bad.

    “Tyler, I have something to show you.” You took his hands off of your body and squeezed his hands hard.

    “Okay…” He spoke skeptically. You took a deep breath in and out, then proceeded to lead him upstairs. You stopped in front of your door to your shared bedroom.

    “You have to know that it was all an accident.” You bit your lip and opened the door. You knew the smell of fire would fill his nostrils and he’d soon find what you couldn’t stop staring at since the door opened. His body went rigid for a moment. Your heart burned with shame as he took careful steps towards the dresser. His hand picked up the burnt photograph gently, but you saw the opposite hand clenched up. “Tyler, I’m so sorry.”

    “How? How did you even do this?” Tyler wouldn’t turn to meet your eyes.

    “I was going to light that incense I just got with a match, yanno? I am accident prone as you know and I burnt my hand on accident and dropped it. I didn’t even notice that it was there, baby, I swear.” You took a step towards your boyfriend and watched him flinch away from you like you were a monster.

    “Y/N! You just burned the last photo I got with my mother!” He shouted at you, anger burning in his eyes.

    “I know! And I can’t even tell you how sorry I am! Tyler?” He began walking out of the room. “Tyler! Don’t you storm off now! I’m talking to you!” You followed your partner out into the hallway to have him reel back and whip around to face you, making you almost collide.

    “I don’t want to talk to someone who can’t even light a fucking match!” You felt hurt at the tone he took with you, but you knew Tyler felt it worse, so you tried to see it from his side.

    “Baby, I’ll go to the store to grab a frame and ask around to see if anyone else has a picture of you two from that night.” You laid your hand on his shoulder to which he responded with snatching your hand off of him.

    “You don’t get it do you, Y/N?! You’re so accident prone you look like an idiot!” And now you didn’t want to see his side.

    “I’m trying to help your mistake! You always leave your shit everywhere in this house! I’m an idiot? You don’t even wash your own dishes! What about that box of Emery’s stuff? Your wolf party ruined that, didn’t they?!” You pushed your finger into Tyler’s chest while yelling in his face. His face dropped.

    “Low fucking blow, Y/N.” He spoke darkly, shaking his head at you. He turned around and jogged down the stairs, leaving the house. Tears came to your eyes as you heard the door slam and the wood cracking. You had hurt just as much as he did in that moment. You went to your bed and curled up in a ball to cry.

    11 months ago you had found out you were 2 months pregnant with Tyler’s baby. After about a month and a half after initially knowing, you miscarried. Long story short, 4 months ago Tyler threw a party and your daughter’s pictures and clothes had been covered in alcohol and crumpled up. You couldn’t get those memories wouldn’t be able to be retrieved. You didn’t get the chance to know your daughter you two had previously decided on, Emery.

    The day soon turned to night. You hadn’t left your bed and Tyler hadn’t returned home yet. It was nearing midnight when your phone begun ringing. You reached onto your nightstand to answer Stefan.

    “Hello?” You mumbled, curling back up into your ball.

    “Listen Y/N, I don’t know what happened between you two, but whatever it was does not matter right now. I’m coming up to your porch right now and Tyler got into a few fights tonight. On the way over he was mumbling something about ‘scared to tell you sorry’, as he was fading in and out of consciousness might I add.” By the time Stefan finished rambling you were at the door opening it. You ended the call and put your phone in your pocket to be able to help Stefan drag Tyler to your couch.

    “Jesus, Tyler.” You gasped at his face. It was all bruised and bloody, he definitely had at least a broken nose as well.

    “He’ll heal soon, the wolves did a number on him. You’re lucky Hayley called before they dumped him somewhere to come to on his own.” You held back more tears as you saw the person you love groaning in his sleep. “Hey, he’s gonna be okay.” Stefan grabbed your hands and looked in your eyes.

    “It’s just…our fight, it was about his mom and Emery.” Stefan stiffened at the two sore subjects.

    “Well that explains a lot then…if I know anybody who can get through this, it’s you guys, Y/N. This is a bad pep talk, but Tyler loves you so much. You both went through those experiences while you were in a relationship and I know that that bond grew stronger while doing so. Don’t let something small break something so much bigger.” Stefan ended his speech by giving you a hug. He pulled away and wiped your tears with his jacket sleeves. “Tyler always tells you, ‘my girl’s too pretty to cry’.” Stefan smiled when you let out a small laugh.

    “Thanks, Stefan.” He nodded and left your home fast and quietly. Your head turned to Tyler as you knelt on the ground next to him. Your hand came up to run your hands through his hair. His pained expression turned to something more relaxed before his eyes began fluttering open.


    “Tyler.” You massaged the scalp of his head and his body followed his relaxed state.

    “I love you with all that I am, you know that?” He asked you. You took your opposite hand and broke his nose back into place “Ow?!” He sat up quickly after that

    “I love you too.” A small smile spread across his face then it slowly fell.

    “I’m sorry, Y/N. I don’t know how to tell you how sorry I am…I just am.” He looked down shamefully.

    “I’m sorry I used that against you, because I know it was out of your control. Accidents happen, we’ll be accident prone together.” You lifted his chin up and pressed your lips to his. He hummed softly in content as you crawled onto the couch into his lap.

    “One day, I’m gonna marry you. We’ll probably trip down the aisle though.” You laughed against his mouth.

    “Shut up and keep kissing me.”

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  • The Vampire Diaries Masterlist

    A/N— I will be slowly but surely transferring my stupidly big collection of tvd fics onto tumblr. Characters will be added to this list as fics about them are uploaded. Enjoy!

    Enzo St.John x Reader

    The Worst Kind of PainPart 2

    #tvd#tvd imagines#tvd preferences#tvd oneshot#enzo oneshot #enzo st.john x reader #damon salvatore #damon x reader #stefan salvatore #stefan x reader #klaus mikaelson x reader #elijah mikealson x reader #kol mikaelson#tvd fanfiction #the vampire diaries #kai parker x reader
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  • Paul Wesley was like Fuck Julie plec this is how vampire diaries actually ended 🤣

    #Paul Wesley#Tvd #The Vampire Diaries #anti julie plec #Anti Julie Plec #Anti Julie Plague #stefan salvatore
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  • Hello, my lovely readers. Tis the end of this fic. Hope you like it. On with the show…

    Chapter 22: Enough of This Freaky Friday

    Stefan Salvatore did not like to think of himself as the type of person who lived with a vendetta. He liked to think he was rational and reasonable. Damon was the type of person who would hold a grudge until his last day on the planet. Klaus probably had a world-record on grooming his pet grudges and setting them into the world. Not Stefan. He could not live like that. Or so he thought. But finding out that some man came along and killed Stefan’s child in cold blood, set his mind into vengeance mode.

    “Take a right at the next corner,” the navigation system directed Stefan.

    Nodding, Stefan turned a corner and made his way toward the hotel a very helpful witch on Klaus’ payroll had sent Stefan toward.

    Yup. Being in Klaus’ body had some benefits. And one of the major benefits was coming up soon.

    Stefan parked the car and pushed the door open. A bellhop came over and Stefan gave the man a quick smile. “No baggage today, my friend,” he told the bellhop.

    “Yes, sir,” the young man replied. He turned and went back to his post.

    Moving toward the glass sliding doors, Stefan felt a little smirk appear on Klaus’ face. The longer he remained in Klaus’ body, the more Stefan felt bits of Klaus’ personality beginning to rub off on him. They needed to turn back—on a permanent level—soon, but not before Stefan got his revenge.

    Stefan made his way to the banks of elevators. He didn’t need to stop at the desk. He held a piece of paper with the room number on it. If only he could get his mother away from Julian before something that could not be taken back happened. However, Stefan’s thirst for justice would not allow him to stop.

    The doors whooshed open and Stefan stepped out and into the hallway. He made his way to the door at the end of the hallway. Raising a hand, he knocked and waited.

    The sound of a woman’s light laugh came toward the door and Lily opened it. “Hello?” She greeted Klaus.

    “Not room service?” Julian appeared beside Lily, his hand on her hip. “Who are you?”

    “A friend of Stefan’s. Might I come in? We have much to discuss.” Stefan did not allow either of them to reply. He took hold of the edge of the door and pulled a Klaus move, pressing his way inside the room while Lily and Julian moved backward. They seemed to sense Klaus’ age. Stefan’s mother’s hands curled into fists. Julian’s eyes darkened. They were ready to fight.

                                             Read the Entire Tale

    Thank you reading, liking, reblogging and following. 😊


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  • Stefan: “she’s not their mom”

    Oh Stefan. Caroline is so their mom.

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  • Stefan Salvatore.

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  • I can’t believe that by 3 days (December 5th), both Salvatore brothers are coming back to our hearts, each one with his own projects ❤️❤️

    Ian at Netflix V Wars and Paul at Tell Me A Story by CBS.

    #paul Wesley#ian somerhalder#v wars #tell me a story #Netflix#tmas #dr Luther swann #luther swann#eddie longo #tmas eddie longo #December 2019#few days #the salvatore brothers #dafan#damon salvatore#stefan salvatore#tvd roleplay#tvdforever#tvd cast#tvd #the vampire diaries #my handsome men #Netflix v wars #v wars spoilers #im so excited #legacies season 2 #legacies spoilers#legacies
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